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  1. Three different Mooney Models: Economy, Economy Deluxe and Ultimate Electric.
  2. Let me see if I have this right . . he is no longer allowed to drive a car or motorcycle on airport property, but he can taxi, take off and land an airplane on airport property . . . hmm. If he is that wreckless he should probably just be banned from hangaring there.
  3. Sounds like the previous owner(s) flew it too hot too long. High CHT because of bad baffles, too high of a power setting, too high of a TIT comes back to bite later. If you haven't done anything with the exhaust or there weren't any recent logbook entries before you bought it, scrutinize it carefully. If they burned up the cylinders, they burned up the exhaust. A cylinder will cause to do a precautionary landing and good job on that. You might be so fortunate with a bad exhaust (turbo transition especially).
  4. The announcement is that they are streamlining and pulling one "p" out of their name.
  5. Why is this only approved through the M20K? The believe the door is the same on the M20L, M, R, S and TN.
  6. This isn't a TCM engine, it's a Lycoming TIO-540-AF1B.
  7. I would keep it anonymous if you don't want everyone to know,.
  8. Not sure how someone is keeping a Porsche Mooney airworthy. There was an AD on the valve springs requiring mandatory replacement after so many hours and Porsche stopped supporting it so no parts available. Maybe someone has a stockpile of them (or they are using supposedly the same valve springs that a 911 uses)
  9. Unless there's a new way of spelling it, i'm not seeing it . . . Ah, i see it now By the way, Cowboy Steakhouse is one of my favorite restaurants - I live just 20 minutes away.
  10. The Sandia Quattro is notoriously unreliable. Do a search on here and Beechtalk and see what problems people have had, even with the latest software.
  11. In the first Bravo I owned I used to run it at 32/2400. If I wanted to go faster i even ran it at 34/2400. Flight Safety in my initial Bravo training told me this was an approved power setting and the POH agreed. But after sitting in on Bravo forums at MAPA and talking to other Bravo owners, the last couple Bravos I've owned I run at 29/2400. The high power settings came from the marketing department way back when trying to get the max cruise speed to 225 knots at FL 250. They would tell you that the TIO-540 in the Piper Navajo was pushed to 350hp, so really at 270hp the Bravo engine was practically idling. The only problem with that is that they are completely different engines, not sharing a single common part. The numbers looked great on the brochure, but those high settings printed on the visor push the engine too hard, they also take its toll on the exhaust. Bravo experts will tell you that the "Magic number" you're looking for is 53 (example 29 + 24 = 53) if you want to come close to getting TBO out of your engine and not get incinerated by a failure to the exhaust system.
  12. With a software unlock from Aspen you can also get pre-select in an S-Tec 55X.
  13. What Turbine Inlet Temperature do you lean out to?