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  1. FlightAware gets confused if you make a quick fuel stop, here is an example where if you look at data you can see where I stopped: Tom
  2. fuel, practically no maintenance...a “J” model and a fixed gear version that flight schools would buy. Like the model T...few or no options that makes manufacturing efficient. They have to do something unique, a Cirrus copy won’t do it. Tom
  3. I believe universal, because we discussed this, he said he could grind them off, the steel pin was plainly visible. I’m no rivet expert. BTW, they were able to use regular rivets on the top by removing the glare shield and could get behind it when they replaced it. Tom
  4. Not true, my AP just did mine, I guess it depends on how careful they are. Tom
  5. Based on recent flights and owner’s been sold. Tom
  6. I was to sneak in early on Monday at 4500’ and only light chop, afternoon there were pireps of moderate and severe turbulence. Tom
  7. Seems like minor modification to retrofit a universal switch: Tom
  8. Lycoming changed their outdated Op manual, IIRC they issued a SB that stated to lean on the ground after complaints from Emery Riddle that the new engines in the new 172s were fouling. Tom
  9. I moved the switch, the other bad thing about the normal position is you can’t see it, so you hit it accidentally and can’t see it’s lighted. I know, you can look out the window, but this happened to me on a missed approach in real IMC...after that I was motivated to fix the problem. Tom
  10. Personally I think hours are a horrible way to decide to replace the BS, should be landing cycles. There is several actuators Mooney used over the years, does this apply to all, or just 1? TL;DR Tom
  11. When you get your plane painted, ask for them to fill a rattle can with the paint your using for future touch ups. Good news it won’t show because it will be on the bottom. Tom
  12. Your alternator is a POS if it can’t handle a max charge. There is a CB that protects it anyway and electronics from a runaway voltage regulator (50-70 amps IIRC). It will get hot but if flying it will be cooled. Boats have had high capacity alternators (up to 120amps) for years, at some point they just can’t achieve enough amperage to get to full charge. I’d be more worried about the 40-50 year old wiring. Tom
  13. What is “carpet cloth”? Tom
  14. Remember when we would just check the forecast for whether it would be raining. I am checking the weather for a cross country to San Francisco area, and see this, should I be worried:
  15. What’s with the red diaper on the lower end of the rudder? Tom