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  1. I had an engine failure just before rotation in a C310 post annual flight. IA had given me BFR a couple of weeks earlier. replaced a broken cylinder and had to do it again next week.
  2. The switch should operate correctly. Approximately 70 mph if I remember correctly. If higher you can have a density altitude problem to achieve the ability to retract the gear. I had the switch calibrated and eventually replaced. I then installed a back up push button switch to by pass the airspeed switch.
  3. Why not. Tubes are cheap vs the headache of a flat.
  4. Did you follow the Poh instructions, pull the breaker, engage the crank, then it takes about 50+ cranks. also, it is not recommended to practice this in the air, these units are fragile. Have your mechanic put it on jacks, then practice.
  5. When O’bama was in la. I got caught in Fullerton. Talked to FSS they day before. The next day, they helped me file the next day, ifr limited to var only. Clear day, rapid fire instructions, under lax approaches towards El Monte. Then climb towards Gorman. All of the rings are for different times and different days. Good luck, fly safe or drive.
  6. There are several pilot/ instructor here with lots of bravo time. They are not cheap. Would you rather learn right, or risk your family with poor instruction?
  7. Is it Orange and black? Fresh paint?
  8. Is this the first time that the gears have been replaced in 50 years? When I did mine in my “F”, this was a great improvement.
  9. Do you get a special rate from your electric provider? Did you have to upgrade your home electric panel?
  10. A hanger that is attached, will probably require different fire ratings than a detached. Wind and snow loads can increase costs. Architect and engineers are getting very self protected to reduce liabilities. Are fire sprinklers required in the home and hanger. Building materials are outrageous now. How far does your building materials need to be hauled. How available are contractors? Good luck.
  11. My dad had a Comanche 250. I learned a lot in the right seat, eventually flying the left seat. My logbook is full of C150 time. My instructor had to make me practice a lot before being allowed to solo etc. I was 17 when I got my private. I did not solo the Comanche until I was 18. Yes, you can learn in a Mooney, but I would learn in a rental.
  12. Is 231TW the original “N” number?
  13. I have seen different shops use different ad note services. Thus I had several ad logs going, they appeared to be the same. I used to have a print out of the recurring ad’s, to be able to confirm compliance.
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