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  1. It looks like that's exactly what they did...interesting design choice. Thanks for the picture edit to illustrate @PT20J - clear I was just missing that last step. Will try it again when I'm back at the plane!
  2. Some updates ... looks like the arms of my seat backs have two "slots" for the seat back to slide into the rails on (see first and last pictures. If I put them into the other slot, they don't lay flat - the bolt/silver arm sticking out in the last picture blocks it. However, if I flip the seat back over and slide it down, it lays flat in the seat pan, but then the dual slots are sticking up still. ...I give up, not sure how these are supposed to lay flat otherwise!
  3. Ah man I got excited for a second there. Let us know what you find out - I'll do the same with pictures/videos tomorrow on my bird as well.
  4. Does that mean you have an Encore back in your possession now?!?
  5. Now I think I understand what you're saying - there are different sockets for it, different from the ones that make it a reclining seatback. I didn't move the frame into a different set of sockets - will check that when I head out tomorrow. Thank you!
  6. It doesn't quite lay that perfectly flat no - will add pics when I'm out at the hangar again this weekend
  7. So a follow-up to this thread ... I finally got around to removing the seat backs. It was very difficult to remove the seat back cushion from the aluminum frame, but eventually I was able to get it off. What's left in the plane is the aluminum seat back frame folded down into the seat well - each seat back frame is held on by 1 hitch pin as mentioned above. The question ... do you guys remove that hitch pin & seat back frame as well, or just leave it folded into the seat well? It seems like it might just be easier going forward to pull the hitch pin on each seatback and just re
  8. Alright we're back in it - RIP to my wallet!
  9. @FlybyNite did you get a quote from them? I have a J with flat plates - curious what cost would be to add them as well.
  10. ...all we know is, HE'S CALLED THE STIG!
  11. How does it compare to TTaylor's and DXB's #s above? Also - can you share the print file for that stick? Love the idea!
  12. My guess is the tornado that directly hit KJWN this spring. Seemed to direct hit some nice fully managed hangars, but avoid a lot of smaller t-hangars.
  13. Super helpful, thanks all! Will give it a shot next time I’m at the plane. I can’t believe those cushions are 26lbs total?!?! Insane. PS - @gsxrpilot I also recently replaced my gma340 with pma450b based largely on your feedback that it helped a lot with random airframe feedback/noise - you were spot on, great upgrade and been really enjoying it. Thanks!
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