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  1. No, not really. A - D are very similar... M20A had a wooden wing, B was the first all metal version. -Don
  2. Humm, no mention of the M20B... -Don
  3. Yes, that bushing is too long for sure. I’ll hit up aviall for a replacement but,I have a vacuum cap that fits perfect for the short term. Appreciate the input... -Don
  4. Thanks, actually it’s a bolt on the seat - left above the up lock block: that sucker is sharp. The ‘B’ seems to have the recline latch wider there and when they move the seat close, it’s right in the path. Ouch... -Don
  5. Went out to the plane today to get a start on the breakers -- found out they were not the right ones so, added the No Step decals and AV Gas 100LL stickers, swept it out, added toggle switch covers, then took better pics of the panel: Toggle Switch Covers on the left side: The toggle switch covers are to help me locate the correct switch so I don't switch the fuel gauges vs boost pump -- not a fan of the single gauge so when I update to a monitor system, that will be gone but for now, this will give me what I need. The 2 that are in the middle are for strobes (which I don't have now) and the pitot heat -- which I do have -- go figure ;o) Johnson bar was a bit funky as it would kinda catch in the hook. I'm having the AP look @ that -- worked great on the ground. Also, found a knuckle buster on the after maintenance fight -- really took some skin -- bleed all over my hand -- was fun to fly with my hand like that for 30 minutes. Found the offender -- bolt on the passenger's seat. Seems if the co-pilot pulls the seat up close, the bolt is right there. I'll make sure that is covered -- you can bet on that. Outside of the down lock block (which will get replaced as soon as the group buy get's done), she flew great. Flys very different than the F -- that is for sure! Can't wait to put more time on her -- really sucks waiting for the medical ;o( -Don
  6. In DFW, hit up Zulu. 20-25 minute drive from DFW to Ft. Worth Meacham. Ray is great to deal with and Michael is a great instructor. -Don
  7. Zulu Aviation - Ft. Worth Meacham Airport, (Conerstone Aviation is the FBO) Ft. Worth Texas -Don
  8. While not a Mooney, I can atest to Adams. i did their paint correction in 2017, this is over 2 years later and all I do is a Gary Dean wash and Adams detail spray. This also includes 6 track days: I’ve done no paint correction since I did the original acrylic paint sealant. Adams have great products... yes that is a swirl free surface on a 2011 Camaro - factory paint too in most areas! if your curious as to how it looks overall: https://www.camaro5.com/forums/showpost.php?p=10611579&postcount=2590 -Don
  9. I have what I think is correct: Down lock block: AN 3-26A Bolt AN 960-10 Washer AN 363-1032 Nut Up lock block: AN 3-17A Bolt AN 960-10 Washer AN 363-1032 Nut Availl here I come! at least that’s what my manual says ;o) I’m assuming the push down lock block button unscrews so that assembly can be removed/installed. Don’t see that breakdown in my manual as I believe those early model Mooneys didn’t have them... The SB for models without the button lock block on how to add the revised block: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/4147179/technical_documents/service_bulletins/sbm20-88b.pdf FYI preloads in that SB are wrong. This SI corrects those: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/4147179/technical_documents/service_instructions/sim20-32.pdf Edit: David was quick! -Don
  10. Those look awesome! Understand the wait... Thanks for the report! Can you also give us the bolt, nut sizes/#s - just to be safe? -Don
  11. My hanger quarantine will be new circuit breakers installed after I get her back from annual ;o) Caddo Mills will be a ghost town - wait, it already is ;o) -Don