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  1. Use denatured alcohol, xylene or MEK to remove the glue. Then put in either new carpet or your carpet with the foam removed and install snaps in the floor. The female in the carpet. Two at the rear of each carpet strip. One each between the rude pedals. Two at the forward end of the center strip. And 4 under the front of the pass seat. 2 under the front of the pilot seat. Sailrite has The snaps and the tool
  2. Question is how do you measure or verify 100cd of brightness from zero degrees forward to 110 degrees aft, and from 90 degrees up through down. Those are the requirements and like i mentioned earlier, LEDs tend to have dark spots in random areas.
  3. A real problem with LED bulbs is that they require an array to meet aspherical illumination requirements. LED emitters have a very narrow beam, and if you just stick one in the wingtip it’ll be bright in some areas and not as bright in others. Incandescent bulb radiates light in 360° of sphere from the elements, and LED like I said must have an array and it must be shaped properly. There’s a lot of LED bulbs out there that are not very bright at all
  4. Permatex aviation sealer is a very dark brown, almost black. it’s not about getting more Life from them, it’s about the gasket sealing when installed
  5. I’m not sure how accurate the % hp is. Does the unit calculate HP when ROP, at peak, or LOp? They are different values
  6. I think it is overdone. At the top of the 337 form, it says for major alterations. Then go read the far part 1 definition of major alteration. “14 CFR Part 1.1 Major alteration means an alteration not listed in the aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller specifications - (1) That might appreciably affect weight, balance, structural strength, performance, powerplant operation, flight characteristics, or other qualities affecting airworthiness; or (2) That is not done according to accepted practices or cannot be done by elementary operations. Minor alteration means an alteration other than a major alteration.”” I get the STC changes the type certificate of their plane and it it should be documented, but the installing mechanic decides whether it’s major or minor. Not the person who made the Rosen sunvisors. To install the ADSB wingtip Beacon you fit the unit in place of the removed NAV light assembly. You not change any holes or even hardware. Anyway that letter from their regional Counsel explains it just the same
  7. GAMi has a test just for this, they call it a high-low test. I did that, and it was inconclusive. Then we pressurized the intake with the exhaust of a shop vac. Again no leaking Intake gaskets found. So I preemptively change them anyway, the simple cheap paper gaskets. But I coated them with permatex aviation sealer. Anyway after we did all that work the airplane wouldn’t start so I cracked the throttle a good bit and then It would start but is soon as you pull the power to idle it would shut it off cleanly. It took about three turns on the idle stop screw to get it to idle smoothly at low RPM. That’s how big of a vacuum leak we fixed. And this was on a 200 hour factory engine that hadn’t been apart. So I’m a big believer in coating those gaskets now for sure.
  8. This is also form the FAA. seems if it’s on the STC AML and it is NOT a FAR 1.1 definition of major, it can be a log entry.. “Therefore, an alteration done in accordance with a STC would constitute a major alteration if it "might appreciably affect weight, balance, structural strength, performance, powerplant operation, flight characteristics, or other qualities affecting airwmihiness" or "is not done according to accepted practices or cannot be done by elementary operations." 14 C.F.R. § 1.1. Any such alteration would require the completion of FAA Form 337.” - (2016) legal interpretation.pdf
  9. That’s indicative of An induction leak. The higher vacuum of part-throttle operation causes the vacuum leak to admit more air than at WOT. Which can change the spread
  10. I don’t have a whole lot of faith in synthetic vision finding you a road without wires or obstructions. As far as flat terrain, yes the terrain in Texas and Eastern CO is fairly flat, but there are plenty of trees and other obstacles. Really it’s just going to come down to luck.
  11. The wingtip sky beacon is a minor alteration, thus no 337 form. But the whole premise of leaving the NAV lights on ( especially while not being placarded) it is pretty stupid. Also a lot of aircraft, when you turn the NAV lights on it dims the landing gear and the clock and the radio lights. Then you can’t see it the gear is down or up because the lights are too dim to see. And another thing, the wingtip sky beacon strobe light is a joke. It’s not as bright as an iPhone flashlight and the pattern is pretty terrible too. But somehow they conned the FAA into accepting it as meeting the requirements.
  12. That sniffle valve is actually a Mooney airframe part. So the bottom of the manifold may have a pipe plug in it but this is an airframe item.
  13. The bulb is certified as part of an assembly that is certified. That Bulb the OP was holding his hand was certainly not some garden-variety incandescent bulb, it was a very specific shape with a backlit reflector inside. That puts light in a certain pattern that’s acceptable. But when you put a 360 degree LED bulb in there don’t really know what you’re getting. the whelen chroma led bulbs also have that shape or light pattern.
  14. What product is that. I got the soundex stuff from aircraft spruce but sent it back because it weighed 20lb.