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  1. Finally after days of heavy rain, low clouds and thunderstorms, I was able to get 252AD back in the air again. Unfortunately it was a short 82 mile flight to drop it off for a tank reseal. So that's no more flying for another three weeks. But I did get fly a bit more with the new IFD 540 and the PMA 450a that I recently installed. This won't be a full PIREP but I gotta say, both are better than advertised. There was a short comparison for me between the IFD 540 in my plane and then a GTN 650 in the chase plane on the ride home. I know they don't exactly compare, but I found the IFD much easier to use. There are more buttons to supplement the touch screen. Which to me makes it easier to navigate. Of course I'm mostly comparing the IFD to unit it replaced which was the GNS 530W. Again, not a fair comparison, but if I knew how much better it would be, I'd upgraded much sooner. The Comms features are amazing. The correct freq is always just a button push away. There's no more need to look up freq's in ForeFlight either before departure or enroute. Just push the Freq button and all the relevant frequencies for your local area are listed in order of probably usage. When I fire up on the ground, it's already listing in order, ATIS, Clearance, Ground, and Tower for the local field. The IFD also lists the Name of the facility under the Frequency. So as I selected the Twr Freq for KHYI, 126.82, under the number is displayed San Marcos Twr. Easy to make sure you're on the correct freq. My destination, KELA uses 122.9 which is used by every little airport in the area. I tuned it in early in the flight and noticed that as I crossed the area, the name of the facility under the number was constantly updated depending on my position. So while flying over 84R, 122.9 was listed as Smithville CTAF, but as I got closer to KELA it changed to show Eagle Lake CTAF. There is also the ability to have any number of Standby frequencies. It's often useful to have two or three freq's displayed. I've been having lots of electronic gremlins making noise in my panel. I not sure if it's some sort of feed back or alternator noise or what it is. When it goes in for the avionics work upcoming, I hope to get it sorted out. But I gotta say the PMA 450a is doing an amazing job of filtering out the noise. I didn't know this was a feature of the product, but I knew about the auto squelch features. But I had no idea it would be so good at filtering out all the various noises and delivering a clear comms stream to the headsets. The cockpit has never been so quiet. Lastly, one benefit of both of these boxes is the installation cost, which was $0. The IFD slides right into the GNS 530W slot without any modification, and the PMA 450a slides into the GMA 340 tray. Both worked perfectly immediately including driving the autopilot, etc. More later when I get to actually fly it more. But now a 3 week wait while the tank is done.
  2. No, mine had a vernier throttle which for a 1964, was obviously after market.
  3. My former C had the switch at the carb end of the throttle cable.
  4. So I'm confused. I know how to monitor the second radio using the PMA 450a. And I was able to set up the IntelliAudio to move the secondary around in the headset. But is there an option that would allow me to monitor the Standby frequency on the IFD540 flipping it to Active? That would seem to be an IFD function? If this is indeed the case, I don't know how to do it. And after some reading of the install doco's for both the IFD540 and the PMA450a, sure enough the option exists. And seems easy enough to enable on both units. This could be a very valuable feature. Especially when flying formation with the Caravan guys.
  5. Probably no "free speed", but if your J was grossly out of rig, a proper rigging would certainly allow it to go faster. My first C was way out. There were various tabs riveted to ailerons and such. DMax corrected it all and found quite a bit of speed hidden by the poor rigging.
  6. No offense, but nothing here says anything about his expertise with Mooney's. There are lots of experts in a lot of things. And seriously 20,000+ airline pilots are a dime a dozen. But there is a reason that people fly their Mooney's all the way across the country to be touched by Don Maxwell at KGGG or Paul Loewen at 1O2. The guy who taught me to fly, was and still is my mentor for all things aviation, is a 52,000 hour 747 Captain from PanAm and Braniff. 16,000+ hours as a CFI in the right seat of various Pipers. He did my Mooney check out when I bought my first (700 hours in Mooney's). He knows more about airplanes than anyone I know. But I wouldn't let him evaluate the rigging on my Mooney even if it was free.
  7. Yep, added... the list is so long, it might be next winter before I fly again :-(
  8. And a sealed job by a reputable shop (Weep-no-more, or Houston Tank Specialists) will come with a warrantee and will last. I'd even take 20 years sealed over the loss of volume and useful load as the result of installing bladders. But then I fly a K which is UL challenged already.
  9. I haven't tried that. I was wondering if I'd need an additional connection wired in from the IFD to the PMA? But regardless, I didn't get a chance to try it out.
  10. That's fine, but I'd not want that guy doing any more work on my airplane as his opinion/expertise is completely suspect. I'd pay him, pull it out of the hangar and then get on the phone with a real Mooney shop. There are plenty, and they will likely have a solution for you. It might seem expensive up front, but will undoubtedly save a bunch of money in the long run. And probably save money by the end of this annual.
  11. At Houston Tank Specialists I was quoted $7500 for the tanks in my M20K 252. They are 37.5 gal useable.
  12. IF you have an engine problem, then any engine guy will do... and any owner forum will do as well. But if it's not exclusively an engine issue, (and it could be any one of a million other things,) you're gonna need a Mooney specialist. Don Maxwell got my first C to do an additional 10 knots TAS after he straightened it out. Someone who was an expert at rigging Cessna's had rigged it all wrong.
  13. My tanks are getting resealed right now. I decided it was a much better option then bladders. I'd pay the guy and pull the plane out of his shop ASAP. There are always options and anyone who tells you there isn't, doesn't know and shouldn't be relied on for ANY advice.
  14. Truth!
  15. True, just not as quick and easy to get to. I find the IFD 540 to be much more logically organized. It just always seems that the action I need at a given time is either already on the screen or one button push away.
  16. Good advice. Thanks!
  17. Sorry, but no pics until the panel is done. It's a wreck right now with patches over holes, where the ADF, OBS, EDM700 were, the EDM900 just stuck into another hole, and a gap in the radio stack where the KNS 80 was. As soon as the tank is patched, then the avionics shop has a couple of weeks to finish up the panel. There is an Aspen to install, recessed, recess the EDM900 into the panel, remove the ADF radio and KT76a, and close up all the holes and gaps. Then there will be the requisite before and after pictures.
  18. Which one? I got the AXP322 Remote since I have the IFD540 which will drive it. More weight in the tail, less on the nose, more room in the panel.
  19. Another example of upgrades that are much cheaper when done by the previous owner.
  20. Obviously your MooneySpace calibration isn't dialed in. There's a very specific error correction that is applied to all MooneySpace performance data. Think of it as Calibrated MS airspeed.
  21. I'll take a pair of blank ones and will let Chocks see what he can do with his laser.
  22. I'm in for a couple.
  23. I've been a spot customer since 2011. Initially it was so my chase vehicle could find me after long cross country flights in the hang glider. I use it now in the Mooney so my wife can check if I'm overdue, or landed but phone's dead and I can't call immediately. It's peace of mind.
  24. The ideal scenario right here.
  25. I think the issue is visibility and not rain. Plenty in the regs about visibility, regardless of the cause. And nothing about rain.