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  1. Ride share to Don Maxwell's

    I never call and book - I just do it with expedia so it let's me do it without a drop charge in many cases.|1&dagv=1&subm=1&fdrp=0&ttyp=2&acop=2&rdus=10&rdct=1&styp=4
  2. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Of the three, Fuel, Air and Spark, I'd bet on Spark - either plugs, mags, timing, harness.
  3. Thinking of straying from the fold

    I was just saying that if the IA was that picky on removing a seat, I can only imagine what he would be like on an annual inspection. Very very few, but some IA's, (I've only had this experience with one in 30+ years of flying) just because they can, look for an excuse to ground an airplane - it's a power thing. (On the other hand, my IA helped me take out all of my seats for re-upholstery and we installed a loaner pilot seat while so I could fly it to FL for avionics works while the interior was being reupholstered. This guy used to be Mooney's Chief Inspector.) Back when checks were not electronically processed guys in General Aviation used to get hired to do check hauls every night. Many of them flew with just the pilot seat so they could haul more checks. While it's the responsibility of the pilot in command to make sure that weight and balance are within limits, I've never heard of any other paperwork associated with removing a seat. Think about all of the Cessna 182's and 206's that are used for jump airplanes with only the pilot seat installed.
  4. Top End on Big Bore Continental (TSIO 550)

    I hate to say it, but what you're seeing is typical of the Turbo Continental 550. If you made it to 1100TT without a top end overhaul you are doing well. David Behrens at Dugosh was telling me that he has seen quite a few Acclaims that need top ends at 500 or 600 hours. But I sure wouldn't overreact and consider a complete rebuild or reman unless it was absolutely necessary.
  5. Thinking of straying from the fold

    My favorite 182's are the early straight tails with 40 degrees of manual flaps.
  6. "Hot-Hot"starts

    I had that happen with an Ovation where it would not run well at idle. New spark plugs made the difference. The Bravo really likes fine wire plugs.
  7. Thinking of straying from the fold

    Remind me to never use that IA.
  8. What to do about radio tray rivets

    Which is another really good reason to plan out your avionics upgrades well so you don't have to remove the whole stack too many times - a lot of labor involved.
  9. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    The Encore (last version of the K model) was produced in 1997 & 1998 alongside another midbody, the Allegro (last version of the J model) and alongside two long bodies, the Bravo (M model) and Ovation (R model). In 1999 there were no mid bodies, everything was a long body, Eagle (S model), Ovation and Bravo. (I liked the theme going back then, Allegro (definiton: a brisk tempo), Encore (called out by an audience at the end of a concert to request an additional performance - Mooney owners called out and asked for the 252 to come back for an encore), Ovation (applause, etc), Bravo (well done, splendid - also "-B" designation on the Lycoming TIO-540-AF1B engine). The Acclaim (public praise) in 2006 picked up on the same theme.)
  10. Thinking of straying from the fold

    What is a cotter pin Alex? I'll take aircraft hardware for $500
  11. Hurricane Irma

    There are a few good shops, Beegle's probably being the foremost, who could repair and re-skin those areas. It won't be cheap but it won't be totaled.
  12. Removing wax residue

    If only every previous owner took such good care of his Mooney by waxing it too much.
  13. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    Actually 35 built (25-2001 to 25-2035). The first 8 built in 1997 were considered 252's and then when the GW increase was approved became Encores with a logbook entry.
  14. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    I have no heart
  15. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    Yes, he forgot the Encore