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  1. My article was mentioned in RH's special segment with Max Trescot on ODPs.
  2. If you look at the breakdown of your premium, you'll see their biggest concern is paying for damage to your airplane. That's still more about loss of control, takeoffs and landings, and low-level maneuvering than pressing buttons.
  3. I've been accused of being anti-authority. Does that count? The problem with the unusual attitudes is that to a large degree, they represent negative extreme caricatures of good qualities. Macho and invulnerability are extreme negatives if confidence. Anti-authority a bad form of questioning authority. I think "resignation" might be the only one where I don't see a positive aspect.
  4. I have experience in C, J, K and R models. If it makes a difference, I also have experience with both "gas and glass," and both Garmin and Avidyne avionics. Frankly, I think the transition to advanced avionics is far more significant and difficult than the transition to a Mooney.
  5. When I say none of my iPads have overheated in 10 years of use, it includes my iPad 1. It was on a yoke mount. Since I have never had a cellular iPad, loss of signal has not been an issue. I did have a Stratus overheat when I left it on the glare shield when I went to lunch one day. Fortunately, loss of signal on an EFB is a non-issue anyway. Absolutely agree about brightness and its effect.
  6. I agree. If the X-Grip was available when I bought the Tab-Tite, I probably would have gotten it. Fortunately, while not quite as open as the X-Grip, it's more open than a lot of other mounts. Fortunately, I've never overheated in 10 years of iPad use so something is going right.
  7. I suspect if you own your own airplane, there are plenty of mounting options better than a clamp.
  8. The x-Grip and the Tab-Tite (which I use) are the two best, IMO. The EZ-Roller (which I had only for my first iPad) is the worst.
  9. There is great value to an instructor with a lot of experience in a particular make and model. But there us also a benefit to an instructor with a broad range of experience when doing transitions. When you really think about it, aside from model loyalty, 90% of flying a piston single is the same. A good CFI with broad type experience which includes the make and model will do a good job. The problem we encounter most is that the CFI we talk about all the time is the one who has only flown Cessnas. The cross type experience is not there. On top of that, cross type experience alone does no
  10. I'm not sure how relevant the results to the first question are other than a bunch of numbers. In my case the first time I checked out in a Mooney (a C), I had just under 300 hours, just under 50 in complex aircraft. OTOH, it was also the first time there was a Mooney available for me to check out it. Checkout was one flight, 1.4 hours on the Hobbs. Not sure what of any consequence one can get from that . Exactly.
  11. A great advantage of rolling your own is this, especially for in flight use.
  12. If it covers the essentials and is easy for you to use, that's all that matters.
  13. Here's the problem with not using checklists after takeoff. You end up with a habit pattern that actively prevents using a checklist when you need it. Example: I was doing transition training for a pilot moving from a 172 to a 182. One of the easiest transitions around because of the many similarities. But, again and again and again, the pilot neglected to adjust cowl flaps. Two things were going on. His "flow" was actually a memorization of, say, the two main items on the before landing checklist, not a true flow considering everything changeable. So his hand would go right past the
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