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  1. Can you open it from the inside if locked?
  2. Did he have a radar altimeter, and maybe just using to fly minimum altitude?
  3. My G3X requires 2 CBs to be pulled, in addition to the PFD breaker a GAD27 breaker need to be pulled (14V installation).
  4. How does pressing on the panel stop the leak if that’s the problem?
  5. Don’t know about all models, but this is the picture of the bracket with pitch servo and you can clearly see the other hole for another servo
  6. But they can always add it later, fairly easily: install the servo on existing bracket, tap into the nearby Can bus, and reconfigure.
  7. Well,based on responses; 1. Those who have a YD says it’s a must have. 2. Those who don’t say it’s not necessary. Makes sense. YD option costs about $4,000. So OP has to decide if it’s worth it.
  8. I didn’t get it, J is very stable and I don’t fly in turbulence as a rule. Now if you had a V tail Bo, then definitely.
  9. FYI, you can take a screenshot by pressing home and power simultaneously on the iPad, you don’t need a camera to do that. [emoji23]
  10. You can adjust it, it’s just a couple of screws.
  11. Probably should say where you are to limit responses.
  12. Gaithersburg MD, Mooney N201RP or maybe RF landed in high power lines, reports say they are OK. Foxnews reported.
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