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    FS: 1987 M20J 205

    That question is best handled in a private message.

    Uh oh

    Since it's the insurance company's airplane at that point definitely a runway. In my case I am 14.8 nm from Kerrville so I'll head that direction and let Dugosh or the factory handle it : )

    Puff of smoke, electrical smell

    Sounds like you might have identified the problem - sure sounds like the regulator. After the first puff of smoke and the safe landing and confirmed burnt smell I don't think I would taxiing and running up the engine again. Anything from frying the rest of the electrical system to an electrical fire with you in the cabin and fuel on board would not be fun. I would let a mechanic figure this one out. Glad you are safe.
  4. Really? I figured it was the GTX345R transponder. I didn't know that the TXi did that.

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    Don't be quick to give up on it. The guy who did your pre-buy and does my annuals still comments on what good condition your C was in when he did the inspection. After surgery and rehab you'll be back in the saddle again.
  6. All education carries with it tuition. Lesson learned: on any repair or installation of anything, airplane or otherwise, get a firm quote first. If they don't agree to that, find someone who will. On a firm quote they have motivation to move along a good pace to get done to get paid. If they quoted low then the education is theirs. They will adjust that the next time they quote a similar job. With a time and materials deal they have motivation to stretch it out and keep getting paid. To keep a long term relationship working with a shop you both have to feel like you are getting a fair deal. To get the full value of the education you have to realize that you agreed to time and materials, no one held a gun to your head. Rather than wasting energy on being mad at him, just take what you learned from it and move on. One of the nice things about Mooneyspace is we all get the education on the tuition you paid.

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    The search feature on Mooneyspace is your friend etc, etc, etc . . .

    Tank Reseal ... best options

    How much?

    Fingerprint damaged anti glare on my 530

    I wouldn't let it bother you if it's not noticeable when the unit is on. Fly with it until you are ready to upgrade to something else, like a slide-in Avidyne IFD550.

    Aircraft jacks

    PM sent

    Really, Avidyne? Is this acceptable?

    Avidyne is not trying to be the wholesaler, they are the wholesaler. They sold it to an independent retailer/installer who sold it to you. They have tech support for the installer. The fact that they even take a call from an end user is unusual for an avionics company and sometimes come back to bite them. I appreciate it though, I have only had one conversion with an engineer and my configuration question was answered to my satisfaction while I was on the phone. If there were integration issues beyond that I'd be knocking on my installer's door - they can open up the airplane and see it, tech support can't.
  12. Yingling (Cessna Direct) still shows the -20 model in stock. This one unit might be a good deal for someone possibly: or these:
  13. I'm not sure where you would find the room on the panel for the GTN625 and a CDI indicator. Even if you could do that for $15,000 installed, it seems so much smarter to jump on a full waas for $25,000. Many non-waas Mooney owners have been in denial about this. They had stars in their eyes when they saw the huge G1000 screens and they most likely got a deal on their airplanes since they were not waas equipped. Looking for a cheaper solution, even though none now exists, while the real solution evaporates will prove costly for close to 200 owners unless somebody amazingly finds another 195 kits laying around somewhere. This did not have to be either. When Mooney/Garmin announced the solution awhile back, owners should have been standing in line to do it. Garmin could have continued production of the necessary GIA 63W to meet the need. Instead only a few owners that I've heard of have done it. Garmin wisely chose to stop production since there wasn't any demand. Expecting avionics makers to keep producing something that was developed over 15 years ago when demand is near zero is not realistic.


    Get a life! He's offering a free ad on a website in which he has invested the start up costs. Who is taking the risk? If you don't want to post, a polite "No thank you" or even a "No" is always an option. But I guess making a complete fool out of yourself is another option as well.
  15. You hit the nail right on the head. If G1000 Mooney owners didn't spend 10% of the airframe's value to upgrade given a wide window of opportunity to do so, why would Garmin want to pursue that as an STC when it would be many times that amount once they factor in their costs to do so. For that matter why would Mooney want to do all of the flight testing etc ever again in the future if after all of the complaining just a few people took advantage of it. If I owned a non-waas G1000 I would be calling Don Maxwell tomorrow to beg and plead for one of the 5 kits that he put together.