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  1. Like @gsxrpilot said, you are pretty much there. During shutdown, I leave the throttle at 1000rpm and go to lean cut off to stop the engine, and leave the throttle there. Starting procedure is then: Full rich. Don't touch the throttle. 2-8 second of prime. What 3-4 seconds.This time delay seems to allows fuel to vapourize in the intake/cylinders a bit more, but is not necessary. Crank ignition and starts, give it some prime if it stumbles until it catches. Lean to peak rpm once it is stable. Works every time with no high RPM drama. iain
  2. milotron

    Seat rails

    I am 6'2" and have the 3" extensions. My seat is set with two holes from the back. I have a 1981 K with non-articulating seats. Is your seat really thick with padding or do you have really long legs? iain
  3. I have that panel also but have never used the INT function on the MIC knob. That, I believe, would send mic input ( PTT ) to the passenger intercom only, if hooked up that way.
  4. I found out that the original brushes ( which had worn out ) were put in backwards...the wire leads that comes off the side of it is not in the middle and the lead was rubbing on the commutator. Kelly Aerospace at it's best...unless you want them to wear out sooner! iain
  5. Spruce has the rebuild kits. $100 or so depending on which one you have. All the wear parts, plus bearings, etc. Pretty easy to do. iain
  6. milotron

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    In addition to the GPS input, what was used for for the 'ground' function? Air speed switch, squat switch or does the 330 not need this? iain
  7. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    Ah yes, I didn't get that far or remember that detail from when I read it before. Thanks,
  8. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    I thought that King changed this earlier this year?
  9. milotron

    Mooney short field work

    My K does has this same feeling, but I think that it is more up a 'pitch down' moment for a second or two. Dropping the gear definitely gives the opposite, so this logic would make sense. Shift of center of gravity in addition to change in drag characteristics? iain
  10. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    155 and 165 seem to have different LOC/GS outputs and need different indicators KI-204 vs KI-206 for example.
  11. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    Yes, similar to what i am finding. The display in my old unit was not too bad that I couldn't use it as-as, so have left it. With some time to mess with it, I may look into it a bit more. I'll make some calls today and see what I can find, but it looks like $2K USD for a replacement, of which I have found TWO now. I'll keep the old one, it may serve as a parts donor for the coming years. iain
  12. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    Thanks, this is the same conclusion I also came to late last night. I am amazed how hard to find the 14V model is!
  13. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    I looked this. Not sure how readily available it is. The reviews i have seen suggest a cumbersome touchscreen/knob interface. iain
  14. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    Thanks, this would be preferred. I actually quite like the KX. My 165 has the GS option. Will a KX 155 with GS be a slide in replacement? Is the only other difference between 155/165 the radial display on the 165? iain
  15. milotron

    KX 165 is failing

    My KX 165 has come to a point where it makes no audio, doesn't receive and goes dark when you try to tune or swap freqs. It did this once before and I suspected it to be heat related as it recovered and worked for another year. This time is does not seem to be recovering. The is ONE 14V KX 165 on ebay and the price is quite high. The display has lost some segments on the NAV side, but is still very usable. So... 0. do nothing and hope it heals itself, which seems to be unlikely. 1. Repair for an unknown amount, with an undetermined life expectancy before complete display failure. 2. Replace with another one, at about $3kUSD, $3400 CDN 3. Get into this century with a new Garmin GNC 225, $5kCDN plus install. $6500? 4. Other suggestions? This is Com 2 / Nav 2 to a GNS 430W. Option 3 is not far from a second GNS 430W if I am messing with racks and rivets anyways.