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  1. Bravo Conversion

    Clearly I am running out of things to do while I wait for my cylinders. I took an extra set of fuel caps that I had on the shelf and removed the paint, polished them and had them engraved. I need to touch up around the fuel caps. I didn't realize how bad that looked since the other fuel caps were all scratched up.
  2. LED Landing Light - AeroLed Sunspot

    If anyone decides to get one, PM me. I'm happy to pass on my Aircraft Spruce discount on this or anything else Aircraft Spruce sells.
  3. Autopilot avionics update.

    That's interesting . . . a week ago Sarasota Avionics moved their date from 1st quarter 2018 to 3rd quarter 2018.
  4. Should I or Shouldn't I

    If you're Mission is 1-1/2 hours each way, this airplane should fit the mission for a lot less money and will get you there at the exact same time: It has the 310hp STC. It has WAAS so it will do GPS approaches with vertical guidance It has SVT. It has Air Conditioning. For $100,000 or more less than the 2008 it will get you there just as fast and your avionics won't be tied to the Airplane's type certificate so down the road you can upgrade to the latest and greatest at that time.
  5. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    That’s the median in the U.S. But in TX where the labor comes from to build the Mooney that will buy you 1800sqft
  6. M20K 252 TSE Panel Upgrade

    I regret not getting the AXP322 remote. It was $1000 more expensive a couple of years ago. Now they list for the same price and I hear you can buy it cheaper than an AXP340.
  7. Stopped by the Mooney factory today. Considering there are roughly 250 working days in the year, about 1.4 piston Cirruses a day last year were sold. Ten years ago in 2007 Cirrus made almost three a day, with 710 deliveries. The last time Mooney made 100 airplanes in a year was in 2000 with exactly 100. (They had three models: Bravo, Ovation and Eagle) The last time Mooney made 200 airplanes in a year was in 1987 with 201 airplanes (They had three models: 201, Porsches and 91, almost half of them of them were 252's!!!) The last time Mooney made 300 airplanes in a year was in 1981 with 342. (They had two very hot selling models: 176 201's and 166 231's) The last time Mooney made 400 airplanes in a year was in 1977 with exactly 409. (They had three models: The end of the F (7), The C (25) and, believe it or not, in the first year of the 201 they delivered 377!! Mooney's best year ever was 1968 when they made 5 models (A2-A Cadet, C, F, G, Mustang) with 621 deliveries! In 1968 an F listed for $25,294. Adjusted for CPI that would be 183,940 in 2018 dollars. General Aviation inflation is over three times the regular rate of inflation. For the price of a median home in 1968 ($22,200) after wheeling and dealing you could come real close to buying a new Mooney F. The median home price in the U. S. is in 2018 is 206,000. You can't buy a new Money for three times that. Agreed the new Mooney has a lot more than a 1968 Mooney, but the average today house has amenities that an average house didn't have in 1968. Huge price increases and a decreasing number of pilots doesn't paint a great picture for GA's long term future. But Cirrus selling 100's a year still shows that if you stay in touch with the people that buy airplanes, some market is still there.
  8. Should I or Shouldn't I

    According to the Garmin representative who posts on Beechtalk, as of December 31, 2017 there are no more WAAS upgrades to the G1000 for Beechcraft airplanes since Garmin's Nxi is out now. Page three on and Why is that important? If that was to happen with Mooney, it would l leave you without vertical guidance on GPS approaches. Seeing that on Beechtalk, and knowing that at some point support will end, if I owned a G1000 Mooney that I was planning on keeping, I wouldn't waste a lot of time upgrading to WAAS. The upgrade to WAAS swaps out the GIA63's for GIA63W's. If I remember correctly, somewhere in the $25,000 range. Without this upgrade, it would significantly impact what the airplane would be worth down the road. As you probably know the G1000 is tied to the type certificate on the airplane so you can't pull it out and put other avionics in its place. It is possible Mooney/Garmin will offer an Nxi upgrade path which would get you WAAS. Beechcraft owners haven't been told whether there will be a way to upgrade their G1000's to Nxi, but if there is it should be around $60,000. ( Piper offered the Nxi upgrade to existing owners but didn't announce price. You might still be able to get SVT since that is just a software addition. The GTX 345R should get you ADS-B compliance if you go with the model that has the WAAS built in to the transponder (of course this will still not get you WAAS on the G1000, but it will get you ADS-B out and traffic on the G1000 if I understand correctly). The prices I heard were around $7000 installed. That does not get you weather on the G1000, but you do have XM available on the G1000 for a subscription fee.
  9. FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    Once a few interior panels are removed, a hangar elf could do this in an evening and get someone to inspect the work and sign it off. For anyone waiting to get ADS-B complaint this is one of the easiest ways. After that an iphone or an ipad and a $199 Scout could you weather and traffic in the cockpit.
  10. Bravo Conversion

    While I am waiting impatiently for my cylinders, I organized all of the parts necessary for the Bravo conversion. So once it gets going nothing will be left out. There are a lot of little bits and pieces to convert the TIO-540-AF1A to a TIO-540-AF1B. One example is that the cylinder drain lines increase from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch diameter to accommodate the extra oil flowing so that it doesn't pool up in the cylinder. The larger drain lines mean larger elbow fittings at the bottom of the cylinders, larger diameter hose and hose clamps between the drain lines and the crankcase, larger fittings on the crankcase, larger hoses that go in and out of the oil cooler, etc, etc. I still have to source two larger diameter hoses that come in and go out of the oil cooler, which will now have a tee on it to direct oil to the Valve guides. So far, without those last two hoses, the parts in the picture would list for just over $6000 at Aircraft Spruce (one exhaust flange gasket is almost $300!). Of course that doesn't account for the cylinders. One of the things that has to be completed is a new engine data plate. The conversion isn't complete until a Lycoming data plate is attached to the engine showing that it's a TIO-540-AF1B. This is what that will look like once sends back my data plate. I have four of the Lycoming studs to properly attach the data plate to the engine. Since I won't be flying it again until it's a "Bravo" and since I'm still waiting for my cylinders . . . I figured it was OK to put the "Bravo" decal on.
  11. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    That looks amazing. Would you mind sharing with us what he's charging for a paint job like this?
  12. FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    If the GDL-82 is $1795 and it includes the WAAS antenna, how does it cost $2000 to install? The GDL-82 is in between the existing transponder and the WAAS antenna. Since Garmin sells it directly, why not have you mechanic do it? You're not removing the transponder so you shouldn't need a re-certification.
  13. Advice on turbo Mooney

    There's no problem with the registration: It's been flying all over the place. The advertisement shows it out of annual, but that may be wrong. Looks like a nice airplane, although it's a single-alternator model of the 252 which seem to eat batteries. A couple of years ago one of our Mooneyspace members was looking at it before the California buyer bought it. It looks like it landed gear up in OK this past May and since they didn't disclose that in the FSBO ad, maybe you are taking a gamble.
  14. Service Bulletin M20-088

    On the M20M here's what the procedure is:
  15. Finally!!!

    That's a great price! Unfortunately I don't think that includes the EA100 which allows you to get rid of the KI-256. But for another $2795 (list) you can get that. That would make it 11,895 compared to Peter's quote of 11,600 for the G5 and KI-300. How about we all chip in $10-$20 each to pay the $295 difference so Peter can get the Aspen he's always secretly wanted?