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    CGR-30 (or MVP-50, I guess) install time

    What was their estimate when they quoted the job?
  2. Elves do not speak IA language so I think it’s best that the elves keep quiet.
  3. Or
  4. And Target as well for the same price.
  5. Not according to their newest price list that was posted a couple weeks ago.
  6. It looks like there's rebates but no unlock promotion mentioned.
  7. Some thoughts. . . I've owned two IFD 540's, a 440 and a 550. I've also had 530's & 430's. There is a world of difference between the 530/430 and the Avidyne IFD's. Although the IFD550 is nice and it's what I have now, if Avidyne hadn't made me an incredible deal to swap my 540 for the 550, it wouldn't have been worth it. You get the vast majority of the features in the 540. The best deal is to buy a refurbished IFD 540 (you should be able to get one around 12000-12500) and sell your 530 outright (roughly 6000). You are getting 21st century technology rather than putting more money into something that was introduced in 1998. Spending $4000 on the GNS530W will increase its value from 6000 to 8000. Spending 6000 on going to the IFD540 after selling the GNS530 should at least give you dollar for dollar value on the upgrade and a lot more features and future capabilities, some of which is available right now - the IFD100 app that you can run on your iPad, built in bluetooth and wi-fi, touch screen, exocentric synthetic vision. The next time I cut a left hand panel I am going to replace my stormscope WX-1000 with a WX-500 and have it display on my Avidyne and Aspens. I'll also flush mount my Aspens when I do the new panel.
  8. The unlock fee is the same for the 345 as the Lynx.

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    Those pictures are from someone else's post whose JPI works fine.

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    All of the other temperatures on the JPI are fine so it must be grounded.

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    Since the probe screws into the block I would think it is.

    Fuel leak

    After sealing the screw . . . On a couple Mooneys that I had I used a heat gun and then Goo Gone and a plastic scraper to get up the old wing walk and adhesive residue. Then I used Koffler Anti Skid for the wing walk. It is less expensive and a better product than 3M. I used the custom length option and 24" width. I bought 6 feet.. Before taking off the old wing walk I used poster board and traced a template so I could use it to mark and cut the new wing walk material. This stuff sticks amazingly well so it's helpful to have a second person to hang on to the other end it as you are applying it.

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    The ambient air temp outside was 70 F.

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    Update - i ran up the engine last night and still getting strange readings from the JPI oil temp probe. It started out at ambient temp (70 F) and kept dropping a degree at at time until shutdown (38 F). My ship's gauge showed the oil temp at just over 100 F. . .

    To Powerflow or not to Powerflow - That is the question

    Complete lie. They've been around since 1977 and doing well. I've never owned a Mooney for which the Powerflow was available, but if I did I would seriously consider their system.