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  1. Here it is! David did a great job... 201 spinner with the Sabremech gen1 cowl. I’m guessing a 337 could be accomplished too -Don
  2. Mine has the sabremech cowling with the new baffles. It did have the SWTA cowling installed via STC until David did his magic. My CHT temps have benn great so far but, we've not hit the 100s yet ;o). Not expecting any issues either... I'll get a link to mine baffles here in a sec... -Don
  3. FF is on the menu. David is looking for the transducer for the G2. Hoping to do that later this year... -Don
  4. PCU with bracket and right mag ordered! Should have both in a week. Talked to the AP recommended by Byams,should be set. Flew her yesterday in the pattern, she loves to fly! Once these items are set, I want to really stretch here legs and do a longer x-country. Have almost over 40 hrs on her since I got her - now have 70 hrs in a Mooney! At this rate I may have 100 hrs on her before annual is due... With all of this work being done, the things that were not done during engine IRAN are cylinders and carb - every thing else is new or overhauled! -Don
  5. I’d ask the pre buy AP to wash it down (pay him of course) and do the dye. I’d want to be 100% sure it’s not a cracked case and I’d want to know where the oil is coming from. -Don
  6. I use openTable app when I travel... works well and pretty good recommendations too... -Don
  7. That’s nice! Could be nice for a cargo net too... -Don
  8. Decided to fly her in the pattern today. I noted the prop is real slow responding the first time I do a prop cycle, 2nd and 3rd are more responsive but still a bit slow. I do get 2700 RPM on take off and climb out. Following Don Kayes recommendations on pattern work, she never goes over 2500 RPM so I’ve been fine there. Waiting for Byam’s to get back on the timeframe and hopefully this can be all done in one day. Right mag is due for the 500 hrs so gonna do that at the same time. Gonna ck the air pump but would really like to wait since when I do the G5, all the vac stuff goes... 88° day
  9. Follow Don Kaye’s advice - 100 mph (~90 knots) down wind with proper configuration - for my ‘66 C. U shaped turns to final for me... -Don
  10. Called Byam’s and talked to Brian there (he does the prop Governors). Said the same thing as Cody - probably defective governor and to go with the PCU5000 and bracket. He’s going to get back with me on Monday with the details to order. They don’t install anymore so he recommended 2 AP’s in the Denison area to do the install so, I’m going to reach out to them. Appreciate everyone’s help! -Don
  11. Much appreciated. Will they know what bracket setup I need? -Don
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