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  1. I saw people asking about mooney emblems for after yoke reconditioning. I saw this on knots2u... http://www.knots2u.net/mooney-m20-yoke-emblem-pair/ They say you can also put it on your seatbelts...
  2. Can you do a j/k (201/231) design too? I'll buy one of those...
  3. I saw a pby about 20 years ago w turbines and an exec interior. It was sooo cool looking...bubble windows, couch lounge, a glass bubble in front with chairs... Recently saw a Grumman of some kind a while ago with an exec interior; not as cool as the pby, but still good. both way outside my price range
  4. I think he tried to start the engine multiple times, not take off three times, I think the waitress wasn't the most articulate and no one bothered to clarify.
  5. I think he is a broker, American aircraft sales; so I think the admin wants $ from people posting from commercial sources. At least that is how the topic heading looks.
  6. You read my mind...
  7. Sounds like a set-up for a bad joke with a picture of one of marauder's girls, but it's a real question...
  8. Any idea how much weight you could hang from a tie-down ring?
  9. Looks like I'll get there Saturday
  10. It should be nice and cool if you're going this weekend (between 58-64 deg). Just getting there should put you somewhat under gross, unless you took off over gross, as there is no gas at AVX (or you're bringing home a bunch of fish or lobster or something). There is almost always some wind to decrease the takeoff roll. I took off there often close to gross in my C, plenty of runway. I might see you there; either going there or Friday harbor this weekend (one island or another).
  11. Hi Wilson,

    Do you have Turbo Plus Spoilers installed in your Mooney M20K?.

    Kind Regards,

    1. jrwilson


      No I have precise flight.

    2. Miguel


      Ok thanks.

  12. On my C, the Windows were good but the sealant was bad and a bit of extra pressure by the wife on entry caused the sealant to let go. The A & P removed all the side windows, we cleaned the old seal off (time consuming) and resealed them. Windows were fine for the next ten years I owned it.
  13. Isn't that a New Jersey thing? They say "all due respect," and then say something crazy? I think I saw that on jersey shore or something...
  14. I have an 84 231 and could use new ones...
  15. For the doghouse, order some new parts from mooney, only order the parts that have the most curves and effort, and have your mechanic make the easy parts. The mooney parts are pricey, but they might save some money over your mechanic trying to do some of them with trial and error. Unless your mechanic is great with sheet metal. The new doghouse parts are really worth it; I did it on my C and temps dropped a bit. Then try some metal tape also to cover any tiny gaps. on the LASAR enclosure; I think it is worth it, it is supposed to improve cooling and I think it probably does. Gives a bit of speed and most importantly it looks much better!