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  1. I have flown with both the electric and the J bar. If I bought a plane with ether one, I would be happy with it. Theoretically, I like the simplicity of the J bar, but the electrics are so good, it is mostly a moot point. The first time I have a failure in my electric gear, you might hear a different tune.
  2. I have one set of my visors in stock right now. I have parts on order for more, but it may be several weeks before they arrive. My hardware is very similar to Rosens (at least the ones I have seen). My shades are a little smaller than Rosens, and do what I think is a very good job. As to the F, I am not sure. Mine bolt on the framework on the outside of the windshield. I know they fit Js and above. Look at my albums for photos. Don
  3. I totally agree with you. I have carried a pocket knife since I was about 10 years old. I would no more leave the house (intentionally) without my knife than I would without my wallet. I probably use my knife an average of ten times a day. I really can not understand how anyone survives without one. But apparently a lot of people do. And the airlines think we should too.
  4. It appears Don Maxwell just installed on in his main hangar. He probably has some opinions.
  5. Depending on how much you have to remove, a fine tooth blade band saw and/or a Dremel tool will come in handy. In doing any trimming, covering the area with masking tape and marking with a pencil or sharpie will give you some peace of mind.
  6. Whether you are putting out 1 AMU to go see the plane or 2AMU for a PPI, it is extremely daunting to know that if it turns out to be the wrong plane, you don't get any credit for that money. And you are going to have to do it again on the next one. After you have owned a plane for a long time, and look back, you realize that was some of the cheapest money you ever spent on plane. But when you are trying to buy a plane, it sure doesn't look cheap. Especially to your significant other.
  7. They have an area of crashed planes that are involved in litigation, and they can't afford to have them messed with. But the rest of the place is fair game on their "sale" days.
  8. Let me know when you are getting in. Always glad to get in some Mooney talk. Don 214 207-6744
  9. Response to Niko 182's question. Don't knock success
  10. You are absolutely correct. I changed it.
  11. Air Salvage Dallas (at Lancaster LNC) is having one of it's fly-in sales on Saturday July 13th. It is about 1/2 mile from LNC. If anyone plans on showing up, I will be glad to bring my car and give you a ride. They have a lot of salvage parts, but I do not have a feel for their pricing.
  12. That is not at all unusual for Maxwell.