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  1. They definitely may leak more oil because of all of the fittings on the wet head, but once the oil goes from the line into the cylinder head it just wicks away the heat around the exhaust valve guide area, cooling that area, prolonging the life of the "hot-section" or the exhaust valve guide material. Then it ends up in the drain lines and back to the sump. Part of the Bravo conversion on this engine was to increase the size of the drain lines due to the extra oil flowing through the system. No chance of burning the oil in that area since the oil cools the area but does not come near the combu
  2. The contamination came from somewhere. If you regularly sump and you just noticed it on this last batch of fuel I would definitely let the people you bought it from know this. If you don't regularly sump and just noticed it, it could be sediment from who knows when. Near my home base there was a pump on their self serve fuel system that was coming apart and putting small shavings of metal in the avgas - not good. They were notifying people by the N-numbers that the they entered when pumping their own fuel. If that's water in your fuel, how long since you changed the O-rings on your
  3. That's crazy - if you needed the colors that already have color numbers in their computer you wouldn't need them you would just order that color number. The idea of the going there and having them scan a color is to create a custom color. Sometimes people at the counter don't "get it". Make sure you tell them you want a custom color match.
  4. That will take care of the fuel but as the other factory gauges go, one by one, it will be expensive and frustrating. If possible, it's better to bite the bullet and replace them all with a JPI-900 or 930 or an MVP-50.
  5. On the other hand if the fire is to the point where the seat cushion itself is on fire you have bigger problems than a logbook entry. by the way, the seats look good.
  6. I have factory gauges in my M20M which are being replaced right now with a JPI-930. I have found that the ground connection on the individual factory fuel gauge itself is sometimes the issue. Tap lightly on the gauge and see if it comes back to the expected indication. All of my factory gauges work but eventually the all-in-one JPI or EI certified replacements along with the CIES senders are the way to go if you decide to cut a new panel. This will also replace my trusty Shadin fuel totalizer as well.
  7. Gary is awesome. I've taken a couple of his classes and he did my last Flight Review and IPC.
  8. My Bravo runs much smoother on fine wire plugs. The cracks would have happened on fine or massive if over-torqued.
  9. The last person in the world who is condescending and a jerk is Anthony. When someone with 45 posts is trying to instruct someone with over 11,000 posts about being positive on this forum, not too difficult to see who is condescending. Especially when you look a few posts down . . . EDIT: My mistake 11,000 likes! He passed 25,000 posts a long time ago, with more words per post than anyone on Mooneyspace
  10. $299 for full USA nav data https://pilotsupport.avidyne.com/kb/article/353-jeppesen-pricing-for-avidyne-equipment/
  11. Nice job on the IFR checkride! Also nice Allegro! As you probably know they only made the Allegro one year, 1998, and only 19 of them
  12. Rocket adds turbines to pressurized 6 place Mailbus/Mirages and calls them JetProps.
  13. Mooney started putting big bore 6 cylinder Lycomings (TLS in 1989) and Continenatals (Ovation in 1994) on their new airplanes.
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