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  1. Are Charlie weights listed in the W&B, I assume yes, how much weight are we talking about?
  2. They had to lube the controls, the servos aren’t that strong, and resistance will cause them to bind.
  3. The WX10 is ~10lbs, my vacuum system included electric backup was 20lbs...any of the old avionics will be heavy...kns80 was something like 6lbs.
  4. $6/gal? Where, California? Here in Florida it’s more like $3.50. Octane is so low, I think 93-94 would be doable in our engines, with different timing.
  5. Of course they need water for rust, and to the level of the fuel sensor that would be a lot of water. I was think fuel cap chain that fell off is now sitting at lowest point of the tank, where a little water sits that’s not being drained.
  6. By fine, you don’t mean thin? I assume the power wire would be 14 or 12 gauge? And it’s just one power wire? I wonder if you need to use their wire? If pulling interior for some other reason could you prewire it with just any appropriate sized wire?
  7. I asked a part 141 school about a leaseback program for a Mooney when I was looking to buy. The guy laughed at me. It was a short discussion.
  8. If cost matters, Metallic paint Red paint Two tone paint schemes 4 or more colors Elaborate or intricate schemes (nose art) Are just a few things that can drive up the cost of a paint job. And think about customizing your tail number, now is the time to change it.
  9. A foreign object could have gotten into the tank, we’re assuming it’s rust. Instead of guessing, either pull an inspection panel, or pull the sender or use a borescope through the fill port and see what’s going on. The chains some have on their fuel caps....are those stainless?
  10. And change your oil frequently especially if you anticipate a long idle period(s).
  11. And all the other engine and fuel gauges as well.
  12. And auto turbos doesn’t spend almost it’s whole life being run hard. Pretty sure if we drove the auto engines to 65% or better the turbos wouldn’t last very long.
  13. Just to be clear, is this just for the Rockets? All turbos?
  14. If you are seeing this every time it sits for a week, then I would be worried. I’d have the tank drained and inspected, if sealant is in bad shape have it stripped and resealed.
  15. Finding new paint,interior,glass panel, etc is not going to be easy. Those that upgrade their planes to this extent aren’t going to sell them unless they’re force to, they are called “forever” planes. You have to decide if you need/want a turbo to narrow down your search. If you are going to fly high, you’ll need to be comfortable wearing an oxygen mask/cannula as well as your passengers.