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  1. DonMuncy

    Hawaii. Nice.

    Not fun, but thought provoking; go by the Punch Bowl memorial. I was moved to read my uncle's name there.
  2. DonMuncy

    Would you accept a clearance from her?

    The impossible part was that it is impossible to know what each of the participants knew or perhaps even understood at each step in the chain of communications. In hindsight, it is clear that everyone should have shut down and waited until it was sorted out. And I agree, with the correct decision made by the pilot who did so. But I am not sure at what stage I would have been certain enough that the controller was impaired, that I would have ignored her instructions to take some action. I would hate to have to make that decision. Naturally, the longer the slurring of words and incoherent sounding instructions were heard, the easier the decision would get.
  3. DonMuncy

    Would you accept a clearance from her?

    I don't know what I would have done, but it seems everyone there did a good job of dealing with an impossible situation.
  4. DonMuncy

    Hawaii. Nice.

    Hope your dad is OK.
  5. DonMuncy

    $100 Burger

    Wouldn't it be nice if a list could be maintained for good $100 hamburger places that would be updated in a meaningful manner. The sad truth is that aviation eating places often have a very short lifespan. But some of them last a long time, so a list that automatically dropped them off after a specific period of time would not work either. One other problem I have run across is that the days/hours of operation are hard to keep up with. Going to x airport restaurant on Sunday and finding it is only open weekdays is a pain.
  6. DonMuncy

    Engine hoses

    I think "inventory" implies that they intend to have one on hand when you need it. Even if it came in this morning and they send it to you this afternoon. If they only order it "for you", and don't intend to order another unless someone else calls for one, it is not inventory. I can see a little difference. If they order it for you, they have their time in ordering, etc. as you say. If they have it in inventory they also have the expense of the use of their money until someone buys it. Not being in the business, I have no idea what the markup would need to be for the two categories, or whether they even differentiate between them. But, yes, I agree with the general principal that we, as buyers, should expect to pay a markup for each of them.
  7. DonMuncy

    bleeding brakes

    Is that Mooney approved hose Very good information. What precautions did you take to make sure no air was introduced from the reservoir. This sounds a lot easier than back pressure purging.
  8. DonMuncy

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    Take a look at the ones in my albums, that my hangar elf built. I have plans for them, or could turn out another set.
  9. DonMuncy

    Control Locks

    Take a look at my albums for the control lock I built. It works very well. It requires the right horn of the pilot's yoke and the left horn of the copilot's yoke to have no obstructions in the hollow portion. Only a mild PITA to build unless you have excess time on your hands.
  10. DonMuncy

    Flight tracking

  11. DonMuncy

    Preventing Hangar Rash

    Are you saying your hangar is uphill pulling it out and uphill pushing it in
  12. DonMuncy

    Fuel bladder values

    It is kinda like selling a house with a swimming pool. For people who want a swimming pool, it increases the value a lot. For someone who doesn't want a swimming pool; not at all. From my reading of the posts, it appears that the bladder people vs non bladder people may be fairly evenly split.
  13. DonMuncy

    Bluebook, VREF and Mooney Values

    Lance, I think you are right to an extent. Yes he is hurting his business a little. But I think he more than makes up for it in credibility. I think this is shown by his business. My guess would be that Jimmy and David are the largest volume Mooney broker in the country.
  14. DonMuncy

    Bluebook, VREF and Mooney Values

    Jimmy, think you are wrong on one point. I, and a bunch of other people, consider you 'the guy' on values of Mooneys. (with apologies to David) I believe you are completely accurate on your assessment. I believe your expertise definitely has a value to the Mooney community, and especially to those needing to value their planes for a potential sale, and those in the market for a Mooney. Unfortunately, I do not have a good idea of how to monetize your efforts. If I were in the buying or selling mode, I would expect to pay to get your expertise on the market as it related to my interest. But as a matter of general interest, I would be hesitant to spend money for it. Back when you were writing your column in the MAPA log, I would periodically check my plane against your evaluation just to keep up with what it was worth. Yes, I admit I am a CB, and liked it fine, when I could tap your knowledge for free. Maybe I rationalized it by thinking it was a benefit of belonging to MAPA. (Good for MAPA; not necessarily so good for you.) For my purposes, it is almost a moot point, as, if I get in the buy/sell mode, I will come to you first.