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On ‎6‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 7:16 PM, gsxrpilot said:

A cowl and cowl flap redesign between the 231 and 252 leads to better cooling of the engine which improves engine life and reduces maintenance.

The intake on the 252 is improved as well.

I've got the airflow systems intercooler and GAMI injectors and run ROP in my 231.  I actually have to watch my #5 and #6 cylinders to make sure it doesn't get below 250 (Its right in front) in cooler temps and in climbs.  The hottest cylinder doesn't get above 380 in cruise in the summer with cowl flaps in trail...  So an LB 231 with intercooler can run pretty darn cool. 

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  My apologies for leading you astray, was not my intention.  I am sure I've seen the mod, I cannot say I've seen the STC to perform the mod.  The B&C pad mount shaft driven unit would be my choice also,  Is there any precedence for a field approval on such a mod?  I've seen the 28v version on a Bravo with the whole emergency buss isolation process, would love to have the ability to do something similar on the 231 (after I'm done with the vacuum pump of course).

There is precedence for a field mod for the B&C. Email them and they'll send you the info.

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