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  1. Baffles seal replacement

    I have been corresponding with Guy the last couple of days and will go this route. I wanted to touch base with my mechanic so he is not surprised when he sees them at the next annual in 6 months. I like working with him and don't want to get him pissed off with me doing things like this. iain
  2. Used GNS-530W

    The label looks like it says 28V, not 14/28V... iain
  3. Baffles seal replacement

    I was thinking of the GeeBee route. Heard many good things about them. I am going to try and correct the issues I have first, which really amounts to a couple of the fixed fasteners bosses deflecting the baffles, plus the seals are not tight against the cowl going around the corners at the top of the cowl. Need to find a way to get more tension into the material to hold it up. There were some suggestions regarding tyrap material or metal backing that I will try first.
  4. Cruise playlists

    That would have been a fantastic show. He and Floyd have always been amazing performers, but have never been able to see them live.
  5. Cruise playlists

    No Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz? Some of the tracks from Roger Waters Amused to Death have some aviation themes and tasty Jeff Beck guitar licks to boot. iain
  6. Baffles seal replacement

    The Canadian regs read similarly and list elementary maintenance specifically. I thought it could conceivably fall under this of this passage: (4) repair of non-structural fairings, cover plates and cowlings, on small privately operated aircraft;(amended 2004/03/01) More than capable of doing it, but want to make sure I am on the right side of the regs. Iain
  7. Is replacement of baffle seals considered to be under the scope of an owner repair item? How about repair of baffle seals? Any opinions? Thanks iain
  8. nice idea! Mine are flesh colored, but they do all sorts of colors, including glitter and glow in the dark. The alien green color is pretty good too. These folks did mine; they are in Canada, but their products are similar to others used in the states.
  9. New Dark Theme Added

    very nice. Much appreciated! iain
  10. I literally just did this last week! My audiologist had them created and have removable attenuators/filters for different dB reduction. I took the 25dB filters and replaced them with solid ones that I drilled to match the tubing in the Halo plugs. Amazing difference and highly recommended. I have also commented about the possibly adverse effects of the out of phase noise cancelling technique used and it not really protecting the hearing as much as they say. Glad to hear ( pun not intended ) I am not the only one thinking this,
  11. True Air Speed?

    Hi, not sure what the power HP% settings you are using, but in my 1981 262 with TKS Iast week I got 150-160KTAS at 9000' at 65% power LOP, 10 GPH. No Gamis, and a huge spread of 1.2gals. Air temps were about 12 deg C. Cylinder temps were 360 or lower with 1/2 cowl flaps. Not a direct comparison, but HP for the airframe should be similar. TKS typically eats a couple of knots, but not for all aircraft it seems. Are you actually running LOP? Those seems like rich fuel flows. iain
  12. KFC-200 won't command flight controls

    In the logs of my M20k ( 262 also ), the KFC 200 was doing something similar and turned out to be the conductors to the CWS ( control wheel steering ) pushbutton in the yoke. These wires would short/ground and prevent the AP from doing anything regardless of settings or commands. They evidently couldn't find the issue so just disconnect the wires from the computer and the switch is now placarded as INOP. It looks like they replaced a number of parts and spent ALOT on labour to get to that conclusion... It is on my list to re-wire it and bring it back to life. iain
  13. Canadian smoke

    I have a quick flight up Vancouver Island tomorrow and will get some summer IMC time in this. According to PIREPS, tops were around 8500'. The smoke adds a spooky red/orange glow to everything and has also made the temperatures more tolerable here in Victoria. Osoyoos is full of smoke from Washington state right now. It's free trade!
  14. windscreen replacement M20K

    Did you already have the 1/4" windshield?
  15. Wing Walk Strip and Refresh

    Thanks. Very helpful info. I am doing mine later this summer. iain