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  1. Engine restart question

    Maybe 1/8”-1/4” open. Just crack it slightly.
  2. Upgrade paths

    The GTN750 is quite a bit taller in th stack than the 430 and 530.
  3. Off field landing at KSGH

    The front corner of your lower gear door appears bent inwards. I’d straighten that and check the other one too, maybe do a retract check on jacks to check the fit.
  4. Pee in a bottle save 24$. Or fly dehydrated and save that money without buying a travel john or a lady J adapter.
  5. The engine overhaul

    Thing is they can’t even tell us which lifter and cam combinations won’t spall. Like my boss’s 1979 piper arrow built in 1987 with 2300 hours. It did a ARC race 3 years ago. It sits 3 months at s time too.
  6. The engine overhaul

    Guys have put lifter bodies in humid cabinets and in a dried out box and the one clearly is rusted and one is not.
  7. The engine overhaul

    I never said that. But I did say it was an anti corrosive agent and helps extend the time between flying before corrosion sets in to around 14 days vs as little as 3. Perhaps they need to make an extra strength version for the IO360 since just about every one spalls out.
  8. The engine overhaul

    One friend of mine paid for new Lifters and camshaft and after 200 hours it spalls out and he looks at the invoice and the part number ends in a -R. He calls the overhaul shop and they used reground lifters. They told him it’s the same price and same quality and no difference at all so basically he got screwed. His third engine seems to be doing OK now. Bottom line absolutely verify that Lycoming DLC lifters went into the engine.
  9. The engine overhaul

    A lot of people of had to redo their engine sometimes very soon after overhaul because of reground lifters. And the new lifters are no guarantee that Spalling doesn’t occur very soon again either. However the new Lycoming carbide lifters appear to be immune to this. This is from my friends 600 SMOh engine.
  10. reasons for having a GTN750 and 650?

    And iPad is not intendedfor, nor does have the proper lateral resolution to use for any type of an actual instrument approach. Certainly not any vertical guidance. You’d have to be several failure layers deep to be at that point and I don’t ever plan on being there. Worst case alternator failure and your 200 miles from an aisport above minimims. Turn everything off, gang bar the whole thing, and fly for 90 minutes by dead reckoning using your iPad to get near the airport you’re going to do an approach then turn it all back on and do the ILS,but I see people try to think that they can use an iPad to get down below the clouds and shoot a real approach and I wonder. It’s not suitable for that.
  11. Time for a new Mag

    If you can fix Bendix 1200s they don’t need to be pressurized.
  12. Time for a new Mag

    I think the Mooney Annual Checklist has yoy check the point gap every year
  13. reasons for having a GTN750 and 650?

    Have you verified that thing will show an ILS and you can actually fly it? Every time I hear of someone trying to use a handheld com either the battery is dead or it won’t transmit very far. Just wondering. I think at a minimum you would need to somehow verify battery capacity and to verify it’s charged before taking off
  14. reasons for having a GTN750 and 650?

    Everyon seems to want an iPad with two AHRS, two sources of traffic and ADSB, and an external antenna plug with a hand held COM but there’s a new push to eliminate the second NAV. Why bother. I got an ASPEN and two iPads. This is faulty thinking. You need a second, indepent box that can actually navigate you down an ILS to a runway somewhere if your fancy GPS conks out. It happens.