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  1. Don, I'm not sure what a Citation and the Beechcraft T-34 comparison is about, but regardless of what type of landing gear is installed, landings are not acrobatic maneuvers. I realize you have a tremendous number of hours in Mooneys, but perhaps you have so many that you've lost your perspective? I fly all sorts of planes, and I have a hard time agreeing that there's anything special about transitioning to a Mooney. As @Andy95W so aptly said: It's an airplane. Even an average pilot manages to fly a Mooney just fine.
  2. This thread amazes me. The Navy taught thousands of aviators to fly the T-34B using low time instructors and students who had zero flight time. For many, the commercial flight to PNS was the first time they'd ever been in an airplane prior to flight school! Virtually everyone soloed on their 13th flight. Is the Mooney really so much more difficult than the T-34B? Do we have to have such incredible instructors? The Mooney is a certified airplane with very few quirks and even fewer bad habits.
  3. I live under ATL's Class B, Mode C veil where ADS-B is a fact of life. Virtually everyone shows up on someone's screen. The exceptions are the scofflaws and the planes without electrical systems. Privacy? What's that?
  4. Aircraft Spruce has this aid for bolt selection: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/pages/ha/bolts/anbolts.php Also helpful for AN dummies like me: https://www.experimentalaircraft.info/articles/aircraft-building-2.php
  5. Some people are afraid to die, some are afraid to live, some are afraid of disease. A few try to live without fear.
  6. https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/uTDPmbsgZ5S7JxH9o_nebYwVwqGX9AJ0LzM9p_foewvnkui4appyvTJo4e_FprczowKY1iY9BUc1hrCN8qECiPyPvRc9C1jh2uzEgMU4KNp9ZgSuIfWJqf592F-DgzzZnL7lrcyO1HLJaNYYNJoRXj1beoyoNvYBLJX211MCa5aqzRiGT7f8Ll_pZcuqer3xu5DiMEG4U3U3e8pY1Qj8JFQR-jDvm44=s0-d-e1-ft#https://www.bjtonline.com/sites/bjtonline.com/files/styles/bjt30_article_large/public/runway-web-thomas-ehrhardt-1227526.jpg?itok=TxoOm8Co&noresize BUILDING YOUR OWN 'FIELD OF DREAMS' A runway in your backyard offers perhaps the ultimate in privacy and convenience. Here’s what you have to consider, do, a
  7. Very interesting. Thank you for posting that. I have an electric flap C model. I suspect that the 205's flap installation is very similar to mine....so, probably a 16 knot buffer? Virtually all the heavy iron airplanes have different airspeeds for each flap setting, which really makes sense. Having one speed for all flap settings may be simple (KISS), but not very realistic.
  8. On the C, the published max airspeed is for full flap deployment. Since the takeoff flap position is less, I would suspect that no damage, or adverse flight characteristics would occur until a higher airspeed. Perhaps a significantly higher airspeed. I wonder if the Mooney engineers ever tested the real world max airspeed for the takeoff setting and what that real world airspeed is. Do any of the Mooney models publish a max airspeed for takeoff/approach flaps?
  9. Here's the twin brother on Barnstormers: 1952 MOONEY MITE • $24,500 • SALE FELL THROUGH • Museum quality, TTA&E814hrs TSMO214, inflt adj prop, starter, generator, aux tank, canopy cover, padded collapsible saw horses for retract test. Health issues forces sale of my prize. • Contact Vincent Grasso , Owner - located Palm Bay, FL United States • Telephone: 386-679-9487 • Posted February 2, 2021 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Images
  10. Truck engines? http://video.boeing.com/services/player/bcpid1173939806001?bckey=AQ~~%2cAAAAukPAlqE~%2coAVq1qtdRjwBrIkHYj2MSytJiEK9s5fy&bctid=1331877361001
  11. In my opinion this is the way airpeed/Mach and AOA should be displayed 100% of the time..., but not sideways. Can anyone turn the picture 90°?
  12. Andy! What are you trying to do? Destroy the Mooney mystique? Mooney Space is dedicated to the idea that only super pilots and sky-gods can fly a Mooney.
  13. Absolutely! When the L-1011 was introduced, it had a computer that sensed the weight on each gear and computed a real time weight and CG. Absolutely ingenious! Adjustments to the loads were required and the airlines very quickly declared the system "too expensive to maintain" and reverted to "standard weights". No manufacturer has ever tried to introduce a new and cheaper to maintain system since. There's a reason for that, I'm sure. I'm sure every airline pilot gets to experience a takeoff roll that goes on far beyond the predicted takeoff distance...."standard weights"!
  14. Cliffy, wasn't the reversion just to N1 RPM? The Air Florida 737-200 had 4 of the 5 engine instruments telling the truth, all they had to do was find the one liar.
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