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  1. This is where my first attempt at IR training came to a hault, un ceremoniously... 1965M20C... The compass would run into a shadow and stop turning... the plane kept turning at a standard rate... The compass would break free of the shadow, and accelerate as it was catching up... Replaced the compass, kept the problem... my CFII wouldn’t skip this step to move on... See if you can get an automotive compass that vacuum sticks to the windshield... this will give you an idea if the problem is plane related or if it more Center post related... More modern Mooneys have the compass on top of the instrument panel. The center post is SS ? of some form... the rest of the IP is the same tubular structure as all other Mooneys... In real life... Dev’s chances of needing to navigate by solely using a compass are about a billion to one... and getting slimmer by the year... There might be an MSC kind of tribal knowledge to this metal tube / compass interference challenge... We have a guy... @M20Doc might Be familiar with how to take care of this challenge? Best regards, -a-
  2. IO-360-A3B6D to A3B6 Conversion

    Great detail, Mich! Is the two wire connection specific to the new engine/sensor? Many Mooney sensors use the plane as ground, often leading to challenges over the years... I can see how that change effects the reading. Best regards, -a-
  3. Used / New Glareshild

    Note for MSers on the west side of the pond.... Handy, is European for cell phone... Best regards, -a-
  4. need help with Foreflight

    Problem to solution from FF in under 24hours... not bad... Getting an MSer up to speed in a forum of multiple MSers... same day service! Learning about the solution before it becomes my (a standard MSer) problem... Priceless! Thanks for sharing, Don! Best regards, -a-
  5. The sidewinder folks do a nice engineering job... I have one of their towbars... Best regards, -a-
  6. Mooney spar design

    FRED, The pic references 30 Mooney employees on the wing.... same pic posted above... That pic was like the shot heard round the world in its day... How strong the wing actually is in simple marketing terms... and how many women were working in the Mooney factory at the time... Best regards, -a-
  7. Adding to José’s thoughts... 1) the M20B had a short rudder and a short rudder throw... 2) the C got the longer throw, but didn’t get the extended rudder until after 1965... 3) Some Bs have had their rudder throw improved over the years... 4) Slips are not recommended in Long bodies, well executed slips in an M20C are fantastic. No harsh control inputs allowed... think smooooooth... 5) Some Mooneys have speed brakes. 6) E-ticket ride... E descents with speed brakes, gear down, (and cross controls?)... maintaining gear down speed, You will be landing in a handful of minutes... 7) E-ticket rides from the flight levels may take a few minutes more.... These things alter a few things regarding handling... PP thoughts only, not a CFI... Check with a CFI before using any of these ideas, especially near the ground... Best regards, -a-
  8. Welcome aboard, SDF! 1) start catching up on your POH reading. That has tremendous numbers of answers of questions you haven’t thought of yet... every new owner does it... 2) IO360s are 200hp. O360s are 180. 3) We have a guy... that sells used radios... find Alan... @Alan Fox he has a list of available things around here... 4) +1 Mooney Specific Transition Training. No reason to find some things out by experimentation when they can be delivered in an organized, safe fashion... 5) Your Insurance should be telling you how many hours of training you need. and how many hours of solo will follow... 6) After 20 hours you will have a good feeling yourself how much is needed. 7) There are quite a few MSers that have purchased a Mooney with around 100 hours in there log book... over the years... 8) Have you read the logs for your plane? For what’s in your plane and what isn’t? 9) What you need is mostly based on how you are going to use the plane. If you are interested in flying long cross countries... many people get their instrument rating... this opens the topic of how many radios and GPS people use... 10) Then there is the CB club... these fine gentlemen have found a way to get everything they need, yet not pay full price. Are you a member of the CB club...? 11) how did you come upon your plane? Did you know the prior owner? Is he an MSer? Hang out, relax, read a lot of MS. Use the search function, often. Ask a lot of questions... Best regards, -a-
  9. Help finding the right 201

    Welcome aboard, other Chris K... You are about to find some eye opening thoughts... airplane ownership spans decades... a lot can happen over the decades... Disheartening... 1) Looking at a nice plane that doesn’t fly much. Bummer, it needs an OH... -or- 2) Owning a nice plane that doesn’t fly much. BUMMER, the owner needs an OH... An ovation that hasn’t flown since the market crash of 2009... The Great Recession and it’s effects lasted longer than a year, there is possibly more than the health of the engine to be checked into... Either way... A good PPI is still a good idea whether the plane has flown a lot or a little... 200amu for an M20R... what’s another 35amu to have a zero time engine... Go O! Best regards, -a-
  10. New fuel pump

    Nice details, Marauder! Last time I discussed the Weldon / Dukes, I got it all messed up... fortunately, MS has some really strong technical people on board. Best regards, -a-
  11. Something else to look forward to, Matt... I went from 180hp C to 280hp O then 310hp O... Regarding Flying Characterisitics... There is a huge difference in some areas and completely nothing different in other areas.... 1) a fully loaded Long Body compared to a completely empty short body... I can’t push/pull the long body very far... 2) The 310 hp Long Body with GPSS flies smoothly in flat air... like a shortbody with GPSS... 3) in small bumps the heavy wing loading makes a slight difference. 4) In big bumps, slowing to maneuvering speed... the long body has a nicer yellow arc... the passengers repeat the same prayers in either 5) Putting the tail really far back... the oscillations in the bumps aren’t as big... 6) What the 310hp Long Body is good at... T/O, climb, cruise... getting away from the bumps... 7) Slow flight... one is measured in mph the other in kias... 8) Steep turns... both are well behaved at 60° banks... 9) What makes the biggest difference... the PIC... get some really good training in your plane and see how it really handles... are you familiar with MAPA? After you have a decade in the J... you might consider the O, before retiring with the E.... Best regards, -a-
  12. See if I got this right... 1) You have the mountain experience/training in the NA C182. 2) You have been there before in the NA C182. 3) you have had your O3 at that altitude before. 4) what keeps you from repeating the same route @14,500 as before... (bringing the same instructor?) 5) you have the IR. But, Planning to go in VMC. 6) Avoiding windy days, and hot weather, early is better... 7) See if @Joe Zuffoletto has any thoughts... Joe drives an Acclaim around CO to CA... Looking forward to the advice and Pirep. Best regards, -a-
  13. Ovation engine instruments for sale

    Paging @StevenL757... Par is looking for you... Best regards, -a-
  14. Tach failure

    Great follow-up, Lotso! Best regards, -a-
  15. 65C got the aluminum bowl strainer beneath the pilot area floorboards... accessible from under the plane. Lots of screws and sheet metal... If a new screen, or seal is needed... Best regards, -a-
  16. See if you can post a pic of the fuse when you get back there? Best regards, -a-
  17. Welcome back again TD! Hopefully good news... a CDT doesn’t sit in a terrible environment like TIT. It should be pretty easy to pull, inspect, test, look for bad connection or broken wire. A 1amu thermocouple? CB PP thoughts only, not a CB mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  18. parts parts

    Paging Jerry... @acpartswhse -a-
  19. According to the compass, that F is accelerating wildly, at first! As the acceleration declines over time, the effect becomes smaller.... Got any video of the lead/lag effect when making turns? Some part of these rules also depend on being in the northern hemisphere. Best regards, -a-
  20. ANDS Accelerate North, decelerate south... Standard magnetic compass... other than on the ground... how much does a GA plane accelerate? Would the gearing in the more modern compass supply an unexpected result? It is really interesting what we capture with video, that we learned in flight school, that isn’t easily recognized while flying... Best regards, -a- Other notes, The R2D2 looking binnacle with the large orbs... isn’t even bolted down to the floor... I was lookińg to see if they were going to be held in place with a couple of pairs of brass nuts. Giant acorn nuts. Something to keep you from tripping over your own hardware...
  21. Try as much as you can.... Having the knack or not... That can’t be deleted. I bet a dozen people have learned about the fuse in the tail next to the relay... The awesome power of MS... Get the knack! (Strange 80’s music reference) Best regards, -a-
  22. Skin surface corrosion?

    Is that the trim piece between the cabin and the wing? Byron @jetdriven usually has good answers for this kind of question... Best regards, -a-
  23. My "new" Mooney

    Nice write-up, Chrixx! Best regards, -a-