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  1. It’s been done since long before WWII, there is even an STC for I believe C-185’s. Carb motors are usually low compression and can most often run car gas, no there is no significant modification required, just a plate very similar to NO2 injection, so if needed it would be an easy install there too. I don’t believe distilled water is required and water injection is only for high power, STC I know of is above 25” manifold pressure, so T/O and first 5 min or so of climb, depending on conditions Decent article covering water injection https://www.avweb.com/features/the-return-of-anti-detonation-water-injection-adi/ Instead of listening to Professors, a little history may have been in order, even if the fluid was $10 a gl, I’d use only about 1 gl per flight, and more importantly to me it works just fine on 91UL, which is just good ole 100LL, without the LL. The infrastructure to supply that already exists. Even if distilled water is used, it’s $1 a gl. I’d expect though that you would buy it pre-mixed and it would be available where fuel would be sold anyway. ‘Oh, and any engine builder will tell you that cold air / fuel is desirable, it increases the charge density. That’s why we have intercoolers and not charge air heaters. On edit, we should have gone to ADI forty years ago, and I hope we soon will. 91UL should not cost a nickel more than 100LL, actually cheaper. ADI systems are really simple things, spray bar and an RV water pump, and it can’t be Patented, so I’d hope several systems would pop up, and drive the cost down, you know like ADSB. On edit, it can very significantly increase engine power, not directly, but it can allow much more timing lead or boost, because it suppresses detonation, but that’s not why I would want it, I want it to safely use lower octane fuel. Be interesting to see if unleaded fuel does to aircraft what it did to cars, we could use “Better” oil, oil would stay cleaner, much cleaner and plug cleaning should almost go away. OCI would I expect to go to 100 hours at least etc. Not right away of course, but unleaded fuel is a significant reason auto engines last so long now, it’s just one piece though
  2. I can agree with that, however what’s been keeping the Friends of the Earth’s and other lawsuits at bay for years, is that there is no other viable alternative. I believe very shortly after such an alternative exists, then the lawsuits etc may progress, and that will give Gami a de-facto monopoly, it’s why I believe the Feds have been dragging their feet, because no manufacturers of the fuel exist, no infrastructure, no nothing, just a fuel. We have all seen supply chain shortages, and it’s effect on prices. Imagine if you will what’s going to happen when leaded fuel is no longer produced, what are you going to pay for it, IF you can find any
  3. I use this app, because it’s easy, and conservative, but of course it’s just engine, no airframe losses which there are always. But it makes one wonder how or why it could be so different, my take is my J’s airframe losses are minimal, about ad good as it gets, very good induction as evidenced by the ram air being mostly ineffectual, and while I can’t validate the exhaust, based on my experience from other aircraft, in my opinion it’s a very good exhaust, good as in free flowing. Still my point is, if the Cyl head temp is above the middle of the green, open the flaps until it’s not. I know my baffling is in very good condition, it’s 300 hours old, and I can’t cruise 23 squared ROP in Summer with the cowl flaps closed without getting above the middle of the green, and mine are rigged so that closed isn’t fully closed
  4. Besides it likely being criminal using an STC’d product without the STC, another thing that would play into it is negating your insurence by making your aircraft non airworthy. But it all is hinged on how much is the STC, car gas STC’s have been cheap, like $1 per HP etc. Anyone has the right to charge what they want to for their intellectual property, but gouging likely creates a lot of ill will, so I wouldn’t expect it, I expect being bent over at the pump, which could very well be done by whoever the source of the fuel is, it won’t be Gami. However I contend that the Gami fuel is not the only viable answer, that water injection can get us there too with premium car gas, and would be what I would choose, because once the equipment is purchased it will be much cheaper, heck I’d likely do it now if it was available. So far as an AC having any legal standing, they don’t, it’s in the name “advisory” but the FAA continues to operate as if they do, I had to comply with several AC’s in Certifying aircraft. You can argue all you want, but don’t comply with the AC and you won’t get Certified.
  5. Or steal their identity, which of course negates most any security measures
  6. Is it just me, or do you guys think 23 squared cruise in the middle of Summer cowl flaps fully closed is normal? I open my cowl flaps as necessary to keep CHT in the middle of the green, sometimes that’s fully open, only time I cruise with them fully closed is if that gives me middle of the green. I doubt he has a problem either, just isn’t using his cowl flaps when he should 23 squared is close to 70% power?
  7. It’s normal, but not correct. Cheaper and easier than new gaskets, but doesn’t really work. If you have the option use “no blow” gaskets
  8. Someone mentioned humanity. Nope have to change that too, has the word man in it, and we can’t have that. It annoys me as it’s irrelevant, did anyone ever think mankind didn’t include BOTH sexes? Who dreams this up? Wait a minute, have to change that too, we are up to 60 genders now? Have to re-issue all government forms of ID. What about birth certificates? Leave that line blank? We Summered in a Marina in Jax when we were cruising to avoid Hurricanes, When we came back one year the little three yr old boy, was a girl. Is that really healthy?
  9. Well the Feds could accept the Gami fuel as a standard, just like they have done for all other aviation fuels that I know of. Only fuel STC’s I’m aware of are for using a non aviation fuel in an aircraft. However a manufacturer can Certify other fuels for their aircraft, the following is cut-n-pasted from the Thrush S2R-T34 TCDS as an example, of course they are going to need approval from the engine manufacturer too. Thrush S2R series Fuel Jet A, Jet B, JP-4, JP-5, Automotive Diesel Number 1D or 2D in accordance with ACL Service Bulletin Number 1344. (If jet fuel is not available, aviation gasoline, MIL-G-5572, all grades, may be used for a maximum of 150 hours between overhauls.) Automotive diesel fuel is approved only for agricultural application flights and only when the free air temperature is above: +20oF for Grade No. 1D +40oF for Grade No. 2D
  10. As it’s a Certified product, EI will need documentation supporting the reprogramming, with that they can of course remove it. I’d call Hartzell, they can help
  11. Yes, but I replaced the relays as well. The cockpit switch is readily available too, thankfully.
  12. I’ve been flying models on and off for 50 years. Normally model aircraft people are very cognizant of the rules, many are FAA pilots too, every model field I know of requires AMA membership for insurence, and models are “real” aircraft. Often many hours are consumed building one and require quite a bit of skill and practice to learn to fly, which exposes the students to people that teach them the rules, and the guys who are really into the hobby have a tendency to enforce the rules, knowing they could lose their field easily. A drone on the other hand actually flies itself, you just direct the thing, turn loose of the controls and most will hover, one I have will even return home and land at your feet, follow you around automatically etc. So you buy one today and are flying it today, without all that exposure to the rules that modelers usually get. They seem similar, but in truth it’s a whole different thing, I’ve not heard of drone clubs where experienced drone flyers teach the new guys how to build and fly. The FAA has never really had to regulate models, but drones pushed them into that role pretty quickly it seems. Plus not much Commercial use for a model, but I bet every house listed for sale gets a drone flyby to photograph it.
  13. Put that swamp cooler on an inexpensive timer and cool it before you start. The ones meant for coffee pots can hold a LOT of amps and maybe $20or so?
  14. I have a 3000 sq ft hangar, one big dehumidifier keeps it quite dry in winter, and I have a 2 ton inverter split unit that keeps it dry in Summer. The AC has a humidistat that’s set to turn on at 65% and off at 61% RH. It’s 77 F OAT now. From what I can find on the internet the graph for corrosion for aluminum gets steep for aircraft aluminum above about 65%, when I work in the hangar it can easily get the RH into the 50’s, but your not going to cool 3,000 sq ft with two tons, but you can dehumidify it. Except for the door the hangar is decently sealed, it’s a concrete block building with shingle roof, but it’s not insulated unfortunately. The pic is of the hangar temp right now at 0800 in Central Fl, I can’t show you graphs but high temp during the day in the hangar doesn’t approach 90F, usually mid 80’s max. If I can keep RH to 60 ish easily in a hangar in Central Fl, then it’s not hard to do in most places in the US. Second pic is the history of how many hours per day the AC runs, you can see it’s not much at all. You don’t want to run a Dehumidifier in Summer as they add heat to the room, and if you get one, be sure to get a compressor model, the Peltier plate ones are very inefficient and don’t work nearly as well, and get one with a drain hose, and pump if you can’t drain it by gravity, the one with a pump of course pump out the tank when it fills. Usually you can put one on a shelf and let gravity do it’s thing.
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