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  1. That’s true of Stec too. I think this is business as usual in today’s world.
  2. If You’re planning on keeping an old autopilot, I would definitely recommend buying spares when they become available from those that do upgrades.
  3. What about replacing the headset jacks or cleaning those as well.
  4. You forgot the time required to remove interior, antenna installation, and servo installation is rather labor intensive since it is different for every plane.
  5. Shouldn’t the GPS know when to activate the approach mode? It knows I’ve activated the approach and when I’m established?
  6. I compare static MAP to field barometer setting...adjust as necessary.
  7. Yes, ground speeds. Two things to remember, 1) when the wind is 90° to your course, you’ll need to turn into the wind to maintain your course. Even if the wind is 100° or more, it will actually slow you down if strong enough. 2) You’ll spend more time flying into the wind than you spend flying with it, so average over time will be lower. I don’t know how GP calculates it.
  8. Were you able to fit both on the left side of the radio stacks? JPI records everything it knows about, including GPS data if configured.
  9. Speaking of maintenance and speed, before overhaul when I had a deteriorating cam:129, since overhaul 137 knots.
  10. Ditto, I always feel like a CIA analyst when I do this. I do this to look for hotels within walking distance as well.
  11. I think Js useful load are generally higher than Ks if that’s important to you.
  12. I will check this visually at next annual but is the banging noise consistent and pronounced? I don’t recall hearing any noise when I preflight ailerons manually moving them by hand.
  13. Last I heard they were 8 months to get in. I try to contact them via phone and email, they never responded. I would guess OPs color scheme to cost $17,000, give or take.
  14. How often was the oil changed? Pull the dipstick, is oil clear or is it black?
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