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  1. I think it's marginal. I just taken to having my Mixture knob pulled out about an 1" all the time when on the ground. Starting, taxiing, run-up, all of it.
  2. I do my mag checks leaned out a bit. But then I'm in Denver at 5600 ft on the ground. My 252 won't even start if the mixture is full rich.
  3. Not completely wrong, but not completely correct either. This thread is 6 years old and there have been numerous threads since then with a lot of accurate detail.
  4. Love the video and the Dynon looks great. You say at the beginning that the Mooney cockpit is an inch smaller than most other airplanes. Maybe I misunderstood, but let's not propagate the myth that Mooney cockpits are narrower than other comparable airplanes. The seating position is lower, there is no room under the seat like there is in a Cessna, etc. But the Mooney cockpit is actually wider than other comparable airplanes. And you're probably sitting closer to the panel than in other airplanes. But the Mooney is wider... Cessna 150 38 inches Cessna 172 and 152 40 inches Grumman AA5 41 inches Cessna 182 42 inches Piper PA28 42 inches Bonanzas 42 inches Cessna 206/210 has 43 inches Mooney cabin is 43.5 inches
  5. I've got video (need to edit and post) of a landing Scott, @Denver98 and I did at KDEN a couple of weeks ago. I'll get it posted hopefully next week. But our experience was the same. We landed, taxied across the whole ramp, about 5 miles, to the other side of the airport and took off again. I was greatly aided by Scott in the right seat handling the radios and as an American Airlines pilot, very familiar with the area, the ramp, procedures, etc. As @201er said, there were lots of things that were hard to see from a Mooney eye level. We also benefitted from Scott's wife Michelle, a tower controller at KDEN and working the tower that day. What a great experience!
  6. In my case, the JPI transducer is exactly the same part number as the original equipment transducer from Mooney. I'm going to try moving the location of the transducer to reduce vibration. JD is sending me a couple of used ones today. We'll see how that works.
  7. My hangar is a Port-a-port Exec 3. It opens 60' across the front and 46' deep. It's really pretty obscene. But it was the only hangar of any size I could find.
  8. Same here. I made one trip to Churchill and back. I got random bills from various locations in Canada for months afterwards. Some would come from a local airport and you knew what it was. Others would just come from Transport Canada and I had no idea what they were for. I don't think any of them were more than $10. But they were seemingly random and just kept coming for months.
  9. I keep one of these with a USB stick in my flight back to download after most flights.
  10. I use the same fuel tank strategy. Less switching, less times, less to forget. All of our Mooneys benefit from being able to skip fuel stops when flying LOP, compared to brands C, P, B...
  11. You'd rather find one with the KFC 150 autopilot and the Altitude pre-select option anyway.
  12. You can probably go LED for less than that and remove the power supply along with it's weight.
  13. I think you're right about the Aspen. Although I'll be the Avidyne works just fine with the GFC500. I'm sure it's not on the paperwork. But I'm interested to see if anyone could test it. If there was someone close to me who had a working GFC500 system with a 530W... I'd be willing to swap my IFD540 in just for a quick test. Anyone know why that wouldn't work?