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  1. Sorry to resurrect this post, but is there an AD from Mooney on this? My mechanic seems to think so. He says they ‘failed’ and need to be replaced.
  2. Mine is in annual now and looks like the boot or baffle around the prop governor control cable is mostly gone. I can't even tell what it was supposed to look like. No real cooling issues, so not overly concerned yet. Anybody have a picture or a replacement option for this? Is it a like a sock or just some baffle pieces? Thanks,
  3. The link for the page on compatible autopilots is conspicuously broken...
  4. NAV Canada put that all on hold or delayed for awhile. At least a couple of years before it will be needed and I suspect the uproar from the villagers may get them to rethink the diversity requirement. I understand that they are testing our little planes with only bottom antennas. A 737 shades the lower antenna a lot more than a mooney especially considering that the satellite reading it not likely to be directly overhead. I am holding off on this diversity thing for as long as possible. A bit more info here:
  5. That is an excellent tip Clarence! I will pass this on the my AME. He his willing to do this work, but hasn't done a Mooney in a while ( and doesn't particularly like it from what I gather )
  6. Thanks for the responses. Yes, the exterior trim piece below and forward of the windshield. The logs don't show it as being replaced and it looks original to 1981. What does a Cherry max rivet look like installed?
  7. Hi, I was going to replace my windshield in January and AME felt I would need the trim piece below it replaced as it would not come out intact. I suppose this can only come from the factory or is there a risk-free way to remove this without destroying it? I don't want to get into a position with the plane apart and a key part now becoming impossible to acquire. I know this can always occur, but would hate to do it intentional with this elective surgery. Thanks,
  8. This is the way that Mooney does it, basically two standalone systems. It is fairly primitive but they seem to work fine when all the parts are functional. Diodes required the alternator to be removed and dissembled. They tested fine when I changed the brushes several months ago, but starting to think there is a shorted diode that is causing the winding to act like a load on the system. I just got a new diode bridge in yesterday and will try that next. Not much else to look at it, everything else is new!
  9. Yes, there is split alternator field switch and each can be turned on or off separately. They are basically two independent alternator and regulator systems connected to the same bus, there is no load sharing or controller that works to share the load. Normally, I keep both on all the time. The direct drive alternator spins a little slower than the belt drive so takes a bit less load. The second alternator is a standard Kelly Aerospace type unit, like the Prestolite/Ford.
  10. Hey, I am troubleshooting an ongoing issue with the second, belt driven alternator. The gear driven one works fine, but when the belt driven one is added, the bus voltage actually goes down. There is a vert low whining noise through the audio panel with this alt on line also, but the measured AC ripple is still within tolerance. Any thoughts? I have rebuilt the whole alternator except for the diode bridge. New-ish zeftronics regulator that is working correctly according to the indicator lamps. Running out of ideas.
  11. I got that stuff from plane plastics I belIeve. Slips on. The stuff I had before was rock hard and shattered when moved.
  12. Since we are all sharing...I found the plane plastics door panel much thicker than the original which affected how it fit on the edges that have the return on them. I ended up trimming most of the return away to get it to fit. In hind sight, the heat gun may have helped that, but it still would have been quite a stretch due to the amount of material there Be very careful with the tiny screw in the center of the lower panel, that ends up behind the upper panel. A previous owner of my plane put that one in too far and made a pimple on the outside of the door. I did not put it back in as it was not needed, nor worth the risk. It already was less than 3/16 of an inch long, not sure how much shorter they make those little #4 screws.
  13. Sorry, but all I can add from experience with my plane is that the level sensor is at the front of the tank, as it reads a lower level on the ground then when the plane is level in the air.. Pretty sure you need to get to it from the bottom access panels.
  14. I tried to be fancy by transcribing the holes and failed. Gave up and just drilled new holes.
  15. Flight timer for the ADF. Mine is located just below it, above the throttle. Actually quite handy once you realize it is there. Great for doing holds or timing turns.
  16. Has anybody used the GDL51? How does one access the XM radio without Garmin Pilot?
  17. I am 6'2" and the 3" extensions that came with my K. I use the last holes in the chair rail and it fits just nice. I can't imagine being any closer and it is nice stretching the legs out.
  18. I had one of these open on my M20K. I got a couple of red cap-plugs from Spruce and covered them. They are 5/8" I think.
  19. How risky an operation is this? Are there unobtainable gaskets or other items in there that would make this procedure prohibitive for a moderately talented hangar elf?
  20. I removed those cap bolts when replacing all of the rubber isolators that were sagging or broken. It will move forward but has a lot of weight on it. There is a lot of vacuum tubing back there too. Nice job on the gauge glass. How did you do that? Mine look like your 'before' picture.
  21. HI Larry, I'll take the SXAR1 if still available. @Larry Newhart or from Paul @gsxrpilot if he doesn't need it and bought both. PM me if interested. Thanks,
  22. Hey, I recently had a GTX345 installed for ADSB and bluetooth traffic out. I am in Canada so there is no ADSB weather. I would like to get XM weather added, but don't want loose the traffic in as well. I don't believe that an ipad will take input from two bluetooth sources at once, but can't find confirmation on this. It looks like the only option I have is get a GDL52 with ADSB and XM and not use the bluetooth traffic from the GTX. I also have a GNS430W and would like to get the XM weather on it as well, due to ADSB not being available. What is the best option here? Will a flightstream 210 consolidate all of these signals? Any better solutions?
  23. The TSIO360MB in my K goes through less than a quart every 25 hours. 1400 hours on the engine. I keep it at 6 on the dipstick as any more than that gets spit out the breather. It took some time to find that sweet spot. Maybe yours is a little different?
  24. Is the face of the instrument faded or is it just fog on the inside of the glass? Several of mine have this issue and I would love to find a way to resolve it without paying to have the instruments re-certified.