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  1. larryb

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    I travel that route regularly, KTRK to KRHV. I had a J for 5 years and now have an Encore. The J did the job, but I wanted more performance. I enjoy the Encore much more but it doesn't make more than a few minutes difference in the time on that route. I usually cross over the summit at 10.5K or 11.5K but will do 12.5K if it is windy. I would never cross at only 8.5K. Purchasing a 231 isn't going to cost any more than a J. Maintenance will be very similar as well. Most of the ownership cost is identical between the two. Hanger, avionics, subscriptions, it's all going to be the same. So in other words, why not buy the turbo? Larry
  2. The differences are comfort and efficiency. Like I said earlier the aerox was not comfortable to me. The mountain high system gives you a pulse every time you inhale. No flow otherwise. So you use the O2 much more efficiently. The headset cannula is very comfortable and can be worn for hours. It is expensive, but so is everything aviation related. For me it is totally worth the cost to get the performance. My wife and I just completed a 3 week trip crossing the USA. 42 hours of flight time and all of it at 16k or 17k. Could not have done this without a good O2 system. Cool temps and smooth air. Everything is so much more enjoyable at altitude.
  3. Nels: In addition to the advice on routes, my advice would be to be comfortable with using oxygen and fly higher. I routinely flew my J at 15K or 16K. Your climb rate will be low as you get higher, but the plane can do it. A lot of people don't like using oxygen and fly low because of it. I am opposite, I don't mind the oxygen and I am much more comfortable flying as high as practical for a trip. A comfortable oxygen setup is key to this. At first I had an Aerox system with over-the-ear canula. It was painful after an hour. Now I use the Mountain High O2D2 system with headset mounted canula. I did a 10 hour day a couple weeks ago with no discomfort.
  4. Seems like Garmin or some other outfit could get an STC to upgrade a G1000 panel without the airframe manufacturer participation. I wonder why that does not happen? I thought that my GTN was installed with an STC from Garmin.
  5. larryb

    Draining fuel for weight & balance?

    I only put full fuel in when getting ready for a long trip. Why carry 5 hours worth of fuel for an hour trip in good weather? My "full" most of the time is 50 or 60 gallons out of 75 max. Don't get me wrong, I like plenty of reserve fuel, but I like a lighter weigh too. Larry
  6. So what GIAxxx goes in a new production? That can’t be used? I don’t have a G1000, just curious.
  7. larryb

    self-service O2

    I have the Mountain High O2D2 in my Encore, fed by the on-board 112 cu-ft tank. I just completed flying 40 hours around the country at 16,000 to 17,000 feet, 2 people, and went from around 1500 psi to 1100 psi. If you have this system you will rarely have to fill, and you will never have to fill away from home. I also have a transfill system in my hanger and do my own fills. I also used it to "top off" my tanks. This was before the encore when I was using portable tanks. I soon realized that using the cascade transfill is much more efficient if your tank is close to empty. This is because you get a lot more oxygen out of your low pressure cascade tank if the target tank pressure is low. Once my low pressure tank was lower than my target tank and O2 flowed out of my portable tank and back in to the big tank.
  8. larryb

    Proposed Trip

    I'll 2nd the Drury in Santa Fe. We just stayed there a week ago and had a great time. It's walking distance to everything. My 2nd home base is KTRK, Truckee Tahoe. With a Turbo airplane, not too much to worry about. The main thing is that the winds tend to come up in the afternoon. So mornings are better. And finally, I have found that it best to let the FBO make your hotel reservation, and possibly your car reservation, for you. They get the best rates available and have the best cancellation policy. Just this week we had a flight to Colorado Springs from Corpus Christie Texas. I had the Cutter Aviation in Colorado Springs book both the hotel and car. But on the planned day of travel there were severe thunderstorms that I didn't want to deal with. One call to the FBO asking them to push out hotel and car a day was all it took. No extra cost, no cancellation fee.
  9. larryb

    Marine battery for GPU

    Yes, you can do that. The ground power plug is the way to go. It will guarantee that the aircraft battery is disconnected while using the marine battery. If you just paralleled the marine and aircraft battery both would share the load. I would probably wire up a dedicated ground power plug and not use the plug you have with jumper cables. Your solution will work, but the clamps can slip and short pretty easily. For those who do have AC power available, I use a supply similar to this for my plane:
  10. larryb

    Vibration M20C

    When I replaced the engine mounts in my J it got noticeably smoother. But you did that already. I found the best rpm to be 2500 so I always just ran there.
  11. larryb

    Recommendations on Selling Mooney

    When I upgraded last year I sold my plane through a broker. Basically I just don't want to take the time and effort to market the plane myself, deal with buyers, deal with the logistics of a pre-buy, etc, etc, etc. I feel in my case the broker absolutely earned his fee. Larry
  12. larryb

    Intervox Intercom issue

    I do have an old Intervox removed from my plane if you want it. Larry
  13. If you want to fly with it removed you can log it and update the w&b. I did that and then let my shop handle the install sign off. You will get paperwork back from c&l that you can attach to the logs. After reinstall you can remove the temporary w&b form from the poh.
  14. To followup, I contacted Jeff at C&L Aero in Redding. I shipped my whole oxygen tank and valve assembly to them on Friday morning, and it was returned to me the following Thursday afternoon. 6 days total turn around time including shipping. I'm only a couple hundred miles away, so UPS ground is next-day. I was 2 years from needing a hydro inspection, but I had that done early since it was all out and on-site. The total for the overhaul of the first stage regulator and shutoff, testing of the altitude compensating 2nd stage regulator, tank hydro, and return shipping came to $683. Jeff did confirm my diagnosis of the shutoff valve not fully shutting off. The best news, the system in the aircraft finally holds pressure. It's been several weeks now with no pressure loss. I am very satisfied, and thank you to kortopates and MIm20c for suggesting C&L Aero.
  15. I always prefer the alternate method. I really don't like the 270 degree turn, and the lack of visibility that results, that close to the airport.