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  1. Gravity is overrated

    Of all the things I'm licensed and rated to fly, paragliders are my least favorite. But if you like flying, this video is worth 6 minutes of your life. Go full screen and enjoy the music that goes with it.
  2. You forget... I fly a turbo. We're way above all the alligators and other stuff. But my point was NOT that I don't need the stuff for aviating/navigating/communicating... but that I spend so much time USING the engine monitor, I like having it in my scan so I'm not spending hours sitting sideways looking across the cockpit at the EDM on the right side. In my M20C the engine monitor was on the right side of the panel. Granted it wasn't the large print edition like your 930. But I spent many hours looking cross cockpit and scheming about moving it to somewhere on the left side. One of the nice things about the Aspen, as you will agree, all the aviating/navigating is in one vertical panel, which allows me room for the EDM-900 to sit squarely in my scan without displacing any of the aviate/navigate/communicate stuff. Which I will agree, when the chips are down, you want them right where you need them. And they are with the Aspen. Don't get me wrong... I love your panel as well. You're just too damn healthy and will probably be flying that E for another 50 years. So I couldn't wait, I had to go build my own panel.
  3. I thought I had raved about it Well here goes... I know that engine instruments are not included in the Aviate, Navigate, Communicate trinity. But those three really only come into play in the airport/runway environment or on an approach/hold/etc. The vast majority of the hours I spend in the left seat of my Mooney, "George" is doing the flying. And so with the track, heading, altitude, navigation, all handled... what I'm left to to is manage the power. So I find myself spending the vast majority of my time watching the EDM-900. I'm checking temps, fuel flow, fuel quantity, oil pressure/temp, % power, etc. So having the EDM-900 engine monitor in my direct field of view is exactly the best place for it. And the few other pilots who have flown my 252 have all commented that they think my EDM-900 placement is the best they've ever seen. Now this is only possible because of the Aspen. One of the benefits of glass is the consolidation of the full 6 pack into effectively two instruments. The AI/ASI/VSI/Alt/TC on the top and the DG/CDI/HSI/Nav on the bottom. With all of those instruments shrunk down into a single Aspen panel, there is room for a proper graphical engine monitor within the pilots primary scan. I'd never flown glass prior to rolling my 252 out of the avionics shop with it's new panel. It took me all of one flight to realize this is a game changer and wonder about the 500 Mooney hours with the old steam gauges and what took me so long to get it done right. I'll throw an invitation out to anyone on this forum to come ride left seat in my 252 and see if you don't agree.
  4. Turbonormalizing M20J

    Yeah... like others have said. There are a lot of turbo J's around... they're more commonly referred to as K's. Same body, just slightly longer cowl, the exact same displacement spread over 6 instead of 4 cylinders and a turbo. It's pretty easy to sell a nice J these days and that same money will buy an nice K. The best K's are Encores, followed by 252's, and then the budget 231's. Your J will buy you a really nice 231, an average 252, or 2/3rd of an Encore.
  5. Yep, I turned 16 and got a license in 1983. I was working after school for $3.35/hr. A TR6 could be had for $2000 but I bought an MG for $600. I'd still like to have a TR6 but I'm currently driving an M3 and have my eye on an 911. So the economics have changed a bit.
  6. I've never owned a plane that didn't have an HSI. And that was very intentional. Even my M20C came with an HSI coupled to a 530W. So I couldn't agree more. Nothing makes IFR flying easier than an HSI. Now with an Aspen in my 252 I can overlay two VOR (or other Nav) needles over the top of the HSI making it even more useful.
  7. Formation Flying Clinic

    I don't know about the MAG group, but here in Texas you can just show up with cash. Or you can PayPal the fee up front. I'm betting that as long as they know you're coming, you can just bring the cash with you.
  8. Between two Fs

    You might be the only one. What happened?
  9. Gravity is overrated

    The paragliders are fun but I much prefer the hang gliders. And I actually have a lot more experience/hours in hang gliders. Here is my good friend Wolfi, one of the top hang glider pilots in the world doing a long swoop under a bridge in his home country of Austria. Notice how active he is on the pitch, roll, yaw while right down on the water. Enjoy.
  10. I always wanted a TR6. I still do. Just never could afford one.
  11. Between two Fs

    1 It's like pulling up the hand brake on my old MG. You don't have to look at it, it only goes where it's supposed to go. Same with the Johnson bar. Just push it down until it clicks into place. There isn't any other option. The things I liked about the Mooney manual gear... When it's down and locked, you know it's down and locked. There are no light bulbs to be burnt out, no relying on a gear horn that has come disconnected. No checking a mirror to verify that at least one of the three are down. No motor to burn out, no gear ratios to change. No emergency gear extension mechanism or process to check, use, know, practice. The "cool" factor. Kinda like being the only guy at the club who can drive a stick shift.
  12. The few times I see anything posted by Peter, it's if one of the others of you quote him. Otherwise, my forum feed only contains useful information with Peter and a few others on the Ignore Users list. BTW... I bought a used Aspen off of Barnstormers and love it. Also a two Aspen panel is actually more capable than a G500/600 in that it allows for the removal of all other instruments except for a stand by AI. The G500/600 installation still requires the other back up instruments such as ASI and Altimeter. When Brian Lloyd built his 231 for the flight around the world, weight and economy of panel space was important, cost was no object. He recognized that the Aspen panel allowed for more redundancy than the comparable Garmin panel and went Aspen.
  13. Acclaim Type S market value.

    No, I've never experienced that. It's pretty unusual to get IFR conditions where I am here in Texas with heat/humidity at the same time. Also, I fly out of an uncontrolled field so regularly launch and pick it up in the air if IFR.
  14. Formation Flying Clinic

    Back in 2014 we had the first Caravan Clinic in San Marcos, TX. The guys put up a flyer at Randolph AFD asking for some formation qualified pilots to come ride along with our newbies as safety pilots. Two AF pilots, "Pops" and "Lois" showed up. They admittedly came to see what a complete disaster it would be watching a bunch of civilian wanna-be fighter pilots play around and try not to kill themselves. They were very pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and seriousness that we brought to formation flying. Pops has ridden with us to Oshkosh every year since and Lois now owns an M20K. Both have become fixtures in the Texas Mooney community. We're still amateurs, but as serious as we can be as amateurs.
  15. Acclaim Type S market value.

    I live in Texas and still don't see the benefit of air conditioning in an turbo. I'd much rather have the UL than the AC. The Acclaim will climb quicker than any other piston single all the way to the flight levels where the AC is always ON and cold. You don't like O2, then get the Ovation and the AC. If I had the appropriately sized slush fund, I'd fly a FIKI Acclaim.
  16. SPOT interference with GTN650 and GTN750

    Hmmm... I have my SPOT on the default of 10min. Which granted in the Mooney, spreads out the bread crumbs quite a bit. I wonder if the increased GPS ping is overpowering the Garmins?
  17. Formation Flying Clinic

    Come on down. You'll be fine. The clinics always start with ground school which is very detailed and all questions are answered. You'll be impressed with how detailed our preparation is every time before we fly formation. Then there will be an opportunity for new formation pilots to ride right seat with an experienced formation pilot for a flight. Then the rest of the formation sorties will be with you in the left seat and an experienced formation pilot riding in your right seat. That way you have constant feed back, and someone who can demonstrate the position for you if need be. I had the same concerns about showing up and being the least experienced pilot and slowing down the process for everyone. But rather it was a wonderful experience and some of the most fun I'd ever had flying my airplane. I also discovered that thousands of hours and ratings through an ATP, doesn't automatically make you a quick learner with formation flying. All of us newbies were in the same boat so to speak and all learning at about the same pace. Just be warned, formation flying is addicting. It will ruin your $100 hamburger habit. You won't ever want to take off just to go land and talk about flying. It's much more fun to spend a very active hour or so with your pilot friends in the air!
  18. Formation Flying Clinic

    No, that's not a hard requirement. I qualified for the Caravan my first year with less than 300 TT and about 20 in the Mooney.
  19. SPOT interference with GTN650 and GTN750

    I use a SPOT and it's never caused interference with either the Garmin 530W or the IFD 540 that replaced it.
  20. My very first car, purchased two weeks before I turned 16 and had a drivers license, with money I'd been saving for years, was an MG.
  21. Engine Problem

    A proper A&P will be along shortly but I'd do the prop cycle again but a bit differently. First of all, set 1600 RPM. Then pull the blue knob just a 1/4" or so, then just a bit more. Going nice and slow, how far do you have to pull the blue knob out before the RPM's start to drop. That's what we want to know.
  22. We are all lucky. I'm lucky I wasn't born a female in Afghanistan... and I had nothing to do with it. Absolutely blind luck.
  23. Engine Monitors

    I actually think the screen sizes of the 930 and 900 are a wash. If you install a 930, it will be on the right side of the panel, and far away from the pilot therefore the large screen is important. If you install the 900, it can go on the left side of the panel directly in front of the pilot and therefore the large print edition isn't required and the small screen is just perfect.
  24. Between two Fs

    After reading all the responses and answers... I'm still with @KLRDMD on this. For me it wouldn't even be close. I'd buy the '67.