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  1. Yes, absolutely.... Having those would be a big help since they are of a newer design. I’m just checking with my friend on if he can do them... -Don
  2. Got a down block from BDPetersen — will go that angle too while David works his. Will still be looking for an up block but if I don’t get one, may pull mine. Never hurts to try different avenues... @BDPetersen Thanks! I’ll retuned this as soon as possible... -Don
  3. Appreciate the input — I based the material off of an FAA list. For an OPP part, should go with the best available. I’ll look into those you mentioned. -Don
  4. Gotta say, I’m enjoying your posts. I too prefer owner assisted and will be watching this thread with great interest! Keep it up! -Don
  5. Yep, and they had the Cowboys Cafe too — with the 1 lbs lineman sandwich — yum! Boy that was awhile ago... -Don
  6. Yes Addison TX. Forgot to mention that... -Don
  7. Will they also have the up lock block? I have not been able to find that on their site. still want the drawings/other supplier option for owner produced... Glad they’re getting back into that though... -Don
  8. I want to press forward myself. I saw that in the other discussion but what happens if they don’t or loose their CNC again? I’d rather have an out myself. I thought they only had one of the blocks anyway and not both. I’d like to have both... -Don
  9. Well got a surprise today — dead battery cell. Been on the charger too. Luckily , there is a local aviation supply shop in Addison (Falcon Crest Aviation) that had a Concord in stock. I was going to do my Mooney training today but the weather didn’t cooperate— good thing it didn’t. New battery goes in. My plane was moved due to the storms last Friday (shared hanger) so not sure if the power was off on the charger or something else. Gonna seal up the dog house as there are areas air can escape while I’m in there. My 2fers USBs came in — nice to have for each side of the panel... -Don
  10. Yes, I was going to check with my friend about doing that after I get a new set. I’d rather try and get a 7075 aluminum block machined myself. I think @Sabremech has a good handle on this and since they’d be ‘owner produced’, it could help everyone who may need a set. We could probably setup a prebuy once we have an idea of approximate cost. In fairness to David, he is in business and this has to be profitable for him (having my own business, working for ‘free’ can get costly). I think once the initial prebuy block set is paid, David could get the dimensions out for those to do their own while still having the ability to do more prebuy groups for those who would want to go that route. -Don