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  1. Yes but to have a backup left if I should need it in a pinch.. Shower of sparks will still be around (disabled of course) or, I could just sell it.. It's just an extra mag ;o) -Don
  2. Exhaust is on! Left mag update to SureFly going on! Now I'll have a spare! -Don
  3. David said he has a friend with that setup — sent a pic of it. Looks like a good compromise... -Don
  4. This was a very interesting part of past ISS missions and having a way to navigate space without references to/from Earth - Pulsar Navigation (Space version of GPSS) https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-00478-8 -Don
  5. Not to mention I hope to have mine this month too ;o) -Don
  6. I’m already doing my part ;o). Flying next Friday ;o) have to see if my business schedule leaves enough time for this month ;o) -Don
  7. David was able to install the GDL 82 (for ADS-B): And the Oil Cooler relocation bracket: A very different location for the cooler! There will be some fun testing that out too! -Don
  8. I was lucky enough to get them at the used book store for $50 — all 7 Abe books still has them... -Don
  9. It was the big scare, I literally could not breath. It came to a head on a business trip to Irvine. When I got back saw the Dr. - said watch out for pulmonary embolism -any kind of breathtaking or weakness go straight to ER. 2 weeks later boom, woke up - was unable to walk or breath - wife rushed me to ER. The ER Dr. said if I waited much longer, I would have been gone in 6 months to a year. So yeah, I’m takin’ it seriously for sure now. Everyday is a gift. ;o) That made me get off my butt to get current again and get my medical — wasted too many years running my business and working all the time... -Don
  10. Thanks for asking! I’m back up to almost 5 miles and have my 3 class medical too. Entresto is a miracle drug. With hard work I’m near 50% EF now - took almost a year and a half but, I’m able to do more. Not there yet for the 10 milers but I’m able to do close to 5’s more often (but not as fast as I used to ;o) Cardiac rehab was a huge help... other ‘gene’ pool hits I’m still overcoming but at least I’m active again and can fly solo... I’ve always admired folks who fought back and would not let life’s ‘challenges‘ stop them... the ‘true’ human spirit if you will — kick, scream, and fight those challenges until there is nothing left ;o) -Don
  11. My heart failure was genetics - with 20% EF when it happened. I'm nowhere near the level those folks are (health wise) but I was doing 5 to 10 mile speed walks a day before the failure started to creep up on me. I can sympathize.. No blockage, pressure great, took them 3 days before the cardiac mri showed the EF ratio. Those folks look like the perfect picture of health too... -Don
  12. All 4 on my IPad... good stuff... -Don
  13. Hicks Texas (T67) has an F for rent (Zulu Aviation), just West of KAFW (Alliance) and North West of KFTW (Ft. Worth Meacham). I’ve been renting it. Nicely equipped (GNS 430W) -Don
  14. That is a hold in leu of procedure turn - it is a mandatory if you have nothing saying NoPT. ATC will expect you to fly the hold in leu with either a tear drop, parallel, or direct entry depending on heading... Edit: looking at the plate, their is a sector that says NoPT - basically a direct entry -Don