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  1. jetdriven

    Wing Walk Strip and Refresh

    Be sure to mask off your airplane to be sure to tape off all of the hanger openings that are possible. Because frequently people spray paint stuff in T hangars and that overspray migrates to several other hangers and you have several thousand dollars of claims for overspray
  2. You can also flush mount that unit to where the only thing sticking out above the skin is that little ring that goes onto the base there
  3. jetdriven

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    That looks like a plug for external power. Usually it bypasses the main battery so you can’t use it to charge the battery
  4. The whelen LeD beacon is 500$. It’s less than half that Red Baron and it has a little more drag, but not 500$ more.
  5. jetdriven

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    Fine wire plugs go over 2000 hours for a set. I have 650hours on these Tempest fine wire plugs, and they look new. No electrode wear. Do not blast them with abrasive media. It’s not needed and it ruins the plugs.
  6. jetdriven

    IO 550

    If its an airmelt crank I think it has the be retired when the case is split. Not sure what his is.
  7. jetdriven

    IO 550

    New problem created by rebuilders who cheap out and use a substandard alternator coupler, an inferior alternator bearing, or dont torque the alternator shaft hardware exact. This is well-known on BT, and the solution, as poor as it is, is to disassemble the alternator, inspect, and reassemble carefully. Then pull and check every few hundred hours.
  8. jetdriven

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    As do engines. New paint. New interior.
  9. jetdriven

    Realistic Maximum Value for 1976 M20F

    A spare no expenses F model I think would break 100k. My guess is that’s limited by a early J maximum value of ~125k
  10. jetdriven

    Which is the right RPM

    It’s not quieter. In fact it’s louder for the residents under the flight path because the aircraft is lower at every point downrange. This is only a 200HP airplane. Pulling even 10HP off reallly affect climb.
  11. jetdriven

    Which is the right RPM

    I also run 2500-2550 RPM in the M20J with the mccauley prop.
  12. jetdriven

    Killed LOP my engine?

    It still seems that 800 to 1000 hours is the life limit of a factory continental cylinder. The valves seats are not concentric to the valve stem, so the valves wobble in the guides and then they burn the valves and then that’s it
  13. jetdriven

    Under wing inspectionplates

    You can put the panel in with brass screws. Non-magnetic. The nit plates are steel but a very minimal impact to the local magnetic field around the flux valve. However they do make stainless nut plates also.
  14. jetdriven

    CFI rate per hour

    I charge a little more for maintenance work than instruction. I don’t get as dirty or get as many cuts on my hands as flying them.
  15. jetdriven

    CFI rate per hour

    $50-$60 an hour generally. Varies widely.