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  1. Good morning, Bob! 3am on the east coast. It will be a couple of hours before even Mr Hyett shows up... Best regards, -a-
  2. That's the first time I have heard of switching out the bulbs in the coffee grinder. These bulbs are kind of unique making them tougher to be replaced by newer technology. Getting the proper documentation is the next challenge for such a good idea. The mechanical motorized device is mounted in a standard hole that makes it easier to replace with newer technology. The xenon strobes were often used at first, LEDs are the latest version. The size of the part that is in the breeze is undeniably smaller. Good luck with your search. Best regards, -a-
  3. Guess it depends on what you call a loss of pressure... the phrase 'loss of oil pressure' is a bit alarming. This is the phrase that gets used when the engine runs out of oil or a pump fails... Some additional details would be helpful. At MS, we have had a K lose oil pressure prior to needing to land. Something stuck in the quick drain allowed the oil to be pushed overboard. It would help some if the question gave the normal level of pressure you expected, the lower level you got and what instrument you were getting your info from. Ship's oilP gauge or JPI. Photos also help to really get the feed back you are looking for. Often, the quality of the answer is related to the way the question gets asked. it is often better to have too much detail... for interesting reading, search for the thread regarding turbos, oil cooling, scavenger pump, bearings, turbine, that kind of thing... there is also plenty written about viscosity as a function of temperature, choosing the right oil for the season and location, proper winterization/blocking of the oil cooler may be a good idea. Just trying to be helpful... Best regards, -a-
  4. Expect the price of a C to be the base line... Add 10amu for either adding fuel injection or 10" of space. Add another 10 amu for both... If a C is 30 amu, an E or G is 40 amu, an F is 50 amu... Unfortunately the baseline discussion doesn't account for nice instrument panels, auto pilots, OH'd engine, and paint. Two small kids rode around in the back of my C for a decade. Fun times..., -a-
  5. On the push/pull version, it is an adjustable position switch on the throttle control behind the instrument panel. I believe, I recall somebody posting photos of the switch and how it was adjusted, And the notch in the rod that had the knob on the end. Now, how much different would the quadrant be compared to the push / pull version? Hope that can help. Best regards, -a- I found the photos here...
  6. Some of the comment section comes from recognizable MSers. Best regards, -a-
  7. Aside from the regs... the untreated foams can be very flammable. If you have extra material, try to light it in a fireplace... if it melts and burns like gasoline... it is not flame resistant. if it is hard to burn or self extinguishes... This is better. flame resistant polymer foams become flame resistant by additives used in the compounding/mixing process. When it comes to seats catching on fire, the rules were probably written around the time when pilots smoked a lot. Accidently dropping a cigarette in the cabin would be disastrous. Picture the rug and back seat ablaze at altitude... fast forward a few decades from when the plane was built. We have new sources of ignition like portable electronics such as cell phones with burning batteries... Some realistic flammability issues to consider... i used to verify construction materials at work from a particular supplier. His paperwork was done in Europe and difficult to verify if it was real. Best regards, -a-
  8. My IFR route and VFR route are near identical. VOR to VOR on the east coast using V1. saving time occurs in two ways... My IFR plan always had these two extra time users... 1) sitting on the ground waiting for a release from my uncontrolled airport... can be a long uncomfortable wait depending on how many people are sitting inside with me. 2) following the aporoach at the other end... On a one hour flight, this can add a large percentage of time. It is helpful if I can depart in VFR conditions and open the flight plan along the way... canceling again when back in VFR conditions. ATC around my area wants to drop me as soon as practical. Based on memory of flying IFR a few years ago... Best regards, -a-
  9. Welcome out in the open posting arena, Jon. Best regards, -a-
  10. The speed brake button is pretty good for making adjustments in energy. Still gets a look out both sides to make sure they get stored or deployed as expected. Seeing all the buttons on a modern automotive steering wheel makes me think of what is possible... Best regards, -a-
  11. Chocks, how are you etching the surface? polymers often have a softening temperature or range. It might help if you can use a stream of air to help cool the surface while 'etching' it. Polylactic acid? Great for bio-degradable applications (what else does PLA stand for?) PETG is often used for thermoformed outdoor signs. Glycolated polyester terepthalate, a modified version of the soda bottle plastic... ABS known for good impact resistance. Styrene butadiene acrylonitrile copolymer. A rubber molecule is on the polymer backbone. strong aromas are not necessarily a sign of toxicity. Being aroma free doesn't mean they are safe. Use good ventilation with any of these. No need to breath any of it... Most often polymers are a blend of chemicals that aid with stability, processability, fire resistance and color. Chemistry that is best not ingested. Safety levels of the finished product are different than the safety levels of the dust, and heated or burnt materials... This is from old memories that may not be very accurate. It is intended to demonstrate that some basic caution should be used to avoid breathing the chemistry when possible. The chemical industry has a history of using things like heavy metals and asbestos without telling the public what's in there. Materials coming from outside the U.S. may not follow the same safety guidelines that are usually expected from inside the US. Trying to be helpful even if it doesn't seem that way... Best regards, -a-
  12. Copier, See if you can find his contact info. Sometimes sending them a PM will auto link to an email they have set up. otherwise the have three post in the last six years... last log in was in 2015... Best regards, -a-
  13. There is an interesting thread named army, navy, Air Force, coast guard..... People have listed the planes they flew in the service. This one really belongs amongst the ones over there. Best regards, -a-
  14. Don't forget the poor under appreciated knee board light dimmer! Best regards, -a-
  15. If your seeing goofy EGT data, that may be a hint... Take a look at what happened to the sensor or it's insulation. If the EGT sensor is loose in its hole, it will be leaking exhaust which is quite hot at that point. You may be smelling exhaust, or something burning or getting burned by the hot exhaust. Are you able to uncowl and look? Otherwise, it's a good time to talk with your mechanic... PP thoughts, not a mechanic. Best regards, -a-
  16. F, See if this works.... There are a few threads. windshield install&item=21051 Best regards, -a-
  17. The power of MS... Very impressive! Plan C, consider using UV curing inks. They stick to plastics pretty well and chemically solidify initiated by a UV light source. The cured ink resists wear moderately well. Wear resistance is improved by being below the surface that finger actually touches. Packaging / commercial polymer engineering 102, not the ordinary PP stuff I usually go with... Best regards, -a-
  18. Nice review of the steps you took and the people you have met on the good journey. Somebody around here was making modern aluminum replacements for the hinged door holder opener thing. Ask, if interested. Somebody else will remember more of the details than I. To ascertain the worn-ness of the gear's lock block, snap a photo of the hole while the gear is up in the wings. A 50 year old block will appear egg shaped and will have a step worn into it. The original hole was a perfect cylinder shape. The wear makes the gear feel like it is locked in place. But it won't be... there is a test for knowing that the gear is down and locked, it is called the thumb nail test. Aside from that, pulling down on the handle without pushing the unlock button is a pretty good test. This is from old memories of a '65C... Best regards, -a-
  19. Welcome aboard, Kevin. Stand by for some advice from somebody that has answers.... Best regards, -a-
  20. I remember laser sailing and having somebody or something steal my wind... One moment you are hiking out over the high side of the hull, feet under the strap in the bilge, planing on the water's surface at (relatively speaking) high speed, everything is so nicely balanced... next thing you know, the sail has luffed, your head is heading for the water, quickly... Hudson river sailing in the mid 80s... 1/2 mile away from NYC. Thanks for sharing this idea. I now have some more previous experience and logic that I can use again. Fun times, -a-
  21. Left horn: PTT, AP (trim, CWS, disconnect) Right horn: nothin' Best regards, -a-
  22. Let me be the first to throw the wrong answer in the ring... 1) I know that one day my cognitive skills and or my physical skills are not going to pass the test. 2) I know that somebody else is going to want to make that decision for me. 3) I know that there is going to be some fighting to put that day off as long as possible. 4) I have seen plenty of physical therapy and seen some cognitive therapy work up close. 5) I work with people trying to regain these skills after injuries. 6) I am impressed with what I have learned from these fine people... 7) Eat right, get physical exercise, fly like Bennet into your eighties... 8) Continue with your cognitive exercise... reading, writing, puzzles, whatever you like.... 9) Use a desktop flight sim, they make great cognitive exercise equipment. 10) Only retire when you are ready. One day you will wake up and say, 'I just don't feel like it' 11) in the mean time select the right days for flying... 12) A few MS members have had health issues. Nothing like cardiac arrest or brain issues to make you reconsider your flying lifestyle. These people have found ways to keep flying... 13) If it is only getting older driving the decision, I would add some focus to the physical and cognitive exercise and consult a food specialist to work on dietary needs. We have one at our local grocery store that works with customers with their special needs... 14) when you find an exercise that works, add a way to measure your skills. Count the reps, use a timer. You will be able to tell a good day from a not so good day. There are also fitbit devices that can help you with counting exercise and how good your sleep is. 15) If you haven't given up smoking yet. Today would be a great day to start. Consult your doctor, some of the meds are paid for nowadays.... 16) not being able to fly is in the plan. Not being able to drive is worse. Not being able to walk makes things really difficult. 17) if all it really takes is to eat right and exercise to keep flying, I would consider joining a gym, jog on the inbetween days, read a lot of MS and fly the MSFT FS, but I'm not there yet! 18) never give up, there is going to be another day with something important to do. 19) Risk analysis... only you know if it is worth it. If there are people depending on you to be alive you have more things to consider. until that day, fly on! Positive thoughts coming your way... Is that the kind of thing you were thinking? Reminder I am only a PP, not a therapist Best regards, -a-
  23. Any info regarding who the pilot is? Tail number? MS member? prayers, -a-
  24. Randy, your avatar would be a great place for a photo of the Velocity. got an IO550 in that? Best regards, -a-
  25. Ever watch stars slowly align... I would bet an Eagle would make a great hauler of grandchildren. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from either of the two regarding the buying or selling of a nice Eagle. Hoping to hear an announcement soon... Best regards, -a-