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Continental cylinders on lycoming IO360 engine ?

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Most anecdotal reports I've read over the last 15+ years I've been paying attention indicate Continental still cannot put valves in properly at their factory. Experienced engine shops will even go so far as to remove the valves and redo the installation before installing on an engine so that they'll make a full TBO run.

Something to keep in mind while shopping... I'd rather have an expert engine shop overhaul first-run cylinders that proved themselves if that is an option for you. Otherwise, in the current market with supply chain issues, labor shortages, etc you might not have a lot of options.

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7 hours ago, N201MKTurbo said:

So far, so good.

How many hours so far?  

For the record, I'm glad we have an alternate supplier, finally, for the angle valve cylinders.  I just hope they can last 2000 hours at a time.

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We are sitting these out for now. They are the old ECI cylinders, and as many AD’s as ECI had coupled with the reputation of continental for building cylinders, I think I’m agreeing with Scott here,  some nice standard bore first run Lycoming  Cylinders, are the best you can do right now

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