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  1. What do you need to be proficient with to fly the box in IFR... Everything in the panel is open for discussion and use... but realistically, the most important parts come first... the IR is more focused on safety of flight, not trying to wash out the student... 1) loading and flying a flight plan... 2) scrubbed flight... load a completely different flight plan... 3) Changed flight... remove and add new waypoints... 4) Selecting an approach... add the IAP or a departure procedure... 5) Simulate the conditions going down for your first airport, and set up your alternate with its instrument approach... 5.1) Go missed... fly the missed procedure... 5.2) Set up to fly the whole procedure again... 5.3) Set up the next series of alternate and IAP... 6) Select a heading to fly... and fly it... 7) pick a way point and fly direct to it... enter a hold when you get there... 8) know what resources are being used... is it using VOR, ILS, or WAAS GPS 9) be familiar with RAIM and how it is being automatically detected, and how it alerts you when it doesn’t have the required RAIM... 10) Put a list together of all the failure types the CFII can put you through to develop all the plans B... VOR stopped broadcasting... ILS is out... GPS lost its RAIM Magically, the IFD lost its power supply. You are in the soup, you want to get on the ground safely before you run out of fuel... what are you going to use? 11) How much time do you have for the check ride? 12) distraction 101 (multi tasking)... connect some power to the plane, randomly pick waypoints and airports from your iPad... have CNBC playing on your iPhone... pay attention to the news broadcast while loading and unloading waypoints and flight plans... 13) distraction 102 (deep multi tasking)... select a stock symbol on the ticker... call it out each time it goes by... while completing your tasks... 14) radio frequency selection... ground, tower, approach, departure, ASOS... 15) Complete all the steps that Tripp is describing, but do it in 15minutes... Let me know what I missed... This is a completely unqualified list, from a PP that is not IFR current... not a CFII... Best regards, -a-
  2. The most amazing secret in Mooney aviation... 200hp fuel injection built in 1966 performs better than many things built in 2016, 50 years later... full instrumentation allows you to know how well the engine is performing before it is in the air... having an AOAi can really help with carrying too much energy to the runway... Using an app like CloudAhoy, with a WAAS source allows you to measure your T/O and landing performance... each time. get used to collecting and reviewing your own data... practice on long paved fields, then bring your experience to the shorter, grass field... Use Paul’s advice above... depart light, go to a longer paved runway to pick up fuel and family... 10kts high on landing uses up an extra 1k’ of runway... not touching down near the numbers, on speed... quickly turns into a go-around... Transition Training in your Mooney is a great way to get to know the new 2U machine... Go make some friends with the two Mooney people at the field... what could be a better resource than that? ’hi, my name is -a-, can I ask you a few questions about your Mooney?’ This works really well, if your name is actually -a-. PP thoughts only, not a CFI.... Best regards, -a-
  3. Proving again the value of raw EGT data... The value of MS comes from discussions amongst people that have a hint of what engine we are discussing... Janat, time to update the info in your avatar area... I’m not sure what an SM-G975U is, But if you are using a tiny screen, you probably aren’t seeing what everybody else has available to them... As for hot CHTs.... they are one part heating, and one part cooling... high EGTs come with higher OATs... and mixture... high CHTs come with higher OATs... and hot EGTs... and crummy cooling... Crummy cooling comes from ancient dog houses, or crummy climb operations... How well is your dog house maintained? Do you have a dog house? What speed were you climbing out at, 120mias? Request for more basic data... remind us of... what do you have? how are you using it? first time flying this machine in warmer weather? You May have written this all in another thread... but there isn’t a way for me to be able to remember all the MSer’s planes... I can barely remember my own plane... Best regards, -a-
  4. @ragedracer1977 Brice any chance you are checking in...? EI has left a message here that may be of some help... Best regards, -a-
  5. @Rinj Help yourself out... Add some detail to your avatar area... We have a few M20A owners around here. It will be easier for you to get to know the others M20A guys when they know what you fly and where you fly from... Best regards, -a-
  6. Looks like one that has been swapped for a 310hp / TopProp upgrade... Got the logs to go with that? @Cody Stallings might want to have a look... Would make an excellent spare for an O1 owner, possible upgrade for anyone that has a two blade IO550 like an Eagle... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  7. Immel, Check In with Rob /Takair regarding the electric version of the step... There are many Servo driven Mooney steps in the field. Surprised the New Mooneys haven’t caught on with such a cool way to eliminate 2X drag yet. Best regards, -a-
  8. Welcome aboard DR... why is it a dead horse? If it is, you still want a live horse, right? There are about a dozen things that can cause this... All 13 of them have been covered in several threads... Some are simple, some are complex... How handy are you with a volt meter? Ever clean electronic connections before? How driven are you to fix some things yourself? Do you have a mechanic that you can work with? Typical things to brush up on... Ignition switch (more complex than you described, it may be partially working... you need it to all be working) starter relay (some click, but don’t deliver enough amps) battery (some show proper volts, but lack capacity) Shower of sparks (won’t interfere with the starter actually working) starter cables grounds Logs... (start checking on what you have, How aged they may be, and what updates may make sense) What starter do you have? ( How many years and hours and whatever you can find out) Start at one end and see how far the electricity gets... If it gets all the way to the starter, it could be dirty connections... Keep in mind the prop is lethal... do not trust it to be safe. Even when the keys are in your hand... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic. Skip forward one post to get some excellent insight from an actual M20Doc... Best regards, -a-
  9. You are missing a detail.... see my post above for the explanation... I’m in full agreement with Larry, just not the one-off part for Mod Works planes... Mod Works business practices are legendary... but have little to do with their finished product. The instrument panel is an update of an update... Mod Works added a digital LCD engine monitor called a VM1000 which has been replaced by a nicer JPI and other things. Best regards, -a-
  10. The key to the mods on this plane is ‘Mod Works’. There are a few of these around MS... Mod Works made a living out of updating older Mooneys with, in some cases, brand new Mooney factory parts... Their marketing was a quirk of using similar names as the product they were trying to emulate... an example was their 262... it started as a 231 and got updated with all the engine hardware of a 252... the only difference was the 12V electrical system of the original 231... The mods were properly executed, incredibly expensive, and thus not for everybody... See how many STCs the plane got... part of the PPI review. Make sure all of the paperwork matches the airplane... Best regards, -a-
  11. Every now and then... Things get posted in people’s galleries where they are hard for some to find and view... There are so many MSers... even a random walk will uncover some interesting things hidden in some deep tunnels... In this case... I don’t see a time stamp on the original post... as there would be in ordinary posts... @Shwan sorry to deliver some disappointing news here... Continue to use the search function to see if there are any others available... people really like there Sky-tec starters... so finding them can be a challenge... Best regards, -a-
  12. @Mooney65E somebody is looking for you... ^^^^ -a-
  13. Great AGL pirep... Best regards, -a-
  14. Regardless of the machine you pursue... 2300’ of runway needs everything to be working normally all the time... Machine + pilot... Continue your training and see how skilled you are and how interested you are at performing at a relatively high level all of the time... A 3k’ runway has a much larger comfort zone... How does your family feel when you are screaming down the runway and the trees are getting larger, and the ASI isn’t quite showing flying speed yet? For fun, grab a POH from the various planes... do some T/O distance calculations... really light, fully loaded, cold day, hot day... For that one crummy day... what is at the end of the 2300’ runway? Farm field? Or a gas station? The Mooney is a great choice. I would want a top notch one... Best reliability, not a bargain... Best regards, -a-
  15. Sounds like a good plan... one detail to look into... AV20 AOAi seems to not be working as expected... as reported around here a few times... There are a few AOAi(s) that have been installed in Mooneys with much better results... Best regards, -a-
  16. Cleaning antenna connections and grounds may work wonders... Might be this vacuum tube things wearing out... There is a resource for getting those fixed.. or find that shelf full upside down used radios that was for sale around here... Search from @Alan Fox to find the inventory... PP thoughts only, not a radio salesman... best regards, -a-
  17. Turtle, The mini-mag is all that, but takes up much less space... and not as good when used as a night stick... It turns out, my flash light needs became less and less over time... no preFlights in the dark anymore... my bird lives indoors with a set of lights... Working on a project yesterday required a flashlight in broad daylight... the handy iPhone was ready and quick, and readily available... and could fit better in the space than my head... a flashlight, with a video camera! This was an automotive challenge... a find out where all the brake fluid went exercise... a simple $50 part that disabled one of my land based vehicles... Best regards, -a- 02A023DC-E532-46AE-A545-DCF2016EC722.MOV
  18. Add to your decision tree... Older Ovation looking for a complete panel upgrade... The new TXI displays, GTN radios, And GFC autopilots are fantastic... That allows you to be flying the coolest, most capable bird, with the ultimate navigation panel... There are a few MSers on board that have complete modern updated panels... looks like the planes were built this year... If you like speed and efficiency, Go Mooney! Best regards, -a-
  19. To extend an E 10” of additional cabin length you get an F... That will cost About an extra 10amu... wait for it... To extend the baggage area of the F for another 10”... you get an Eagle... that will cost you about an extra 100 amu... Now you have an Eagle... and you notice that it comes with Charlie weights in that back area... it is useless load that could be swapped out for something more useful... there is about 20LBs of lead back there that can be swapped for O2, AC, or a FIKI system... changing the weight out requires putting something back in and an official WnB update... Do the weight and balance calculations... the ski extension is interesting... but any significant weight added in the back won’t work... Skis have a nice way of having their Cg still in the cabin while their tails are in the back... Falling out the back of the envelope accidentally, is a terrible way to fail a math test... Best regards, -a-
  20. +1 on slaving/no slaving...looks like the decal says compass controller... So if you don’t have may electronically adjust the compass card to heading... Look in the POH For HSI document’s on how to use it... it may reference the magnetometer. PP thoughts only, not a mechanic or cfi... Best regards, -a-
  21. I swapped mine out of the O360 once in a decade... about 1k hours... they are extra long, so if the spring, guide, and commutator(?) surface... are all working appropriately, they last a predictably long time... Pp thoughts as usual... Best regards, -a-
  22. Great pirep, Steve! Go MS! Best regards, -a-
  23. Expect a grounding issue... Any maintenance done lately? Ground straps all clean and connected? Lots of ground challenges between instruments, engine, mount, FW, and instrument panel... Since many are effected, it is a hint that some power supply or ground may be at fault... Paul has shared a great idea...Since we have an EI guy around here check In with @oregon87. He typically gives a contact that makes the most sense for the challenge... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  24. Welcome aboard, chriman... We have a few brokers around here that are excellent to work with... I have a favorite, because when I was in your shoes, sort of... I spoke with David at All American Aircraft... he gave the the full discussion I needed to know that an M20C was going to be a great plane for me... It probably took a year or more for me to make that a reality... David’s words to me were something like... he didn’t mind me collecting data from him... he might not make a sale this time, but I'd probably be back the next time.... A decade later I returned... and bought an M20R... worth approximately 10X what my M20C sold for... Planes have some pretty strange economics.... So to get started... Click on their inventory button and find what they have... David and Jimmy do a great job of describing the key details required to buy a Mooney... and a few lines of fluff are thrown in for spice... act quickly, it’s been 20years since I first spoke with David... he announced his retirement recently... Great Mooney career, great informative sales guy, great make it happen guy, and a great person... Determine your mission, what you need to accomplish that, know your budget, don’t get in over your head... next steps... PPI, Transition Training, IR....? Review these words, how they affect you, put a plan together, make it happen! PP thoughts only, not a plane sales guy... Best regards, -a-