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  1. milotron

    IFD 540/440 stack

    Ha! I HAVE one of those lights and a switch beside it. It just changes the color of the lights so far as I can tell as it does nothing else. Previous owner didn't know what it did either. Definitely does not change the Nav input to the HSI, nor the autopilot. I'll have my tech investigate this when the panel is open for the xponder install; now I am curious about it. iain
  2. milotron

    IFD 540/440 stack

    I have been considering the same thing. I have GNS430W that I was going to slip into Nav/Com 2 to replace a KX165 and put an IFD540 in position 1. The intent being to swap the Garmin to a 440 in the future. Like others have noted, the extra screens and current radio is nice, but not sure it is worth the extra costs. I am getting ADSB in/out installed end of the month and will see how the traffic looks on the small Garmin screen first. Has anybody setup a switch/relay scheme to allow using Nav 1 or Nav 2 to drive the autopilot or primary nav display?
  3. milotron

    Magneto servicing

    Good read. What is the cause for the left mag on the TSIO360 being an ongoing issue; is it related to the vent hole being clogged? I see in my logs that the left mag has been serviced almost twice as much as the right. iain
  4. milotron

    Magneto servicing

    What does a typical rebuild cost? A rebuild unit is $750CDN from Spruce.
  5. milotron

    Magneto servicing

    They are the Slick 6324 pressurized. One was completely replaced previously, the other had some parts replaced. I'll look at the hours closer and aim for 500 hours with a stagger in the interval. thanks Clarence.
  6. milotron

    Magneto servicing

    Good advice, I like it! I have electric standby AI which is all the pump drives so I will only lose the autopilot if it fails. I like the idea of staggering the mags; keeps one as a control sample at all times. iain
  7. milotron

    Magneto servicing

    Howdy, Going in for annual this month and getting some preventative work done. What is the recommendation on mags? Rebuild; replace; service on condition? Engine is TSIO360MB in a M20K. No real ignition related issues noted with a lean mag check at altitude. They are at about 320 hours. How about vac pump? At 250 hours on that one. Thanks! iain
  8. We had Cal on the Seattle cable channels in the 80's in Victoria BC. I remember it well. Thanks for putting that back in my head.... iain
  9. Would you use a primer? Does the paint need to be compatible with the existing top coat? I do like the airbrush idea, I need to do this on my plane also. iain
  10. milotron

    Must read Weather

    I agree Dan. I got my copy in November and am very impressed. I wish it was around when I did my previous licensing as it is more complete than the other weather standards out there. The fact that it was signed by Doug makes it even better! iain
  11. Aside from the clock buried in the AUX pages of the GNS430W, I actually have NO clock at all permanently mounted in my plane. So far a I can tell it has been like this since 1995 and has been airworthy and IFR certified since then and it lived in the US until 2014. The only timer is the flight timer in the ADF! Not sure that it is strictly enforced.
  12. I suspect this is the case. The same reason the clock on your GPS doesn't count; you can switch away from it.
  13. I asked them the same thing about the OAT indicator and they said something similar indicating that if the OAT was on the required equipment list, the AV-20 could not replace it. Seems to me that the Davtron devices doing clocks/timer/OAT/volts have approval for this? iain
  14. milotron

    JPI 700 data cable

    That spruce part looks like the right cable. Don is right; don't bother with any other serial-to-usb adapter as the Keyspan seems to be the only one to work. I got tired of using the ancient old laptop to download and had my EDM700 converted to internal USB port when the display died. Works great. Hope that you can sort your engine issues/ iain
  15. milotron

    preciseflight speed brakes

    I have only had my K for 3 years now. I trained and plan to 'not' use them, but they are handy in a pinch for slam dunk approaches or when ATC forgets to clear you to descend. I look at them as another tool in the box. iain