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  1. gsxrpilot

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Looking forward to seeing it up close in Madison.
  2. gsxrpilot

    Backfire on short final

    Yep, same in my C. I learned to leave Mixture off the GUMPS check. Just left it lean all the way to the ground. If I needed to go around, I could get both black and red knobs at the same time.
  3. I was a huge fan of the mini... but without new ones coming out... possibly, I got a 9.7 Pro. It doesn't go on the yoke but it's awesome. I love the performance and the larger screen for my older eyes.
  4. gsxrpilot

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    Any runway long enough for an ILS certainly is long enough to land my 252 without flaps. The one time I flew an ILS all the way to absolute minimums, I landed without flaps. On a non-precision approach, the ceiling would be high enough to work out flaps once the runway is in sight. It's good to be comfortable landing at various speeds and in all configurations.
  5. Those boost pumps don't last forever. So I don't use it when it doesn't make sense to use it. I'm not sure if my concerns are valid, but I just haven't found a reason to use it.
  6. I've used both. I prefer the pendant style but either works equally well with the Halos.
  7. That's exactly what I did with my Halo's. They're awesome!
  8. I've found this varies with altitude. When I flew an M20C, I never used the electric pump to restart in the air. The engine quits, just reach down and switch tanks, and the engine immediately comes back to life. With my Turbo 252, I generally need a bit of Low Boost pump if restarting above about 15K ft. The further up in the flight levels, the more boost I typically need to restart. Below 12K I've never used any boost when restarting. Having said all of that... I've NEVER used any boost pump or other pump when just switching tanks in any Mooney at any altitude. Evidently some POH's say to turn on the pump when switching tanks, other POH's leave that step out. Since the engine comes back to life so quickly after running a tank dry and the engine quits, there doesn't seem to me to be any reason to run any pump during the same procedure when the engine IS running. Anyway... that's my experience. It's a 1000 hours between an M20C and an M20K with a few hours in E, F's, J's, Ovations, and Acclaims. I know, I know... that's still rookie territory for some old timers on this board.
  9. Interesting... I've never used anything but Prime to start the plane on the ground. And it's never failed to start hot or cold. I've used the Low Boost pump for restarts at high altitude after running a tank dry. I've never used the High Boost as long as I've owned the plane.
  10. I'm a bit confused how this is different than using the prime switch? The behavior seems to be exactly the same. Maybe you are using 3 seconds of High boost vs my 5 sec of Prime? The result seems to be exactly the same? Just asking.
  11. gsxrpilot

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    I used to fly a very nice (panel, paint, interior, speed mods) and very fast (according to DMax) M20C... and sold it to get a 252. No matter how nice the C, the 252... Wow.
  12. gsxrpilot

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    Hmmm... good question. But I know how much runway my K will take landing no flaps... because I do it all the time
  13. As @Marauder said, if there's any chance you'll (your friend) sell the plane in the next 10 years it makes no sense to buy a fixer-upper and fix it up. And for someone just getting back into flying.... and especially with that kind of disposable income, there's no chance he keeps it 10 years. I'd recommend to him that he look for a top of the line, example. Be that a J, Eagle, Ovation, etc. Get one that is ready to fly just the way it is and then fly it. Undoubtedly within a year, he'll either move on to something else or be shopping for a late model Acclaim. Just my $0.02
  14. gsxrpilot

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    Hmmm... good idea. But my speed brakes are all or nothing. There isn't an option for partial. :-)