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  1. Is there an SB somewhere that allows you to remove the bungees? I remember seeing a Mooney on the ramp that had elevators that freely moved.
  2. I always remind the FBO of Mooneys large turning radius. They’re usual response is “oh yeah, we know”. I’m guessing there’s 2 kind of tug operators, 1 that has botched the nose gear and the other that will.
  3. As others will upgrade, you’ll have plenty of used stec 50 parts become available, buy them and you’ll have cheap parts available on the shelf.
  4. PFD is okay? Have you tried running a hose of cooling air to the rear of the unit?
  5. Why? Vertical antennas work great for horizontal transmissions, so a horizontal antenna should work great for vertical transmissions (it transmits to satellites, not ground stations).
  6. Try this at home 1st, find a box that’s about 1ft high, sit on it with your legs stretched out in front of you. Imagine sitting like that while flying the plane, if it doesn’t feel comfortable you may not like a Mooney. If you drive a corvette, Porsche, or other sports car you’ll probably feel at home. If you drive a truck or SUV, you may not.
  7. To each his own I guess…so much for the smooth sleek lines of your formerly laminar flow wings.
  8. But the rat socks should stop that (assuming they’re in good shape)?
  9. If true, I expect the critter is a bird, and was getting into the wing via aileron control rod hole, so I would start tracking the path from there.
  10. I replaced the lenses because they were crazing. Otherwise just remove the frame and then sealed it with PRC. LEDs are necessary because of their long lifespan, I seem to have to replace 1 of the 4 lights every annual.
  11. I would have expected the pitch 100% for a couple of reasons. We’ve had some members that had pitch oscillation issues. Js have springs on the elevators controls.
  12. Kinda looks like old insects or their cocoons. I would think about upgrading to LEDs while your at it, and removing the frame, it’s not necessary and removing it will improve your speed by about 3 knots. My guess is that it was parked outside.
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