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  1. If it was me I'd get the Dynon Skyview and have them pre-wire for the Dynon autopilot. Dynon owns a Mooney M20J and they swear that the next single engine airframe after the 182 is the Mooney. The Dynon autopilot will allow you to control it from the HDX screen or the optional panel mounted controller.
  2. Mooney produced the original ones with the numbers on it. Check with a Mooney Service Center if you have to have that one.
  3. M20-229A says that the seals should be inspected annually. I've seen the spec'd seals show cracks in a year. I put the flourosilicone seals that I bought from @OSUAV8TER in my Bravo in 2016 and they still looked and performed like new in 2021 when I sold the airplane. They had been inspected at every annual and passed. I was there for the pre-buy in November 2021 and the A&P showed my seals to the prospective new owner and said, "This guy "gets" it - these are the seals everyone should be using." My Acclaim does not use the Shaw fuel caps but if I had an airplane that used the Shaw caps I would never go back to the old style seals.
  4. No one wants to land their own airplane in a field. I hope if I'm ever in this situation that I remind myself that my plans that day have just changed and the airplane now belongs to the insurance company at this point. It's not my job to save the airplane, but to save me and my passengers. Corn field vs. busy road, no problem, corn stalks are lot more forgiving than power lines, buildings or cars. Gear up vs. gear down for more friction & less chance of flipping it. Prop strike, no big deal, who cares? All of that stuff, including the airplane if it's totaled, can be replaced. Another good reason to keep full coverage at current values so other thoughts don't cross my mind.
  5. I was thinking "Who in their right mind does transition training in Tucson in August?". Then I noticed the Air Conditioning scoops on the Ovation!! Beautiful airplane!
  6. Talk to James Gallagher @OSUAV8TER or go to his website gallagheraviation.com EDIT: or go James' Ebay buying site that Ryan @Rmnpilot mentioned above (https://www.ebay.com/itm/322645237730?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=r4qr2gQVT5K&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=Qkj22W-nTzC&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY)
  7. I've never thought much about the AMSAFE airbag seat belts until watching that video. The airplane I bought last November has them and I've been thinking that it's just one more thing that needs an inspection, but in that impact that may have limited their travel and slowed down their impact. The first crash is the vehicle crashing into something. The second crash is the occupant crashing into something in the vehicle. The third crash are your insides (like brain hitting the skull).
  8. Flying non-stop across the country from Santa Fe NM to Peoria IL is a nice way to travel, and if it works out pretty amazing compared to the way the airlines would get you from KSAF to KPIA. But one thing I have to remind myself of is not to try to stretch the range. A fuel stop can be a nice break to a long trip.
  9. Lubricating the control shafts will silicone should be done at every annual but is rarely done. That may help with your “pitch bobble”. Whether you stick with the KAP150 or go with the GFC500 you’ll still have that if there is any binding there.
  10. That's a nice way of saying "We don't want to do this job". If they haven't installed GFC500 in multiple Mooneys I wouldn't want them doing it. If they have they know it's not a $40,000 job. There is some benefit in having it done in a close-by shop, but not that much. Your GI-275s talk to your KAP150. Is the KAP150 giving you problems or are you just looking for better integration?
  11. They are "glued" with fuel tank sealant (pro seal) and are close to $2000 and the airplane isn't airworthy without it. Here's a picture of a TKS stall strip on an Encore that I used to have: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmw2kpp3apduya6/IMG_4563.jpeg?dl=0
  12. +1 I just did this a month ago and that’s all it takes.
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