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  1. No, fsc@mooney.com. I’ll try Frank. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all the responses! As always, this group has been very helpful. If anyone has an email for Mooney Corp. parts that works I’d appreciate a reply. No joy with fsc@mooney.com Thanks again!
  3. AC going on jacks today. Belly will be opened up and system checked from front to back. No joy on Mooney email-it bounced back. Maybe they will reply to VM.
  4. Great advice! I called and left a voicemail. Fingers crossed.
  5. Unfortunate event while away from home. No luck with LASAR. My info. Shows part number 540004-509. Alan may have one off a J. Can anyone advise whether or not it will fit? AC is a 94 Bravo. No luck with LASAR.
  6. Not sure how relevant but I'll throw this out. I have a Skyhawk with an STCd O-360 that ran hot as heck on climb out. New baffling, precise timing....... Tried most all of what's been discussed. On a whim I called Marvell Schebler to discuss the economizer circuit and how to trouble shoot it. After listening for all of about 15 seconds he tells me he supects I have the wrong carb. If it's been mentioned in this thread my apologies. I skimmed before typing this and didn't see it. My AC has the MA-4-5 carb. They make this same model number in three versions-Lean, Middle, and Rich. All have MA-4-5 on the data plate. My data plate had no other nomenclature indicating which version. He utilized the SN# to determine which version I had. It turned out to be the Leanest. Someone in the past had replaced the carb and ordered a MA-4-5 without any consideration to the specific version. Another clue to the improper model was the idle setting. When adjusting to get the desired 25-50 rpm increase on shutdown we had to back the idle mixture screw well past the normal 1 1/2-2 turns.
  7. I had a plugged injector recently. Engine ran normally at a lower power setting on the approach. I speculated enough fuel was getting by at the lower setting. Not sure about the dead egt.
  8. Good Morning, My path, 120, 170, F, and now a Bravo. My F model ( with all the J mods except the wing root fairings) had fantastic dispatch reliability, great UL, and cruised at 146-148 true all day long on 8.8 LOP. With 64 usable it was a fantastic commuter.
  9. GI275s and KFC150 get the credit for the nice racetracks!
  10. Interesting flight yesterday. We encountered the usual scattered thunderstorms one would expect when traveling late in the day. However, one rather nasty, “red” cell parked itself over our destination. You can see remnants in the graphic. We had several VFR airports within clear view but elected to hold at the IAF. It occurred to me that I couldn’t recall ever holding for weather. Plenty of diversions and a few holds for other reasons but none for weather. We throttled back, listened to XM, and enjoyed the view. Winds were 210, 21 with gust so we circled to land 22. We opted for a short final as we were sticking our nose into it on the downwind.
  11. I’ll have to check. I only use EGT for troubleshooting. If one jug is out of line I start paying attention. Partial injector clog, induction leak……
  12. I've had a couple. My current AC has the heads up display mounted above glare shield and I find it very useful. My previous AC had the indicator on the panel and I flew AS and occasionally crosschecked the AOA. Now, with the indicator in my field of view it's the opposite. Pitch to the blue circle, crosscheck AS, and eyes back outside. For me, moving the indicator above the glare shield removed the system from the "gimmick" category and placed it firmly into the "tool" space.
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