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  1. Can your local IA do an annual inspection? Yes Should he do an annual inspection on your Mooney? Maybe, maybe not. He specializes in Beechcraft as you mentioned. He knows all of the things that every generic IA misses on Beechcraft and probably ends up taking care of things that others have missed. Does he know all of those things on your Mooney? Probably not. Your first annual might be better off with someone Mooney specific and then use your local guy every other year if it's a lot more convenient. However, I still doubt it saves any money though in the long run. What he might miss those years you'll need to take care of eventually anyway. This is what makes a good Mooney specific annual more expensive - many times they are catching up on deferred things missed in previous annuals. You get what you pay for . . . sometimes.
  2. Having an IFD540 myself I'm sure you'll need another wire for that
  3. Wow - you are on their website!
  4. I have two Concordes in my M20M and one Batteryminder connected to both of them with a Batteryminder 210-AY splitter. The ones for the Concorde end in an "S-5" part number.
  5. Where is "here"? Your avatar doesn't say.
  6. I don't remember saying you would . . lol I mentioned having someone explore the possibility of safely getting it to another place, seeing if there's another shop on the field or having a mechanic come to the airplane. If a second opinion comes back the same it's time to start figuring out what to do.
  7. Yes I think you need another connection wired for that. Add it to the list . . lol
  8. Go to and under My Account on Section 6 select Position Only Flights - you will see flights that are not on a flight plan.
  9. Fine wire spark plugs make a huge difference on that engine as well.
  10. There are a few options for torque screwdrivers: No need to feel like an idiot, look at it this way, you have an opportunity to buy a new tool.
  11. It looks like the last time it was flown any distance was an 11 minute flight on July 2015 from Glen Falls NY to Schenectady, NY.
  12. It looks like the previous owner was in Texas, who did your pre-buy? I would get it to a respected Mooney Service Center and have them look at it.
  13. When you sump the tanks before every flight are you noticing the pieces of sealant? If he's as stubborn as he sounds, sorry to say it, but despite him being the "most respected Master A&P / IA in the Northeast", it sounds like you've got the wrong guy. It sounds like he is holding the airplane hostage. Maybe I'm a little sensitive on this one since I had that happen once. Where are you located? Is it out of annual right now? If not I'd have him button it up and pay him for the work he's done and figure out how to safely get it to another place. If it is out of annual right now I'd still pay him for what he's done but politely tell him that you'd like a second opinion, with the option of coming back to him if need be. Is there anyone else on the field that can look at it? Can you tie it down on the field and is there another A&P/IA that would be willing to come to the airplane to have a look? Bladders are an option but being told that you have no other options is what makes this a bad deal.
  14. I take it that this is the airplane that you're considering?
  15. In the realm of airplane parts that is free.