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  1. Sallisaw and Poteau Do not have any food near by. I have flown into Poteau many times, easy to get into and out, no radar coverage down low.
  2. 69 was the first year of all electric gear and flaps, 6 pack flight instruments and the throttle quadrant. 68 was manual gear and flaps, electric gear an option. Ron
  3. I never wanted to be an instructor, you need to teach by letting students learn by there mistakes and good examples. Sometimes their mistakes can hurt you or someone else.
  4. We were planning to go out with the R.V. next week. This was our first major destination. Hopefully later this summer.
  5. I had an engine failure in a C310. I broke an rocker tower on 1cylinder on a6 cylinder IO470. That engine would only produce about 1500 rpm with the throttle reduced on the ground. Failure was on the runway just before rotation, fortunately a wide runway. If this happened 2 seconds later, it would have been feathered and hopefully flown around the pattern. Scary times. A single heavy at night, no thanks. Ron
  6. These are not approved by Mooney, but should be approved for cirrus.
  7. It’s your money, and your but in the left seat, kids, wife. You’re choice.
  8. I have a sporty’s that I will sell. Works great, I can double check soon. Ron
  9. Mitch was correct, there is not a red button to push on many “Fs”. I did have the plane retrofitted years later. Ron
  10. You need the correct adjustment. Mine was set to high, a high density altitude ,I could not retract the gear or, climb, shoving the nose down at 25’ agl is not fun, and when the runway disappears behind you, big pucker factor. Gear finally cycled and I climbed out as per book numbers.
  11. Aircraft that sit around, may be much more expensive than the purchase price, you will need cash reserve’s. Upgrades are really expensive and may add some to the value.
  12. Parker, what percent of these owners do you think will purchase another plane?