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  1. Good luck with the sale! This is such a pretty bird! Though you are selling a loved one, I hope that means you will still hang around with us sharing your sage wisdom.
  2. When it comes to planes, a deal is not ever a deal. The hard part is finding the one you want with the things in it you want, or get a lesser plane and then build it the way you want it. I believe that the engine on this is very suspicious. If you pursue this plane, at least you know you will probably be looking at an engine in the near future.
  3. I asked my instructor that I will be using for shuttling the plane here to Idaho from Michigan how much time he as in a M20. He has a couple of hundred hours in a C and a J. I talked to Mark the broker and the owner will fly with him 2-3 hours before we shuttle it. My main instructor that I will be planning on using for transition training has several thousand in type. He owns a Mooney and owns the flight school. That being said, what is your dance card looking like? Mark said he would hook me up with you for transition training. I'm game!
  4. I really have loved the input that has been so graciously been given. We went out to the plane that we have decided to purchase and flew it the other day. It was in really good shape. Owner is hiding nothing. Talked to the MSC that just did the annual and there are no squaks. The MSC said the owner had a policy to fix anything that may be wrong. Money was never a discussion to be had. The plane flew amazingly well. Yes, I fully understand the comments that I have been flying pickups and this is more like a Porsche. I loved the controls and feed back. We have decided to follow through and buy the plane. I have one of my instructors that has Mooney time that will fly commercial with me to the plane and we will fly it home together. What is another 8 hours of training? The plan is to park it for the next little bit until I finish my PPL, then start flying the M20S with instructors for transition flying and to learn all the little things specific to this wonderful plane. Having said this before, I believe, being a high performance driver instructor, I totally get the value out of proper instruction and from the proper instructor! I have instructors that I have instruct newer drivers. There are a few, or I will, instruct drivers that are well seasoned looking for that last second or two per lap. Anyhow, we are Mooney Owners! Now to find a hanger...
  5. That works better than Tango Foxtrot! Pam spent some time working with the name from this. Maybe Dancing Queen?
  6. I love the designs and I agree with jetdriven. I may extend the black swoosh forward to the rear window. That incorporates the new design to the existing great designs. Now to color. You mentioned silver, gun metal grey and titanium silver. Color is so personal. Personally, I think that a red/burgundy with gun metal grey is a richer color combination than a silver or titanium silver. Of course, this is just an opinion that doesn't really matter. It will be great regardless.
  7. I believe this was one plane that I had on my favorites. Excellent plane! Congratulations on your purchase. Your vast experience will be a great addition to MS. Especially those of us with much less experience. I too lurked for quite some time and learned so much from this incredible community. My wife and I just got back from doing a ride in our first airplane and hopefully forever plane, a screaming eagle. Many of the things you found important in your plane are the same things that were important to us. Enjoy and welcome aboard!
  8. So the question is Mooney or Cirrus. For some reason, I want to spell that circus. Anyhow, I am under contract buying my first plane. I have looked, studied, and stalked this forum and others for better education in what I was getting into. What plane to buy certainly was on top of the list. I have decided to buy a Screaming Eagle with all of the bells and whistles that I would put into a plane. Luckily, I have found the unicorn airplane for me. I love the looks of a Mooney, the efficiency, the speed and did I already say the looks? I have looked at the Cirrus and some of my friends have them, but they just weren't for me. I think it is like race cars. Now, just follow me. Years ago, after attending or running 60 high performance track events this one particular year, I had witnessed 6 totaled cars. That was a high car count for any year. The thing was, every car had the electronic babysitters on. It gave a false sense of security. Physics still applies! I had one driver in a Porsche GT3, which is an awesome car, that I rode with and the lights on the dash were light up like a Christmas float! He went through the brakes in no time as the car was working so hard to save him. He was relying on the electronic systems to make him faster. I told him to slow down, turn off the electronic babysitters and learn how to drive. As you can imagine, that conversation didn't go over very well. I want to learn how to fly everything. But I want to fly it. I want to plan my trips with weather in mind. Maybe I am just a control freak, but there is certain satisfaction in accomplishment. Does having a chute change the behavior of a pilot? Maybe. I bought a Mooney instead of a Cirrus. The chute just isn't that important to me. I do get where they are selling the dream and I am glad they are. It helps our sport. Kind of wish Mooney did a better job of it too.
  9. Old Blue was on our list. It was also the name of an awesome 1953 narrow nose Kenworth dump truck I used to drive. It was the owners pride and joy. When he sold his company to his son, this was the only piece of equipment he kept.
  10. I am hoping this will be my forever plane. It was kind of a unicorn plane with everything I wanted already in it. Yes, it is the Eagle. It had a bit of a history, but was fixed by an MSC and has some great time on it since. I am looking/flying it personally end of this week and then if it all checks out, ( read, can my wife see over the dash) it is off to another MSC for a PPI. Then it will come home. It just had an annual, and the broker feels having an annual is enough, but hearing about others experiences on MS without a PPI, this is certainly the smart move.
  11. I LOVE THIS! Math is my son's (he is 17) passion and this happens to be my birthday!
  12. I am in contract with my first plane and yes, it is a Mooney! While traveling with my wife to check out a new track we will be running an event at, the thought occurred to me that though we have named every race car, truck and passenger vehicle, we ought to come up with a name for our new family member. So, have you named your plane and if so, what is it and how did you come to that name?
  13. It was said that some existing Mooney owners are not looking for a new plane or not part of the new program. Well, that is not totally correct. There is only one way that any one of us buys a used plane. Someone first bought it new and then sold it used. New buyers are so very important and vital to the used market. To each of us. I hope that what I have heard about oshkosh will change for future events. Having never been to Osh, I am looking at going next year and buy some Mooney bling.
  14. You have room in your E for a dresser? That is so cool! I personally think that you will enjoy this project and years of flying in a unique, fast, fun airplane. Good luck! I hope to see the progress as you make this plane yours.