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  1. Aerodon

    M20J and M20K Panels

    Collection of old and new panels
  2. The shop that painted it was also the dealer. Now there is an Alberta dealer (the owners home province) and the plane has been pushed outside of dealer #1's hangar. I would be OK with scanned copies of previous logbooks, but it is easier to intentionally delete a page. Yes, my last experience with a dealer in Colorado was excellent - he chased down proper answers to all the questions I had, even tracking down previous owners and maintenance guys to ask about stuff. It's a hard plane to sell in Canada, there are not as many buyers that are wealthy enough, and not as many pil
  3. It's a dealer selling it, it's currently at CYCW, and he can deliver to KBLI on a Canadian registration. You can get a broker to pre-clear the customs for a small fee, makes CBP much happier knowing that someone else has taken care and approved the import. The dealer can mask over the registration after landing and commence the de-registration process. You get a maintenance shop to do a fresh annual and get the plane ready for a DER inspector, who will issue the new CoA, one it is registered in your name. The big 'gotcha' is figuring out the point of change of ownership and ch
  4. I'm going the 'OPP' route, have several of these blanks to experiment bending... Aerodon
  5. I bought it, lets see, how far can you go in a 252 with 106+33G? Aerodon
  6. The second alternator hangs off the back of the engine and is driven by a belt drive off the accessory case. Then you need the second voltage regulator and all the wiring back to the circuit breaker panel. All feasible, but probably quite expensive. And I would imagine you could get it signed off as installing a factory option, the details are all in the writing diagrams and parts manuals. I have an engine that I am thinking of parting out, you could persuade me by giving me a large amount of money for the alternator, mounting brackets, accessory case (exchange) etc. Send me a PM.
  7. I've done it both ways, doing a lot of the legwork myself. 1) get someone to look at the logbooks before you commit, there are some real expensive 'gotchas'. Engine must have been overhauled by a CRS, prop overhauled within last 10 years, STC's and paperwork properly done and recorded. No '337' repairs or mods. Fire certificates of interior products. 2) the logistics seem almost impossible to me in Covid times. 3) use an escrow agent, to hold the money and release on cancelation. There is a sequence of removing the old registration, applying for cancellation, cancellation,
  8. Seems to me some of the posts are a bit negative. My biased view, from personal experience: 1) 252's are one of the best planes for two people to travel around in to visit lots of exciting places. 2) From 86 on, Mooney did a better job of corrosion proofing the structure 3) The engine change is with $50-70k (ask both GSX and I, we've done that). The recency of the engine change is also valuable. 50 hours on a 10 year engine overhaul is an issue. 4) As far as I know alll 252's are "encore upgradeable' 5) All 252's came with speedbrakes and decent avionics 6) S
  9. Yes, that's the easy part. But the IPC indicates from SN 25-1225 onwards. I had a look through the type certificate, could not find any help there. There are 'Notes' like the 'encore upgrade can be installed on serial number 1000 onwards' and 'vacuum system can be removed' if no system needs it. (you should see the debates on other types on whether is legal to remove 'required equipment' on the type certificate. I want to replace the wingtip recognition lights with midwing mounted lights so i can use the Aveo wingtips. Don
  10. So if the new Mooney are planning to be more supporting of old customers - I think a wing mounted landing light kit and retrofit approval would be a popular modification if it was reasonably priced?
  11. This is where it is mounted on a 1986 252. The second one is underneath the plate. Aerodon
  12. I know these are quite pricey, but if you are replacing several 1/4 turn fasteners, might be time to upgrade: https://store.skybolt.com/mooney-c724.aspx I also like the 'epoxy in place' nut plates from click bond - especially useful for hard to access places or if you don't have all the tools for nut plates. Aerodon
  13. I recently calibrated a gravity flow transducer in a C172. I kept records from my summer trip (42 hours) and did one correction and it has been accurate to within 0.5 to 1G (roughly 1-3% on the 'safe' side). On my trip I had one refuel that was 4G out (out of about 32G consumed), but all the rest were close. I went back to that airport on the way back and the numbers were close. I don't know what happened, I suspect a billing or fueling error (not starting from zero?), but it was a reminder to look at the refusers gauge every time, not just rely on fuel slips. And then the crazy l
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