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  1. This happened to me, my AP thought the old paint was acting as a sealant. And once removed it started to leak. We patched it before starting the paint process. I think if it was the stripper, then all the panels would leak.
  2. That’s the correct number if using year end 2019 number. Which is what they probably meant. Jan 2020 number.
  3. They did rebalancing , all were centered and no new weights were required, and as I said some they definitely removed with new shiny screws, the fuel inspection panels were painted over which I would expect, but some of the others on the bottom of the wing look like they weren’t. I will let my AP figure it out next annual, and have them touch it up at the same time, as they are both on the same field.
  4. Already painted, they did remove the battery panel, the tail/fuselage pieces/plates, etc. But for example the screws to get access to circuit breakers they didn’t, the panel to get to the electric fuel pump, etc Tom
  5. On a newly painted airplane there is going to be screws that are now painted over (inspection plates). To minimize paint damage what is the preferred method of unscrewing painted screws? Razor blade? Although that sounds tedious task given all the inspection plates?
  6. Closing the cowl flaps on a J results in +5 knots. If I’m going to an high altitude airport I make note of where I need the mixture in an earlier practice flight, so I can have it set properly without fiddling with it at runup, I quickly verify it by checking fuel flow. By the time airspeed comes alive I only need to focus on controlling the plane, I’ve set everything and scanned the engine monitor for issues. Running ROP can mask engine issues, I feel that a engine that can run LOP is a healthy engine.
  7. I have hard time blaming the shop, I’ve never heard of such a thing.
  8. Custom cowling. That’s an awfully low price, makes me wonder why? Just for comparison here is another with same cowling, $160k!
  9. Unless you’re willing to fly in the upper teens or higher on a regular basis, the J is the better choice. That means being on O2, some have said even with Oxygen it’s tiring to fly in the flight levels. We probably only have a handful of members that do that, gsxrpilot being one. I can’t imagine doing that with a small child.
  10. I’ve never seen anyone buy one of these stormscopes, they always came with the plane. If you didn’t have one, would you buy one new?
  11. I had a plane come out of the clouds above me (it was VFR conditions), went right over the top, probably 300’ at closest point. That was during my PP training. 2 most likely locations to have a near miss: non towered airports and practice areas.
  12. I think you need RPM, MAP and OAT sensors IIRC.
  13. And I saw him say they are selling planes without advertising them, you can send an email to them and get on list to see what’s available before they go public.
  14. No, maybe you climb at 980fpm as oppose to 1000fpm. I don’t cruise at 2700, so it’s only an issue during takeoff. Have your mechanic adjust it on next annual if it bothers you.