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  1. I've had a great experience with mine. I appreciate the more efficient use of oxygen. However, that's not why I fly with it. My nose and sinuses are much more comfortable after a long flight. The reduction in dryness is significant. For me, it's a much more pleasant experience.
  2. I installed Guys seal on this airframe before the overhaul and had the same results. 15-20 degrees across the board. These new jugs just aren't there yet.
  3. I'm in the same boat. Newly overhauled engine with different temps than I'm accustom. Prior to OH I ran 29/24, 17.5-18.5 GPH, around 1600 TIT, cowl flaps closed, with cyl temps all well below 375. After OH, cowl flaps open, 1425-1450 TIT, over 21.5 GPH with #6 around 390. I'm 20 hours in and the cly temps are slowly coming in line. Last flight I ran 1500 at 18.5-19 GPH, cowl flaps 1/3 open, with #6 at 385. Outside air temps have been well above standard and all measurements have been at 29/24. Things are trending toward my "normal". I'm hoping she was just good and tight coming out of OH. I had the same experience with an IO-360 I OHd years ago. Took forever for temps to stabilize but once they did, she was a fantastic engine with very little oil usage. Fingers crossed.
  4. Update After changing my "transition to approach" to disabled things still didn't work. I stumbled across another thread where an installer referenced the need to disable the CDI select on the GTN when utilizing dual GI275s. I gave it try and flew the approach three times this morning utilizing three different entry methods, and all worked flawlessly! Thanks for all your comments!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I concur, I'll reach out to Garmin.
  6. Center gives me direct to the IAF YAKLU. I was on a 355 heading and chose the no hold option. Crossed at 3000. KFC 150 captured the approach and the GI275 and GTN switched from terminal to LPV. Pulled the power back to gear ext. speed and waited. All seemed normal but no GS. Then the "no gp" message about halfway to wovup. rnav04.PDF
  7. Update- flew the RNAV 04 approach this morning with the same outcome. LPV followed by NO GP. I rechecked my settings to confirm "transition to approach" is not enable per the BT thread. Now I'm wondering if VCALC or VNAV is the appropriate setting. Frustrated
  8. Great comment. This is my practice as well. Even when the GS is active knowing the step downs offer increased SA.
  9. Upon reaching the IAF mine displayed LPV indicating it had made the choice. Per the BT thread, Garmin setup defaults to "transition to approach enabled". This only works if you have the Garmin 600 AP. Per Trek with Garmin this is the problem. I checked mine and sure enough it was enabled. I have a King AP so I disabled it. I'll test fly tomorrow. The solution has worked for the BT guys. I'm hopeful, fingers crossed. Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. Ragsf15e, Thanks for the reply. I can only recall having the same issue somewhere else one time but I can't confirm the unit was annunciating LPV. It's happened more at my home airport because I almost always fly the approach after a trip. ATC won't clear me for the visual if the restricted airspace East of the airport is hot. I'm hoping I may have solved the issue via the BT thread fix. Thanks again.
  11. This thread was very helpful. Mine was installed with "transition to approach" enabled. I don't have the 600 AP, so per Trek's advice I disabled it. I haven't had a chance to test but I'll report back. Thanks again for the link. I searched BT several times but missed it!
  12. No other issues I can find. No NOTAMS other than 5G and RA stuff.
  13. Good morning, The last couple of times I've flown the RNAV 4 approach into KBKT I've received a "No GP" message. The GI275 displayed LPV. The KFC 150 captured the localizer but not the GP. A GTN 750 is navigating. I fly this approach often and find this to be an intermittent problem. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Don't need the prop but curious, what's the upgrade?
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