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  1. Are the blades for a C214 not being made anymore? Or are they just that expensive? curious.
  2. No. The castleberry is a more capable instrument than a turn and bank. Also there is no longer a need for a 2 minute turn indicator. 17 degrees of bank at 100kt. 22 degrees at 150kt.
  3. Sarsota’s Quotes are always the highest. They say well Florida has no sales tax. That’s right, but it doesn’t mean they keep all of it.
  4. A local alternator shop can repair that post for 30$. Thats a fairly standard part.
  5. what kind of alternator? If its the Kelly reman unit its a 1960s Ford alternator. That post can be easily repaired.
  6. A couple of years ago champion stopped making them with resistor stacks and started using fired-in resistors and they’re sealed. . Doesn’t mean that they’re any better it just means they can’t be messed with
  7. The latest one I saw, crashed and killed the pilot. Bugatti 100P.
  8. Its a great idea but gets very complicated and very expensive very quickly. You would need a fast-acting rudder servo, a yaw sensor, and two torque meters to measure the engine torque. And some kind of computer to run it. Then some kind of inhibit mode above a certain airspeed, and some kind of test function. And some kind of way to prevent it from accidentally acting. Then it has to be calibrated to every model of airplane it goes on. We could probably save more lives with some kind of auto tank switching device. Since most engine failures are caused by fuel contamination, with air. When the plane crashes, there is fuel onboard somewhere. Interestingly, a news article about emergency grounding over flight control system erroneously activating.
  9. For 4200$ in 2012 you could have nearly upgraded it the the improved -B hub and eliminated the AD also.
  10. Try bleeding them like a car from the copilot side. It pulls fresh fluid into the pilot side
  11. mostly because the digital magnetometer fails the pre-install check.
  12. Kelly aerospace was bought by Hartzell. Its the same company in Alabama, the same employees who cant read, spell, or put accessories together correctly.
  13. I put a king flux gate in the right wing of my plane. I pulled the wire to the aft edge of the rib outboard of the wheel well, then puled it behind the wheel well into the belly of the plane. There are two smaller oval-shaped inspection panels behind the wheel well to help. then through the belly to the LH side, then up through the factory-provided hole in the floor to the main bundle along the LH side. Wrap the wire with silicone self-fusing tape for a few inches where it goes through the gap at the back of the rib.
  14. Finally a real SL30 alternative. Because those things are stsrting to get old.
  15. That’s why some folks are very adamant about not trimming in the flare. It makes a nice smooth landing but a go-around can kill. If not for the far too nose-up trim, but also that nose up trim jamming against the stop.