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  1. Went looking through some older threads... found this link... Nice J, -a-
  2. For pricing we have Jimmy... @jgarrison He has a thread around here. Send him a PM... he sends you a link, I think... Also look up covers for your plane... Plan on keeping it under some form of roof if you can... PR sunshine and rain will be tough on your plane... Best regards, -a-
  3. My batteries have the Concorde rigid cast aluminum piece holding them down... listed as optional on Clarence’s link... RGs might not be in the original IPC for my bird, as the RG technology isn’t that old..? Best regards, -a-
  4. Way to go Eman! MS promises made, promises kept! Best regards, -a-
  5. Nothing normal about it, as a buyer... The PPI is for the protection of your wallet, from the unknown... That includes the things that are unknown to the seller... As a machine buyer... I would want to test every function the machine has... up to the point where it cost more to test than it costs to fix... Where this idea takes interpretation... When the plane costs as much as your house... an expensive PPI is used... When the plane costs as much as your car... a lesser expensive PPI may be used, knowing your level of risk has increased. Have you ever bought a house and sent it through an engineering inspection? Have you ever bought a used car and only took it for a test drive? If the plane is the one for you, and the PPI is the only thing standing in the way... a sit down discussion with the owner makes sense... Write down the price, the deliverables and what needs to be done... when it is all completed as expected... pay the man... start the TT... Have a serious plan in place for things that fail the PPI... who fixes it, where, that kind of thing... AW issues are the most important ones... the other things are part of buying a used machine... PP thoughts only, not a used plane seller... Best regards, -a-
  6. Great detailed follow-up and pics, Larry! Nice Fuel hose too... the old 60s original ones get really cracky... brittle. Your old ones were probably pretty ripe... even if they looked nice from the outside... Best regards, -a-
  7. Beacon has some benefits where and when strobes aren’t very good... Ground ops is one of these kind of situations... there may be others... On the road the other day a garbage truck pulled up next to me with the flashing yellow strobe lights next to my window... ever sense the brain not liking flashing lights..? Best regards, -a-
  8. See if I get this right... 1) CreekRat has a teen aged boy... 2) Two things for sure... he will eat a lot as he grows.... and he won’t stay a teenager for very long... 3) If he was interested in aviation, there would be a CreekRat2 signing up on MS to read the next post as it arrives... 4) As far as I know... there is a sale going on at MS... a bogo... buy one get one free...sort of... 5) It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for MS... it’s an honor system of sorts... it doesn’t take much to meet the requested donation. 6) For the student, there are few dollars to go around... the option of seeing a bunch of ads... while scouring IR threads.... isn’t bad at all... 7) Highschool graduation is a cross road... a fork... when you come to a fork in the road... take it..! - Yogi Berra (a Yankee Great) 8) Life, when executed properly, lasts a long time... 9) The more education you get... the better off you will be... 10) The more experience you get... the better off you will be... 11) The sooner you get your education and experience, the more efficient you will be... getting to your next level... 12) When you have a stack of cash to go to school... use it. 13) When you don’t have a stack of cash to go to school... There are options that may include ROTC, military, and school loans... 14) Commitment starts to rise when somebody else is paying your bills. 15) A whole thread on military life can be found around here somewhere... Don’t forget Army ROTC and helicopters... 16) The first decade of any career... lots of work, little pay, plenty of hours waiting... not just aviation... 17) Being a professional... lots of studying, reading, getting self educated... continuously... find the guys that have A&P/AI next to there names... why would a pilot want that? 18) Ask Alexa... ‘what does a chemical engineer with zero years of experience make?’ Select a dozen other careers... to get a feeling for selecting a career based on dollars... 19) Finding a career you want to spend a lifetime at... is more of a challenge... 20) Having a Plan B counts for careers too... especially if your medical status drives your ability to work... you can go from running, stringing 7 minute miles together, prepping for a job interview... then executing Plan B.... all in one crummy day. 21) Most importantly... find a mentor... at every level of your career... somebody you can ask... if I want to get to X, what do I want to do now, and for the next Y years.... a good mentor can introduce you to people in the right areas... so you can ask them questions... they can tell you the right questions to ask... 22) Keeping a clean personal record... super important since the invention of computerized record keeping... 23) In work, the more responsibility you take on, the more dough you bring home... There is plenty of responsibility with hundreds of people following closely behind you. 24) next steps... put a plan together... sign up to every website listed above... 25) start reading FARs... Select the ones that apply to VFR flight... then the ones that apply to IFR flight... 26) Do you like knowing how things work..? Find Aidan’s pics of the inside of an IO360, or Yeti’s video of the landing gear in operation, Or Marauder’s inflight videos of an Aspen display while executing an instrument procedure... 27) Do you like knowing how to fly an M20C with precision... for really good energy control, Bryan made good YouTube videos of an M20C operating off short and unimproved strips using a long X-country plane... find the videos of many MSers flying the caravan to KOSH... all levels of pilots flying in formation, closer than expected... 28) Read threads on engine operations... hot starts, LOP for turbo engines at high altitudes... for a reality check, read what happens when a turbo fails at altitude and the engine croaks... know why it fails, and what can be done about it told by a really smart professor, with first hand experience... how about knowing an important solution to a simple exhaust failure, told first hand by a guy with THE solution... 29) Read the success story of a young guy flying his Dad’s Mooney around the world... the youngest guy to ever fly around the globe solo... from the ROTC posters of the 80s... Aim High! Best regards, -a-
  9. MBD... You have found the eternal MS struggle... The answer isn’t very hard. You have to compare yourself to other MSers... 1) Do you like reading equipment specs? 2) Can you remember 50 lines of specs from each vendor? 3) Are you adept at integrating electronic devices... home stereos, televisions, video games, DVD players, etc... 4) Do you look forward to getting the newest box each year? 5) Or do you hate when a box literally gets too old compared to the industry? What is that new TV plug that all the new devices use called? Whatever happened to RGB cables...? There is a great company that makes the best audio panel and gives great support on MS... There is a great company that makes the best engine monitor and gives great support on MS... There is a great company that makes the best Transponder... There is a great company that makes the best spare digital AI... There is a great company that makes the best... Transponder... Then, there is Big G... that makes some pretty good stuff that is mostly integrated nearly all of the time... It is hard to go wrong choosing the fully integrated route... don’t look back... The benefit of going with Big G... you are not alone... when a version of software fails... people are sharing the knowledge quickly... The draw back of a highly individual collection of the best devices... your collection of devices is going to be unique compared to the next MSer... you might be the only one with this particular integration challenge... How good do you want to be at integrating electronic boxes? Hanging out with Marauder at a box maker’s presentation is a blast! PP thoughts only, not an electronics technician... Best regards, -a-
  10. Welcome aboard, Marek. +1 for Lasar being familiar with all things Mooney, AND selling all things Mooney around the globe... Best regards, -a-
  11. Seeing if Ken is around today... @KLRDMD... Advice for Mooney PPI around AZ.... Ken’s history has been to buy something that doesn’t need a PPI... Welcome aboard, Corn Flake. Best regards, -a-
  12. Get the O2 reader any ways.... you want to know how well things are working at much lower levels than the standard O2 level... They don’t cost very much in Amu terms... Best regards, -a-
  13. Great additional Pics, Aidan! Any challenges getting tools or other required pieces for your project, from where you are located? Thanks for sharing all the detailed pics. Best regards, -a-
  14. There can be a sensitivity to a boogered gear in the retract system... There is a brass gear that gets messed up when the electric system crosses with the manual system... a situation that occurs when the manual system is accidently engaged without the pilot knowing about it... Not sure how to check for that, but you can read up on the failure around here somewhere.... The only other failure of the long body landing gear that I remember is a broken tube that was no longer set up properly....? PP thoughts only, -a-
  15. Came in vertically, no front gate required... Best regards, -a-
  16. @SheryLoewen Chrixxer is looking for you... ^^^^ Best regards, -a-
  17. Sounds like a good tech question for @M20Doc.... dP for fuel across the fuel servo... IO360. ^^^^ Best regards, -a-
  18. Can you put the TC in hot water? Boiling water, in case you don’t have a second thermometer... 400°F is typical of leaky dog house boxes and crummy seals around the O360... PP thoughts only... Best regards, -a-
  19. Small details like that make you really want the specific Mooney CFI with all the E experience... The 60s were an interesting time... Ralph Nader wasn’t yet an author... people were still smoking in their airplanes... Nader is about to go on tour again... his grand-niece was aboard the Ethiopian 737.... Best regards, -a-
  20. All Mooneys are good... except the wooden tail ones... Fortunately they have all been replaced... M20Bs are pretty good too... a few small things here and there got improved upon, so they called that an M20C... More things got improved in 1965, and they called that an M20C... as well... The C’s rudder got extended... you know what they call that one? An M20C. Some of the modifications like a larger rudder throw.... is applicable to the M20B... check the logs to see if anything has been updated like that... There is a list around here somewhere... all the modifications that came out each year... Some Bs might Still be sporting their machine screw hardware on the cowl... newer M20Cs went to fancy Dzus 1/4 turn fasteners For ease of use... Cross wind control is improved with the longer rudder, with the larger rudder throw... PP thoughts only... the 180hp all aluminum Mooney M20B, flys a lot like a180hp M20C.... PPIs are everything... read the log books first... Welcome aboard, -a-
  21. As far as tow bars go... it is fantastic... How it connects inside the nose wheel tow bar hole... the little handle is connected to an expansion mechanism... finger tight, it won’t slip out... pushing back into the hangar... same problem... it can get away from nicely controlled really easy... I mounted a tow ball on the front of my tractor... plane will want to go one way... a different way than you want... Important point.... put some weight on the front of the tractor... about one useless Gill battery weighs about right... hmmm not so uselsess after all.... the weight is important for the plane to go the way you want... A long tow bar is a good idea for pushing... a collision with the plane is only a few feet away... Something to think about when building your own CB solution.... PP thoughts only, not nearly as mechanically inclined as I thought I was... Best regards, -a-
  22. Try the search function.... 1) Garmin buttons are known to be funky... there is some advice written about them... but not guaranteed to be working... 2) +1 for fixing the gear status window... lots of pics around here for that... and it’s lightbulb... 3) +1 for the PC on/off switch... most installations started with a button on the yoke. Always on, until the button push allows air into the system... a few upgraded to a panel switch... typically open/close... 4) stock Dimmer, on/off is on the ceiling next to the torpedo lights... along with a knob that opens the ceiling vent... 5) all the instrument lights are wired to a post behind the pilot’s panel... all the panel light electricity starts at the knob... then goes to that post... M20Es make nice economical planes... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... And now.... More Formally... welcome aboard, again... Best regards, -a-
  23. Not familiar with a Honda Spree? Picture a C152 on two wheels... -a-
  24. Interesting way to use the quote function... Usually people leave the pertinent info in the quote box... Then type the related question just below it... Best regards, -a-