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  1. Thanks A. Sold these several months back. Subject line edited accordingly.
  2. I only think you pay if you land, but not certain of this. Note that certain airports have additional fees if you use their terminal or approaches.
  3. Interested in this too. Are there templates in the software? Someone have an existing file to share?
  4. I can't speak to the bypass operation, but it starts just fine using the boost pump to prime the engine before start instead of the primer. I had a wire chafing issue and the primer fuse kept blowing so I used the boost pump only to prime.
  5. Thanks Clarence. I think my accountant had been doing this. I was also considering a different approach to invoicing the main corporation and then disbursements to the client. I can explain away mileage pretty easily but it sometimes doesn't cover costs ( but we have less hours invoiced due to more efficient scheduling ) and an invoice for $2xx per hour of air time from an aviation corp might not be accepted if unrealistic. I suppose that is two different issues. Fortunately the vast majority of my hours are business flying or currency and therefore all legit corp costs. Actual pleasure flying has been fairly low, which isn't to say the other hours aren't enjoyable...
  6. @carusoam I haven't heard of a different a/c mileage rate. I will need to look into this for Canada.
  7. Hi, I use my aircraft for a lot of work related trip instead of driving or taking commercial. We live on an island so there is an inherent advantage to this. Most commercial flights transfer in Vancouver before going to the final destination always adding stopover time, so Mooney time door to door is almost always quicker. My plane is owned by a hold-co that I own. I have been inconsistent in terms of charging it's use back to the main corporation and need to get this sorted. I have charged mileage, commercial-equivalent, etc depending on what the account will tolerate. Time-wise, there is always a savings of my time. For those who do this, what do you charge for hourly a/c rates? I have seen them all over the map. My current op-ex with engine/prop funds is about $254CDN or $181 USD, $205CDN / $146USD without funds. Using a mileage based approach at $0.55 per km it is $163CDN / $116USD per hour. Thanks for the input.
  8. This was from last week, but going over the Coastal mountains into Penticton for work. Had great break in the weather and beautiful clear, VFR landing.50 miles to the north Kelowna was fogged into the ground and heard all the heavies in the hold trying to get in. Just smiled as that would have been my back up flight if weather was too rough. Ran the TKS to clear some ice picked up when I was descending through the layer back into Victoria.
  9. Almost looks like they are supposed to be there! Nice.
  10. Hi Paul, where did you mount yours? I doesn't get kicked off while getting into the pilot seat?
  11. I had the steering horn replaced as the first repair on my M20K. My transition instructor thought i was totally incompetent and/or trying to kill him by veering off the runway all the time. The replacement horn completely fixed it for me. The icy runway I slid across yesterday was another story.
  12. I see now they are offering an autopilot interface for the AI in the coming months. This will be my choice to replace the King AI for my KFC200. I have pre-ordered two of these in anticipation of this feature. No need to wait for BK or Garmin to come up with something.
  13. The under side part you want it the brow and lighting assembly I presume? The other ribs are stiffeners to prevent vibration and oil-canning. If I recall, that is a separate piece glued on. Perhaps try cutting it off the old one and affixed to the new one? I did some repairs on mine and the MEK/dissolved plastic mix works well.
  14. Ahh that makes sense. Yes and at takeoff with the now too high fuel flow it has issue with this. I guess the next question, is how hard is it to return the fuel flow levels to normal!
  15. Hi, I got my plane back from annual and was doing some circuits to see that all was well. On takeoff, fuel flow was a little rich, but the JPI started flashing ' 38 MIN'. I don't see anything in thr manual saying what this means. Anybody know? thanks,