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  1. High FBO fees.

    As a rule, I don't stop at FBO's who have their Airnav comments turned off. Sometimes, when I'm feeling a bit snarky, I'll call to ask about fees, and then while on the phone tell them, "oh, nevermind, I see you don't allow comments on Airnav. I won't be stopping then at your place."
  2. Parts for brakes on the right side

    Sorry, didn't read the title properly.
  3. Ride share to Don Maxwell's

    If you're trying to get back to DFW to catch a flight out, the rental car might be better than getting a Mooney ride. In a Mooney you'd have to land somewhere other than DFW and then get an Uber which would likely get you back up to the $50.
  4. Not the best landing

    For those of you attending the Mooney Summit, you'll see some of us demonstrate some smooth Mooney landings in our formation flight demo. We'll be 90 knots over the fence.
  5. Aspen Upgrade Pakage MFD500

    That would be one hell of an M20C panel. While I'm still not sure the second panel would be right for my plane, if I hadn't just gotten mine back from months in the avionics shop, I'd be a buyer here. Best of luck. What does your panel look like now in your C?
  6. Now this scared the hell out of me

    That's not a "Cessna" system. It's a high wing system. Low wing airplanes can not have a "both" option. It's physics.
  7. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    There are basically two parts to the upgrade. One is the engine to upgrade it from an MB to an SB engine. The second is the airframe upgrade. The engine upgrade increases the HP by 10 to 220 hp. This is done by adjusting the prop gov for a max RPM of 2600, an adjustment to the wastegate to increase max boost from 36" to 39", and finally a change in fuel pump, and the associated changes to engine instrumentation, red-lines, etc. The airframe changes are just brakes and control surface counter weights. The brakes get double puck calipers and larger disks. This also requires different gear doors and some axle spacers/bushings. That's all there is to it. This and a log book entry gets you an additional 300 lbs gross weight with a net increase of 230 lbs useful load.
  8. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    Yes and no. I've been piecing the information together from various sources including @kortopates and @Parker_Woodruff. It's not an SB or STC, but just a Mooney letter that specifies the parts that must be changed. I'm happy to send you the information that I have. One note here... it looks from your signature line that you fly a 262. I believe that is an upgraded 231? In which case it's not eligible for the Encore conversion. My understanding is the 231 can be upgraded to the 262 and the 252 can be upgraded to the Encore. But I can send you what I have regardless.
  9. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    The Encore is actually 10 hp over the 252. 210hp for the 252 and 220hp for the Encore. Not much, granted, but not the same.
  10. 1987 205 SE / M20J For Sale - NY KPOU

    A lot of folks on this board missed out on a great bird.
  11. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I don't practice them, but have done them just to know what it's like and what it will be like if I'm ever in a situation where I must Go after a brief Touch. Therefore to be sure, I did them with full flaps and up trim. While the airplane quickly becomes a handful with full power, the flaps out and up trim, it wasn't so difficult as to be dangerous. I just went full power, lift off, then trim, then take out some flaps, then more trim, then gear, more trim, flaps, trim, fly away. I've done it both in the C with the manual gear, hydraulic flaps and in the K with electric flaps, trim and gear. It was pretty much a non-event in both. Just fly the airplane.
  12. Thinking of straying from the fold

    While my 252 was down for maintenance... involving three different shops, I flew it several times with only the pilot seat installed. In fact the very last thing done as I was waiting to pick it up for the final time after the big job, was to install the right seat. All in all I logged probably close to 10 hours of flight time without the right seat. Much of that was with various IA's looking on as I took off. No one ever even mentioned that it was a problem.
  13. Parts for brakes on the right side

    Which Mooney? I'm pulling mine off and upgrading, so maybe?
  14. Today's flight for 2017

    Here I am pushing it a bit harder.
  15. What's next after the M20E

    Full disclosure, I've never been in a Lancair but the amount of cross country (across the entire country) flying I've done in the last couple of years, and all the weather I've been through doing it, has made me less enthusiastic about Experimentals. I've been in more than a few situations where I've taken comfort in the strength of the Mooney wing, the steel cage, etc. Having said that, if I could afford it, a Lancair IV-P is very interesting to me.