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  1. slowflyin

    Mooney Bravo Valuation

    So far so good with 64HK. Oil analysis and burn rate are good and she flies smooth as silk. As always there have been a few squawks but nothing unexpected. In the shop this week to tweak the panel and install a JPI 900. I loved my F and thought it could never be replaced. Have to admit I had some buyers remorse. But after 25 or so hours in this bird I'm absolutely thrilled. I purchased this AC assuming I would need to overhaul the engine immediately. For now, I'll be flying it regular and monitoring oil consumption, JPI data, and oil analysis. If all looks good I'll let my CPA advise when it's time to pull the engine. If not, I'll do it right away.
  2. slowflyin

    Blackstone Labs

    Update- I received one report yesterday hope to have the second soon. (Mailed two together, both prepaid). Thanks again for the comments.
  3. slowflyin

    Blackstone Labs

  4. slowflyin

    Blackstone Labs

    Calling out to Blackstone Labs users. How long after you mail the sample do you typically see the report? It's been a couple of weeks and nothing is showing up on their search engine. No problem waiting, just curious about the process.
  5. slowflyin


    I flew with one in my F model for years and loved it. I've also owned 3 AC with JPI products. There is an existing thread on this subject. If I can remember the title I'll amend this post.
  6. My parts manual does not elaborate. Is there a gasket between the tailpipe and turbo exhaust that the above referenced clamp secures? The above mentioned SB clearly states the gasket always needs replacing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks! The usual new to me AC path. Working through a small squawk list. Evaluating the engine health-More bore scoping, regular oil analysis...... That's the reason for the part number questions. I can't determine from the logs how old, or how many times these v band clamps have been torqued. Replacing all three for safety's sake. Only substantial, immediate upgrade will be a JPI 900. It goes in next month.
  8. Can anyone verify the part # for the gasket? My service manual indicates 78084 but it doesn't look like the one pictured in the SB. Found it- 75845, 78084
  9. slowflyin

    Bravo Conversion

    You can get white on clear as well.
  10. Strike up a win for persistence! Congrats!
  11. slowflyin

    Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    Thanks for the feedback. Great to hear they are as useful as I imagined. Still hoping for a picture or two. thanks Gents.
  12. slowflyin

    Rocket 2900 vs 3200 GW

    Sorry, multitasking today. Day job getting in the way of more important things. The 300# upgrade is a separate STC that can be utilized after the Rocket STC is completed. GWI STC (SA00243SE) is $2,995.00 USD
  13. slowflyin

    Rocket 2900 vs 3200 GW

    Thanks, Pat at Rocket was great!