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  1. Lasar has stainless steel ones...$55 for a pair for the main gear, $45 for the nose.
  2. My 84’ K has Vertically articulated seats, I thought it was pretty standard on them. Maybe it’s an upgrade. If so I like my plane even more now
  3. Sportys has a “do not tow” banner for the nose wheel
  4. I flew this 201 quite a bit about twenty years ago when it was a rental at West Valley Flying club in Palo Alto. It was pretty nice then, no big wing dents at the time
  5. That looks great! The one design with the classic Mooney bird on a diagonal on the tail was very creative/interesting too. I’m not a fan of that bird style but maybe with the modern one that could be a neat scheme
  6. Like what? So I take it I should not look for a used bottle?
  7. It's a built in tank in the tail and I don't have a picture of it.
  8. I want to get a refill system for my built-in oxygen. I am looking into leasing a 200 cubic foot tank with 2200 psi. How many refills would I get with the single tank? Would this work for filling my airplane tank? http://www.chiefaircraft.com/ao-fa-54-72-g.html I think I would also need to get a Scott adapter? Thanks in advance!
  9. Pictures or it didn’t happen...
  10. Seems perfectly reasonable. Free doughnuts are never ridiculous!
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ktvb.com/amp/article/news/local/idaho/plane-crash-american-falls-idaho-pilot-dog-killed/277-823c39f0-40db-44c8-a90d-765bce2bcff0 Well that’s tragic...
  12. Hopefully not. The article didn’t say anything about the status of the pilot. I’m hoping he or she is ok.
  13. I like the "Flying RV" concept. Not at all practical, but very cool. Almost thirty years ago now I saw a PBY catalina with turbine engines set up like a yacht inside. Very fancy...