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  1. Well I got the 818 and 805 back from Kevin, everything is working as designed! He turned around the parts FAST and was great to deal with. thanks for the help everyone!
  2. Hello, I am looking for a standard 6-pack or 8 place panel to replace my current shotgun layout. does anyone have one left over from a upgrade that they are looking or willing to sell? the plane is a 66C thanks!
  3. I don’t have any doubts it worked when removed, I am also confident that it will work again. I am hoping it is just something stupid from it sitting or from transport or the install. i have only installed and tried the B-12, I have not tried the B-11, just the heading bug. I am still happy I was able to come across a entire A/P.
  4. Thanks everyone for all the help! I talked to Kevin today and will be shipping him the 818 so he can trouble shoot it. he seamed confident it can fave fixed. to answer the question, I have never flown w this AP but was told it was working when removed.
  5. I have rang out the harness and it seams to be good? I went from the female port on the blue plug to the sodered connection on the board and have good continuity, I also opened up the “plug” to make sure nothing was shorted out at that connection. I have also taken the 818 apart to look for any tracers or shorts or broken connections or burn marks but it looks fine. I am starting to get in a little over my head, I am okay with electronics but this little box has a lot going on…. maybe if I just put it all back together it will work…… mine last thing, the transformer on the bottom bigger board is definitely energized and I suspect working, the smaller transformer on the top smaller board is not, I need to look into that and see if it marks anything.
  6. Well I have everything on the bench and did some trouble shooting…… the DG has 112 ohms between A and E, 196 ohms between D and B, the 805 has 99 ohms. Everything seams good on that front but still having issues. With everything hooked up and powered I get full deflection and about 5.8V when the heading bug is 30 degrees to the right, when the bug is 30 to the left I get mixed results, if the 805 valve is not connected I can get the negative 5.8V sometimes, but as soon as I try to hook up the 805 the voltage falls to like a negative .5 volts. I don’t think it is the 805 because when I swap the leads it operated to full direction in both directions any ideas?
  7. Thanks for the info the DG is connected via a hard wired 5 port female plug. I did try testing for voltage on the plug but did not realize it was A/C, I was looking for D/C. I will check for A/C power and might jumper out the ports to see if I can get the 818 to send negative DC voltage to the 805. if that does not work I guess I will remove the 818 controller and try to get it bench tested/repaired. thanks again for the help!
  8. Hello, i am trying to get my b12 working correctly. Currently the PC system is working as it should. My issue is that the b12 is not tracking to the heading to the DG bug. After trouble shooting per the manual it seams that the input from the DG is initiating the desired response to the 805 valve when the heading bug is to the right or "+30%", + 5.5 to 6 volts, but when the BG bug is to the left or "-30%" it is not producing the correct negative 5.5 to 6 volts. Is my issue in the DG or in the Brittain controller?
  9. I seam to have up and down play in my pivot to nose truss connection. The plane has the Lasar STC for the larger bushing but it was done over 25 years ago. Has anyone else experienced this? Everything seams to fit together but it seams as if it needs a shim or something, the bushing fits tightly into the nose truss but the pivot truss has up and down play on the bushing that attaches it to the nose truss. This is obvious not good and does produce o decent “clunk” while taxing. any ideas?
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