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  1. I have the Precise Flight flow meter. The constant flow system is fairly simple. You need to have a compatible connector to plug in to the ports, which is usually the Scott type, a cannula, and in between, one of the ball type flow meters. Looking at the picture of the Mountain High system it looks very similar to the Precise Flight meter, a ball in a scaled tube with a knob to dial the flow up and down. Everyone using O2 then controls their own O2 flow by just keeping the flow meter in their lap and checking it periodically. Looks to me like either the Mountain High or the Precise Flight woul
  2. The pitch trim in the AP test is very slow. You have to wait for it to happen, but it will.
  3. Mine also, at rest. It is how they are built, not an issue. Actually, it serves as a sort of gust lock because it would take a heck of a wind to pick the elevator up.
  4. I was lucky, it was not until I was in my late 50's or early 60's that I started needing readers for low light. I have three pairs of glasses I use for flying, all of them with glass lenses and not polarized, because that really messes up the use of any kind of view screen (such as a GTN) in the cockpit. Two are sunglasses, Ray Ban aviators. I found that what works best is a relatively tall lens from top to bottom and that fit the bill. I am able to get the sunscreen coating applied progressively, so the top say 60% of the lens is darkened and the bottom progresses to clear. That is to help wi
  5. I think I learned that from Scott Dennstaedt in the first place, at one of his great seminars.
  6. The 430W should definitely update to current Navdata. I have one and the updating is fine, just a little pricey for the subscription. The problem may be that the data card went bad. The new GTN's use an SD card and it can be reformatted, but the data card for the 430/530 generally cannot be fixed. Just buy a new data card. The oldest were white label cards, now you buy an orange label card, it works in all the 430's. You need a new Skybound adapter to go with the new orange label data card. Il 430W dovrebbe sicuramente aggiornarsi all'attuale Navdata. Ne ho uno e l'aggiornamento va
  7. When I bought my aircraft it had a cracked turbo that was not repaired as it should have been by the prior owner. I just took care of it myself. The crack was through the upper and lower decks. The exterior sign of it was a grayish powder on the outside of the housing. That was a long time ago. That and other engine problems led me to believe the prior owner had run the thing pretty hard. I don't pamper it, my LOP cruise is 71% power and I have taken it into the flight levels quite a bit, where cooling is not very good. I have to say, the turbo seems very durable and pretty much maintenance fr
  8. I had mine overhauled at somewhere between 600 & 700 hrs. on the engine. I think the engine had been run pretty hard before I got the plane. Currently the engine is at a hair over 2000 hours, so the turbo has somewhere around 1350 hours. The last several hundred hours I have run LOP quite a bit at cruise, which for me is 34” MP, 2450 RPM, 11.1 GPH. My target upper limit for this setting is 1600 dF. When I started doing that I was concerned I would be working the turbo pretty hard. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Last year I had my A&P (Oasis Aero at Willmar) give it a good going over and
  9. It does? Cycle up, yes. Flatten for awhile, yes. Down, well you let me know when that one is going to happen. I am not picking on you, but other than the auto carriers cutting rates because no one has been driving this summer, I don't ever remember insurance rates actually going down. The rate of rate growth might slow down, but that is about it. On a completely unrelated topic there was a study done by the St.Louis Federal Reserve about 2006 that concluded that traffic ticket issuance goes up during recessions (when local governments need $$), but then do not go down. https://research.st
  10. Well, there is. On the basis of fatalities or or accidents per hours of operation, cars are safer, it is not even a contest. GA ranks somewhere around motorcycles. The major airlines, on the other hand, now go years without a major accident. Their equipment is better designed to meet aviation's worst conditions, their pilots train constantly, including worst case scenarios in simulators, and they have the advantage of multiple crew, things that are hard for us to match. But statistically it is the GA pilot who screws up - on the order of 70% of all accidents - and that is the major reason why
  11. I feel the same way. But I personally knew two others, one was a fixed wing and balloon pilot of note who died in a balloon accident, the other in a fixed wing. The first was the fellow who got me into flying to begin with, long time ago. From those I learned the most important rule of flying, it comes even before "always fly the plane." The rule is "do your own shit." It means that no matter how busy, important, entitled, or rich you are, if you are going to pilot an aircraft, you care for it yourself, you don't rely on others to do anything related to the safety of the craft, ever
  12. My door came open when I bought the plane and we departed SDL for the flight back to FCM. We were able to close it, but it popped open again. It was cold at 12k going over Raton. Easy adjustment for the mechanic when we got the plane home. I let other people close the cabin door, but I always check it, it is on my checklist. Not that important, it is just inconvenient if it opens. No one is going to fall out. Lost a map out the door once though, loose stuff gets sucked out fast. Baggage door is another matter. I am always the past one to touch the door and I lock it for flight. Had a
  13. I know that some organizations have exemption letters that allow reimbursement of flight expenses because I have seen at least one of them. Since that letter, which was older and was for an Angel Flight organization, the FAA may have changed its stance and may no longer issue them, I do not know, I only know it has been done. I stated it the way I did in my post because I know that has happened, but I do not know if Pilots N Paws has such an exemption letter. You would have to ask them. The organizations may no longer do it that way because I could see insurance and liability complication
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