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  1. Exactly. If it’s minor, don’t fill out the 337, thus declaring it Major, to “cover your backside”.
  2. Tempest Fine wire plugs last 2000 hours or more. Champion Fw plugs get cracks on the insulators.. What resistance was he getting?
  3. I’m pretty sure the Feds won’t let you use STC data as approved data for your own STC. intellectual property and all.
  4. 24/2400 is ~65% power. That’s not high anything.
  5. Anything that burns your skin like that can’t be good for paint. We thought it was good too. After the 8-10th washing the paint started coming off in large areas. And it was dull.
  6. Simple green corrodes aluminum. The aviation purple kind is less corrosive but kills the paint, it pulls the plasticizers out of the paint and causes it to dry up, fade, alligator, and chip off.
  7. The outlet fitting on the fuel pump is adjustable. You can clock it forward or slight up to effectively shorten the hose from the outlet fitting to the servo inlet, in order to provide the necessary clearance.
  8. You use two metal hose clamps. Around the pipe and through the loop. Works great.
  9. No, we tried that, it burns away. These won’t.
  10. Make sure you have a good umbrella policy. Unfortunately I can’t find one that includes airplane crashes or professional liability as an A/P.
  11. If you follow the JPI instructions the only place for that transducer is between the fuel pump in the fuel injector servo inlet. Which puts it behind the number 4 exhaust riser. I have previously posted all of the 124J fuel hoses part numbers. It’s two hoses there. Mine work perfectly. It’s about 1 inch of clearance. Less than the 2 inches suggested to be optimal but good enough when you put the aircraft spruce heat shield on the number 4 exhaust pipe
  12. Until he gets audited. You have to have a legitimate buisness use for the airplane, and they love to disallow them.
  13. pulling the wire down the fire sleeve and out the end of it will eventually tear up the wires going into the FF sensor. (instead of poking a hole in the fire sleeve and fishing the wires out per the drawings). thats what happened to both sides of my friend's PA30 twin comanche Those things are also way over 300$ each, now, as well.