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  1. I realize that - that wasn't my point. If someone takes a original J and does all that, to that level, they would have every bit of that into it. Where is it written that everyone that owns an airplane and sells it has to lose money on it? Values on primo example airplanes have nudged up in the past couple years.
  2. Try taking a J, doing all of the Dugosh airframe upgrades that were done during multiple annuals ($???), doing that panel ($50,000+), full Aero Comfort Interior ($15,000+), Tejas paint ($20,000+), and then doing then engine ($30,000+). . I'd be surprised if you didn't have every bit of that into it if you do it to this level.
  3. Lycoming TIO540AF1A or TIO540AF1B (Bravo) uses the HB (3/4") plugs. The 5/8" (EB) won't even screw into the spark plug hole. The guy selling them has an A36 Bonanza which has the Continental and they won't fit his engine.
  4. Make this guy an offer:
  5. What did it cost for an OH and an A/p alignment?
  6. You might wait and see what Garmin's big announcement is next Friday (March 31). It might make a pre-g1000 airplane a lot more attractive if they have an approval to add the G3X to certified aircraft. I thought about a G1000 airplane but what scares me is that the avionics are part of the type certificate. Every avionics manufacturer pulls the plug on support for avionics at some point - when they do it on the G1000 you are stuck.
  7. I don't have it, but he may feel that if you only use it once and it gets you out of a life threatening situation you didn't intend to be in, it's paid for itself. Back on topic . . anyone know of a partnership in the Spokane area in a FIKI airplane?
  8. This began in 2006 with the Acclaim and has continued with Acclaims and Ovations built since then.
  9. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
  10. Thread drift . . . . From El Paso, TX to Beaumont, TX it's 834 miles. From El Paso, TX crossing through New Mexico and Arizona and the width of California, it's 803 miles to Los Angeles. Driving from Los Angeles CA all the way across to Jacksonville, FL over 1/3 of your drive will be in Texas.
  11. The old ones don't owe you anything. They supported as much as 3368 pounds for eight years. The long bodies don't usually get that many years out of them. You'll notice it's a much better ride taxiing.
  12. I had a tank on an M20M patched in November for $1400 at Dugosh in Kerrville. So far no leaks.
  13. Ok, here's a better deal yet. Basically is you have a Garmin 530W you can sell you will be into this for less than $1500 AVIDYNE IFD540 NEW • $9,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Avidyne IFD540 New with Tray. Warranty 2020. Contact me if you are interested • Contact Andrew James, Owner - located TAMPA, FL USA • Telephone: 8133281055 . • Posted March 22, 2017 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad
  14. I was in a partnership on a Meridian when they first came out (ours was a 2002 with the Gross Weight Increase). Great airplane, but short on range - less range than the Mirage we had before. Piper has solved that with their newest M600, but high dollar. If someone spends the money to get an STC add fuel for an extra hour range, the prices on used Meridians would come up. With full fuel it would probably be a 2-4 person airplane.
  15. The $329 model is 32gb, wifi only and no built in gps. For $459 you can get it with 4G LTE capability, 32gb and built in GPS. The best deal is the $559 with 128gb and 4G LTE and built in GPS. This configuration a few years ago with a much slower processor was over $900.