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  1. johncuyle

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    This question comes up a lot. I can't afford the opex of a Bravo or the capex of an Acclaim, so I'm down in mid-body turbo land. The smart buy would probably have been a J model for the kind of flying I actually do, but I'm not that smart. I've got a 231. There's more engine management, and this can be a handful on go around, but other than that the only major difference between a 231 with intercooler and controller and 252 is the electrical system. The 252 has a 28v dual alternator setup which makes it a candidate for FIKI TKS. If you need FIKI TKS, you buy a 252 or Bravo. If you can get by without FIKI TKS, the 231 is significantly cheaper, enough so that the 252 is probably not worth the price premium, and I say this as someone that thinks the Encore is probably the best overall plane Mooney has ever and likely will ever build.
  2. johncuyle


    I didn't look too hard at that. The 900's form factor and display quality didn't work for me and the CGR Combo's price was acceptable, so I went with it. The other option I considered is the Garmin G500 based solution, but a standalone install is very cost prohibitive.
  3. johncuyle


    After looking at the available options, I decided that the large format displays over on the right side of the panel were probably not what I wanted, so the 930 and MVP-50 were not good options. At that point my only real choices were the EDM-900 or CGR-30 P/C combo. I looked at both instruments at shows a couple times and flew with a CGR-30P in another plane and the CGR's displays always seemed easier to read and nicer to look at. The two 3" holes were a much better fit for the panel in my K model than the odd-sized EDM-900. I'm having a CGR-30 P/C combo installed in my 231 at annual, which is happening right now, and having all the old gauges it replaces removed. I am very much looking forward to flying behind it. Additional: I ordered through Avionics Source. They were very helpful throughout the process and EI was very responsive whenever I spoke directly to them. I've anecdotally heard good things about support through the installation process from shops and I'm expecting that to go as smoothly as anything this significant ever does. I would recommend working with your A&P/installer to do the order, though. You'll certainly have thoughts on the layout, but some of the information about various sensor functionality and limitations is something that a typical owner/pilot isn't likely to know but Mooney mechanic will have no problem providing. This is not a criticism of EI or Chase at Avionics Source, they were very helpful and responsive, more an acknowledgment of my own limitations as "just the meat servo".
  4. johncuyle

    Dynon Certified thread

    Some pretty big news at the bottom of Dynon's latest email:
  5. johncuyle

    New Dynon portables

    D3 is intriguing as a last ditch backup AI, especially if there's not a lot of redundancy in your panel. The ADS-B receiver not so much. It doesn't advertise GPS or AHRS, and I'd really want both those features in any receiver. I'm interested enough in reliable AHRS that I'm seriously considering spending the money for a Stratus 3 even though I have a Stratus (the AHRS just doesn't work well enough for me to trust it.)
  6. johncuyle

    Handheld backup

    The new ICOM looks pretty great. Older models are pretty clunky to use in the air, particularly nav (I have one) but the new one appears to be pretty straightforward and intuitive to use.
  7. There used to be a bunch of Windows devices that size. A Chinese iPad knockoff, the MiPad 2, was about perfect. Not too many 8" Windows tablets on the market anymore, though. Might change now that ARM support has returned in a more useful (can run x86 applications) way. Unfortunately no Foreflight or Garmin Pilot. FltPlan Go is available, but it kind of sucks. There are some Android tablets, if you're a fan of insecure, poorly supported, update-free, spyware-ridden, dumpster fires of an OS.
  8. I've got a mini 4. It's fine for FF and the like. I want to get a second one, but I'm not going to buy a three year old device, so I'm waiting for the mini 5. Not sure what I'll do if they don't release another mini since I haven't got room for a larger iPad on my yoke.
  9. johncuyle


    I'm just signed up for the old T hangars. The new T's aren't too expensive, but I'm not on the list for them. The wait is supposed to be shorter. Not sure how current the hangar information page is: BFI claimed to have hangars available last time I managed to get through to someone. Ancient, keeps most of the water and light out (maybe) T's for $1500 a month. I've only talked to a few people that have planes based there and they're all in partnerships, which makes the cost less brutal. BFI is incredibly convenient, but much like Renton it seems an awful lot like they don't want GA there. On that note, hopefully Paine doesn't get worse when they introduce passenger service. This region never should have closed down Bellevue, they should have expanded it. There's too much demand for a real GA airport between S50 and PAE already. If PAE becomes less friendly to GA, it'll be between S50 and AWO, and neither of them are particularly convenient basing options.
  10. johncuyle


    I'm based at AWO. Depending on what you want AWO may be a better fit than S50. In an Acclaim the ability to go straight into climb without avoiding SEA Bravo on VFR can be really nice. Getting out from under SEA's airspace from S50 is a pain unless you're going east or maybe south. Most people have covered it, BFI costs a fortune, RNT has an eternal wait, PAE is the only really viable option, everything else is really inconvenient. I'm on the wait list at Paine, have been for about two years. The wait was allegedly about two years long when I got on and I'm currently about three years out (not a typo, turnover seems to have dropped off.) You might want to check into Carrera Hangars and some of the other private lease options at Arlington. I got in on a month's notice at a price comparable to PAE at $375 a month for an enclosed hangar, insulated with power and air, lots of storage space. Much nicer than the hangar I'll eventually have at Paine. Plus the power lets me preheat (got a wifi hotspot and a wifi connected outlet which I can switch on remotely) and keep the plane on a battery minder. If you haven't already, check out the FATPNW group on Facebook. There's an extremely large and active aviation community up here, full of great people.
  11. I've got mine set to 8.33 only because I don't feel like changing the ICAO codes for that one time I might need to if I fly to Canada, and I don't want to specify a feature that I have disabled, even if I can turn it on in the air. Most of the time I use search for nearest/flight plan lookup on my 650 anyway, so it never really impacts usage.
  12. johncuyle

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    To stay under max gross while carrying as much fuel as possible.
  13. johncuyle

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    Preference thing. Right now I have 72 usable gallons. I usually only fuel to 60. Bladders would limit me to 64 and I'd have to fuel to 55. I'd be much more interested in adding the Monroy long range tanks to get fuel capacity up to 105 gallons and having the option to do very long distance flights solo than losing 8 gallons max and 5 most of the time just to not have the leaks that I already hopefully won't have for a long time.
  14. johncuyle

    Opinions on engine monitors

    The P can display two arcs, EGT, CHT, and three other primary instruments (in my case fuel flow, TIT and air temperature drop across the intercooler, all of which are necessary for setting power.) You can put a bunch of other instruments on the second page, but I want my primary instruments to be displayed simultaneously and at all times, in particular CHT, Fuel Flow, TIT, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, and left/right fuel quantity. There's not really a way to do that with just a P.
  15. johncuyle

    Opinions on engine monitors

    I went with a pair of CGR-30 (C&P) for my Mooney. That was primarily a panel layout consideration. I have a pair of 3" slots on the left side of the panel that I can put them in and have them right in front of me for my panel scan. Either the 930 or the MVP would have had to go over on the right, farther out of my sight line. I kind of wish I had room for the 50 over on the left side, but the 30's give me all the information I need and the displays are very nice. Now that I've written the check odds are very good Dynon will announce certification for the SykView for M20's or Garmin will announce G3X plus GFC-500 STC for M20 at Oshkosh. Edit: While panel space may not be an issue on the Cessna, there might be a panel situation in which a pair of the P and a single C make sense for panel space and layout reasons.