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  1. That kit will keep the cylinders happy but how does it keep the cam and lifters from corrosion? The preservative oil wil run off of and the desiccant plugs will saturate. It says check the hem every 15 days. The black max dehydrator require no dessicant and it can be left on 24-7. Dry engine, no corrosion, right?
  2. o-360 overhaul

    They scrap all the top ends and they only reuse the case and everything in it. But roller tappet motors have a different case so they scrap those too.
  3. Nsd360 are only being bought by owners who have one that went bad. <1k
  4. Mine are shiny stainless. You can only see the ones in front of the spar and the two on the front of the center strip. You can paint them. Sand with 320-500 grit sandpaper in three directions then hit them with rattle can. I did this with most of the airframe screws before paint. It stuck great.
  5. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    THat won't fit a J model will it
  6. Upgrade paths

    That seems kinda high. I had a gtx345r installed along with everything else and it was 8hrs labor additional. But it's not outrageously high.
  7. New problem

    Slick mags will melt the distributor rotor and it falls apart. Bendix mags can melt the distributor block bushing if it wasn't baked with oil in it at the 500hr inspection per the service manual. What kind of mags do you have.
  8. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    I don't think you can add fuel capacity besides the 64 gallons n bladder mod. Monroy 100 gallon tanks are another different stc.
  9. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    My J will do 172-173 knots at 1000'. Same fuel burn as a Bonanza at that speed too, 15 GPH.
  10. Remove the belly panels and drill from below. One guy in the cabin with a punch, find where you want it, push against the aluminum. The guy with the drill can see it. Then drill there. All the obstructions are on the bottom so if it's unsuitable move over a little and repeat the push watch routine, then drill there. The only area that's crowded is under the pilot seat. We used #8 or #6 stud snaps from sailrite. Guy in cabin puts th snap in the hole and holds it with a #2 bit screwdriver. the guy underneath, spins the nut on with a 1/4" ratchet and extension. All in all it's a 3 hour job but no repeats. When the snaps are on the floor, put in the carpet. Take a pick and center it on the male snap. Then push it through the carpet, make a hole to locate the snap. then peen your female snap on The carpet. That goes much faster.
  11. RPM vs. Man Pressure - Engine Brain Teaser

    The Lycoming operators manual shows 5-6" over square and that's ROP cylinder pressure. The whole square thing is a myth. Maybe be it was taught because some people can only remember 4 numbers, 22 square, 23 square, 24 square and 25 square. Ovations and 182s are 6" oversquare wirh no time limit. 231s are 9" oversquare and I used to fly a Turbo Navajo that ran at 56" of MP on takeoff. 19" oversquare. We ran the piss out of that plane, 80% power 50ROP and it went 2000 hours.
  12. Engine mounts

    That's unethical. 10-15% to make a phone call to avail is one thing but that is crazy.
  13. In south Texas even the expensive industrial Velcro moves. It won't stick to carpet so we sewed it to the carpet. Then it pulls the other side off the floor. Not before it slides an inch. . And I even tried it on the sidewall trim and it came unglued there too, the industrial simply pulls one side free from the substrate. it doesn't work. Snaps, however, do. Three per side at the rear near the spar, 4 under the front lip of the seat. One bweteen the rudder pedals. Two per end on the center strip. Several years now, no problems.
  14. Garmin G5 anybody?

    Digital to analog back to digital.
  15. Sandel troubles

    The KG102 is a solid gyro that runs trouble free for thousands of hours. Just get another good serviceable one and roll on