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  1. Yes but fast means things "splash back" through the storm window! (Ask my student about that)
  2. I have several strap wrenches including one like JimB's above but the one that does the best, weirdly, is the Penzoil strap wrench made out of plastic. I don't know why, but if I can't get a filter to budge, it always gets the job done. I can't explain it but it just works really good and it's cheap! https://www.amazon.com/Custom-Accessories-19425-Wrench-Pennzoil/dp/B0058I0T7S/ref=sr_1_5?hvadid=516871023049&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9010778&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=15641243085195409308&hvtargid=kwd-1257502036018&hydadcr=29035_10165969&keywords=pennzoil+strap+wrench&qid=1686067340&sr=8-5
  3. The trick is to fly low and slow over a Wal-Mart parking lot and put that dirty diaper with all the others.
  4. Sounds like you're running at 75% which is going to shorten cylinder life. Why don't you run her at 65% take your oil level to 6.5 and see what happens. I generally take mine to 9,10 or 11 and run WOT and that is 65%. WOT at 9 and above is the real sweet spot for the engine.
  5. The pin orientation is correct. You want leverage to "push the door into the frame" as you lock the handle over center. From the MM: 1. Adjust cabin door linkage to satisfy requirements listed below. A. Latching pin must contact striker plate hole on door frame, the full circumference of pin, when mecha- nism is in full latched position. B. Latching pin must clear striker plate when open- ing or closing door with latching mechanism in full open position. C. As lower link (1) and bellcrank arm (2), (Fig. 52-2) travel over center, the spring (3), is to be com- pressed to 1.000 +/-.030. NOTE Washers may be added between spring and link or 310294-501 housing assembly (4) to comply with items B and C, (Figure 52-2). D. The lower link (1) and bellcrank arm (2), in full locked position, should be overcenter a minimum of .3 inches, (Figure 52-2).
  6. I have an IO-550G with about the same time. I've replaced one cylinder due to a crack from manufacturing defect noted on the recent AD and one at about 800 hours due to leaking exhaust seat. I burn a quart every 11 hours consistently. Are you running your oil level at 6 to no more than 7 quarts? Do you fly once a week? What power setting due you normally run at and LOP or ROP? I also find it highly unlikely you would need to do all the cylinders and that all the cylinder are pushing oil unless you have been flying through sandstorms.
  7. The heated lift detector often requires repair of the heater element around the vane as well as the heat pad on the back (the orange flat silicon) which is pretty much a Safe-Flite thing as it cannot be done in the field. Safe-Flite will not sell the heating elements for field repair.
  8. Yep, when they get stuck, use a band type wrench and get low on the filter near the base as it is the strongest part to take the compression of the band without denting. I've found if you torque them right, they don't stick. The Tempest tool which I really like but does not fit my IO-550 because there is not enough room between the filter top and the standby alternator is preset at 17 ft-pounds. Tempest says 16-18 ft-pounds. I do 16 and you still have to "grunt" to get it loose by the bolt top, but it will loosen nicely.
  9. Generally, the lead to the probe will have an Alcor part# on a tag that you can match up. I looked it up and it shows an 86255 Alcor for S/Ns 29-001 thru 29-332 ( I am assuming you are NOT G1000). I would call them 1-800-354-7233 and they can verify the correct part. https://alcoraero.com/product/egt-tit-clamp-style-probe/
  10. Price a turbine probe, and a recip probe. Then you will understand. Also generally turbine probes are exposed tip and recipe are closed. I can also state from experience, because I wrote the checks, that P&W Canada will not warranty factory performed hot sections without new probes.
  11. One, a N/A recip temp is relative. If you remember many EGT gauges have no numbers. Turbine EGT have absolute numbers Two, turbine engine EGT probes are faster reacting and more robust. Reaction time is more critical on FADEC engines. Three, because thrust is often limited by maximum EGT on a turbine, accuracy of the absolute numbers is paramount. Which is why before test cell running or trimming a fuel control you calibrate the EGT. Failure to do so can result in underperformance or compressor stall if the engine over temps while showing some EGT headroom (depending on turbine and compressor condition)
  12. So the probe was correct. It was measuring the correct temperature as a result of your faulty engine.
  13. I had a similar problem. You need to try re-activation. I did several times with no luck, then sent my GDL-69a to Garmin. They said they found the problem and it worked for a while then quit. I finally threw in the towel and bought an exchange unit, and it has worked good since.
  14. You are correct. The only time an EGT probe is correct is when it is new. After that it is in continuous degradation. The reality is, most degradation is small enough to live with since EGT on a recip is a "relative" measurement. However if it pegs the case or goes over redline, it is time to look at it. Turbines is a whole other kettle of fish.
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