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  1. Yeah, and I've got this little spar corrosion issues slowing me down as well. But the DER has prescribed the first steps and work will commence on Saturday. So fingers crossed...
  2. I was hoping this thread was because you were posting YOUR 337. I'm having the Cies senders installed in my K as well and am hoping you're a little ahead of me and I can just copy your paperwork
  3. The Stec autopilots are based on turn rate whereas the King (KAP/KFC) autopilots are attitude based. That means that the Turn Coordinator drives an Stec while the AI drives a KAP/KFC. Both are good autopilots. The Stec is nice in that it continues to function just fine in the event of a vacuum failure. The Stec30 is the lowish end of the range and is two axis only. But an Altitude hold function can be added which is really nice. It won't capture and descend on an approach though. This works fine with manual trim Mooney's as electric trim is required for altitude preselect functions. The KAP doesn't have a Flight Director function, while the KFC does. Both include an altitude hold feature. With an electric trim Mooney, and the proper Altimeter, an Altitude preselect can also be added that will control climbs and descents, and will capture and descend on an Approach. If you fly a Mooney with Manual trim, I would want an Stec30/alt hold. With an electric trim Mooney, I'd want the KFC with altitude preselect or the Stec 60 with altitude preselect. Personally I wouldn't own a Mooney without one of these autopilots. Finally, GPSS can be added to any of the above and significantly improve the function and usage of the autopilot.
  4. As with any airplane purchase... its always cheaper to buy the plane that has it already, then upgrade later. Selling my C for a 252 was how I got the articulating seats.
  5. It's actually not all that difficult to find nearly every Mooney of a given type, that is for sale in the US. Both times I was a buyer, I made a quick spreadsheet listing every one of them. The last time, searching for a 252, my spreadsheet listed every single 252 for sale, along with features/condition in descending order of importance for me. It wasn't a long list, but long enough get a good handle on asking prices, and available features and conditions. It will also reveal if you can afford the model you're looking for. For example, I flirted with the idea of owning a Bravo, but decided while I could afford the CapEx, I might struggle with the OpEx. I was also briefly dazzled by a 252 with a beautiful interior and paint, but it only had a KAP rather than KFC autopilot and no Alt pre-select. With cash in my pocket, I went to look at two of the planes and made a deal for one of them. Certainly feel free to take all the time you need/want to find the right plane. I think we were all just a bit thrown off by the title of your thread here.
  6. The peak wind gust would only be 18kts of crosswind which is easy in the Mooney.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't go there... but from NM into DRO would be fine.
  8. I learned to fly and then got checked out in my first Mooney at 5TX0 which is 2600 x 35 and sloped downhill on most days.
  9. Not in a NA Mooney, but probably would have launched in the 252. We'd have been well clear of the rocks at FL240. But then probably not with the wife and the dog.
  10. I like your requirements list. And if I were you, I'd take my $45K and go buy the nicest C you can. You should be able to find one that ticks all those boxes. I'm sure a partnership would be nice, but it's also nice to have the plane all to yourself, and not have to get anyone else's agreement for anything.
  11. KHYI has 6330, 5601, and 5214. Speed is anything below gear speed for the short body I'm landing next to. But we usually shoot for 90 knots/104 mph over the numbers. If single ship, I might occasionally use flaps and come in nice and slow, but then it's a drive to the first taxi way.
  12. Maybe you're looking for a unicorn that doesn't exist. There have been several Mooney's bought and sold in the time you've been looking. I sold one and bought one myself. And there are several active threads of scheduled deliveries, transition training going on, etc. I will give you that a few of the stories have been of disaster with horrible annuals following less then effective pre-buy's. So you're right to be discriminating. But the good one's won't sit and will command a premium price.
  13. Speed is only important if you're short on runway. We land Mooney's all the time at 90 knots over the numbers. Again, assuming you've got the runway, throttle to idle, put it down in ground effect and hold it off until it quits flying. Even a bounce is no issue, just continue to fly it down the runway until it quits flying. You'll grease it on every time. Come ride along with any of us in the Texas Wing if you'd like to see it work. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. TSIO360MB Continental... Cold start - Hold primer in for 5 seconds. Release and start. Hot start - Hold primer until sound change, (think Doppler effect), usually about 5 to 8 seconds. Release and start.
  15. @"Chocks" might give you better information. He keeps an E there. But it's really pretty simple going into Exec. You can either call up Austin Approach 119.0 and talk to them until they hand you over to CTAF, or skip Approach and just treat it like any other un-towered field. There really isn't anything in the area, if you're looking for food, etc.