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  1. While you are there, drop in and say hello to the Maxwell crowd. Not a bad idea to know them personally, if you don't already.
  2. I assume you are going there for Maxwell to work on your plane. You can leave your plane at KRS and Maxwell will go over and get it.
  3. There are (or at least were) cheaper sources for those fuses. If need be, I can look to see if I can find my notes.
  4. So it appears some 67 F's were outside corner mounted and others were center post mounted.
  5. The LASAR visors were very good. I have a set in my plane. After LASAR quit stocking them, I began producing visors very much like theirs. I do not have an STC, but can make you a set as "owner produced" parts if you specify how you want them made, or as a minor modification. I am not certain about the F models, but if the mounting holes are at the upper outside of the windscreen, mine will fit. Don
  6. In my opinion, (without much actual knowledge), older trickle chargers were not good for batteries, but the modern "smart" chargers should work fine.
  7. Thanks for the nice words guys. JohnB, yes, my visors fit all the models with the mounting point on the upper outside of the windscreen, and I am virtually certain the M qualifies. They articulae to virtually any position. PM me if you want a set.
  8. Any word yet, Don, on the cause of your original problem?
  9. Has anyone noticed if the prices have dropped back to somewhat reasonable?
  10. I keep forgetting how lucky you guys are. My home drome did away with their self service operation, and if I want fuel at home, I have to call the truck.
  11. And deny one's self the fun of twisting safety wire?
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