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  1. What Would you Do to This Panel?

    The 900 is the same, just smaller screen. That's why its on the left side in my new panel. It has to be closer as it's smaller, but because it's smaller it fits easily on the left side. But I certainly agree with @Bob_Belville that having a certified Primary engine monitor with all the elements in one easy to read location is really nice. Several friends who have flown my plane say the EDM-900 is their favorite upgrade in my panel.
  2. You'll be surprised that after just a very few hours, all other light piston singles will seem very clumsy. Don't worry about it, the short body Mooneys are plenty easy to fly.
  3. Mooney tatoo

    "A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling" - Jimmy Buffet
  4. What Would you Do to This Panel?

    Ok, makes sense if you're upgrading. But for a new installation, I'm sure it's only a $1000 difference, and no difference in installation.
  5. What Would you Do to This Panel?

    I really don't see the value in the JPI EDM-830. For the difference of $1AMU you can have the 900 and remove or at least not rely on the old and soon to be failing stock engine instruments.
  6. Introducing Dynon Certified

    You can take a look at mine at the Summit
  7. Today's flight for 2017

    A new personal altitude record for me today. FL250. I was pushing it pretty hard and it was drinking a lot of fuel. I did notice one cylinder getting a little warm and a touch of cowl flaps cooled it right down. The infinitely variable cowl flaps on the 252 are nice to have. You can really cover some country at these speeds. This was KSQL to KVGT
  8. Introducing Dynon Certified

    Hmm... I hadn't heard of 8.33, but it makes sense for you guys. The Avidyne wired correctly to the PMA 450a, will allow you to create multiple standby frequencies and monitor them while using the primary frequency. It's really quite amazing and has almost completely eliminated my use of the KX165.
  9. Bravo Ownership Questions

    Yeah DON'T send that to me. I need plausible deniability, and worse yet, it might fall into the hands of my wife.
  10. Introducing Dynon Certified

    Exactly. There is one for the KFC200 but it's really only an altitude hold. I was a bit surprised that with all of the sophistication in these platforms, there isn't any solution for altitude preselect or vertical speed select.
  11. Introducing Dynon Certified

    Thanks! And yes, I need the altimeter for the altitude preselect fiction of the KFC150.
  12. Bravo Ownership Questions

    This then comes to the question of CapEx vs. OpEx. I recently made this same decision. The prices (CapEx) of Bravos have fallen into my budget range, but the OpEx is still uncomfortable for me. Therefore I fly a 252. I think @donkaye once said $30K per year to fly his Bravo. I like to fly as much as he does, and didn't want to be limited in the number of hours I fly each year. I think the OpEx of my 252 will be somewhere between 50% and 70% of that number.
  13. Today's flight for 2017

    Winner! It's the feature of the documentary 16R.