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  1. I called UAvionix and confirmed the K isn't approved. They say it is because the K is certified to 28,000' and they're only allowed up to 25,000'. I discussed the difference in service ceilings of 231's and 252's. The tech support person I spoke to found the serial number differences between the 231 and 252 and said she would work on getting 231's by serial number approved on the next update, but said it would be a few months at least.
  2. This is frustrating. You're not an expert, but you make a blanket statement about "The 231 has a problem engine as far as I'm concerned." Do you mean early 231s with the -GB engine? If so, yes, there were early problems, which have been largely rectified with the -LB engines. Add an intercooler and Merlyn and it's a fantastic plane. A low time pilot can't be trained to safely operate one? Jeez, tell that to the military, which routinely teaches low time pilots to fly jets. Sure, it only has 10 more horsepower than the J, and it isn't "...all that much faster." But by that logic,
  3. So I read the article on caveman and I’m confused... is it an active hotel? Do people actually stay there? Seems like there are hotel rooms and amenities but for a possible future venture?
  4. Just outboard of the pitot tube on the left, close to the front of the wing. Same spot on the right, just easier to find on the left with the pitot tube
  5. I got the Aspen Max upgrade and it came with a synthetic vision unlock card but I already had SV unlocked on my system. So I have an unused unlock card. I’m not sure which Aspen systems can use it or what is needed to install it. But if you need one I’d let it go for a good price.
  6. I don’t know what the hose was going to, just know they needed a longer one to get around the surefly.
  7. Surefly is installed. Needed an oil hose reroute (new hose) but other than that if fit fine. Starts faster and idles better. No real performance gains because of fixed timing
  8. Nope...that’s why I had 166 ktas ;). Autopilot was doing a slight correction. Picture right before was 165 and level
  9. 9,500'/28"/2500 RPM Full fuel but only two people on board so about 150 under gross. Sorry about the sideways pictures. Maybe I was in a steep turn?
  10. That seems really slow...like F speeds. What RPM? I’m using 2500. Maybe check rigging?
  11. Thanks for the info, all good advice! I'm getting the vaccum replaced and one mag overhauled, the other changed for a Surefly. The O2 bottle was replaced last year (Pricey!). I do need to get the hot prop looked at...
  12. Hi all, Getting ready for the annual and the plane will be at 500 hours SMOH. Going to put in a SureFly mag replacement and overhaul the other mag. looking through the service manual, looks like the vacuum pump and fuel selector valve need to be overhauled. Anything else need overhauling at 500 hours? is anything required for the alternator? I also have a cycling noise in the radio along with the amp gauge fluctuating. Wondering if something should be done with the alternator/regulator? thanks in advance!
  13. If you want to take a quick flight in a 231 and don't mind a drive I'm at Placerville and could take you up.
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