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  1. jetdriven

    Tach time as hobbs etc.

    Not really. FAR part 1 flight time is defines as brakes release with purposes of flight and ends when it comes to rest after landing. An oil pressure hobbs meter approximates that pretty well. A clock can too, but a hobbs records and accumulates, its easier to verify. This matters most when you finally get that Baron you always wanted, and since you have 469 hours, its not the 500 they require, and your insurance is 7k a year instead of 3500$.
  2. jetdriven

    The Missile gets a facelift

    just not this
  3. jetdriven

    Oil consumption versus RPM?

    I cant give you scientific info but my 95 PSI engine in cruise burns 1qt in about 20 hours.
  4. If the divider dumps fuel overboard, then where is the drain line?
  5. Dont give in to the fake mechanic giving bad advice and getting people killed.
  6. jetdriven

    Tach time as hobbs etc.

    Buy a hobbs meter. It saves you cost in airframe time and it adds logbook (FAR part 1 PIC time) to your log book. For 40$, it pays for itself in two flights.
  7. jetdriven

    Paint recommendations

    Plane schemers is a rip-off off Scheme Designers. Their airplane drawings don’t match the size of the airplane which makes it interesting when they go to tape it up.
  8. jetdriven

    GPSS & Waypoints

    A GNS530 commands a correct turn anticipation for a 150 degree course change beucause I’ve seen that. flying over the waypoint Keeps you within 4nm of course centerline right up until it sends you out the side at nearly 90 degree. That’s not normal behavior.
  9. jetdriven

    Paint recommendations

    Look at all the runs on that thing!
  10. jetdriven

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Wire is cheap. Put it on the rear shelf. I built the harnesses. Its 15' of wire to get back there, and its about 9 pieces of wire.
  11. jetdriven

    Paint recommendations

    Is Hawk quoting thart for a Mooney long body? Because last I heard he is getting mid 10's for a Mooney M20J, and I have a hard time thinking that an extra 8" of fuselage nearly doubles the price.
  12. jetdriven

    Paint recommendations

    I hate to be a Debbie downer here but silver or pearl coat white is the last base I would ever use on an airplane. For one thing it depends on the painter it depends on the day but silver doesn’t always come out of the gun onto the airplane and looks the same. I’ve seen banding and I’ve seen stripes on silver airplanes when the painter would spray One Direction with the gun leading, and with the gun perpendicular or lagging on the opposite pass and this actually makes it look different. And once it is sprayed, You own it. Also inspection covers get painted off the airplane and those won’t match either. And then god help you if you ever scratch it or need to touch up something because it is not going to be anywhere near.
  13. jetdriven

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    I installed mine on the rear avionics shelf. Next to the GTX345r, ELT, stormscope box, KMt112, DME, and STEC30ALT computer.
  14. jetdriven

    Paint recommendations

    That’s new cool look. I saw the one this was modeled after unfortunately after I finalized my design. Otherwise hell yes, it’s the best I’ve ever seen.
  15. jetdriven

    Add GPSS / Roll Steering Converter???

    The GDC31 GPSS is a good unit. It is actually set up to be a submode of heading. So when the DAC GPSS switch is set to HDG, it simply passes the heading through to the autopilot. When set to GPS, it modifies the heading signal to fly curved lines. Its a very important distinction and adds to the workload of checking out in a technically advanced aircraft. When you hit AP-ON, in the soup, you shouldnt be surprised when it suddenly takes a hard right, you expected HDG and got a hard right to intercept a full scale course deviation.