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  1. Personally, I don't think the exact distance or time that you transmit matters nearly as much as when one begins monitoring the tower frequency. By listening up, you get a feel for the tempo of operations and how the tower controller is handling traffic. If he chastises pilots for calling too far out...that's a clue.
  2. Yeah, but at least they didn't perform any of those death-defying touch and goes!
  3. Training accidents caused by "simulated" circumstances were extremely common in both the airlines and the military way back when. These accidents spurred the development of very sophisticated and expensive simulators. The training accident rate since simulators is now barely noteworthy. Too bad there are not realistic and affordable Mooney full motion simulators.
  4. I'm really enjoying this thread. Finally! A thread about starting the O-360 with lots of different techniques; all of them work! I was feeling so left out of all those threads about starting IO-360s where apparently, the only successful technique involves voodoo and secret incantations.
  5. Anyone land at Fallwell in Lynchburg, VA? 4.7% slope makes this an "interesting" airport. Not particularly hazardous; almost in the category of "humorous" because taxiing to the top of the hill for takeoff requires "a lot of power"! The name is very appropriate: Fallwell. http://airnav.com/airport/W24
  6. Not really a difficult airport. More of an "interesting airport": VG18, Sky Bryce. And not far away, one of the highest public use airports east of the Mississippi, Hot Springs, Va. HSP. Have fun.
  7. There's more info on the web site. The covenants will probably answer a lot of questions: mallardslanding.us Everyone is either on the runway, or has access to the runway via taxiways (easements over private property), or via the county maintained streets which we have county approval to taxi on. The runway is presently turf, but the HOA has contracted to lay down a plastic product similar to Perfo (http://www.perfo.co.uk/airfields.html) which is about as close to paving as turf can get. Message me if you have other questions, but why not fly in and take a look? There's a pre
  8. I do not agree with this technique, but if it works for you, by all means use it. Heck, if it saves a gear up landing, put down 25 miles before. I think keeping your speed up and consistently putting it down at the same point in the pattern is a better habit than Putting it down that far out. “Always” having the gear down way before you need it seems like it very inefficient and is setting up for the day when you have to hold the gear to “keep your speed up” per tower request. Mentally you put the gear down way out there. Generally, if I don’t put the gear down, I’ll be way
  9. My question was which was primary. That's like answering the question, "do you prefer candy, or poison?" and answering, "both".
  10. Yes, but at least the gear didn't collapse! This is an interesting thread, but mostly disheartening. Sliding down the runway is costing our community a fortune. Question: Are these no-gear landings primarily due to pilots forgetting to lower the gear, or is it poor maintenance not keeping our gear systems in rig? Regardless, both factors need our attention.
  11. Hank, your experience with fountain pens was obviously different from mine. I've had some very expensive fountain pens, but never a "good" one. Getting rid of fountain pens was like moving from propellers into the jets. Never look back.
  12. Ha! William is definitely used to the ATL class B. 2,400', not 2,500'. Those in the know, get to go.
  13. Quick Google: Acquired color blindness develops later in life and can affect men and women equally.
  14. Perhaps your model Mooney just has the hi vac/ lo vac annunciator lights?
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