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  1. I took my C to 16,500 once, but it was winter and very cold. So I'm sure the DA was lower.
  2. I'm sure that with no flaps, I have enough trim to raise the nose even at slow speeds. My plan would be to use the trim and roll it on, a bit fast, and no flaps.
  3. GI 275's will fit in the existing panel. A G3X will require cutting a new panel.
  4. Just go up there and work it out. These airplanes have been around for so long, and been through many modifications, upgrades, etc, I don't ever take the POH performance charts as the truth. With a good engine monitor and maybe a GPS, you'll be able to put together your own performance data based on real world experience in your own aircraft.
  5. The M20E's are special airplanes. Good on you for saving another one.
  6. Another Mooney owner here who's never owned a 231. When I was shopping for a turbo Mooney, I talked with and flew with more than a dozen 231 owners. There were two common themes. Every single 231 owner I talked with, said to steer clear of the GB engine and make sure I found one with an LB engine. And every 231 owner also said that if they could have found one, or could afford one, or would have know up front, they would have bought a 252. I've been very happy with my 252 for the last 5 years.
  7. I've been flying with Aspen/Avidyne and a Garmin G5 for the last 5 years or so. I've been very happy with it.
  8. Mine used to deploy on the ground or anytime the engine was running, even at idle. But they don't anymore. It has gotten to the point where they won't deploy on final with the engine at idle power either. It could be a weak vacuum pump or leaky vacuum line. It could also be one of the boots on the speed brakes as well. I'm pretty sure my issue is with the vacuum system and not the speed brakes themselves. I have to get up to about 22" to get the vacuum gauge to wake up. My vacuum brakes are being replace with electric brakes right now during the Encore conversion.
  9. Your iPad makes a great secondary GPS unit. I once flew into Denver, around the north end of the big mountains, at night, with an electrical system failure. I shut down everything I could in the panel to preserve power for my radio, lights, and gear. I confidently navigated around various mountain peaks using my iPad running ForeFlight. I'm very confident in my iPad and in worst case scenario, my iPhone to provide GPS navigation. Of course it's not connected to my autopilot, but hand flying off the magenta line on the iPad is easy. What's NOT easy, is using the AI depiction on the iPad to
  10. +1 for Mooney Speedshop. I've been ordering hats, shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, etc for years. I think I have more than 12 Mooney hats at the moment. The products are excellent.
  11. At 65% power or lower, you can run wherever you like. You can even run at peak EGT. You might want to get on the Savvy Analysis site and download their Flight Test Profile. Assuming you have a good engine monitor, go fly that test profile and you'll know why your engine isn't smooth LOP. Then you can do something about it.
  12. As someone who makes his living, and funds his Mooney habit in this very field (Data Security), I really appreciate @PJClark posting this. Everyone should be very suspicious of ALL things when online. Obviously this letter is legitimate and appropriate and we're all in to support Craig and MooneySpace. But scams abound in the online world and it's prudent to be suspicious. I'd say this is a good way of approaching the issue with caution. Don't respond immediately but be suspicious. Bring the question to the larger community. Reach out to the party supposedly orig
  13. Here's what I'd do. Put in a pair of Gi275's. That gives you an HSI and allows you to remove one of your CDI's. Move the better of the two CDI's to the lower spot in the panel. Move the current AI to the upper CDI position. Now you have two AI's, and an HSI. That along with upgrading the 430 to a 430W and you'd have a very respectable IFR panel.
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