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    Oil temp question.

    DM, you might to update your avatar data... Listing your model of AC would be helpful... to the people that want to help you... Best regards, -a-
  2. What is your goal? You mentioned the 1500 rule... I’m not familiar... This came up with my search... Are you looking to buy something fly it 1500hours and sell it to move on to the next step? Best regards, -a-
  3. Some summary... sort of... 1) the next step is getting the PPL to best travel the country... the LSA is too limiting for most here.. 2) Some transition training is going to be required... 3) TT will be dictated by the insurance company of the pilot’s choosing... 4) TT for a low time PP can be 10hrs dual, with an additional 10hrs solo.. 5) There is nothing more incredible than those first flights that go a couple hundred miles somewhere that usually takes five hours to drive... 6) Each Pilot is different from the next... you won’t know how easy or difficult it is until you try... 7) If you only fly one hour per week, transition training turns into transition retraining... over and over... 8) You can really get the TT out of the way by focusing on the project... a couple hours a day, a couple of days per week... 9) having a job, family, and crummy weather can really get in the way of flying goals... 10) it takes some motivation and a few AMU to make it happen... 11) it is worth it.. These are the ideas collected by a PP. Not a CFI... Best regards, -a-
  4. carusoam

    Governor Options

    Some notes on gov failures and the mode they choose to fail in... 1) Most but not all Mooneys fail to high rpm.... when oilpressure isn’t being delivered to the prop. 2) lots of reasons oil fails to get there... The gov has it’s own gear pump for that... 3) wear can keep things from working... 4) fly weights have a tendency to stick... when worn.... 5) when govs fail, it is possible for the engine to overspeed and not deliver full power while overspeeding... 5.1) My M20C had a gov fail, not really... the oil line to the prop failed with an internal leak... the oil pressure couldn’t keep the prop off the fine setting stop. Know the crank has a seal in it that can get loose. 6) Mooney Missiles and Rockets have a gov that fails to low rpm... great for having an engine out, at high altitude. The glide distance is as good as it gets... 7) failing to low rpm can be pretty terrible during the T/O phase of flight... the prop can bog the engine down with excess load... 8) One MSer with a Rocket has had an engine out at really high altitude... but he has an upgrade for his engine, a four bladed prop... I’m not sure which gov @aviatoreb had for that fateful flight... but the glide distance of the Rocket was enough to get down safely to a runway.... 9) it is important to know the failure modes for your prop... especially if you fly a Rocket or a Missile... PP thoughts only... not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  5. carusoam

    Allentown Approach Phone #

    Yep, that Allentown... Only Billy is almost 70years young... The factories he was singing about have been torn down... some have become casinos... A few weeks ago he was playing another concert in Madison Square garden... his famous ex was in the audience... his daughter performed on stage while he took a break... Life is full of surprises... The longer you live, the more you will see... Best regards, -a-
  6. Good luck Jeff! Anyone know if they will be broadcasting position reports on the internet? I recall watching one of the races somewhere along the ways... Best regards, -a-
  7. Welcome aboard, Spider. That is the first time I have seen this question... Learning how to fly in a Mooney is usually considered, generally not a good idea... it takes a lot of extra precision that isn’t required for the trainer fleet... the extra precision takes extra hours... extra hours costs extra money... LSA teaches you how to fly... So... A mooney makes a great next step... There are a few pilots that have started with a Mooney. Many more that began flying Mooneys with 100hrs of Experience... See if you can rent a Mooney with an instructor to see what it is all about. We have one in NJ for rent at the MSC... How many hours in the LSA do you have already? PP thoughts only, not a CFI... I had 100hours or so in a C152. Very Similar to LSA...? A PPL, and a Mooney, the world becomes available to you to travel.... you may need an extra stack of cash to go with that... Go Mooney! Best regards, -a-
  8. carusoam

    Any tricks to pulling oil screen on IO-360?

    That is spookier than a scary movie! Thanks for sharing the rest of the details, DM. Best regards, -a-
  9. carusoam

    Prop Damage help

    Expect it picked up something from the ground... A really odd spot to get a stone to hit it ..... Looking forward to See what Cody says... Best regards, -a-
  10. carusoam

    I'm not sure who to believe

    That sure is a complex pump, with its control system... I’m glad you guys can share these details so well. Best regards, -a-
  11. carusoam

    FS: 1987 M20J 205

    Welcome aboard, Flyman. You just found how personal and complex a price question can be... so many real people are involved... An interesting way to answer your question... Visit All American Aircraft’s website... They have premium Mooneys for sale. They price them to sell. Scott gave a great detailed answer... 5k or 5amu is a pretty large range in today’s fluid market.... Competition creates your best deal... find two airplanes you are interested in, and be ready to buy... Not easy to do... Enjoy the hunt! Best regards, -a-
  12. Welcome aboard, JRo. Looks like MS has you covered! Best regards, -a-
  13. Clarence, I saved the link in my iPad... but could not find a way to upload the link to MS... So I sent a ‘How to’ request to Craig... Best regards, -a-
  14. carusoam

    Puff of smoke, electrical smell

    Quick review of electrical circuits... There are fuses, fuseable links, and circuit breakers... all there to protect the finer electrical bits downstream... There are also some electrical bits that have been most likely to disappoint... diodes and other things... Before the electrons flow through those protective devices there is plenty of opportunity to escape the unprotected side of the electrical system... At the moment the smoke comes out, and an aroma is generated... there will be visible signs left to be sleuthed... There are plenty of hot locations for an errant fastener or other loose, grounding, miscreant to do an evil deed... Be sure to post a follow-up pic of what you find. Just know... after smoke and burning aroma... if a circuit breaker doesn’t pop... everything isn’t good to go... The thought of molten electrical bits dripping around my feet comes to mind. Somebody posted a nice picture of a melted shunt sort of recently.... lots of molten metal fell from there... Reminder, unknowns on the ground only get worse in flight... Best regards, -a-
  15. carusoam

    Backfire on short final

    Hmmm.... 1) I think technically a backfire comes out the carburetor... 2) Making this a frontfire? because it’s coming out the exhaust... (?) 3) O360s are known for running rich at low MP settings... 4) The JPI data will be interesting to see what is going on during that portion of the flight? Increased EGT until the flame goes out? 5) popping in the exhaust can be hazardous to its construction. The interior of the muffler is at risk of getting broken... 6) An experiment to the procedure should show immediate results... Leave the mixture leaned some to see if the popping becomes less... 7) Be sure the mixture is full in, for the go around... 8) My M20C would pop a few times when I pulled the throttle back. I experimented with pulling the throttle a bit slower to see if it would make a difference... 9) This is a good question for carb set-up... asking a mechanic familiar with the carb may be a good idea... PP thoughts only... not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  16. carusoam

    Acclaim Type S SOLD

    Some of the best advice comes through MS... You meet some of the Best people through MS... You can take the pilot out of a Mooney... But... You can’t take the Mooney out of the pilot... Congrats Joe! (and Roya). Hope you stay around MS. Best regards, -a-
  17. carusoam

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Fantabulous! -a-
  18. If? There is quite a Mooney gathering at KOSH... Many arrive by Caravan, Flying in formation. Coming via caravan allows many Mooneys to be parked together. Best regards, -a-
  19. carusoam

    I'm not sure who to believe

    Great MSer report! Congrats on making the decision to stay on the ground! I’m in the camp of checking a few things before committing to flight... MP RPM FF Each T/O run, as the airspeed comes alive... These are the signs that the engine is doing its job. Without these three things, it’s in the ‘I’m not sure enough’ state... Nicely organized and delivered post, Eraaen! Looking forward to your resolution / follow-ups. Rocket engineering has been pretty good with their STC documentation... They give complete settings... But if the settings can’t be maintained... (loose screws) And the back-up instrumentation can’t be used... (FF instrument) You don’t have enough reason to continue... Really tough decision to make while covering over 100’ per second, in flight, watching the runway end approaching... Nicely done. Thanks for sharing. Q: Who to believe? A: Yourself... Best regards, -a-
  20. There is an adjustment for that... write it on the list for your next annual... Consider getting those funky blue, last forever, o-rings at the same time... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  21. carusoam

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    It is good to have options, MBD... Good luck on the surgery and a quick rehab. Start working on the presentation... 1) I need this because... 2) its best for the family, because... 3) This will save money, because... One Mooney addict trying to help another.... Best regards, -a-
  22. Hi vs Lo for the IO550... Delivers fuel a 3X the rate... Five seconds of boost vs counting 15 seconds... Lo is needed for cold days when the extra boost is needed to keep things running during warm up. Hi is used in the event the mechanical fuel pump goes on hiatus... The TSIO360 gets the different fuel delivery location with the prime switch. Will be helpful to know more about how and where this works... an electric valve opening? Best regards, -a-
  23. That procedure must have been written based on some extension of theory.... There are a couple of things possibly going on under some circumstances... air bubbles and vapor bubbles entering the fuel line... Something else may have caused the FF to stop... mechanical fuel pump failing? The engine is pulling the fuel at a high rate and then it is pulling a mixture of fuel, vapor and air... would running the two fuel pumps aid in getting fuel flowing again, reduce vapor, or get rid of air bubbles? flipping the tank selector valve quickly between two full tanks... the engine will never know it happened under normal conditions... Also keep in mind there is a fuel return line on some Continental fuel systems... excess fuel pumped by the electric pump may return some air, vapor, or fuel back to the tank(?). This is known from hot start techniques setting up for having empty fuel lines... I usually follow the procedure on this and watch the FF gauge as well... PP thoughts only, Not a mechanic or CFI... Best regards, -a-
  24. carusoam

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    A few gray areas being discussed here.... 1) Vfe flaps extended doesn’t adequately cover flaps kind of extended.... initial flight training in a C152... Vfe was not applied to the first notch of flaps.... 2) Climb rates between fully loaded and lightly loaded aren’t covered very well... 3) Non-linear effects of OAT on lift and power... can really cause some surprises 4) Nice catch, Bob S50, on the full rich vs. blue box/white box/target EGT technique /observation... 5) A POH that can cover all that... ranges from 300 pages to 1k pages when you include all the other important manuals addenda.... 6) While collecting your personal climb data... expect the drag of the flaps, while deployed, is going to be expensive... Changing altitude is a function of power (mostly), less a function of lift (generally)... Great cognitive exercise! Best regards, -a-
  25. carusoam

    '67 or '68?

    You can find a few threads around here related to that particular issue... the first Fs were being built at the end of the year... same time serial numbers were being coded with the year... same time the automotive industry was using model years instead of actual years... The first handful probably have a difficult time explaining what year they were built vs. what model year it was... Another handful got pulled out of line after they got a serial number but before they were AW... they were mules for something... They later got issued a new SN...? Best regards, -a-