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  1. It’s the floor indicator between the seats, in front of your trim wheel on electric geared planes.
  2. Find the accident reports for Catalina. Read them and learn. I would suggest that a good Cfi go with you as needed.
  3. I departed Grants NM. High, hot, book said ok. I went off the end of runway, gear down 25’ ago, pushing the nose down. Gear finally cycled,, climbed out at about 400 rpm.
  4. On my 69F, gear speed was approx 70 mph. I had a density altitude situation once and finally got enough airspeed to retract the gear. There is a service bulletin to install a bypass switch, Lasar completed this for me. I sold the plane so I don’t remember which service bulletin.
  5. Run, a new scimitar prop is $10,000 maybe more. The seller is full of…….
  6. Insurance companies represent themselves first. Attorneys represent themselves first. It’s all about the money.
  7. Shadrach, you may be right, I noticed more with the original gears.
  8. I was involved in a commercial real estate lawsuit. I ended up hiring an Attorney that specialed in Insurance law. The attorneys for my insurance company were not happy. Their tunes changed quickly, and they settled soon, well within policy limits. The money spent on our attorney was well spent keeping the insurance companies attorneys in line. Ron
  9. This was quite normal in my 69F when I had 40:1 gears. When I replaced the gears with 20:1 it was much less noticeable. take the plane to a Mooney shop. There is a repetitive AD note on the gear motor and gears, inspection and lubrication with special grease. Ron
  10. Craig, the font size on my iPad seems larger now. Thank You. Ron
  11. Pay now or pay later. Payment later will probably be more expensive, maybe life ending. You’re choice.
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