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  1. I have to say, I look for opportunities to do an approach and missed approach for proficiency purposes. We often have what is known as a "cold wedge" which produces low ceilings. I usually depart my home airport, go to KAHN, do an approach to full stop. Then I go to KWDR on my own nav which full fulls the tracking requirement, ask to hold, then do an RNAV approach and a missed at KWDR because it will be below minimums then proceed to my home and do an ILS to full stop. 3 approaches, a missed, tracking and a hold in usually in 1.2 hours. The perfect proficiency run. As for a "forced missed
  2. You should always demand a UCC conformal release of lien from the lender when you pay off. I keep all mine, for everything.
  3. What you say makes sense. However the thing I don't understand is the breather tube connect to the cap tube, just below the cap, so it should vent, not form a vacuum.
  4. Bring this back up because on my IO-550 has a strange oil stick When I pull the stick it after letting it sit over 12 hours the oil level will be 7.5 or 8. Then I wipe the stick with a rag, re-insert it, lock the cap, then pull it out again and it reads 5.5. What's with that? Which one is correct?
  5. Pilot In Command......When in command lead by being a leader and the others will follow. If they don't follow, command.
  6. I think that covers it. PPI is always a crap shoot, but real money tends to make everyone serious.
  7. Hopefully it is honor and not a reason. There is a reason it is called “earnest money” and it applies to more than the buyer.
  8. My experience is the same as yours but as a practical matter I have found if the G1000 cannot provide an aural warning, the sonalert sounds, both for the stall and gear warning. Now why would the G1000 not be able to provide an aural? In my case COM 1 had failed, with a red X. I only got sonalerts. It started working briefly and aurals returned. I had the GIA 63W replaced with a factory refurbished unit and aurals returned to stay. So I guess aurals are generated out of GIA number one. Go figure.
  9. I have used AIC Title Service both times. Excellent service and results. Create an Escrow account. I usually deposit the entire purchase in escrow to leave the seller no doubt, I am serious. That also motivates the seller in delivering the airplane for pre purchase and repairing any discrepancies because there is a big fat carrot out there that he knows is real. He also knows, that failure to perform per the contract, will result in withdrawl of that money.
  10. Except the heater is AC. I've seen people go so far as to use DC welders to generate de gaussing current. Again it works for a while.
  11. This thread reminds me of this thread searching for my N number on Mooney space. The previous owner flew my Ovation LVS to PIT non stop at FL230. Now that is performance!
  12. My response was to those above who say as long as it is "on the card" it is "ok". What you are doing is good work, but I have to tell you de-gaussing is a short term fix. Too much current flows through the frame for it to hold.
  13. To meet the original certification requirements the FAA considers more than 10 degrees deviation excessive (FAR 23.1327). If you cannot hold to that you must placard per 23.1547. You may say, yes, but this is CAR 3. However AC43.13 basically says the same thing. 10 degrees. So an installation exceeding that is not considered conformal to AC 43.13. Do you really want to explain a non conforming installation?
  14. Not really. My first wife had cancer. The most important thing is to not compare the two. You chose them for who they are. Airplanes are the same way. Usually when you talk to a pilot that has flown competitors, Cirrus and Mooney or Airbus and Boeing they will appreciate both designs. You really only run into zealots with people who have little to no experience in both.
  15. Cooler is always better, except on cylinder heads below 250!
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