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  1. I was told the -HA was a Barry not Lord mount. I poked around on MS for awhile and could not seem to find a consensus on Lord vs Barry. I've had great luck with Lord mounts in the past so I went with what I knew.
  2. Thanks Steve! I pulled the part number from the Mooney publication. Glad to hear there is a kit! Ordered! Mooneyspace once again making life easier. I googled, binged, called parts houses, checked LASAR, even called Lord and the part number you provided never showed up as a kit. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, I'll give them a try. LASAR shows out of stock.
  4. Don, where do you disable the muting? I have a 796, 750, and GMA 35. I get the 500 foot callout and button sounds from the 796 but no XM. Not even the "demo" station. I've checked every setting I can think of and had given up assuming the 796 has an xm problem.
  5. Can anyone recommend a source for Bravo Lord Mounts (J-9613-82)? Seems out of stock everywhere. I called Lord and left a message but no coms as of yet.
  6. I had ask them about the Bravo because I had seen one of your previous post. They recommended a small regulator between the ceiling port and their unit. Seems to be working well. I've got maybe 25 hours of utilization. Is the Bravo system unique? I assumed many models had the same altitude compensating regulator. Maybe mine is not working properly. How much flow do you get at sea level? I will say that no matter what kind canula type O2 system I use my saturation can drop if I'm not cognizant of my breathing. I tend to go into shallow breathing mode. I've checked it at my desk (400' MSL) after a long sit at the computer and have found it below 93. Truthfully I suspected the 39 dollar meter probably wasn't as accurate as I hoped. If I take a slightly deeper breath my stats rise very quickly. The wife does much better. She never seems to fall below 93 and is normally 95 or higher.
  7. MH 02D2 for me as well. O2 last forever and as gsxpilot said the pulse is reassuring.
  8. Anyone looking for a safe home for their bird shoot me a PM. I have one empty hangar. KBKT South central VA.
  9. I did my transition training for my Bravo with Bob Cabe and he had me land there at the end of the day. Felt like graduation! Very exciting. The departure to bring my new to me Bravo home was just as hair raising.
  10. I would agree- LOP= cooler temps and cleaner ops!