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  1. Well I finally bit the bullet and got rid of all my power supplies and put in the LED Nav lights and LED Strobes. The wiring was pretty simple and gaining 5 pounds of useful load was a good thing too. 0R6502RE (Red) 0R6502GE (Green) 0R5002V (Tail)
  2. That would be nice and they would sell a ton of them this year if that happens. But I think the odds are much greater that you'll see a little Richard Simmons Jr. running around than for the G5 to be A/P certified by Oshkosh 2017. Ain't gonna happen. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. On some things the FAA goes way overboard, but I agree with them on this. If there is one point of failure and it takes out your primary and your backup, that's not good. A glass upgrade is a great thing but figure into the budget a proper certified back-up. You're looking for redundancy. Don't look for a shop that slides on this issue and puts in the G5 when Garmin says it is not certified as a backup and tells you the reasons why. Things are changing so fast that even a local FSDO may let you slide, not completely understanding the implications of what they are signing off on. They won't be trying to keep the airplane straight and level in case of a single point failure. I see the G5 as a great turn coordinator replacement, giving you a lot more for a relatively small amount, or even an attitude replacement for a vacuum attitude indicator that's not interfaced with an autopilot. But since Garmin doesn't see it as a backup, and they basically do the FAA certification, I don't either. Pony up for the L-3 ESI-500 or a Mid-Continent Lifesaver Gyro. Use the AHRS on your portable to break the tie in case one fails.
  4. It's good to hear you're that over it and you've let it go . . lol
  5. These are two nearly new 28 Volt Whelen LED Position lights - they also have a conventional strobe light as part of the assembly which works with your existing Whelen Power Supply and wiring. One Red and One Green. New they are $335 each from Aircraft Spruce. First $80 each shipping included. They will work on all 28V M20J and M20K, all M20M and all M20R and M20S.
  6. Some Hangar Fairies have been known to be good with JB Weld.
  7. What was the name of the blue gas leak check stuff? Thanks
  8. Nope, it just requires following the instructions. It specifically says that a battery tender is not sufficient. I bought a 28v power supply a couple years ago on Beechtalk for $120 and I use it any time I need to do updates to databases or software or just familiarize myself with my avionics.
  9. I did the update and I followed every word of the instructions, including hooking it up to a proper 28v external power supply, and it worked perfectly. On page 6 of the instructions is says, in red, "Avidyne suggests that an external power supply (note a battery tender is not sufficient) be used or that the aircraft be running with the alternator supplying voltage for the duration of the update. If electrical power is lost during the update the IFD may have to return to Avidyne for repair incurring a charge of $1200.00. " These are the instructions: 601-00182-034.pdf People not following the instructions exactly and then bricking the unit is why Avidyne now doesn't want owners doing the updates.
  10. Here was the price list from three years ago from Aero Comfort. At least it's a ballpark idea - I'm sure it's a little higher now. PriceList (1-2-14).pdf
  11. You should erase the files starting with "BK". Here are the four things you need on the USB drive: • 500-00205-000 GoldMaster.dsf Rev 04 - Database and Configuration Update Utility • 500-00207-000 CONFORMITY CHECKER.dsf Rev 9 - Conformity Check Utility • 500-00228-000 RUNONCE Rev 00 - Automatic load command script. • 500-00206-000 FULL UPDATE.dsf Rev 10 - Code load utility. If you haven't done so, print this and follow it step by step: 601-00182-034.pdf
  12. Hector at Aero Comfort in San Antonio
  13. Close, yours (#1951) would actually be the 12th built. #1 1940 #2 1941 . . . #10 1949 #11 1950 #12 1951