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  1. I had a JPI 930 installed recently with CIES senders. (I have the Monroy Long Range Tanks) The total published fuel that I can take onboard is 120 gallons (and the JPI is programmed for this number), although I can squeeze a little more in. So my total fuel used on this morning's fill up was accurate. I had 52.7 gallons remaining when I topped off (squeezed in as much as I could) with 71.06 gallons. However the quantity showing in each tank is way off. Before top off I showed 44 remaining on the R side and 46 on the left side. The left took on 38.86 gallons and the right took on 32.
  2. If it's bypassing oil internally it has already failed, nothing preemptive about that. The fact that you can still adjust it somewhat and fly it without any parts exiting the side of the cowling means you haven't had a catastrophic failure . . yet. But if the governor is not governing according to spec it has failed. Flying it at Mooney, Cessna or Schwinn speeds is not a good idea. It's not that easy to find a spot to land in the Metroplex with oil all over your windshield.
  3. I would just let them do it. They have a process they follow. I wouldn't interrupt that.
  4. I’ve been following this market for 36 years. One thing that is constant: change. The ebb and flow of the market is always happening. Many factors have contributed to current low supply and high demand. That always equals higher prices, which is bringing high priced Mooneys out of the woodwork. Go back and read posts from 2009-2014 and see what the market was like then. Factors will happen in the future - they always do - which will lead to higher supply and lower demand. The market will adjust prices accordingly. And the cycle will repeat itself over and over. It’s like watchi
  5. I don’t think anyone has been able to make the AOA work
  6. It might just be me and my caution, but if you have a known defective prop governor there's no way I would be flying the airplane. As the PIC you determine the airplane's airworthiness before every flight. The old governor does not sound like it's airworthy. The last thing you want is an overspeed situation which will require an engine teardown. Glad to hear the new governor goes in tomorrow
  7. Bravos burn 18-20 gallons per hour at cruise and a lot more than that getting to cruise.
  8. You have spent a few years taking care of all of the deferred maintenance and squawks on your airplane to get it where it is today. Just understand if you buy another used airplane, with no warranty, you will spend the next few years taking care of all of the deferred maintenance and squawks on that airplane to get it where you want it. The one difference will be that right now you will be buying at, what I think is, the top of the market. Hours don't mean everything, how it was flown and maintained during those hours is the intangible that you can't know for sure until you own it, and even th
  9. Here's one on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/114771304990?epid=1960646429&hash=item1ab8e7221e:g:VZwAAOSwv9hW4IFT and others: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313&_nkw=GARMIN+CHARTVIEW+ACTIVATION+FOR+GMX200&_sacat=0
  10. Moritz gauges started in 1999. The DX was started toward the end of 2004 to differentiate it from GX which had G1000 avionics. The glareshield was lowered by an inch and a half.
  11. At the end of 2015 when I bought N134JF I started out by removing the seats. I was going to use a local upholstery shop and get burn certs, etc. Then I removed the interior panels, etc. I was going to paint them and go through that entire process. Once I realized how much work it was to remove the interior and I got a quote from a local upholstery place, who tried talking me into a hideous looking vinyl, I came to my senses and told myself that I was going to do it once and do it right. I was going to be closely involved and stay on budget but not cheap out and regret it later. Hector a
  12. +3 on the prop balance. If after overhaul the prop wasn't dynamically balanced it needs to be.
  13. If the price is not much different, that's a no-brainer, an Ultra for sure from a value standpoint. The two doors will always add value and the updated G1000 Nxi will also. There are also a lot of ergonomic and safety advantages in the interior and on the panel. One example would be having the backup in the center of the panel rather than way over to the right. If the prices were close just the lower time airframe of the Ultra would make up the difference in value easily.
  14. I think the key with whatever autopilot is never to let anyone touch it that isn't an expert on that particular autopilot. The experts know what it is in a few minutes and do it properly so there's no maintenance induced additional problems.
  15. I think the full package Dynon with autopilot would be worth pursuing, but it's not available yet for a Mooney. The full package is available on Garmin since yours is a '65. What you have now is serviceable. I love my Aspens and I'm still using a KFC150 autopilot. The STEC is still very well supported.
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