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  1. Water still runs in between the wing lap seams. The trailing edge spar. That’s not watertight. The aileron pushrod exit hole. The entire belly. The landing gear wells have several fist size holes in them. No.
  2. From this report. Mooney sold 7 airplanes in 2018 Cirrus 380 Beechcraft G36 15
  3. It appears you’re trying to insinuate that ATPs have more accidents or something. i don’t know where you got those numbers but they are completely cherry picked. from your link.
  4. Otto P7 series are a nice tactile feedback switch. There are other P series too. Mouser.
  5. No. How do you inspect the wing when it’s full of foam or sealed off with fuel tank glue?
  6. That looks like a whelen strobe. The tube is like 80$.
  7. There is a switch on the right side main landing gear push rod in the belly. There’s a metal tab bolted to the pushrod, and when the tab reaches a certain point, it contacts a limit switch attached to the plane. This switch turns off the gear motor and illuminates the gear down light. The motor overruns slightly which creates some additional down pre-load from the values that you measure every year at annual. . basically as long as everything is rigged properly and everything is tight and there are no loose Heim bearings and that sort of thing, if one gear is down theyre all down.
  8. Use snaps on the carpet to keep it from moving around. And when you want to clean and vacuum them they remove in a few mins.
  9. Or an hour into flight. And then crash. But hey, saved a bundle.
  10. Report back with photo proof please.
  11. Beechcraft for years claimed the V tail “has never had an inflight structural failure inside the flight envelope.” It’s just that the V tail model cruised very close to redline airspeed. But it was like 96 V tail breakups compared to like two straight tail versions. After the tail cuff AD mod, only a couple.
  12. Here is the msds. It’s mineral spirits and light spirit.