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  1. Not that this is a huge thing, but big Continental starter adaptors like the Energizer starter, not the lightweight Iskra starters that were put in for awhile. The starter adaptor is an expensive rebuild ($1500 - $3000).
  2. There are also quite a few improvements on the Ovation between 2005 and now. The STEC autopilot was upgraded to a Garmin GFC700, the non-waas G1000 has been upgraded to waas and now the Nxi avionics. The interiors have been upgraded, There is a pilot's side door. All Ovations made are now Ovation3 (310 hp), etc. etc etc. But yes even factoring in these things, apples to apples, it's gone up more than the rate of inflation. But what in aviation hasn't?
  3. Depending on what your future panel plans are and what, if any, autopilot that you have, it might be money well spent to put in a G5 or dual G5. A video like that shows how confusing things can get in an IFR situation when the pilot loses an attitude indicator. If you plan on getting your instrument rating think about two certified attitude sources.
  4. I sort of look at annuals like I look at property taxes on a real estate transaction - these get pro-rated over a year. I would factor the annual into the price. There are twelve months in a year so if the annual comes up in two months a reasonable seller will work with you on pro-rating at least the flat rate basic cost of the annual. If they don't and it doesn't sell in two months they are going to have to cover the full cost anyway. But once you decide after pre-buy that you're going to buy it, then turning it into an annual makes sense, provided that you worked out the details with the shop beforehand.
  5. The early Ovations and early Bravos are some of the best Mooney deals around and good platforms to make your "forever" airplane. All Ovations (and Bravos from 1994 on) came with the newer fiberglass interior side panels covered in ultraleather, so even if it's time to reupholster the seats, an interior refurbish is going to be roughly half what it would cost to refurbish one with the older side panels. The airframes are still new enough that it's not like starting with a 1970's or early 80's airframe. Early Ovations and Bravos all had King 150 autopilots and generally unless you've had someone working on it that shouldn't be touching it, they are good solid autopilots. With Dynon HDX approved for Mooneys (autopilots should be approved in 2020) and G3x certified you can do a dream panel for a lot less in real dollars than you ever could. With most of these there is going to be some deferred maintenance that you'll need to catch up on in the first year or two of ownership, but if you buy it right you have a great traveling machine.
  6. You'll have to buy it through a Mooney Service Center
  7. @FoxMike has an MT on a Bravo. I have his old McCauley prop on my Bravo.
  8. My mistake. I never thought anyone would be willing to pay for digital senders and then have them send analog signals.
  9. With the 2 blade they claimed 188 kts. Then with the newer 3 blade scimitar they claimed 192 kts.
  10. I think if you later go to the CIES senders, the EDM must go back to JPI.
  11. The KI300 replaces your attitude indicator (KI256), not your HSI (KI525A). The G5 will replace your HSI, however by the time you do both you are close to the price of an Aspen, which replaces both. Or you're 1/3 of the way toward a Dynon HDX or Garmin G3X. Lots of options out there . . .
  12. When I heard that BasicMed's limitations were 18K it was a non-starter for me. In my opinion, if you're buying a turbo charged airplane and you're going to use it for what it's capable of, you need to go back to a 3rd class medical. You can't think about whether your medical allows you to go to FL190 if the mission call for it.
  13. 3 weeks and 3 days is 18 business days. If they were shipped the following day after the shop received them , there's one day. If they were shipped UPS ground thats maybe 4-5 days each way from DE to NM, that's as much as 10 days. If Aspen takes Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, that's two more days. Assuming all of that, Aspen took less than 10 working days to turn them around.