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  1. Very good news. I wish everyone's problem ended up as well.
  2. Welcome aboard. Beautiful plane.
  3. We had 7 total eating lunch. Unfortunately, no fly ins. And I don't blame anyone. We left just as a terrific storm blew in. What we lacked in quantity, we easily made up in quality.
  4. It must be worse than I thought. I figured if anyone could fly in, it would be Paul. But Parker and I and hopefully a few others will think about all of you while we have lunch.
  5. Not looking good on the weather for Saturday. I will be there to socialize and eat with all that show up. Fly in, drive in, walk in, if you can. Don
  6. It is almost always a good idea to consider a "run out" engine, if it is running alright. You might get many more hours before the need for an OH. But naturally, this is far from the only consideration.
  7. Just a reminder to all of the annual Dallas Executive Fly-in on Saturday May 18. Come in around 10 to 11:00. Eat about 12:00 at Delta Charlie's restaurant on the field. If you haven't responded, it would be helpful (no obligation) if you would let me know if you think the odds are good you may be coming (weather permitting), so I can keep the restaurant apprised of the expected number.
  8. That sound is the inlet valve bouncing on its seat. It will sooner or later ruin the valve. If my memory works, it costs about .3 AMU. Plus installation.
  9. I thought you used the seat rails for side to side.
  10. I haven't looked it up, but I thought that was the same language they use for producing your logbooks; "upon request". But it does seem odd, since we otherwise have to carry our medical with us.
  11. PM Parker Woodruff. Very knowledgeable, a nice guy, and will give you straight answers. He started this thread. Airspeed Insurance Agency.
  12. Geoff, You might want to try Dennis or Lloyd at Avionics 1st at RBD.
  13. My 1982 231 is the same as yours. Sorry, I'm not in Houston.