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  1. Are you sure that's Texas? The wind isn't blowing!
  2. Mooneymite


    Looks like good practice for ground looping a tail dragger.
  3. I'd have to make that decision "in situ". Not all farmers fields are created equal and you can't really see what you've bought until close. Even if I'd used the gear to dissipate energy prior to touchdown, I might raise it if the terrain looksd soft, or inhospitible on short final.
  4. Mooneymite

    Summmer Leaning on Approach
  5. Mooneymite

    20C sitting a while

    While there are occasionally "finds", this doesn't sound like one....even if it's free. When shopping for a plane, write down what you want and buy that plane. It's almost always cheaper to buy something that the previous owner paid to bring it up to your standards than paying to do it yourself. Parts and labor tend to be at full retail, while a used aircraft is much closer to wholesale.
  6. Mooneymite

    High FBO fees.

    May 21, 2018 Dallas Set To Implement GA Landing Fee at Love Field The city of Dallas plans to implement a new landing fee for general aviation operations at Dallas Love Field (DAL) this summer under a recently adopted ordinance. Approved by the Dallas city council on April 25, the ordinance takes effect July 1, specifying that the director of aviation should determine the fee based on a formula that factors aircraft weight and airport maintenance costs. Under the formula, 80 percent of the fee will be based on airport upkeep costs that are attributable to general aviation landings and 20 percent will be calculated using an aircraft's landing weight. The fee will vary annually based on operations and maintenance needs. According to city documents, the fee could be as much as $5.80 per 1,000 pounds in the first year. Commercial carriers currently pay $2.20 per 1,000 pounds. The city cited increasing costs for keeping up with traffic and maintenance needs in its decision to approve the fee. But airport officials also stress that they want to ensure that general aviation pays its “fair share." The National Air Transportation Association is working with the business aviation community to monitor the implementation of the fees. Airport officials met with business aviation interests last week on the issue and are expected to continue that dialog in another meeting tomorrowevening. Read Expanded Version
  7. Mooneymite

    Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    Just mount your JATOs backwards.
  8. Mooneymite

    Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    Your anti-skid system not working?
  9. Mooneymite

    Mooneys on our ramp this evening!!!

    I suspect a Stearman requires a lot more dope..... So is it even dopier?
  10. Mooneymite

    Benign Spiral-Anyone ever try this in a M20J ?

    I agree with this.... When I was just learning to fly in a PA-11, we practiced holding the plane in a stall and keeping the ball centered; the plane (at idle power) just descended wings level. I don't recall the descent rate, but I suspect it was a lot less than a graveyard spin in inadvertent IMC! Keeping the ball centered and trying to hold a heading might work, but once the plane fell out of wings-level, the W. Compass wouldn't be much help.
  11. Mooneymite

    WTB Spare Data Card for Garmin 430 WAAS

    Has that thing shown up yet? Did you check the vacuum cleaner? If you find it, I'll make you an offer on it....
  12. Mooneymite

    WTB Spare Data Card for Garmin 430 WAAS

    Me, too. Silver.
  13. Mooneymite

    sometimes analog just looks cooler

    Ya like analog?
  14. Mooneymite

    sometimes analog just looks cooler

    Or, about 60 mph vertically. Twin engine transports are, by design, "over-powered" since every takeoff is computed on having only one engine after V1 and making all the required climb gradients. That second engine is pure get-up-and-go. 3 and 4 engine aircraft generally can't match that.
  15. A good partner can be your best investment. I once owned a J-3 with a guy who really only wanted to polish and restore the Cub while I only wanted to fly it. We got along great. We'd still be partners but his wife divorced him and forced a sale.