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  1. As a fellow Canadian, I feel your pain. I am on the fence on the ADSB thing as NAVCanada is publishing results of their report later this year. What I am concerned with is that Canada is doing the satellite based system that MAY require a diversity antenna ( one on the top and on the bottom ) arrangement. Normally the transponder antenna is only on the belly as it is talking to ground based stations. I would hate to spend $10k+ and find out I don't have the correct box. For what it's worth, I am either installing the Garmin 3xx series or a Lynx depending on how spendy I feel. Lynx install is even more due to more remote stuff to install. The install is like priced for your plane to include a new blade antenna, RG-400 coax and a new altitude encode of some kind. Not big dollar items, but they all add up and require taking the plane apart more. I am planning on working with my AME on the install. I'll do all the grunt work for him, he can do the smart stuff. I would happily do it all if I was allowed. iain
  2. Dead Battery...DOH!

    I goosed it back up to 11.45V using another battery on the charger to get the charger working again. I just pulled it off an hour ago. Will see what the stabilized voltage is in the morning, but it is not looking good. I learned a whole lot about charging AGM batteries this morning and used some ad hoc methods to replicate the fancier charging procedures. New one will be here on Friday; I'll use the old with a PV panel, inverter and charge controller for a camera power supply in the yard. iain
  3. Dead Battery...DOH!

    No clock at all. This was a discussion on another thread also.....Someone replaced the clock with an EDM 700 many moons ago. I do need/want to put one in later this year. The one I am considering has a built in backup battery. iain
  4. Gear and Stall horn issue

    The issue could be in the headliner where the two horns are located ( presumably ). As the stall switch is a the ground point, any spurious contact to ground on the appropriate horn terminals will cause this to happen also. My schematic shows several diodes at the gear horn ( as several things can sound it; gear speed switch, throttle switch, etc ) then a short in just the right spot could cause this action. Just postulating...I have had my own electrical demons to conquer today. Less costly fixing other people's problems! iain
  5. Gear and Stall horn issue

    I don't have a schematic for that model, but on my K, they are separate circuits, BUT since both of these are mission critical alerts, I would not be surprised if there was a diode or back feed intentionally in these circuits to back up the primary alert in case of a tripped circuit breaker or to alert you that that circuit breaker has popped. iain
  6. Gear and Stall horn issue

    It looks like this in there. At least mine does. iain
  7. Gear and Stall horn issue

    I had this issue. After taking the switch apart and cleaning the hell out of it, the issue turned out to be one of the crimpon connectors was shorting to ground on the metal bracket around the stall switch. I presume it just bumped around enough to finally short out. Don't overlook the simple and obvious... iain
  8. Dead Battery...DOH!

    Looking at the schematics now, it looks like the cabin lights, clock and OEM fuel flow memory is connected direct to the battery, but isolated using the 'fuel mem' switch, if you have one. i looked at the Shadin miniflo manual and it has non-volatile memory not requiring constant power. Since I also do not have the clock, it looks like i can use t his switch as an override to shutdown these lights completely. I don't want to make this $600 mistake again. Battery is starting to come back up, but i don' trust it now. Once it is up to 12v again, I'll do a load test and see how it does. I am not expecting much from it at this point. Getting it down less than 2V is a pretty deep discharge. iain
  9. poweroff 180

    Nice. Working on this for my CPL. When did you drop the gear? Also, what did you film this with? iain
  10. Dead Battery...DOH!

    That is a good idea. Unfortunately the cabin lights are operational regardless the position of the master switch. I would have to be deaf to leave my master on for the number of fans/gyros etc screaming away. iain
  11. KFC200 Troubleshooting

    Is this is the same beeping sound that is made when the trim switch is off during startup? iain
  12. Dead Battery...DOH!

    Thanks Don. I was thinking of the exact same thing! That or some other indicator, or red marks on the switches that are only visible in the 'on' mode. iain
  13. Dead Battery...DOH!

    Thanks, I ordered another Concorde RG 35 AXC from aircraft spruce to replace the one that was installed. I can wait a couple of days for it. I'll try again with a different charging technique to get it up to voltage again, but I am planning a cross country trip for the summer and don't want to have to worry about the battery condition grounding me. iain
  14. Dead Battery...DOH!

    So, I have now joined the club of those illustrious few who have drained their batteries by leaving the cabin lights on. Went out today for a CPL lesson and found it dead to the world. Battery volts down to 1.8v once i opened it up. Looked around and found the little cabin light at the back in the 'Dim' position. I never use them, so I never check them for being off but i must have bumped it with baggage from the trip to Port Hardy last week. Add something else to the 'put the plane to bed' list. i was a little surprised to see a Concorde sealed battery in there, dated from 2014. I suppose that is a reasonable lifespan. I know my AME suggested it was due for replacement next year. After an overnight charging attempt, it is showing only 8 volts. I know these glass mat batteries really don't like a deep discharge, so not totally surprised by this. I have a new Concorde coming in from Spruce, so hopefully can get back up and running for the rest of spring break. So, after dealing with some other charging issues that were likely hard on the previous battery, ( broken alternator battery lead, bad voltage regulator on Alt #2 ), and knowing these batteries are a little more sensitive to charging voltages, here is the question: Do any of you change your regulators to summer/winter voltage settings based on operating temperatures?
  15. best batteryminder connection port

    I hard wired a very short 120V extension cord through one of the blanked off radio blast cooling ports on top of the copilot side NACA duct. The plug is inside the duct and leaves the receptacle end ty-rapped under the copilot area to plug in my heater and dehumidifier. I tie down outside and it stays bone dry ( and warm ) inside with all the doors and windows closed tight, even in the rainforest of the pacific northwest. Maybe a similar idea for the battery minder connections? iain