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  1. The KG71 provides air data and KMG7010 provides compass info. I doubt that the KI-300 would provide air data.
  2. Observations . . . So instead of the $10,000 that they’ve been quoting the last few years, by the time you add the required equipment (KMG7010 and KG71) it now brings it to $14,565 plus installation. Also to have altitude pre-select you’ll have to retain (or add) the KEA-130A altimeter, which would have been nice to ditch. All in all, I’m glad BK offers one more option.
  3. I used to have an Ovation with the 310 conversion and it would stumble and die taxiing at times, but would always clear up at run-up. A set of new Tempest spark plugs fixed the problem. I bought the massive electrode Tempests but now have the Tempest fine wires on the Bravo. Don't waste your money on the Champions.
  4. The Monroy tanks feed into the main tanks so once the fuel in the Monroy tanks is burned off then the gauges become accurate - no chance of running out of fuel because of this fuel gauge discrepancy since it's at the top end of the gauge. However the POH says that, "An optional visual fuel quantity gauge is installed on top of each tank and is to be used as a reference for refueling tanks only." In other words don't count on the last few gallons being accurate. Its purpose is if you'd like to run with partial tanks full and gives you a reference for re-fueling only.
  5. The wing sight gauges are only "accurate" on the ground. The factory gauges are only "accurate" in the air.
  6. It looks like a Century 21 with an STEC Pitch Stabilization System (Altitude Hold) Add-on.
  7. There's a small stepdown inside and it holds a cell phone nicely without it falling out.
  8. These folks sell them
  10. Avoid the 1999's since they have the Moritz gauges which are troublesome. Serial #258 is the first 1999 and the first Moritz equipped Bravo. Moritz Bravos continued up until the G1000, and are serial numbers 0257-0317, 0319-0325, 0327.
  11. The new interior started with serial #184 about halfway through the 1994 model year. (Also serial #181 had the new interior but not #182 and #183).
  12. Yes, all three controls fully in, and that's also where my TIT used to be, 1300-1400 range. How do i get my fuel flow back close to 29 or 30 instead of 27.8 where it is?