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  1. Good. Nice and cheap resolution
  2. There is a spring on your cowl cowl flaps...yours is probably old and stretched. Mine did the same thing, popping to full open and a new spring solved it.
  3. Was he maybe talking about the M10 project?
  4. Maybe a little thievery? Siphoning a few gallons from different planes so it’s not noticed ? Probably not...seems like a lot of work for a little gas but maybe?
  5. But I guess that’s still more than zero...
  6. That 150 at 3500 of mine is at pretty reduced pwr, 25”
  7. So I always hear the 201 is faster than a 231 at lower altitudes with the usual consensus that a 201 will outrun a 231 below either 8,000 or 10,000, depending on whose telling the tale... i have a bit of time in a few 201s and have owned a 231 for about 4 years. The 201s I’ve flown do between 155 and 160 kt tas at around 8k, slowing a bit the lower and higher you go. My 231 does about 166kt at 8k, slowing a bit the lower I go and of course speed as I climb. around 5,500 I do just under 160kt. what do others see with their 201s and 231s? What is your speed at 5,500, pwr setting and fuel flow? here is 5,500/28”/2500/12.7 fuel and 3500/25.3”/2500/10.3fuel sorry abiut the sideways pictures... @marauder can You fix that?
  8. Yep that’s them. You think only a dozen? Could be...I’m not sure. They had how many initially, like 80? They did a fairly recent “modernization” of them, but they’re probably having to cannibalize lots of part so yeah probably less than 60. We scrapped ours , with few to museums, I think specifically so Iran couldn’t get parts for theirs.
  9. I think there are about 60 of them flying still
  10. I’ve seen a couple of mentions of July 6th. I dont think there will be much hotel availability, if you’re gonna do an overnight. Or really expensive at least...
  11. They’re doing my k too. Are you going through Falcon?
  12. My mechanic does the credit card fee...I don’t like it but he charges what the card processor charges him. It’s fair, otherwise he would eat that cost and they’re not working on tons of profit margin
  13. Real numbers/12.7 gph 12500 - 172kt 15000 - 175 18000 - 178 21000 - 180 climb rates: above 12000 ~ 600 fpm 231s are great planes. Get one with an inter cooler