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  1. I tried a sealed Gill 7243 in 2020 when I couldn't get a Concorde- it lasted a little over a year here in TX before it failed the capacity test. One year and a few months later in Jun 2021 it didn't just fail the capacity test during annual, it was dead as a doornail. I was actually stupid enough to call in and talk to their warranty claims department. Since I was past the first twelve months they offered me a credit of less than $200 if I wanted to buy another Gill battery. Not a chance. She said "Well you could give the credit to someone else.". I told her that I wouldn't do that to any of my friends. Never again. Textron has two RG24-15 in stock as of 2 minutes ago. See if Desser will cancel the order.
  2. They are close for sure, but definitely not across the street. Airnav shows them 3nm apart. I've landed at both many times. KGKY has better services. KGPM always had better fuel prices. When I used to fly up for Rangers or Cowboys games I'd go into KGKY since they would drop me off and I'd get a taxi back after the game. Now with Uber and Lyft it wouldn't make much difference. If you need to be in Grapevine don 't rule out KDFW. I've landed there quite a few times and it's been very easy. It's been awhile but the last landing fee I paid there was $25 I think and fuel wasn't as crazy as you would have thought it would be.
  3. Definitely not the way any of mine have worked that had the baggage light.
  4. Like I mentioned back in March, I believe that it's doing that, but it's not supposed to. The "box" that has a small electronic board is probably bad like mine was. It's made by International Avionics Corporation in Dallas. The gentleman there told me it would cost about $350 to diagnose and troubleshoot the Baggage Light Control Box, plus shipping both ways. I asked how much just to sell me the board inside the box. $300 plus $8 shipping for a new board. So that's the way I went, even though that's crazy for that board, but it solved the problem. The "box' is to the tail side of the baggage compartment.
  5. I had this happen on a Ovation not once but twice (IO550 Continental). Not exactly confidence-inspiring to your passenger. I switched to fine wire Tempest plugs and never had the problem again. The Champions, when tested after removal, had very high resistance.
  6. Goof Off would definitely damage them, but Goo Gone, a plastic "razor" blade and a hair dryer didn't hurt them at all. If I remember correctly I might have hit them with some rubbing compound after that.
  7. Until I got new lenses in 2018, I used goo gone to get the top layer and adhesive off and it improved the appearance drastically. I got another 3-4 years out of them before I bought new.
  8. When I re-did my Bravo panel in 2018, Mooney had them in stock
  9. The system plays a digitized version of "Taps" through the audio panel
  10. Are your strobe wires or boxes anywhere near your magnetometer or wiring?
  11. You will need to use some shim material for the Bob Fields door seal on a Mooney. The owner of Tomgo - the company that does the Fields door seals, showed me how. Ask him for some shim material. Use the seal product that comes with the door seal kit so it comes off easily when you are chasing down leaks and getting it just right.
  12. I think I've tried all of the products mentioned here except Lucas Slick Mist. I've used BAAM for years and it takes bugs off of the leading edges better than anything else I've tried. I use it on cars also. http://www.nblproducts.com/13.html
  13. Why do I get lured into these endless debates? Have a great day.
  14. You're covered with your Mini 6 if it has the cellular option. GNSS is just short way of saying "all of the other Global Navigation Satellite Systems" https://www.gps.gov/systems/gnss/#:~:text=Global navigation satellite system (GNSS,a global or regional basis.
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