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    Attitude Indicator Question

    Everybody is looking G5 from Garmin... The extras that come with it make a CB proud... There is a lot of equipment coming out of planes as a result... Best regards, -a-
  2. Welcome aboard, Janat. Where are you at? Zeftronics have LEDs on them for trouble shooting... Seek your mechanic to help identify what the Zeftronics is telling you... The most common problem we see around here is loss of continuity with the field wire... (control line) Without the field wire, the alternator won’t charge... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  3. carusoam

    Mode C Died

    I had a similar challenge.... When asking for flight following once... But I could see my blinking light not blinking any longer... Got one of those on your Narco? I bought a different blinking light in a used BK box from @Alan Fox... and it displays the encoder altitude too. Atc gets a couple pieces of information... where you are altitude you are reporting If the encoder croaks, they still know where you are, sort of.... Best regards, -a-
  4. carusoam

    Advice on this M20C

    GSXR and I have been seeing things the same way for a while... Consider this M20C to be in the specialty category... 1) Somebody has preserved it, updated it, and hardly used it... 2) There is a lot of stuff that is not original. And a lot of stuff that was new, has aged out again... 3) All those updates combined, may be worth the price... 4) It makes sense to go forwards with this if you are really interested in it as a specialty plane... 5) If you are looking for a plane that is ready to fly long cross countries... there are better planes for that... they are going to have a lot of hours, a WAAS gps, a mid time engine that has run a lot for the last few years, and may not have more than a wing leveler... 6) Some parts of the country are on different pay scales... this may be normal for the SF area... 7) Use The PPI to verify everything is in proper technical order. PP thoughts only, not a sales guy... Best regards, -a-
  5. Re consider the remote mount units... 1) if something goes wrong with the panel mount units, there isn’t much to fix while flying... 2) improved panel space. 3) improved WnB 4) Staying all in one supplier has some connectivity benefits... they have to work as advertised... nobody else to blame... 5) the second txi with engine monitor sounds brilliant! 6) I’m still a fan of the various component suppliers... but, can no longer remember all the many details to review and select while going through the selection process... 7) don’t buy anything that isn’t ready yet. Accept no promises that a function will be available in the near future... 8) I like the ipad flexibility... watch @Rmag‘s latest video... there is an excellent review of the many functions and integrated iPad on his recent panel... ForeFlight announcements in the audio panel... Lots o G hardware in the panel... 9) There must be four or more MSers that have supplied recent panel updates with the logic they put into device placement. It is a great pleasure spending Rick’s AMUs... Hopefully, the MS crowdsourcing of ideas is more than fruitful... Best regards, -a-
  6. carusoam

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    Interesting updraft discussion at the 30 minute mark... an MS topic that came up a while ago... That was an enjoyable flight to be part of... Thanks for inviting us along for the ride. Best regards, -a-
  7. carusoam

    Advice on this M20C

    There are a couple of ADs that have come up for the engine since 1969.... There should be a couple of notes in the maintenance logs that indicate what has been updated over time... The exhaust valves should have been updated... and the oil pump gears needed to be updated... So... when buying a plane, become familiar with the Pre-Purchase Inspection, and what should be covered for your needs... Reviewing the logs of an airplane, and taking notes, teaches a lot about the machine... all stuff you can do without needing to be a mechanic or paying a mechanic to do... You may go through a couple of planes that don’t meet your expectations before you start to spend money.... Enjoy the hunt! Best regards, -a-
  8. carusoam

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    Interesting device... states the length of runway...? What initiated that, where did it come from? Best regards, -a-
  9. carusoam

    Mooney Mite video

    Kevin, The Best way to share a video around MS... Drop it into YouTube, then share the link... Not sure if this is a Steve Jobs video restriction from way back or not, but YouTube has figured out a nice way to share videos across all machines... Best regards, -a-
  10. carusoam

    Mooney Mite video

    Interesting Mite Ownership video. Let me know if you stop by and visit this video. Are you a Mite Pilot? Best regards, -a-
  11. Aaaaaahhhhh... Two knobs in the ceiling, one for dimming the overhead, torpedo, lights... The other is the vent control. Thanks for the clarification... (I mixed up a detail... the other dimmer switch for the instrument panel is up front on the panel...) If the knob fell off... check the set screw on the side... it may be still retaining what is left of the axle that it was attached to. Best regards, -a-
  12. carusoam

    MooneyMite Pics

    Anyone have any pics of their MooneyMite they can share. I am looking to start a thread for the 300 members of the MooneyMite site that went into hibernation... Pictures would be an interesting way to get things started... Best regards, -a-
  13. Negative captain, just a private pilot searching for information... My brain is decades older than the rest of me. So I am keeping my eyes open to quirky things that can get in the way of going the whole distance... I am in NJ... Best regards, -a-
  14. Fred, If the axle/stem that is coming out of the dimmer switch is plastic.... Look for a tiny hole running down the middle of it axially... If the axle was cleaved off exposing a micro hole down the center... Long story short... The molding process of plastic pieces often leaves a vacuum hole down the center... If it breaks, the hole is exposed... The cause of the vacuum hole... density change from a hot liquid polymer melt, to a semi-crystalline cold solid. The outside of the part cools first, leaving a vacuum hole in the center last.... This is a technical explanation, in search of a technical challenge... In the 60’s it probably wasn’t popular to use small thermoplastic parts... injection molding was in the early beginnings in that decade... Expect any low cost plastic parts made in that decade to suffer from brittle failure at the end of their life... We have come so far... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  15. Mickey, I was looking for some additional details regarding Brain Calcification, altitude, pilots and oxygen .... Unfortunately, I only found genetic disorders... Got any additional info or links? Best regards, -a-
  16. In 65C... there were two knobs in the ceiling for dimming, on/off, rotating knobs... Today, people are changing over to LEDs and that takes a PWM(?) type LED dimmer... Best regards, -a-
  17. Interesting thing about insurance costs... 1) First year costs more than any other... 2) 100 hours of experience in the airplane lowers the insurance cost... 3) IR also lowers the insurance cost... 4) MAPA and Transition Training lower the insurance costs... 5) The costs to insure a short body vs. a long body are quite similar... (it’s the stuff on the seats that is expensive, and they don’t change going for short to long... ) 6) The real bummer... you can get a lot of experience and training in the first month or two once you have the plane... but the insurance rate is set up front for the year... 7) if there is a way to get training and experience before you get the plane... that could be helpful... 8) training in somebody else’s plane can be equally expensive... PP thoughts only, Parker is MS’ resident insurance go to guy and knowledge center... Best regards, -a-
  18. carusoam

    The Greatest Generation

    Great writing, Mitch! Best regards, -a-
  19. Have you seen @Skates97‘s experience regarding his recent stuck parking brake? Best regards, -a-
  20. carusoam

    True airspeed not what book says

    Since engine timing came up... a summary of that topic... The coolest things about advanced timing... The spark occurs earlier in the cycle, further before the piston reaching the top... There is more time allowed for completing the fuel burn... A higher percentage of the fuel is converted to useable hp... More fuel converted over a longer period of time causes a higher CHT and internal cylinder pressure... Slowing down the RPM has a similar effect of allowing more time for the fuel burn... The challenge of simplifying the discussion comes in a variety of forms... Measuring time using Engine Timing in degrees BTDC is not in seconds... The amount of time available (seconds) actually changes as the rpm is slowed down... Improving fuel conversion to hp, dynamics use timing in seconds... Improved conversion comes from more advanced timing... 25 in place of 20 degrees BTDC. Risk of pre-ignition or ping, increases with things that allow the fuel burn to to proceed too quickly... High CHTs is one of the things that promotes the fuel burn rate, as does mixture (at or close to peak EGT) In the old days... 25 dBTDC was a common method of getting better efficiency... Engines didn’t have sophisticated monitors. Pilots were unable to recognize how closely they were operating to the edge of pre-ignition. Engine manufacturers changed the engine timing for everybody to ‘lower CHTs’ The change made sense, the cost was lower efficiency... Today... The educated consumer has an engine monitor. Understands how and when to use it. Increased engine timing is back and is useable. Where it can go wrong... Pilot doesn’t use the EM and allows CHTs to run hot. Pilot decides running Over Square is an OWT and completely ignores the extremes of MP and RPM... T/O and climb at max power are at the highest risk of problems arising related to timing... Cruise and descent under lower power are not as challenging... Where the limitations to changing timing are... Some planes are authorized to have 25° timing... Some are authorized to have 20° Timing... Some were 25° and changed to 20°... Some have been put back 25° because it works for that owner/pilot... For comparison... Continental uses 22dBTDC The gentlemen at APS have done a great job at bringing instrumented Engine ops to a pretty high level. Their presentation materials are easy to understand and follow. Just be careful to follow their guidance completely... going outside the lines can be hazardous to the health of one’s engine. Fortunately they have guidance to follow to keep you in the right place, and guidance to follow to know that you are in the right place... Outside of the red box Cool CHTs How is that for a summary on engine timing..? PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  21. carusoam

    FS: Garmin GNS 430W

    Welcome aboard greenerp, Lets start the program with knowing where you are in case somebody would like to purchase directly from you. Gives us the opportunity to see that you are not some form of internet bot... Best regards, -a-
  22. If you select a middle spot, thinking that is approximately where ‘Both’ would be... The surprise on the taxiway is about 30 seconds later... If your fuel selector switch has no detectable detents left... it is time for a selector switch OH... From my collection of transition training experiences from a C152 to an M20C... Best regards, -a-
  23. carusoam

    MooneyMite Pics

    Welcome aboard, Kevin. Great detailed first post! Thanks for sharing. Best regards, -a-
  24. carusoam

    New Member Groups

    Mooneys are all about speed and efficiency... Many are owned as Forever-Planes.... The kind you can afford into and through retirement... As far as experienced flyers go... we have a couple octogenarians around here... Find the threads regarding grass strips and short strips... Some of us actually live on some really nice strips. (Not me, yet... ) We have a couple of MSers in Western Canada and Alaska... If really fortunate, some people have two different planes... one for long X-countries, and the other for the really rough out-back... runways around 2k’ are very useable... If basing there, consider what else is around for emergency ops.... or where the nearest fuel and maintenance can be found... Something to look forward too.... Transition training... Something you can do to get used to a new to you Mooney... You will find out very quickly how well your flying skills demonstrate their hibernation skills.... most will awaken pretty quickly... some may take a day or two... others may need to be revised completely.... Enjoy the next steps... It is great hearing good news from the Revelstoke area... Best regards, -a-
  25. carusoam

    Landing Gear Shock Disks Source?

    Letter back from Univair... Similar result, and another contact made... Hello A,I asked the other sales reps and they recommended trying to contact different owners clubs and see what they're using. We are not going to stock this part and we don't have a direct supplier for rubber molded parts. Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.Thanks,Brycen Univair Aircraft Corporation