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  1. So I think Jose is just trolling? Slow day in Florida?
  2. Had the Merlyn upper deck controller installed today at Topgun in Stockton. Went well, looks good. Merlyn estimated 10-12 hours for install. Called Topgun and the owner Mark estimated it would take 4 - 5 hours, making it possible to be done in a day. Bryan worked on it and did a great job. Total time? 4.8 hours! Pretty good estimate and done in way less time than Merlyn estimated. Haven’t always had good luck with shops getting things done close to their estimates, so this was a nice change. Plus, due to weather I had to reschedule a couple times and they were VERY accommodating. I was happy with Topgun today.
  3. I thought of that too, seems like a good idea. Surprisingly they don’t have pre-heat. Back-up plan was an extension chord for my homemade preheated system. I don’t have tannis. That’s what I ended up doing.
  4. Anyone know of anywhere that might have hangar availability for this Saturday to Monday at Eagle County, Colorado? The FBO wants $165 per night, which seems a bit pricey. It's going to get very cold overnight so hopefully I can put it inside. Thanks John
  5. I saw a video from the guy doing most of the test flying in it. Performance is pretty marginal. Climb rate is poor and so is cruise speed. Like c-150 rates or worse. I’d hate to see the specs with one engine out
  6. jrwilson

    Spruced up my wingtips!

    Wow that looks awesome
  7. jrwilson

    Typical M20C speeds (TAS)

    I don't know about the yokes, done by someone before me...
  8. No Merlyn yet, but I have the intercooler. I use those power settings but I do 125 deg rich of peak in cruise... That is usually around 1530 on TIT.
  9. Great post! I'm getting one installed hopefully soon. Just ordered it and waiting on the MSC to call back to schedule the install...
  10. jrwilson

    Need 12V+behind Avionics Master

    I think one of the changes from 231 to 252 is a change to the 28v system. Most 231s I see are 12v. My 84 is at least
  11. jrwilson

    M20K Interior

    Holy cow that’s nice. I like the textured fabric of the baggage area rear panel
  12. jrwilson

    Typical M20C speeds (TAS)

    Lol. I hope you’re enjoying the plane. She treated us well for 12 years.
  13. jrwilson

    Typical M20C speeds (TAS)

    Whoever got that thing painted before you got it, wow! They did a great job!!! Look, the tow bar even matches. Amazing attention to detail