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  1. Is 2 225s and 375 less than a 225 and a 650 after installation costs? Tom
  2. I heard you no longer need the airspeed (ground) switch with latest software level, is that true? Tom
  3. I had 150 hrs when I bought my J. For your budget, E or F is the models to look at. Don’t spend all your cash when buying, keep at least $10K in the bank for unexpected maintenance. Tom
  4. Your nose gear could use some cleaning and painting. Corrosion anywhere on an airplane makes me nervous. Tom
  5. I’ve been told legally you can advance the timing to 22°, ie it’s within 2° . Don’t forget warmer temperatures and humidity reduce engine horsepower. Tom
  6. I tried brake cleaner and then silicone’s a short term solution...if you need dependability...follow Clarence advice. Tom
  7. You can activate the PLB while gliding as well. The onboard 406 requires an external antenna, which if damaged during the crash can render it useless. No perfect solution. Tom
  8. I just went to Spruce, might want to take a look at your defroster vent hoses as well. Tom
  9. Is that paint overspray on the JPI and Aspen? Tom
  10. Depends on forecasted winds...I fly far away if cat 3 or higher. Tom
  11. Tee hangar may be tough to find, community hangar may be an option, tie down available everywhere. Tie down probably runs around $100/mon, hangar can be $650 or more. Tom
  12. I want do this as well, did you use AML or MML switches? Tom
  13. How’s that different than any start? I assume oil drains from all the above back into the oil pan? Tom
  14. I assume the engine shop would’ve test run the engine, so no pre oiling is necessary? Tom
  15. Is that soundproofing on the firewall? Tom