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  1. I have the step, maybe a pound for the step alone.... all vacuum removed - maybe 3-4 lbs Good luck! Lots of choices... -Don
  2. Filled her up today to see how much fuel I used on the way back from Galveston - 25.6 gallons for 2.6 hours block time (avg. 9.6 an hour) - not bad! Took her for a spin in the pattern to work on landings- can't practice those too much ;o) Waiting on avionics shop for second G5. Plane is sure fun to fly... -Don
  3. 2 G5's (AI/HSI), Avidyne 440 direct swap, keep the needles as backups, sell the 430W... https://www.avidyne.com/product/ifd440-gps-navigator/ -Don
  4. Noticed this about a different autopilot (in red print): https://www.trioavionics.com/frequent_questions.htm https://www.trioavionics.com/ProPilot.htm My GNC355 is compatible too... EFIS/GPS support... https://www.trioavionics.com/Trio Autopilot Compatibility Chart.pdf Tryin to find out if Mooneys are going to be supported by their STC... just stirring up the bees nest a bit ;o) -Don
  5. Second G5 is in! Now, just waiting on the avionics shop to get me in - gonna be a nice panel! Stratus3 is also here and will be trying that out this weekend... -Don
  6. http://www.quiettechnologies.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=51 -Don
  7. 201er don't you have a review on different headsets? My Bose A20s are loudest on takeoff and fairly quiet after that - and they are comfortable ;o) -Don
  8. Stall strips are custom fit to each individual plane (flight tested and drilled in place once stall is finalized). I'd ck around first before removing them to be sure - ck with an MSC or a paint shop... -Don
  9. Welcome! It will be an addictive adventure ;o) -Don
  10. They appear to be good getting stcs done: https://www.duncanaviation.aero/services/engineering/stc-library -Don
  11. Still a 'few weeks' before submitting for STC... The company has teamed with Duncan Aviation for the STC process, and said it will soon complete the ground and flight testing required to submit the STC documentation to the FAA within the next few weeks. We'll see... -Don
  12. G5 AI is ordered and the Avionics Shop I called may be able to squeeze me in sometime in August! Since we already have the main items installed for the DG, this should be an easier install. Once that is done, most of the new items (except the AutoPilot) will be completed. The AutoPilot is a harder choice -- wait for Trutrak or go Garmin. I'll just have to wait on that one probably until next year. Lots of investment this year (first year owner stuff) and maintenance items but, she's flying great and shows its a very capable bird. Wife enjoyed the trip and when I explained to her we did Galveston to Home in 2:15 minutes she realized we had no car traffic to deal with, no flight delays or, check-ins to a busy airport (no rental car to return/early TSA checkin). The drive is almost 5 hrs one way... I showed her how the GNC-355 and DG worked, how to find airports, how the magenta line works, the iPad to track us, landmarks, etc. Its a big difference from the old days we went cross country by VOR/Airways and paper charts (I always flew vor to vor VFR since I had them) and no onboard weather. I later bought a Garmin 195 to do GPS more direct - I thought THAT was something then.... 52W is gonna be a very happy bird now... -Don
  13. As promised, my StormScope checks. To get to the 'service' menu, after the StormScope is finished with its initial startup cks, you hold down the left 2 buttons at the same time to enter the 'setup/diagnostic' menu. Once there, you can choose what you want to test. Thanks to Don Valentine (StormScope specialist) for giving me the install/test manual. He's testing out my 2 other StormScopes (yes I have 3 total ;o). How I did the noise check (also has a Strike Test too -- I did that also): How I did the wiring move (yes, I did cut the zip-ties): -Don
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