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  1. For me it's through Angel Flight West. They reached out to all of us Angel Flight pilots asking for volunteers.
  2. Between @Denver98 and I, we're keeping the oil flowing through 252AD. Scott and his wife made a pup run to DRO and back today. And we're on the list to fly medical supplies out to rural hospitals whenever needed.
  3. Yeah, you have it correct... doesn't make a lot of sense actually. Other than maybe it's just about following rules. He seems to follow the rules when in his airplane, just not when in his car. Someone did ask in the meeting what would happen if he gets his car through the gate somehow and is caught driving around the ramp again. The airport said they would cancel the lease on the land under his hangar. He'd have to take it down and move it, or sell it. But he would also be banned from the airport and would be arrested for trespassing if he violated that order.
  4. We have 293 MooneySpace members listed on the map. I've made it available to those who also chose to participate by sharing their location publicly. That means either sharing a City or Airport locator. It doesn't have to match your FAA registration or your drivers license. Just a City or Airport where you are generally from. For example, in my area, no need to specify Broomfield, just say Denver. Anyway, I'm glad nearly 300 of you are enjoying it and making use of it.
  5. Here at BJC in Denver, vehicle gate access is with a card, and the car must have an airport registration sticker. It works well, but they also have cameras all over the airport watching the gate both directions, all the hangars, taxiways, ramps, etc. They also enforce the driving rules very well. And before getting a card, you have to sit through an airport safety and training class. There is a local pilot, a bit of a YouTube celebrity who lost his driving privileges. He owns a hangar almost directly across from mine. Driving too fast and riding a wheelie on his motorcycle across the ramp, got him a warning and a 30 day ban. During the ban, he was seen going in through the out gate right as someone pulled through. That got him a permanent ban. I met him the other day walking across the ramp with wife/girlfriend, dragging suitcases. It's a long walk. The system seems to work very well. And I certainly like being able to drive to my hangar and park the car inside if leaving for a trip.
  6. Here's a rare one that looks pretty nice. A short body with a real autopilot. The 430 is not WAAS, but swap that for an IFD440 and you'd be set.
  7. When in the PacNW... fly into Boeing Field (an experience in its self) and you're just a short ride from Millers Guild at 7th and Stewart. Get a seat at the Chef's bar where you have a front row seat for all the action on the kitchen fire. You can thank me later
  8. That wears off in the first 50 hours (which happens very quickly when you own the airplane) and then you'll be very comfortable with the speed and thankful for it.
  9. Very well said. Mooneys are made to travel and most of us use them as such. That means one ingress and egress per day, or at most twice with three or four hours between. I'd much rather buy a plane for the hours spend in flight rather than the minute or two loading and unloading. I've got a good friend with a 177 Cardinal. It's got doors the same size as the ones on my grandfather's 1972 2 door Plymouth GranFury. And no strut to get in the way. And the wing makes for great shade when hanging out at the airport. In other words, better than my Mooney in every way... until it leaves the ground. Staggering the front seats makes it easy to sit two large guys in comfort.
  10. A big block turbo might be a bit much for a newbie... but certainly anything starting with a J and moving towards a C, would work well. For me the most important thing would be a good panel. You want to learn in the plane you will fly, and then be satisfied to fly it for awhile after obtaining the rating. For me that would require... Coupled Autopilot WAAS moving map GPS HSI Standard 6-pack panel arrangement A J or an F with that panel would be ideal. IMHO
  11. My personal favorite is Bob's, the original location on Lemmon Ave in Dallas. A flight into Love Field (DAL) and a short ride in the crew car will get you there. And while the steak is to die for, eating it at the FBO would cut 50% of the pleasure out of the experience. The other half is the cocktail at the bar before your seating, the ridiculous wine list, and a really nice Port to finish it all off. Before finally falling into an Uber for the ride home. Another great place in downtown Dallas is Nick and Sam's. I've been privileged to travel the world on an expense account where I was expected to entertain customers in the best restaurants. Bob's on Lemmon is still my all time favorite.
  12. I've got almost 1000 hours on the 12 Tempest fine wires, in my 252. All electrodes still intact. Fingers crossed, but so far so good.
  13. It's like getting a ride in your first 911. It spoils you for other airplanes.