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  1. The Mooney POH should be a cut and paste version of the Continental operations guide… Continental knows how to start their engines… Mooney knows how to edit for their specific application… Make sure you are getting the info for single engine land plane vs. some other application that the IO550 can also be appropriate for… PP guessing only… Best regards, -a-
  2. Wow! An anonymouse sighting! Long time no see! Best regards, -a-
  3. It has a couple of position switches to go with that… Sooo… expect a bunch of wiring to be required… Typical of all LBs… It is nice to have. Best regards, -a-
  4. The magic of MS! Best regards, -a-
  5. Wow! A YouTuber that made enough money from a video…. That didn’t destroy anything important… Is there a link to his wing walk? Interested in the video… not getting the experience myself…. Best regards, -a-
  6. I think this came up a day or two ago… with a couple of people getting the email… tacked onto another GFC500 thread… And of course… I can’t find it…. Or I would post the link… Looks like it deserves its own thread… Best regards, -a-
  7. Q, How soon can you get an engine monitor? It must be killing you to not have the usual plethora of data…. Some of the best writing on engine ops of the M20K… found around here… Come from @jlunseth…. Where he has detailed the practical procedures of flying LOP with his M20K… A few pages over time…. The search function will probably be able to hunt down those discussions… See if you can find a TIT between too rich, and too hot… Fortunately, you are familiar with turbo temp issues already… You probably want to lean enough to not foul the plugs… It is OK to clear them out every now and then… But that sets you up for missing an important problem if it is happening at the same time…. If you have an internal oil leak… it will also be masked by clearing the plugs… Turbos often go 1k hrs before they see any maintenance… where seals get changed… if a seal wears abnormally, it may leak oil into the intake… PP casual conversation only… no turbos on my IO550, yet… Best regards, -a-
  8. Great question Ulysse! Which engine monitor do you have? The Savvy website has some interesting info… @kortopates is the best person to ask… Best regards, -a-
  9. Hey Carl and Ann! That sounds very interesting! Looking forward to the pics! Best regards, -a-
  10. Great insights shared gents! Go MS! Best regards, -a-
  11. +1 for visiting the Maxwells…. Don is well known for his knowledge… Paul has been our contact for odd things going on around the shop… like the Mooney Warbird/trainer project…. Mrs. Maxwell worked with Jolie on the right seat ready training class, and is a well known skilled aviator…. and our MSC from N. Carolina move down there recently… Fuzzy memories of who to look for while in the area… DMax performed the PPI for my O, about 12 years ago… Go forever-planes! Best regards, -a-
  12. Is the list sorted at all? A quick review of the NJ stations… I quickly found I was reviewing all 15 pages…. two of the airports I didn’t recognize their names or their abbreviations… The secret society isn’t giving up their info very easily… Best regards, -a-
  13. 2X if you are buying two for the TLS…. Months of wait time if you need one at annual… and price increases…. Yikes! Best regards, -a-
  14. Let’s also invite @M20Doc…. DLC coated lifter question… part number? Best regards, -a-
  15. Let’s see if @jetdriven is around…. We had a discussion a while back…. Roller tappets vs. DLC tappets… Byron has a shop, and should be able to give decent insight on parts availability…. Best regards, -a-
  16. Q, You might try and find our intercooler guy…. He may have insight to parts like you are asking about… For pre-flown parts… you know the list.. @Alan Fox @Jerry Pressley @SheryLoewen -a-
  17. You can edit the title with ‘sold’ by editing the initial post, the title has options there… Best regards, -a-
  18. Folding down the back seat works wonders… if able. There are threads around here for that… Best regards, -a-
  19. Great follow up Gary! Thanks for posting the details… Best regards, -a-
  20. Great thoughts gents! Thanks for sharing them all… Go MS! Best regards, -a-
  21. Interesting…. The first Mooney we know to get an aerocruze… and it’s mounted in a Missile! No concerns with multiple STCs on the airframe… (like other STC holders) Other than that… How is the AP working out so far? Big G needs the competition… Best regards, -a-
  22. Let’s see if our weather guy is around… @Scott Dennstaedt, PhD He has some really good insight to this topic… Best regards, -a-
  23. To skip the downloading of ILC’s excellent document… This link should work…(?) https://mooneyspace.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=120274&key=0cac79742049ad4f30b9f10e59d4ef3b first page looks like this…
  24. Tough engine comparison to make though…. They are using a a TC’d Continental in that conversation… and six cylinders vs. four won’t make the situation any easier… Where the M20J’s power output varies with altitude…. So does its ability to go deep LOP… The M20K’s engine can run far LOP, into the flight levels, at a high power output… Go turbo! Back to the question about what altitude you are flying at… Best regards, -a-
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