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  1. milotron

    Pacific NW BBQ Saturday 8/18

    Not for me either. I do appreciate the invite though. Evidently I am defending my wallet from my family at Ikea today... iain
  2. milotron

    M20K Power Settings..?

    Nice chart. Does your 252 have the SB or MB engine? Are those fuel flows based on LOP or ROP or book 50 degree ROP values? iain
  3. milotron

    Smoke tops

    I saw this a couple of days ago. I was at 9000 between the smoke layers.
  4. milotron

    Mooney Step up 2.0

    My Aerostar/B58p/A340/?? saga quest is ongoing I but want to ask a question: Aside from the speediness, was there a particular event/reason/justification that pushed you into a twin? I am personally on the fence as my longest/worst regular route is just under 500nm each way, BUT over the rockies to Edmonton and back. This is bimonthly, plus Calgary/Springbank ( 350nm), bimonthly. All work related. Lots of other 100-250nm work trips also. Intent is for doing this as much of the year as safely possible. They will be 90% just me, perhaps one or two other colleagues. I can tolerate the o2 hose, passengers are not thrilled but 'enjoy' the novelty the first time. My current Mooney can and has done this fine with the Turbo, TKS and all, but an A* could take 20% of the travel time away, pressurized comfort and additional safety but at at least 3 times the fuel burn and operating costs. A bigger Mooney, like an Acclaim has higher cap-ex than the A*, half the fuel burn, similar insurance costs due to hull value and close to A* speeds. Aside from emotional reasons, the logical ( and thrifty) side of me is having trouble rationalizing the need for a twin. Thoughts?
  5. milotron

    Mooney instruction in WA or OR

    HI Val, As we were PMing, we have some in Canada too, both on the mainland and the island. They were all acceptable for the insurance folks and had some good mooney time amongst them. They help get the basics going and keep you safe, but really can;t speak to the ownership side which is where this community becomes immensely valuable. iain
  6. milotron

    M20K Rocket Wing Damage

    The one I know of is in Victoria BC Canada.
  7. milotron

    M20K Rocket Wing Damage

    That is the one! Caught in towering cumulous; significant icing; 3500 fpm descent. The gear came down on it's own due the bend in the wing. It was evident as a wrinkle in the top of the wing. They landed gear up when the gear collapsed.
  8. milotron

    M20K Rocket Wing Damage

    What is the history, where is the plane? It looks suspiciously like one in my neighbourhood that had a gear up and bent a wing in flight.
  9. milotron

    Shoulder belt bushing

    Thanks for confirming that Doc, I suspected that. It is like $3 from ACspruce. iain
  10. milotron

    Shoulder belt bushing

    Hangar elves have been notified.... There is a Cessna part that is very similar also that is stocked at Spruce. At least until I can find some more stuff to by from Lasar to make it worthwhile. Although I might just buy an Aerostar instead....
  11. milotron

    Shoulder belt bushing

    $48 shipping to Canada for a $68 kit consisting of 4 nylon heat shrinkable bushings....gotta love aviation!
  12. milotron

    Shoulder belt bushing

    Perfect! Thanks!
  13. Hey, The shoulder belt clip at the lap belt has lost the plastic bushing that allows it to click in to place, making it fall out without keeping a fair bit of tension on the belt, lashing me to the back rest. Anybody know where to get the piece and how to get it onto the pin that is swaged into place? Thanks, iain
  14. milotron

    Best Headset?

    I have used Bose A20 for 4 years, then got the Halos with some custom molds. The Bose are in their carrier for passenger use now. Nice not having to worry about batteries; the headset is light; excellent sound quality. I also don't get ringing in my ears for hours like the Bose did to me. I am fully converted to Halo, although the customs molds were needed to get me there. None of the regular tips worked for my weird ear holes. iain
  15. milotron

    231 vs 252

    Hi, There are upgrades to the brakes also as, going to the dual puck units. I have a 262 Trophy and looked into this also and don't believe it to be possible as the 262 upgrade is not a factory 252, or so I have been told.