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  1. Ordinarily I do not discourage guys from tinkering with their plane, but for rigging, I would take it to a real Mooney guru and pay the price to get it rigged properly. Short of bending something, it is unlikely to require it again.
  2. DonMuncy

    Marina airport crash / fatality

    Thank you for your thoughts. I suspect I speak for everyone here in saying you are welcome for the small help we offered.
  3. DonMuncy

    10 Hrs. Dual? Really?

    The insurance broker does not set the rates, only the carriers they get quotes from. (Although good brokers may sway the carrier a little in your favor with the details; like how many dual hours will be required.) So the broker really doesn't affect the amount you are going to pay. Also, in the event of a claim, the adjuster for the carrier decides what they are going to pay. However a good broker will go to bat for you in dealing with the carrier and help you lot. I have used Falcon for many years. They are good, knowledgeable people, and I do not hesitate to recommend them.
  4. DonMuncy

    Seat Rollers

    No. You have to slide it back off the track to get it free, so you can lift up the back (which can then slide on top of the track), then slide the seat off the front of the track, so the front end can be lifted free.
  5. DonMuncy

    Seat tracks

    Don't forget the retainers (typically cotter pins) at the front of the rails.
  6. DonMuncy

    Let's talk about tires...

    Sounds like the result of taxiing with the tire flat. But no clue as to why the tire went flat.
  7. sorry, mine sold quickly.
  8. DonMuncy

    Best sunshade cover brand

    I assume you are talking about the reflective pieces that go in the windows on the inside. If so, Scott McCray built himself a set. He probably will chime in here with a pirep.
  9. DonMuncy

    Annual Questions

    Regarding the tail pivot bolt; Most of us have heard Bill Wheat talk about having the FAA guys bring up the question of the strength of the bolt (about 5/16 inch if my memory is correct). He had the assembly guys replace it with a 1/4 inch bolt. The FAA guy refused to go up with him. But he took the plane up and went through his paces with no adverse effects on its flight characteristics.
  10. DonMuncy

    Moving to Fort Worth area - Fall 2018

    Ryan, Can't help with the share question. Can't do much better with the airport question, but I'll try. There are plenty of airports available, but which one will work best for you gets trickier. With traffic like it is, I would start with where I was going to work, and start picking a residence area based on that. Then pick an airport convenient to that. I am based at RBD (Southwest Dallas), not really convenient to Ft. Worth. But Arlington and Grand Prairie are both popular (both on the southeast side of Ft Worth. On the northwest corner, Hicks is a nice choice. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in your search. Don
  11. I don't know that I necessarily agree, but I don't have any authority otherwise. But before I would pay Rosen prices and comply with an STC, I would contact DonMuncy and try to con him into turning me out a set like his, install them myself and get my A&P to sign them off. (See my gallery for photos.)
  12. It appears to me that the Spatial Interiors' panels inset back between some of the airframe tubes, eking out a little extra room.
  13. Although I think it is absurd, Rosen and others have gotten STCs for visors. The regulations appear quite clear to me that STCs are for major modifications. (You can look up the definition, but I can not fathom that anyone would believe it would apply to visors.) If they are a minor modification, as I think, any A&P can install them and make a logbook entry. All you have to do is find an A&P who thinks like I do.
  14. They are very easy to build. No critical specifications. They can be made by anyone as an owner produced part (provided you follow a few simple rules). Installation is only a mild pain after you remove the front seats, but legally you will need a sign-off. Any A&P should sign off on them with no problem. The specifications are available here on MS. I probably have them somewhere. If your CNC guy has a problem, you may need a new guy. If your A&P has a problem, you may need a new A&P.
  15. DonMuncy

    M20B gear up restoration

    Don Maxwell just posted on the MAPA list that the usual prices to repair after a gear up is from $27,000 to $35,000.