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  1. Thanks for your response N201MKturbo, we are planning a patch project in the next few weeks.
  2. Once the location of the leak is determined, how much of the old sealant should be removed? clear away a few inches either side? or just the spot?
  3. We have a Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497 on our E model. To my knowledge nothing was changed with the exception of the RPM/MP limitation outlined for the prop. I believe it states no continuous operation between 2350 and 2550 above 24" .
  4. I believe you need special seals from rayjay,. https://rajay.aero/search?q=rj1031

    Can It Be Done?

    These look good and my side panels are made of aluminum, so I think the auto style fasteners would work ok. I really like your side panels from Bruce, much cleaner look than the plastic fabric side panel mix.

    Can It Be Done?

    Pockets are a good idea, I did put them on the rear of the the copilot and pilot for POH and maps. Was complicating putting on the front bottom of the Pilot and copilot but thought it would stretch and not hold up. Any pics Yetti?

    Can It Be Done?

    I have been meaning to post my semi- completed interior for quit a while, and will also post some before pics. Wow, what a lot of work, but I feel that this interior is far better than what I had previously and looks pretty good for DIY and a ton cheaper than hiring someone (but you get what you pay for). Cliffy, you were correct by adding a larger heavier wheel made the portable walking foot machine much better.

    Rajay turbo

    Where exactly is the TIT probe suppose to be located on the exhaust/turbo? Perhaps folks could share pics? We do not have a TIT and was wondering how much the measured difference between EGT vs the TIT actually is?

    Oil leak mystery

    One more place to look is the oil screen housing (if you still have one). I had a leak for a while and as many indicated looked everywhere only to realize the housing was warped.
  10. LOCOLJ

    Can It Be Done?

    That is sort of what I did. I took an auto upholstery class at the Jr college and learned to sew and some basics. I bought a seat off ebay and did the first one on that in the class. Then I used that seat in the airplane while I did seat 2 etc. Yep, time is money, but I wanted to learn a skill. It would likely be more cost effective to simply have an experienced upholster do them for you, but that wouldn't be as fun. I used spirit Millennium vinyl, it is not as nice as what you showed, but it does come with burn certs and costs about 20-25?yrd. I used about 7 yrds. You will also need foam, and other supplies so to keep it simple I ordered everything from Scandia. Hope this helps
  11. LOCOLJ

    Can It Be Done?

    I struggled with many of the decisions discussed, but ended up choosing vinyl, because I was a novice at interiors and from my experience to get things to look like the pictures you have shown takes quite a lot of skill. My thought process was learn on the cheaper (not really that cheap) stuff and eventually try again with the leather. Perhaps, you have more sewing experience, but I simply decided that the first few seats was a learning experience and vinyl was a lot cheaper to mess up or miss cut.
  12. LOCOLJ

    Can It Be Done?

    Wow, nice addition. As I look at your machine it appears almost identical to my consew 206r, how is the torque now any improvement?
  13. LOCOLJ

    Can It Be Done?

    Cliffy, Sailrite are really nice machines. I bought the consew 206r, and would have prefered an industrial one, but didn't have space for a full table. One thing I found helpful was to buy pre wound bobbins, they are much easier than having to stop and wind one in the middle of a long run. Also, always put a new bobbin in before doing a french seam, you don't want to run out during such a visual seam after you went through the process of glueing, measuring, cutting, sewing only to screw the decorative piece at the end (Don't ask how I know this). Estate sales are great places to find nice industrial machines, and typically the older machines last forever, kinda like mooneys.
  14. LOCOLJ

    Can It Be Done?

    Great pics, I just finished my back seat, and learned quite a bit through the process. I had no experience sewing, so I took an upholstery class at a jr college prior to my project. It was an eye opening experience to see the detail that is required to get things to look professional ( still not there yet). A couple of takeaways from my experience 1) Plan on the acceptable product the result of the second try 2) A walking foot machine is the way to go. There are portables that do a pretty good job 3) Use 1/4 scrim foam under the final upholstery as much a possible as it hides foam inconsistencies, and pulls things tight. 4) plan on repairing the seats both of mine we trashed the thin aluminum doesn't hold up well.
  15. LOCOLJ

    Seat foam "Re-do"

    Thanks for the clarification on this. I was more curious than anything, as I agree that I would be foolish to put non flame retardant materials into my aircraft. Nevertheless, from my limited experience some of the auto upholstery shops/supply shops around me do not have any paperwork with their materials, and when I asked they gave me a blank stare. For me, it is just seems easier to order material with the proper documentation than try to hunt around for brand and sku detail for proof of conformance or send in samples for testing. Perhaps, I will be more up for a challenge on my next project.