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  1. I was wondering what the panel would look like if G5/JPI wasn’t flush mounted. Doesn’t look that bad, the G5 seems to have the largest bezel, but even with white background it doesn’t look to stick out too much.
  2. And the bulb is installed to the inside or outside of the door frame?
  3. Well, crashes always happen when economy is good (by definition), the market will be up and and rates are up. So blaming it on the fed is silly, effectively saying if we had low rates we’d never have a crash. Unlike 08, the banks are not over leveraged. And for the first time, neither are the people, our savings rate is higher than it’s been in a long time. We always will have recessions, and some things are way overpriced (bitcoin), there will be adjustments, but I don’t think you’ll see airplane prices crash unless something happens like the federal government decides 100LL is a harmful pol
  4. Here’s a very similar one also in South Carolina for $79,900. .https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?make=MOONEY&model_group=MOONEY+M20+SERIES&model=M20C&listing_id=2391182&s-type=aircraft
  5. You need to insure the senders give stable readings through the entire range of movement of the float. No jumping of readings, which will be ignored my analog gauges but picked up by digital circuitry.
  6. I would put it where the door frame butts up against the fuselage frame.
  7. Okay then this is a known issue, I would call Garmin support Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I believe this is a known issue, some thought it might be only for those with YD servos. Garmin is reportedly working on a software fix.
  9. My 78J is my forever plane, I tried to improve it every year, sometimes it was a few AMUs, sometimes more… Spend when you have it, don’t when you don’t.
  10. If you stagger the seats, you can prevent rubbing of shoulders. You need to sit in one. Also many don’t have the step, so shorter legs may have a problem getting up on the wing, you’ll need to know this before you start looking.
  11. Good shops/mechanics use paint to mark a bolt that’s been properly torqued. You can visually check these.
  12. … Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Search POA, it’s mentioned there, good pireps at a quick glance.
  14. I was planning on flying out to Colorado this week with a stop at Yellowstone…no cars at Yellowstone, and compact rental in Colorado would have been about $200/day …I chose to drive instead. Saved lots of money, but not as much fun.
  15. I was just talking to a fellow J owner, he wasn’t selling but a guy came out to him while he was tying down and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I agree, the TKS is not added value for the lower half of the country. 600 engine hours left? Given its history, that’s pretty much a runout, but that’s not necessarily a negative if priced accordingly. Many like the option of controlling the overhaul process. I think a $100k is about right in this market if plane is actively flying, depending on how bad the windshield is, I’d fix that, since it’s first thing a buyer will see when they sit in y
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