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  1. I would bet a bunch on this opinion. It would seem almost inconceivable that the mechanical aspects of oil pressure would be bad and then cure themselves.
  2. Dave, I generally hate it when someone asks a question and everyone pops up questioning why he doesn't do something else instead, but I can't resist. It is none of my business how your financing requires an overhaul now, but I would be seriously trying to figure out how to avoid overhauling it now. You may very well have several (perhaps many) good years of life left in your engine. With regular oil analysis, and bore-scoping, there is very little chance of this becoming a safety issue. It just pains me to see someone throwing away engine hours when it is almost certainly unnecessary.
  3. It does not care. It is not compressed to the liquid stage.
  4. You are lucky. In my part of the country, the shops will not touch the cylinder until I take it out of the car, and will take it out to the dock, but not in the car. They claim liability concerns. I have one very large one and one slightly smaller. It is just about all I can do to get the large one in and out of the back of my station wagon. But I am not quite as tough as I once was.
  5. As others have said, you never get even one complete fill. However, you get several partial fills, depending on the size tank you are filling, and depending on how full you "must have it". How much you must have depends on how many people are on board, how high you fly, and your on board system (The "on demand" systems are a lot more efficient than the "flow full time" ones.) On my K model, I will refill my big tank when it can no longer put more than about 1200 or 1400 psi. My plane's tank is 115 cu ft (I think), and I get about 3 fills between replenishing the big tank. That is based on two people, 14 -17,000 and Aerox's "Oxy saver cannulas. At about $25 to $30 to fill your big tank, that is still pretty cheap. If you can come up with another big tank, you can do substantially better with a cascade system. Yes, the Chief system will work except for the matching fitting for your tank. Probably what you are calling a Scott adaptor. Aerox has the fitting, but make sure what the right one is.
  6. Check the ground to the cluster. Easiest way is to run a temporary new ground wire to a known good ground.
  7. What hangar elves lack in skill, they make up for in plenty of time to pay attention, and redo if necessary.
  8. What a sissy attitude. A true CB would buy and install two repair kits before giving up and replacing it.
  9. All you have to do is come to Dallas and use mine.
  10. It is appropriate this thread re-arose today. The last time I tried to download my flight data, the JPI only downloaded stuff from 2 years ago. I fiddled with it enough to know I couldn't do any good. I called JPI and after some back and forth, they told me to do a "factory reset" and if that did not fix it, I would have to send it in to them. Their instructions for the reset were far from optimal. As fiddled some more trying to do the reset, I think I inadvertently messed up the K factor. Does anyone by any chance know about what that K factor should be on a K model with the JPI 700.
  11. Thanks Yetti. I gladly share my timer circuit design, or I will build one for anyone for little more than the cost of parts.
  12. That is definitely a TD, and a nice looking one.
  13. Anthony, That one is a TC. They started the TD in 1950. The TCs were right hand drive. The TDs (sold in the US) were left hand drive.
  14. If his TD had wire wheels, they were add-ons. They all had steel wheels originally. Of course, if the hood (actually bonnet) had louvers, they were added as well.The TF came with wire wheels. Strange about the axle problem. I had two TDs and raced one for several years and never broke an axle.