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  1. Traffic plus weather in Canada

    I use a Stratux and foreflight in BC and get local traffic only when in the zone of another plane that has ADS-B. I don't have it yet. Since I don't have ADSB out, I don't get any towers so presume that is why I don't get weather or FIS (TIS? ) radar traffic also. I am not sure if it is a Canada thing or no ADS-B out thing to be honest. We are close to the border and pick up US signals easily. Do you have ADS-B out? Curious to see if others know more. Might prompt by transponder upgrade timeline. iain
  2. 252 Aircleaner in 231

    Airflow is probably not as bad as it looks. The change was for intake icing, or so I have read. The 252 needs air for the intercooler also. The cooling flow is largely driven by differential air pressure across the upper and lower cowls and less so by available surface area of the opening. Look at the openings on the new Mooneys or Cirrusesses; small and circular but likely very carefully designed convergent nozzle/flow arrangements inside and out. Not a fluid dynamicist... iain
  3. 252 Aircleaner in 231

    Do you have a cooling issue on the right side? The trophy mod also adds the large, infinitely adjustable single cowl flap opening for cooling which would help a lot too I would think. iain
  4. Dumb Ice ??

    Mildly off topic.. Interesting weather today. Beautiful clear with low, cold fog down low near the ocean. I ended up driving for other reasons, bur freezing fog was METARed as several local airports. The most recent one reports 1/4" rime ice on the weather instruments at the airfield! iain
  5. Missing Canadian Mooney???

    Pretty rough, cold terrain there. My thoughts go out to them and their families. iain
  6. tks fluid buying

    What is the shelf like for TKS fluid? You think your prices are bad; try buying it in Canada. 2.5gal jugs are the sweet spot for me for material costs versus shipping, but I should look in to the 55 gal drum costing. iain
  7. M20K Fuel Flow

    Love the burble! Every instructor who comes up with me panics on short final when they hear that thinking the engine is going to die! Fire breathing Mooneys!
  8. Ice

    Is that recent? Icing has been bad around here the last 4-5 days. Not to mention the wind and rain.
  9. IFR planning procedures in US vs Canada

    Thanks for the tip on eAPIS. I am leaving next week and filed the arrival notice to make sure it all worked. I was wondering how to cancel it. Evidently I just ignore it! iain
  10. IFR planning procedures in US vs Canada

    Thanks! All great info. The flights are into Bellingham from Victoria BC. All of 16 minutes...I file IFR for most flights and would treat this the same. There is lots of cross border work there so they'll know what they are doing, I am just trying not to look foolish. In Canada and IFR flight plan has to be filed ( by foreflight, but I usually call it in ) at least 30 minutes prior to departure time for it to get in the 'system', whatever that means. When we call Clearance or Ground, they will give us the IFR clearance, routing, Xponder xode, etc. BUT if it uncontrolled, then the airspace is yours NOW and you need to be the next plane in the air. At a controlled airport, tower will clear you for takeoff, presumably providing the required separations at that time. Not that much different, but enough that things can get missed. Adding the CBP and homeland stuff to all of that too. I am sure it is easy after you have done it. iain
  11. Hi, I am planning some flights into Washington state from Victoria BC in the next couple of weeks. I typical file IFR regardless of conditions to stay in the system. I understand things are done differently in the US from Canada. Please correct me where I am wrong: In preparation for the departure from a US airport, assuming all customs efforts have been completed: 1. File an IFR flight plan using 1800wxbrief or using Foreflight 30 minutes or more in advance. 2. Go through Clearance Delivery for clearance. They will give me routing, departure, etc for the IFR flight plan. 3. Go through ground for Taxi. 4. Activate flight plan through Flight Services Radio before entering active. 5. Contact Tower and take off, following hand-offs as provided. Is this correct? In Canada we don't "activate" and flight plans; we "open" them when we get out clearance either from Clearance Delivery, Ground or ATC MF. iain
  12. Ice

    It used to say something else before this letter was produced about this topic. Canadian regs are a little different but effectively the same meaning I think: 605.30 No person shall conduct a take-off or continue a flight in an aircraft where icing conditions are reported to exist or are forecast to be encountered along the route of flight unless (a) the pilot-in-command determines that the aircraft is adequately equipped to operate in icing conditions in accordance with the standards of airworthiness under which the type certificate for that aircraft was issued; or (b) current weather reports or pilot reports indicate that icing conditions no longer exist. So, does the lack of icing PIREPS constitute compliance with part (b) ? Again, not that I do this as I am a big wuss about icing. iain
  13. Foreflight Icing Forecast

    I downloaded aerovie and had a look. Not bad. No Canadian charts that I could find. Non-starter for me. iain
  14. Foreflight Icing Forecast

    I'll check it out. I also am committed to FF but not averse to more apps if costs are reasonable. From the app store: Thanks, iain
  15. Ice

    Good conversation. Thanks for the all input. Flying commercial I always get a window seat next to the leading edge of the wing. Lots of flap/spoiler/engine/icing action to distract from the horror of the people all around me. Apologies for the hijacking Northern...all relevant though. My understanding of the lack of FIKI on some Ks ( mine in particular ) was the dual alternators , which only became available on the MB4 version used in the 252s. Further, I have a 262 Trophy upgrade ( 1982 231 with firewall forward 252 upgrade ) and CAV won't certify a modified airframe per their STCs. I would imagine the same for a Rocket or Missile; it needs the FIKI first. I have the dual alternators on mine ( still 14V ), dual pumps, but no heated stall vane. It would be nice to have the heated stall vane, but not at that price, and still not being certified. The fluid flows and TKS distribution are the same in non or FIKI, or so I have read. iain