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  1. if he is satisfied collecting 3900$ gross a month, for a few more months then I guess he is happy with that. It still seems significantly higher than real world. But its not real wages, and I dont think its why aircraft prices are rising. 3% aircraft loans may be a causal factor.
  2. It’s going to be around 5-$7000 for 2 GI275’s installed in a modern airplane and interfaced to an autopilot. Friend just paid 14 grand smooth, for this deal, so with the Garmin rebate it’s 1000 bucks less, but still not cheap. That said, the G.I. 275 is fantastic, it’s an STC’d robust instrument that is I think far high quality than a G5. I’ve installed G5’s and I’ve installed GI275’s, I have a G5 my personal airplane. And I strongly prefer the 275, it is a more for more situation, but in a 3 inch hole, more is what you want. And it’s not just a passing observation based on the pilots
  3. The BMEP decreases with a higher RPM given a fixed throttle setting.
  4. We just had a Prestolite alternator overhauled “repaired” at Modified in Brooks KY for 279$. Can’t beat these guys. They get all my older stuff.
  5. The GTx345 gives the audio traffic alerts. the GTN terrain alerts come from that box.
  6. Update. I sent it to Don Maxwell had it repaired by his guy there. Looking back, I should’ve just bought a new PP or Zeftronics regulator, and cut the Canon plug off and wired it to the new unit. The 201 it’s easy to do. The 252 would require two of those.
  7. i dont think it can. A GI275 will. we're putting in one this week in a PA30. I think an attitude G5 gets a position source from the primary GPS navigator via RS232 direct, and I also see a CDI scale at the bottom, but its very basic data.
  8. yes 14,200$ but thats an "overhaul" no accessories. which isnt reallty an overhaul. When you ask for a new cam, lifters, and cylinders, its more than a factory motor.
  9. I just sent in a client's KX 165 to be repaired. The screen is not repairable when you have enough digit segments go bad they just suggest you throw it away, but his is still working pretty good, but the nav part stopped working because of the electrolytic capacitors on the board go bad after a bit. I can show you the invoice but it's about 900 bucks to go through a 165 at Bevan, and then you're good for another 5 to 10 years. But it's also just about the cost of flat rate an SL30 which is SMT technology, and does not have failing electrolytic capacitors. Not much cheaper than flat rate repair
  10. I waited around several years for the IFD540, and their DFC90 Autopilot, and, frankly, the GTN750 blows it away. So we bought a used 750 and installed it. Same with their other stuff, it just works. We're arms deep in another major upgrade to my buddy's PA30 Twin Comanche. It had a GTN750, and a G500. We installed a GI275, a G500 TXI upgrade, and, now, new CB panels, instrument panel, and a second GI275 plus WX500 stormscope. . It just works. Well, the S-TEC 55x autopilot is an issue, we have to buy an expensive annunciator to display the autopilot nav modes because that is proprietary
  11. If somebody wants the 54 gallon part I would like the extra 10gal part
  12. Looking for a Mooney M20K 252 or M20J 28V voltage regulator. Electrodelta VR802. thanks byron.
  13. The Garmin EIS on the large panels looks really good, but a GI275 engine monitor is not only expensive, but the presentation is terrible.
  14. That shelf back there is very noisy, even things like Pitot heat make it get crazy because mostly they avionics shelf handles all the current back to a post and then to the negative battery terminal. So there’s so much skin current back there it just kills the magnetometer. I put the one I installed in the right wing.
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