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  1. Aerodon

    Removal of annunciator panel

    Ah, yes, but this C172 has a free cyclonic booster to achieve 181kts in level flight.
  2. Aerodon

    Removal of annunciator panel

    The landing gear unsafe light has 4 bulbs, how is that for redundancy. The deice light is a switch to turn the ice light on (to view ice on the boots on the wing) and the lower two bulbs light up when the deicing cycle is in progress. Cost me $70 for each 'capsule' (display) and the body is about $350. I bought a boxful of new surplus 'TAWS' annunciators, so have a stock to supply to my panel customers. A much less expensive option is to use the dialight LED panel lights (above the ELT switch). JPI have a neat one that does amber or red, but I have not found a source yet. Don
  3. Aerodon

    Removal of annunciator panel

    I'm replacing the OEM annunciators with Eaton annunciators. Quite expensive, especially when you are doing 8. But sure looks good. Custom graphics, and various switch options. I have one for 'ice light' to switch on the ice light as well as annunciate. Others have a non-latching switch (push to test?). Don
  4. LED's are not going to help, just sort your grounds out.
  5. I was advised to run new grounds from my tail nav and tail beacon to 'in front' of the GMU11. I pre-emptively replaced the Cessna 'flasher' with one on the Whelen 'integrated flasher' because I just knew that was going to be a problem. Passed the GMU11 test with nothing more than 15% of the limit first time. Don
  6. OK I pulled the trigger on a GTN750. Have the following for sale: 1) GNS480, excellent low time unit, up to date software. $4500 2) GTX33ES fresh back from Garmin for ES update $1800 3) GTX345 - new unit with encoder option $4500 Don
  7. John, OK here's the retail price for a head only, I'll take it for half of that, Don TRADE-IN EDM 700/800/760 to EDM-730/830/and the new 790 ( Use existing system wire harness, probes and Transducers). Indicator only. $1350.
  8. Aerodon

    GTX345 with encoder $old

    sorry sold and updated
  9. Aerodon

    KI-256 part number

    The roll problem in my Seneca was much worse in the climb. Also, if the FD bars are leading the turn, is that not an indicator that the servo is not keeping up? Seems to me trying another servo is a quicker ‘plug and play’ option the the FD. I have a FD for you, just send me an email. Aerodon
  10. Aerodon

    G5 not coming on

    So I did the 5.7 software upgrade and both units rebooted ok. On the next power up the HSI g5 failed to come on, tried 2 or 3 times. Then powered on while holding the power button down and it came to life. Can’t remember if it was setup mode or not. But it now it works.
  11. Aerodon

    KI-256 part number

    My roll oscillations were caused by a weak servo. New one fixed the problem.
  12. Joe, Ive got one for you, Don
  13. Aerodon

    GTX345 with encoder $old

    a) because AC Spruce won't sell for certified aircraft b) because it has a $250 encoder with it c) because its in Canada and there's no brokerage or international shipping, or local taxes required d) and its just a starting point, everything is negotiable. I might just install it for free? I'll refrain from pissing on M20C's if you refrain from pissing on my listing? Don
  14. Hi, I'm thinking of going to a remote GTX345, so have this open box transponder with / without encoder for sale. The tray has been in the plane for fitting (no scratches) but the unit has been in box all the time. The connector has been used, but if you wait a couple of weeks you can have the one out of my 345R box? Aerodon
  15. Aerodon

    GFC500 Update

    Erik, One guy on another website said there was no way this could be more than 20 hours labour. Here's my reply: What industry are you in? I would say a shop's first install for the above will be 100 hours, and maybe 50 by the third. It will also vary a lot depending on the current installation, remanufacturing the panel, moving radios around etc. The major tasks are as follows:1) remove old hardware and vacuum system2) manufacture new wiring harness3) install two G5's, maybe with new panel4) Install GAD29B5) install roll servo6) install pitch servo7) install trim (optional)8) remove the majority of interior and fish wiring harness through wing and fuselage floor9) install magnetometer10) install TOGA and A/P disconnect switches11) install sonalert in headliner, or interface to audio panel12) install GAD29B and interface to nav/com/gps13) Install GMC507 controller14) setup software, calibrate magnetometer, run vibration tests15) reinstall interior16) paperwork. A minimum 1 x G5 install will cost about $9k hardware. A 3 servo (trim) system with 2xG5's is about $14k. I would say a minimum install will be about 50 hours, and more realistically 100 hours. There are a lot of variables, it took about 2 hours to get the last vacuum pump stud out. Just because I wanted to retrieve the drive and housing, and use a cover plate without spacers on the studs. OCD at its best. Another one is what you do with the panel - hack the old one, or make a new one. An owner can help a lot by opening all the panels up and removing old parts. My next one will have electric trim - I assumed we would have to change the trim cable, but they will supply an extension. The servo should be say to install, but then you have to factor in the curly cord and trim switch. It is a fun project and very rewarding to see the results. Don