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  1. AmSafe news

    Well, the news article is about a product in development. I'm really talking apples and oranges. The one they have certified and available is 6,000. Who knows when or if the developmental product will be available and what it will actually cost. I'm just reporting the price of their current product. I maybe should have been more clear.
  2. AmSafe news

    I called Amsafe and for a 231, they estimated $6,300, not including install for pilot and copilot.
  3. Nope. There was Placerville Aviation, but he is mostly doing owner assist stuff and renting out hangar space. The only actual maintenance shop there is Hangtown now.
  4. M20J Speed Improvement?

    Mine has an inter cooler so temps aren’t a problem, especially at 6000. In fact, in the winter (even in California) I have to keep the cowl flaps closed at 6,000 to keep the cylinder temps (#5 and 6 in the front) up in the green arc. The idea of temperature issues is really related to the GB engine. Most are LB engines now, which run much cooler, and many 231's have intercoolers, which improve temperatures even further. So that is a pretty old criticism of 231's, being hot running. Yes, I do cruise settings 28/25 at 6,000 and that gets close to 160, which is certainly prudent, as my cylinder temps are about 350 or less and TIT is well under 1500... So you can add that to your anecdotal data set.
  5. M20J Speed Improvement?

    1 hour ago, Shadrach said: Here in the lowlands, cruising at anything under 6000' the two 231s I am familiar with run <150kts. Yeah I don't know how these rumors spread... My 231 around 6k at full gross is pushing 160 kts (Maybe 158), running lighter and I'm over 160.
  6. M20K climb settings

    do you have intercooler or anything? 231 or 252?
  7. Hangtown Aviation in Placerville does my maintenance. Not a service center, but Mooney Knowledgeable. They're not affiliated with Skywagons and do relatively little business with them...
  8. Mooney Insurance

    Holy cow...for a K, with slightly less hull (140) I'm at $1100. Granted I have some Mooney time and over 2k hours total time, but still.... I went through Falcon.
  9. Ski tube additional info request

    It’s super cool, what else is there to know?
  10. Selling my Plane

    top left is my guess
  11. J

    That sucks! Why would they do that? Don't they need them to make parts?
  12. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Yeah, that is me! You’re welcome
  13. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Yeah long sleeve is good too...as long as it’s the K version.
  14. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Good idea, I’d buy one... K please.