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  1. The cost of the components to manufacture the box have very little to do with the price of the unit. The cost of overhead to run the company has to be divided over the number of units sold.
  2. Realistically think of the boxes they would be replacing. Those enroute GPS boxes cost between $15000-20000 in 2020 dollars. And now you can get one infinitely more capable for $2500, knowing how expensive it is to jump through the FAA hoops, etc. Not realistic.
  3. Are you being sarcastic ?
  4. All of the people waiting for the TruTrak certification appreciate your efforts.
  5. The moment you get it working perfectly. TruTrak will announce certification.
  6. I have a Sidewinder and in TX or other non-snow climates it works very well, best one I've owned.
  7. Don't worry, some people say pronounciation instead of pronunciation. Where would you even start with them?
  8. Keeping a good grip on the throttle is good practice on take off after you've added full power. My seat slipped back once and as I slid back my hand pulled the throttle back to idle - it was a few seconds of getting it back in control on the ground and coming to a stop, but at least the airplane didn't take off that way.
  9. All companies have product failures . . yes even the beloved Garmin
  10. When I think of reliable I think of tried-and-true, proven. The ESI500 yes, but the 275 doesn't have one hour in an end-user's airplane in the field yet.
  11. Good point - I could be reading it wrong also.
  12. Seems like just yesterday people were lined up at avionics shops to have single or dual G5 units installed . . . . Hang on . . . That was yesterday.
  13. Probably next to zero on trade, but outright you can get maybe $500 each.