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  1. I'm Canadian. I'll wear a mask so you don't have to! Then apologize that you aren't wearing one...but I digress, eh.
  2. Thank you everybody for all of the input on this, I wasn't expecting that much interest in this post! I'll check the CO closely. I have a Sensorcon(?) unit that I got through this site but don't always have it out. I rarely saw anything over 10 and only on the ground when it was. I wonder if the forest fire smoke has a CO component that may impact this?
  3. They definitely went up and down as O2 flow was varied. I dialed it down a bit at one point and saw 95% before I dialed it back up again. Still feeling it behind the right eye even now. Altitude flying tend to affect me like this, but this was one of the worst, and with the O2 being used and monitored I wasn't really expecting this. Certainly more work required on this.
  4. Interesting. I'll check this next time I am up.
  5. CO2...I do use a meter but didn't have it out as it hasn't been an issue in the past. I will try it on the next flight in case something has changed.
  6. I have been using my Halos with Peltor 33dB muffs on the outside during takeoff/climb to manage the sound. Once at altitude it is typically much quieter. Agreed, the smoke is a huge issue now and might be part of this. Hard to tell the difference between the smoke and fog right now as we have both. View from 8k yesterday.
  7. Interesting comment. at $100 per O2 fill I suspect the cost of adding the system add on would pay for itself soon enough.
  8. Hi, very tired after I got home. No issues while flying and the approaches/departures were all to minima due to the fog/smoke. Not an easy day by any stretch but just really surprised at how much it took out of me. I was actually a little impressed with myself on my performance, all things considered. It was a lot of IFR work for one morning.
  9. Yes, headache was still being suffered this morning. I used a fingertip sat meter and always at or over 98% the whole time as I kept checking it and adjusted flow accordingly. Holding for 45 minutes waiting for fog to clear didn't help... I was going to try the mask as originally had planned for higher but just used the cannula.
  10. Hi, For those that regularly fly in the O2 levels, how do you manage the fatigue? I spent about 5 hours yesterday over 12k and was wiped afterwards, even though on cannula with saturation over 98% the whole time. Drinking water the also to avoid dehydration. Not sure that a mask would improve things as the saturation level was already at my normal at sea level. 48 and healthy, no known issues. Living in the pacific NW has a regular need for these kinds of flights, but after yesterday my quest for a PA46 is resuming in earnest. Any suggestions on managing
  11. Where are you finding this on amazon? Which brand?
  12. There is a vent at the top of the TKS tank that is just below the level of the back seat, under which the TKS tank lives. It will over flow out from there if you fill it too high. You definitely need to monitor the level on the display or note the amount you want to add and only add that amount. Note also that the level indication is quite a bit different on the ground vs in the air due to the angle of the plane on the ground. I note my delta needed to fill in the air and add that amount when on the ground. I think the it reads low on the ground, if I recall.
  13. I had one come off in flight. There is a 1/8 tube attached to the strip that connects to the rest of the system. Mine came off and flopped on top of the wing held on by the tube. I had the slowest, smoothest approach and landing I ever had as I didn’t want it to fall in the ocean. they are several thousand each I am told.
  14. Are replacing these an owner item? I have an EGT probe that is flaking out.
  15. I just was troubleshooting a leak on my K. It was leaking at the line to the back of the pressure gauge beside the pilot. Make sure the shut off lever is always closed when not in use.
  16. The vernier throttle on my 262 modded K has a button. Also has vernier controls on the cowl flap, from the M20c as @carusoam has noted. iain
  17. As another 262 owner I would like to see how your leather side panels turned out. My interior is still from the 1990's when it was redone by Mooney mods as part of the 262 upgrade. It has fully carpeted sides without the kick panels. I need to do some upgrades to the interior and on the fence on what to do with lowers; carpet vs leather vs adding kick panels back in.
  18. Wow that sucks. That accessory drive is crazy expensive to replace too. My 262 HAD a lightweight starter installed and removed before I bought it, but didn't realize there was any formal guidance from TCM against it. Thanks for that. iain
  19. I used his oil change technique last weekend!
  20. Any time Jordan. I have a K, but the stuff is all similar, just different lengths. Electric trim and electric gear on mine though. VAM knows about Mooneys. Mike will treat you well. i dropped a line to your email and we can schedule something. iain
  21. Howdy neighbour! I am parked in the back of the Flying Club. Where are you based from? iain
  22. That looks really good! How many of the plastic panels did you replace? How bad were the originals? I am on the fence to replace some of my plastics or just get Aerocomfort to do their magic on it. iain
  23. On my K, it had a one piece belly added many moons ago and the beacon antenna relocated underneath. The lightning detector and ADF antenna were not relocated underneath, presumably because they wouldn't work as well. They look like they would be less drag than the beacon antenna remaining exposed. iain
  24. It is an interesting analysis. i also have an underlying jealousy for your P46T...
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