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  1. I was just going off of what Concorde's site says :
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if they updated the 796 . . maybe an 896.
  3. MSRP on an IFD550 is $21999, IFD540 is $15333, IFD 440 is $12000. L-3's website shows the MSRP on the Lynx is $5143 for 2019 Promotional Pricing
  4. Through May 31, 2019 Avidyne is giving their dealers a bundled price on an IFD 550 with an NGT-9000, an IFD 540 with an NGT-9000 or two IFD 440s with an NGT-9000.
  5. Is this the same MSC that didn't secure your batteries?
  6. That sounds like a great combo at a great price, installed. (Everything's relative but new the Musketeer (or Mouseketeer as many called it) sold for less than $20,000 when it was new.)
  7. On an Ovation I had something similar where twice the gear would retract slowly and stay in "Gear Unsafe" longer than it should have. I should have immediately flown it to a Mooney guru and had it looked at it, but since it didn't happen every time, I thought maybe the limit switches needed to be cleaned. When I sold the airplane, as the shop who was doing the pre-buy was towing it by hand into the hangar, the nose gear collapsed and missed a prop strike by an inch. That's the only insurance claim I've made in 33 years - $8000. It turned out fine, but in addition to the insurance claim, I discounted it to the buyer. Lesson learned: These things don't "fix" themselves - it gave me a cry for help twice that I ignored.
  8. A picture of your panel would help any with advice to visualize what you are describing. Doing it all is the most efficient since you are only in there once, but it's also a major investment. If you have to do one thing right now, I agree that getting the Lynx would be a good move. It gets you ADS-B in and out and will talk to the other things you are describing in the future (AVIDYNE 440, ASPEN). Make sure if you do that they they pre-wire what will come out of the lynx to go to the Avidyne & Aspen. (The Lynx is upgradeable and will allow you to add active traffic if you ever wanted it in the future.) The 800 can't be upgraded to replace factory instruments. The only JPI's that can do that are a 900 or 930.
  9. Garmin simply having the G3X for experimentals keeps other companies from jumping in and spending the money to certify a competing solution. IMHO Garmin will never certify the G3X since it would cannibalize the TXI sales, however, everyone knows that if some game-changing, market disrupting thing gets announced from a competitor, Garmin has the resources to get things certified quickly.
  10. A thin wall socket works well to tighten that up once you get it started.
  11. Just to clarify . . . are you referring to the hardware holding down the battery or the maintenance guys in the shop where @Mooney_Allegro went?
  12. Your P46T must be a 1999 model. I believe that was the only year that Piper used the KFC225 in the P46. I envied the 1999 owners. I had a 2000 P46 with an S-TEC 55X. The King Autopilots I'd flown behind were very precise, the S-TEC wandered all over the place and earned the name "S-Turn". I had a KFC225 in a Mooney Ovation and it worked very well. They seemed to be either good or bad, no in-between.
  13. I've had both the Robotow and the Redline Sidewinder. They both work but the Sidewinder is definitely the one to get - plenty of power, well made, portable. (Don't ever consider a Minimax. Search "minimax" on this forum to see why.)