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  1. Yes, I can cut and bend a panel for you this week, what instruments do you need to install? Dual G5 on the one attached. Aerodon,
  2. I would say that labor is too little. At $100/hr, that's 50 hours. I think might just cover installing the 4 servos, and that a realistic number is between 100-150 hours. Some of the variables are: 1) amount of old stuff to be removed 2) relocating radios to fit 3) modifying the panel to install the G5's A local shop is doing a 4 servo in an M20K, I'll report back later on the breakdown of install hours. Aerodon
  3. I have a couple of Turtlepac tanks if anyone is interested? 60G and 160G. I'm looking for a 100G tank, but if I can't find one I'll use the 160G tank and partially fill. Planning to use them in a Seneca II. Bought a Piper Gross Weight Decrease 'kit'' for the trip to reduce the weight to 1999kg. Significant change in Canadian and European nav charges. Aerodon
  4. You got the wrong filter, a CH48108-1 will fit right on there.
  5. I have a replacement gauge out of a 1986 for you?
  6. It's always a challenge to make a neat installation of the JPI FF Tx. It helps to have a box full of the various fuel fittings to experiment with straight and 45 degrees out of the gascolator or into the carb. Then have a hose shop on speed dial to make up hoses exactly to length, with either straight or 45 degree fittings. I always have straight fittings into and out of the FF Tx, and always get it pretty level as per JPI instructions. The 90 into the FF Tx in the photo above would not meet my standards. This is necessary for the FF transducer to discharge any bubbles that might be entrained, and also to measure accurately. Then always band the fire sleeve. And punch and seal a small hole with RTV for the wires. It takes a bit of practice and rework to get the hoses to route nicely, and also not induce any side loads on the fittings. Don't be shy to get it redone to your satisfaction, now or the next annual. Aerodon
  7. I would say yes, aircraft spruce sell a cap for lycoming engines. Aerodon
  8. I pretty much always have one in stock, send an email with basic details (4/6 cylinder) to Aerodon
  9. Get your head out of the sand. It spreads just like flu, but has 10x the fatality rate. Very low with kids <10, very high with seniors. Flu kills 30,000 people per year, probably pushes a lot of seniors over the edge too. Can you imagine if that was 300,000 in the USA alone. Our local neighbourhood is a hotspot in Canada, and a lot of people are being tested, 10 local cases, one fatality. I prefer the odds of high risk activities like flying, skiing, scuba diving etc which are around 1:10,000. Aerodon
  10. I haven't looked yet, do you know where this resistor is? And on a related note, I have a spare PulseLite controller - is there any reason to ever have the wingtip lights in the on position? I'm thinking just put the pulselite in with one switch that turns the recognition lite on in the pulse mode? And while I am it, I don't like the Mooney avionics master relay setup. Seems to be a single point failure. What do you think of two 35A circuit breaker switches over on the CB panel for two separate avionics busses? Aerodon
  11. OK, so why are there resistors in the wingtip recognition light circuits on a 1986 Mooney. Dropping from 28 to 14, surely they could have found a 28V version? Aerodon
  12. This is timely, I was just studying the electrical diagram for my 1986 M20K. I am removing most of the engine instruments, and could not understand the 3 wire 'Hobbs'. One wire goes to the tach. The EDM900 has a 'tach' timer based on a certain number of RPM giving 100% and a Hobbs timer, and I regularly record every flight, so I think it is OK to remove both the timer and tach. Aerodon
  13. Here's my layout with 2 x GI275's. Also Sandel 3308 for #2 nav - gets heading from GI275, so real easy install. Also EDM900 replaces all engine instruments. Also considering 1 GI275 and a G3x or G500TXi, going around in circles with the options. Aerodon