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  1. It’s a garmin flat rate item.
  2. All the servos have to be replaced. Butvit’s a 22k job not 40K. Keep shopping.
  3. At least you get arrested and charged. In the case of theft on the Internet there’s no consequence there is literally no reason not to try. And I must have been the first one, because after we googled this guys name on the Internet through about 10 people who got scammed by him for a few thousand bucks apiece.At least you get arrested and charged. In the case of theft of the Internet there’s no consequence there is literally no reason not to try.
  4. Yeah I got scammed out of $3700 for a stormscope WX 500. He had photos, he had an 813o wirh seria l number. All that. Steal a 51$ item from Walmart and see what happens to you. They should apply the same standard. Theft is theft.
  5. but thats for a FAR 23 airplane, but the Mooney M20R is certified under CAR 3.
  6. i dont see the requirement for a MAP gauge for the controllable pitch propeller part. Can you cite a source? also, Mooneys were certified under CAR 3. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/14/91.205
  7. for an altitude engine, is the ovation an altitude engine?
  8. last I heard the sheet metal was riveted to angle aluminum sections which were screwed to the tubing.
  9. I had a client who bought a twin commanche and it had two fresh engines, props, and new Barry mounts in it. The aircraft would resonate and shudder so bad you might think it was coming apart. Lord mounts fixed it.
  10. Do a flaps up takeoff get it up to about 85 or 90 miles an hour and then lift off and if the shudder is worse you found your problem, and as other people said if you brake and it stops that’s your problem but we had this too and it was out of balance tire
  11. wasn’t that the plane that was on eBay for like 30 grand a few years ago? Also where are they going to get Valve springs or an overhaul kit for this thing? $109,000 is a stretch maybe 20% of that.
  12. Don’t pull the prop back to 2500 RPM, leave at 2700 leave the throttle full open, and climb at a higher speed like 140 mph. All these things will get you to altitude sooner, cooler and more efficiently and then the cruise portion begins, where your temps are lower and pressures are higher also.
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