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  1. Thanks Paul! Pease add me as well. KBKT, Blackstone, VA
  2. Nice!
  3. I've been using the Travel John brand for years. They work great. No spills and no odor.
  4. Is your drain under the battery a push to drain setup? Just curious as mine is not and it seems not quite correct.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Update- I understand it can drive the AP just wasn't sure it was legal. Like Marauder, I had reviewed the STC and did not see Brittain listed but I knew folks were running this pair on both this site and Beechtalk. Per, Marauder's suggestion I rang up Mike (NE Sales for Aspen) and he advised the wording in their paperwork allowed for it without a field approval. I've got a call into my installer for some feedback. thanks to all!
  7. Thanks! I'll give them a ring.
  8. Good Afternoon Gents, Anyone have any info regarding an Aspen Pro heading bug driving the Brittain AP? thanks, joe
  9. +1 No more adding air! Plus, Wilkerson is located a few miles from my home. Family owned and user-friendly! Small town folks doing good business.
  10. I use a Garmin Inreach. It links with my phone and allows texting via the sat link. Also, leaves "breadcrumbs" so anyone I choose can track my flights. Last but not least it's a fairly competent plb. The texting is not as fast but adequate.
  11. Ask early and you shall receive. I've never been told "no" but I have had controllers get busy and forget me. Also, don't assume they now more about the weather than you do. All of my years of flying I've had controllers take care of me with great service. Let me say that again, Great Service! That being said, there are times when you have a better picture than they do or more tuned in on that particular day. Once on departure from North Mrytle I was given a vector into the only giant cumulus build up in the area. I was inexperienced and assumed he would turn me. He did not and the ride got rough. All ended well because short of declaring an emergency I requested a block altitude and "immediate" turn for weather. The light went off on his end and I got what I needed. "Immediate" or "With No Delay" seems to work well for me when the situation calls for it.
  12. I replaced my stock with PF on my F model. (J front end) I usually fly 8-10k for 2-5 hour legs. Long legs give me lots of time to fiddle and calculate. Speed varies depending on the conditions but prior to the PF I ran 144-146 kts. After I'm running 148-150 kts. CHT on the hottest jug the same before and after (358-360 #3) all others at or below 350. I don't have an Aspen to calc the true airspeed so I plug the numbers into the GTN650 after reducing the indicated to CAS per the poh. I run LOP so CHT was, and is, my barrier to going faster. It seems I can push a little more fuel for the same temps. Not sure why? Nothing scientific from me-just lots of seat time. I'm a couple hundred hours past the change and very satisfied.