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Annunciator Panel Removal


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Good morning Mooney Space! I've seen a few other topics that had died out without concreate answers on the removal of the annunciator panel found in Mooney instrument panels.

My question is, can the factory annunciator panel be removed when installing modern avionics such as a Garmin G500 TXi with EIS? Does this deviate from how the aircraft was originally certified? 

Current annunciations: Gear Down, Gear Unsafe, Left Fuel, Right Fuel, Speed Brake, Alt Air, Prop Deice, Pitot Heat, HI/LO Vav, Alt Volts, Start Power, STBY Vac, Trim Fail, Emerg Bus, Boost Pump. 

The Garmin G500 TXi with EIS and the GFC 500 autopilot will replace most of these. I am pretty sure of the answer, I just figured I would ask to ask! 

Lastly, without clouding the original question, has anyone replaced the annunciator bulbs with LED bulbs (annunciator, not post lights)? If so, how do they dim and do they affect any other systems? 

Annun Lts.jpg

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I removed the vacuum system.
JPI replaces fuel and voltage annunciations.
Gear annunciations replaced by simple lights.
Ram air was removed, so no ram air annunciation.

So nothing left for the annunciator to do.

Edit: your version has extra annunciations, they might be replaced by simple lights, with possible exception of “trim failed”. If you replace autopilot with GFC500, it will have it’s own annunciation on G5/GFX.

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On my last upgrade the only annunciator left was the gear so I removed the annunciator panel and replaced the gear annunciators with an Eaton style annunciator with a push to test.  I checked the TCDS and there was no mention of the annunciator panel that I could find so the shop agreed it was legal to remove.

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