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  1. The pic of the 2 pin is correct. I like that LED upgrade thanks thanks for all the info
  2. Unfortunately that’s not it. It requires a 2 pin bulb
  3. I have a 1989 M20j. Looking for the wing trailing edge light bulb part # and lens replacement. 28 volt system
  4. I have a spinner but not the backing plate if that helps any
  5. 1989 J201 Bought this one 8 months ago. Former Mooney was an m20 G
  6. Yes it’s a McCauley . Yes bolts from flywheel to spinner.It cracked because somebody drilled a hole in it they chamfered the hole making it weak
  7. I use Tub O Towels . Works great and gets the bugs off the leading edge as well
  8. Looking for a spinner back plate for 201J . Or if it can be repaired info on who does them
  9. I have a 1989 M20 j 201 .i am looking for the clear lens and bulb that is on the trailing edge of the wingtip. Any ideas?