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  1. Here is my solution. This is with rear seats removed.
  2. Using Garmin Pilot logbook reporting feature, I had an average cross country speed of 133 kt in the J and 146 kt in the K. Average block-block times. I flew the J at generally 8.5 gph and 11 k. I fly the K at 9.5 gph at 11k for short trips and 17k for long trips. If I want to speed up the K I can fly ROP at 14.5GPH and add 20kt. But MPG drops pretty significantly when I do that, so I don't do it often.
  3. Have you unmounted the old antenna, cleaned the base and aircraft, and remounted? I would not condemn the antenna until this has been done.
  4. I owned my J for 5 years and 500 hours, and my K for 4 years and 400 hours. In my ownership I replaced a cylinder on each engine. So a wash there. I had to have the turbo scavenger pump rebuilt on the K. The J does not have such a pump. The K also has built-in O2 and I have spent some money maintaining that system. A turbo airplane often has more systems and therefore will cost a bit more to maintain them. But, overall it's pretty close. Larry
  5. While I don’t have a clear vision of what the seat looks like, it sounds like one could easily design and 3D print one.
  6. For my cross-the-country trips I highly recommend WeatherSpork. Both an app and website. Route Profile and Grid View give great info on weather along your route. Tons of other weather products to help make your decisions. It is a subscription, but well worth it if you travel long distances.
  7. On the other hand, you could need an overhaul in your first year even with a low or mid time engine.
  8. Tell us. I’m an EE but have a passing knowledge. And I have a brother in law who had his own HVAC business for 20 years. I’ve seen one HVAC forum but every piece of advice I’ve seen there is to call a pro. Not very DIY friendly.
  9. When I bought my Encore I had the pre-buy done at a well known MSC. It was close to the sellers home airport, and the broker was handling the details. The problem came when the shop refused to categorize the squawks as air-worthy or not. They didn't want to get involved in the negotiations. Yet my purchase contract said the seller was responsible for air-worthy squawks. Since I was planning to roll the inspection into an annual anyway, I asked them which of the squawks needed to be fixed to pass the annual. That became my air-worthy squawk list. The cost of the repairs for the air-worthy squa
  10. It took a year, fixing 3 separate issues, to get my O2 to not leak after I bought it. I would have it filled and monitor the gauge for a few days. Mine leaked down pretty quick. You could bring in a big O2 tank and a transfill hose or fly it to an FBO that has O2. Or, since it is empty assume it leaks and you will need to deal with it later.
  11. Where would you get the compressed air? Can’t use an oil lubricated shop compressor. Transfill from a scuba tank? I would say there is too big a risk of contamination.
  12. I hade a strange brake sound when pushing the plane around. Mechanic installed a brake pad backwards. Yes, backwards with the steel backing plate against the disk and the friction material against the piston. When I brought this to their attention they replaced the pad and disk and did it right the second time.
  13. My Encore, sn 25-2015, is FIKI. Installed by the first owner at 97 hours. I am the 3rd owner. I bought it 4 years ago. I was specifically looking for a FIKI Mooney but not specifically at Encores. I just happened to come across it in Controller just a day after it being posted. UL is 950. I usually fly it without rear seats installed and the UL in that config is 975.
  14. Interesting about the 3 blade prop. My Encore seems to use a lot more runway than the J I had.
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