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  1. Aerodon


    So I bought a 1968 control tower for $1 and OVC - and 90 days to remove it.
  2. Aerodon


    Nearing the end of de-construction
  3. Aerodon


    Panel Pictures
  4. Agreed, my rule of thumb is at 85% of TBO the engine has no resale value, and may or may not have useful life left. Everything you get is a bonus. Problem is most sellers see it the other way, and say there is a good 500 hours left. Don
  5. I'm going remote GMA35C, GTX345R, GDL69A, KN63, Aerodon
  6. Here's this weeks work. Customer had two G5's installed on LHS, but needed to keep S-Tec attitude indicator for autopilot. So a little bit of a panel refresh, rearranging the layout a bit and tidying up the last avionics shop's work. First iteration was done in O.032. Second in 0.063. Unfortunately there was some connector interference, so third iteration was cut last night and painted today. Aerodon
  7. Hi Vlakvark, Vaalie, here. I have the CAD files and a CNC machine. Have made several Mooney panels and am getting better at it. I tried getting CAD technicians to draw for me, but they just were not accurate enough. Especially with revisions, I got to the point where I thought my machine was inaccurate. So I bought Draftsight (a solid works) and refreshed my CAD skills. Been a long time since Wits. Now several iterations later I can crank out a pretty decent Mooney panel to your specifications. Busy doing one for a 252 and 231 right now. I have all the instrument shapes in a library, and can draw any others requires. Just finished a complicated RHS panel for a P337. All I can say is spend as much as you can on new hardware to minimize the installation cost. A new Garmin suite is much easier to wire, and with the new GI275 standby instrument you can get rid of you vacuum system. Aerodon
  8. Yes, but the objective seems to be a plug and play upgrade. I would suggest buying a new GMA350C and you could get a pretty decent price for the 350 with a new install kit. Aerodon
  9. What revision install manual are you using, my shop doesn't see that in Rev 3. Or maybe he is looking at the wrong page? Aerodon
  10. Have both in stock, send an email to Aerodon
  11. Getting a little off topic, but sometimes in my electric car I can get up to 25% regeneration. Services only required every 2 years, and I would not be surprised if the brake pads last 50 or 75k miles. Turbo props and jets get a lot of the energy spent climbing back on the way down. Single engines, not so much. Aerodon
  12. I don't think you will be so lucky - its just a display, needs to be fed the information from the other boxes. Aerodon
  13. DallasAvionics.Com has all the spec sheets including footprints. Aerodon
  14. I needed to cut some parts this afternoon, so while I was at it I drew and cut the parts required for pedal extensions to do a trial fit. Now to find some 4130N in 0.063 and 0.125 to cut the final version. There is a local company that can water jet them for me, and they also have some CNC presses that can be programmed to bend just the right amount to create the joggles. Not very cost effective to do this in the overall scheme of things, but I tried 2 Mooney service centres and neither bothered to reply to my email. I take it that they are not interested in small orders, or not available? Aerodon