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  1. I used King and so have some of the guys that work for me. We have all passed with high scores. The classes are old and outdated but seem to marry well with the FAA test. Most of the younger guys we work with coming from the big university flight programs seem to use Shepard.
  2. An old friend once told me, "The only time you have to much fuel is when you're on fire!".
  3. I'll chime in on this one. XM advantages: Weather on the ground High-Res Radar Storm Cell data Cloud to Cloud Lightning Winds and temps aloft Pireps Tops Freezing level All that being said, over the years ADSB seems to have closed the gap and is a great product.
  4. Congrats! Well-deserved recognition!
  5. I disagree. Lots of owners trust a qualified A&P to swing the gear and do other checks. Some folks are hands on and some are not. I'm an A&P but I didn't fly to the West coast from Virginia to observe my engine on the test stand post overhaul.
  6. I'll chime in. I've flown several different AOA systems. For me, most had limited use. I finally took Mark's advice and spent the extra cash for the heads-up display. Wow, it was a game changer for me. Having the display above the panel in my field of view while looking at my aiming point made the difference. Easily 5 knots off my landings. Adding the Landing Height System smoothed things out even more. My son started flying my Bravo recently and there is no doubt the combination of the AOA and LHS has been a significant. Find the 3-degree GS, pitch to the blue dot (cross checking AS), manage the power to stay on GS, and pull to idle 4 or 5 foot off the deck. Smooth, accurate, and consistent. Finally, Garmin's Visual Approach is great for learning the site picture for a 3-degree approach. At some airports it utilizes the published visual some your results may vary. All of these tools have helped to present and engrain the correct sight picture. For me they are particularly helpful if I've been out of the AC for a couple weeks. For my son, they are accelerating his learning.
  7. I agree. I knew better than to use the 330. My error not referencing the most current parts manual. I had it but inadvertently opened the old one.
  8. I read the voltage/brightness thread as well. However, they were using a 28V bulb in a 14V AC for a dimmer solution. I'd be going the other direction. I'll read the older post again. Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. Lots of post regarding the gear down indicator light but I can't seem to find the correct info. I need to replace the bulb in my Bravo's floor gear indicator. The parts manual calls out a GE 330. Easy enough to find. However, GE specs a 330 at 14V. My AC is a 28-volt bird. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I'd like to install an LED equivalent.
  10. Same boat here. My Bravo is about 40 hours out of overhaul, and she definitely runs hotter. Particularly number 6. My prior to OH: 17.5-18.5 GPH, 29/24, TIT 1600-1625, Hottest CHT 375-380, Cowl Flaps Closed. Now: 18.5-19.5, 29/24, 1525, 385, Cowl Flaps 1/4. I'm hoping she's just tight and patience will return low oil consumption. I OHd an IO360 in my F and had a similar experience. Engine ended up running fantastic with CHTs in line and very low oil consumption. Fingers crossed. Also, I run GBs baffling. It's new and in great shape. I've installed it on three AC and it's dropped the CHTs by 25 degrees or more all three times.
  11. I can tell the difference when I lay my phone on the glare shield and it's still there an hour or two later.
  12. Beautiful AC! Equipped well with better than average useful load. I always advise folks to avoid buying at the bottom of the market. It's often cheaper to buy someone else's pride and joy. This aircraft seems to fit that bill.
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