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  1. jetdriven

    Tempest oil filters

    Yes gasket contact plus 3/4 turn gets it every time. You’re looking for a rubber gasket crush. Depending on a few factors, 18ftlb torque may not be close. Its the same thing with the crush gasket on the oil sump screen.
  2. jetdriven

    Improved speed documented

    Just remember the Aspen calculates true airspeed from the IAS which if you look in the POH reads about 2 to 3kt high at cruise. CAS is less.
  3. jetdriven

    2 Nav units?

    curious why the GTX345 and not the -R remote version. cleans the panel up even more. Also, why put it in the middle of the right side. very top or bottom leaves room for shiny new displays not invented yet
  4. jetdriven

    Factory or speed mod?

    I bought the 05-02200 and its similar but doesn’t work. 1/16” panel thickness it doesn’t grab the metal right. That metal is .032”. Call Lasar. I couldn’t find it anywhere else.
  5. jetdriven

    Factory or speed mod?

    LASAR sells it. It’s called U-channel
  6. jetdriven

    Checklist overload

    Much is beucause people put down flaps before the gear. Then forget the gear and go full flaps. The drag profiles and flight characteristics are similar. Putting gear down before touching the flap lever, helps avoid this threat. Another is practicing an engine out to a landing. Just commit to a go- around at the end of the scenario.
  7. jetdriven

    Cost for a factory new IO-360 for a J

    The cam isn’t ususly the problem. Cams don’t cause lifters to spall, and nearly every one of them that’s opened up has several spalled lifters. And another thing you can’t run two diamond coated surfaces together. One must be softer.
  8. jetdriven

    Checklist overload

    Do the Flow then back up critical items with a checklist. I’ve seen pilot with a starting engine checklist. Reading each item. Fuel pump on. Throttle full. Mixture rich. Fuel flow. ICO. Pump off. Key-turn. Lightoff- mixture rich. (Engine racing at 1700 RPM with no oil pressure...still reading.... airplane is creeping forward ). Oil presssure , radios on. RPM 1200......... Just start the airplane. Check oil pressure and RPM, then go. Airlines and 135 operators do this. It’s fast. Accurate. Efficient. And safer. Its a CHECK list not a DO list. It’s a different philosophy and not often taught by pt91 instructors. Do the procedure, check it with the list. If you’re not familiar enough with the procedure, practice until you are. We don’t have a checklist for a turn..aileron-apply in direction of turn....rudder- apply half as much same direction....elevator-hold altitude....power-add to maintain airspeed. Clear the area..... of course not this is silly, it’s pilots doing what pilots do, fly. So take this a step further and apply it to your starting procedure, ifr departure radio setup, before landing... flying gets easier The important stuff is printed on a placard on the panel. No need for a 37 page checklist.
  9. jetdriven

    IO-550 Question

    Patently untrue. There’s plenty of engines that look perfect on the outside and corroded on the inside. They’re vastly different for one. Inside is steel polished parts and the outside is painted aluminum. Also, condensation forms inside the engine and that precipitated corrosion.
  10. jetdriven

    Rip In Inner-Gear Door Sheet Metal

    Don't feel bad its a fine repair. I just notice things on these planes.
  11. jetdriven

    Whelen Orion 650, and 500 LED lights

    We got 18 or 20% off. 600s for 449 each and the tail nav strobe for 335
  12. jetdriven

    Engine overhaul questions

    What failed on them? Yours are the first two that bob and Co. Have had to replace
  13. jetdriven

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    My 50w HID lights up the runway numbers enough to make them out from TWO MILES out. It a tight beam but it’s very bright where it lands. It also lights up the whole side of the house a half mile past the departure end of the runway when you over-flare a landing.
  14. jetdriven

    Engine overhaul questions

    I’m sure that contributes. But Bendix mags don’t self destruct with champion plugs. Stranding the pilot and costing 1500$ to repair
  15. jetdriven

    Engine overhaul questions

    I have personally changed about twenty of them in the past 3 years. Most had 300 hours or less. Arced and melted rotors. Melted breaker point lift cams. Lots of coil failures. One school brought over a Cherokee for annual. Coil bad on left mag wouldn’t start. After the annual they brought a 172 over to fetch it. The 172 was stranded. Bad left mag. You guys run what you want but my opinion. they’re garbage.