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  1. Check for a broken wire at the alternator. i had the same condition and the large wire had broken at the crimp connector and making intermittent contact but was hidden by the rubber boot over it.
  2. Interesting on the Precise Flight System. I have never actually tried mine before as I was unsure of it coming back to the 'normal' vac source without issue. Had you ever operated that standby system before the failure or was this the first time? I really should try mine out at some point before ever using it in anger. iain
  3. I have a non-FIKI TKS system on my M20K. Aside from a backup fluid pump and heated stall vane, it is identical to the FIKI version. Same panels, same fluid flow, etc. They couldn't certify it on my aircraft as it has the 262 mod which they don't have an STC for, only the 252 version. Part of the requirement for FIKI is dual alternators, which I have but it is not a virgin airframe. It is an effective system with low maintenance. I have chased some minor leaks on mine but a seal kit for the entire system is less than $100 from CAV. Fluid is expensive for me in western Canada prim
  4. Further reporting... 40ppm (!) during climb at 1000fpm to 12,000. 2ppm when level. 20ppm during approach with gear down. Action plans unless others have ideas: Replace the rudder pedal boots. I know I can see daylight through one of them, Pull carpets and ensure all tape is actually, well, tape and not turned into dust. Have exhaust system inspected/pressure checked. Turbo was replaced 50 hours ago; maybe something there, but no obvious signs of exhaust leaks at this point, nor when I changed oil 1 month ago.
  5. As an update to this thread I have had a couple of flights but not at higher altitude. CO readings peaked at 8 and only when taxiing at low speed. Cowl flaps open and closed; LOP and ROP; climb, level and decent. No CO measurements above 3. No sign of exhaust leaks during a quick inspection with the cowls off. I have another flight in the teens coming on Monday so will monitor closely again with the CO sensor and sat levels. The smoke is gone, replaced with torrential rains, so there is that factor too.
  6. I I tie down outside with no practical way of doing my own O2 fills. I would be trucking the bottles around and far more work than I want. To O2D2 is coming soon. If I don't go to a PA46 in the next couple of months I will get that setup for sure.
  7. I'm Canadian. I'll wear a mask so you don't have to! Then apologize that you aren't wearing one...but I digress, eh.
  8. Thank you everybody for all of the input on this, I wasn't expecting that much interest in this post! I'll check the CO closely. I have a Sensorcon(?) unit that I got through this site but don't always have it out. I rarely saw anything over 10 and only on the ground when it was. I wonder if the forest fire smoke has a CO component that may impact this?
  9. They definitely went up and down as O2 flow was varied. I dialed it down a bit at one point and saw 95% before I dialed it back up again. Still feeling it behind the right eye even now. Altitude flying tend to affect me like this, but this was one of the worst, and with the O2 being used and monitored I wasn't really expecting this. Certainly more work required on this.
  10. Interesting. I'll check this next time I am up.
  11. CO2...I do use a meter but didn't have it out as it hasn't been an issue in the past. I will try it on the next flight in case something has changed.
  12. I have been using my Halos with Peltor 33dB muffs on the outside during takeoff/climb to manage the sound. Once at altitude it is typically much quieter. Agreed, the smoke is a huge issue now and might be part of this. Hard to tell the difference between the smoke and fog right now as we have both. View from 8k yesterday.
  13. Interesting comment. at $100 per O2 fill I suspect the cost of adding the system add on would pay for itself soon enough.
  14. Hi, very tired after I got home. No issues while flying and the approaches/departures were all to minima due to the fog/smoke. Not an easy day by any stretch but just really surprised at how much it took out of me. I was actually a little impressed with myself on my performance, all things considered. It was a lot of IFR work for one morning.
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