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  1. Is the face of the instrument faded or is it just fog on the inside of the glass? Several of mine have this issue and I would love to find a way to resolve it without paying to have the instruments re-certified.
  2. An interested observer...All of these comments seem equally valid for my mid-body K. Is the long body really that different to fly or land?
  3. Looking through the SR22T POH is shows power settings and performance values for cruise up to 85% power. Does anybody really fly it that way? Seems like a sure way for new cylinders every annual.
  4. I did the Canadian CPL rating with my M20K. PFLs are wicked easy in the Mooney, it glides forever! I found a modest power setting that did all the manoeuvres at a good speed and kept it mostly full rich the whole time. I do touch and gos as well, nothing fancy but ensure that full rich is in for the go around. Glide power setting for the PFL is idle power, full rich, prop full forward. You are likely in the circuit or on final so not likely to be at high power setting.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I knew there would be a reason for the cad plated hardware. Much appreciated @M20Doc .
  6. I am partial to the blue scheme that @jetdriven posted and have also saved it for later What is the design on the top and bottom of the wings?
  7. Part numbers are attached. It looks like tensile strength is the same for cad and stainless. I was actually more concerned that the harder stainless would wear out the hinge blocks instead of the bolt. I have TKS and fly in the rain regularly. I suspect there is not much lube in there, whatever it is supposed to be.
  8. Hey, i have noticed some rust marks around several of the bolts at the elevator hinges and some other locations. The parts catalog notes these as cad plated, but stainless is available. Any reason that I can't have these changed to stainless to prevent this in the future? Also, what is the lubrication requirements for these hinges? One of the most stained ones definitely has some movement in it. Thanks!
  9. Those were similar thoughts I had also, but it looks like the realistic operating costs between any pressurized twin and a malibu are fairly large. Most folks I have spoken says their piston PA46 is only a little more than a Cirrus for maintenance, but specialized items like $30k windshields will occasionally occur. I suspect my previous quotes on the Aerostar would have expired and they would decline those also. I am going to find out on Monday. Cessna 340 would seem to have a more conservative insurance record than either the Maibu or aerostar. My 231/262 works great in the flight levels and will use the O2. I am finding that the higher altitude trips are taking more and more out of me making it less palatable for business trips where I need to be able to be functional the rest of the day. I am experimenting with different O2 levels and using the mask lower down to see if it helps.
  10. My time is all piston. I was not looking at the turbine PA46T. I have around 500TT, commercial multi IFR. Not a lot of multi time. Also in Canada, not sure if that makes a difference.
  11. So, it would seem that my quest for a Malibu ended with a request for an insurance quote. Five vendors declined to quote at all. Only one commented that they would want at least 1000 hours total time. Similar for a Cessna 340 I was trying to get quoted. I had hard quotes with minimal requirements ( 20 hours dual ) just 6 months ago on Aerostars and C340s. They blamed all of this on a 'hardening' market and loss payouts. The broker suggest only getting not in motion, but I don't like that idea at all. Being stuck in Mooneyland for awhile isn't the worst thing in the world!
  12. Hmm. I am the exact same dimensions... How much is the seat STC? What does it change?
  13. Found some info on the PA46 site; It looks like annuals are similar to a SR22T in costs. The fixed rate annuals from my mechanic are priced the same also. Major costs look like: heated windshields or hotplate issues and avionics. The gear and flaps are hydraulic, so not that unusual for a Piper product. The engine is run harder but sounds like similar costs and reliability to the Cirrus and big Mooney turbos. @Jerry 5TJAre their other costly items that you have heard of? I know it will be more than a Mooney but sure seems a lot less than a C 340 or 58P. How do you find the ride in turbulence with those huge wings? I had a DA40 that was a nightmare in turbulence because of this. 14:1 glide ratio is kind of cool. With a reasonable enroute altitude I can glide to level ground across most of the Rocky and Coastal ranges around here.
  14. Piston only. No turbines in my future unless I win the lottery!