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  1. In aircraft design we called it creeping elegance, seemed always when you were almost always through you would determine you could make it better if you started over. We had another saying, “At some point shoot the Engineers and just build the thing” Many designs die due to creeping elegance as they eventually run out of money. It’s real easy for it to blow a budget all to pieces, even in something like remodeling a house. But you ought to ask yourself before you spend a couple hundred dollars here and there, does it really improve the aircraft? Unless of course money is no object, some have enough to burn
  2. I think you guys are missing my point. The weak link here isn’t the lock, but the way it’s installed. I’ve not looked at a Mooney, but other aircraft locks are installed with something that’s pretty weak to keep the cylinder from rotating. Install a super heavy duty expensive lock, the thief still sticks a big screwdriver into the key slot and rotates the assembly unlocking the door. They don’t defeat the lock and they aren’t picking them in most cases, much faster and easier to simply break in. A Medeco as it has another set of cuts in the key are very difficult to pick, it takes a special machine to cut a Medeco key and I believe it’s a special blank too, see attached photo or if you have a Medeco lock look at your key, those diagonal cuts in the teeth are what makes it so hard to pick. This is a pic of my AH-64D master key which is a Medeco. But thieves aren’t picking the cheap cabinet lock, they are defeating the structure it’s mounted in, so a super strong lock doesn’t make any difference.
  3. Just thought it funny, they didn’t measure everything. Now I say I’m a fat version of 50th percentile. I lost almost an inch in torn up knees, but think I got most back with the fake versions, I’m no longer bow legged.
  4. Besides cutting the threads longer in those rods in the master cylinder, look at the bell crank they attach to, there is another rod, I feel sure either shorter or adjustable rods could be fitted there. If you have the treads cut longer on the Master cylinder, be sure to replace the O-rings and Statoseal
  5. Back in the day as I was in the first AH-64 unit, (3-6 Cav) we went through a lot of testing etc. One of those things was USAARL, (ArmyMedical) measured every one of us, army length, reach, leg length etc. even how far apart our eyes were. Of course the average of those were known ,but I guess not the average pilot. ‘Anyway I was almost exactly average for US Male population in almost every respect. Oh, one thing that surprised me in that study was that almost all the height difference in people is leg length. As the AH-64 had a helmet sight that precisely tracked helmet position, we had to sit at “design eye height”. We had a bore sight reticle unit mounted on the glare shield, we had to adjust seat height until you could look into it and a bullseye was perfectly centered. Difference in seat height from a 6’6” guy and a 5’6” guy was only an inch or so, but their height was a whole foot different.
  6. Aero Commander 200 under construction at the Albany Ga plant, notice the steel tube structure extends even in the wings to outside of the main gear as well of course as the passenger compt. The Meyers / Aero Commander’s are over 60 years old, and haven’t had a single AD on structure. The 4130 steel tubing is almost certainly why, but it takes many hours and requires highly skilled people to build it.
  7. The Bo has a longer range? Dutch rolling so bad in turbulence it makes you sick to your stomach is “comfortable”? C-210 is WAY more comfortable than either if comfort means stable and lots of shoulder and leg room, Bo is cramped. Sure a Bo is faster than a J, but a J isn’t by any means one of the faster Mooney’s. For 15 years I was VP of an aircraft manufacturing company. I’m convinced that the Mooney isn’t in production for the same reason the Meyers / Aero Commander 200 isn’t. Its not quality, speed, comfort, airworthiness or any other reason other than due to their construction technique they are simply just too expensive to manufacture. I’m willing to bet that a Cirrus can be built with a 1/4 of the man hours of a Mooney and requires much less skilled labor, meaning you can take average kid working at Mc Donald’s and within a reasonable time have them building a Cirrus where you can’t teach them to build a Mooney. Finally Beech likely still builds the Bo for the same reason Embrarer still build the Ipanema, because it’s the Companies history, neither probably makes any money off of them, they make the money from Commercial aircraft and Bizjets
  8. I would get used to repositioning my foot. I assume that shorter rods could be fabricated, but be very careful if you do that, be sure the brake still has full travel, rudder too. ‘I’m about as close to 50 percentile as anyone could get. I position my seat as far forward as it can go to get full rudder travel without stretching. I would like to have extensions. I bring that up as if your 70” or so tall and don’t have your seat way forward maybe you do have extensions
  9. Three places for different locations. On the glare shield when at home because it’s going in the hangar Hanging from the throttle and mixture knobs when at a secure location, out of the sun but off the floor On the floor if I think they might could be stolen, I’m trying to hide them I have mobility issues due to knees and keeping them off of the floor makes entry and exit easier, when I was younger they went on the floor
  10. I’ve done the punch two holes thing to moderate success, I’ve also done the plastic bag thing on other engines to great success, use a large freezer zip lock bag, freezer is thicker and stick a couple of paper towels in it, worked great on my Yanmar, made a mess on my Mooney. I’ve bent a piece of sheet metal in a V flattening the end to fit under the filter, still made a mess. I guess I need to try the pipe thing, how big a pipe and surely not sched 40? Shaped with a heat gun? PVC or that other stuff? ABS? A pic would help
  11. I have a Radar altimeter and of course everything I flew in the Army did too. If the earth was flat then they would be good for IFR, but it’s not so therefore unless you know the approach very well as in know where every hill and tower is and know where you are on the approach they aren’t necessarily that good. Then add in they often will read the altitude to a tree canopy or not depending on the season I’m not sure how good they are in a GA airplane, mine of course has an alarm and a bug you set the alarm with, I guess the idea is to set it to the MDA in AGL and if it alarms, go missed.
  12. The Earth-X are Lifepo4, which I think is good, I know of no Li-Ion packs for GA airplanes, there may be, but I’ve not heard of them. I’d expect one to be no bigger than a carton of Cigarettes and weigh 5 or 6 lbs if there is. Lifepo4 was invented or designed whatever the name is in Texas, but interestingly the Chinese have the patent or maybe manufacturing rights, that has I believe recently run out so others can now manufacture it. Treat all that as hearsay cause I don’t know, just heard All LifePo4 batteries and I suspect pretty much all Lithium batteries are Chinese sourced cells and battery manufactures put them in a plastic box and sell them, with maybe some custom electronics. Anyway pretty much ALL Lithium chemistries are “Doped” that is other chemicals are added now that significantly increase performance. For instance all Standard range Tesla’s now all have LifePo4 batteries manufactured by CATL a Chinese corporation, all other Tesla automobiles still use the Tesla / Panasonic manufactured cells. The LifePo4 battery weighs I think 1300 lbs vs the NCA pack’s 1,000 lbs. That wasn’t possible with the original LifePo4 recipe, it was too heavy, would take a 2,000 lb battery, but doping LifePo4 has increased its energy density. There are several advantages to LifePo4 like much longer life, many more cycles, more tolerant of charging to 100% and nearly impossible to make it burn, it’s my opinion that we will see more and more LifePo4 batteries. LifePo4 should be at least a 10 yr battery, the way we use them maybe twice that. You can take out a lead acid battery and drop in a LifePo4 battery with no changes, Lithium-ion is difficult to do so, while it’s possible to have an internal BMS, that’s expensive, be like throwing away your voltage regulator every time you changed the battery. Model airplane batteries have the BMS as part of the charger, that’s why the plug with individual leads to each cell, but Tesla’s have for example between 5,000 and 7,000 cells, take a big plug I think big packs connect cells into banks and manage banks as if they were cells, which may be suboptimal, but apparently works. An external BMS / charger like model airplanes due to $$ makes more sense in an aircraft battery in my opinion, adds complexity in installation of course, because your running alternator power to it, it charges / manages the pack and the big wires only supply current to the airframe. 99% of people don’t realize how many Lithium chemistries there are and think there’s just one or mostly just don’t think about it. It’s like aluminum, people don’t know how many alloys there is, they think there is regular aluminum and “aircraft grade” aluminum because that’s what’s advertised. There are however many significant differences between lead and Lithium that we need to learn, like lead should ALWAYS be stored fully charged, but Lithium should not, every time lead is used it should immediately be fully charged, but first Lithium should never be fully recharged and ideally charged just prior to use, newer cell phones learn your charging habits and only finish charging just prior to you unplugging the charger every day for example. Li-Ion is good for things like cell phones, drills and cars, because they are cycled, that is a significant portion of their capacity used each cycle, but not so good as engine starter batteries because they spend the majority of their life fully charged. LifePo4 tolerates 100% SOC MUCH better than Li-ion. Ideally Lithium should only use its middle third of charge, that is to charge to 66% and not go below 33%, many battery manufactures set limits on their batteries, like 100% is really 90 and zero charge is really 10%, this extends the life significantly. I only charger Her Tesla to 60% daily as we only use 15% or so of capacity daily. Generally the closer you stay around approximately 50% the longer the cycle life, but you have to balance useful capacity against life, no one would buy a 100 mile range EV, even if it’s battery would last over 20 years for example, so EV manufactures are tempted to push their batteries so they can advertise big range numbers, but that reduces the batteries life span. Most EV owners have no idea and are killing their batteries, killing as in greatly shortening their cycle life, but THE biggest selling point for an EV is range for some reason and you get more range by pushing the battery to both higher and lower limits. I say for some reason because people have been convinced that they must have at least 300 miles range to drive eight miles to work each day and that spending 20 min at a fast charger as opposed to 10 min at the gas pump is horrible.
  13. We leave the O2 bottle in the mouth of the cave, no deeper that 20 feet, deeper than 20 ft O2 is toxic, many deaths have occurred from accidentally breathing from the wrong bottle, more than you would think, often open water diving. it’s possible to confuse regulators when you have several, so as we HAVE to come out the way we went in almost always, it’s best to leave the bottle, open water diving you take your deco bottle with you because it’s possible for you to come up someplace not planned. Tri-mix diving three gas mixes are common, almost all my cave diving I only had one gas mix with me in the cave, most Fl caves are relatively shallow, some of course are not.
  14. I believe this is about as cheap as you will find one, but if you have a large wheel type pipe cutter it will work. https://www.chiefaircraft.com/awf-afc470.html I used to cut them with a die grinder but the proper tool is better, Google oil filter inspection it will tell you better than I ca I’m sure
  15. I think the clear cheap stuff is Vinyl, and I use the cheap stuff
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