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  1. The Cheyenne 400LS has a serious deficiency, Garrett engines. Other than that it is a great airplane.
  2. The problem with investing in hangars is airport ground leases. Generally, after 30 years, your "investment" reverts to the airport authority. Also some jurisdictions reassess your lease every 5 years and worse some do it not on the current land use but on "highest and best" which means, "if we wiped out the airport, how much could we get for this land". That kind of reassessment and lease stipulations make it hard to pencil out a pro-forma on a hangar. I am looking at building some T-hangars right now at a new airport being developed and I am "attempting" to guide the municipal powers to be i
  3. Absolutely necessary to get a good fit. When I change airplanes, I go get a new pair of glasses (trifocals) to fit the airplane. Also measure with a ruler in mm up from the bottom of the lens where things are in your field of view. Then measure from your eye where those things are in inches. This helps the eye doc greatly in fashioning a pair that work for you in that airplane. The advice to "be prepared to spend a ton of money" is absolutely true. I have three pairs. One regular everyday trifocals, clear trifocals for the airplane and sunglass trifocals for the airplane. Go with amber lenses
  4. After running a fleet of C402 freighters the biggest problem in turbos is shaft coking. Another reason to move to unleaded fuel. Shaft coking is nearly non-existent with synthetic lubrication.
  5. When you find out, let the Federal Reserve Board know because they are perplexed as you.
  6. The paucity of travel and recreation associated with travel has led to record savings rates for Americans. It is currently 33%, the highest since the metric was started in 1960. The result is a boom in housing, cars, boats and yes airplanes. I live on a lake with a dock. I have unsolicited offers for my house, brokers wanting to buy my boat and some calls on my Mooney. There is simply a huge amount of cash (about 6 trillion) out there ready and wanting to buy something...anything.
  7. Doing the same thing in my shop at home. Incredible difference in lumens and bulb life.
  8. The problem with having your own airstrip and having asphalt is you don't get enough rolling over the asphalt to maintain. Asphalt has to be rolled upon regularly to flex it and renew the seal. If you made the runway part of your driveway, that would work. Concrete is really expensive.
  9. Most aviation supply houses has a check box to get a pedigree on the part for an extra cost.
  10. I've seen worse on over zeolous soft field technique with 172's and it just ground the tie down eye a little bit.
  11. When I hear of 2, 3 weeks, a month of down time, I've wondered if a progressive maintenance schedule might be more suitable than an annual for these airplanes. One that gets every thing needed to be done in one day while doing a quarterly oil change. Also think it might minimize maintenance induced errors due to the smaller work scope. I think it would only work if your IA was on airport. I welcome any feedback on the idea.
  12. Arrests in the US are a matter of public record and on the web. We don't need a rumor of arrest to understand what is going on.
  13. You are correct now. We found in the 90's when GPS started being biased into the FMS, that there was a lot wrong with a lot of charts in foreign locations. Places like Guatemala, Honduras, and a good part of Africa never resurveyed but simply pencil whipped their lat/long data as WGS 84 compliant. It started with flying VOR approaches with a raw data monitor. It turned out that the USA paid these countries for resurvey, but they simply pocketed the money.
  14. Actually Jepp does not copy the chart, nor does the NOAA. The source document is the FAA 8260 or the foreign equivalent. Here is an example for the KSFO ILS 28L. https://www.faa.gov/aero_docs/acifp/2015121527331001001-SFO/CA_KSFO_ILS OR LOC RWY 28LSAC2_A25A_F.PDF There is also no guarantee in many foreign countries that the obstacle location is correct because the often have not updated the location to the WGS 84 datum. Which is why I don't fly anything other than published routes in third world countries.
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