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  1. Another sad mishap Bear Lake, CA

    I'm going Saturday. I just called the airport today and they said they just finished filling holes this morning...apparently still some FOD around. Hopefully it's nice. He said a newer mooney just landed 20 minutes before I called
  2. Moist, lol. So gross!
  3. Lasar shirt contest

    That filthy raptor! Currently WAY out in the lead! Looks like your social media game is STRONG. Millennials...;)
  4. Lasar shirt contest

  5. Lasar shirt contest

    Looks like there are some entries in the lasar contest. https://lasar.com/contest/?contest=photo-detail&photo_id=1821 there is my entry if you wanted to vote for it
  6. True Air Speed?

    Hmmm, way different than mine, but it could be because you're using 2400 rpm and I'm using 2500... You're not using 40" for take-off are you?
  7. True Air Speed?

    Again, check your aftermarket intercooler POH...I think you might be running too high of manifold pressure...But, hey, it's your engine, do what you like.
  8. True Air Speed?

    If you have an inter cooler you might be running too high mp; you can't use book numbers and you shouldn't be using more than 36" for take off. Use 252 book settings, or about 28" for cruise for most altitudes. Your fuel flow seems high too. you seem about 5 kts slow at those altitudes
  9. TSIO-360 - Push Rod Seal Leaks

    My pushrods do the same on the left, after 4 reseals and using the real seal brand. It has improved a bit with the newer seals. Tsio360lb 200 hours smoh late 2014 oh Minor valve cover leaks too, but those were solved w upgraded gasket covers
  10. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Ok, two shirts ordered, one adult and one child, as promised... i bet you'll see a big bump in shirt sales now! You can PM me for my PayPal info for my consulting fee. Just kidding, I don't even have a paypal account! You can just send me a big check!
  11. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Finally! My badgering has paid off. Since it's only $16, I may buy two, one for the daughter. You make kid's sizes too, right? If not, I get another commission for that idea!
  12. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    If you made a 201/231 shirt; I'd buy one... But as I've said this before, then I need a commission because at this point, I'm a consultant...
  13. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Do it! Take a chance, you only live once! Your avatar picture says, "Model: M20J (One day)" Make that a reality now! Then again, it's not my money I bought a Cessna 140 at 25 years old, and like Raptor mentioned, it took up WAY TOO MUCH of my disposable income and the wife complained...But over time, the relative costs decreased as my income increased, even with upgrading to a M20C, and the wife complained much less. Owning an aircraft has been an incredible experience, even if at times it was financially burdensome.
  14. Introduction! Future Mooney owner!

    people say the turbo is costlier....Probably is, so far I haven't seen it, other than a bit higher fuel burn and an extra $100 bucks on the annual to inspect the turbo. But yeah, it has extra parts and 2 more cylinders, so eventually there will be a cost. The plus side is I can climb to 24,000 feet if I need to; I haven't needed to yet, but I usually cruise at 16,500 to 17,500, if I'm going any distance, which is above the weather, above the turbulence and above the heat. Plus, the cruise speeds up there are usually pretty phenomenal. The K has extra range over the J because of bigger tanks and more speed, plus, on average, they're better equipped. It's also nice to not have to worry so much about density altitude; with the turbo, I can take off from Tahoe or Mammoth in the middle of the day in summer without a problem, which is really nice. If you couldn't tell, I really like my plane
  15. Marauder!!!!!!!

    Mine shows a car ad. I think a lot of the ads depend on what links you're clicking and what you search for...so, what are you looking at online?