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  1. You probably need a new spring. Mine were a bit sloppy but a new spring fixed it. Your local MSC knows which one you need. I got it from top gun and for aviation it was cheap and even easy to install.
  2. And its too similar to my current design! I'm suing! You know, except for colors and some minor details....Otherwise it is an exact copy! Sarcasm is fun.
  3. People copying my old design! Darnit!
  4. I've got the airflow systems intercooler and GAMI injectors and run ROP in my 231. I actually have to watch my #5 and #6 cylinders to make sure it doesn't get below 250 (Its right in front) in cooler temps and in climbs. The hottest cylinder doesn't get above 380 in cruise in the summer with cowl flaps in trail... So an LB 231 with intercooler can run pretty darn cool.
  5. I got the airtex carpet kit (And kick panel kit too) for my 20C and it was a good fit (Laid in perfectly with the only cutting for the fuel selector and stuff like that...) and held up well for the 12 years I had it. I got a quote from Hector from Aerocomfort and they do a turn-key kit too for carpet. It's quite a bit pricier, but I bet the quality is great. I just got the side kick panel carpet kit from Airtex and put it in yesterday for my K. A minimal amount of fitting and it looks nice. They were easy to work with too. I didn't want the baggage area for their kit, so they just did the cockpit area for cheaper. Sooo....Maybe you got a bad batch? I forgot to grab "Before" pictures on the kick panels, but I can post "After" pictures later this week.
  6. Weird, I was thinking his cowl flap opening looked small compared to my old 20C...
  7. Well good luck to you
  8. You know what he means....he's trying to help, no need to be picky on terminology... another idea; knots2u has an interior placard kit that might be useful... but it might not be called an interior placard kit or they may have called it something else in 1963, so feel free to completely disregard this information...
  9. That $275 isn't for all the side panels, just the carpet side panels; there are plastic sections above the carpet side panels. The backing on my panels was just deteriorating and the mechanic was complaining about it when he put it back together at annual.
  10. I'm having them make new side carpet panels, rear spar to firewall (skipping the baggage compartment cuz it is fine) for $275....
  11. Airtex uses what they call polyboard for backing on the side panels. They sell it on their website separately, so you can DIY. $40 for a length of it...I forget the measurements...
  12. I'm falcon too. $110 hull and $1000 premium, no deductible. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, I didn't ask to add it.
  13. Well,as I have no need to land on dirt, it's not a concern. If you were paying for my insurance, I'd take your opinion under advisement.
  14. Mine too, it has been a consistent restriction from the 20C and 20K...
  15. I got my set...They look good in person!