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  1. How much did QAA charge for the starter adaptor rebuild?
  2. His post is almost 4 years old. It would be interesting to hear about any updates to this.
  3. Not trying to disparage your post but in early 2019 if you didn't hear that Aspen was running the Max upgrade promo through the end of April 2019 you were living under a rock. (After re-reading this I realize that "living under a rock" might have sounded a little harsh, but my point was that Aspen promoted this special through many channels and if someone didn't see it, it certainly wasn't for Aspen's lack of trying. The thousands that took advantage of the special shows how many noticed it and couldn't resist. ) It was all over Flying online and magazine, AOPA online and magazine, AIN on
  4. In terms of displacement they are both 360 cu. inches, but yes the K model has that displacement divided over 6 cylinders and the J has it divided over 4 cylinders.
  5. It should be watches and ipads today and iphones in October, but who knows?
  6. More pictures taken on battery backup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Call Matt Gordon at Central Texas Avionics in Georgetown (512-868-8484). They are awesome. They trouble-shot a couple problems for me on a previous airplane and were more than fair. They are a Garmin dealer
  8. Wait til October and get the iPhone 12 Max with 5G. My iPhone 11 Max works great with Foreflight.
  9. On the Bravo it was about 3/4 of the way out on each wing. On the Acclaim the power supplies may be riveted onto an access panel.
  10. We are all very happy that you landed safely and that the engine waited to quit until you were on the ground. When I use self serve I have no concern about me putting in something besides 100LL, but I still sample every time. Contamination is almost always going to be heavier than 100LL so it gets to the sump pretty quickly. In 35 years of flying I haven't often found contamination when I sample, whether it's water or something else, but every few years I do. Mainly it's been a little water here and there. Thinking about this I remember another time when I found metal slivers after s
  11. In aviation terms, that's overnight. Rather than buying a questionable used one I would let the people that built it service yours. The fact that they have a two week backlog is great news. That means they are staying busy and staying in business and doing these repairs on a regular basis, staying sharp doing it.
  12. The PS 7000BT is a slide-in replacement for your audio panel and adds Bluetooth. I wouldn’t spend any money fixing a 20 year old audio panel. https://www.ps-engineering.com/pma7000bt.shtml @Mscheuer
  13. Century is still in business and I understand excellent to work with. https://www.centuryflight.com/resources/contact-us.html
  14. https://mooneyspace.com/search/?q=zerobreeze&quick=1
  15. https://mooneyspace.com/search/?q="G3X"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles
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