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  1. WTB Wing Tips

    I'll volunteer my 252 as a test plane.
  2. passenger seatbelt of doom

    See now you've gone from preachin to meddlin.
  3. WTB Wing Tips

    It's not going very fast... I have a long list of upgrades I'd like to do to my 252. I keep telling myself its my last plane and therefore I can do to it what I want. I'm just trying to be smart about the order and pace of upgrades. Wingtips will be towards the end but obviously before paint. It's also put the brakes on the rush to go all LED's.
  4. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    I'm envious of the Garmin "push" feature. Hopefully Avidyne will have something similar soon. The iPad just needs to be managed like any other piece of tech. It's convenience and unbelievably long list of labor/life saving features don't come without trade off. Heat can be easily managed just don't forget about it. I use a white hand towel draped over the iPad when its in the yoke mount and in the sun. Sometimes I've used my hat to shield the iPad from the sun or take it out of the mount and set it somewhere in the shade. Also manage the memory usage. Don't have a million apps open when you intend to use it in flight. Keep it up to date. Just a few simple precautions and in almost 1000 hours in the cockpit, the iPad has shut down exactly once and it was heat related. I didn't know how far it would go, and now I know. I've found it to be one of the most reliable "instruments" in my cockpit.
  5. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    I'm using ForeFlight on the iPad. So anytime there's an update cycle, ForeFlight lets me know. Since I use the iPad for lots of other things outside the airplane, anytime I see the notice, I just click the button and it updates everything. This way anytime I get to the airplane, I know I have the latest charts/plates/etc. with me.
  6. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Ok, wild idea. After your annual, plan a flight to Texas to get in some quality formation flying time the the Texas Wing. On the way here or on the way back, stop by the Oracle of Longview and get your rigging done. Maxwell is certainly one place you can get the rigging done RIGHT. He regularly adds knots to Mooneys by correcting other's bad rigging jobs. Of course, while you're in Texas, we'll make sure to get you plenty of quality formation time that you can take back to FL with you.
  7. WTB Wing Tips

    Yep, those are the ones. As I recall, they have them ready to order for the J, but not the K. I was able to show that the tips are exactly the same and they should fit the K as well. JD at SWTA is working on the process to get them approved for my K.
  8. WTB Wing Tips

    There was a guy at the MooneySummit this year showing some aftermarket wing tips that looked amazing. Surely someone has the contact details here. I've got good tips on my K, but am still interested in swapping them out. They were absolutely beautiful.
  9. Yoke upgrade

    When I upgraded the yokes on my C, I bought some Aerocomfort wrapped Ovation style yokes right here on MooneySpace. The I bought the correct shafts eliminating the AD, from Mooney. I think the costs were $1300 each for the shafts, $1200 for the yokes with shafts that I sold. Rewiring and installation $400. After a year of enjoying the new yokes and never regretting a minute of it, I sold the C and bought the K. The K had nice yokes but just painted white. Aerocomfort turned them into brand new black leather wrapped and padded yokes for $600. The avionics shop wired and installed them for free. They wanted to use my new panel in their advertising and didn't want the old yokes ruining the pictures. So if I paid the Aerocomfort bill, they'd do the wiring and install for free. Certain things in an airplane are used all the time and to me, those are the most important things to upgrade or "do right". I'd rather have nice yokes than nice paint. You spend every minute of every flight either looking at the yoke or holding it. I only see the paint job when the plane comes out of the hangar and goes back in.
  10. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Not a chance with my kids. Hahahaha
  11. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    With my aging eyes, it's nice to be able to easily zoom in on the electronic charts to read the fine print. It's also easier/quicker to find the correct chart rather than flipping through binders. The plates that I use regularly don't get torn out of the binder from repeated use. When I'm using a sectional chart, I don't have to wrestle it open and then try to refold it over the area that's useful. I never forget to grab the latest update that just came in the mail, the iPad is always up to date. I can't think of a single reason I'd go back to paper charts or plates.
  12. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    I had the manual gear C and now an electric gear K. I wish I had the manual gear in my K. Waiting for an expensive gear part to go out, is like waiting for your engine to give it up. You know it will happen, just not when it will happen, but when it does, it will be very expensive. The manual gear is just simple, solid, and virtually bullet proof. Manual gear Mooneys are often cheaper to annual as well. Verifying the gear is down and locked is as sure as if you could reach down and give the tire its self a swift tug. It's a sure thing and not dependent on indicator lights. Once you learn how to operate it, the j-bar is very light touch and very easy to swing requiring virtually no effort.
  13. Yoke upgrade

    Be careful shopping for the shafts. They are often specific to the model. I think I've got a set of shafts for a J? I'll have to check. If you can find the yokes you like, Aerocomfort in San Antonio will cover them in leather and make them like new for $600 a pair I believe. I've had Aerocomfort do the yokes in both of my Mooneys. They are the best at it.
  14. Cost of ownership "budget"

    I had one graduate in May and start a full time salaried job in August. The second and final child is graduating next month. Hmmm... maybe time for an airplane upgrade ;-) In reality, maybe I can now pay off the panel. But is sure does feel good to see the light at the end of the tuition tunnel.
  15. From retro to basic

    I'm using the Avi AXP322 remote transponder and the Skytrax 100. Make sure they wire in a 9 pin serial port when they do the Skytrax. There isn't any other way to configure it if you need to. Mine isn't displaying weather and so I have to go back to get them to wire in the port so I can change a simple config setting. The traffic is working fine as well as the ADSB in and out. The more I fly with the IFD, the more I like it.