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  2. Well . . mine came in the mail today, three days before the discount.
  3. The Batteryminder part number for the Y is 210-AY ( that stays in the avionics bay in the back. I ran mine out the Oxygen door. Both batteries stay desulfated and charged with one Batteryminder for Concordes (
  4. I wouldn't for a huge amount. I said people did that back before Aspens. Because they didn't want to keep overhauling their NSD360's. It might still be an option as people pull them out for upgrades.
  5. Back before Aspen a lot of Century HSI's were replaced with Sandel EHSI.
  6. Before startup it's a good idea to check the voltage on each battery. If one is dead it's a no-go.
  7. Well . . . after further consideration . . . looking after Sureflight's work on the Mooney 205 and their website and since it's 136 nm away, it definitely looks like they have the expertise to do it. It's nice to have options but it's nice to have the work semi-local.
  8. If you do a search of "articulating seat" you'll find that Mooney sells them for $3500 each for the frame, you add the upholstery. They usually sell used for around $2000 each, you add the upholstery. The used ones seem to go fast for that price.
  9. Wow nice job. That's going to be a beautiful J.
  10. Unfortunately some early 252's did not have two alternators since it was an option. The single alternator 252's have a reputation for eating up batteries pretty often. Scroll down to the highlighted portion of this pdf for K model alternator comments: M20K PRE-BUY highlighted.pdf
  11. That might be a Don Maxwell job.
  12. Ah, thanks for that . . the string will stay.
  13. Final follow up (hopefully) . . . after looking over the relay that I pulled, it was definitely burned. So when the new relays came in I replaced both relays for a grand total of $43.68 with tax and shipping and everything works great now . . and yes I'm replacing the tied up string with a zip tie and yes there's a black plastic cover that goes over the relays.
  14. How did I know that was going to be the case . . lol?
  15. Bob I'm a little disappointed, with that beautiful interior you need to get that tow bar powder coated : )