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    Mr. Tom Hunnicutt and his lady, Jackie. I have extended an invitation for them to come to the Mooney Summit VIII. I was honored tonight to have dinner with these amazing people. Thanks again Tom for saving Mark Brandemuehl and allowing him and Jenny to have just a few more months. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    We continued our winter safari departing Flores Guatemala back to Mexico via Cozumel. Mexico only allows two ports of entry, excluding from the US border, which are Tapachula on the west and Cozumel on the east. We went into Cozumel so it would be easy to make additional stops in the Yucatan and Palenque. But the only real concern on this flight was realizing despite that we were going by a couple good alternate airports along the way we only had permission to land at our destination. Although if we needed too we would have declared and landed wherever, yet likely with considerable delay and added expense. We had pretty nice wx departing Flores and once again climbed on top of three different layers for a smooth ride north east to Cozumel in VMC. As we arrived and began our descent we saw we would find the forecasted 40% chance of rain in the TAF and stiffer than forecasted winds. But luckily we just went through the rain on the approach mostly over the water east of the field. The field was dry. But we encountered a very stiff direct cross wind gusting to 20 kts. Note in the picture on final, we're centered and tracking right down final, but see how crabbed we are into the wind! (At this point winds were over 30). In fairness, I should point out that I did not have to land on this runway with a direct cross wind, I could have circled to a more favorable runway - they have 4 afterall. But I always enjoy getting some good cross-wind landing practice in when opportunity presents. Being an international flight we were greeted by over a dozen officials before we finished shutting down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone. Just got my brand new Mooney Acclaim Ultra Ceramic coated. It is beautiful. Perry https://youtu.be/5SNUSGOeMmI
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    Dynon- $30k installed with engine monitor w/o AP (high side, all options to include Syn Viz, blah blah blah) NGT9000R- $7k installed PM450B- $3500 installed Avidyne IFD540 and 440- $30k installed TruTrak/AeroCruze 100- $11.5k installed $82,000.00 GTN 750 and 650- $30k installed FlightStream 510- $1500 GMA35c- $3500 installed GFC500- $13k installed (2 Axis) GTX345- $7500 installed G3x- approx. $20-25k installed (Depending on options, hard to estimate on specifics) $80,500.00 I believe the other units were referenced, as far as pricing is concerned, earlier in the thread. It really depends on how much you are getting your equipment for. Now, the Dynon has a built in ADS-B system(if you wanted to use it's integral one), you seemed to also have left out the WiFi and BT capability for the GTN series as you would like to have that because you are trying to upgrade and get maximum capability out of your investment. Your functionality in the comparing Audio Panels are unequaled because the PM450B is far superior. Further, the installation labor is virtually identical so it is a wash, really. So, which will have better functionality, better priced and are better units overall? Well, PS Engineering are the best for Audio Panels, hands down because it is what they do. That IS Mark's business and has been for decades. Dynon has been doing the Avionics Suite for a long time as well in the Experimental market and their price point for what they offer is phenomenal. ADS-B L3 has been doing Traffic and Weather better than anyone else back when their units were BFG. Again, like PS Engineering, they are the best in that market because it is what they do. Now, GTN or IFD? Well, again, my opinion is if you want a top of the line BASIC GPS, go with Garmin, they are the best GPS on the market and always have been. However, I will preface that by saying we are talking about FMS systems in this case and if you want a better FMS, Avidyne leads the way on this, hands down, once again it is what they do best! Not to mention the IFD series comes out of the box with Synthetic Vision, WiFi, Bluetooth and FLTA (Forward Looking Terrain Awareness) all for no extra charge and usually are less than the GTN series. Also, think of the 2 options given here as one is like Apple (Garmin) and the other is like Microsoft (The others). They all play nice together and with pretty much anything. Taking NOTHING away from Garmin, they are getting pretty proprietary and you are being forced to get units that ONLY have their branding on them like iPads and MacBooks. While they are good at what they do, nothing about them is warranted to put them head and shoulders about anyone else because there is really no concentration on anything of theirs anymore. Although the GFC500 is a really good AP, but can ONLY work with a G5. How does that make sense? If you purchase a TruTrak or an S-Tec, you have choices. That is huge, in my book. I have customers that love Garmin and customers that love Avidyne and others. All of them are right and I agree with them and their choices because as long as they are educated, they need to decide what is best for them. I am glad to offer them whatever they decide. The above, though, are just my opinions and reasons behind them. FWIW. Please no throwing of rotten tomatoes, just giving my 2 cents here!!!! Go easy on me! LOL
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    I got a real life reminder yesterday why it is good to periodically review your emergency procedures so that you have them committed to memory for when you need them. I was returning home yesterday in IMC with 900 foot ceilings when I got smoke in the cockpit. Thankfully the circuit breaker quickly did its job and tripped, making the smoke last only a few seconds. But, it was enough to lead me to declare an emergency and to get vectored to the nearest airport for a precautionary landing. In IMC and with smoke coming from the panel is no time to be grabbing for the POH to review what to do or to try to remember which way the retaining clips on the fire extinguisher face. It is also not an ideal time to try to grab and turn on the iPad for back up navigation if you end up turning off the power to the panel (to stop the smoke and prevent a fire). Obviously the autopilot would disengage as well. Thankfully this episode ended well, and I was working through the emergency procedures when the emergency dissipated. But it really got me thinking about what I would have done if I had lost the panel (G1000, radio and autopilot), and had to navigate in IMC and potentially shoot an approach (without ATC and using an iPad), or worse, executing an emergency decent and off airport landing in 900 foot ceilings if there had been a fire. I am posting this in the hopes that it prompts others to review their emergency procedures, to practice accessing their emergency equipment before they need it, and to always your have your backup nav device programmed and in place before take off. You never know when you might need it -- and it may not be on a beautiful VFR day.
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    Negative sparky... the springs are available... now, even manufactured with the proper level of quality... Welcome aboard, -a-
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    So Im going to do a @carusoam here. Noone knows the financial structure of Mooney nor Soaring America, nor the Chinese investors of the same Noone knows why the Chinese bought into Mooney into the first place Noone knows what political motivations there were behind the purchase and there may have been MANY Everyone is thinking like a westerner...Ive put money in so I want a return on my investment. Are we sure that's the case here? Noone knows whether the Chinese just wanted to have a foothold in the USA and didn't care about the money. Thoughts only....I'm just a management consultant whose worked in almost every country in Europe and Asia, what do I know. Andrew
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    Hi Kevin, we simply out grew PCB with the number of people that wanted to attend, and we couldn't allow because of space constraints. Then the no shows precluded them being able to at the last moment. We really debated on the non refundable registration fee of 99 for 2 people, but with the uncertainty of any support from Mooney, the vast commitment of money to have a lager conference facility, etc, we decided it will be on all of us who want to have a Summit make it happen, and totally reasonable to ask that the attendee's put some skin in the game. It will be up to each of you to judge the value proposition, knowing that even if you do not show, the money you spend for registration will go to put on a Summit and aid downed Mooney pilots like we have so deeply last year. I dont believe there is another charity in existence that puts it all back into the group that funds it like we do, all without pay or expenses ourselves. I do hope you see the value of the Summit, your commitment to make it, and change your mind. You are always such a delightful addition for everyone at the Summit.
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    Well, lemme see... ....easier to fly and land than my Bravo.... ....300 KTS at FL280.... ....quiet and smooth.... ....I had a bad case of perma-grin afterwards
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    Oh boy. Scary. But for the grace of God that guy is ok - looking at the Mooney amongst the trees. Wouldn't take much of a different path for the airplane to have hit a big tree trunk instead of going between them. Well, luck or skill, we will take the miracles anyway they come.
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    Good post by the OP. However, there are only a few 'emergencies' that need to be memorized. And even those you probably only need to memorize the first few steps. The rest can be handled like the airlines. At Northwest we had a 'red bordered checklist' that sat on the glareshield. It was a single piece of paper. While we don't keep it on the glareshield (but we do keep it someplace that can be easily reached), I created a small booklet that contained all the emergency procedures, normal procedures, and a few other useful bits of information. This is a screenshot of the front page. It contains procedures that I think might require quick action.
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    I realized this morning that visiting Mooneyspace is like having my twice a month morning breakfast meeting with my retired airline captain friends, except MS is daily [if I wish!]. At our pilots breakfast, we talk about all kinds of things. And since one of my friends is a retired United 747 captain and long time Mooney owner/pilot, the conversations can quickly turn to stuff about our Mooney airplanes [we do have a Cirrus owner amongst us, so that's always fun!]. As with any passion, and the particular organizations of which we choose to partake, whether its airplanes, boating, sports cars, motorcycles, music, etc., it is the people that make it truly special. Admittedly a slow learner in some areas, it wasn't until my first visit to AirVenture in 2008 that I finally realized this. It was the like mindedness, the camaraderie, the respect, and the passion of it all from the people there that made AirVenture so very special to me. Just like my pilots breakfast friends and just like Mooneyspace ! As I continued to read the Vintage Mooney thread on the door handle replacement topic, and all the associated input from so many on how to skin that cat, it came to me again, just how valuable, fun and exciting our Mooneyspace really is..........such knowledge, information and creativity from everyone! So, it's the daily "pilots breakfast" for me in the morning, at noontime, during the evenings, late at night, or just whenever....... here on Mooneyspace. It is the people and I do love Mooneyspace !
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    Like most things in the Mooney it is standard industrial parts adapted to aviation. If only someone had a picture that would lead to a clue. OMG then a little Google FU. Turns up Boston Gear https://www.bostongear.com/ Which does drive reduction and right angle drives. Someone should chat with them. Ask how they identify their drives and then buy a bunch of gears.
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    FIXED! So, for those of you following this and those who offered opinions as to what was wrong, here we go. The consensus (including that of my A&P/IA) was that it was either an induction or injector issue on #4. After pulling all the cowling as well as the doghouse, I pulled the #4 injector and gave it the acetone spa treatment. I did notice that there were black particles floating in the (CH3)2CO the next morning. I replaced the injector (don't worry, this is all under supervision while I work on my A&P merit badge) after getting a very positive baby bottle check (full throttle/MP squirting into a jar using the boost pump). I buttoned up the top and then I checked the intake pipe on #4 and was able to do the ‘click seat’ on it, which means that it had possibly loosened and was the source of the issue. Then I found the bolts on #2 ‘less than tight’ (can’t say they were loose). I read somewhere that those bolts can loosen over time. Having hit both the potential problem points, I put the lower cowls back on and proceeded to the full-power test. This was soooo satisfying as she went up to FP just like she should--no stumble! All that is left is the flight test, and frankly, I think she's back. Oh, the data dump from the static test showed a 0.2 GAMI spread. Those two cylinders are dancing cheek-to-cheek now and 1 & 3 are keeping up with them.
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    Kinda late getting back with you, with the top latch adjusted correctly made a HUGE difference in cabin noise. Went up this morning spent 1.7hrs with my CFI and he made several comments on how much quieter it was which reminded me that I hadn't reported back. Today I also removed my headset which I hadn't done post adjustment and it wasn't too bad
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    Lynx 9000 NGT installed in early 2016. Linked traffic info to GTN 650. Received two active traffic alerts on my most recent flight. Nice features to have!
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    With a budget of $50K, the answer is C. You might get an E or F with that budget but you'll have to put another $20K to $40K just to get them to a condition you'd be happy to fly. Go find the best C you can for that $50K. Preferably one with an autopilot.
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    First time out in a couple of years, and I was a bit of a spaz. Took three for sure, and among our party of three we took 16. We had to hurry because Grinnell Municipal Airport just re-did the runway, but they won't get the lights installed until May. Runway NOTAM'd closed sunset-sunrise. Simply a perfect day to be outside walking around in tall grass w/ guns and dogs - sunny, not a breath of wind, high 30's. Dogs didn't overheat, and we didn't freeze. Thanks for asking :-)
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    Hopefully, I'm not the last one to notice that on IFR charts, some airports and navaids are tagged with the letters "MON" in blue reverse highlight. After some digging around, it turns out to stand for "Minimum Operating Network", and the FAA is highlighting certain facilities to have permanent radio navigation aids in case of GPS failure, so if you do lose GPS, you should be able to quickly find a MON facility on your IFR chart. https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/ato/service_units/techops/navservices/transition_programs/vormon/
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    Yesterday our friends granddaughter came to visit, she's eight and the first thing she asked was if we could go flying. It was severe clear so couldn't say no to that. We flew down to Nut tree as there is a Fentons ice creamery just a short walk from the field. Don't know what got into Snoopy but was actually able to see the CHT gauge peak and decline before engine began to run rough at least 25 degrees LOP. Never been able to do that. We were at 6500ft 2450/21 getting IAS of 137 knots. OAT was about 35 degrees and altimeter was 29.92 snoopy likes cold air. Not nearly a single bump in the air but VCB was gusting to 21 at about 80 degrees off runway heading. Anyway was a great day to be out flying.
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    For exterior, he uses Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine mixed in various concentrations with water. And, Gtechniq W5 Biodegradable Citrus All Purpose Cleaner, again mixed in various concentrations. Both have worked well in my experience. For leather and interiors, again Optimum No Rinse diluted, and Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean for heavier stains. Finally, it's Gtechniq ceramic coatings for the final step.
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    (P)ower setting (A)ttitude and (c)onfiguration. You should have these MP/RPM/Config numbers for your plane to make flying IFR easier so you are not chasing the money knobs to make the plane fly at a certain airspeed in a certain config. The plane will always behave the same with the same settings, and is why emphasis is put on this in IFR training. Take your plane up on a nice day, find out what MP/RPM setting will allow you to fly at the top of the white arc in level flight clean. without touching trim or the money knobs, drop the gear and put in TO flaps, note your decent rate. Most likely, you will find this is all you have to do at GS intercept to follow the GS down without changing a thing
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    A little off topic, but you can read hundreds of pages on this forum of people postulating on the viability of a new acclaim and what Mooney *should* produce. It’s great to see someone like yourself who actually bought the best product on the market and is supporting the brand. Congrats on your new plane!
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    In my C model days for a looong cross country, I would take-off on the left tank, run for one hour, then switch to the right tank. I would run the right tank dry. This took three hour and maybe a few minutes more. I would switch back to the left tank and land within another hour. I did not have an engine analyzer or fuel flow instrumentation. This gave me a cross check on fuel burn. Before running a tank dry, I had confirmed adequate flow from the other tank. It had the advantage of having all of my remaining fuel in one tank rather than split between two tanks. Using this method was able to fly five-hour legs and land with 12 gallons remaining. Depending on the wind I might go 750 nm or more before landing. I will probably adopt a similar procedure with the J. But with an engine analyzer and fuel flow instrumentation, I know better my remaining fuel.
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    From the IPC it’s part of the fuel vent system for s/n 3 thru 446. Item 73 Looks like you’re stuck with it. Clarence
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    I LOVE this site and would not change it for anything, even the search engine I can cope with. In the Uk (yep Im Andrew from Old England, @carusoam I love that description of me) we are having yet another election and as one of the party activists I spend a lot of time "arguing" on social media about our policies etc. (Sorry @oldguy and others who are friends of mine on fb and have to see this stuff). I come on here, there is no politics, just the best group of guys I could ever hope to meet. I can relax. I have posted articles, received loads of free advice, free comfort and calming voices, been defended vigorously when someone decided he did not like a part of my life (I'll never ever forget that, THANK YOU), entertained visitors to the UK when they are over for work trips, been looked after and cared for when I am over there. Ive even acted as a post box for someone's motor cycle parts and was extremely happy to do so. I have never had such companionship in all of my life from a bunch of people I am happy to call my friends. This is a great site. Andrew
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    I agree - but today - as it was two years ago - this option was not available and did not exist. My guess - next week they will change all that and offer exactly what we are discussing.
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    Lots of mis information here as well... Wait a minute... I thought it was tradition to put the disclaimer at the end of the post... Speaking of debt clock... we got to visit it as young people in NYC... while amassing tons of student debt. That was eye opening... being math geniuses, we divided the big number by the number of people in the country... that number was about twice what my schooling was going to cost... The wars were over, the good times had started, the national debt actually Dwindled and went away... somebody actually turned off the clock... it was dark for several years... then something else happened... Want to see the debt go away...? It Goes hand in hand with the expanding economy... paid overtime for everybody... raises every year... because the companies can afford it... small businesses sprouting everywhere... interest rates that are moderate... (add inflation to the discussion for more detail) People bought houses, planes and cars... using interest rates that were very moderate... Use caution... a financial discussion can easily turn it to a political discussion... Nothing locks down a good thread like adding politics into it... Best regards, -a-
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    As usual, I post a year end survey to see how much we have flown for the year - I realize there are a few days left . . . Due my Mooney being down for getting a new propeller, I haven't flown it since early August. Otherwise I would have topped 100 hours in my Mooney. I increased my overall time and flew less Mooney hours unfortunately. I did fly a lot for Open Air this year in Cirrus SR22's. Also, I rented one a few times for planned trips (like Mooney Summit). Over 200 hours in SR22s this year. I also earned my Multi Commercial this year and have logged over 25 hours of multi. I love Aviation and am thankful to have the chance to fly. -Seth
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    The only problem with the “Ignore” button is the temptation to look at what stupid thing the ignored person said. [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Apparently, they can't afford GOOGLE either, If only there was technology that allowed you to do simple searches into a network of servers loaded with information...
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    This video ROCKS. You gotta respect this dude's work ethos. I'm gonna study this video and try some of those techniques...
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    In the end, the buying of the airplane us the less inexpensive part, because you’ll get it back when sell. Hangar, insurance, fuel, maintenance will dwarf the buyin costs. Tom
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    Glad nobody was hurt. Another Cirrus parachute success story.
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    Home from the Holidays Fine winter day ahead of the big storm to the west. Three miles visibility in haze at takeoff, several layers of broken clouds up to about 12,000 and some traces of ice here and there reminds me it’s not summer.
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    Any of those 3. I think it’s going to come down to more of which of those you can find the best specimen of for the money.
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    well not a Mooney but my hangar was in an episode foe NCIS New Orleans. My Mooney was inside the hangar so I guess my Mooney was in the show. I guess my hangar didn't look nasty enough the painted rust on it to make it look worse. Anyone wanting autographs I plan on being available at the next Mooney Summit.
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    Only around 150. Had a lot of downtime this year for maintenance and other things. But I still managed a few big trips like out west, northern Canada, Oshkosh, and more. Spent a bunch of time prepping for and taking the Commercial ASEL.
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    A bit of backstory here. Christmastime is a real drag for us heathens. Nothing open, nothing but Christmas stuff on TV. Nothing but Christmas music on the radio. Gets really boring. When I lived in Southern California it was fun. I'd ride my bicycle on the busiest streets and go places I wouldn't dream of on a normal work day. When we lived in DC we went downtown. The museums were all closed, but they didn't close the monuments and no one was there. It was cool. Where I am now there's nothing cool to do on Christmas. Every since I leaned to fly I wanted to take a flight on Christmas. Something cool to do. Nothing has to be open, I can just fly my little airplane and land uncontrolled airstrips. And I never got tot do it. Usually the weather was snot (I'm still VFR), the one year it wasn't there was so much snow and ice chocking the hangar door I couldn't get it open. This year everything lined up. I got great weather, the airplane is working (except of the step, it's DOA but I don't care). So off I went. A few landings, about an hour's worth of flight. After 20 years I flew on Christmas, and it was great.
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    Great input guys. Thank you. Mooney is sending me a new something. It looks like that it is a know problem. I have had 6 Mooneys over the last 15 years and never had this problem. This one only has 13 hours on the Hobbs. Perry
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    In my bravo I drop the gear at FAF after being at proper power and approach speed and it’s enough to give me a near perfect descent on glide slope. Of course, it’s all about slowing down in advance.
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    We had a great year, logged 130 hours, all in our Mooney. (Recent years have ranged from 50 to 80 hours.) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    From last year's thread on the same topic: Plans for 2019: Visit my Dad in Tennessee and my son in Virginia (moved from Chicago) as often as possible - CHECK Get that awesome arch picture with @skydvrboy - not so much CFI/II accelerated program scheduled for June - CHECK Instruct the three students that are standing in line waiting for me to complete the CFI/II certification - 2 for 3, not so bad Trying for 2nd Caravan but work commitments are dictating otherwise - NOPE 2nd Summit hard scheduled - CHECK Make some more great friends! - CHECK Plans for 2020: Fly. Everywhere. Visit my Dad in Tennessee as often as possible Visit my son in San Diego (man that kid moves a lot...) Continue planning for relocation to Sevierville TN. Flying there in March. And August. And October. Get N1088F Weep-no-Mored in August. Mooney Summit in October N1088F annual at AGL and visit with Bob & Nancy Belville @Bob_Belville after the Summit Continue instructing/flight reviewing in my "spare time" Get that awesome arch picture with @skydvrboy - this is the year Patches! Make some more great friends! Push "forever panel" upgrade out o n e m o r e y e a r... And most importantly - maintaining work/life balance for more time with my awesome wife. Going for 100% this year! Cheers, Rick
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    Obtain: CMEL add on ATP CRJ TYPE rating Switch from Army pilot to Skywest pilot. Lots of goals and moves in 2020! Oh and fly my E to the Keys, Bahamas, and hopefully OSHKOSH.
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    Thank you very much for this warm welcome, as i know now this is not the case everywhere . Having criticized the empoa board i consider it fair to introduce myself and the plane. I started flying 25 years ago, owned a V35 for some time and the M22 gets me as close to a pressurized beech single as can be. Although being hughely influenced by Bonanzas the M22 joined the advantages of Mooney and Beechcraft singles to make it superior to the Bo. It has been almost 1 year that i bought this M22 in Switzerland where it had two previous owners, the last one for 38 years. This true Gentleman, besides being an A&P/IA, puzzeled together knocked down Bo`s out of their container crates in the seventies (another coincidence with Beechcraft, more to come). He fulfilled his personal dream with this bird after his airline career didn`t work out. The M22 had not spent more than 5 nights outside the hangar in her life and got more tlc than the owners wife might have liked. Presently the plane is getting a major avionics update and i hope to have her back soon. The pic shows the plane with its old registration. Best regards and a merry christmas to all conquering the skies and to their families.
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    Passed my Commercial Multi-Addon. 5.6 hours I think total time. Not Mooney related other than I took my plane to the checkride location.
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    The best Article I've read on assertively interacting with ATC, by Mike Bush is below. After reading it, now what would you do again in the same circumstance? Let's Make a Deal.pdf
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    I’m confused, do you guys find it awkward sharing the same woman? Clarence
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    Can we get @carusoam elevated to administrator? Lifetime achievement or something?

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