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  1. Did anybody know that the planned response to a pandemic was "shelter in place" "social distancing" and shutting down 25% of the world economy? That is the one thing that mystifies me. I always knew a pandemic was a risk, but I never read anything about this being the cure.
  2. While I agree with you that it is best to get a 28V part, I would like to point out that Mooney didn't even do this in their original design. They put in a resistor that burns 25W of power, the same 25W that the original bulb was. Mooney is full of dropping resistors. The little clock uses them too. The cabin light switches that have a bright/dim setting are also done with resistors. I do like the LR11 solution. I bought few, and I plan to test them on the bench to see if they are really 12V only or more flexible. If they happen to be 12V only then I could update the Mooney resistor value to an appropriate one or use an appropriate voltage regulator. I'll have to see what it looks like when I get in there.
  3. I would just tone it out with a toner. On another point, my antenna aft of the exhaust got melted. I had no DME so there was a blank on the pilot side. I moved the transponder antenna to that side to get out of the exhaust flow.
  4. I really like the LR11 idea. I may just do that. The only hiccup is that I have a 28V aircraft. If there were a wire between them, one could run the two lamps in series and not have to worry about stepping down the voltage. Otherwise, something like this could be used. Larry
  5. I think I was unclear in my post. When I said "is that possible today" I was referring to the cost "A few hundred $ vs a few thousand $" I wasn't doubting that if I asked for a repair that I could get a repair. If R&R of a single cylinder costs $2000 you are already well above a few hundred $. With that R&R expense I want to minimize the chance of having to work on that cylinder again in the future.
  6. Is that possible today? I think I paid 16 hours at $120 for the cylinder R&R. So basically $2000 up front in labor alone. The factory new cylinder cost me $1700. The shop said they have not had a cylinder overhaul come back for less than $1000 in quite some time. So the $700, or less, premium for new vs. overhaul seems to be a good deal. Add in the significantly reduced down-time and replacing with new seemed a no-brainer.
  7. And if you have a 3D printer print this nifty bulb changing tool.
  8. Here is my #2 exhaust valve from last October. While I was bummed to have to install a new cylinder I was happy that it was discovered via inspection, at home. No performance problems and not AOG at a far away location. Larry
  9. I have been using Tempest without DC4. I do wipe down the mounting pad, but it doesn't stay dry with oil continuing to drip out. I also use the hand-tight + 3/4 turn method of tightening. I have not had any issues removing the filters. I do think the hand-tight + 3/4 turn method gives a more consistent level of gasket compression compared to using torque. When I had my J with the top mounted filter I would drain the oil and let it drain a day after flight. The filter was always empty and it was easy to dry the mounting pad. With the Continental I have now the filter is on the bottom rear of the engine. Even with the sump oil drained there the filter is full and there is plenty of oil backed up behind the filter in the mount. So unless you remove the filter and let it drip for a long time it will be hard to keep the mounting pad oil-free. This is very dependent on which engine and oil filter mount you have.
  10. Maybe FBOs should start selling snacks and sandwiches.
  11. I think it is just the increased airspeed at the top of the climb.
  12. My j always let me know to close the cowl flaps at top of climb with a vibration. I did find and replace a number of loose rivets but the vibration remained. Interesting that in my encore there is no vibration no matter the cowl flap setting. If I forget to close them at the top of the climb I usually remember when I look at the engine monitor and wonder why the temps are so low.
  13. Just received this email from the KRHV administrator: Santa Clara Airports Update 03/18/2020 If you would like to see the web version of this newsletter, including images, click here: With all the ongoing uncertainty, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what is going on with the County Airports. We continue to staff the airports to ensure they remain open and operational. Airport staff members are on-site at Reid-Hillview seven days a week between 0800-1800 with intermittent coverage at San Martin Airport. As part of the daily activities, operations staff routinely inspecting the entire airport, including the twice-daily airfield inspections and multiple daily inspections of the aircraft parking areas. In addition, the FAA plans to continue regular staffing in the Reid-Hillview air traffic control tower. Several of the on-airport businesses are still available too, providing fuel and aircraft maintenance. While we have closed the terminal building to the public, you may still reach airport staff via telephone or email using the contact information listed below. Please keep in mind that the accounting staff are working a reduced schedule and are available on a limited time-frame.
  14. But nobody calls the administrative office. Listening to ATIS business as usual. Doing a flight brief there are no NOTAMS. I am pretty sure you could come and go and nobody would ask you to state your business.
  15. I read that post but did not see anything specific to the airport. Certainly one can extrapolate non essential travel to include private aircraft. My home airport, KRHV, is also in the shelter in place zone. I listened on LiveATC today and planes were coming and going. Tower never asked a pilot if they were essential or not. It was pretty quiet, but weather was poor also.