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  1. The reason why is fly by wire aircraft except for the Gulfstream and some newer yet to be certified models have zero feedback controls. There is no control feel. (This is the reason why people have so much problem flying GA simulators) For this reason, the stabilizer automatically trims to zero with the elevator. In the case of AF 447 the constant back pressure held resulting in constant stab nose up trim. As the airplane began the in stall decent, the stab trim was full nose up. At that point, stalled with full nose up stab trim, the elevator was insufficient, even nose full nose down on the
  2. I am a type rated A330 pilot, was an LCA on them and friends with Bill Palmer, author of Understanding AF447. I have also been presented with the AF447 profile unannounced several times each time flying it successfully. While I agree the pilots mucked it up, especially by not flying attitude, they also were confused by the airspeed indicators. If they had AOA it would have been a separate and absolute confirming source that the airplane was indeed stalled. The training to focus on AOA is not a mistake. The Navy has taught it for years. Here is something few people will tell you.
  3. Because you have three systems with separate tubes, ports and ADC computers. If AF447 had AOA read out, they would have known for sure their airplane was stalled.
  4. Not many dusters have swept wings. Ever stall a swept wing aircraft without the warning systems?
  5. https://www.advancedpilot.com/downloads/GAMI Lean Test.pdf
  6. If I was planning LoP operation, I would square away ignition, meaning good mags and fine wire plugs, before turning attention to injectors.
  7. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bankers-see-private-jet-party-133326251.html
  8. Absolutely agree. The GAMI's are the bomb for smooth running LOP. Takes a little time, a little work to get them all matched but once you do, it is really nice. Suggest you use the "GAMI" mode (that little circle "G" )to right on your graphing. GAMI will work with you on getting them matched up.
  9. Boats, houses, airplanes. Just sold a house 20% over asking after a bidding war erupted. It is all the same. There is 6 trillion in excess savings out there in people's hands right now and every thing is competing for that money, and that money is competing for everything.
  10. It is a true AOA. The data is there in every airplane, both Boeing and Airbus. You just have to choose to display it. And yes it is at a legacy carrier. DAL.
  11. That is not true. I was flying AOA on 737NG's in 1998, with a HUD.
  12. One thing for sure. When you roll out on final and hit Vref+5 you know PDQ if load control fed you BS numbers.
  13. Yeah, well that was all until Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee (You know the lady who wanted NASA to run the Mars Rover over to where Neil Armstrong left the flag) proclaimed that Houston GA airports were hot beds for terrorism. Then the DHS IG got involved and you got this study and document reporting to Congress. DHS does not having Congress on its back, so they are going to push just as far as they can. You are correct, that airport managers are lazy and like to make "one size fits all" security. That is why it is so important to get the alphabet groups involved.
  14. That is a fact! I fight that engine too!
  15. I have an IO-550. I had inconsistent readings. Obviously you want to check after drain down, preferably a few hours or more. My mechanic however advised me all Continentals with wet sumps have a "capillary" problem. The oil will capillary up the tube and give a "high" bad reading with the stick installed. The only reliable way to check the oil is after drain down, remove the stick, wipe it, wait for the oil in the tube to drain back (about 30 seconds) insert the stick and then pull up and read the stick. Since I usually remove the stick in the hangar for insertion of the "engine saver" t
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