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  1. Long range is what i meant
  2. You are alway helpful on this forum. Thank you so much! This isn't a firm decision yet. I am just looking at options. Since it appears that Monroy doesn't make the extended tanks. That is our main priority. We are looking at cheaper bravos and spending money to outfit it to our spec. Or just might go for an Acclaim. Like I said, i am just looking at options. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you, like i said before. I mainly want the new overhead lights. I don't care for much of the interior quality. I just like the placement of certain things. I believe the air vents and oxygen switch are also completely different aswell on the new style. Something that is not just an interior refurbishment. Though i could be wrong. That was part of the reason i was wondering if Mooney sold a retro fit kit
  4. That was the main thing i was looking for if i can redo it. I want those light on the overhead, also the oxygen dial is a little different. I like it more on the newer style. I dont really care for the actual seat design as much as i want those upper panel lights and all that.
  5. I believe after 1997/1998 Mooney switched all Bravos to a different type of interior similar to the ovation/ acclaim. Is it possible to buy a older bravo and have that interior retrofit in the plane?
  6. I really appreciate the new look!
  7. Mooney stated that they arent in the business to make new planes (currently) the gross weight increase will be for all Long body mooneys. So in a sense, it will be a kit. If they follow through with it. That will be a different story
  8. I know you have! Mathias mentions you a lot!
  9. My friends and I got some great air-to-air shots of each others planes. My Co-pilot is a great photographer and was able to catch these stunning photos of my friends Mooney Ovation over Sedona, AZ.
  10. Great story. Enjoy many memories! As a young pilot l, you'll learn alot and learn alot about your plane. Have fun
  11. Id love to be there, count me in!
  12. Hello! While the color scheme looks like my plane. I cant be for certain if that is my plane exactly. One i question on where he even got the photo from. Neither my friends or I took pictures of my plane (that close) and I didnt see anyone else come up and take pics of my plane.
  13. Thanks! It was one of the passengers first time in a small airplane and the other only their second. Both were proud at what they saw and I took up one of them again! As fast as that winter storm came, it disappeared less than an hour later and was VFR and skies clear (for the most part). However, I had enough excitement for one day and one of my passenger's dad picked us up and we drove home. I
  14. Im the pilot in the video. Forecast was VFR. I have a whole write up of what happened. I'll just say this, during the emergency I wasn't scared or nervous. I was mainly stressed l. I was prioritizing on fixing the plane and maintaining control of the airplane (times like this is when i had autopilot). I had two passengers with me and i was explaining what was going on and trying to make them as calm as possible. If they are calm, it will help me, which meant I'll be able to fly the airplane better. I can go into a lot more on this.
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