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  1. Aerodon

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    And I've also gone the other way and put together packages like this: GTX345 with built in encoder GNS480/GNS530/GTN750 I highly recommend the built in encoder - it reduces the amount of cross wiring, and you will save a lot of money in the long run with calibrations. And I highly recommend the GTX345 for all its features and its long term compatibility. But it is going to be a $6k installation, who would have though a few years ago we would be taking about $6k transponder installations. Don
  2. Aerodon

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    nfonville, I have recently installed a GTX33ES with a GNS480. Even though its a remote unit, I used the flat tray and installed it in the RHS stack in a C172, and it gets covered by the RHS overlay. It's a little triangle of wires: Arinc and RS232 wires between the GKNS480 and GTX33ES. Encoder to GNS480 for altitude Encoder to GTX33ES for altidude GTX33 to audio panel and power and ground. I used a transcal encoder with 2 serial outputs, and powered it from the GTX33ES for a nice easy install. I used the old transponder antenna, but installed new RG400. A already had a GLDL39-3D for ADSB in. I have a spare GTX33ES if you are interested, and would take your GTX327 in trade. And I would recommend this setup if you want to stay in the $2-3k range installed (with some of your own time). Don
  3. Now that TJ has sold his 730, here is another one with the latest software. $1200 outright $1000 with working EDM700 in trade I have all the parts in hand to make this into a full system, just contact me and let me know what you have installed. Don
  4. Aerodon

    JPI 730/830 *SOLD*

    Yes the 730/830/4/6 is all the same display. It will recognize the transducers installed, and forget the FF transducer if you don't have the FF switch installed. It will recognize 4/6 cylinders automatically, but you have to set the #cylinders so that RPM reads correctly. Aerodon
  5. Aerodon

    JPI 730/830 *SOLD*

    TJ, I have the remaining parts in stock to make your system complete. Don
  6. Aerodon

    fuel sending units.

    Busy replacing 4 with CiES for a customer now, may have some working ones coming out. Interfacing to EDM900, so should be good. Aerodon
  7. A little overstated. Highest time DC3 - 91,000 hours. 747 - around 135,000 hours. I remember reading about Braniff's 747 spent 10 years of its first 12 in the air. 20,000 hour 172's and Cherokees are not unheard of. 7000 hours should not be an issue, but a lot can happen in that time. Rather than making mundane statements about design flaws, I have no doubt this accident will be thoroughly unwrapped, and we will all learn from it. IMO, Cessna has done a good thing with the SIDS inspections, and I can see similar inspections being applied to other manufacturers. Aerodon
  8. Aerodon

    EDM-700 programming

    Try a few starts, or start again, do a 'reset limits' and see if that helps. Aerodon
  9. Aerodon

    EDM-700 programming

    Oh, I would't count on the manual matching the software / hardware. The later model EDM700's also had a RPM display, so would need the option to set the number of cylinders to match the mag/rpm setup. I don't have one on the bench to test right now, but I can assure you that I have seen numerous different setup lists, and sometimes some weird behaviour. More than once I have taken the trouble to send documentation 'errors' to JPI to forward to their document control, and yet the errors persist in subsequent prints. Aerodon.
  10. Aerodon

    EDM-700 programming

    Iain, I see you still have it on the bench - you need to plug it into a 6 cylinder harness and then it will recognize all 6 cylinders. Don
  11. Aerodon

    EDM-700 programming

    Iain, don’t give up yet. It might take three or four power cycles to recognize the 6 cylinders. And try putting the FF switch in different positions before powering up. Finally, get into the second level of programming (factory limits), and see if there is a 4/6 cylinder setting like the EDM800’s. Aerodon
  12. And I have a couple of EDM700/800's that I could sell at a very reasonable price. I assume you have wiring in place, just check that it is JPI and not EI? Don
  13. Aerodon

    Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Brad, I think Rev 2.0 pictured above will fit - I can send the template to you to try. I'd like to leave a bit more material around the 6 mounting holes, but it does meet the specs that Garmin call out in the installation manual. Remember that the final is made out of 0.093, so its pretty sturdy. The hard part will be cutting the rectangular hole. Also, remember that this plate is about 3/8-1/2" behind the panel, so i don't think it will interfere with the NuLites. Don
  14. Aerodom,

    Would it be possible to order a flesh mount for dual G5 and ship it to TX? 

    Also Im interesting if you manufacting a flash mount for JPI EDM800?

    Thank you very much.


  15. Aerodon

    Avionics upgrade

    Warren, You neglected to tell us this was the AOPA giveaway plane in 2001. Nice, how about the panel pictures, I'm sure its nice. Your sack is still very capable, heres what I would do and why: 1) replace GX60 with a GNS480 to get WAAS. The comm connector is identical, and depending on your indicator, most of the nav will be the same too. Lots of labour saving, and it will cross talk with your SL30. Sell your GX60 while it still has a good screen. 2) Replace your SL70 transponder with a GTX345 or 345R. The GNS480 will provide a position for this, and if you need a little more panel space, go for the remote version. 3) Once you start changing audio panels and mixing G530's with other avionics, you may as well start again with a GTN750. Don