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  1. I think they gave you the benefit of the doubt and couldn’t have imagined anyone flying without their primary flight display turned on. Was your Aspen out of the airplane for the MAX upgrade?
  2. The GDL52 is nice since it has XM music, the ability for weather and ads-b in also
  3. This is what the old Series 1 plug looks like. Bose updated their plug to a smaller 6 pin Leno plug around 1996. since all all of the wires are up there, and avionics shop maybe be able to use those wires for a new 6 pin interface. The purpose of course was so that your headset could run on ships power rather than batteries.
  4. Not sure which starter you have but be careful not to add to the problem by overheating the starter.
  5. I used to be based at Castroville. I'm about an hour North now. The Mooney instructor in San Antonio that you want is Bob Cabe (210)289-5375
  6. I dropped off the airplane on July 30 with a Next Day label so that the Aspens would go out to Albuquerque that day. The shop got the Aspens back much sooner, but i got the airplane back today August 23, so a little over three weeks. One of the owners has a terminally ill parent so I'm sure that played a big factor in not getting it back sooner. It's been too hot to fly anyway. Eight hours labor included chasing down a problem with my #2 nav/com. First impression is a much nicer display but I only had a 10 minute flight home. Looking forward to a trip.
  7. Unfortunately No, No and an Avionics Shop if you are going to do the WX-500.
  8. The Rocket Engineering conversion for the M20L and M20M was a Continental TSIOL-550-A3B. It produced 335hp at 2700 rpm.
  9. On a stock Acclaim, if the TSIO550 often needs needs new cylinders every 500 hours operating at 280hp, how often would it need cylinders if it was operating at 350hp? Every oil change?
  10. I've been meaning to do this for a long time - done!
  11. +1 The Monroy Long Range Tanks are the best speed mod made for a Mooney. They provide a multitude of options (tankering cheaper fuel, non-stop flights, avoiding weather, peace of mind, etc) I've had them on three Mooneys and wouldn't own a Mooney without them.
  12. To echo Anthony's thought about having someone do it that knows what they are doing . . . make sure it stays clear of the autopilot servos as it will cause some very expensive problems there.
  13. The real question is why would Avidyne waste precious engineering resources to solve a problem that doesn't exist? They already have a data solution that works and would have to re-certify a new solution - complete waste of time for them. All of us bought our units knowing that Jeppesen was the data provider with no mention from Avidyne that they would ever use Seattle Avionics. If another company happened to provide data that was $50 or $100 cheaper per year would it really change anyone's lifestyle? This is an old tired topic that keeps getting brought up over and over, even after Avidyne says it's not going to happen. Getting back on topic, I am grateful that Avidyne is working with Jeppesen in creating bundles that are better priced and prefer to keep my mind focused on things much more positive and productive,