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  1. 1000 hours on a Kelly overhauled mag. I did the 500hr on it before, but everything now inside it was crap. There was a distributor gear from 1976 in there. Including the impulse coupler.
  2. Sent mine to Aircraft Magneto Service. Around 900-11150$. Mine needed a lot.
  3. They didn't say they checked the steel tube cage or spars for corrosion. They didn't really say what they did
  4. Too bad their mags don't pass muster. Ive done a few of these conversions and the best one I've seen yet is the Bendix magneto with a surefly on the other side, and a Maggie harness.... bulletproof. this year our plane is getting the 1200 mag rebuilt and then electroAir on the other side. We'll see how well that does.
  5. Baking soda solution. Then good rinse
  6. You'll find that the warranty the title company offers is the same warranty the Carfax offers for vehicles. If the lien was recorded at the time they did the search they will warrant it but if it comes in later, they won't. And right now, FAA liens are taking several months to record, so there's probably gonna be a lot more of this.
  7. Maybe some real stripper on the area to clean it off before working the corrosion. I'd also hit the spots of corrosion with alumiprep 33 before neutralizing then the preokote. It really gets the corrosion out of the dark pits. Keep it wet and clean. Then prekote. Then white epoxy primer
  8. they stopped support for the vacuum brakes. They want you to buy electric ones for 8K and then spend a few grand installing them.
  9. The prop is 10-12 grand, the engine is probably around 16 or more, plus the crank and any other damage. Cranks alone are 6-7k and you're lucky to find one for that. skin repairs.... it adds up to 60-$70,000 pretty quickly.
  10. That's what happened to Sonex, they started building defense parts, and now all of their JSX-2 is on hold. Their rate is progress is probably going to be permanent vaporware.. .So it'll be good for the company if making money is what the company wants but it won't necessarily translate to more and better parts availability for Mooney airplanes. I've got 4000 bucks worth of fiberglass window frame pieces on hold for my plane, and they said they had to wait till the fall to make them because the air conditioner in the Layup Room is broken.
  11. It's quite shocking how about half of the planes we get in for the first time have no AD list. The owner says "what is that". The previous statement from the last year's annual saying "All AD's complied with" is a cop-out. They're no showing of work. And you often find AD's that are not complied with a dozen years after it came out.
  12. Install it with green Loctite too. And then let it dry before you put the screw in there. Those things have a nasty habit of coming out with the screw which enlarges the wheel oversize yet again and it's really hard to fix that. Plus those wheel halves are pretty expensive when you price one.
  13. The thing about aerodynamically clean airplanes is the bucket is not equally shaped at all, it rises in a nonlinear fashion on the low side, and it rises very slow for a good while, and then increases in a nonlinear fashion at a quite high airspeed. I think what that means is Carson speed assumes, a normal drag profile where as the Mooney is cleaner and there's not much penalty for going faster, and usually there's not a whole lotta penalty for going at full throttle and 2500 RPM. Now yes you can slow it down to 55% power and stretch the range by about 15%, but the 40 or $50 an hour it cost the tach hour meter to turn over, is wash with the fuel savings, or even a loss. 65% seems like the cheapest trip cost.
  14. The Velcro glue gets sticky in the heat and pulls loose. Plus the carpet shifts around whenever it's hot because the Velcro glue doesn't hold all that well. But you can screw these into the floor and then they make a complementary stud snap that peens into the carpet and then you can remove it and wash it or take it home . Pull the belly panels and have a helper help you locate the snaps but we put 4 under the front of the passenger seat, 2 under the pilot seat, and two at the rear for each piece. Also 1 between each rudder pedal set. https://www.sailrite.com/Snap-Fastener-Machine-Screw-3-8-8-32-Nickel-Plated-Key-H
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