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  1. When I got back into flying after a12 year absence, I got my medical, and did a flight review in a Cherokee. This allowed me to fly several Mooney’s from the right seat. I still needed a check out in the Mooney, but I had 5 or 6 hrs in them by the time I bought mine. During my absence there was a new company called Garmin, I was skeptical about there products and avoided them. I knew Narco products and was looking for them. I had to settle for KX155’s. Little did I know. I ended up upgrading to Garmin etc. electronics cost a lot, buy a plane with the most equipment as possible, but they will get old soon enough. Ron
  2. Lasar. Not cheap. Make sure altimeter checks don’t damage it.
  3. What tooling? The wing and baggage compartment back are the same or minor changes, build a new cage, 2 doors and some skins, firewall etc.
  4. If you could get factory io390 turbo normalized with a 2nd throttle. Use when you want, don’t use it when you don’t.
  5. If you make a rapid descent in emergency conditions, what are your plans not to swap paint with the plane below you. Can a controller clear enough airspace for you? Or is it see and avoid? I am just asking, and trying to challenge you. I will stay lower. Ron
  6. How much would you sell it for? Where in Oklahoma is it? Ron
  7. Watching these aircraft work is absolutely amazing. The pilots must have big cajones. I have seen them drop retardant and climb out of valleys that I would not want to have a Mooney in.
  8. I remember late 80s early 90s no intercoms, my dad was with me and asked if I was going to use the headset on the whole trip? All 8 hours? I was told, you won’t be able to hear the engines. He was a pilot also. I have from 68 when dad began flying until then without headsets. No hearing damage at all.
  9. Chris. I am not an instructor, but have been flying for over 45 years. I have never asked an instructor about his insurance. Early on I was grossly underinsured. The internet was exposed me to a lot more information. If I was to hire an instructor today, I would have no problem adding him to my policy. I want the best instructor to teach me, not the time building youngster with no assets. I would not be your instructor, you want to blame someone else and have them pay if there are problems. You will learn that in litigation every loses except the attorneys, I would prefer all the attorneys sitting on my side of the table. And 50 bucks an hour is peanuts if you are self employed, especially when flying with you. Insurance, taxes, working maybe 4 to 6 hours a day and then taxes. Leaves the CFI maybe a $100.00 bucks a day. Good luck in your flying adventures, be safe. Ron
  10. And with all of these valid points: we have the FAA rules and regulations, the insurance Company and their Attorneys and of course the possible legal actions from the Owner/pilot, passengers and CFI. Protect your butt, He/she with the most to loose may loose, even if right.
  11. There is a SB that covers installation of a new shaft and handle. Call Don Maxwell, Lasar or any other Mooney Service Center for the kit.
  12. Raise gross weight to 4000 and put in larger flaps to lower stall speed
  13. Michelin air stop tubes solves the problem.
  14. Can the orphaned sac be purchased, the faa.
  15. The last post by the complaining owner was on page 2 on July 31. Where is he or she?