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  1. It depends. On the Beech airplanes (except for Sierra and Duchess), the inner gear doors open and create an increase in drag during retraction, somewhat substantial I might add.. So leave them down. On a Mooney, the only direction for drag to go on retraction is to decrease, so suck them up right away although if you are that close on performance, you probably should not be operating out of that field. Also your attention is better placed on airspeed control than looking for the gear switch.
  2. Thank you Hank, I was and the VA is an excellent example where you do not have to participate, but you do have to contribute under pain of loss of liberty.
  3. I have in fact lost 2 million in pension assets to a bankruptcy. However, I chose to continue employment with a sinking company. In the private sector all transactions, regardless if you are creditor or customer are at will. No such status exists for the public sector. Try telling them you are at will and don’t wish to participate any more and you will find men with guns on your doorstep telling you to participate or be Wesley Snipe’s cell mate.
  4. No, the difference is, it is not your money. Fraud waste and abuse in the public sector is my and your money. How someone in the private sector wishes to waste their money is their business and business is usually very cruel to those who do waste money.
  5. Where I live, the electric utility has the legal right to clear the right of way even drop lines to a house. Last week the utility came through and cleared tree branches from the lines and they do it with specialized and very efficient equipment. I can point to a pine tree on the ground that the utility dropped because they said it was dying and a threat to the line. I live in one of the most heavily forested areas of the country and we do not hesitate to protect the lines. When an ice storm comes along, if you have not cleared the branches and dying trees they will fall on the lines. It is no different problem than CA except one place has the will to establish legal basis to clear the right of way and the other does not. As for CA running the grid, they can't even build a train line. Run a huge grid...really?
  6. There is a difference between regulation.....and operation. The FAA and the NTSB does not operate the airlines, they regulate them. Nor is that regulation perfect. All one has to do is look at the innovation coming out of EASA vs the FAA. Do I have to remind you how long it took for the FAA finally admit that actually a second attitude indicator powered off a different source would actually be better than requiring a T&B? Or that TCAS would be the best anti collision system? That is just a few examples. Finally I would remind you that PG&E is in this fix precisely because the state and the state PUC has failed both in insuring ROI on the grid AND maintenance of the forest areas under their control. IOW, where the state has had operational control they failed. Nothing in the history of State of California operational control suggest they could operate a grid successfully.
  7. Baloney. We delivered power for decades through area of dry brush in all areas of the West. My father was a lineman for Idaho power at one time and later for a contacting electrical services firm in CA. CA has totally mismanaged the grid to create third world conditions. First you clear the woods and brush around the lines! It requires regular maintenance which cost money (more on that later). Second it requires a belief that trimming and clearing the brush is a necessary ingredient to a 21st century existence and not listening to the watermelons. Third, in creating a buy back program for solar, the cost of grid maintenance is not being allocated to the solar users, only to the users of utility wattage. It does not take a genius to see the more solar buyback, the more the grid maint budget will be starved, while inferior allocation in the form of solar expands. The CA PUC has botched this so badly it is beyond anything I could imagine when I lived there. This is America, we don't have planned electrical outages like Venezuela. We fix the problem so we don't have to have them, not accept the line of baloney being delivered.
  8. I note that he was training someone in a Cheyenne so he could have mispoken, unlikely but possible. The main thing here is line personnel should be should be trained in the "Johnny Cochran" rule. "If the nozzle don't fit, you must quit". Trying to adjust a non conforming nozzle, should have been a show stopper. As for truck contamination, happens more often than you think. Recently two Citations were dead sticked from the flight levels after refueling in Punta Gorda with Jet-A contaminated with DEF. Equally so, I once had a 737 that had a fuel contamination code on the gauges. After a lot of trouble shooting, maint told me it was a bad processorand was going to defer it. I refused and said "Do a miilipore test on the truck" Found small red fibers. Truck was emptied and a red sweater from a worker who had worked inside the tank was found. Fuel is one of those things we don't have backups for when goes bad. The whole thing is toast when it goes wrong and yet we allow the lowest paid least experienced, least trained people in aviation to handle it.
  9. It is true only the factory can zero time an engine. Recognize however that the factory can install any parts, including used parts that meet their specifications. Now I cannot speak for other shops but I do know Carlus Gann and his build will be to new specifications if you spec that. His balance is also way better than factory. His prices have gone up lately Because Lycoming has raised prices on parts I believe in an effort to drive people like him out of the business. He has built built 2 engines for me and his work is superb. The sad part is if you put in a factory zero you will have an inferior engine to a Gann engine but you will have better resale. Here is the way I would look at it. If you are going to fly this engine a 1000 or more hours, go with Gann. You will fly in the comfort of knowing you are behind no better engine. If you are going to sell the airplane in the next few years, buy a factory zero time for the resale value.
  10. I will second StevenL757. The MD93 is the bomb. Nice big white LED display. Simple to operate and USB ports in the bargain. My previous airplane had one and I don’t have room in the G1000 panel now but I am looking for a way because I like it even over the G1000 internal unit which is a PIA to use.
  11. You have to be careful with "Battery Reconditioning" modes. Some chargers use higher voltage to de-sulphate the battery plates. In AGM batteries high charge voltages can permanently damage the battery unless the voltage spikes are sent in pulses of 22-28 kHz. If your charger has an AGM mode and a reconditioning mode you are good to go, otherwise check the manual of the charger.