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  1. gsxrpilot Website Update

    That store front isn't run by Mooney. It's a complete third party service. They create the merch and provide the site. Mooney just links to it. Regardless, it's nice to have some Mooney swag to buy.
  2. gsxrpilot Website Update

    Link at the bottom of the page called SHOP links to and all the branded swag you could want. It's not super easy to find the link and you probably thought it was the link to buy an airplane.
  3. I'm in agreement with what others are saying. What would you ask for the plane if it had a fresh engine? I've never been in the market for an Ovation and so don't know how to price it myself. But I think if you worked out a fair price for an Ovation with a fresh engine and then subtracted the cost of the overhaul from that number and listed it, it would sell quickly. I'd much rather buy your plane with a timed out engine at the right price and then get it done myself.
  4. gsxrpilot

    79 231 -LB TIT Probe Question

    I'd agree with @DonMuncy that unlike CHT's, the TIT temp is only to protect the turbo. And there seems to be consensus that even running right at the redline of 1650 is probably fine. And that is very much unlike CHT's. Certainly going through the red-line of 1650 on your way to LOP and lower temps is fine.
  5. I used to use the Route Planner in ForeFlight. But have since given up and just file DIRECT every time. You're gonna get what they give you anyway. I often get back the actual route via email and one click loads it into ForeFlight, then another click transfers it to my IFD540 and we're ready to fly. IMHO /Golf has largely eliminated the need for the IFR low charts. Add to that that the IFD540 always knows the relevant fixes, waypoints, airways, etc from wherever I happen to be, and the chart is just redundant.
  6. gsxrpilot

    New Member - Need Trusted Advice

    Alex, @Raptor05121, is one of the hero's on this forum as one of the youngest Mooney owners in the country and for bringing N6744U back from the brink. But it hasn't been especially cheap and I'm sure that $15K doesn't include his time spent wrenching on it. We all followed the year long saga while he brought it back into flying shape. The typical "good deal" doesn't exist in this hobby. Unlike finding a Porsche 911 in a barn with 200 original miles on it, the best deal you'll find on a vintage Mooney will be the one where the owner is still flying it regularly, has never been out of annual, has been updating the avionics over the years, and has been periodically upgraded with speed mods, paint, and/or interior. This seller will be one who still flies weekly and is upgrading to a newer long body, a twin, or maybe a TBM or Pilatus. He'll be asking top dollar for his C/D/E/F, but it will still be much less than 50% of what he's "invested". So when you find this plane, buy it quick as deals like this don't last.
  7. gsxrpilot

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    Agreed, turbos shouldn't be leaned in the climb. Climb full rich all the way to cruise altitude. For me that is often in the mid 20's flight levels. Once there I either run at 75% power for 100 ROP for speed or 65% power and 25 to 50 LOP for economy and range.
  8. gsxrpilot

    Norcal Bay Area Pre-buy Inspection Recommendations

    It's important to know the difference between a pre-buy and an annual. It is often a good plan to annual the plane after the pre-buy but before closing everything up. Open everything up for a full and detailed pre-buy inspection. Based on the pre-buy result, negotiate a price and close on the purchase. As the new owner, direct the shop to convert the pre-buy into an annual inspection. Enjoy your new-to-you Mooney with it's fresh annual.
  9. gsxrpilot

    Fuel drain leaking UPDATED 4.14.18

    I reckon my EDM900 and CiES senders are the best speed mod in my 252. I can now skip fuel stops because I always know exactly quantity and location of my fuel.
  10. gsxrpilot

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    Yep, I'm almost always on the VFR Sectional for all IFR flights. All the IFR stuff such as waypoints, airways, etc. are in the IFD540. So I keep the sectional up on the iPad.
  11. gsxrpilot


    I have a KX165 that works fine with my Aspen. I am thinking of replacing it though as the comm side is intermittent.
  12. gsxrpilot

    M20K 252 MP'' ?

    Hahaha... thanks... I do like to chat here about all things Mooney. @kortopates is the Paul who flies a 252 and actually knows what he's talking about. I agree that your MP is low. My experience is what Paul wrote as well, it is related to oil temp. At the first take off, I typically see 36" and maybe 36.3 or .4" on my EDM-900. I did notice on a recent flight where I did two hours, landed a quick turn and a long climb to FL180, that on the take off after the quick turn, I was only getting about 35". But as I climbed into the cool air and the oil temp came back down, I was back to 36" all the way to the top of the climb. Best of luck with it, and enjoy the 252. I sure do.
  13. gsxrpilot

    New Member - Need Trusted Advice

    That might be a reason... but there are lots of other reasons for pricing as well. With vintage airplanes and many of them around 50 years old, so much has changed that no two of them are alike. This means values will vary quite a bit as well. The one thing to note is that a notably low price on an airplane is rarely if ever, a good deal. If shopping for an M20C or an M20E, you want to find the nicest one available for sale. It will be the best deal. I've owned two Mooneys and each came with three gear up landings. But with properly done repairs, both were/are great airplanes.
  14. gsxrpilot

    M20K 252 with "black" instrument panel?

    So would an ideal scenario be to just run #2 all the time and only turn on #1 if there's a failure of #2? We spent some time trying to troubleshoot the whine on #2 back when I first bought the plane. But we never solved it. I'd love to be able to. It's much improved (quieter) with the PMA450a audio panel, but it's still there. And really not any fun to listen to for any length of time.
  15. First of all, it's funny to me all the comments that seem to be making the assumption that you are selling a Mooney for the first time. Those of us who know you, come to you for advice on how best to sell a Mooney. Also, it's unfortunate that as a 231, it's not eligible for the Encore conversion which would give it respectable U/L. At the $120 - $135 range you're in 252 territory which is eligible for the Encore conversion and the U/L that goes with it.
  16. gsxrpilot

    M20K 252 with "black" instrument panel?

    I get a little bit of a "whine" in the headset out of #2. So I'm only running #2 during taxi and runup as it supplies power at lower RPM. I have a dual amp gauge and #1 doesn't kick in unless #2 is turned off. So I typically turn #2 off as part of cleaning up the plane on the climb out. Gear, flaps, Alt2, etc.
  17. gsxrpilot

    M20K 252 with "black" instrument panel?

    I always turn #2 off once in flight.
  18. gsxrpilot

    need help with Foreflight

    Yep, I was going to suggest this as well... but if only removing Alaska and a few other states it takes a while to download everything again.
  19. gsxrpilot

    need help with Foreflight

    Go to Downloads and at the top of the screen on the right tap United States. Scroll down and you'll see a list of the States each with a Blue check mark next to them. Tap the states you want to remove. The State will still be there in the list but the blue check mark will go away. Make sure that only the states you want have the blue check mark next to them. Now go back to Downloads and scroll down to the list where the Green check marks are by the states. Notice that the States are listed multiple times. First there is the Taxi Diagrams and A/FD and the list of States, but if you scroll down further you'll see Terminal Procedures and the States listed again. And so on, and so on. On these lists go through and swipe and delete any of the States with the green check mark that you want to delete. They should be States that you previously tapped to remove the blue check mark from the States list under United States. Hope that helps.
  20. gsxrpilot

    Finally a tailwind

    You're obviously not flying enough in the last 9 months.
  21. gsxrpilot

    need help with Foreflight

    Hey... are you saying @lamont337 and I don't know what we're talking about?
  22. gsxrpilot

    need help with Foreflight

    You need to make sure to unselect the states so they don't download again as soon as you delete them.
  23. I've used a four wheeler, a lawn tractor, and a pickup truck to tow my plane around. I found the longer the tow bar, the easier it is to steer the plane. Then two years ago helping JD & Laura move into Russel's old hangar, we came across one of these tugs. It wouldn't start and the tire was split open and falling off the wheel. After a bit of work, it's great running little tug and by far the easiest I've ever used to move the Mooney and steer it forwards or backwards.
  24. Flight lead carries the squawk code. The rest of the flight has transponders off. You should really come fly formation with us. Come to Oshkosh and fly the Caravan arrival with us.