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  1. WX-500 still alive and well. L3 has sold the company to a firm in FL. They are selling new units and servicing old. That being said I use Valentine for all my service. He's fantastic!
  2. I went with a mini-split. They run a variable speed compressor and are excellent at removing humidity. I oversized mine and haven't had the typical "short cycle" high humidity issues you would normally have with an oversized heat pump. No more rusty tools! Working on my AC has become a joy. Absolutely no buyers regrets. FWIW I bought an off brand for about 30% of a name brand. They come pre-charged and are simple to install. Subsequently I've installed three more in different properties and I've yet to have a maintenance issue.
  3. Now that’s funny! .....and common!
  4. I wear a watch . I realize I’m in part of an ever shrinking minority!
  5. +1. My procedure as well. Never have the “did I switch” moment.
  6. They offered me a deal on upgrading from a 900 to a 930.
  7. I use Ubiquiti point to point from the FBO to my hangar. Flawless-just like being plugged into the jack. 566' total but we've used there products for distances over 1.5 miles. There stuff just works.
  8. Seems like any pressure would escape via the crankcase vent.
  9. Brian Hoover, Hoover's Interiors 727.457.9023. He has his own shop at a different airport but he also works out of Joe's place at Hawk. His attention to detail is fantastic. Little things like placards made of aluminum instead of plastic or labels really add to the "vibe". Seat frames, seat belts, insulation.... He really does a nice job.
  10. Say bye to buyers remorse! Thanks !
  11. Ultra Bravo! That has a nice ring to it.
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