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  1. johncuyle

    Opinions on engine monitors

    I went with a pair of CGR-30 (C&P) for my Mooney. That was primarily a panel layout consideration. I have a pair of 3" slots on the left side of the panel that I can put them in and have them right in front of me for my panel scan. Either the 930 or the MVP would have had to go over on the right, farther out of my sight line. I kind of wish I had room for the 50 over on the left side, but the 30's give me all the information I need and the displays are very nice. Now that I've written the check odds are very good Dynon will announce certification for the SykView for M20's or Garmin will announce G3X plus GFC-500 STC for M20 at Oshkosh. Edit: While panel space may not be an issue on the Cessna, there might be a panel situation in which a pair of the P and a single C make sense for panel space and layout reasons.
  2. johncuyle

    ELT/antenna options?

    Which ELT did you go with? My installer has done a bunch of ACK E-04's, which have an angled whip that looks like it could probably fit. I have an email out to them asking whether they know if it will and if installing it that way is permissible, but I'm open to other options. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking at adding a 406 ELT when I do my ADS-B upgrade. I guess I have a few questions: Has anyone done a 406 ELT upgrade? Which one did you get and are you happy with it? For K model owners with a panel switch for a 121.5 ELT, were you able to use the existing switch and wiring? What sort of external antenna did you end up with? Right now my plane has a couple of dorsal fin antennas, neither of which look like the rod or whip ELT antennas I'm familiar with. Are those just fairings and there's a standard whip antenna inside one?
  4. johncuyle

    First Mooney: 231 vs. 201

    I own a 231. Trip distance and willingness to use oxygen are the deciding factors. If you frequently go more than 250 miles and you don't mind being on oxygen, the 231 makes sense. If you don't like being on oxygen and don't want to spend much time in the teens, or you don't usually go far enough to warrant a climb to the teens, the J model makes a lot more sense. Mine has the hot prop but I don't like it. It involves more maintenance and, given the lack of any other icing protection, I kind of wonder about exactly what sort of inadvertent icing encounter I would survive with the hot prop and not survive without. I get extra time to wonder about that since it knocks a pretty significant chunk off cruise speed. Someday maybe I'll upgrade to the MT three blade and I honestly don't know whether I'll buy a hot version or not.
  5. johncuyle

    The J roll

    Steps to safely rolling a Mooney M20J: Disassemble the aircraft Melt all the parts down Use the materials to form a pair of 2000 pound dummy practice bombs Strap bombs to bottom of an F-16 Go flying in the F-16 Do a barrel roll
  6. I'm curious about this as well. The high panel is one of the things that gives me pause about the older Bravos. I have enough trouble seeing out of my 231, and I'm 6'2" and long torso.
  7. johncuyle

    Dynon Certified thread

    Adding the antenna and having in only on the HDX while keeping the GTX345 as the out/in solution for GTN and Foreflight is a totally acceptable solution, especially at only $500 incremental cost. Hope they get the AP control panel added to the STC by the time they get Mooney approval. I'm used to AP control of my trim.
  8. johncuyle

    Dynon Certified thread

    I talked to Dynon at the trade show in Puyallup. Nice folks, unfortunately they contradicted something you say above. I told them I was looking at an M20 install but I couldn't wait until too much longer on ADS-B and asked whether I could install a GTX-345 now, use that, and install the Dynon system later while still retaining the GTX-345 as my ADS-B solution. They told me they could not promise that, it depended on exactly what allowances they got on the STC, and it was up to the FAA. They would certainly like to, but they couldn't commit to it. I hope so, though, partly because I'll probably end up in that position and also because the FAA dragging their feet on certification past 2020 would hurt Dynon's value prop a lot if people had to rip out ADS-B solutions they had just had installed months earlier in order to do a Dynon install, and I want Dynon to sell a LOT of these.
  9. McMooney: The things I didn't like about the Skyview were: Might not be available before 2020. STC might not allow it to interoperate with an ADSB solution other than the included one (it hurts the value prop quite a bit if I install a GTX-345R just to need to use Dynon's solution a year later, plus I kind of want the integration with the Nav.) I specifically asked about this and they told me they weren't sure, it depended on the FAA. Need to use their installer. (May not be a problem, they say there will be a local shop and if it is the one I think I would be happy to have them do avionics work on my plane) Can't do portrait mount of the screens. This is actually kind of a big one since I kind of wanted to do multiple screens and I don't think there's room to mount a screen to the right of the radio stack in landscape orientation. bradp: Noted. I hadn't actually been considering the G5 seriously because I was pulling for the Dynon solution. The G500 is too expensive to justify for my airframe. The Aspen is too old for me to put the kind of money they want into it. G3X Certified would be ideal but I wouldn't expect them to certify it and risk cannibalizing G500 sales unless they decide that the choice isn't "sell a G500 or sell a G3X", it's "sell a G3X or watch Dynon sell a Skyview". It is probably sufficient for me to just have Nav 1 wired to a pair of G5 and Nav 2 wired to a separate indicator with no switch. That's what I've got now and a pair of G5's with the batteries and a standby alternator plus a GFC-500 would be a huge improvement over the vacuum/single alternator KFC-200 setup I've got now. It's just that I'd be a lot happier paying somewhat more to get a decent glass cockpit. Unfortunately the only option is to pay a vastly more to get an overkill glass cockpit.
  10. Cool, thanks for the info, everyone.
  11. A separate switch or button would be fine by me. Some of the Cessnas I trained in had a setup to toggle sources, IIRC. There appears to only be a single serial input to the back of the unit, I think my avionics guy said it only allowed one input, but the pilot's guide table 2-1 Nav Source Annunciations lists: GPS/ GPS1/ GPS2 VLOC/ VLOC1/ VLOC2 VOR/ VOR1/ VOR2 LOC/ LOC1/ LOC2 Which makes it look like it can accept input from more than one GPS/NAV. Except section 2.3 says it can only accept input from the #1 NAV. Hopefully a toggle switch could be wired in. It makes sense to me to be able to display nav from either nav on either display and to have two displays for the sake of redundancy, but maybe I'm just being paranoid.
  12. After attending the Northwest Aviation show I'm not so sure that the Skyview, which I had been hoping would be the way to go, is a good option for my plane. I'm now considering G5 and GFC-500 as a possible option again. One thing I'm curious about is whether it is possible to switch GPS inputs on the G5's. If I have both a GTN750 and a GTN650, can I toggle which one is providing heading/ILS input to the G5? Does anyone with a G5 installation have a secondary VOR/ILS indicator (e.g. GI-106B) installed as part of their panel, with a pair of G5 and a pair of GTN?
  13. I took a similar picture, with plans to post it. Both Garmin and Dynon had nice booths, Avidyne had a nice booth, RI and JPI did as well. I guess that BK'S interest in selling me stuff is almost as low as my interest in buying BK stuff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. johncuyle

    M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Maybe I'm just paranoid, but my routine is to land on fullest. That means when I preflight I'm still on fullest. So it's gascolator, switch, gascolator, switch, preflight, start, switch, taxi, switch, run-up, fly. Taxi plus maybe fiddling with radios takes at least a minute, so I've verified fuel feed from both tanks on the ground and I'm starting on the fullest and doing run-up and takeoff on the fullest without a switch in between. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yes, which Bravo? Asking for a friend.