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  1. I recently calibrated a gravity flow transducer in a C172. I kept records from my summer trip (42 hours) and did one correction and it has been accurate to within 0.5 to 1G (roughly 1-3% on the 'safe' side). On my trip I had one refuel that was 4G out (out of about 32G consumed), but all the rest were close. I went back to that airport on the way back and the numbers were close. I don't know what happened, I suspect a billing or fueling error (not starting from zero?), but it was a reminder to look at the refusers gauge every time, not just rely on fuel slips. And then the crazy l
  2. This is probably for a fuel pump engine so start with 30.00. For a gravity system start with 20.00 and you will be close. If the FF indication is way out, then you will have to change the FF transducer. (some of the other FF systems have a completely different output). Then fly a few hours and generate some data from your refuelling slips and the JPI, and follow the instructions in the book on resetting the K factor. Don
  3. Why are you turning the bug in GPSS mode, i thought the whole point was for the GPS and flight plan to direct it? Aerodon
  4. Hi Nic, Yes I can customize the mounts, but I have found the Mooney panels a little tight. Attached is an image of an overlay to go on top of the panel to hide a bit of a gap with a pair of flush mounted G5's. Send me some pictures via email and I can see what I can do. My current recommendation is to spend more on GI-275's and less on labour to make the G5's fit. Garmin make an adaptor plate that will make them fit, and you also don't need the remote GAD29B box (not needed). supercub180@gmail.com Don
  5. I don't think so. The 660 selects the channel on the GDL and the GDL receives and plays the XM music - either hardwire or BT. Turn the 660 off and the music still plays. The 660 has audio out wires, but I believe they are for 'alerts' and messages generated by the 660. Aerodon
  6. Don, I can BT my cellphone audio to my Bose A20 very nicely. I tried the BT music audio from a GDL52 and a 52R (as apposed to the 'alert' audio) to my A20, and the volume was way too soft. I came to the conclusion that it was not possible. Yesterday my friend managed to get successfully get BT music from a GDL52R to his Lightspeed headsets. So at the next opportunity, I plan to go try by A20's alongside his Lightspeeds for music. Hardwire, no problem. Aerodon
  7. I disagree with you. On the upside, Mooney have a pretty good well established design. On the downside it probably takes 3-4000 hours to build one and the competition takes 2000 hours? So the real question is whether you can set up a production line that will cover the overhead and compete in the market. Any assistance you try provide will jets reduce efficiency. Experimental or owner build airplanes are a different market. The new generation of kits has laid out the future. If you are going composite, the factory or shadow factory needs to help the kit builder build the wing i
  8. Mi Mark I'm trying to do the same thing as you, so will do the research needed to get to the bottom of this. It's a good point, does the 'standby ADI display enough information for a legal second navigation display. After all, thats the main objective. It seems that to get full GPS1, GPS2, Nav1, Nav2 configuration you would need pretty much the latest generation of navigators like GTN / GNC series. It seems technically possible to connect both your GNS530 and KX155 to both displays. (The KX155 manual shows multiple indicators on the composite output). But it is a little ted
  9. You can install a toggle switch to instantly get to the ADI. Or select from the menu. Or it does it automatically when it detects a failure of main ADI. Aerodon
  10. I used to think that the odds of dying in GA was about 1:10,000 of the participants and that it was similar to motorcycling, skiing, scuba diving etc. But I think you are asking the correct question, if there are 500 pilots in a room, how many can expect to die in a year and how many will die in a 30 year flying career. Initially your 1:100 sounds horrifying, but here is a website with some alternatives: https://injuryfacts.nsc.org/all-injuries/preventable-death-overview/odds-of-dying/ First, the lifetime odds of all causes is 1:1. Heart disease 1:6 Motor vehicles a
  11. Paul, A second attempt at answering: A KX155 has a composite output, which means that the conversion and OBS are done internally in the GI-275 (and probably the Aspen). So if the KX155 can be legally connected to two displays in parallel, I can see this working. I can see the GNS530 GPS navigation working on two displays. And if the GNS530 has two Arinc ports (in and out), I can see this working on two displays too. So this issue is what Garmin allows once the GI-275 is configured in HSI/Backup mode, or maybe even MFD/Backup ADI mode. And what Garmin says in the in
  12. Paul, great question. I am doing something similar with a GTN driving a G500 primary display and wanting a SL30 and GI-275 as a secondary Nav and ADI backup. Let me try answer this in a roundabout way. If I had a secondary display like a Sandel SN3500, it could have two GPS's, Two ILS, ADF, and more. And then with a flick of a switch I could turn the backup AHARS/display on. It looks like the GI-275 can do all of this (pity no ADF for us in Canada). Now the difficult part - I've seen some GI-275's installed as MFD's, and then you get all the pages (21 I think?). You can hardwire
  13. Hard to tell, but that looks like a wire to ground the engine to at the engine mount or airframe? That could spoil a lot of annunciators and gauges? Aerodon
  14. I agree with Cruiser, I think this creates a false sense of security. Instrument approaches are all pretty similar. You get used to following a sequence and pre-planning what to do next. Generally you are flying straight and descending. Or flying level and turning. The wheels (wings) start falling off with circling approaches, it can get quite difficult to get back onto a missed approach procedure once you have started circling. Circling down to find the airport on your own made up plan has got to be one of the worst ideas out. I fly over the mountains on the west coast. Having
  15. Lance I'm probably not making myself very clear, I'm not saying that KAP and KFC150's are not found in Mooneys, I am saying they are installed at the factory as part of the Type Certificate, not by STC. I could be wrong? Sometimes TC's are very clear on 'installed equipment and options', sometimes not. And sometimes manufacturers will install STC'd equipment on a new plane using an STC developed by others. I am not sure what the paperwork would look like. I'm looking at the paperwork for a 252. There is an application for Airworthiness Certificate which lists all the equipme
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