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  1. Angel flight in a Mooney

    I've done Angel flights here in Texas. It's a good thing to do and a good way to use our airplanes. But I strongly agree with @kortopates. Just sign up with your local Angel Flight chapter. Not being IFR is limiting but not a deal breaker. And it's not unusual for pilots to have to cancel flights for weather or other reasons. One thing I consider carefully with Angel flights is my payload. The Angel Flight website lists the missions available with very good detail on specific passengers, number of passengers, weights, luggage weights, etc. They make it easy to participate. I'd encourage you to get involved.
  2. service ceiling

    I used to run my C at 13,500 regularly. I once got it to 16,500 but it was really struggling. I did fly it all over the west and with just a little flight planning never felt the need for anything over about 14,000.
  3. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    Some don't fly unpressurized in the flight levels. Some don't fly IFR Some don't fly singles at night Some don't fly small airplanes Some don't fly It's all risky... but there's a reason I fly a 252 and it's not to stay low. Flying home to Austin from San Francisco late one night, IFR, I was comforted by the time and options that FL250 over the Sierra Nevada's and FL210 over west Texas would give me. The flight ended very uneventfully and on schedule just before 1am safely back in my hangar at KHYI.
  4. Abandoned Mooneys

    This was part of my rationalization in moving from a C to a K. I'd love to have a new Mooney, but don't want the OpEx associated with a big bore long body. What I'd really like is a new 252 Encore. So I went out and found the best candidate I could and over time, hope to bring it back to "like new" condition.
  5. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    @EricJ Wow, just wow. I'm sure coming from Arizona you never thought water would cause so much trouble. I have the opposite issue of forcing myself to sump the tanks every time. In four years and two different Mooneys, I've never seen any water in the sample. I've given up on gascolator completely. Of course the airplane rarely spends a night outside. And the O rings get changed every hundred hours (couple of times a year) religiously. I think I'd be afraid to fly if I was draining water regularly out of my tanks.
  6. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    Very interesting points... Maybe I can keep that AMU in my pocket for now. Thanks,
  7. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    Physiology certainly plays into the equation here. And while youth and health do play some role, it's been well documented in the high altitude climbing community that some people tolerate low O2 much better than others. I've only had a passenger with me a couple of times up in the flight levels, but that experience has taught me that I'm on the lucky side of the equation and have a pretty good tolerance and much better than the passengers who have flown with me. If I was as quickly incapacitated as others I've seen at altitude, I'd probably never go high unpressurized no matter what precautions were in place. As it is, I'm hyper-aware of what's going on when I'm up high. This involves using the pulse ox, monitoring the level of O2 in the tank and verifying it's rate of decline, holding an emergency can of air in my lap, and having the altitude pre-select armed and set for lower. So far, the experience of traveling at FL250 or FL260 in my 252, has been a very positive experience. I'm hoping it stays that way.
  8. Heavy oil consumption

    Definitely don't do that. Full throttle all the way to your cruising altitude. You can pull the prop back to 2550 or 2500 for noise in the climb. Lean as required to maintain EGT's in the climb. Manage the CHT's with the Mixture and if that doesn't work, lower the nose a bit in the climb. At cruising altitude, adjust prop as desired and mixture as appropriate. Pull the throttle back as much as possible WITHOUT reducing Manifold Pressure. That will close the second fuel jet. (The throttle will only come back about 1/4 inch). This should keep CHT's below 400 in the climb and below 380 in cruise. Of course baffling has more to do with CHT than almost anything. So make sure they are sealed up and tight. (400+ recent hours with a C)
  9. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    One thing I do whether solo or with a copilot, is to have the altitude preselect armed for a lower altitude with a pretty high rate of decent. With that configured, it only takes one button push to send us down to thicker air and level off there.
  10. Resurrecting a J

    Pulling the jugs is a bit more than a usual pre-buy inspection. But it's good you're getting into it. I was just curious as there's no way to see the cam without pulling the jugs. A borescope won't do it.
  11. N370MM NTSB Final Report

    Where is the O2 gauge in the Acclaim? In my 252 it's right in the arm rest and very easy to monitor. When I'm up that high I'm monitoring it constantly. But then I know hypoxia can make you think things are fine when they aren't.
  12. Resurrecting a J

    I'm still curious about how it was determined that there is no corrosion on the cam?
  13. Looking for a 252

    It's a runout engine. Only 135 hours from TBO. Original pain/interior. KAP150 autopilot. GNS430W. The one thing that is a nice upgrade that not all of them have, is the altitude pre-select. It's a nice looking airplane, but there are some knocks against it.
  14. Amphibian Rockets

    JD at SWTA is bidding on a few of them and we were talking about them. I thought he'd be buying to restore, but he informed me that none of them would have data plates and are only for parting out. He also used to be a Falcon rep so knows the business pretty well.
  15. Looking for a 252

    Hmmm... I did this just 15 months ago. It was unquestionably the right move for me.
  16. Engine TBO

    Yep, but if you're buying it with a run out engine already, the engine monitor and how the previous owner ran the engine isn't really important. So you should be ok, as long as the price is right :-)
  17. Amphibian Rockets

    It won't fly again. The insurance company will pull the data plate and sell the scrap. There are quite a few of these "Harvey, Irma, Maria" planes up for auction now. None of them have data plates.
  18. Engine TBO

    It's been said more than a few times on this forum that one should evaluate the owner as much as one evaluates the airplane. I know I did a lot of "owner" shopping when looking for my 252. I asked a lot of questions of the owner and the owner's mechanic regarding the way he flew the plane. I also asked about the engine monitor and how he used it. This told me a lot about the chances of the engine continuing to TBO. Unfortunately though if buying through a broker, that information might not be available at all. Personally I wouldn't buy an airplane that didn't have an engine monitor in it, and from an owner who knows how to use it. Unless of course, I was buying it to immediately overhaul or replace the engine. If my 252 is ever up for sale, it will come with a full record of engine monitor data from every flight I've made.
  19. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Thanks for the great shirt @M20FanJesse. Its a perfect match to my 252.
  20. Aspen Upgrade Pakage MFD500

    Fair enough. My thoughts are that the AOA can easily be displayed on the PFD... I'm getting mine turned on soon. And all the other stuff is already displayed on my panel mounted GPS, iPad (larger screen), phone (incase of emergency), etc. Respectfully, just my opinion.
  21. Aspen Upgrade Pakage MFD500

    I still don't see the value of the MFD500, with our without the MFD1000. How many maps with a course line do I need? As @peevee says, at least the MFD1000 can back up the PFD. And if installed as the 2nd panel and not the 3rd, it can't replace or eliminate any other instrument from the panel. I only see it as a backup to the Avidyne or Garmin panel mounted GPS. And I'm more than comfortable using a portable for that. I'd like to know what I'm misunderstanding here...
  22. New Mooney E owner

    Thanks. My panel is actually an example of what can be done inexpensively if you take the time. I didn't pay retail for anything but it took almost a year to collect all the components either second hand, or as trade-in's, or close out sales.
  23. New Mooney E owner

    LOL... that's me.
  24. 252 Cruise Speed

    Truthfully I haven't paid much attention to RPM. I'm typically trying for 2500 RPM as I understand that's where my prop is most efficient. Sometimes I'm a little lower, but I haven't specifically tried different RPM settings.
  25. New Panel

    That looks great... but as an Aspen owner myself, I just don't see the value of the 3rd panel. What is the purpose that you see with the 3rd Aspen?