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  1. Paint, panel and interior look nice. No speed mods means it will be a slower C. I think it's priced just on the high side, but certainly a good candidate for someone looking for a C.
  2. Generally I would always fly with fuel in both tanks. But towards the end of a long trip, I believe 10 gallons in one tank is safer, more useable, etc, then 5 gal Left and 5 gal Right. The tank is less likely to suck air in a turn, I've got more margin for error of quantity calculation, etc. Bottom line is that if I'm down to my last 10 gallons, I'd like it to be all in one tank rather than some in one tank and some in the other.
  3. I saw N3510N at SWTA in KBAZ for a pre-buy this morning. Just wondered if it was anyone on this site.
  4. For those of you who don't follow the Bugs and Suggestions forum, I've put together a map with pins indicating the approximate location of MooneySpace members. There are currently 99 members listed on the map. Most of them are in the US of course, but there are also some in Canada, Australia, and the UK. To get access to the map, you'll need to be listed on the map. To be listed on the map you need to have either a City or Airport listed under your avatar. The map will have a pin in your town or city, not specific airport. The map only lists screen name and city. No other information, personal or otherwise is listed. The purpose of the map is simple. When traveling to an area of the country, you'll be able to see which MooneySpace members are in the area and will have a screen name you can contact via private message here on MooneySpace. The map is searchable by screen name or city. This is not an official MooneySpace feature, just a personal project of mine. It was suggested by @Roger O and I've had assistance from @RLCarter on this project. If you have the link, please do not share it to protect the privacy of the members. If you'd like to be listed on the map and have a link to the map, send me a message or respond to this thread. Enjoy...
  5. I'm liking this idea the more I think about it. Let me know when I can bring the 252 over to Phoenix for a full wrap.
  6. Brian Lloyd could help you. He's got an Iridium sat phone plumbed through his PSE 8000 which is basically the same as the 450a. But Brian's a bit out of reach right not flying his M20K231 around the world. You might reach out to Brian Kendrick at McKee Avionics in San Marcos, TX. He did the install.
  7. Hi Jack, Please update your profile so KEAU shows up as Location. That will get you on the map.
  8. +1 for Hector at AeroComfort. He'll be doing my plane next year.
  9. What @M20F said. Be sure to retract flaps before touching the brakes on landing. BTW... I'm in the keep flying, those tires are just fine, group.
  10. As mine is still in the shop, I'm living vicariously through others who get to fly. Brian Lloyd launched today on his circumnavigation of the globe in his 231. This is his first leg from San Marcos, TX (KHYI) to Long Island, NY (KFRG). This was done non-stop in 7:46, most of it at FL230. Next he'll go NYC to Paris recreating Lindbergh's flight and hoping to set a speed record for single engine piston, on this route. And then on around the globe. You can follow along on Flight Aware, he is N916BL.
  11. I'm with @201er in that I like my fuel all together in one tank rather than split between two tanks. The last flight I made in my 252 was with 15 gallons in the Left tank. The right tank was completely dry. And I know that as it had just been stripped but not yet resealed. The flight was only about 15 minutes, takeoff to landing. So I'll say 15 gal is probably my minimum but I need that in one tank. 7 in one tank and 8 in the other won't get it done. I need a minimum of 15 gal in one of my two tanks.
  12. Reach out to @StinkBug. He wrapped his C.
  13. Based on @carusoam note above that this is actually an E... a 1963 E no less... I'll adjust my estimate. Add $45K of avionics work and you'll have a $55K E. I know there are buyers that will be happy with a basic VFR airplane. But I do think it's a poor investment to buy a plane with an antique panel. Sellers never get the money back they spend upgrading vintage Mooneys. But plenty have upgraded them anyway. And they do come up for sale. And they can be had for reasonable prices. As @"Chocks" says, a fully upgraded and well maintained C will not fetch more than $50K. And the same fully upgraded E will not likely fetch more than $65K. Full glass panels might bump the value another $10K, but it would have to be @Marauder level quality. There's already a waiting list for @Bob_Belville M20E, longer than the wait list for a hangar at most airports. And @Marauder is too young to even think of selling his. I hope to put my 252 out of reach as well and fly it forever. But good ones do come up for sale regularly. You just have to wait and then be ready to buy.
  14. I'm in agreement, the C is over priced at $37K. If you spent $15K for autopilot, $20K for a moving map WAAS GPS, $5K for an engine monitor, $5K for ADSB... you'd have a solid $45K M20C. And the asking price on the G is just silly.
  15. Yep, there are 138 members on the map as of now. At some point I'll get some time to raise the level of sophistication and make it all a bit more user friendly. Of course if there's anyone here on the board who has a particular expertise in Google Maps, I'd be happy for the help or instruction.
  16. I'd be happy to... but you've got to go back to the instructions and do #2. 2. To be listed on the map you need to have either a City or Airport listed under your avatar.
  17. Go into an audiologist and get some custom ear molds made. If you have the QT Halo head set, you can get the tubes incorporated into the molds. That's probably your best bet. But there are others who use just simple foam ear plugs under their ANR headsets.
  18. If it's been flying regularly and has been annual'ed on schedule for the last 9 years, I wouldn't have a problem with it at all.
  19. Sorry for the delayed replies. I've been at the avionics shop all day trying to push the project along... with limited success. I think I'm all caught up and everyone who's asked, has been sent the link. Check your PM's as that's how I'm sending them out. I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying the map, and as long as people don't start moving around too much, I can probably keep it up to date.
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  22. Ok, PM sent. Let me know if you get it or not.
  23. Done, PM sent.
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  25. Brilliant!