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  1. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Attached is a screen shot of an EDM900 flush mount. The top one is the standard '8 hole' JPI flush mount. The second two are my design similar to the Garmin G5 mount. A rectangular 0.093 plate is set back with 4 x 3/8" spacers to hold the EDM 'clamping ring'. The 4 holes can go anywhere around the perimeter. Top and bottom, or side by side. If I was cutting the panel at the same time, I would look at where the adjacent instrument screws are and then line them up so it looks neater. Thanks for the idea #jetdriven. Aerodon
  2. M20J and M20K Panels

    Collection of old and new panels
  3. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Jpi make a flushmount like the Stein G5 mount. It has 8 mounting screws, although only 4 are needed. I can easily make a Garmin G5 plate and spacer style mount, the advantage would be that I can more easily customize the location of 4 mounting screws for aethestics are well as practicality. And by using smaller spacers, you can have the EDM900 protrude 1/8” like the G5, thanks for the idea, Aerodon
  4. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Teejay, just to be clear, the front plate shown above is the drilling / cutting template used to cut an existing panel. So yes, it will probably overlap. The Garmin rear plate is supplied larger than needed and needs to be trimmed to fit and the mounting holes drilled to match your choice of mounting holes. Garmin show two holes above and below, and one on each side. I chose a more symmetrical layout. I am machining a new front panel, with a matching rear plate. And yes, will probably machine some more metal off to allow space to the adjacent instruments. Its definitely a challenge to fit a flush mount G5 in. Don
  5. One panel for M20K

    JT, I'm busy drawing up and making a couple of M20J/K panels, here's where I am at so far. This is a result of surfing every available panel project I could find on Mooneyspace and the web. Personally I like the 3/4 and 1/4 panel, because it will allow the retention of the original circuit breaker panel, or replacing the circuit breaker panel first to hold all the wires in place before you deal with the main panel. The late model Mooneys have the same 3/4 and 1/4 layout. But once drawn, there is nothing stopping me from adding a line and cutting in different places. I'm picking up a used panel tomorrow (thanks Scott), then will do one more revision to the panel before cutting. I've got a good library of instrument shapes, but need to refine the perimeter and mounting holes. The goal is to be able to simply screw the new panel in place with a new set of instruments. Feel free to email me: Don
  6. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Steve, the earlier G5 installation manual said not to flush mount. The Stein Air is nice, needs to be riveted to the panel (I guess it could be screwed on). The issue is how comfortable the guy signing it out is going to be. The manual and STC is pretty specific, and allows the field fabrication of a plate out of 0.093 2024-T3. Garmin sell a plate for $95 and you need to trim it down to size, drill the mounting holes, cut it in half for single installations. I do all that for you and can custom locate the mounting holes and trimming. Thanks for your comments. Don
  7. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    I had a look at the standard M20C panel, and don't think it can be modified to accept a flush mount G5. But here's this afternoons attempt at moving instruments around a bit, and installing an EDM900 to replace the Garmin gauges. I read the thread about the difficulties of installing gyro's in a tilted panel - seems to me the installation of dual G5's solves this problem, as it can accommodate as much as 15 degrees? I know it gets expensive real quick, but a dual G5 installation along with an EDM900 will remove quite a bit of weight and known 'failure points'. Aerodon
  8. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Garmin give some guidance on how much material you need to leave when you cut the panel. I'd suggest cutting out the shape of a single or dual G5, then trying on your panel. Then figure out where the 4 or 6 mounting screws can go. My sample has the mounting holes 3 15/16" apart, or 1/4" from the edge of the cutout. This leaves 3/16" between the edge of the hole and edge of the cutout, about the minimum you would want to have (1.5D). Garmin shows the top two screws above the unit, and bottom two screws on the side. If you sketch out what you need, I can easily modify my drawing and cut accordingly. Aerodon
  9. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Yes, single $50 / Double $75, although the reality is they both take me the same amount of time to setup and make.
  10. I can provide a CAD and machining service to cut the backplate for a flush mount for single and dual Garmin G5 installations. The latest G5 installation manual gives instructions for cutting and trimming the Garmin mount, or instructions for fabricating a plate and spacers as shown. The location of the 6 (4) screws is discretionary, I can move them around as required. The top plate shown can be used as a drilling / cutting template. Aerodon
  11. I'm having a problem with both VOR's showing the same error. But what #2 Nav do you have? First step is to go to a VOT or known VOR test point and see what is going on. Its been a while, but I know the SL30 could be calibrated to the VOR resolver - I'm not sure about the GNS430. Seems to me, you should check the calibration of both Nav's first, before sending out any more parts. Don
  12. S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    Barry, perhaps you can give us some insight what is happening at Sandia? Complete lack of customer support, emails not being returned etc. I'm tired of being an early adopter of new products, listing to all the manufacturers promises, then a year or two later you have got an expensive brick in your panel. Is that why you left? S-Tec had the upgrade market by the balls - and they dropped it. Expensive customer service, inability to transfer from one plane to another etc. I'm so glad that Garmin have come out with an autopilot - I'll take that any day for my C172 over TruTrak, Trio and yes, even S-Tec. Even with their flat rate servicing, at least they make a really good product and understand that they need product life cycles of 10-20 years, not 3 to 4 years. If you think a 3 year warranty is a benefit - good luck. Seems to me you are saying that you expect problems in year 3? My KFC200 has worked reliably for going on 38 years now, with only 2 servo changes in 2500 hours. Two KI256 overhauls. It flies better than any S-Tec autopilot I have flown behind. I understand there is a huge cost in certifying autopilots - seems to me that the cost of hardware is relatively low, and it should be a low risk to provide a 5 year warranty. Sure some flight schools might use up a servo or two, but you should be showing more confidence that 2 to 3 years? Don
  13. EDM 900 lighting question

    Greg, I'm pretty sure there is a day/night setting in the setup to adjust the brightness a bit more. Then the photocell adjusts between the night time setting and daytime setting. Don
  14. Sandel EHSI SN3308 For Sale

    No LED upgrade available for the SN3308. I have a gyro and fluxgate to go with this 3308 if anyone one is interested. You will also need the dimmer pot and knob - although generic one would work. I still like these a lot, and am installing one in a C172 - cascading down from a Seneca. The SN3308 interfaces with a lot of avionics and autopilots - something the G5 does not. Aerodon
  15. Need Bootstrap 4000H

    I get it if you are looking for a replacement - but there are about 10 different versions depending upon which autopilot. Seems to me a better option would be to bite the bullet and install a KCS55A compass system (HSI) or a Sandel - much more useful, save panel space and maybe sell an ILS indicator? Aerodon