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  1. The 252 is finally in the avionics shop. It's getting a single Aspen panel, and I'll likely remove as much of the vacuum system as possible, while still retaining my vacuum speed breaks. I'm right now trying to decide on a suitable electric AI option to back up the Aspen.
  2. Speed brakes out and nose pointed at the ground, sheds altitude quickly in my 252 without crossing the red line. Then level off and slow to gear speed. Drop the gear and push it over to hold the 140.
  3. It sure looks like it would be a project. Assuming you're not an A&P yourself, expect to purchase for $20K put $50K into fixing it up and then you'll have a nice $40K M20C. Of course, it might be absolutely pristine under all that dirt, but it's not likely.
  4. Mike, you're just being silly here. Ken is spot on and has the long list of airplane deals to back it up.
  5. I'll agree with Ken as well but I think it's probably just semantics. The smart person buying an airplane will have a proper PPI done. Just as Ken has described. But at the same time, assuming the shop is advised in advance, if the PPI is successful and ownership of the plane changes hands, then before the plane is closed back up, it often makes sense to ask the shop to continue to a full annual. This likely saves half the expense of annual and can make timing and financial sense.
  6. Exactly my recommendation as well. Get a medical then start taking lessons. Reevaluate after first solo. Reevaluate again after cross country solo's. If you're hooked... then start shopping.
  7. +1 for Jimmy and David. Even if you don't buy from them, don't buy a Mooney until you've talked with them and see what they have for sale. It will give you a better sense of the market.
  8. So here's a guy with moneys to spend, he wants to spend it on aviation, he wants to ultimately own his own airplane... And here is a bunch of airplane owners trying to talk him out of it. No wonder GA is in trouble. Are you all the same bunch trying to shut down the airport in Santa Monica? Geeees..... All I'll say is that flying is the best thing I've spent money on in many years... and I spend a fair amount of it.
  9. It's difficult to say anything that wasn't already quite eloquently explained by @carusoam. But has the offer been accepted? If I was the seller, before we'd even talk about who was doing the PPI, I'd have to accept the offer. Also, there would have to be a deposit made, and a contract signed. If the "low ball" offer isn't accepted, then there isn't anything further to talk about. Compression can be checked by any A&P anywhere. Also, compression isn't an airworthy item unless it's severely low. Usually a contract to buy pending a PPI would only void if there are Airworthy issues discovered that the seller won't pay to fix. Have you seen the airplane in person yet? Again as the seller, I probably wouldn't talk seriously unless you came and looked at the plane and offered me a cash deposit. Just my $0.02. BTW... I'm in Texas and happy to discuss further privately if you like...
  10. "No damage history" will cut you out of a lot of really good Mooney's out there. I would expect that most Mooney's have been gear-up'ed at least once. But if repaired correctly, there shouldn't be anything to fear.
  11. Isn't there are FIKI Encore for sale in Oregon right now? I might be mistaken or it might have been sold.
  12. No offense Roger, but the same argument can be made for staying on the ground period. Small airplanes are dangerous in clear VFR conditions, they are also dangerous in IMC, at night, over water, over mountains, over cities, and in icing conditions. Feel free to stay home if you like. But there are many on this forum with lots of experience flying FIKI Mooney's and using them very safely and effectively.
  13. Yes, when I bought my C, I immediately installed a G2 engine analyzer. I logged many hours giving all my attention to that analyzer while the autopilot did the flying. I consistently had one hot cylinder (it would hover between 390 and 410) no matter what I did. I worked on the dog house, baffles, etc. I also couldn't go lean without the engine stumbling. This means that at least one cylinder is too lean while at least one other is still on the rich side of peak. I tried carb heat, and various throttle/mixture/prop combinations. I detail my final solution in this thread.
  14. I've had it explained two different and conflicting ways to me. But from personal experience and 400 hours behind an O360, the best way for me to balance the temps, and therefore fuel flow between all four cylinders, was to back off the enrichment circuit. At WOT, my temps were widely different, and I couldn't go LOP without roughness. Backing off the throttle, as much as possible but without moving the MP needle, the CHT's are much closer together and I could go LOP without any roughness. I was told countless times that a carby engine wouldn't run LOP. And I found that to be true... until I learned how to back the carb off the enrichment circuit. Then it ran LOP just fine.
  15. Tempest Fine wires are the hot ticket. Expensive, but worth it.