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  1. I have FIKI on my M20S and with all of my investigations, I have found that it cost about 4 kts. Enjoy the J! Make it a forever plane and just enjoy it!
  2. Welcome to MS! I spent a bit looking at your facebook page. So many beautiful planes and one cool dog named Zeus. You may want to share (ballpark) what a Mooney paint job would cost and how thorough you are in the process.
  3. Raybestos ST43's is what I use for cars for dual purpose track and street. For track only, Raybestos ST47's are the way to go. I would love to see if I could get ST43's compound for the long body mooney.
  4. Pads make all the difference in the world. I have not been able to lock up my tires and feel I could use a little more braking power. Now in comparison to a Porsche or even my FR500s factory Mustang race car, these really suck! My friend has the same FR race car and when I drove his, almost went off the track! I asked him what kind of pinto brakes he put on his car. They were what came with his car. I let him drive mine with a much different pad and he couldn't believe the difference in braking power. I gave him a set of mine and he won't use anything else now. I doubt there is much choice in pad lining material for our planes.
  5. You are just starting an awesome adventure! I spent so much time here learning, well, everything. I began where I didn't know what I didn't know and now I know what I don't know and pretty soon, I'll become somewhat competent in what I know. This site has helped me with my search in my plane that I purchased last month which I searched for about 8 months. These are awesome planes. Take your time and look at a bunch and figure out your main mission will be. There is a Mooney for that. One thing I learned that I feel was important is to spend time with the prior owner also. Getting to know them will help you build confidence in your decision about their plane. I now have a relationship with the prior owner of my plane. They invested money, heart, and soul into this plane and it is a part of them. I am just the next caretaker of this awesome machine's history.
  6. Just fly the heck out of it! That is what you and it deserve!
  7. After many months of learning from this web site about Mooney everything, I learned so much about what I really wanted in a plane. Of course, the price of the plane crept up and the age of the plane became newer. Several times I had to step back and rethink what I wanted and needed in a plane after being caught up in some of the glam and sparkle. After searching several times each day for months on end, I found a plane that met everything I wanted in a plane. Though I had not finished up my private yet, I went out and bought it. There were several reasons, but I don't regret it at all. In fact, the discussions lately have been taking my PPL in my plane instead of a rented 172, 175 tail dragger or Champ. The more I fly this thing, I really love it and am so comfortable flying it. I hope your search has taught you much and please share where you are in your journey.
  8. My limit is 24 hours in a day. I don't have the power to change it to 26 hours a day which I feel I need sometimes. On the topic at hand however, I paid my instructor to go with me to get my new plane and fly it home from Michigan home to Idaho. With a 50 knot headwind, deciding not to go across Lake Michigan and being vectored around the huge and at the time very active MOA, we finally landed for the night after 16 hours and one stop for fuel in South Dakota. Luckily, I learned about my awesome AP and glass dash and found the seats very comfortable.
  9. Healthy is the slowest rate at which you can die. Now, what do we have to live for? Flying! Family! Friends! We have to have some kind of health to be able to live. I mean, really live.
  10. I loved the video and the links to his other work. What he says makes perfect sense. Apparently I have more studying to do. When I recently did a check ride in the plane that I afterwards purchased, the friend of the owner that took us up said in the Screaming Eagle, just keep the prop and throttle pegged but did show me how to lean it out using the engine monitor. That really didn't make much sense to me not dialing in the prop, but watching this video talks to me.
  11. Is the Batteryminder still available? Whatever happened to the tow?
  12. I know this is a serious thread drift, but since it was asked, hearing aids technology is constantly changing. I had the best made hearing aids that I wore for 8 years. One finally died and the audiologist gave me a set to try out. I couldn't believe the difference! The new technologies include blue tooth connectivity through (mostly) iphone, auto noise reduction and other things. I love to stream music through my phone. My wife, on the other hand, who loves me wearing my hearing aids, now seems a bit annoyed that I can't hear her quite so well when I am listening to music or watching/hearing a show. My new aids are made by Starkey and are made in the USA. The old pair I had that were the best ever 8 years ago is the technology in the Costco brand hearing aids uses now.
  13. I recently purchased an M20S Screaming Eagle. Which basically is an O2 with a little better UL. Having Fiki was important to me and it came with a lot of good electronics on board. It is NA and I just love this plane. This was a long agonizing search, but when we found our first plane, we didn't hesitate to purchase it and I have never looked back. Mine came with a little past history, but when looked into, it was fixed properly and the plane flies perfectly and the owner never hid anything and was super helpful before and after the purchase. One thing I learned here on MS is getting to know the seller. This is a big help in finding the right plane.
  14. Congrats! I too recently took ownership of our new to us Mooney. This site was instrumental with education and picking out a good plane for us too.
  15. This is one pretty plane! I love the checker board tail and matching MT prop. Also, the TKS is a great addition.