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  1. Rocket 2900 vs 3200 GW

    Sorry, multitasking today. Day job getting in the way of more important things. The 300# upgrade is a separate STC that can be utilized after the Rocket STC is completed. GWI STC (SA00243SE) is $2,995.00 USD
  2. Rocket 2900 vs 3200 GW

    Thanks, Pat at Rocket was great!
  3. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    Good Afternoon, Anyone have a picture of their Bravo with the rear seats folded? Searched and searched with no luck.
  5. Rocket 2900 vs 3200 GW

    Good Morning, I'm looking at a Rocket but I see it only has GW of 2900. I've found a couple of mentions on MS regarding the STC raising the GW to 3200 but I can't find the details. Can someone offer some info? joe
  6. Virginia Accident

    I concur with the group. This read will impact my future ops. Thanks sharing your story.

    It's always a little exciting when it accumulates quickly! Nice job!
  8. Marauder!!!!!!!

    I made a donation and I still see this???
  9. My New 67F

    Congrats! I,m an F driver based in VA as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Powertow For Sale 40 EZ

    I have one in VA. EZ Tug at KBKT
  11. Geographic member locations

    Thanks Paul! Pease add me as well. KBKT, Blackstone, VA
  12. Finally towed a plane

  13. Oxygen

    I've been using the Travel John brand for years. They work great. No spills and no odor.