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  1. ‘Mmm... Donuts’ -Homer ;o)
  2. I’m north of Dallas, about an hr drive. Looked for a hanger @ Hicks, no joy. My IFR training does take me out to Parker - done the VOR-DME A a few times out there ;o) KGYI is about the same drive time... ‘the community hanger won’t let a non AP/IA Work in the hangers (makes sense - I hanger with jets ;o). I’d do it if I could find a local hanger I could rent for a bit (couple of weeks) with room and a willing AP/IA to help me — thus the wait for a shop... -Don
  3. David’s time ;o) we talked about it and he does not have enough time to get it installed right now. My guess it’s 25-40 hours to do with the gmu11 and gad29b... I’d love it done but just a timing thing... Yeah, I’ll basically have the same setup as you - maybe do a dual G5 since I’ll need to wait... -Don
  4. After talking with David, I’m going to do a G5 HSI vs the VLOC switch. The avionics tech suggested that would be a better long term direction for me and give me 2 separate ways for approaches. Can’t get the G5 installed until next year (shops are booked solid for 4 months!). This will delay my IFR training a bit since I won’t have a CDI for the GPS but, I’ll have a better nav setup! -Don
  5. David has more of the interior done! Almost ready -- few items left -- weather is getting a bit colder up north ;o). Hoping very soon to fly her down here. Working with David's friend/CFI Patrick to come with me back to Dallas and get my insurance 'checkout' at the same time. Here's some pic updates (looking awesome!): -Don
  6. That is fair. Let me see what funds I can get but first the STC is something I do want to verify — that is 2k by itself from what I read and not sure if it is needed for a used unit... -Don
  7. @CharlesHuddleston still have this and, is it also the Pro/IFR version (not Pro/VFR)? I’m assuming it has a guarantee to work ;o) and no problem with 14 volt system... Thanks! -Don
  8. 'nipple' knobs and all ;o) -Don
  9. David finished the leading edge touch up on the wings! Very appreciative of everything David has done... Inching closer! This will protect the leading edge until I can determine when she should get a face lift ;o) David has done a ton to get her ready - I'm lucky for sure! -Don
  10. Mine took 6 weeks - before the Wuhan virus came in... -Don
  11. Lol, but poor seagull... -Don
  12. It is — and I’m leaving ‘Santa’ alone and not pestering him ;o) -Don
  13. Had a chat with David, things moving along well! Interior is almost complete, David will be doing the touch-up painting this weekend. Harness is in progress and hopefully all will be working the GNC355 et. al. soon. Hard to contain the excitement! Learning patience all over again but, it’s worth it! -Don
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