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  1. larryb

    Oxygen fill port leak

    A year and a half later I realized I had not posted the final answer. It is indeed a Swagelok compression fitting. Some prior mechanic had over-tightened the fitting bottoming out the nut, crushing the ferrule inside. You can see this in the pic. There should be a space between the nut and fitting. Swagelok sells a gauge to test for this. The Swagelok fitting was replaced, less than $10 parts cost.
  2. larryb

    O2 Capillary Line - 231

    I battled leaks for a year in my Encore. When I bought it it would not hold pressure more than a few days. There were several problems. One was a leak in the capillary tube at the fill port. Some previous mechanic had over-tightened the fitting, bottoming out the nut and crushing the ferrule inside. I found it with the leak detector liquid below and replaced it with a new Swagelok fitting. The Swagelok catalog has detailed instructions on how to tighten the fittings correctly. My final leak was hard to find. It was the tank valve. It did not show up with the detector fluid. The shutoff was not always shutting off, even though it was adjusted correctly. It was leaking into the cabin plumbing and fittings, and those are known to be leaky no matter what. The valve had to be overhauled.
  3. larryb

    O2 Capillary Line - 231

    Here is the M20K Oxygen section from the IPC. Your mechanics explanation makes no sense to me. I'd like to hear the opinion of one of our resident A&P's. The whole system is built out of Swagelok connectors and Scott components at the Mooney factory. I doubt you could snake the tube through the fuselage with the connectors on anyway, they have to be installed in the field. I'd still like to know what the defect is that he feels warrents replacing the tube. Did it chafe against something and rub through? M20K_oxygen.pdf
  4. larryb

    O2 Capillary Line - 231

    It is 1/8 inch copper tube and brass Swagelok compressions fittings. A couple fittings are brazed on, but for the most part any repair could use compression fittings. You can buy the Swagelok fittings on-line. The series is "B-200". The "B" stands for Brass. You do have to create an account to see pricing. The B-200-6 would be a 1/8" union.
  5. larryb

    O2 Capillary Line - 231

    Why do you need a new one? I would think any issue could be repaired and not replaced.
  6. larryb

    252 Cowl Flap Motor and Gearbox failed

    This looks like a possible lubrication fail. Should we be taking these apart once in a while for a clean and grease? I also want to point out that the cowl flap linkage needs regular lubrication. I spray mine with tri flow every time the cowl is off. With the manual implementations it is easy to feel when it gets stiff. But with the electric version all you observe is slightly slower movement. Stiff linkage could have over stressed this motor.
  7. Here is the temperature compensated data from the Battery Minder manual. S5 is the model for the Concorde. It has lower float voltages than the other models. If I were using the HEP-600C I'd set the float voltage to 13.1. I don't see any float voltage adjustment in the HEP-600C data sheet though.
  8. The problem is that the Concorde is so specific on it's charging program. It must be compensated for temperature as well. Of course, our airplane charging systems do none of this fancy stuff. But since the minder is on 24/7 and the Concorde is so expensive I just figured it was safest to buy the specified minder and not worry about it.
  9. Brad: I don't believe you will find a single unit for both tasks. I use the Battery Minder for trickle charging. I use a Mean Well switching power supply for running the avionics. I used to use a cheap switching supply from Amazon intended for LED lighting but it had a ton of RF noise and would break the squelch on the radios when running. I just changed over to the Mean Well supply and it is much quieter, but it too has a little bit of noise on certain frequencies. I have a molex plug wired to the battery, through a fuse, and a mating connector on both supplies. 12 volt 24 volt
  10. larryb

    Is this bad?

    I went by the airport a couple days after. Here is a pic of the damage.
  11. Why does this have to hold up delivery? They should be able to deliver it with current software and SB applied. Then upgrade the software when it is ready. It has been reported over on beechtalk that the ADSB ground stations are no longer transmitting the data which caused this in the first place. One could split the difference and apply the SB to the PFD only.
  12. I suggest the TKS panel above the MFD. That is where I have mine, and I like it there.
  13. larryb

    Is this bad?

    it made the local news
  14. larryb

    Is this bad?

    We had a good snowfall at Truckee (KTRK) last night. I was checking out the webcam and saw this. Fortunately my plane is safe in it's hanger.
  15. larryb

    What's this called ?

    The air filter assembly in my 252 Encore rubs against the lower cowl. I asked my MSC about this and they said it is very common, and not much can be done. There is just not enough clearance. On other aircraft they have cut off a piece and welded a patch. Mine is not that bad. I have been maintaining it with anti-chafe tape. A piece on the fair filter box and a piece on the lower cowl. I replace them at each oil change. I also replaced the snubbers on the lower front engine mount that keep the cowl from riding up. That gives more clearance between the air filter and lower cowl. In the 18 months that I have owned my Encore, I have found 3 recurring trouble spots. One is the front exhaust cross over heat shield, which is prone to cracking. The next is the inter-cooler mount which is prone to cracking. And the third is this, the air filter rubbing against the lower cowl. Larry