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  1. Good suggestions for pilots of all makes.
  2. Read the 3rd and 4th posts down in this thread:
  3. Nice, if that's the case that fuse may have protected it. KAS-297B-INSTALL-MANUAL.pdf
  4. Unscrew the old one and screw in this one and you're done.
  5. The display is a gas discharge so there's not just a light bulb that controls it. There aren't many, but there are a few shops around that will still test these and might be able to replace a component on the circuit board. I've heard good things about these people: Their number is 316-946-4870. The KAS297B has a pin connector on back which is not difficult to unplug. You might talk to them and if they can look at it send it off. Worst case secenario, they come up for sale from time to time on Ebay in good working order and are pretty much plug and play
  6. Check to see that you have the most current Garmin 696 software version which will also transfer the most current GXM40 software to the antenna.
  7. The definition according to Merriam Garmin: A high performance airplane shall be defined as any airplane whose owner has the financial capacity to beg, borrow or steal $35000 for the autopilot installed. In the event that every financial avenue is exhausted, in twelve months time their airplane shall fall into the GFC 500 category, provided of course, that all of their estate is bequeathed to Garmin upon their death.
  8. Copying paint schemes, panel layouts and tie down designs is strictly forbidden on Mooneyspace . . just kidding
  9. In previous auctions people would bid, it "sold', but then it's back on the market again. Very likely that shill bidding was used where a "friend" will put in a bid for you to drive up the price or make the auction seem legitimate. This time he used a private auction where the bidder's identities are hidden. What would give him legitimacy is if he disclosed the previous damage in the description with pictures - then people could make a decision based on that.
  10. Probably in shorts that are way too small.
  11. Please re-paint the black button on your throttle or cover it with leather or something - it's completely distracting me from your beautiful panel . . lol
  12. On 5/26/2017 at 0:40 AM, LANCECASPER said: That would be nice and they would sell a ton of them this year if that happens. But I think the odds are much greater that you'll see a little Richard Simmons Jr. running around than for the G5 to be A/P certified by Oshkosh 2017. Ain't gonna happen. I hope I'm wrong. Wow, I'm glad we were both wrong . . lol
  13. As long as we're speculating, I wouldn't be surprised if they STC'd the GFC600 for long bodies (M, R, S - the TN and Ultras already have the GFC700), and then the GFC500 for K and before. But that's just a guess. It would make sense since the long bodies would benefit from a a Yaw Dampener more, which will be available on the GFC600. Plus it also makes sense based on the value of the airframes - the K's and before probably are going to have a hard time justifying 25% of the airframe's value on an autopilot..
  14. The comments are sure to Amp up now in a flash.