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  1. Ulysse, I think you ran the test just fine. You started at a rich of peak power setting of 65% and got what appear to be valid readings. Stick with that. The second question I was addressing was your question about how you would achieve a 65% lean of peak power setting at 10.4 and why the peak you found during the test was about 9.4 and not 10.4. Please note, I am assuming you have the 220 HP Encore engine, if you have a 210 HP engine the fuel flow would be lower for 65%. I think you did the test correctly. But you are assuming that once you set the power at 65% ROP at the start, the
  2. The formula for determining %HP when LOP, in our TSIO360’s, is 13.7 x FF (in GPH) divided by rated HP. The 13.7 is a constant that is derived from the compression ratio of the engine. Your graphs did not show what Manifold Pressure you were using for the lean test. LOP is a fuel/air ratio, “x” molecules of oxygen to “y” molecules of fuel. The ratio where the number of molecules of air is exactly that needed to burn the available molecules of fuel is called a stoichiometric mix. We don’t have instruments that measure in molecules, we have manifold pressure and fuel flow, and we use the techniqu
  3. Until about a year ago there were perennially around 15 231’s available at any given time on Controller. Now there are 4-5. Same basic phenomenon across the board for all the models. It is a seller’s market. Be glad you have one. But also remember 2008. For every takeoff there needs to be a safe landing, and while landing accidents are generally not fatal, there are far more of them then any other regime of flight. That is a market lesson also.
  4. I’ll take a stab. First, although the EGT of #6 is consistently lower than the others, we don’t care about that much. EGT’s value is as a relative number, not an absolute number - at what fuel flow does the EGT for a particular cylinder peak relative to the other cylinders. This can be the result of probe placement, or in the case of #6 which is up front and in the most unobstructed of your cooling intake holes, it can be better cooling flow. What I see, and it is a little difficult to analyze with precision because of the graph scaling, is that the EGT for #6 consistently peaks later, i
  5. “FlyGarmin quit” - don’t exactly know what you mean by “quit,” did the software spontaneously exit or freeze, or was it working on a download and install and that stopped. If it was downloading, and stopped downloading, you can hit “Pause” (there is a “button” in flyGarmin) and then hit “Resume” and it will usually start loading again from where it left off. If the data has been downloaded and it was working on installing the data, you can back out to the “Devices” screen and the “Install” button should appear, hit that and it should restart. One reason this can happen is if the computer
  6. I know you are focused on GPS, but there are two other things that are invaluable in a 231 that you should consider. One is a moving map with a weather subscription. You can get that with an MX20 or MX200, but the MX20 is old technology and not supported. The GTN750 also provides it. If you fly longer trips you will invariably deal with fronts and weather changes. It is possible to get wx on an iPad with a Stratus, but XM WX on a 750 is much better, both in screen definition and shorter lag times. The other is, change out all the coax and install new low resistance coax for the comms in p
  7. You might also try adding more air, in other words, use 33 or 34" MP rather than 32. If the fuel flow does not change, the power being produced does not change, at least according to the APS guys. What you are doing if you keep the fuel flow fixed and increase the air, is making the mixture leaner and therefore cooler running. That is what I have done in my 231 LB. My turbo has about 1400 hours since last OH and I had Willmar borescope it last year to make sure it does not need an OH, they said it is in good shape, so the higher cruise pressures are not bothering the turbo and they help the en
  8. Its about a quart, so if you just got out of the aircraft and want to read the oil, subtract a quart. Not perfect, but pretty close.
  9. There are several things it could be. That is what a leaking quick drain looks like when it is starting to fail, but there are other things, since oil tends to cling to a surface and run before it has to drip. Quick drain leak is clean oil.
  10. I opted not to do the SVT when I put a 275 in, but shortly after went to the Mooney PPP where we were flying in and around the mountains. Santa Fe itself is in a sort of basin and the approach from the east is either over mountains or through the valley the highway follows. It dawned on me that SVT that shows what you might run into might be worth while. For everyday flying where you are not below surrounding terrain it is just more clutter to the picture.
  11. It takes at least a day for the oil to drain out of the engine to the point where you can get an accurate reading on the dipstick. My dipstick gives accurate readings if the ring is away from the oil cap/filler tube. My mechanic puts it in the other way about half the time, so there must be some Mooneys that need it that way, but the reading is way off and it is very hard to get the dipstick out.
  12. Uh oh. Maybe you know this. All components of an O2 system must be “O2 cleaned” to make sure they are free of any petroleum. Petroleum will spontaneously combust in the presence of pure O2. The risk is there with anything over 40% O2. So a fitting stored where it may have received grease from a grease gun needs to be cleaned. Maybe a scuba shop can do it for you, but don’t just stick it into the system without the required cleaning. Also, there are stringent requirements about what thread lubes can be used in such a system.
  13. Well, tell him I need it this weekend. Then when I am done with it I will give it back to you, I promise. When I am done with it....
  14. Can you fit in a Corvette, or a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari, or an Austin Healey? If you can fit in those, you can fit in a Mooney. It might be a little more of a chore to get in and out of a low profile sports car, but once you're in, you don't hit your head on the roof and the ride is amazing.
  15. Same here. I have a lean cruise power setting that I know and like. If I want to depower from that I can just pull the MP back and the interlink brings the fuel flow back with it, so the engine actually leans the mix out a little further at, say, approach speed. I use the monitor just to make sure that the TIT and CHTs stay in line, but other than that, I keep it simple. I ignore the EGTs and the %HP on the 930. It is nevertheless good to know the theory of operation and that your engine is not going to blow up on the lean side. What I have noticed is the long term effect, the lower pressures
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