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  1. Have a "friend of a friend" that says the FBO owner said, "It looks like I just bought a Baron". Take it for what it's worth. I am also informed the pilot is 88 years of age. Don't think he will be insurable.
  2. Yesterday, I was over at my mechanic's shop and he was doing an oil change on a late model G58 Baron. As I knew the Mooney is wider than the Baron and Bonanza I did not realize how narrow those airplanes where until I sat in that Baron. For a big airplane it is really narrow. The idea that a Mooney is cramped when compared to it is laughable.
  3. I do it through the hole that is left. The entire zerk is missing.
  4. I would have to defer to others more knowledgeable, but I guess the front would be the same.
  5. I will be happy to bring my Ovation over to you at AHN or you can come to me. I am at Gainesville, GA.
  6. That really is the nub of it. I don't let anyone fuel my plane, unless I am present supervising it. You can't trust anyone or anything when it comes to the process. It often makes my wife mad as she is waiting in the FBO for a while, but it just has to be that way.
  7. Better than the adjustable grease nozzle is the "Lock-N-Lube" nozzle. https://locknlube.com With respect to the press in 3019 zerk, I stopped replacing them and use a needle tip pressed firmly, gets the job done. Get a Lock N Lube coupler with a Milwaukee cordless grease gun and a long hose. Greasing made easy.
  8. It works for me for ground operations, "Before Start", "After Start", "Before Takeoff", but in the air I find I want my MFD on other things and fiddling with it is too much of a distraction. In addition the type is too small. I have my Before Landing check in 20 point type.
  9. Airline crews are taught to only call out trends from the altimeter in wind shear, i.e. "Climbing" or "descending" because of rapid pressure changes.
  10. Oh yeah, it happens. Mike Busch had the same thing happen to him, but he caught the fueler before starting the engines. Don't know about Canada, but in the US, if you have the wrong fuel nozzles on the end of the hose, the FAA wants to talk to you pronto.
  11. Often times, you can get a local petroleum jobber to order it for you and you pick it up, saves shipping. Some jobbers will discount of list price. I am often in Peachtree City so I just swing by Spruce and save the shipping.
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