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  1. Wow that sucks. That accessory drive is crazy expensive to replace too. My 262 HAD a lightweight starter installed and removed before I bought it, but didn't realize there was any formal guidance from TCM against it. Thanks for that. iain
  2. I used his oil change technique last weekend!
  3. Any time Jordan. I have a K, but the stuff is all similar, just different lengths. Electric trim and electric gear on mine though. VAM knows about Mooneys. Mike will treat you well. i dropped a line to your email and we can schedule something. iain
  4. Howdy neighbour! I am parked in the back of the Flying Club. Where are you based from? iain
  5. That looks really good! How many of the plastic panels did you replace? How bad were the originals? I am on the fence to replace some of my plastics or just get Aerocomfort to do their magic on it. iain
  6. On my K, it had a one piece belly added many moons ago and the beacon antenna relocated underneath. The lightning detector and ADF antenna were not relocated underneath, presumably because they wouldn't work as well. They look like they would be less drag than the beacon antenna remaining exposed. iain
  7. It is an interesting analysis. i also have an underlying jealousy for your P46T...
  8. Unless you have a different version of flightaware: SR22 class also includes SR22 turbos. M20P does NOT include any turbo mooney. You would need to use M20T for this.
  9. I will do that also. That one seems easiest as nothing to disassemble! I'll add those o rings to the spruce order also.
  10. No, bottle was done in 2019 and was fine last year. I am suspecting something around the gauge in the pilot side panel as the shop had it off for some reason...could be the gauge too I suppose.
  11. thanks Eric. I appreciate the advice. I added it to my next spruce order.
  12. Hey folks, After my last annual, my M20K came back with a fairly slow leak in the built in O2 system. It leaks down slowly even with the main valve closed. It was dropping faster at higher pressures, but has slowed down now under 1000 psi. Any hints on finding the leak? Is it as simple as using a soap solution on all the joints and looking for the bubbles or are the better options? Thanks,
  13. I have the 262 upgrade which is the 252 MB engine in a 14V 231 airframe. Looking at the W and B after the mod, the engine change only added 28 pounds. The second alternator added another 13 pounds. I have TKS also and that added 32 pounds, without fluid.
  14. It's a T shaped extrusion. You might find it from a marine supply store or similar. I haven't seen one through normal aviation channels, I need some also for some repairs in my K.