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  1. Advance aircraft in Troutdale OR.
  2. What is your useful load. I thought C’s were close to a 1000#’s.
  3. Greg at advance aircraft at Troutdale oregon 503-465-2298. On budget, on time. Ron
  4. My dad paid a loan off on his 310 to Crocker Bank. They never filed the release. Bank was merged several times. New bank finally said, it is not an active receivable and signed it off.
  5. Similar but not the same. I bought a junk dune buggy, very powered. The engine would turn 350 degrees. I soaked the cylinders in wd40 and would turn the engine by hand daily. Finally got it to turn over. A new battery, carburetor etc. it ran for months, then suddenly froze up. Went to a shop for rebuild. Many new parts. That lycoming may run a while, but may be cheaper to field overhaul today instead of tomorrow. Good luck.
  6. A 69 is an electric geared, electric flap plane. The gear motor if it is dukes has an ad against it for lubrications and periodic inspections. If it has 20:1 gears it cycles extremely fast and will wear out eventually. It is expensive to repair. I think $2500.00. If the gears fail, back up system will not work. electric flaps helps reduce the chance of rear spar cracks. get a good ppi inspection at an mse. Do not use the last mechanic that was looked at the plane. Some exceptions may apply.
  7. Top gun did mine. Lasar can probably do them. I have heard that George closed the shop and retired. Ron
  8. That looks bad. I am not an A&P, but I retired from the termite repair industry on homes. I must remove all of the damage. Damage will continue to grow if not replaced. If you push in the damaged areas you will find more damage. I would not fly that plane anywhere without proper repairs. Disclaimer: The value of my advice is equal or less than your payment to me for my opinions. good luck, hope you get this repaired.
  9. Can you get the original belts reweb’d?
  10. I got my ppl in 1972 at 17 years old. I stopped and started some due to marriage’s etc. I bought my Mooney at about a 1000 hrs. I had about 350 hrs in a Comanche, 150 in Cessna’s and Cherokee’s. The F was a big challenge for a couple of hours. “It was just a single”. Right. after about 75 hrs. I started my instrument rating. I learned a lot completing the rating. I sold the plane with about 500 hrs in it. Fly safe.
  11. Learn about the progression of model changes. How many people will be your primary mission? Are the back seats going to be used, short, big or tall? Do you need to tanker fuel? Manuel gear or electric? Budget range? Welcome to the Mooney World.
  12. My neighbors, the daughter got it, and the father. Both no sense of taste and smell. The wife and son did not get it. You never know, be cautious.
  13. Anyone involved in being a defendant in a major law suit should hire an attorney that specializes in insurance claims. This attorney will be there to protect you from your insurance company. I had an insurance company ask me to participate in the settlement after paying for insurance for over 30 years. they eventually settled for about 55% of policy limits. Insurance Company attorneys are not there for you.
  14. I don’t know for sure, it was probably 1972, auto-extend was popular then. If pilot realized gear was up, he should have gone around.
  15. I watched an Arrow land at Orange County airport, gear up until very short final. One made it down, 2 up. Bent plane after the ground loop.
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