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  1. I thought the same for mine, but it jut fits very tight and seems the tks residue on the threads make it pretty stiff. I clean the threads every time I fill and seems to not get worse at least. but, yeah, no need to over tighten as it is not air tight, just keeps debris out.
  2. It should. In the 100 series the clutch is always powered when power is available at the breaker. I think the 200 series is the same, but that constantly powered circuit runs through the controller first. My understanding of these is that pulling the breaker should cause them to retract in case of emergency or erratic operation. Sounds like you might have some other mechanical issue with them then, maybe a foreign object causing it to not fully seat?
  3. I don't think it is an issue with a gear drive. All of the electric speedbrakes use either limit switches ( 1000 series ) or position sensors ( 2000 series ) for controlling the motor and clutch for up or down. I have one that sticks halfway down and releases ( drops ) when the breaker is pulled. I think it is an issue with one of the microswitches with high resistance on the contacts. It has been back to Precise flight several times according to the log books, all for the same issue that seems to keep returning. iain
  4. I had a deal on some tires on the mainland and was looking for a constructive excuse to go flying. Shipping costs were about the same as fuel costs. Finally just got it back from the shop now so can actually figure it out in person, but do appreciate all the advice and stories presented!
  5. thanks for all the responses. Sounds like it will work out just fine. My back bench seat is fixed, but I will wrap the tires and load them through the door. Thanks!
  6. Hey, maybe someone can save me the trouble; has anybody fit and carried car tires in the back of their Mooney, either baggage or back seat? If so, in through the baggage door or passenger door? thanks! iain
  7. Hey left coasters, Anybody going to this: Anybody been in the past? Is it recommended? iain
  8. have a look at the skybolt website. They have an alternate suggestion of using small split washer to retain the camlock loosely within the hole, but still allowing it to move and let the cowls actually come apart. They are very nice fasteners, just oversized enough to fit worn holes nicely. I bought a bunch to put on mine when it returns from minor surgery. Here are the instruction showing use of the washers. iain
  9. I start every time the same and get the same stumble you had noted. Leave throttle at 1100rpm when you shutdown, close the mixture. When starting LEAVE the throttle there. Mixture at full and run primer for 3-10 seconds, more when cold. Wait a couple of seconds, then crank. It should catch right away but might stumble a little. Run the primer again ( hold it down ) until it stabilizes. Lean mixture once stable to highest rpm. I think the stumble is from fuel draining out of the injection system and some time for the mechanical pump on the engine to get the fuel back up to it.
  10. Copper on mine. They also have a recommendation to put a blob of RTV on it near the base of the connection to help minimize vibrations and it breaking off in the future.
  11. Sorry to resurrect this post, but is there an AD from Mooney on this? My mechanic seems to think so. He says they ‘failed’ and need to be replaced.
  12. Mine is in annual now and looks like the boot or baffle around the prop governor control cable is mostly gone. I can't even tell what it was supposed to look like. No real cooling issues, so not overly concerned yet. Anybody have a picture or a replacement option for this? Is it a like a sock or just some baffle pieces? Thanks,
  13. The link for the page on compatible autopilots is conspicuously broken...
  14. NAV Canada put that all on hold or delayed for awhile. At least a couple of years before it will be needed and I suspect the uproar from the villagers may get them to rethink the diversity requirement. I understand that they are testing our little planes with only bottom antennas. A 737 shades the lower antenna a lot more than a mooney especially considering that the satellite reading it not likely to be directly overhead. I am holding off on this diversity thing for as long as possible. A bit more info here: