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  1. If we did not have to run leaded fuel in our engines, we could ditch all these additives (and the arguments thereof) and run full synthetic oil. It constantly amazes me I can run a couple supercharged Yamaha 4 bangers with super charging, let them sit all winter on the lake and only change the synthetic oil every other year with no corrosion problems. I actually was curious once and did an oil analysis on one and came back normal. IMHO when it comes to aviation engines, we are somewhere between stone adze and a tomahawk but we are paying AR-15 prices. There is no reason for all these cam, valve and cylinder problems in this day and age.
  2. Don't know about other models but my maintenance manual for M20R allows for either A/S 22 or Mobil SHC 100 on the landing gear. jerks. The choice to keep it simple is Mobil for everything on the gear now that Mobil is approved for the wheels.
  3. Up north of you in SJC, the land lease terms for tenants of the airport besides only being a 30 year term is a 5 year reassessment of the rate based upon, "highest and best use of the land", not "highest and best use of airport land" which means they value the land as if it were any plot in Silicon Valley. Guess what that does for your rent.
  4. Nice job, you flew the plane, made a plan and executed the plan. Not much more to be done when you are single pilot. As an aside I will never complain here after about you Britain's using 121.5 too much
  5. I verified the effects of rain several times flying a jet with a sensitive AoA. Go into a shower level flight, A/P on, auto thrust on, yep AoA increases, come out decreases. It happened with building, steady and dying storms. We all know humidity decreases air density (those H2O molecules have to go somewhere) so it is only natural that AoA has to increase, which means drag increases. Power requirement to maintain level flight increases. A slight increase in power for a given throttle position would be expected in fog or mist (aka water injection) both for turbines and recipes, heavier than that however and you might see a power decrease. 13 knots difference however is likely more down draft than humidification.
  6. No, I now have 3 A/S and 3 altimeters LOL! The reason being is the GI-275 STC as a standby A/I does not allow replacement of the A/S and Altimeter. I actually don't think you can replace A/S and ALT even if it were primary based on what I read.
  7. Mostly correct. Disagree on 757-200. Delta will fly 757's until they are dust.
  8. Okay. You asked for a picture, here it is!
  9. Use the "Flitz Ball" with Flitz polish.üff-Ball-5/dp/B000H6O3TG/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=flitz+ball&qid=1590585064&sr=8-3
  10. My guess is it was used to tighten a B nut on something that had a rod or wire coming through it. The dogs either fit in indentations on the nut face or engage the nut sides and the U clears the item coming through. The oddly shaped handle is because clearance was close and this allowed manipulate of the wrench clear of the panel.
  11. There is no replacement for displacement! That 720 is smooth!
  12. Oh yes. Same design and structure.
  13. The one problem with all the airplanes mentioned is some expensive wing work. The Bonanza Pre-91 has center section issues which requires expensive inspection and if there is a crack, get real expensive to put the kit in and even then it does not relieve you of an inspection every 500 hours. Then there are the wing bolts if it is. a bathtub. fitting wing. Wing bolts SB is often ignored but if the wing bolts have corrosion which you cannot tell without pulling them, which IMHO. is a high risk maintenance procedure that demands the best of the best in shop skill. Last time I priced wing bolts for a King Air, 45K.The PA32 has the sword of Damocles hanging over its proposed wing spar AD. At the very minimum, it needs inspection plates, at the maximum new wing fittings. Ditto C-210. AD 2020-3-16. Eddy current inspection of the center section carry through and spar. If you are set on a course of wanting big doors and recip engine, make sure to get a 91 or new (check the S/N's) A-36 to say out. of the center section troubles. If you go PA-32, research carefully the S/N that will be affected by the upcoming AD and I would be very suspect of any affected C-210 that did not have the eddy current performed. Better to go with the N. or R models. All this points to why I bought my M20R. Rock solid structure and construction. The Pipers and the Cessna's were not meant to last this long and the earlier Bonanzas were a product of the "go-go years" of GA where development costs were minimized by using old. design construction with a new coat of paint. There is a reason why all the BE-18 fly around with straps under their wings and that same design was prevalent in all Beech products for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I love Beech products, especially the A-36, love the PA32 and the C-210. Flew them all, have lots of great hours. I think Beech builds about the finest airplane around, but it is pricey to maintain, and unless you get a later model you are on the bubble structure wise.
  14. When mine failed we found the field terminal bad. Replaced that and things work great. Take off the connector and check out the terminal, I think they go bad early and often as they sell the replacement. connector with wire on the B&C website. In my case the IA simply replaced the spade terminal within the connector. There is also a trouble shooting routine on the B&C website. You could use the one from the Mooney manual, but it is simply a cut and paste of the B&C procedure.