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  1. That voice sure sounds like Sam Elliott saying the gear is down for landing.
  2. I bought my LED landing lights from @LANCECASPER. Three years later, still working great. I'm all electric and all LED. My typical amp draw is 5 amps or 9 amps with all the lights, prop, pitot heat on.
  3. I had no luck with the iPad simulator either. It's terrible. But the IFD540 that I installed has been perfect. I've never once had an issue with it. And every time I fly with friends of mine who have 650's or 750's, I like my IFD540 even more.
  4. Thanks! That's a significantly smaller suction cup than the GoPro version. So it won't need as large a flat spot on the windshield. I went ahead and ordered one.
  5. Can you send me a link to it? I have the GoPro suction mount, but it's way to big and keeps falling off.
  6. Sad it's not me. The Encore is the best Mooney ever made, and this is the best Encore in the country.
  7. I had about 300 hours in a Cherokee when I got a ride in a Mooney M20C. I've owned Mooneys ever since. @Supercop0184 showed up on the ramp in San Marcos one day in his Cherokee. I was there fueling my M20C. He was interested and I offered a quick ride in the Mooney. It was a matter of days and his Cherokee was sold and he's been flying a Mooney ever since.
  8. Be careful, formation flying gets addictive. You'll never want to fly alone, and then you'll be skipping the lunch stops and just flying I'm curious about the suction mount you're using on the front windshield. There's so much curve in the windshield, I haven't had a lot of luck with a mount there.
  9. I assume you're established in the Hold and now want to go back and attempt the Approach a second time? I would scroll up through the flight plan and select the Fix you'd like to start the approach from. Hit Direct to that Fix. You should be able to then activate the approach and have it fly the approach from that fix.
  10. This piece is only from about 69° south 67° west off the bottom of a glacier. My wife Alicia retrieving it from the bay. Later that evening with some Laphroaig.
  11. I vote for remote. I like a clean panel and the more remote stuff I can put in the tail, the better. I don't have a remote audio panel but I do have a remote transponder and ADSB in/out, all in the tail.
  12. I log a lot of Mooney formation flying each year. Our SOP is if anyone is down to their last 90 minutes of fuel, the flight is RTB, return to base. And if anyone gets down to 60 min of fuel remaining, the flight heads for the nearest airport.
  13. Isn't "speculation" how we come up with all possible "what if" scenarios? I'm with @ChrisV in that we should not wait for the NTSB to give us the one, actual cause, but should be speculating all the possible causes and learning from all of them. I for one, do a lot of formation flying. And have always thought that one of the benefits is having "assistance" in the air in the event of a problem. it's also interesting that there wasn't any communication. It's normal that only Lead would be talking to ATC. But that doesn't preclude any of the others in the flight from speaking up if there is a problem. So I'm speculating that if this airplane was 4th in the formation and they were on an overhead break to land, then it would have been the one airplane, not in sight of any of the others during the landing maneuver. Even if they were not on tower frequency but were on the inter flight freq, Lead and the other members of the flight, would have known if they had said something. This makes me think it was a very sudden event or one very close to the ground. Regardless, it is a tragedy and our thoughts go out to those family and friends of the pilots.
  14. I'm in Seattle again the 17th through 19th. Happy to catch up in the evening after work for drinks or something.