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  1. Shipping and handling? Handling is a reasonable amount that maybe deals with that cost? If that works, I want one...
  2. Have you checked www.lasar.com. They have a plane sales section
  3. Or, just skip the PPI, skip this plane, and move on to the next plane... That is what I would do. There are lots of planes for sale and if this one is bringing up lots of questions before you've even started a PPI. That says move to the next, in my opinion. Edit: I just saw you're post that you're moving on from this one and looking at an E. Good choice.
  4. $34,000
  5. Pretty high total time; well over tbo (not required of course, but still...), dated avionics, average everything else... really high (firm) price for an unimpressive plane...
  6. There is an F at wvfc in San Carlos, which should count for hours and a K at advantage, in Palo Alto which will also work for insurance hours. both of those are in Northern California
  7. This is a comparison on the costs of a 201 vs a 231... http://www.mooneyland.com/is-a-turbo-mooney-a-better-buy-than-a-201/ Is it accurate? No idea, but it does give some justification for me doing what I already wanted to do... The other thing I noticed when I was shopping, besides the prices between 231s and 201s being so close, was that 231 tended to have more options and upgrades than 201s.
  8. Yeah, I want to do that too. I haven't done it yet though...
  9. As a current 231 owner and past 20C owner, I have to say, the K maintenance hasn't been bad. Granted, its only been 2 years, but it has been about the same cost as the C. The annuals are easier (One piece belly, fewer inspection panels, much fewer screws in the cowl). Granted, there are 2 more cylinders and a turbo, but really hasn't been a problem. I did have to replace a turbo check valve, which was about $500, but that was a clamp chafing problem, so can't really blame anything 231 specific on that. Other than that, had an alternator problem, which was just a connector, and a dead battery...that's it in 2 years. As for performance...wow...I don't worry about density altitude anymore. I go in and out of Tahoe and mammoth in the summer with no problems. The 75 gallon tanks are great and a bit of a speed mod in of themselves. The speed is great, the range is great, the systems are great. Much roomier than the C too. The only problem I've had so far is finding places to top off the O2.
  10. Anyone been to Catalina in the last few weeks? With all the rain, how is the runway? Last time I was there (Last year) it was pretty rough. With this winter and all the rain, is it worse?
  11. I saw people asking about mooney emblems for after yoke reconditioning. I saw this on knots2u... http://www.knots2u.net/mooney-m20-yoke-emblem-pair/ They say you can also put it on your seatbelts...
  12. Can you do a j/k (201/231) design too? I'll buy one of those...
  13. I saw a pby about 20 years ago w turbines and an exec interior. It was sooo cool looking...bubble windows, couch lounge, a glass bubble in front with chairs... Recently saw a Grumman of some kind a while ago with an exec interior; not as cool as the pby, but still good. both way outside my price range
  14. I think he tried to start the engine multiple times, not take off three times, I think the waitress wasn't the most articulate and no one bothered to clarify.
  15. I think he is a broker, American aircraft sales; so I think the admin wants $ from people posting from commercial sources. At least that is how the topic heading looks.