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  1. slowflyin

    Door Seals again

    Anyone have a pic of a door seal install on a Bravo or Ovation? Per another users suggestion I called Brown AC supply and they sent me the "P" shaped seal and advised it is what Mooney used on the "later models". My Bravo is a 94 and he assured me it was the correct part. Because the seal that I removed was not correct I'm confused regarding installation. 1. I assume it goes on the door and not the door jam. 2. Does the fat part (the top of the P) go toward the edge of the door or does it sit against the plastic side in the 90 degree bend of the door? Any help will be greatly appreciated. joe
  2. slowflyin


    +1 Same experience with brand new spinner.
  3. slowflyin

    Boston Airport

    Thanks for all the great info!
  4. slowflyin

    Boston Airport

    Flying to Boston for a three day weekend. Kbed or Kowd? Not much difference in the distance to our hotel. Thx joe
  5. slowflyin

    Lost a Friend

  6. slowflyin

    Mystery Annunciator Light

  7. slowflyin

    Mystery Annunciator Light

    What I do know from playing around during flights: The RMI switch assigns the RMI display to either the ADF or NAV 2. The 255 drives it's own CDI The 750 drives the HSI The Mid Continent Annunciator (I think it's a MD41) works great. Switching between VLOC/GPS and OBS mode as well as message alert for the GTN. By days end the ADF , the RMI, the Blue light, and the RMI switch will be removed. The AC is in the wire shop for a JPI install and I'm working to tidy up the panel. Thanks so much for the help as now I can pull the blue light without hesitation. joe
  8. slowflyin

    Mystery Annunciator Light

    I'm tracking a little clearer now. A little hard to figure out since I've never seen it lit. GPS Nav, GPS Approach, ILS....... Needs a bulb for certain. The switch you pointed out is labeled "RMI- Nav 1 or Nav 2". I've tested it and it performs as advertised switching the RMI from one NAV to the other. I don't have a Nav 1/GPS switch. My second Nav is a GNC 255 with Glide slope and is paired with the CDI under the engine gauges. So it's GTN750 and King HSI or GNC 255 and Garmin CDI. All that being said this panel has been through several versions. Seems likely that was previously wired as you explained. Thanks again for all the comments. joe
  9. slowflyin

    Mystery Annunciator Light

    So switching from GPS to VLOC on the GTN 750 will or will not extinguish it?
  10. slowflyin

    Mystery Annunciator Light

    Thanks Steve! I've never seen it lit and it's not labeled. Thanks again. joe
  11. slowflyin

    Mystery Annunciator Light

    Anyone know what function this blue light performs? Top left of HSI.
  12. slowflyin

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    So far so good with 64HK. Oil analysis and burn rate are good and she flies smooth as silk. As always there have been a few squawks but nothing unexpected. In the shop this week to tweak the panel and install a JPI 900. I loved my F and thought it could never be replaced. Have to admit I had some buyers remorse. But after 25 or so hours in this bird I'm absolutely thrilled. I purchased this AC assuming I would need to overhaul the engine immediately. For now, I'll be flying it regular and monitoring oil consumption, JPI data, and oil analysis. If all looks good I'll let my CPA advise when it's time to pull the engine. If not, I'll do it right away.
  13. slowflyin

    Blackstone Labs

    Update- I received one report yesterday hope to have the second soon. (Mailed two together, both prepaid). Thanks again for the comments.
  14. slowflyin

    Blackstone Labs