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  1. If you've been happy this long with the iPhone 5, that means you get about 6 years out of a phone, which is great. Buy the newest best one and use it again for 6 years and cost per year is relatively cheap. I have an iPhone X which I've had for a year and it is fast and flawless, no issues, amazing camera. If I was buying this year I'd have to look over the XS and the XS Max to see which size I liked better. The only reason I would do the XS over the XR is that the camera is so much better.
  2. You are correct - that was N40FM! They found a few little things but not much. Later when I sold it, Don Maxwell who did the pre-buy for the buyer, could not find one thing - said it was the first time ever.

    What is the source/cause of this leak?

    Mineral spirits

    The NEW new panel

    I like the engine monitor display on the ipad, but not so much on the Garmin.

    What is the source/cause of this leak?

    It could be the cylinder drain tube fitting (blue), but most likely on the Bravo it's one of the many oil line fittings on top of the cylinders leaking and the oil traveling down through the cooling fins. These seem to loosen up on their own.

    I Think I Found The Source of the CO leak

    Most of the times plugs are over-torqued, with no anti-sieze on the threads, seemingly installed by a 900 pound gorilla,

    Avidyne WiFi/BT Failure General Announcement

    So many times big companies outgrow innovation and miss the obvious. Brilliant people aren't coming up with great ideas, committees are making decisions. With a huge installed base of GNS530's and GNS430's, which were innovative back in the late 90's, Garmin missed the obvious when it came time to design the next generation products. All they had to do was to take these new boxes with the latest technology and make them pin compatible with the 530 or 430 to make upgrading a no-brainer, a very easy thing to justify. Why? Because when you consider a panel upgrade the huge amount of time to install ($$$) is preventing a lot of people from taking advantage of all of this new exciting technology. Avidyne being nimble, lean and innovative swooped in and offered new products with great features that the owner could slide in to replace the 20 year old Garmin boxes. That was pure genius! To experience the nice dinner/social event that Avidyne had for their customers Tuesday night at Oshkosh and to see the enthusiasm for the products that the owners have tells me all I need to know about the future prospects for their company: they are selling a lot of products and they are well connected to their customers.
  8. Wow that is a loss! I had a great experience with Dave Gill at Crownair on a pre-buy back in 2014 - very easy to work with and very fair.

    Avidyne WiFi/BT Failure General Announcement

    It's hard to sift through all of the stupid statements he made and come up with the stupidest, but I think you're right.

    Left mag check kills engine

    The word “Quality” is in their name, I just wish they’d put it in their products. Early on I thought I was the only one that had a bad experience, but since then I’ve heard horror stories. I wouldn’t let them touch a part on my lawnmower, let alone my Mooney.

    How Reliable is JPI EDM900?

    Going from a JPI EDM 700 how much to build the adaptor cable to work with an MVP50?

    Avidyne WiFi/BT Failure General Announcement

    Although Garmin makes good products as well, the response you would have received is “see your dealer”. The tech you are dealing with at the dealer most of the times is not a pilot and a lot can get lost in the translation. Being able to work directly with Tech Support is reason enough to go with Avidyne over Garmin. Avidyne just celebrated 25 years in business on private funds. To me that means that they are going to operate more efficiently than if they operate on shareholders’ money. To bring the products to market that they have, working through all of the FAA hoops, proves they know what they are doing.

    Avidyne WiFi/BT Failure General Announcement

    I wasn't being disingenuous. I was completely sincere in saying that you didn't know what you were talking about . . lol. You don't own their products and you are making ridiculous statements that there's a dark cloud over Avidyne based on a anecdotal comment from someone who posted a problem they are having on a public forum before contacting customer service who can do something about it. I've owned products from both companies. Neither company makes perfect products but both companies are responsive when they are made aware that a customer is having problems. That's all you can hope for.

    Avidyne WiFi/BT Failure General Announcement

    There are no dark clouds over Avidyne. Respectfully you don't own their products, your comments are negative hearsay with no foundation. I've owned two IFD 540's, one IFD 440 and one IFD 550 plus a couple of their transponders. From the perspective of someone who has paid the money to buy their products, they make great innovative products and take excellent care of the customer. Garmin also makes excellent products but I'm glad we have more than one choice.

    10 Years Since Miracle on Hudson

    Make sure you keep it interesting. It would be ironic to put a room of anesthetists to sleep.