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  1. I suggest the OP put it on eBay. A much wider audience.
  2. larryb

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    The thing about airplane costs, many of them are identical between a C model and a K model. Hanger, subscriptions, airframe maintenance, etc. All no difference. It costs just as much to put a new GTN 750 in a C model as a K model. Over just a few years, the purchase price of the aircraft is just a small portion of the total ownership cost. If your ultimate goal is to own a K model you will save money in the long run if you just by it now.
  3. larryb

    Shadin Miniflo-L malfuntion

    Well I have both the miniflow and transducer removed for upgrade. Let me know if you need one or the other.
  4. larryb

    Stupid question - M20K Oxygen

    Mine is clockwise for the off to on transition. Your knob behavior is similar to mine when the inner cable broke at the knob. You will know when you check the valve in the tail and see if it moves or not when turning the knob.
  5. larryb

    Panel lighting pin out

    The wires generally have the circuit number printed on them. From what I can see in the pic these wires are labeled. So it should be possible to re-pin the connector. But what a pain....
  6. larryb

    1991 KI Mooney TLS/Bravo

    Well, you cannot install a G5 in a FIKI plane today. Garmin hopes to remove that limitation in the future. There is a thread on beechtalk about it. Doesn’t make any sense. But it is true.
  7. larryb

    Gear Relay Breaker Tripping

    I had a similar problem this year. Except for me the breaker tripped on the gear up transition. The screw terminals on the limit switch have almost no clearance to one of the gear rods when the gear is up. There was some linkage that touched a terminal and shorted it out tripping the breaker. The plane needs to be on jacks and the gear retracted to see this. This could be your problem.
  8. That Straubing unit is very basic. Reading the datasheet, all it does is press the altitude hold button when the Aspen beeps it's sonalert as you arrive at altitude. Larry
  9. In my J I had a single PFD. In my Encore I have a 3-display Aspen install. I only wanted 2 displays, but Aspen had a screaming deal about 18 months ago that I could not pass up. Basically it was 3 displays, all unlocks, at about half price. What I really like about the Aspen architecture is that you have full redundancy (except the pitot tube.) If something fails at a bad time you are not flying on backup instrumentation, you are flying the same thing you always fly. I think this is the big benefit. If I had a 2 display system it would certainly be the MFD1000 and not the MFD500. Now that I have the 3 displays, I do like having them. On an approach I typically have the approach chart on 1 MFD and the map on the other. The PFD has SV turned on. So I don't really need the ipad anymore, but I still use it.
  10. What is the deal with the tags? I always thought I had 30 days to get the registration done after purchase.
  11. larryb

    Cheap IFR GPS

    Are you managing the plane to minimize lifetime cost or cost today? If you put in old gear today then that investment is 100% wasted when you upgrade to the 650 later. So if it was me I would economize somewhere else in my life and put in the 650 now. Since you have a partner the cost to you is half.
  12. larryb

    Remove the hat rack bottom?

    Just use aviation grade wire and hardware. Tefzel wire, nylon spiral wrap to protect it, and an in-line fuse holder like what is already around the battery. Follow standard aviation practices so it looks like it belongs.
  13. larryb

    Remove the hat rack bottom?

    Molex connector wired directly to battery with inline fuse
  14. In my J I had the same problem. In my case the master switch needed replacement. The specific problem was the spade lugs which are riveted to the switch were loose in the rivets.
  15. For my encore there is no limit on speed brake usage. Any airspeed is fine.