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  1. Ok, so the bill of sale for my B is in the works and the settlement should be done this month. Once that is done, N74562 will be parts unless/until someone salvages it. So, the good news... I have been having a discussion with David (Sabremech) and the plans are for me to buy his plane (N2652W) and give it a new home! We’re working out the timing and the details but, knowing how David is, she’ll be in great flying shape. Yes it WILL have the new Sabremech cowling (drool ;o) I’ll be patiently waiting for David to get his FAA STC paperwork done for his new cowling. Once the stars align, we’ll get the deal done. David and I spent about an hour on the phone tonight going over the details and, needless to say, I’m excited. With all the speed mods, new interior, and all the great work David is doing to her to get it ready for me, I’m expecting an exciting flight back to Texas when the time comes. David and I spoke about him doing the annuals for the next couple of years with me doing an owner assisted so I can get to know the plane. I’ve always believed things happened for a reason and maybe this was the ‘plan’ all along. It’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to fly her... -Don
  2. Lol, gotta have some fun ;o) it will be a couple of months before both of us are ready. That gives me time to get the settlement done and hopefully my medical is issued. Going flying in the F this week and get my ifr training started. It’s been a long month... -Don
  3. Check the FAA registrations - if you’ve done a title search, you should be good. Bill of Sale is necessary for registration to prove ownership.
  4. Well, spoke with my aviation lawyer this morning. Was really and eye opener. If you don’t do a title search and, there is a lien, and you pay cash for a plane, YOU now own that lien in the eyes of the FAA and law. Just an FYI for those out there looking at planes and not financing. I have an insurance question to resolve with the lawyer (who just happens to be one of my past CFIIs !) but, looks like the settlement will be what it is. On the UP SIDE, a very exciting development happened over the weekend on a future Mooney - gonna keep quiet as to not jinx it ;o) -Don
  5. Boy, glad I got mine... Lasar may have them. Might try there... -Don
  6. Finding the a&p that will let me do the work in Caddo Mills in the main problem — that and I run my own business so taking the time is the other. Since I’d rather fly than rebuild ‘another’ plane again (been there done that), I’m going to accept this outcome. Maybe 10 years ago I would for sure but, after all the things I’ve had to deal with recently, I’d rather fly. Appreciate the input! -Don
  7. Yeah, there moving along finally. I’m looking at B-Fs. Just seeing what is out there. Once the settlement is done, I’ll see what I have saved and what I can ‘spend’ per the ‘boss’ ;o) -Don
  8. Well this saga is coming to an end. She is officially totaled. I was able to get most of the avionics covered so that hurts a bit less. The lien holders we so kind as they worked with me to get a lien release. They reduced the lien low enough so that was especially nice. Now I’m just waiting on the claims adjuster to finish up and do the settlement. I’ll be Saving up for my next Mooney. Got news from the FAA on my medical and the board meets end of June. The gentleman from the FAA medical branch said it was a great sign so fingers crossed. Now to do some flying just for fun with my CFI in the F for a bit while the wheels turn... -Don
  9. It’s all up in the ‘air’. No real good solutions as the insurance will obviously try to keep payout low as possible - if I fix it. I’m going to contact the aviation lawyer on Monday to see what my options are. I’m not a quitter - this is a very ‘trying’ situation when looking for the best outcome. The lien really puts a monkey wrench in things... -Don
  10. As soon as I know they are for sure fixing it, I’m ordering them. Already have the $ for them ;o). It was actually next on the list with the dual fuel gauge... -Don
  11. Well, strange set of events... I have 30 days from pickup to notify the insurance of improvements and hull increase (with all the upgrades, I'm moving to $45k). Since I picked up the plane last week, doing that now. Second, the claims adjuster is now looking into repairing the plane. This is really due to the existing lien and what it would take to clear it. It's been a roller-coaster. Still waiting to find out if they've moved the plane... -Don
  12. Still waiting... now I have to find out if they’ll cover the avionics since I just got the plane back that day - after fixing An issue with the avionics and the new items installed. Didn’t even have a chance to call to get them added to the insurance yet. Not sure how that works out... Sent a note to my broker to find out... didn’t have the plane but about 30 minutes with all the new stuff working... -Don
  13. Ah, ok. That one! Yeah, Bank on the checklist ;o) -Don
  14. True but, ADS-B is going to be required for DFW, that adds 2k to the cost, plus pre purchase inspection as necessary, flight out there... Little things start adding up.. -Don