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  1. Part Number : 01-0770329-00 I have two power packs that I removed from the wing tips of my 94 Bravo. Both working when removed. $100 each or $175 for the pair. obo I also have the tail strobe power pack Model Number: A490ATSCF. $100 obo Various other components as well.
  2. While chasing down an oil leak I discovered both the inter-cooler drain and sump drain check valves were seeping. New O- rings fixed the problem. Here’s my confusion, the check valve in the sump is down stream from the turbo only allows air out. Seems like under boost pressure would escape. The check valve for the inter cooler only lets air in. Seems like both positions would be treated the same. I’m sure I’m confused but I’ve learned not to assume things are correct. thanks in advance, joe
  3. slowflyin

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Amen on the lack of injuries. Respect for your positive attitude. Airplanes can be fixed. Still so very sorry this happened.
  4. Full disclosure, the email above has some lines deleted that were not relevant to the discussion. As gsxrpilot pointed out, it's probably all good as now I have the choice of two Aspens without the backup. At the time it was discouraged by the lack of consensus and walked away.
  5. Lesson learned. In hindsight I should have sourced another shop. It's tough to change when you have been using the same folks for 15 years. I did however get a second opinion when they told me no. Currently, the L3 ESI-500 is not an option, that may change in the future but, it could be a ways off. The Sandia Quattro and the RC Allen 2610 with battery backup meet the requirements of our STC but, the Aspen dealer will need to make their own evaluation since they are signing it off. Best regards, Michael Studley Director, Customer Service - Field Service Engineering – Northeast Sales Aspen Avionics 5001 Indian School Rd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 USA Office: +1 (603) 617-2886
  6. When did you have the work done? I approached Aspen in April about using the EIS 500 and was told it was not an option. I'm hoping things have changed.
  7. slowflyin

    MT Propeller

    Anymore data? Was hoping you could offer another PIREP. Thanks in advance.
  8. slowflyin

    Whelen at Oshkosh 2018

    Don, I'm moving toward LED lights for my Bravo as well. Do you think using 4596 sunspots as taxi lights will be a problem on a busy ramp? Could you please elaborate regarding your choice of taxi light? thx joe
  9. slowflyin


    +1 for XM or ADSB AND stormscope. Very comforting when droning along IMC. For me the stormscope is just another tool with a very specific purpose. Avoiding embedded TS.
  10. slowflyin

    LED Beacon- Red or White

    What LED did you choose?
  11. slowflyin

    Meet Our New Bravo (almost)!

    Congrats! +1 for Bob as well. I did my Bravo training with him at the end of March. He's fantastic. Enjoy!
  12. slowflyin

    Door Seals again

    Anyone have a pic of a door seal install on a Bravo or Ovation? Per another users suggestion I called Brown AC supply and they sent me the "P" shaped seal and advised it is what Mooney used on the "later models". My Bravo is a 94 and he assured me it was the correct part. Because the seal that I removed was not correct I'm confused regarding installation. 1. I assume it goes on the door and not the door jam. 2. Does the fat part (the top of the P) go toward the edge of the door or does it sit against the plastic side in the 90 degree bend of the door? Any help will be greatly appreciated. joe
  13. slowflyin

    Boston Airport

    Thanks for all the great info!
  14. slowflyin

    Boston Airport

    Flying to Boston for a three day weekend. Kbed or Kowd? Not much difference in the distance to our hotel. Thx joe
  15. slowflyin

    Lost a Friend