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  1. There are a few Mooneys I know in Arizona who travel to Texas for their annuals. Both DMax and SWTA are sub $2000 for an annual. Might be worth thinking about.
  2. I'd love to take the card compass off the center bar. And with so many magnetometer you'd think it could be eliminated.
  3. I stuck my AV20S in an existing 2" hole. I'm wondering if the fact it's not perpendicular to the direction of travel might be messing with the AHRS. This picture is on the ground, so not good for reference. This is in flight, but it was dark and hard to get a good picture.
  4. I guess it all depends on where you are on the pay scale. There is certainly a world of difference between an FO flying Dash8's for a regional and a Captain at one of the majors. As an outside observer, but with several family members flying for the majors, it's pretty clear that seniority trumps everything. College degrees or a military commission is nice to have, but once hired at a major, your employee number is the only determinant on compensation. The quicker he gets the hours and the ratings, the quicker he gets hired, the quicker he makes Captain, and the more years he has at max earning.
  5. 65 AMU new from Continental... but I'll just get mine overhauled to SB specs. I'm not buying new.
  6. I'm pretty sure all engines do that. The SB is 220 hp and is part of what makes the 252 an Encore, which adds 200 lbs to the gross weight and therefore increases the UL.
  7. You can't argue with this logic. I just wonder how many "Rolls Royce's" you have to buy before getting the red carpet treatment. On a more serious note, I wonder if the Avionics shop you're using has anything to do with this level of service as well. I've never been able to get Garmin on the phone or to respond to an email other than to tell me to go through the Avionics shop.
  8. You should be able to use an anti-glare screen cover made for a phone or iPad. Just trim it down to fit the JPI.
  9. I was out at the shop this morning and commented that I wonder if we pulled a cylinder, if the piston would fall out in 20 different pieces. As you said, my Mag was the same when we pulled it apart. We have IRAN the belt driven alternator because it's easy to get too, but not the gear driven alternator yet. At nearly 1600 hours, I'm hoping to get one more year out of this engine. It will then be over TBO and still with the original cylinders. At that time I'll go from an MB to an SB engine.
  10. That's sad you got such bad advice. The CiES senders are just much better quality and much more accurate than the stock senders. The install is very straight forward and you'd think any shop could do it. But one does have to follow instructions. Also the CiES senders need to be matched to the JPI. Both ends have to be using Frequency or Voltage for the signaling. Also, easy to do at ordering. I'd have fired the shop.
  11. I'm not sure, SWTA is handling it. I hope to fly tomorrow and this weekend.
  12. I guess 32 years is the max life span of the starter on my TSIO360. I couldn't get it to start the other day, and suspected a dead battery. I left the plane with the shop so they could charge the battery. Evidently the battery was fine. But the starter wouldn't move. Here's some of the stuff that fell out when they opened up the starter. A new one is on the way.
  13. College is obviously a good thing, but I think it's becoming less of an important requirement. I know quite a few young guys here in Austin who are all working now as pro-pilots and none of them have any college. As we start to have more and more of a pilot shortage, college will become less important. I also thing the digital and high tech economy, tech start-ups, etc. are often done by kids without any college, have taken some of the shine off the college degree. But seniority is certainly king in the airline industry. So get in early, get your employee number, to maximize the number of years as Captain where the money really is.
  14. I'm in the same boat here. The KFC150 has been working great in my 252 since 1987. I'd like to upgrade the autopilot but am not in any hurry. If BK somehow miraculously releases the 230 this year, I'll buy it. For just under $10K it is expected to be a slide in replacement for the KFC150 (saving big $$$$ on installation) and adding a warrantee on all the existing servos. I'm not prepared to wait 5 years for this, which might not be long enough for BK to actually release it, but I'll wait this year as my existing KFC150is working just fine.