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  1. Savannah,GA. KSAV

    Happily, there's self-serve at the flight school next to Epps that's usually about a buck cheaper than Epps PDK. Not well publicised, but convenient.
  2. Fuel Indication Issue

    Yes. Both. I have the old analog gauges. I have no clue about the digital displays.
  3. I was told there is "in development" the same sort of device, but will use the white tail light instead of a wingtip light. The same source told me the FAA really likes this concept at this price because it will speed the ADD-B process along. I didn't think the FAA liked anything.
  4. Are there different baggage door latches evolved through the years?? When I read some descriptions, they don't match mine at all. My baggage door brings on an interior light, so the light being on is a give-away, as long as I take the time to look. I presume it would be simple for the hangar elves to mount a panel indicator off of the baggage door light switch. The FAA would probably have a cow if they saw such a safety device without a 337, PMA, STC and presidential pardon.
  5. Fuel Indication Issue

    When I have fuel quantity indication accuracy problems, it is usually cleared up by cleaning the grounding.
  6. M20 C Engine Start problems

    Yep. Classic symptom of a bad shower-of-sparks box. I posted the link to Don Maxwell's article several posts ago.
  7. Terribly sorry to hear about your loss. May God bless your search efforts. Are you asking about the magnetometer for use searching the numerous lakes, or are you still concentrating on a land search? As you may know, the US Navy used a magnetometer on the tail of the P-3 to search for submarines, but even given the mass of a submarine, the magnetometer had to be pretty close to the target for detection. I seriously doubt such would be very effective given the metallic mass of a Mooney.
  8. A really stand up guy

    I've been dealing with Aircraft Spruce for years. Jim Erwin's character shines though all of his employees. Spruce always does the right thing whenever there's a choice.
  9. Where's global warming when you need it?
  10. If they get approval for certified aircraft as planned first quarter 2018, this will be the cheapest since there is virtually no install cost: I can equip my experimental with it now and will probably do my Mooney with it too if it works "as advertised".
  11. Off field landing at KSGH

    It really is "just entertainment", since each of us will operate his engine as he sees fit. Everyone has diffent goals in mind, be it "climb fast, go fast", or "make it last", or something else. Having different goals will dictate different modes of operation.
  12. Off field landing at KSGH

    I think it would be both interesting and profitable to study how engines that failed had been operated prior to failure. I've seen several cases where pilots were strong advocates of one technique, or another right up to the point where things went awry. In many cases we are operating engines that may have been abused long before we took possession of them; tracing history to connect up the dots from operating technique to TBO, or premature failure would be tough.
  13. This is true. However, there are only a few kit-built Mites. The factory built Mites are not hard to find and cost less than you could build one.
  14. Loading a DME Fix on ATC Clearance

    ....or just ask for a vector.
  15. ADS-B Resource Thread

    In the corporate jet world, ADS-B becomes a lot more complex since ADS-B install really only makes sense in conjunction with a WAAS avionics up-grade. So, you begin talking about new, or up-dated/up-graded FMS as well. Then there are pilot training/certification issues with the new apporaches....and on, and on, and on. AND it will all require FAA approval to their operations manuals and you and I know how quickly that will take place! None of this is quick, easy, or inexpensive. The FAA has vowed not to grant and extension, but recently it made an exception to allow the ADS-B to be driven by non-WAAS GPS until the WAAS up-grade took place. Drawing a line in the sand five years in the future may have made sense 5 years ago, but we'll see how it works out on 1 Jan 2020.