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  1. The STEC55x was rate based, the STEC3100 is Attitude based - it will be a world of difference in how it captures.
  3. I’m comparing this, which is fiberglass reinforced to give it a great combination of strength and flexibility, to the baffle material which I had that is not fiberglass reinforced. What additionally makes the GEE-BEE kit worth the money is that it is die-cut so you are not trying to trace the original seals and doing a hack job, while at the same time saving the labor costs of doing so. The result is a very professional job that you can be proud of.
  4. You might just consider taking the G5 that was going to be your attitude indicator and putting it in the turn coordinator spot for a good backup device since all of the wiring is there already
  5. That was 19 years ago. This has been discussed before on Mooneyspace. The vastly superior material is sold with certifications and is replaced as an owner produced part. Cessna and Beechcraft use it in their new production airplanes. My IA who used to be Mooney's Service Director wouldn't let me install the material that you buy from Spruce that comes on a roll. He showed me a sample of the good stuff and it's pretty easy to see which keep its shape and will hold up better. I've put it in an Encore and a Bravo and have been very happy with the results. Spruce also sells the kits produced by @GEE-BEE.
  6. Are you sure it's not the power supply in the tail? This is a good time to dump the strobe and the power supply and get this:
  7. I got mine from @GEE-BEE Much better material than the rolls that you buy - no comparison. If something takes 10 hours to do, don't spend that much time installing a lesser product, just pay the extra for the better product and have it last twice as long,
  8. @TrekLawler Mike Elliott has a question for you.
  9. Oh my goodness, any shop that didn't realize that the G5 isn't going to replace the KI-256 on a King Autopilot shouldn't be allowed to touch your airplane ever again. How exactly did they wire it thinking it would work? Nowhere in the install manual could they possibly find an application for the G5 to replace an attitude indicator in a King Autopilot. Are they a Garmin dealer? I'm guessing no. This is not something you want to hear, but you have to know exactly what you want before you ever let a shop start. You have to educate yourself on what is and what is not compatible with what you have in the airplane. I know . . that's supposed to be their job, but this would never have gotten to this point if you would have gone in their forearmed. That's what Mooneyspace is great for - post your thoughts and you will get responses. We all keep each other in check. Hopefully they didn't remove your vacuum system and backup. Please post the name of the shop so none of us go there. Regarding the bill - my thinking is that you owe them for the G5 HSI and labor. You don't say what your ADSB solution was, but you owe for parts and labor there. The only thing you don't owe for would be the time installing and removing the G5 Attitude Indicator and the G5 Attitude Indicator itself. However it sounds like you might have supplied your own G5's. Yes, the bill will be much more than it should have been and yes, you lost the use of your airplane for months - all of this is considered tuition for the education you received.
  10. I bet it would be a lot less expensive to do the STEC 3100.
  11. I think that was true 25 years ago, but I would say that there are a handful of shops that really thoroughly know what they’re doing on the KFC150. Many of the shops will make it worse than it was. My first call, as mentioned in my previous post would be to Bob Weber. He will narrow it down and then refer you to a shop.
  12. If you spend 20-30 minutes on the phone with this guy he will walk you through your KFC150 problems without throwing parts at it. He is the King AP whisperer. Bob WeberWebAir Consulting616 822 1999
  13. Back in the day they could build two airplanes a day, now it takes 6 weeks to make two keys?