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  1. Sad such short lives due to lubrication. I have two turbo diesel vehicles that run on pure synthetic that have a combined 300,000 miles with zero turbo problems. I don't even do idle downs on them. If we could only get rid of leaded fuel we could have better lubrication technology and longer turbo life.
  2. I might suggest a SIRS compass for panel mounting. It has 4 compensation magnets. Easier to swing and much less affected. by steel truss structure. It also has a metal bellows so it does not blow out as much. It is a much better unit.
  3. Nice job, and thoughtful of you to do your own "after action" assessment. Try not to beat yourself up too much in such assessments, the heat of battle always demands more than we can give. You did everything right in the midst of a giant fubar by the airport managements.
  4. Thank you all for your recommendations. I dropped into KMTV Sunday morning. Great airport. Good runway, markings have been updated contrary to the AOPA guide. Nice folks who gave excellent service. Restaraunt was closed but looks great! The manager on duty, Gordon, is also a local corporate pilot. Gave me a great tip about getting a clearance. If you can get off through a hole, above 3000' go straight to Washington Center, 124.05, not through GSO approach and you will be routed direct RIC, not have to go through GSO's airspace.
  5. Newbie or old pro, the Mike Busch books are worth the price of admission.
  6. Well the letter has to be signed by someone, and we need to see it and know who it was that issued it.
  7. I received a reply from AOPA. Here is what they said, "This is the first that we've heard of this. I did confirm with OKC that this order was issued out by FAA in Washington D.C. We will definitely be following up on this. If possible, could you please email or fax me a copy of the letter from your AME?" It seems to be a big mystery of who, what, when and how this was formulated. Which makes me suspicious.
  8. I was looking at a PA18-150 sitting on the Pacific Northwest coast, 36 hours in 5 years on a 600 hour engine.. Do you think I was concerned about engine corrosion? You bet! With a Lycoming you really can't get a good look at the cam and lifters without a lot of disassembly. My solution was I purchased the airplane with a holdout in escrow. the deal with the seller was, I would purchase the airplane, I would fly it to the East Coast, if there was no metal, he would claim the 10K held in escrow. If it was making metal, I get the 10K. It made about a teaspoon of metal, changed the oil and it made some more. So I took the 10K. So a deal is doable, just cover yourself. If you horoscope the cylinders and see corrosion, you can stick fork in it. It needs an engine. If not, still a question mark but not a deal killer. Look at it this way. If it is a great airframe, but needs an engine, you price it accordingly, buy it, put in a new engine and you have a damn fine airplane with a known quantity on the engine. IOW, you got something that you may be able to make work for you .Don't walk away, see if it can work out.
  9. That is correct. It would appear if you were for instance hospitalized for viral pneumonia or influenza when you were declared well, you could return to flying status and only report the hospitalization on your next med express application. Here, it would appear you are medically disqualified to fly IF you have had Covid hospitalization or not, AND you must submit your data to the FAA and get clearance to fly from them, which sounds like special issuance to me.
  10. I have sent a message to AOPA tonight. Awaiting a response.
  11. I know. Say it ain't so. LOL! However I received this message from my AME today. "Dear Airmen, We have just received notice from the FAA -in regards to Covid - 19 infections.1) If you were hospitalized because of the virus - They need all medical records from your hospital, all doctors that consulted on your case. A letter from your treating doctor after discharge - a status letter in regards to your flying status, medications , prognosis and on going issues if any. So you will need to make an AME appointment for recheck and bring all the above information with you so we can get you back flying as soon as possible.2) If you tested positive and required care at home - we need your private doctor records. Showing care, medication and your current status as to flying and over all health. Again an appointment with your AME for recheck and to get all your paperwork into the FAA . " To me it sounds like the FAA just amended Part 67 without a NPRM or any emergency notice. Second, the requirement to send the paperwork to OKC sounds like "special issuance" and not routine. Which raises more alarms.
  12. Let your tanks set for an hour after filling to make sure all absorbed air is purged just for a baseline. It sounds as if there is some turbulent flow, some air aspirating, or a poor connection. I had a boat a while back that was erratic on fuel flow and I found a small pinhole in the suction side of a fuel line leading to FF transducer that was sucking air.
  13. Take care of business like the Italian government did after the Rome airport attacks in 1986. Outsource it to the Sicilians. They can deliver a very strong message to those Russians.
  14. Then you are unable to read between the lines and/or unable to judge the horseflesh. In that case, hire an appraiser. Vref does not have people who work only for them. They will contract an appraiser and report his report to you. You can cut out the middle man by googling "aircraft appraiser". But if you are simply. afraid of paying 2000 too much on a 250K deal, the objective is all wrong.
  15. Have to make a fuel stop due to heavy payload on my way to the BWI area from ATL. KDAN or KMTV, both look good but I need good rest rooms for the grandkids and wife. Fuel prices are close enough not a consideration.