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  1. Virginia Accident

    I concur with the group. This read will impact my future ops. Thanks sharing your story.

    It's always a little exciting when it accumulates quickly! Nice job!
  3. Marauder!!!!!!!

    I made a donation and I still see this???
  4. My New 67F

    Congrats! I,m an F driver based in VA as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Powertow For Sale 40 EZ

    I have one in VA. EZ Tug at KBKT
  6. +1 Flow then check
  7. Geographic member locations

    Thanks Paul! Pease add me as well. KBKT, Blackstone, VA
  8. Finally towed a plane

  9. Oxygen

    I've been using the Travel John brand for years. They work great. No spills and no odor.
  10. IFR Cert

    Is your drain under the battery a push to drain setup? Just curious as mine is not and it seems not quite correct.
  11. Aspen and Brittain

  12. Aspen and Brittain

    Update- I understand it can drive the AP just wasn't sure it was legal. Like Marauder, I had reviewed the STC and did not see Brittain listed but I knew folks were running this pair on both this site and Beechtalk. Per, Marauder's suggestion I rang up Mike (NE Sales for Aspen) and he advised the wording in their paperwork allowed for it without a field approval. I've got a call into my installer for some feedback. thanks to all!
  13. Aspen and Brittain

    Thanks! I'll give them a ring.
  14. Aspen and Brittain

    Good Afternoon Gents, Anyone have any info regarding an Aspen Pro heading bug driving the Brittain AP? thanks, joe