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  1. I received a call yesterday from Jake at Bevan. My equipment (pitch servo, mode selector, and computer) are fixed. The total cost was about half of the estimate from the other shop. They received it on Monday and it was fixed by Friday. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this shop.
  2. Ill just say that I got it back from the original place and it is now at Bevan in Wichita. No report from them yet.
  3. mooneyflyfast

    Winter getaway

    I don't know where Florida's claim to being the location of the Redneck Riveria comes from but Larry Joe Taylor (a popular local singer who sometines plays the Back Porch Bar at the marina at Port A) has a song describing the Redneck Riveria as running from Port A (Aransas) to Port B (Bolivar-Across the ferry from Galveston). Some might question why that would be a coveted label in the first place.
  4. mooneyflyfast

    Winter getaway

    Amelia's landing. The Fulton Harbor Inn at Rockport (10-15 miles north of Port A) is good, too. Also consider South Padre Island (not N. Padre which is adjacent to Corpus Christi and Port A 120 miles north) .Has the best beach and tons of good restaurants and bars. The LaQuinta hotel is beachfront and reasonably priced. No hurricane damage in this area. If you go to So. Padre visit Nuevo Progresso, Mexico. Only safe border town I know of. There are always 100's of Canadian and midwestern snowbirds having a good time there. Have fun!
  5. mooneyflyfast

    Trutrak replacement for KFC200 on the cheap

    Is it not legal to fly an approach down to 700 agl with the Trutrak? I thought I had seen that somewhere. Also, the Trutrak is more capable than the KFC 200 in some ways Like GPSS, alt. select and rate of climb /descent.
  6. mooneyflyfast

    Trutrak replacement for KFC200 on the cheap

    Both -05s I believe. I'll give you a call.
  7. mooneyflyfast

    Trutrak replacement for KFC200 on the cheap

    Tach generator on the pitch servo.(has spikes) $1010.00 Mode controller $648 Computer 1 diode, 25 capacitors, 2 ics $2,700 I have a spare KC 295 which I think is good except the alt. board Would you be interested in checking out both to see if we could cobble one good one from the two? The problem was alt. hold Rest of the system worked fine. Probably was a mistake to send the mode controller and pitch servo.
  8. I have a GTN 625 (no vor/ils) and a KNS 80. I have a remote switch which makes it possible to display GPS or VOR/ILS data on my KCS 55--works fine and the KFC 200 will fly GPS or ils approaches.I learned yesterday that my KFC200 needs at least $4,500 in repairs to be fully functional. I have decided against repairing the KFC200 and will be looking into a Trutrak or one of the other new APs. If I remove the KFC200 and add a Trutrak I should be able to keep my KI 256 (FD wouldn't work) and my KCS 55 (AP heading bug wouldn't work). The new AP wouldnt track a vor or fly an ILS but I could hand fly it if desired. Hopefully, the only cost involved would be the Trutrak and installation-no new indicators or converter boxes.Does anyone see a reason this wouldn't work?
  9. Im not familiar with the term IPC. Is this referring to the part of the pilots operating handbook where optional equipment is listed with weights and moments for weight and balance? If so, I doubt that full part numbers of equipment would be listed, probably just model number. thanks for the suggestion. I'll take a look next time I am at the hangar. Fortunately it is a moot question at this point.
  10. Actually the trim doesnt run. The AP causes rhe conrtol yokes to continuously go forward. The up/down rocker on the mode contriller doesn't stop it It is not following the flight director bars
  11. Everything worked except the alt hold It would start running the elevator down when engaged. No final report yet but they did find a fault in the pitch servo (repairable) which could cause this. Apparently the pitch board in the computer is OK Good news since that is $$$$$$.
  12. The shop has looked at this again and has determined that my equipment is correct. thanks to all who responded.
  13. Thanks. Yes, I found this online too, but I don't think it is correct. I am hoping someone has a parts book or something authoratative from King.
  14. Hi Mike, Let me help you understand why i am questioning the shop's advice and why I put the question to the group. The computer and adapter board have been in the airplane for the 20 years I have owned it and have worked fine. Nothing in the logs shows the computer as being changed. Another well known shop worked on the computer 8 years ago and didn't question the propriety of the computer or the adapter board. The current shop says my equipment is proper for an F, which we know is practically the same as a J. The -15 computer they say is proper is shown on the only application chart I could find fits only a Beech Queen Air. Said chart shows nothing for an F but a -13 for a J. There are very knowledgeable avionics guys who follow this forum and I am hoping one of them knows the answer or can look it up for me. I would find it awkward to ask a shop to offer free advice contradicting another shop's advice.
  15. I sent my KC 295 autopilot computer to a well known shop for repairs. They are saying it is the wrong dash number for my 81 M20J. As i understand they are saying it should be p.n. 065-0034-15. From what I have found it should be a -13. There is also a question as to the correct adapter board. Mine is a -23 but they feel that it should be a -66. Can anyone help me with a definitive answer as to the correct part numbers?