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  1. This approach to business is reason enough to fly to Oregon for avionics work!
  2. They are. But there is no single instrument that can be a backup for AI/ASI/Alt at the same time... as I understand. The exception being a dual Aspen MAX install. Then no backup is needed.
  3. At least Avidyne and Aspen will talk to a customer on the phone. Garmin won't.
  4. Don, I might disagree with you, but could never argue with you. At the moment my KFC150 works beautifully and so I'm not in a hurry to solve a problem I don't have. 1. A move from the Aspen to G5's would be a step backward that I wouldn't want to take. I'd go from the Aspen to a G3X or G500TXi but not to G5's. 2. I've thought a few times of installing a GNC 255, but would rather add a second small screen navigator, so I keep holding off on replacing the KX165. 3. I've used the GTN 750 and 650 and just really don't like them compared to the IFD's. I installed the IFD because there was $0 installation cost. But since I've had chance to use it for some time now, and have flown several other Mooneys with the GTN's... there is no question. I'd hate to give up my IFD to go with the GTN 750Xi. There's no question the GFC500 is the best autopilot on the market today, and I'd love to have one. But at the moment, the current panel works great. So I'll hold fire, and wait and see a little longer.
  5. One good bit of advice, not original with me, is to "pre-buy" the owner as much or more than the airplane. If that is done well, then the other questions become non-issues.
  6. Why does it always seem that so many people have problems with the shop doing their annual? Do people really wait until time for the annual arrives, and then pull out the yellow pages looking for an IA to get it done? I probably maintain a better relationship with my shop than with my wife. I wouldn't think of taking my plane in for an annual unless that shop had done the entire years worth of work on my plane leading up to the annual. In Sales we say, "Never ask a questions you don't already know the answer." And I'd never want my plane to go in for annual where I didn't know exactly how the shop would react to every conceivable issue. I had a local guy here in Denver do an oil change and change out a fuel flow transducer for me. He mentioned that he could do the annual for me as well. I told him that I don't sleep with someone on the first date and likewise wouldn't have anyone annual my airplane unless we'd got to know each other first. And that meant that he'd have to do a years worth of maintenance before he got to do the annual. He thought about it for a moment and decided that was actually better for him as well. Shops are nervous about doing an annual for a new customer as well. They don't know how the owner will react, or if they'll even pay the bill on time without complaining. So no IA is going to complain about my LED lights and how they're documented in the logs, because no IA is going to get that intimate with my airplane until long after we both know how he'd react to those LED's.
  7. Living here in Denver where it's a washing machine every afternoon, I've got a whole new respect for turbulence. The Avidyne keyboard is a game changer in turbulence. It's easy to hold in your hands and type with your thumbs. You can control all features of the IFD's using the bluetooth keyboard. Strap the seatbelt tight and let the airplane bounce, swing, and roll around you. Meanwhile you're running coms, nav, flight plans, amending routes, checking weather, METARS, even changing the SiriusXM music channel... all with the keyboard in the palm of your hand. There's no need to "hold onto the ledge" around the GPS to try and steady your hand while repeatedly touching the wrong thing on the screen.
  8. Yeah, if they can ever work out their differences, I'd sign up for the Advanced class in a hot second.
  9. I just need it to be barely legal. I'd much rather leave the compass in the hangar. But if I'm required to have one mounted... I'd like it as far out of the way as I can get away with.
  10. The second MAX is still sitting on the shelf in the box. I have it, but haven't installed it yet. Installing it will take a new panel... if cutting a new panel I want to remove the ASI and ALT... but I need the ALT for my altitude pre-select... if I put a new autopilot in, then I might not need the separate pre-select with the altimeter... So I need an autopilot solution before starting the process. If I don't have a solution by fall, I might just move forward with the second MAX and keep the altimeter.
  11. Well I don't have the C any longer, but have done quite a bit of work on the panel of the K I fly now. Here's what it looks like. As much as I like Aspen and Avidyne... I probably wouldn't go that direction until the autopilot situation is sorted out. I like the GI275's or the G5's. But if it were mine, I'd probably go Dynon and Avidyne. Of course the Dynon autopilot isn't ready yet and who knows when it will be.
  12. This is an upgrade I've been wanting to do. But the corresponding panel on the right side (the narrow strip) is angled toward the pilot. Would that angle preclude installing a compass there? I'd love to have a panel mounted compass out of the way in one of those three spots.
  13. That's good to know. It would still have to be considered a runout engine. Of course, I'm certainly on record as valuing a plane that needs an engine (easy to get) much higher than a plane that needs an autopilot (impossible to get at any price.)