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  1. I had 1 screen in my J and 3 in my Encore. I was only going to get 2 in the Encore, but Aspen had a great deal at the time, basically buy 2, get 1 free, and all the unlocks as a bonus. On the third unit I display terrain map, AOA, and Traffic. During an approach I will have the plate up on the third unit. But I also have the plate up on the iPad. I use the iPad as primary and the Aspen as the secondary for the plate. I think the third screen is nice but not necessary. It gives some extra redundancy. But if everything is working then it just duplicates info available elsewhere. I agree that you really want the 2nd screen.
  2. Because we use O2 virtually every flight and I dislike the clutter of wires and tubes all over the place I put some effort into making the O2D2 install as clean as possible. I bought extra 6mm and 4mm poly tube on Ebay, along with a selection of push connectors. The tubes run behind the lower edge of the panel. The tube comes out with a push connector next to each mic jack for both the pilot and co-pilot positions. Then the tube is spiral-wrapped to the headset cord. The supply tube runs behind the pilot side panel towards the rear where it is tied into the ship system. You'll need the MH step-down regulator. You could tie-in where the outlet is in your arm rest. I used 3m dual-lock to attach the unit to the pedestal. It is not an off-the-shelf solution, you have to be a bit creative.
  3. You need this to connect to the fill port. Assuming a 200 cu-ft supply tank and 115 cu-ft airplane tank, you will not even get one full fill from a 2200 psi supply tank. Consider the formula: (200 / (200 + 115) ) * 2200 = 1396 psi. and next time: (200 / (200 + 115) ) * 1396 = 886 psi. What you really want is a cascade system of 3 tanks. Consider the weight of a tank also. I use 125 cu-ft tanks because I can move them and lift them by myself. I doubt I can lift a 200 cu-ft tank. Also consider the Mountain High O2D2 system. I have one connected to my built in tank, and it will literally give me a year of flying on a single fill. So maybe if you have that you don't need your own transfill system. Larry
  4. I have one. $200 including shipping. Removed from 1997 Encore 2 years ago. About 1000 hours on it. Working when removed. Larry
  5. I used to replace my boat battery every year until I discovered AGM batteries. The vibration killed them.
  6. If you don’t need the money I personally would not do it. And I don’t rent my vacation house on VRBO either. But that’s just me.
  7. You just have to get over it. And buy Concorde next time. Many many years ago I went through the same thing with my first airplane and a 2 year old Gill. I thought all sorts of things were wrong with the starting system. Just a bad battery.
  8. Try disconnecting the load and activate the relay and see if it still chatters.
  9. Or your shutdown technique. My shop recommended to me 1300 RPM for 30 seconds before shutdown to allow scavenger pump to clear the oil out of the turbo. That solved the problem for me.
  10. Or it chatters because of a high load on the output. Kinda like a weak car battery causes the starter solenoid to chatter. But if the output were shorted you would expect the CB to pop. Can you give us mote detail?
  11. I wanted to buy the upgrade. But I have 3 displays and I felt they were gouging by asking for $500 extra for each display for the exchange option. There was absolutely no way I would agree to the return option. Even if things go as promised you are looking at 3 weeks of downtime. There is nothing I hate more about GA than excessive downtime. And there is a significant risk of delay with a new program such as this one. Aspen offers incentives all the time, so I figured I'd wait a year or two for this initial surge to die down and for Aspen to start offering deals on an exchange upgrade. In the meantime, I'm pretty happy with my 2 year old legacy units. For those of you who paid for the return option, would Aspen allow you to upgrade to the exchange option now?
  12. In my J best feel was also quite above the takeoff mark. But in my K best position is just below the takeoff mark.
  13. Could also be the audio panel. Or the audio panel tray connector.
  14. The clock draws 4ma. That would drain the battery flat in about 4 months. So a week is not a problem. Battery minders are great but a good battery should last well more than a week. I am guessing you need two new batteries. Hold old are they?