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  1. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Yeah, that is me! You’re welcome
  2. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Yeah long sleeve is good too...as long as it’s the K version.
  3. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Good idea, I’d buy one... K please.
  4. Mooney Girls Fast, not Easy

    Trying to say fast as in "Mooney's are fast," and not as in the "Fast girl" definition of urban dictionary.
  5. pattern etiquette question

    I was landing the other day, doing a regular pattern and an RV was behind, also in the pattern. I turned base to final and heard him announce he was turning base too. I though that was a bit close, but couldn't tell how far out he was. I landed and rolled out, was taking the second exit and looked backed and noticed that RV was on the ground too, coming up behind me. Apparently he decided we'd do a loose formation landing, without letting me know... I do pretty tight patterns, so it wasn't like I was way out doing a wide pattern. Kind of annoying with him on the runway too, but no harm, no foul I guess.
  6. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    My wife loved the C too, until I started talking about getting a J. I sort of mentioned you could get more for the money with a K and she was all over it, said why wouldn't we get the faster, longer range, better equipped plane for the same price. I had no argument so we got a K.
  7. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    I went from a C to a 231 and have loved the improved performance! Yes, you'll lose your shirt on the sale of the C, but 231s are a bargain. Direct costs between C and K on the same trips; Around 300nm, C burns 1-2 gallons more, 600 + nm, the K is much cheaper, no fuel stop and much faster. Much roomier, much faster, more standard equipment, etc. Get a K! You'll love it!

    There is an m20f at west valley flying club in Palo Alto. A bit slower but pretty similar
  9. I Used To Fly A Cessna C140...

    Welcome. I used to have a Cessna 140 too...fun, but pales in comparison to the utility of the Mooney.
  10. Heat Residue on Windshield

    Now that was a good answer! Answer his next question about long term damage...I'm wondering too
  11. High FBO fees.

    Yep, south valley
  12. High FBO fees.

    That is what I did when going to Park City. Heber was so pricey and I needed a car anyway, so I flew into an airport near Salt Lake city, which was much cheaper.
  13. Something's not right

    really bad paint, dated panel, rough interior, really high time airframe, no working autopilot, not adsb compliant, mid time enginge, fairly recent damage history,etc...probably more stuff...
  14. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    You crazy kids and your hashtags! Get a haircut, you millennial! (FYI, I don't think hashtags work here...That is for the hip websites like instagram and the like)
  15. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    I think many people gave many simple answers. It seems like the reasons vary. Questin answered. Problem solved. I sound like Carusoam.... "Just pp thoughts. Get a PPI. Yada yada... A" (That was my Carusoam impersonation) John
  16. It is a heater vent, right above fuel selector . You don't want to cover that; get it fixed cuz it gets very cold up at altitude
  17. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Weidersein

    That's what she said.... Also I don't know how to make the map smaller.
  18. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Weidersein

    Also consider, that takes into account some riskier aviation activities; Flight instruction, ag flying, aeromedical, Alaska...Outside of that, private flying gets significantly safer and isn't 20x riskier, but yeah, Lance is probably right, approaching as risky as Motorcycles... But that risk is reduced depending on what type of flying and decreasing pilot error rates...
  19. Besides, you have a J....That is not a "Longbody" and won't fit in yours.
  20. Lance beat me by 5 seconds...
  21. Wing Landing Light Lens Thickness Clear (W-) Part Number (G.L.A.P.) Right or Left Note: Lens is trimmed oversize due to aircraft variations We can trim to your lens if supplied. Please inform us that you are sending us your lens. .093" Polycarb $ 88.56 2503-RH or 2503-LH That is great lakes aero plastics; looks like for an Eagle. New prices appear to be $89. looks like he is offering for $55, shipped...
  22. Another sad mishap Bear Lake, CA

    I am going to.
  23. Another sad mishap Bear Lake, CA

    Did the trans Catalina trail from the airport down to Avalon...kicked my butt...