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  1. jetdriven

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    Bought a 1200 smoh engine from Tulsa. Flew 100hr/yr for 10 years, then 50 one year. Then 15 year 12. We got it and flew 250hr in about 9 months then 3 lifters were spalled. Note: we pulled the #1 cylinder off and the lifters we could inspect were all good. Of the people I know would like coming engines I would say they’re probably half of them it’s happened to. Oddly enough none of them built before about 1992 or 1994 however
  2. jetdriven

    It might be overhaul time...

    Not possible. And idk why you would really want to. The rollers are tool steel and they don’t spall, they roll.
  3. jetdriven

    It might be overhaul time...

    Clearly the mechanics on that FB post disagreed. I eventually quit talking about it. But I wouldn’t use those guys for a prebuy nor the shop this Op used.
  4. jetdriven

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    we painted that Thunderbird on. But actually it’s better if you reverse mask it and then peel it off to reveal the white
  5. jetdriven

    It might be overhaul time...

    Well the Facebook thread didn’t really quickly to people calling me a kook because I recommended pulling lifters and inspecting them at pre-buy it which is not hard to do on these things but it seems the other mechanics on the thread thought it was invasive and unnecessary. But they’re not the ones having to buy a $40,000 engine right now either
  6. jetdriven


    A three blade prop has three tips which create vortices. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  7. my wife, being rather cheap, suggested we get a GPS and ADS-B, since we couldnt hardly fly anywhere IFR. before: DURING: yes I did this in the hangar. AFTER: AFTER the first trip..... @Becca
  8. Coffee came out of my nose when I saw this it was so funny. Now I have to do the same. below
  9. jetdriven


    three blade prop is slower at most power settings, thus less efficient. Its even slower on an IO-520BA powered Bonanza. The 3-blade is part of the IO-550 STC on those, lots of lamenting about lost speed because of that too.
  10. jetdriven

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    I do not understand what you mean. It’s either a green band or a red light when you exceed 2700 RPM. What else constitutes this “light show” ?
  11. jetdriven

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    What do you mean new operating ranges? Isn’t the tach 2700 RPM redline and a yellow arc from 1450-1900 or similar?
  12. jetdriven

    S-tec 30 altitude hold oscillating

    If the static line Is disconnected in the tailcone it can cause some weird behavior. Changing airspeed raises or lowers the pressure in there which causes the alt hold to pitch up or down.
  13. Link? if there’s trash in your fuel tank then the plane wasn’t airworthy to begin with.
  14. Pretty much all these light singles the first two things after power loss is switch tanks and turn the boost pump on. It should be an automatic response. Often there is no time for a checklist