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  1. Give me a call, I'm happy to talk you through it if you like. It's super easy and quick. Austin area code + five one two, 0670
  2. It's AATG in Greeley, CO. We've talked about it a bunch around here.
  3. If you're an A&P, possibly with IA and would enjoy small town Texas life with a great Mooney shop, SWTA is hiring. JD and Laura are looking for help in their hangar at 84R. They've got a hangar full of Mooneys with the occasional Cessna, Beech, Piper or Cirrus stopping in for service. Please pass this along if you know anyone looking for this type of opportunity.
  4. They were original equipment installed at the factory.
  5. This is an interesting conversation. I just took my cargo straps out of the plane. In my M20K, there are two straps, four pieces, that are bolted to the floor of the baggage compartment. I didn't get them unbolted while the belly was off, so I just cut the straps and tucked the ends back under the carpet. I'd never once used the straps and It cleaned up the look of the baggage area
  6. The G3X requires a backup AI, but it doesn't have to be a G5.
  7. And.... it's finished. Well almost... Sept 30, 2020 to April 11, 2021 The 252 Encore is back in my hangar in Denver. There are still a couple of minor squawks that I'll work through over the next week or so. But all in all, it's running strong, not leaking/burning oil, and now has 1060 lbs useful load. I'll try to get a full PIREP out this week to detail the reasons for the length of time, the mods done, current squawks, etc.
  8. I'd vote for @PJClark's panel every day. Maybe it's more important with our turbo engines, but I want to see ALL engine parameters, at ALL times, in front of me on the left side. I'm hoping to see a G3X with EIS flying in a turbo Mooney soon. But Garmin's approach of showing just the important stuff isn't enough for me. My 252 Encore is finally back home in Denver tonight and with the flight from Austin to Denver today, the PFD/MFD could have been on the right side. I never used them. But was glued to the engine monitor for the whole flight. Of course I'm breaking in a fresh overha
  9. We were all newbies once in this airplane ownership game. And we each had to get educated. Some just pay a lot more for that education than others. I'm very glad that I listened to the advice when I was buying my first Mooney. I was looking for a cheap E or even J that I could afford to buy. In the end I was convinced to instead spend the budget on the nicest C I could find. The difference was I got to spend two years flying and logging 400 hours traveling around the country and two trips to Oshkosh, in a very nice and capable Mooney. That was as opposed to two years of fixing, writing c
  10. I've never landed a hang glider or paraglider cross wind. It doesn't matter which way the wind is blowing, I'm landing directly into it.
  11. When I get back to Denver I'd be happy to give you a ride in my 252 to/from SBS. I'm based at BJC and can depart 30R and fly runway heading all the way to SBS... on a hot summer day. I've departed APA when the DA was nearly 12,000. No big deal. I know a bunch of NA Mooneys that fly in and out of SBS and other airports in the mountains, but not with the same disregard for DA and terrain that a turbo affords.
  12. I don't know anything about the Lycomings, but my experience with the TSIO360 Continental has been great. I went past TBO without any new cylinders or turbo overhaul. Over all, it's been very reliable and maintenance free.
  13. Somewhere between 120 and 100 knots. I usually don't pay much attention to the ASI, preferring to keep my eyes outside the cockpit once in the pattern. So I fly whatever speed looks right based on that view.
  14. If I ever am in this position, as I've said before, I will make a set of keys for someone to keep flying my airplane even if they only pay for the gas they burn. I'm holding all of you responsible to hold me to this pledge. I'll thank you later when my plane sells for it's full value rather than slightly better than scrap.
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