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    My A/C failed on the Lancair and I found it to be the A/C drive unit shaft. After much searching I was given the name of a machine shop in a small town called Athens, WI, just west of Wausau. I was told the shop was owned by a Mennonite with exceptional machining skills and very fair pricing. During the work process the owner indicated a fascination in the fact I built my own plane and after talking about it with his kids, he mentioned they were excited as well and commented how much they desired to ride in a small airplane someday. I told him I would pick up the shaft when completed by flying my Mooney over to his local airport (3 hour drive, 35 minute flight) and would gladly give his kids an airplane ride. He had the shaft done in one day (Wednesday), and I had him make me a new pulley as well, which he completed this morning. Looking at weather, I asked if this evening would work to fly his kids and he stated that it did. He asked if a couple neighbor kids could get a ride too, and I said yes. I arrived at a local airport and had a greeting party waiting for me. The politeness (and curiosity) of everyone was simply amazing. I did two flights, with 3 kids each flight, flying over their houses and their small little town. On each flight the oldest boy in the front seat got to fly the plane for 5-10 minutes. Upon completing the second flight, I asked mom and dad if they wanted to go and they insisted I should get home before dark and they had flown before, but were amazingly grateful the kids were able to fly. Then one of the younger girls walked up and gave me a plate of some awesome brownies she made this afternoon for "their pilot". As I flew home I thought about the impact the flights had on these truly humble kids, who clearly live a lifestyle of a much more simple means (and I say that more out of respect and admiration than anything). Sometimes we get LUCKY, sharing what we love with others and then getting the rewarding, yet humble feeling I experienced during my flight home. Pretty COOL. Tom
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    Installed the finished cowling today. Propeller balance tomorrow with final work on Friday to have it ready for a test flight and customer pickup on Saturday. I have to say that I like it. Here's a couple of before and after photos.
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    When I lived in Denver my neighbors across the street told me their father (wife's) used to own a Mooney. She said he loved his plane. He had lost his medical from heart problems about 10 years prior and hadn't flown sense. He came to visit one day and they interoduced him to me and said I had a Mooney. I asked him if he wanted to go for a ride and he gladly accepted. The next morning we met at the airport and after preflighting the plane I showed him the door and asked if he wanted the left seat! His eyes got big as saucers and he jumped right in. I said "why don't you fly me to Leadville?" And handed him a sectional. He said Ok, put on my headsets like he had flown yesterday and started it right up. He flew the plane expertly including all the radio calls. When we got to Leadville he got the certificate, we got some lunch in town and he flew me back. He was a crotchety old guy and my neighbor said that he was never happy, but for the rest of his stay she couldn't pry the smile off of his face. He died one month later of the heart condition that grounded him. So, the only thing better than giving someone their first Mooney ride is giving someone their last Mooney ride.
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    For those of you who don't follow the Bugs and Suggestions forum, I've put together a map with pins indicating the approximate location of MooneySpace members. There are currently 99 members listed on the map. Most of them are in the US of course, but there are also some in Canada, Australia, and the UK. To get access to the map, you'll need to be listed on the map. To be listed on the map you need to have either a City or Airport listed under your avatar. The map will have a pin in your town or city, not specific airport. The map only lists screen name and city. No other information, personal or otherwise is listed. The purpose of the map is simple. When traveling to an area of the country, you'll be able to see which MooneySpace members are in the area and will have a screen name you can contact via private message here on MooneySpace. The map is searchable by screen name or city. This is not an official MooneySpace feature, just a personal project of mine. It was suggested by @Roger O and I've had assistance from @RLCarter on this project. If you have the link, please do not share it to protect the privacy of the members. If you'd like to be listed on the map and have a link to the map, send me a message or respond to this thread. Enjoy...
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    Oh so close. Should have some completion pictures up by Friday.
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    Do we use them ALL the time, why should we I know my plane, really. Lesson 1- use your checklist for everything **a trip from Gulfport Ms. to Wilmington,De, a mere 905 kmiles no problem. Weather checked, plane checked, pilot well ok, let's pack and go 7:00AM local departure time. Wife a little out of sorts don't worry we'll leave a little later. Ok off to airport, went to pay for fuel oops we didn't fill you up Mr B, ok fill it up. Preflight plane packed go pay for fuel, it's a little later I wonder if those storms will stay west of our course? Ok we're going, get CRAFT from the nice tower guys, use my takeoff checklist, my wife closes the door, that's not on my list, I fumble a little, Gulfport tower 423PS ready for Runway 14, all's good ----silence, not really first time for everything--- Gulfport tower aaaah my doors open, I'd like to return, left traffic cleared to land, jeez I never landed over 3200 lbs. I'll carry more power, wow lands nice and soft heavy. Close door, pump it up following my door procedures, Fran don't touch the door I'll get it. Lesson one use your damn checklist. Lesson 2 use your checklist for everything **Ok Gulfport tower is it ok to stay here on 14 until I check my door, sure no ones coming in, get back to me when ready, boy Fran she's a nice lady. Gulfport tower 423PS ready to go 14, your still in the system cleared for takeoff. GD the stall horns blasting I'm a weak old man now, using my muscles, well what's left of them, crap I didn't trim the plane,or use my departure checklist for departure. Got it re-trimmed off we go. Did NOT use my checklist for after landing, just hurried up Only 5 hours to go, lot's of time left to ponder what went wrong, why and what could in the next 5 hours. Luckily nothing out of the norm. After 30 years of flying, we're still learning, need to adhere to all our experience, all of our training and especially those lifesaving damn Checklists. Lesson learned use your damn CHECKLIST Anything you all can provide by not useingn of those things.
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    Usually it would just be areas of decending air, If it was a power reduction it would require a trim change too. If it was an instrument error you wouldn't see a corresponding change in your ground speed. Maybe the next time it happens, turn off the auto pilot and hand fly the plane along with using the trim wheel instead of the button so you get a better feel for what is going on.
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    I grew up a USAF brat surrounded by pilots and airplanes. My family history had me wanting to fly for as long as I can remember. Great Grandfather WWI Founding member of the CAP Grand Father WWII / Korea U.S.M.C Uncle VTANG Father USAF
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    Good group of Mooney fans gathered for grub.
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    Pending pre buy, this baby is mine! All logs are present from day 1. Paint is probably an 8. Interior 7. Wheel wells clean as a whistle. No corrosion evident anywhere I could get to without pulling all the inspection panels. Flew like it was on rails. Put it in a bank and let everything go, it just went hands off. Trimmed for cruise at 24/24 was close to 170mph indicated at 3000msl. No play in the empennage. Speed brakes worked perfect. Did a few touch and goes. Lands nice. It just looks really good. Belly was clean and dry. No oil drips anywhere. I'm excited!
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    Who is this Tom guy? Seems kinda cool https://blog.aopa.org/aopa/2017/05/19/sharing-ga-with-people-reminds-us-how-fortunate-we-are/
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    I think I've seen something like this before but I could not find it. I've never been one to name inanimate objects but I know a lot of you do. That made me thing what I would name my airplane if I was going to do so. I decided I would probably have to call her "The Call Girl". The reason being that both a Call Girl and a Mooney are usually good looking, you go to them in anticipation of having a good time, and in either case it's going to cost you a lot of money. I rest my case.
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    Still love the cheek panels for maint access!
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    I lived near Biggin Hill airport in Kent. One day my father was driving with me past Biggin as a Spitfire roared over our heads, dipped into the valley, pulled up into a barrel Roll and flew back. "Daddy what plane is that?," "thats a Spitfire darling", "i want to be a spitfire pilot when i grow up". I was 6. I was hooked, i wanted to be a spitfire pilot till i was 11 and someone told me they didnt fly Spitfires anymore. I then wanted to be a fighter pilot, i worked hard for that dream, saved all my money and got a PPL, then politics took over and i realised the RAF didnt accept people who were "different", so my dream collapsed, i cried my heart out. I kept my PPL current and rented when i could. I worked hard at the corporate game and climbed to the top of the tree to the point i could afford my own plane. I never went commercial, i am in two minds whether i should have, one says yes it would have been fun, the other says all my commercial mates are bored and think it is "just a job". I SO wanted to fly fast jets, and still do. Ill never get the chance now. Perhaps a mooney is the next best thing. I will fly a spitfire before i die though, that is so on my bucket list. Am so glad that the next generation can be " different" and still fly though. Jealous of that. Andrew
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    Cell phone and a credit card.
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    EGTR to LFAT (that's France chaps) for a little better weather, a light lunch and some sunbathing in the dunes on the beach while the UK was covered in Thunderstorms. Weather had improved by the time we returned fortunately. IMG_4734.MOV a little land yachting on the beach as you do. if you join the right hand side of this with the left hand side of the one below you will see the panorama of the dunes. They are about 10 miles long. Look closely and you can see a German ww2 gun emplacement. there was a farmers day in the town so they did a few displays and lined the streets with grass and pallets of produce. IMG_4740.MOVIMG_4740.MOVIMG_4740.MOV they even had a little student band which was rather fun. IMG_4740.MOV now for the flyin pics. . France over Kent UK old father Thames with London in the dark stance taken through the ray bans. .
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    I wouldn't worry about it but definitely keep an eye on it. That's just me, though. If it concerns you excessively, resolve to replace it at your next annual and monitor it until then.
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    The insane part fits! Yes, we've met. Alex threatened he would was going to take the pictures he took of the HIGH RENT district on Spruce Creek during his golf cart tour and post them as being my home! (I am clearly from the low rent neighborhood). My comeback was he needed to work harder as his girlfriends eyes were lighting up looking at those homes! I've made lots of friends on this forum and this is my favorite one, hands down! If the price of involvement to this forum is Mooney ownership, I may have to keep the Rocket so you folks don't bump me off. Tom
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    On the contrary, I'd appreciate someone helping me to avoid having someone prey upon me when i'm unable to defend.
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    In general , Estates and or terminal patients , are not trying to squeeze every penny out of a dime , They are trying to liquidate assets so their family's don't have to deal with these things... I have purchased from estates and terminal patients in the past ....My suggestion , is if you are not going to purchase the aircraft , do not get involved...
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    And in case you're wondering... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    All the graphics on the new Cessnas are vinyl, as are the tail numbers, as well as the graphics on a lot of other current production planes. I did a partial wrap to cover the 70's brown and gold stripes on my C. Still looks as good as the day I did it roughly a year and several hundred flight hours later. I've had it through an annual and several different A&P's. They all commented positively on the results. It sits outside on a tie down too.
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    That tire has a lot of life in it. I had a partner once and I could tell how many landings he did by the number of flat spots on the tires. If I replaced the tire on every flat spot I would be doing it weekly. Remember, the brakes are only for hold short lines. Land short and slow. The goal is to not use brakes on the runway, but if the end is rapidly approaching, do what you have to do.
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    Flew down to see my mother/brother and middle sister in Arkansas Saturday morning. Beautiful flight. Had a little indirect push that had me seeing 145-160 knots at 6500. 5-10LOP burning 9.8GPH flight was 2.3 and smooth as glass. Photo (sideways as posted-what's up with that?) had a low fog layer over a Missouri River. Could see it for miles. I don't know how you all get such beautiful photos from your plane, but this is lame in comparison. (Sorry). We played 27 and 45 holes Saturday and Sunday. Had a blast with my siblings enjoying some birdies, beers and bogeys Good to see my 86 year old mom on Mother's Day. Return flight was .1 longer with 2.4 vs. 2.3. One of those rare trips where winds were benign or helping a tad vs. slowing you down. My fuel up was just over .1 AMU's which I feel is a bargain. I love GA and I love my Mooney...
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    I don't remember the first time I flew, but I was a young pup. My grandpa had an Ercoupe before I was born. I do remember flying in that thing now and then, but man was it amazing when he upgraded to a Cherokee 140. We ruled the world in that thing. I flew all over Arizona and southern California with him. He was a professional hockey player in his younger days and unfortunately all the hits finally caught up with him. Concussion induced dementia. We knew he was going a little wonky, but not quite how bad until he landed on a taxiway 3 times at 3 different airports in one flight. My grandmother refused to fly with him anymore and he never flew again. This was back 10 years ago or so. He sold his Piper to a guy out in California. I had a ton of Cox models when I was a kid. Built a model of my Grandpa's cherokee out of balsa (still have it!), then I got into RC. Flew up to 1/4 scale acro and even all of that just wasn't enough. I always wanted to get my own PPL, but just could never swing it. Hell, a few years ago I was seriously considering buying one of those build it yourself scale WWI kits and just tooling around in that... I'm finally at a point in my life where I could make it happen and I did. Attached are a couple pics of my grandpa in his ercoupe, with his Cherokee, and one with me as "PIC" in the Cherokee sometime in the 80's. IIRC.
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    Operation Mother in law day a success. Pop to Sugarland. Slow up for a cessna landing. Pick her up. Chat with the Mooney C guy whose flat nose wheel reminded me that I need to put the old tubes into the plane. Run to Lake Jackson. Yummy food. Reverse procedure with a nice sunset flight.
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    I always say, the only thing better than flying airplanes, is giving someone their first ride in a little plane and letting them do some of the flying.
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    As mine is still in the shop, I'm living vicariously through others who get to fly. Brian Lloyd launched today on his circumnavigation of the globe in his 231. This is his first leg from San Marcos, TX (KHYI) to Long Island, NY (KFRG). This was done non-stop in 7:46, most of it at FL230. Next he'll go NYC to Paris recreating Lindbergh's flight and hoping to set a speed record for single engine piston, on this route. And then on around the globe. You can follow along on Flight Aware, he is N916BL.
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    Rutland, VT to Ocean City, MD on Saturday morning for a impromptu overnight at my brother's condo. We did 2.5hrs down with some rain showers in the NYC area breaking out to clearing skies on the NJ coast. Lovely trip down the coastline to Cape May and over the bay down to Ocean City. Blowing like hell at KOXB where my landing was awful but still better than the guy we saw parachuting while we were tying down. His was a double hop splat, where mine was just a hop and land. Back up to Rutland this morning including a semi interesting JFK overflight watching the big boys land underneath us. Another 2.5 in clear cool air. This was the first real cross country in the airplane for me since I bought it. My wife just kept saying that she couldn't believe we did it in 2.5hrs when it takes 8 to do the drive. Her only other small airplane experience was in my Sundowner which was not really known for being a speed demon. Yes dear it's a Mooney and it goes pretty fast. I think she's hooked.
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    There's a couple. With cast air release vinyl with pressure activated adhesive (no 'memory' and micro air release channels) I do it like this: Rolle Pro For cast vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive with no air channels, I use this around rivets to release the air, heat the vinyl, and then press it down with either a rivet brush or a rivet setting foam pad. rivet brush rivet pad Obviously, the Rolle Pro technique is orders of magnitude faster because you can do an 8' row of trailer rivets in a few seconds.
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    The single point of failure argument on the dual mag , is just pure stupidity , There are many engines that use the dual mag , most of the 540 turbos use the dmag , If you want to talk single point of failure , there is the bolt on the crank , the gear on the crank , the cam gear , , The D mag is less expensive to over haul , than 2 singles , and if properly set up . easier to service at annual....
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    All this work was done under the supervision of an IA. The described issue. About every 5th or 10th the breaker would blow on the gear down. Never a big issue, just put the breaker back in and it would continue on it’s way to down and locked. Nothing in the log book about servicing gear. It is an ITT actuator. First step was to replace breaker since they get old and wear out. That was done and found another breaker where the wire was loose on it. So yay another potential issue found. Planned for annual to pull the actuator and send it off for servicing and a lube. Called a MSC and they said they would take a look at it. As an FYI it takes a ground off socket to reach one of the nuts and the removal of 2 belly panels. Which was fine since it was annual and it allowed me to clean up all the gunky brake fluid that went there from the leaky master cylinder. master brake cylinder rebuilt with 3 Mil spec O rings. So ship off actuator. Wait a week. Annual is finished but no actuator. Finally start calling. After several weeks find that gears are fine and things are lubed. Find that sometimes there is a brake in the back of the motor that will come unpinned and fall off and short. The reason for the brake is so the gear does not work down while flying. The brake is released by the 4th terminal on the solenoid (sear tractor forum to learn about 4th terminal). MSC and I agree to ship motor off to California to have it gone through. Wait several weeks and start calling MSC to learn status of motor. MSC refers me to the motor repair. Motor repair says my Emergency Disconnect is bad. There seems to be no Emergency disconnects available. I find one in Colorado. Also research if the 12 spline gears can be purchased. Also look into machining said gears. Do you know they can Print titanium parts now. More time goes by. Start weekly calling of MSC. Finally get a “We are shipping it back and there is no charge” I get a box of disassembled components back. Start inspecting the supposed bad gear actuator and find no issues. Trade photos with A&P and he says no issues. So grease everything and reassemble and safety wire. Tell saga to IA. His comment is “sometimes people try and sell you stuff” Reinstall into plane. Do 3-4 Emergency gear extensions. Do 3-4 regular gear ups and downs. Make video to check alignment on everything. IA comes and checks assembly and the overlocks and other things that IAs know how to do. Lessons Learned If you read about the Mooney Electric gear you would think they are flimsy one step away from breaking. That is not the case. The gear actuator is a really well made unit. The Emergency gear disconnect is well designed and will still be there when the airframe is toast. Does not matter how much you try to do things the right way, you will sometimes having to do it yourself Since February there has not been any circuit breaker popping As much as you would like for people to project manage things, sometimes you have to do it yourself If I had not stayed on top of it, I would probably still not be flying It is good to have skills in how mechanical thins work. Dad was right, learning to fix things, will take you far If people are going to outsource things, they should check their vendors to make sure they are doing things to keep everything moving along I will need to have a conversation with the MSC. I believe him to annoyed with me Total time of annual was from End of November to beginning of February. I would love to have access to the factory component supplier list It would be incredibly frustrating to be in most people shoes just relying on others to get your plane back together so you can go flying Not having a plane to fly for 2-3 months is a bummer After two annuals with the IA he is learning to trust me more…. The plane is in a little better shape that is was last year.
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    Flew to Greenwood, Indiana to look at a Mooney in pre purchase stage that a friend is closing on in a few days. On the way back we stopped in Owensboro, KY for some real good BBQ. Go to KOWB and try out Moonlite BBQ Inn http://www.moonlite.com/. The BBQ was great and their specialty is mutton.
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    Factory specifications for shock disk replacement should be documented in the maintenance manual for your airplane. I have a 1998 M20J maintenance manual, and the relevant details are in Section 32-81-00. No jacking is involved. The procedure is to leave the airplane on the ground, fill the tanks, and measure the gap between the retaining collar and the top retaining plate. Basically, you're measuring how much the disks compress with weight on the wheels. The allowable gap is 0.60" for the mains, and 0 (no gap) for the nose. The amount of play after jacking, how long it takes the disks to uncompress, the date code on the disks, etc., are all reasonable things to consider. I don't have any particular beef with mechanics using those factors to recommend replacement. But that's not how the factory spec'd it.
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    Hey! Stop cutting in line! I'm after Matt! You have a cowl, I have a gaping hole! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    What's a compass? 🤣 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    I would make sure that the owner knows that nothing can happen during a pre-buy inspection that would ground an airplane. That is as long as the annual is current. This is well documented and explained both by Savvy (Mike Busch) as well as Don Maxwell, JD Castile, etc. Assuming the customer knows this and still won't let you take it to the shop of your choice, and at your expense for a PPI, I wouldn't buy the plane. Full stop. Unfortunately he'll still sell the plane, there are plenty of suckers out there. There are about five or six of them on this forum now after buying shitty airplanes that will cost more to get airworthy than it would have cost to buy a model or two up the Mooney line. Don't join that club. A seller who won't let you take it to a reputable MSC for a pre-buy isn't a reputable seller and should be treated as such.
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    It's completely fine to say you prefer ROP operations because you're just more comfortable with it. And that's actually good information for anyone who might be contemplating buying the airplane from you when you're inclined to sell it. But stating or implying that ROP is better for engines and LOP is destructive to engines based on your 19,000 hours of anecdotal experience, isn't going to go over well around here. The data is in. It is overwhelming and compelling. And as someone a lot smarter than I once said, "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."
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    Yesterday there was a post on here where a new member was asking whether $30,000 for a 900TT J model that had been out of annual since 2007 was a good deal. This airplane was not advertised and it was a deal he stumbled upon. He concealed the N-number obviously not wanting anyone else to mess up his deal. All that is fine - we all want a great deal, but then he mentioned how the owner is in the hospital in the last stages of cancer. The more I thought about this the more I thought how the person in the hospital could be one of us and it sounded like he was trying to steal it from the family at a time when properly determining the value of an airplane was the last thing on their mind. Last night I took at shot in the dark and replied with what I thought was the N-number to the airplane (N201FA). It could also be N201CA, but I think it's N201FA. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N201FA To my surprise when I looked today the post was completely removed - I must have struck a nerve. Out of the blue a few minutes later I got a PM from the one who posted: I'm not interested in this airplane. My only point to this post is that the free market should determine the value of this airplane for the family. If others here are in the market for a 201 project I would suggest checking out the registration (http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?omni=Home-N-Number&nNumberTxt=N201FA). Then going to whitepages.com (http://www.whitepages.com/name/Richard-H-Sherman/Milford-DE/1iu4mqu) and see if you can reach the family to look at it. The more people that look at it the better the family's chances of getting a fair offer. It may only be worth $30,000 but if it was your family disposing of your airplane you'd want them to have a few offers to consider. Full disclosure: I bought the airplane I fly now from the widow. It had been advertised for months though and many people had looked at it. She was treated with the kindness and fair treatment that I would want someone to treat my family. I realize this is none of my concern but we are all watching out for each other.
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    Encore conversion, 230 lbs. Available on the 252 by Mooney service letter. Heavier counterweights on elevators (maybe ailerons too). Prop Governor mod. Turn up prop to 2700 Turn down MP to 36" Add Dual puck brakes? Restamp engine from -MB to -MB(C)SB BTW, I have never heard of a 231 that will outrun a 252. 10 knots is a lot of speed to make up.
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    Marauder what you are saying is key! We need to bring the young kids on board. Of my 4 sons only the youngest one, Fausto who is 6, is really into flying. The other ones see flying as a mean of transportation. This Saturday I am taking a bunch of boy scouts flying out of Gaithersburg. So they (and their parents) see what flying is all about. Oscar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think we tend to forget just how special our particular avocation is and just how fortunate we are.
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    This past Saturday I flew out to Tillsonburg in my RV4 with a few other planes from Kitchener. There was a family at another table enjoying breakfast while watching Harvards and a T28 flying. I asked the son (7 year old) if he'd ever flown in a little airplane, "No" was the reply. Would you like to go? "No". I told him if he changed his mind I would take him after I finished my breakfast. In the end he decided to go after some discussion with his parents. I strapped him in the back and took him for a flight down to Lake Erie and around Tillsonburg. He seemed to have had fun and enjoyed it. Impromtu flights are as much fun as anything organized. Clarence
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    Yesterday flew from Cincinnati Lunken into Tuscaloosa in the morning, spent a few hours with family there, and then flew back. Around 2 hours and 45 minutes beats the heck out of eight or nine hours in the car! Got a direct through Cincinnati's Class B on course and up to 8,500 for a direct to destination. On the way back, got a similar clearance thru the B. Felt like tail winds both ways - that kind of day [emoji106] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I see you bought Kelly's airplane. He told me about it last week. I have a few hours in that airplane over the last 15 years. If you need Mooney specific training, let me know. I currently own a K model and have owned a C, F & M model Mooney in the past. I have about 1,000 hours in Mooneys and have CFI, CFII, MEI & ATP.
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    I know we've all seen the video clips but here is a long beautiful video from the photographer. There are some beautiful views of the Ultra over Canyon Lake and the Texas hill country. This is our usual practice area when @bucko, @"Chocks", I and others get together to fly formation. Enjoy
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    Emory Peak (el. 7,825 msl) in Big Bend National Park 12 nm north of the US/Mexico border. Being within a US Defense Area and with no ATC coverage we were prepared for an F-16 identification encounter as we passed within 6 nm of the ADIZ but none occurred.[emoji846] Rio Grande valley (border) in the background. Beautiful, albeit bumpy flight. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I share this forum with a bunch of pansies. This is all you need. I'll fly my plane to 100ft below minimums in full blown IMC using an outdated VFR sectional. GPS is for sissies.