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  1. If you pull the probe, the part number is engraved on it. And a generic version will be cheaper: Tom
  2. I thought it was a thermomister, not a thermocouple. Tom
  3. This^ My Js moment runs 130”lb/1000 fully loaded so assuming 300lbs and 2” further back, it’s still less than 1% difference. Tom
  4. Was the new station noted in the weight & balance section of the POH? Tom
  5. That’s a long list of esquires... Tom
  6. You’re right, I went through the 900 installation manual, it does have a calibration step, I’ll just make an adjustment. Tom
  7. That’s where mine is, so it runs about 2-3° warmer if wind/temp forecasts are accurate. JPI allows you to adjust manifold pressure readings, too bad they don’t do that for temperature readings as well. The problem is the temperature probe is rather large and not aerodynamic. I gave this some thought and other than a slight difference it causes in TAS calculation, it seems like it’s a very minor issue. Tom
  8. Supposedly that’s being fix and next version coming shortly will correct this. Tom
  9. At the wing tip?, mice usually make their way into the tail via tie down rope? I would guess hummingbirds or flying insects. Not that it matters much, in either case it needs to be cleaned. Maybe got entry via gaps by ailerons? Did you check other wing? Tom
  10. No, I overhauled both at same time, engine was on condition, prop and governor was just because it’s been 10 years and it was already off the plane. Tom
  11. If you haven’t already, pull the interior and some of the inspection plates, verify the spar is in good shape, and check the steel frame. Corrosion is a major concern for planes that have been sitting outside. Tom
  12. I believe the only requirement is 360° coverage, the winglets seem to block them from about 5 thru 7 o’clock, mine were added by mod works, maybe the standards were different back, I ended up adding tail LED strobe to insure coverage. Tom
  13. Given the quantity of air flowing past the sides, compared to the warmth of the cowl, not sure about that. The hot air cooling the engine appears to flows underneath. Tom
  14. Make sure it’s can withstand high winds, no point having a hangar full of nice stuff collapse when hit by a strong thunderstorm. Tom
  15. I assume the charger is disconnected completely, ie the connection is 12v, or is the connection 120V plug with the charger connected and installed in the plane? Tom