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  1. OSHA Limit- 50 ppm average over an 8 hour period. Disclaimer- quick google search. I’m sure there is more detailed info available.
  2. What were the levels? My CO monitor is so sensitive it indicates when I run my power tow. While on the ramp, particularly with the door open, levels rise when the wind is blowing certain directions. A quick google of OSHA guidelines should provide what’s acceptable. I can’t remember the values but they where much higher than I expected.
  3. My understanding as well. Hoping I'm wrong as I like choices.
  4. I’ve owned and flown both the CYA and Alpha systems. Both have pros and cons. My first was the CYA installed on my F. It was affordable, easy to install and worked very well. I always liked that it had a vane as opposed to measuring pressure differential. It looked like a “true, jet like” AOA. My only gripes were stability and indicator location. On bumpy days it was all over the place. Still very usable but took some interpretation and practice. I found myself using it to identify the correct airspeed for weight and conditions then flying the ASI. Because it was next to the ASI this seemed very natural. My second is the Alpha with the heads up display. It was more expensive and more difficult to install. I find it to be more stable and the heads up is a game changer. On short final, second to my rear end, it’s the indicator I use. Mark with AlPHA talked me into the heads up and I have zero buyers remorse. For me, having it above the glare shield makes all the difference. For that reason I prefer the Alpha and feel the price delta is well worth it. If I had mounted the CYA above the glare shield, front and center view, I’m certain I would have liked and utilized it more.
  5. Regarding the AeroCruz, thought you could save me an hour on the internet since your well versed. What’s the modern solution if I install the 230 and my legacy AI and/or HSI quits? Thanks in advance.
  6. My experience mirrors JohnB's. Alpha with HUD as well. I love it! The difference in approach speed for my Bravo with just me and minimal fuel is much different than at max weight. Throw in high density altitude and the delta grows. The AOA nails the approach speed every time. Just fly the blue doughnut and a float free landing is assured.
  7. It's a traveling phenomenon for my family. Going on vacation everything is packed perfectly. Coming home, not so much!
  8. The wife and I offered our adult kids a vacation deal. We will rent the house if you can manage to get there. We flew the Bravo and they (3 kids with wives.....) flew commercial. I offered to haul non airline friendly items thinking I’d be task with a couple of fishing rods. The first pic is the back of a Ford Expedition we rented. Slam full! The second and a third shows us loading up for the flight home. To my surprise there was more! I guess they didn’t want to check a bag. Thankfully it was all bulk and no weight!
  9. We need at least an 18inch hole. Unfortunately this sensor is not compatible with the 172 pod mount. Truly painful considering I have a Skyhawk with one. Appreciate the post, need all the help I can get.
  10. Looking for a 206 with a camera port. Tough to find so I thought I'd throw it out to MS. I figure collectively we are the eyes and ears of several hundred airports.
  11. Paid all of $2500 for the entire AC in flight ready condition. Crazy!
  12. Left over from my UL days of many years ago. My 35 HP Eipper (Quicksilver) would fly 16 MPH in ground effect. Most fun I've ever had in an airplane!