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  1. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    I transitioned to little jets after a career flying for an airline. While a lot of it is just-the-same, there are some significant differences. Not better, or worse, but certainly different; still fun!
  2. Fuel Contamination

    That's why I thought it might be something inside the FBO fuel hose. In both your tanks and it wouldn't necessarily show up when they drain their sump. They'd have to take a sample from the hose.
  3. What's the most you've gotten into poll

    A boring career is a good far, very boring.
  4. Fuel Contamination

    Looks suspiciously like decomposing rubber. FBO fuel hose, or your fuel line? Keep us posted on the outcome.
  5. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    Interesting perspective: I have friend who recently retired from his non-aviation job and decided to get a job in aviation. He has flown privately for about 30 years and has everything except his ATP. At 65, he was skeptical of getting a paying job, but very quickly he had several offers. Long story short...after 6 months he quit. He did not like flying the mission regardless of the weather and he did not like the irregular schedule. Pay, though low, was not the issue. It was the flying. Bottom line: there's a big difference between recreational flying and a real job.
  6. Actually not. I hear the smoke in CA has just about cleared all the bugs out of the Golden State, but here we use our guns to control skeeters and other varmits.
  7. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    Daver, what you really need is an ultimate Mooney....A TBM. Anything less is going to be a compromise. If you buy one, I'll buy one....maybe.
  8. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    Having operated off of grass for about 20 years now, I can tell you that the spray pattern prior to retraction is along a very narrow band which includes the flaps and the splash guard in the outer wheel well. Once retraction begins, the spray pattern changes and the wheel well closer to the fuselage is splattered with whatever was on the tire. For those not wishing to apply brakes, it seems a slight delay in retraction to allow for normal wheel spin-down would be the solution to keeping "stuff" out of the inboard portion of the wheel wells.
  9. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    Because most of those planes apply brakes automaically upon gear retraction. No need to apply pedal brakes

    TEB beats the dickens out of KEWR, KLGA, or KJFK...on most days. Just stay away from there on Friday evenings.
  11. Joining the Mooney club - M20C

    The pictures kinda look like FL? Where's home base?
  12. Joining the Mooney club - M20C

    Welcome aboard and congratulations. Tell us more.
  13. 1963 M20C Down for the count

    Sorry to hear of your situation. I sure wish there was a way to fix up your old friend.
  14. pattern etiquette question

    Vance, after being in this game for a few years, I'm convinced that the FAA doesn't want to promulgate any (many?) hard rules that have to be enforced in the uncontrolled airport world. They cover the subject with recommendations and non-binding publications, but it's very tough to hang your hat on hard and fast rules. In aviation, courtesy and good sense go a long way toward staying out of trouble....and staying alive.
  15. Introductory Light Jet flight?

    Ah, Peevee, haven't you heard? The elusive "pilot shortage" is upon us. Full employment for anyone holding a solo certificate, or above.