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  1. Would Placerville work? I have a 231 (K). Same interior size as an F or G.
  2. No idea about the F, but my K has 49 in the nose wheel.
  3. Yeah, yeah, the 252 is pretty nice...I guess But mine has a ski tube, so I think mine wins!
  4. Probably pretty close, the K would likely beat it, but not by much and certainly not worth the fuel difference at those low altitudes. But, 231's are still great! Besides, who wants to fly so low?
  5. While I agree with Cruiser in this case, it doesn't seem like a K would really benefit him in the low altitudes of Illinois; BUT, I have to stick up for the mighty 231 in a few things... 1: The turbo is not a handicap below 15,000. A 231 will outrun a 201 at most altitudes, with the big difference starting above 10,000. Yes, you'll burn more fuel and the 201 is more efficient, below 10,000. 2: In this case, it sounds like the 201s are better equipped, but on average, the 231 came with more standard equipment, such as oxygen, folding rear seats, one piece belly, long range tanks, etc. 3: No, it isn't 1/3 more fuel...more like 1/4 (But yes, more fuel burn, less efficient) 4: Don't underestimate the value of a turbo for high density altitude days. While I routinely use high altitude airports so I really get the turbo benefit, it could also help on a hot and humid Illinois summer day too. So, in conclusion, 231s are great. If you disagree, you're entitled to your wrong opinion
  6. No sure if this was a serious question or not...but I think from the pictures and name of item, you could probably get some idea? Maybe Google? If not, it is a model of a plane, used in instruction, to discuss and model a maneuver or sequence of maneuvers to help the student visualize the action. Hopefully that helps
  7. Yeah price wasn’t bad...i think it was $90? Could be wrong. They pulled pics from the internet and I sent some pics too for the scheme. The only downside was the three + months lead time. Was a bit worried about getting it in time but their customer service was pretty good and kept us informed.
  8. From aviator gear. Pretty darn accurate. It’s a briefing stick but so far it seems like I’m briefing a lot of aerobatic maneuvers with it.
  9. You should make a new post with some possible dates, etc.
  10. Me too!! Schedule it!! That sounds great!
  11. At some point I uploaded the 337 into downloads, but next time I have the battery access open I'll take a picture.
  12. Probably not Skybolt.net - That looks like a model management agency. Probably not the Steen Skybolt - but they're cool. Maybe Skybolt, manufacturers of camloc? I'll take a look. Any specific ideas?
  13. I'll try to get some; not going to be great quality as it is black fabric in the baggage compartment. Basically #10 screws into the fabric is what it will show. I'll see what I can get though
  14. I have a ski tube in the baggage compartment. The cover is attached by regular screws, but it would be much easier/convenient if it could be removed with just quarter turn fasteners or something similar. What would I need to convert the screws to some other type of fastener?