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  1. I’m not looking for any reason for a company to deny a claim. Just two. I just think to pay the claim the insured should actually be a (1) licensed pilot with a (2) valid medical. In fact every policy I’ve ever read reads as such. Very simple. Forget the fact that he violated many FARs that day - we all make mistakes. If that’s too restrictive then we can agree to disagree. Someone without a license or a medical knows it when they apply for coverage and if they brazenly falsify that I can only imagine what other risks they’ll take. Do your think his insurance company would have issued the policy if he told the truth about his medical? Contracts for coverage are bi-lateral - both parties have to act in good faith. A bad decision is a momentary lapse in judgment - we all have them. Lying intentionally to get coverage is a character flaw. I have no problem whatsoever with a company paying for stupid mistakes - that’s why we insure. Taking off with a 300 foot ceiling when you aren’t instrument current was a stupid mistake, in addition to violating the FARs. But he never would have been insured if he had not lied when he applied for the policy.
  2. It's nice of you to give him the benefit of the doubt, but any pilot who has had a mitral valve replacement knows that they need a special issuance to get a medical. Then three years later he doesn't disclose his medical history and tries to slide in on Basic Med. (If he had disclosed he wouldn't have got Basic Med) It doesn't work that way.
  3. Huge difference between making a mistake, which we all do, and flying illegally, with no medical, which I hope none of us do. That's not a mistake, that's intentional. Should they cover someone without a license? If I knowingly let an unlicensed driver drive my car, should my (and maybe your) carrier cover me? Personally I don't think so, but everyone has their own viewpoint.
  4. You would think, right? But I've never heard of them denying a claim for that, but @Parker_Woodruff would be a good source for that question.
  5. When you put on the new mag gasket make sure that new star washers are used.
  6. "The pilot had cardiovascular disease, including moderate coronary artery disease, an implanted pacemaker/defibrillator, and mitral valve replacement. The pilot’s medical certificate had expired 6 years before the accident. In 2019 he began flying under the provisions of BasicMed, which is an alternate way for pilots to fly without holding an FAA medical certificate. The pilot’s history of mitral valve replacement would have required a special issuance medical certificate for BasicMed. No such issuance was obtained; therefore the pilot did not possess valid medical certification for the flight"
  7. If you're planning on getting out of flying, yes, but if you're planning on replacing it you'll be paying the same market pricing for whatever you buy.
  8. You have a King KLN89 GPS installed. If you want to go cheap-cheap, since a lot of these are on the market you could slide in a KLN89B or KLN94, which are both "approach certified", but not WAAS. You would probably need new coaxial, new antenna, paperwork, etc. That being said, here's why I wouldn't do that. Every penny you spend on that you will never get back and it won't accomplish what you want for your end goal - WAAS approaches Even if you can't do it immediately and you need to save up for it, do the WAAS GPS and HSI together on the same install. The 175 will do what you want, but here's why I would consider getting a 375 with the transponder built in. 1) Your King KT76 transponder has a cavity tube which will go out eventually and unplanned - then you're faced with doing it. 2) you will have ads-b in/out on the same device and be able to see traffic & weather on your route plus it will bluetooth that info out to your tablet 3) no matter what you do with your panel later, the 375 will stay and will have freed up some space. With your round instruments already and the increased capability I would get the GI275 indicator. It will be much less expensive to do it together than separately and with the SVT option will make your instrument training much easier. Also when you do it together the installer has to make sure everything he touches works together. Doing it twice, when something doesn't work, will get blamed on the previous install - even if it was done by another person at the same shop. Edit - the more I look at your panel - if you're planning on keeping this airplane any length of time I would cut a new left panel and get your instruments in a configuration where you can do a meaningful scan. Learning on this panel will be unnecessarily difficult to get your IFR rating and even if you get through it you will have to unlearn your scan if you fly anything else. @Aerodon cuts panels.
  9. I would be very surprised if it was leaking a quart every four hours. Are you sure some of that isn’t blow-by?
  10. From 2006-2009 I kept a Mooney Bravo at KSSF (Stinson in San Antonio). One night after getting back from a trip I forgot my flight bag on the passenger seat - in it was a sealed package of cheese and crackers - the vending machine variety. I might as well have given an engraved invitation to the mouse that found its way to that smell that was coming from the sealed cheese and crackers. Two days later when I went out to fly again - my flight bag was all chewed up and the empty wrapper was there without a crumb remaining, but one square of my leather seats was also all chewed up. Thankfully my map pocket on the seat back was matching leather so I pulled the seat and had my upholsterer sew in that “new” square and then replaced the map pocket with matching vinyl. Until now no one else knew that. That was the only time I know of that I left any “food” in the airplane or hangar and it didn’t take long to bite me, or at least my passenger seat. I never found out how he (or she) got in, nor did we ever find him (or her), but within a couple weeks the airplane went in for annual and we scoured every inch of the airplane making sure he or his friends weren’t camping out and that they didn’t leave anything else behind. - - - - It turns out they also like soy based insulation on Bose wiring. I bought a roll of this (https://www.collegehillshonda.com/product/4019-2317.html) and covered the Bose wires leading to the lemo jacks just to make sure. Hopefully they don’t like the extra spicy version.
  11. What you heard slipping was probably the adaptor. When you hear it slip like that you may have a few more starts until the adaptor won’t engage anymore, but you don’t have many. Once you rebuild the starter adaptor, for the health of your starter adaptor I would put a heavier Energizer 646275 starter on your Ovation. The lightweight starters allow kickback and take out the starter adaptor.
  12. Final- https://data.ntsb.gov/carol-repgen/api/ ... 105237/pdf Docket- https://data.ntsb.gov/Docket?ProjectID=105237
  13. Yet strangely enough they wanted to use my Bravo in 2018 to certify the GFC500. I decided not to and they used another Bravo from a Mooneyspace member to certify it.
  14. Make sure you save one clean copy and have Office Depot or someone else bind some for you. If they aren't making them anymore, feel free to post a pdf on here
  15. Especially with the 310hp upgrade make sure you have rudder trim set to full R on take-off - it will surprise you how much right rudder you need.
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