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  1. gsxrpilot

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Done. PM sent.
  2. gsxrpilot

    Runup on Snow

    I'm with Ross on this one. Get an engine monitor and know how to read it. Fly one airplane and fly it regularly (every few days). Know your airplane.
  3. gsxrpilot

    MooneySpace Member Map

    MooneySpace on the laptop, NFL on the TV, beer in the hand...
  4. gsxrpilot

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Yep, done. PM sent.
  5. +1 for the roll as described by @201er
  6. gsxrpilot

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hi Ed, I see you have DKB listed in your signature line, but it needs to be listed in the Location field of your profile. Once that is updated, then I can get you added to the map.
  7. gsxrpilot

    Runup on Snow

    What would the consequences be of taking off and the prob oil wouldn't flow? I believe the prop would stay at full fine pitch and you would not be able to reduce RPM. Correct?
  8. gsxrpilot

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    Love it!!
  9. gsxrpilot

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Done, PM sent.
  10. You make a good point about body composition. When I flew with guys my size in my C, I'd just let them know that for take-off, they had to shift their butt towards the door to clear the path for the JBar. But then once the gear is retracted, they could settle in more comfortably.
  11. Wow, I was off line for a full day and a lot of interesting information snuck into this thread. W&B - The Useful Load and W&B should be checked before buying any small airplane and especially older airplanes. This should be a given, but I guess not everyone thinks about it. Over the course of 50 or 60 years things get added, removed, and moved around. So the W&B can be, and probably is, different for every M20C in the fleet. Having said that, I love it when little guys are trying to say whether us big guys will fit or not. I'm 5'10/250 and was very comfortable in the front seat of my M20C as well as the front seats of my M20K. I've also ridden in the back seat. Both are fine, but the M20K back seat is very comfortable. I've flown many times in both the C and the K with approximately 500 lbs in the front seats and full tanks. I'm within the CG range and the airplane behaves normally. A lot of the difficulty of getting in and out of the plane is to do so without touching or pulling on the door. In the event of an emergency, I'm not concerned about bending the hinge on the front door and would exit pretty quickly. Cowl Flaps - Mine are closed in cruise, (unless up in the flight levels where extra cooling is required), closed on the descent, and closed at all times on the ground (until opened for takeoff). With a good engine monitor, I can see that I don't have any CHT's over about 320 on the ground with the cowl flaps closed. I also like having the plane parked with the cowl flaps closed. There is less of an opening for critters to climb into the engine and most importantly, the turn radius markings on my nose gear are fully visible only when the cowl flaps are closed. Did I miss anything else
  12. gsxrpilot

    Post LASIK Medical Requirements

    LASIK in 2001... still 20/20. Only wish I'd done it sooner.
  13. gsxrpilot

    Advice on this M20C

    I'd be curious to see what @jgarrison recently published buyers guide would price this out at. My number would be $35K. This plane was looked after in a very specific way for a very specific purpose, obviously. And as long as you are looking for a plane that is designed to sit in a hanger and look good, this is a good candidate. But if you're looking for a plane to fly, this one isn't really set up for that.
  14. gsxrpilot

    Today's flight in 2019

    Good point. You can find in the user guide how to set your data recording to 2 seconds... down from the default of 6 seconds. You want to do that anyway. Yours might be set to Off.