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  1. Century 2000 autopilot

    I had a STEC in a Piper Mirage that just wouldn't do what it was supposed to do. I went to KMWL and spent a day there and they got it right. I've heard of similar success at Century in Mineral Wells.
  2. That's why I like IRAN "Inspect and replace as necessary". On an overhaul they are bound to do an overhaul, meaning you lose some material off of the blades, some parts which are just fine have to be replaced, etc. On an inspect and reseal you still get the peace of mind and on a two blade prop for about $600. It took a couple of overhauls on different planes over the years to help me realize that.
  3. Century 2000 autopilot

    I know it sounds like an expensive trip, but if you fly it to Century in KMWL (Mineral Wells TX) so that they can see what it's doing in the airplane I'm sure they can fix it.
  4. need help with Foreflight

    I agree. Things get pretty unstable when you get close to full. Foreflight tries to load things and it can't. I just replaced a 32gb iPad mini2 with a 512gb iPad Pro 10.5 - lightyears worth of difference in performance.
  5. Used / New Glareshild
  6. Ovation engine instruments for sale

    Didn't notice that - sorry
  7. Cigarette lighter? M20s

    Yes, I pulled the picture from the ebay ad that I had shared on the post where you were looking for an Eagle. I hope that's a cigarette lighter socket in the picture. It looks like it though. Best wishes on the return trip in your new Mooney!
  8. Ovation engine instruments for sale

    This post is four years old
  9. Cigarette lighter? M20s

    Is that it?
  10. Bravo Conversion

    That was either Mike Elliott's comment or Harvey Weinstein's, I'm not sure.
  11. Door Seals again

    Many years ago I once left the pilot side vent window open in the hangar and foolishly left a package of cheese snacks in my flight bag on the front seat. Next time I came to the airport a rodent had chewed up my flight bag to get to the snacks and chewed the leather on the co-pilot's seat. A good upholstery shop made it like brand new but I don't leave my doors or windows open since then.
  12. New Member - Hopefully New Owner

    I know it's difficult, but try not to get emotionally involved in the airplane until a good set of eyes look it over thoroughly. Some of the best money on a pre-buy is for an airplane you walk away from. It's theirs until you find out that you have a winner.
  13. FS: 1987 M20J 205

    Wife or plane will be gone in 90days?
  14. Ovation down north of San Antonio

    What I learn from that, is that's most likely exactly what caused it. We are all susceptible to "I've done this hundreds of times unscathed, I can do it again". But maybe not with a tailwind, or an unexpected wind gust or a distraction on the ground or in the cockpit or on a day that you just aren't 100%. 99 out of 100 is great in most endeavors, except flying. I feel more comfortable with a higher margin of safety. There are a lot of things we can't control, but what field we base at we can control. I also choose to base at an airpark, but the runway is 3800 feet long and 80 feet wide. Do I need it to be that long? Not most of the time, but if a few of my pilot imperfections surface that day along with something unexpected, I have a better chance of getting it stopped safely.
  15. Ovation down north of San Antonio It looks like it overshot runway 30, broke through the fence (so for sure engine teardown) and ended up on Heimer Rd.