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  1. midlifeflyer

    M20K stalling tendencies

    This thread is beginning to sound like one in a Cirrus forum some years ago. Cirrus still had the bad accident rate and people were comparing it with the great accudent rate of the DA40, speculating it must be something about different stall characteristics. Being new, I innocently said I didn't think that was it. I had done falling leaf stalls in both and didn't see any difference. Wow! Did I get it for my dangerous attitude in daring to do such a dangerous, non-syllabus-approved maneuver! (For those unfamiliar, the falling leaf is a power off stall in which you delay recovery. You continue to hold the stick back, maintaining coordination with rudder. The nose bobs up and down as it stalls, unstalls, stalls...until you decide to recover.)
  2. midlifeflyer

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    Timely post. I'm at Jackson Hole.
  3. midlifeflyer

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    I see a lot of folks miss that one.
  4. midlifeflyer

    Boneheaded mistake

    Funny. I could write this in almost any thread here about Mooney flight characteristics takeoffs, landings, stalls, whatever, but this one is about the gear, so I'm limiting it to that, I first flew a J-bar Mooney in a rental M20C in 1994. The checkout, not much longer than a standard lesson, was uneventful. J-bar was interesting but no big deal. Handled it like other retracts. Take off, target a gear retraction speed, hold it to a certain point, retract the gear, and continue on. Since joining MooneySpace, I've learned how complicated and difficult it was supposed to have been
  5. midlifeflyer

    Boneheaded mistake

    We may be talking apples and oranges. Where I see a run up checklist and a before takeoff checklist, you see two before takeoff checklists. You see them as part of the same thing. I see two separate flows which can either be combined or not.
  6. midlifeflyer

    Boneheaded mistake

    The difference consists entirely of one extra line of text and a space. Not a big deal either way. It's similar to having a Descent/In Range checklist heading and a Before Landing heading. Some don't care. Others find it useful. Personal choice with no "better" or "worse" value. I've always personalized my checklists, significantly condensing certain procedures and expanding others. One day the checklist in a rental was missing and a friend asked to use mine. He found it unusable.
  7. midlifeflyer

    Boneheaded mistake

    A lot of us are curious about that one. WAG - to see the efficacy of a final check if the typical after landing reset trim checklist item is missed? If that's the case, yeah, it should probably be part of a final short list of before takeoff items apart from the run up.
  8. midlifeflyer

    Mooney mechanics near Raleigh, NC

    http://www.aeroservices-tta.com/ Another near Raleigh is Sparkchasers at HRJ. i haven't joined the conversation because, as a non-owner I don't have personal knowledge of the operations.
  9. midlifeflyer

    Contrarian attitude in your CFI

    I don't know what it means either.
  10. midlifeflyer

    GoPro Mounting

    As modified, absolutely agree.
  11. midlifeflyer

    GoPro Mounting

    I've never landed on a carrier. But I was based some years ago on an 1800'X50 runway and had a blast at one 2100X34. The latter had airplanes parked with their noses just off the edges. But as an instructor I am far more interested in good aircraft control, knowledge of basic systems, and good decision-making than in treating one activity as requiring the precision of a golf putt.
  12. midlifeflyer

    GoPro Mounting

    Really? Equating 1 foot with half the runway? I'll stick with "too picky." And I never suggested "accepting it" and not striving to do better.
  13. midlifeflyer

    GoPro Mounting

    That's why I don't like the tail mounts. Lets people be too picky
  14. midlifeflyer

    Fly Along with me in my MooneyM20C Ranger!

    At that YouTube address under the tab that says "videos"?