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  1. DonMuncy

    Frugal Mooney Owners Rejoice!

    It may seem slightly ironic, but perfectly understandable. We are CBs in order to hang onto enough money to afford the things that really matter.
  2. DonMuncy


    Don't worry about the engine time. Frequent oil changes, oil analysis and filter inspection. As long as all that is good, keep flying.
  3. DonMuncy

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    As poorly as I land, I do not have to intentionally plan on "go arounds". I have had a lot of practice
  4. DonMuncy

    Photo Op..

  5. DonMuncy

    Ride back to OKC from Longview next week

    Thanks Bryan. Those are two possibilities I didn't think about.
  6. DonMuncy

    Ride back to OKC from Longview next week

    How do you get from Don's ramp to your transportation? If you have someone pick you up, I think you might still need to climb his fence to get out. I suppose you could call the tower and get permission to hike across the airport.
  7. DonMuncy

    Weird to approach a relative of a dead pilot?

    I am intimately familiar with grief associated with the loss of a loved one, and I would suggest you wait at least a month before approaching him about the disposition of the plane. A month will likely not affect the plane at all, and he certainly will have other things on his mind for a period of time.
  8. DonMuncy

    Thank you

    My prior post was premature and totally inadequate for the response I have received from all of you. Again, thank you for all the thoughts and support.
  9. Plexi bends easily with a little heat and retains it new shape better, as compared to Lexan, which requires more heat and tends to return to its original (flat) shape.
  10. DonMuncy

    Thank you

    Just wanted to thank everyone who offered support and condolences after the death of my wife two weeks ago. It means a lot to me, coming from my Mooney family. Don
  11. To do it really right, your hangar elf needs to build a mold and heat the poly (or Lexan) to get the curvature right. But I suspect a flat piece would do the job quite adequately.
  12. I don't know where you get your information. Don, and I, and many others on Mooneyspace are "MAPA guys", and I have not heard anyone from MAPA saying they were being undercut.
  13. I have been off flying for a few months due to a knee injury, and I would feel more comfortable giving you a flight if my CFI friend can go along. That can probably be arranged. And a "sit in and feel" requires no help. Let me know.
  14. Glad to help if you were in Dallas.
  15. DonMuncy

    Cut out at idle

    On the Continental engine, this is the typical problem when the idle mixture is too lean. Check and see how much of a rise in RPM you have at idle cut-off. If it doesn't rise 50 to 100 RPM before shutting down, it is too lean. Have your A&P or hangar elf adjust the idle mixture until the correct rise occurs.