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  1. How about an led battery powered closet light from amazon? Portable and no paperwork required. And no risk of running down the ship battery and killing your new Concorde battery.
  2. It is usually the battery. The good news is it should be easy to troubleshoot with a voltmeter. First, do you have a JPI? Did you monitor voltage when starting. If it is low, have a helper measure the voltage right at the battery during starting. And you can also measure the voltage across the starter solenoid. With enough measurements you should be able to trace it down to the actual component. Keep the mixture out so it doesn't actually start during all of these start attempts. How exactly was the battery checked? There is the capacity test recommended by Concorde where the battery is drained flat and capacity calculated. And there is also a test where you can measure the voltage under a full starting current. I wouldn't really trust any other test besides these two. I have personally killed a pretty new Concorde by leaving the dome light on for a few days. It would not hold a charge after that little mistake.
  3. Good job in a difficult situation. The one statement I zero'd in on is "This OH Nickel cylinder assembly (J&J Airparts) has about 160 hours on it, and it has not been abused." The thing about overhauled cylinders is you have no idea on how many total hours it has and how much prior abuse it suffered. It could have had 5000 hours on 3 engines. My personal standard is only new cylinders, no overhauled units with an unknown pedigree.
  4. Thanks Don. When did the CB’s blow, master on or when one of the warnings activated? I never understood why they had to replace a nice cheap sonalert with an expensive oscillator.
  5. If it were me I would replace the breaker and be done with it. I don’t mind fixing a problem once. But I don’t want to deal with it over and over again. Odds are it will fail for good when you are far away from home and no mechanic is on the field.
  6. The time frame is too long. You should be able to get PPL and IFR in a year or less. It is much more efficient to train a few times a week and just get it done. Folks who train one flight every two weeks because they are busy may never reach the goal.
  7. For me it was an accidental discovery. I instrumented for RH and found I could control it with temperature. And that makes sense since the warmer air holds the moisture in suspension. And if the moisture is suspended in the air it is not available to cause corrosion on the surface of the metal. But I live in a dry area. I would expect in a more humid environment one would need a more active solution.
  8. Good job! I have had the exact project in mind for a few years. But I never did it because I found I could keep the RH low enough by keeping the engine at 90 degrees F all the time with the pre heater running a PID PWM algorithm. I may still do it though, just because.
  9. The problem is knowing how well it does or doesn’t work. There could be attenuation that affects the range calculation. There could be reflections causing error in the direction calculation. If the unit was not installed in accordance with the install instructions you just don’t know how well it is working. That said, I have my ADSB antenna for the GDL52R mounted behind the belly pan and it works great. I even receive ground stations while on the ground at my home airport. In the air the signal is always reported as excellent. But I would not put my storm scope antenna there.
  10. I would use a mini molex plug. Or a d-sub if you can handle the shell size.
  11. Sure, with an LED replacement the resistor will have much less current and voltage, so it's power will be much less. But I was discussing the resistor in the factory original projector lamp application. Another oddity, they put the resistor in the ground circuit not the battery circuit.
  12. While a nice theory, I can debunk it. When I was working on my LED upgrade, I had the factory original on the bench to measure it's power. Temporarily forgetting that it was a 12v bulb I started cranking up the voltage on the power supply. The bulb blew as I got to around 20 V,. It won't last a second at 28 V. If the resistor failed open, then the bulb would not light. Resistors typically do not fail shorted. All that said, the resistor is another weak point in the factory design. It is mounted to a 2" square heat sink which is mounted to a fiberglass rib in the fiberglass wingtip assembly. It is dissipating 25 watts. I hate to think how hot it gets that fiberglass section.
  13. We are always happy to spend somebody else’s money. I suggest you spend all of it on an Acclaim.
  14. Not all the GDL 69A's will take the new packages. I found a few press releases at the end of 2014 discussing the new receivers. If yours is older than that, it would be legacy. Check the P/N on the unit. The newer models are called "GDL 69A SXM."