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  1. 252 Cruise Speed

    Good idea, but are they that accurate at the bottom of their range? I know mine suggest that the ambient temperature is about 90 deg C. iain
  2. ATC Privatization Bill

    In Canada we have an annual fee of $60 or $90, I can't recall. It is based on aircraft ownership I think, as I was never charged it before I owned a plane. Some airports charge additional landing fees which are then added to your account. Most GA aircraft are exempt based on weights, except for some larger airports like Toronto or Vancouver, still only $35 or so. No charges for filing IFR beyond that noted above. Not exactly a burden from my point of view. Service is typically excellent from all aspects, although understaffed in several areas. Transport Canada on the other hand is a train wreck; major staff issues and reduction of services or access. iain
  3. Oxygen Refills- Robbed

    Thanks Bob. I paid $100 to get my built in tank filled during last oil change. Surely this method costs less than that.
  4. Oxygen Refills- Robbed

    What is the volume/pressure that your tanks hold? iain
  5. 252 Cruise Speed

    More Canadians! Woo hoo eh! I have a 1981 M20K with the 262 upgrades and TKS so very similar to yours but with 2 blade prop. My last flight was that altitude out and back and was 160KTAS or so ( although flight aware says it was 173kts...IDK ) . I also use LOP at 65% and see 10GPH. My GAMI spread is about 0.6GPH so you should have no issue doing that. I see 1600 TIT using 2400 and 25" or so. I need about 1/3 open cowl to maintain below 380. I added the fine wires and had better high altitude performance without a doubt. Expensive, but they last forever. Didn't really impact lower LOP ops though. You noted TIT of 1650. What power setting was that at? iain
  6. Polishing Windshield

    On the interior or exterior?
  7. Polishing Windshield

    Hmm. Thanks. It is remarkably uniform in terms of the hazing so I suspected as much. Still serviceable for awhile; was hoping it might be a quicker fix than replacement. iain
  8. Polishing Windshield

    Hey folks, The glass in my K is vintage 1995 and is in reasonable condition except a haze is becoming more evident on the windshield. Side windows are fine. I have the 3 stage polishing kit and have given it a try with not a lot of success so far so I have a question: Is the haze on the interior or exterior surface of the windshield? Anybody have success removing this? iain
  9. Greetings From Up North

    Greetings from CYYJ! Welcome to the Canadian Mooney family. Trolling through Controller recently is looks like was more M20K Rockets for sale than original M20Ks. Mighty fine aircraft. iain
  10. iPad Mini mount for M20J

    Hi, does your mount go under the yoke or over? I have tried this and under hits my knees; over block the instruments. Haven't tried upside down... iain
  11. Mooney Ovation vs Diamond Da40

    I have about 50 or so hours in a DA40 in a partnership and flew it in rough IMC, and other trips before I bought my m20K. Similar comments as others: - I am 6'2". Leg room was fine, but kept hitting my head on canopy. - nice view and visibility but VERY hot in the summer with no escape. - front seat areas are tight without a lot of wiggle room or place for stuff. - not a fan of the stick. always seemed in the way. -G1000 is nice enough but impossible to upgrade. - decent speed, 145-150 typical. - poor higher altitude capabilities. Would not use it for crossing the rockies. - floats like a mooney. - gets kicked around alot in turbulence or rough IMC. Mooney much more stable. - getting in and out was like getting into a bath tub. - opening canopy is nice for access until you have to do it in the rain and soak the cockpit. I bought the M20K because of capabilities for ice escape, IMC stability, confidently climbing over mountains and much better travelling capabilities for the money. just my opinion of course! iain
  12. MT 3 blade composite prop

    Sounds like no downside aside from costs. Did you have the 2 blade prop on previously? iain
  13. M20K inverter powers what

    An inverter is for converting DC to AC. Not likely an AC load in the plane unless some 400Hz equipment. Maybe 28V to 14V power converter? Either way it sounds redundant.
  14. If you have a 28V system, which I suspect, this might be a voltage divider resistor as the KT76a you have is 14V rated. Just a guess. iain
  15. Glad everyone is okay, but that must be a rare twin engine M20E... We were flying into Burbank, lost power to one of the engines for some reason, iain