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  1. It doesn’t include all the way points, just the appropriate way points.
  2. Mine (Modworks) has a gap at the rear as well, my AP made sure the front was flush.
  3. There’s 3 ways to get more speed: more power,less drag, higher altitude. The easiest way to boost speed is raised the service ceiling. The Acclaim is limited in altitude, the question is that a engine limitation or are unpressurized planes limited to lower altitudes?
  4. I assume that if there’s any news, it would come just before or during Sun&Fun in April, thereby maximizing the marketing exposure.
  5. You can adjust the JPI oat if it’s off, because it’s mounted in the cowling.
  6. Of course the TBM gets it’s speed at high altitudes.
  7. Do you feel your plane wallowing in chop/turbulence? If yes you need it. I think it’s a blessing for the Beech v-tail folks, personally I never noticed much from the captains seat in my J. I would not get it, but would instruct the avionics guys to assume it would be installed at a later date and not do anything that would make it difficult to install.
  8. MSC at KDAB , Daytona Aircraft Services fits your requirements. They do avionics as well.
  9. Homes, airplanes, to some extent boats...it’s a sellers market. If you want to buy any of the above watch the Miami Vice TV show for pointers, you’ll need a briefcase full of cash, an expensive car and some nice clothes.
  10. I’ve done that route countless times. I file V198-V7 IFR, they once asked if I wanted to take an offshore route, I declined and said I needed to stay within 15 miles (gliding distance). They gave me direct route that did just that. If you go VFR, definitely get flight following.
  11. No, most only have turn coordinator breaker for standard 6 pack. I assume the altitude decoder is part of autopilot circuitry.
  12. Speed depends on density altitude and humidity. For those of us in Florida are at a disadvantage when bragging about our speed.
  13. Go to his website, no Garmin symbol. He can if it’s used equipment.
  14. I wonder how often emergency people get called on his behalf?
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