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  1. So I would avoid a 206 or a 210 if you you care about efficiency/vs speed at all... I fly both for work and the fuel burn is terrifying and I’m always glad I don’t pay for the gas. The T-210 is relatively fast, but at 20 gph, it’s still slower than my 231. It can carry more though and is pretty comfy but sucks down the gas. 206 (300hp) is a big slow truck. Roomy but so so slow!
  2. Will there be a landing fee for LASAR customers at RIU? Currently they have a landing fee...
  3. The GB engine is considered to be hotter running than the LB engine.
  4. And my mag is coming up for overhaul at this annual.
  5. The Sure Fly magneto replacement was certified for the 231 with a caveat, it is only approved for fixed timing right now, not advanced timing. I called Sure Fly tech support and they claimed they're close to approval for advanced timing and then the unit could be switched to advanced with little effort (But he is a sales guy too, so who knows the truth on that). So the only real benefit at this point for the switch to sure fly would be easier start (Mine starts easy now) and no 500 hour mag inspection and no timing check on one mag at annual. The unit is about $1700 and you also need a new harness and a resistor for the tach. My mechanic said he didn't think it was worth it if you can't advance the timing. I think the lack of mag overhaul and simplicity make it maybe worth it. What do you guys thing?
  6. I thought camguard wasn't approved for turbo use? Probably not related to this problem though...
  7. Dang it, you just reached my level of paranoia! now I need to get a new one. $350 for peace of mind i guess isn't too bad...
  8. cool, thanks for the replies. Looks like I'll give it a chance and see how it does.
  9. Yeah, that could get pricey. I got lucky and someone was there with a jumper. I think my battery (1984 231) is only about $350.
  10. Well I've gotta ask now! Why?! How?! Batteries aren't that much!
  11. My daughter accidentally bumped the overhead light switch getting something out of the plane when we were on a trip and we came back to a dead battery. Luckily we were able to get a jump and the battery took a charge from the alternator on the 5 hour flight back home. Started up fine after getting gas and taxiing back to the hangar. But, since the battery was completely drained, is it best to get a new one? It is a Concord RG-35 battery. I saw the related thread about wiring a timer to that switch like Don did...Awesome idea! My wife also suggested just disabling that light since we never use it...
  12. Flying to KEGE next week. Looks like high terrain on downwind for 25. Is that right. Any tips.

    1. jrwilson


      I’ve only been once.  I did use 25 but no issues with terrain within the pattern area, the airport is in a pretty good valley and no real issues with the approach, at least VFR. 

    2. TGreen
  13. Probably need new springs; may have stretched over time or during maintenance. Mine was doing the same thing and new springs solved it.
  14. I flew into eagle. They had a heated hangar which was nice. Glen wood springs had a fun hot springs pool/hot tub facility which I would recommend for an evening