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  1. I like the "Flying RV" concept. Not at all practical, but very cool. Almost thirty years ago now I saw a PBY catalina with turbine engines set up like a yacht inside. Very fancy...
  2. what did the inside of the Antonov look like? Rough and utilitarian? Bet that would be roomy for camping...
  3. Why can’t you advertise? I thought you just had to pay a nominal fee? Maybe that is just for single ads?
  4. My K POH says no slips with flaps... I agree with MIke Elliott...
  5. Now that is a good idea!!! I have a “ do not tow” flag for the nose but that would really solve the problem. I’m going to target and getting a bike lock.
  6. I think you’re supposed to “trim” the new piece to add the holes for O2 parts.
  7. Good. Nice and cheap resolution
  8. There is a spring on your cowl cowl flaps...yours is probably old and stretched. Mine did the same thing, popping to full open and a new spring solved it.
  9. Was he maybe talking about the M10 project?
  10. Maybe a little thievery? Siphoning a few gallons from different planes so it’s not noticed ? Probably not...seems like a lot of work for a little gas but maybe?