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  1. The alpha jacks aren’t that expensive. Just buy one if you have to.
  2. He has some personal beef with Edison and won’t sell him the STC. And he can’t/won’t make kits.
  3. Jose wont make kits and wants a hundred grand for the STC. So it seems to be the end of the line for long range tank kits.
  4. You can Hydro lock a can of Berrymans B12 chemtool in the cylinder and let it sit for a couple days, this tends to soften up the carbon, it may free up your oil control ring stuck issue
  5. Isn’t the no back spring where only the replacement ones had failed? I mean a clock spring by design gets flexed twice a second for 60 years and doesn’t fail, I just don’t get it I guess
  6. It’s funny you mention that, the guys in Montana won’t do the dual magneto but the guys at Van Nuys did, 550$ out the door and it’s also super fantastic.
  7. Take $40 hit on shipping and send them to Aircraft Magneto service in Missoula Montana. For one thing they're probably cheaper, for 2 they do fantastic work. And they stand behind their product.
  8. its already 2400 RPM, which is lower than a 172. And a higher prop speed, is higher downrange at every point than one who pulls the prop back, and higher flying airplanes are quieter than lower ones. I find it funny, for example, a dude buys a M20E, pulls the prop back to 2500 RPM to be "easy on it". Lower noise. Then he buys an Ovation. And he wants to be easy on the motor, so he pulls it back to 2300 for climb. Then he gets a screaming eagle conversion, and he pulls it back to 2500 for climb to be easy on it, but it's the same airplane.
  9. Pin extractor tools are really a hassle. The best ones I've seen so far are from a company called Daniels manufacturing, DMC.
  10. It’s not really a faircomparison between factory new and and 5-6 pages of discrepancies. I mean airplanes are old and the price should reflect condition. But if it’s got six pages of discrepancies it’s not a top of the market creampuff open checkbook airplane. It’s a run down airplane that needs a lot of work.We recently did a pre-by inspection on a 252 that the guy said was maintain top-notch at this place in Hagerstown. Well let me tell you Hagerstown does excellent sheet-metal work but the rest of the airplane needed quite a bit of attention. Things like there was no A.D. list in the airc
  11. It sounds like the T11001 is the same thing as a BA706M and without the foam cylinder insert. But again, the rubber that they had it made with is so stiff it’s flat across as a seal down to a half inch of thickness, when you close the door and you can see daylight around it. I even made a video of it and sent it to Brown and you know what year and a half later still not resolved. But look the old door seal that I bought brand new two years ago is round and cross-section thin and supple. The one on the left is the new version, it’s like pre-crushed flat, even flatter than the 30-year-old s
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