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  1. I had a very bad experience with Byam, but I don't want to bad-mouth them on the forum, since my experience may not be typical of them. If you want to PM me, I will give you any details you want.
  2. Definitely get a Zeftronics. I'll bet if you call them, you can have a replacement post haste.
  3. DonMuncy

    79 231 -LB TIT Probe Question

    Take what I say with a grain of salt, as I only know what I have read and heard. The TIT is a max temperature to keep you from hurting the turbocharger. No damage to the engine itself. So yes, you don't want to ruin the TC, so being conservative is good. But you aren't worried about your cylinders. For those, the number you need to worry about is CHT.
  4. Examining the filter and doing an oil analysis find 2 different sets of problems, and doing both is better than not doing them. If you had to choose, cutting and looking at the filter is probably more likely to avert a problem. But since the oil analysis costs about the same or less than a filter, I think it is worthwhile. And yes, if I were buying, I would lean a little more favorably (although admittedly not a lot) on the engine with a good oil analysis history.
  5. DonMuncy

    Ever See a Caliper Crack?

    Larry, Strange. I assume that is a cast part, and I would suspect unlikely to crack. I bet you are one of a kind. Also suspect they are reasonably (in aviation-speak) priced.
  6. DonMuncy

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    I have a gas rig. and an old arc unit. I am contemplating a new cheap wire welder. Almost all my projects are not economically practical. But since my time is worth about 10 cents and hour now, I figure it is OK.
  7. DonMuncy

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    Smart aleck. Mine is not CNC.
  8. DonMuncy

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    I thought everybody had a mill and a lathe.
  9. DonMuncy

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    Someone told me that GB stood for god-awful bad, LB is a little better, and MB is much better.
  10. One of the harder jobs I found immediately after getting my Inst. rating was filing for a flight. I was taught how to fly on instruments, and how to fly an approach, etc., but somebody forgot to teach me how to choose a route or what departure and arrival to file. Hang in there. It gets better. And a side benefit is that under a flight plan, it is actually easier. Just do what ATC says.
  11. So you are saying the buffet occurs because the wing starts to stall, drops a hair, un-stalls a bit, drops a hair, etc. And the stall strip, being sharper than the curvature of the wing, accentuates that buffet. I had never thought about that. I am not knowledgeable about it either. Only what I have heard and read.
  12. I've had days like that too. And it only took me ten landings to get those two.
  13. I was under the impression that the stall strips were just to slightly modify the wing aerodynamics, so both wings would stall at the same time. So one wing wouldn't drop before the other. I heard that they taped the stall strips in place and test flew the plane, then moved the strips until it achieved the proper stall characteristics, then attached them in place. Am I wrong.
  14. DonMuncy

    need help with Foreflight

    I heard back from Foreflight. Here is their response, and it worked fine. In case anyone else runs into the problem. Hi Don, Thanks for writing in. This is a quick fix. * Navigate to More -> Downloads -> United States * Tap Clear on the top right * Select the Types of downloads you’d like * Select only the states you need regularly That’s it.
  15. DonMuncy

    At Okeechobee Airport

    Aah, that makes sense. Thanks