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  1. FWIW When my mechanic called them, and itemized out what was to be included, my IO360 was close to $25,000. Tom
  2. Leaving the flaps in the down position helps a little, also prevents people stepping on them. Tom
  3. Shops only do what the owner requests, if the owner expected to sell the plane, they might not want to go the extra mile. In my case, I replaced my 40 year old cables. Cables are tough to appraise the condition, you can only see the ends. Tom
  4. Why not mark the area...transient parking..etc? Or have a “follow me” cart? I always assume transient parking is right in front of the FBO. Tom
  5. So if you have EI, why not both hot on startup, actually, even with just magnetos, what’s the reason for only 1 hot on startup? Tom
  6. I love to see older planes that have been taken care of. The modern yokes are a nice touch. Tom
  7. Most BT devices have a maximum range of 25’. So if drag racing your buddy at less than 25’, both of you have other things to worry about, like if your will and testament is up to date. [emoji57] Tom
  8. If planning to upgrade, you’ll lose a lot less on a J than a older models . Js are considered modern after all ;-) and having higher upside. My older J has 1000lbs useful load, so if limit fuel to 50g, 5 hours worth, more than most people want to be in a small plane, that leaves 700lbs or 175lbs per person if seating 4. Seems like enough even if planning to have a couple of kids. And given the increased weight of 160lbs for later models tells me there is some leeway should my calculated weight be off.
  9. Yes, but maybe it’s the RS232 protocols they are using. The JPI talks to the gps via FADC but receives Aviation. So data fuel flow data only goes in 1 direction. The G5s only talk MapMX for both directions, maybe MapMX doesn’t include OAT? The Garmin guy responded to this question over on BT, the answer was a definite No. I’m guess the temperature probe communicates via the CAN bus to the G5. Tom
  10. No GFC 500? If I do G3X, I’m definitely adding the AP. Tom
  11. Apparently security video shows they bounced twice. Tom
  12. And when do you think Garmin would certify the GFC 500 for this plane....2030? And parts availability? No thanks. Tom