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  1. Edison at wetwingologists worked with Jose for years, that's definitely your best option.
  2. I asked one of the makers of the non-oem lenses to cut me a new lens. I took the old one out, measured it, and sent them the dimensions.
  3. These was a service bulletin on the late 90's to rotate your lights and the filament would last longer, it would supposedly be less affected by vibration. The fix was to cut another notch. After that they came that way from the factory, with the notch cut in the 90 degree position. Of course, with LEDs and lenses aiming the light, that changed everything.
  4. Don't feel bad about not catching that in the pre-buy. Pre-buys are for catching airworthy items or the items that are thousands of dollars to remedy. You're always going to be dealing with the little stuff as long as you own an airplane.
  5. The NY-163 Stormscope antenna is the rounded antenna further back closer to the tail. Would the square one be a UHF radio?
  6. I can't read the name of the company at the top of the instrument. What does it say? FTI Inc? There should be a supplement in your POH descibing how to use it.
  7. Eagles were $65,000 less than an Ovation when they came out in 1999. To save money they were painted white with stripes, a more basic interior, an STEC autopilot, 2 blade prop, less on the panel and no rudder trim. They came with 75 gallon tanks and the IO-550 was derated to 244 hp. Still a very nice airplane. Most of those things can be upgraded to match an Ovation. I'm not sure about rudder trim though, whether it can be added. With 244 hp it wasn't as big of a deal, however in the Ovation I owned I did the 310hp STC and couldn't imagine not having rudder trim with that much torque.
  8. The Bravo will do everything the Ovation will do, but not vice versa. Where you live a Bravo makes more sense. There’s a Mooney guru that lives out your way, Kerry McIntyre, who resurrected a Bravo and flies it as his personal airplane. Flying that Bravo from Wyoming to NC up in the teens with a nice tailwind will spoil you forever.
  9. Is this the original Aspen or the MAX? The original would display the Red X if the pitot tube was blocked, ice or foreign object. To avoid this the MAX uses GPS aiding.
  10. The yellow tag just means that at that moment in time it was working. I’d go with option one at less than half the price if the seller guarantees it working on arrival.
  11. I've done business with Hector over 15 years and gave him his first ride in a Mooney. The last set of yokes I bought from him were newer style (2006 and later) already covered and then I gave him mine after the avionics shop took them off. You might check to see if he has an extra set of yokes and an option to order a set and pay a "core" charge until he gets yours back. That way the airplane has about two hours of down time.
  12. In that case, if he went to Dugosh, he will still be a huge asset to the Mooney community
  13. Exactly. I don't want to be part of the airshow.
  14. Lol exactly, I just transferred $2500 from savings to my airplane account since now it will happen for sure,
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