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  1. I’ve used this 2-part epoxy primer on exposed steel and it’s very durable. https://www.southernpolyurethanes.com/epoxy-primer
  2. Wow, it’s like Christmas already. Jimmy, thanks for such an awesome tool. R2
  3. More like a modern day Devil’s Triangle.
  4. Google is your friend. The story is everywhere.
  5. Wow, I’m sure I’ll only be the first to tell you what an awesome panel that is. Beautifully simple looking. We’ve all get panel envy! Great job! R2
  6. Since I went through this recently, I thought I’d share how a thread can be deleted by the OP. Evidently, the new version of the software has changed. I have seen several posts instructing the OP to check under the ellipsis (…) to find delete. It isn’t there anymore. Now, you will see “Moderation Action” at the top of your thread. There is a Delete option in the drop down. See below… R2
  7. Get a cheap socket and grind it to fit? Harbor Freight is great for tools you can modify guilt free. R2
  8. Of course, to go with that shiny paint, it needs a $20k Aero Comfort interior too.
  9. There is a new oil pressure gauge below the co-pilot yoke.
  10. An ugly plane is only $40k away from being a beauty queen, and a beauty queen dressed just like you want her to be.
  11. But then what would he use the new oil pressure gauge he installed for?
  12. I would check out Savvy Pre Buy. They will do a free log book review. Nothing trips my trigger other than the fresh annual. You need to make sure it was a real annual and not a “pencil whip” annual in anticipation of selling it. Take it to a good Mooney shop for a pre buy inspection. Cole Aviation in Dalton, GA would be my choice if the plane is in Huntsville. Good luck, R2
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