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    Lucas C with his picture of his C parked in front of the rocky desert background. I chose this because I was really excited about the challenges of painting the very low angle of the sun and how the light played on the subject. Believe me it was not an easy choice as there were so many that I really wanted to do. Thank you all for your entries.
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    Best pic of G-OBAL ever. Taken today from the bomb aimers position of the only airworthy Lancaster bomber this sode of the atlantic. AL is the aircraft woth the blue cover to the left of the one worh the red cover in front of the tower and to the right of the long taxiway running north south.
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    UPDATE: A few breakfast and lunch runs, a trip to Myrtle Beach and Florida and finally had accumulated 30 hours on the oil. I nervously sent in the first oil sample to Blackstone Labs. (awesome company) The report came back as a few areas were slightly higher than average but as expected from the cylinder #2 overhaul! Engine from 1977 and she still purrs happy and strong. Developed a small weep in the left wing that my IA and I will tackle this fall with a patch. No other squawks to speak of. What a blast a Mooney is to fly. #Mooneyspeed Thanks to everyone on Mooneyspace for all the threads and knowledge to help with this resurrection.
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    Paul, I suppose it depends upon where you fly. As I have recounted before, I used to do a NC to So. FL round trip every few weeks for several years. Often there was a line of convective running E/W across the route from Savannah to Jacksonville. Even while trying to stay clear of clouds it is necessary to know which buildups have to be avoided. And since there is another line of clouds behind the one you're looking at it is necessary to know what's behind what you can see in order to pick the best path. Been there, done that, for me a stormscope is like my 50 year old AX card... I don't leave home w/o it. Usually there would be a 50 mile stretch where I was zooming the SS range from 100 miles to 50 or 25 and hitting the clear button about every 60 seconds - old info is worthless, NEXRAD is just about useless for picking a path through weather. OTOH, I've flown through "red" ADS-B weather on the 750 with confidence if the stormscope was quiet. When ATC asks about your ride you know he's seeing the same heavy rain that's painted on the 750. I'm smiling and reporting: "smooth ride in heavy precip".)
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    It is early Monday morning and many details still need to be ironed out... There is a storm brewing at the MooneyMite site, and MooneySpace has some virtual hangarspace set-up and capable of housing many MooneyMites looking to keep the mite community intact. Let the MooneyMites know we are here. The door is open... As far as next steps and how to integrate the history of data.... that may take some time, money, and some ideas.... Lets work on getting the welcoming going... As for me... I am simply a longstanding MSer that does a fair amount of reading and writing and sharing on Mooney ideas... I came across the challenges of the MooneyMite site from one of the MSers that is a member of both sites. Understanding the power of communication, we got some emails flowing quickly between Craig, MS’s webmaster and Dave, MM’s webmaster... Have a look around. MS started about a decade ago. We have MSers from around the world. They fly some of the oldest and the newest Mooneys ever built.... Please feel free to post a hello note! Let’s get started. Welcome to the greatest community of Mooney owners, pilots, maintainers and suppliers... Private Pilot thoughts only, I took it upon myself to write this welcome note, I am neither a marketing expert or a writer for MS.... Best regards, -a-
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    Evening flight over Tuscaloosa just to get away from the ground for a little while. The airport is at one o'clock and 2 miles. Fantastic sunset over the Black Warrior river.
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    The secret to a good landing is to LET it float... as long as it wants to float. If it want's another 100', try to get it to float 200. The time to shorten the floating distance is before you get over the runway. Once crossing the numbers, the best option is to keep it floating as long as you can. You'll have the smoothest landings ever.
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    ASEL IFR add on complete!
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    It comes down to affordability. An autopilot I can afford (read:justify to the household accountant) that won’t do the one thing I almost never do, vs the autopilot that costs the same as my complete aircraft that does only one extra thing that I’ll almost never use... the math is easy for me.
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    And the problem is? There's a vast market for a cheaper autopilot for most of the GA fleet that will never see 200/ 1/2 You want everything including autoland? Go. get a used Airbus 320 and try to feed it. Come on now, the market for TruTrac is far different than full 200 & 1/2 capability You want more? Spend more. No one is stopping you!
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    Flew to Santa Maria for a birthday lunch. It was a beautiful flight and the food was pretty good (even if they only had Pepsi products...). We were given vectors for traffic four times as we passed through the Burbank area. Once was a vector and altitude restriction on descent for a 737 landing at Burbank that had to go around. The comment the pilot made to ATC was "We were too high and unstable," even the big guys go around. https://intothesky.us/2018/09/15/birthday-lunch-in-santa-maria/
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    You do see the irony of someone flying an Ovation talking about membership in the CB club, don't you?
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    SWTA charges me $158 for an oil change. That's oil, filter, and 1 hour labor. And since all I have to do is call, or just send JD a text, they go to my hangar, pull it up to the shop, do the job, and put it back in my hangar... I figure I can't afford to do it myself for that price. And since I travel so much for work, it's nice to get it done while I'm out of town. That way it's ready to fly when I am.
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    At work I can get both (the equivalent of) XM WX and airborne radar on my displays. Believe me, there can be a significant difference between what the ground based XM radar shows and what airborne radar displays. That difference could be deadly. A stormscope is a cheap imitation of radar, but at least it is real time and it is airborne.
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    There will be a lucky winner of the silent auction Bonal commissioned painting this year at the Mooney Summit VI! Thanks for your kind donation and for supporting the Mooney community and our charity, Bonal! Your kindness is noted by our community and we applaud your generosity!
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    Ask them how they lean out the fuel servo, since it is not adjustable on the Bendix RSA-5. And how air in the fuel line can make the gauge read higher than a solid column of fuel. Seriously, im a little concerned about the intelligence of who is working on your plane.
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    I cringe when I hear someone say, "chop the power". Airplanes in non aerobatic flight should be flown gently--with grace. Make your passengers WANT to fly with you again, not run away from you. If your speed was correct on final then the power should be "WITHDRAWN" at the same rate that you raise the nose in the flare. Never EVER, EVER push the nose forward to keep the nose on the ground after landing. This will lead to a porpoise and potential prop strike. At the time you cross the threshold your landing distance has already been determined, so it's a good idea to have the crossing speed correct. Trying to force the airplane to land when it doesn't want to is folly and a good way to hurt both yourself and your airplane. As Wayne Fisher once said, "Remember, we make good landings when we want to fly and the airplane wants to land, and we make bad landings when we want to land and the airplane wants to fly!" http://www.donkaye.com/donkaye.com/Wayne_Fisher_on_Landings.html http://www.donkaye.com/donkaye.com/Perfect_Your_Landings.html
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    was overhauled in 2013, pickled till 2017 when it was put into service. guess nuts don't get pickled too. and true, it has been apart. Unlike a heart surgeon the overhaul people couldn't figure out how to overhaul it while it was running.
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    January/February is just the right time to come hang out in my hangar and watch me work. Hahaha!
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    And all of what Cirrus does to enhance the buying experience and promote Cirrus as a lifestyle are some of the reasons that their brand loyalty is off the charts. People who originally bought an SR20 have traded later for an SR22 and eventually want the Cirrus Jet. You can argue all day long that the Mooney is a better product but if they don't broaden out to a wider market they'll be stuck selling just a few airplanes a year. I am am member of COPA (Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association) not because I'm in love with their airplanes but because I like their magazine and I like how progressive their group is and their company is - they are in the 21st Century. 2018-07-JA18cp-LR.pdf
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    Stormscope is immediate, XM and FIS-B is delayed. I wouldn't want to go cross country without one. I'd recommend biting the bullet and either replacing it with a used one or getting it repaired. I'd even considering buying a new one at $4,500, getting the warranty, and selling your broken one to someone else who would get it repaired.
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    If I’m reading it correctly, only manuals issued at the time of manufacture are required. We don’t need current manuals anymore, they are optional just like S/B’s etc. I think I’ll have my doctor throw out his current books in favour of 50-60 year old ones from when I was born. Clarence
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    Personally I always retract the flaps after the nose wheel settles down and before using the brakes.
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    You want to hold the nose wheel off. It will set down and stay. When it bounces, it is usually too much speed and the pilot wanting to put the nose down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Flying the infamous left door [emoji376] Mooney. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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