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  1. I’m not even sure if they sell the D3000 new anymore
  2. Imron numbers for example do not cross over to any commercial or automotive paint. They have to scan it to basically generate a number
  3. A&P insurance is more like 5500$, and if you want more than 1M/ 100k per person, its over twice that
  4. http://turbohoses.com/22degree.htm
  5. What tests are required for a CAR3 aircraft?
  6. the elevator basically only consists of two skins and a spar. So, if you tear both skins, thats basically the whole thing.
  7. For a flat wingtip early model, yes, its expensive. oil streaks. photographed. then drew with sharpie. no measurable difference. The KX170B was only receiving the glideslope 8nm out, after, 20nm out. So we needed to do something.
  8. A far bigger job for me. to replace the flat rib wingtips with the modern style would require new ailerons (7K, and I had already bought new flat aileron), and reskin the outboard section of the wing, plus the wingtips. So, 12 grand plus labor. I know folks use the Lasar kit which retains the flat ailerons in a slot. Ive seen this and it looks cheap. Plus, often the aileron end is sticking into the breeze, . those black parallel lines are the local airflow at 160KT IAS
  9. Lasar has Delrin seat rollers. Work good last long time
  10. I just fixed an issue like this on a twin Comanche, he had a new fuel bladders put in, but the vent is actually part of the filler neck of the aircraft, but the gasket had no hole to pass the air through to the Aux tank vent , he noticed the wheezing noise when he removed the caps and the inside of bladder look kind of collapsed. And that’s what it was doing it was sucking the bladder inside the wing like a Capri Sun bag. I guess whenever they installed the bladder they didn’t blow into the vent to verify that it was working
  11. The local airflow there is actually angled downwards about 2 degrees. But the blades looked dumb like that with the leading edge up. They theoretically provide downforce when placed level, which is adding force in the direction the tail needs it anyway, so theoretically it unloads the stab a little. So, not sure how much total drag they actually add. I still think its slightly less than a 28" wingspan steel rod cat whisker.
  12. I replaced the cat whiskers with a set of blade antennas. Im not sure how the factory did it cause the fin is only 3/4" thick there and the 90 degree BNC connectors are 1"... And i put in plates with nutplates on them, I think you'd use rivnuts. Anyways quite a project but looks cant be beat. looking through the photos I had quite the rat rod / parts chasing shop beater. We caught the FBO employees actually laughing at us. But it was winning air races and we could go anywhere with a VFR GPS and a VOR.
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