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  1. I don't think my vernier throttle will just pull back to idle.
  2. Garmin is big enough to have FAA people on site with offices on the Garmin campus. Much like Boeing does.
  3. The banks seem to be happy to do it, loaning money up to 20 years on these airplanes. My inclination is the same as yours, in that I don't want a payment on my toy. But I know quite a few owners who prefer to borrow at a low interest rate and keep the cash in much higher performing investments.
  4. On the whole, LOP opps in a turbo is easier than with a NA engine. With the turbo there is no leaning in the climb. When I attended the APS course at GAMI, they drew the whole procedure from takeoff at full rich, the climb, level off and set cruise, then go to LOP, and set for lean cruise. This was all for the NA guys. I put up my hand and asked, if they would do the same diagram for turbo engines. George said sure, and erased everything between the initial takeoff settings and the LOP cruise setting. "There is the turbo procedure." Take off - everything full forward. Level off at final cruise altitude - set power, set prop, pull mixture back to LOP setting based on fuel flow. That's the whole procedure.
  5. There's one in the hangar next to mine. It's in great condition and regularly flies out of BJC. I've met the cranky old man who owns it and hope to get a ride in it come spring.
  6. It does slip for me. But I think I'm asking too much of it. It's up hill into my hangar and there is a lip/curb to go over as well. All of that just makes it a bit too much work for this tug. I've also got two other tugs so don't need this one.
  7. Sidewinder tug with charger and two good batteries. It's at KBJC in Denver at the moment but travels well in a Mooney. $1000
  8. Clearly Mooney drivers are all just superior pilots.
  9. Contrary to what some others have said here, my smoothest landings are when I have a little extra speed. I was demonstrating soft field landings the other day and was able to roll it on the mains, keep the nose wheel off for 1000 to 1500 ft and then smoothly lift back off again without the nose wheel ever touching down. This was no flaps and a little fast. YLMV
  10. LOL... Yeah this is the more likely scenario. The ATP guy is used to having a professional gear extender sitting in the cockpit.
  11. Exactly .... not. While the Aspens were getting long in the tooth and were ripe for a screen and processor upgrade, the IFD's and all the recently obsoleted Garmin products like the GTN's (new Txi versions) and the G5 (todays announcement) are still fresh and really have no need for a hardware upgrade. With every new announcement, Garmin is generating buyers remorse. Avidyne on the other hand, is handing out freebies with every new release. My IFD just keeps getting better and better. On the other hand, my G5 is now ready for the bin because the new stuff is in a new piece of hardware. AND I have to throw out my panel as well since the new shit is a different shape! No thanks, Avidyne/Aspen/PSEngineering/JPI = Best of Breed
  12. These points are well made. I would add though that N6466Q will unfortunately be down for a long time. Reskinning both wings and a fresh paint job will not happen quickly. I would not like to be without my airplane for 6 months or so and have it come back with that little issue in its log books. In fact, I might have preferred the insurance just write me a check for the full value and let me go find a different Mooney. The other one, N2953L, while the damage will be minimal, and nearly all vintage Mooneys have a gear up... or two, in the log books, it's very likely the owner isn't carrying enough insurance and the airplane will get totaled and scrapped. As an owner, I'd probably want 6466Q totaled and 2953L repaired. But insurance might do exactly the opposite in both cases... Just my $0.02