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  1. Wandering around looking for your YouTube channel so I can check out the tech videos but no joy.
  2. I had the fuel senders all replaced with Ceis and moved some things around on the panel during the process. I’ll have to pull the invoice to get you a number.
  3. I flew it home and went to the wire shop without delay!
  4. Thanks for all the help. I had assumed it was one of the dealer setup items. Never even considered it was an end user item. Thanks again!
  5. I have a JPI 900 with CEIS senders (two per tank) on my Bravo. The display shows fuel level but does not specify fuel remaining. Please see pic. I've noticed the JPI website has the 900 displaying fuel used in the fuel level indicator. Seems like I've seen the same display on some users panel pics. Can anyone explain?
  6. Not a Mooney or even aircraft accident but relevant still. We lost two gentlemen from our community this week to CO. They were four wheeling in a side by side off road vehicle and had it buttoned up very tight to keep warm. Apparently they got stuck as a Son watched. He hightailed it to the house to get the truck and when he returned they had both perished. I didn't know them personally. Prayers for the families.
  7. Yep, because I had multiple transactions with him I ignored my gut and got stung. I’ll be out his way soon though. Work will be taking me there.
  8. Beware- I was a Bob Fields customer. Love their seals! Paid for my last one last year but never received the product. Call after call after call...…..Sad to see a son do this to his fathers legacy.
  9. Fluid is 55 pounds. 37 Pounds Non-FIKI empty.
  10. I read Bravoman's post to say he had Inadvertent/Non FIKI TKS. Not sure if that's correct. If so- Inadvertent is 92 pounds. So that's a 17 pound additional weight penalty. Still more than I would have expected.
  11. I'd think it would be a much lower weight penalty to go from inadvertent to FIKI. All I know is what I've read from other MS threads. They seem to say redundant pumps, and a heated stall vane are the additional requirements. Hopefully someone can chime in.
  12. I don't fly an O but here's my last trip back from FL to VA. A similar mission but not quite as far. 702 NM and about 67 gallons.