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  1. We put a pressure gauge on the FI system and it is just too low at idle. He raised the pressure which we know is a band aid and will use the proper FI set up at annual. It is working a little better. I catch it when necessary which is not as often now.
  2. This is a case of the evil you know vs the evil you don't know. Finding the unicorn airplane that will have everything you want that may be for sale will be difficult. It may have hidden issues too. It is much easier to build the plane you want, it only cost a bunch of amu's. The downside is you will never get your money out. The best scenario would be to find that very elusive airplane and get it at a reasonable price. No matter what, you will have to fix the plane you have.
  3. I regret not serving myself, but proud of my father who served in the Army and now my son serving in the USAF. We all enjoy freedoms because of the high cost of freedom paid by our brothers and sisters. I cannot express my thanks adequately but by being the kind of citizen that is worth fighting for.
  4. I read on MS that by upgrading the power output, that we were also able to use the whole 100 gallons of fuel that is available in the Ovation? This is part of the STC?
  5. Thank you so much! I'll make a new station for the TKS fluid.
  6. Going over this weight and balance has shown me one very important thing. I need to lose some weight!
  7. I have all the weight and balance sheets for every modification to the plane in the POH. On the paperwork does not show what the CG limits are, just the addition and deletion of weights and moments. My empty weight now is 2371.41 with the CG of 44.69 This plane does have FIKI, not just TKS.
  8. Did you change the forward or aft CG limits and where did you find that information?
  9. Thanks! I had to not just click, but hold on the gross weight and then it allowed me to edit.
  10. I have recently became a fan of Foreflight. When putting in my plane parameters, I have found that the gross can not be changed in the weight and balance pages from 3200 to what my poh says is 3368. Can this be done so I can use this tool?
  11. That would make such an awesome ceiling fan! What are you looking to get for it?
  12. It appears that the Acclaim S prop was a solid recommendation over the MT. Is that still the case? Is there a speed or weight advantage one over the other?
  13. The real question is, is there a real advantage of going from 280 - 310? Is there any downsides?
  14. My mechanic put in 1/8 turn rich on idle circuit just to get me by before setting up the time to hook up the fuel pressure gauges. I'll report when I know more next week. I appreciate the heads up and the ideas!