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  1. @Hank, is that a B-747 cockpit picture? Definitely a big airplane quadrant.
  2. Makes one wonder why big airplanes don't have vernier controls.... I guess those pilots don't have to do anything precisely.
  3. @"Chocks", thanks for posting this. You have already given something back to our community with your post. Sometimes Mooneyspace breaks down into minor squabbles about various things, but your post is what Mooneyspace is really all about. People, aviation and people's love of aviation is what keeps us coming back every day.
  4. There is nothing wrong with you except your diagnosis. You never actually sell a money, you are only "temporarily between Mooneys". So....what model are you now considering?
  5. Thank you, @carusoamfor taking the time to flip my posted pictures! Some day you'll explain how to do this. I can easily flip and turn .jpg's, but when I post, they always revert. It seems to be an issue with Mooneyspace since I don't have the problem on other sites. As to my floor, it was cheaper to make the floor all shiney than get my plane painted.
  6. Be careful about buying an "aged" boot. Shortly after I bought my Mooney, I replaced my intake boot with a "new" one from a well known Mooney supplier. 3 years later, there were several wear holes in the boot. Because of the high cost, I was ripped and contacted the manufacturer. The representative was sympathetic and had me read him the date code. It turned out the "new" boot was more than 10 years old! Eventually, I got a "new" boot and am still using it. Those things age, get brittle and get holes in them.
  7. Thanks to @M20Doc, I got both jacks working after refilling with Jack oil instead of the brake fluid, cleaning out the gunk and bleeding the air. They seem to work well despite the 20 year hiatus! T
  8. Were I you, I would check with DMax and just ask him. A wing replacement is no minor modification and there may be paperwork involved. If DMax gives the okay, all those pieces/parts are pretty simple to remove and would clean up that left gear. The rod at the top of the tower will require compressing the donuts and removing the top bolt from the tower..
  9. I have been dealing with AS for many years. In my experience, it would be difficult to find a company that is more dedicated to furthering general aviation and keeping prices for parts and pieces reasonable. All the employees I have dealt with, or know personally have been excellent. In all my dealings with Jim Erwin, he has been fair and forthright. Ron Alexander, of Alexander Aeroplane, the predecessor of Spruce East was of the same material as Erwin....good people running good companies hiring good people. In the Covid-crazy world today, AS is obviously operating under tremendo
  10. More from Darcy (I suspect the question about Part 91, 91K and 135 is erroneous): Are commercial operators/airlines exempt from this tax? Regularly scheduled air service, typically U.S. based airlines and cargo carriers operating under 14 CFR Part 121 which are certified as such through the FAA are generally considered to be tax exempt. Examples of this would be United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, etc Does this tax law cover Part 91, 91K, and 135 operators? No. Are there any operations which mig
  11. Virginia aircraft use and tax questions answered" 1. Can you please tell me how the state of Virginia makes a determination that an aircraft owner is subject to this tax. If the aircraft was purchased in and/or brought into Virginia for the first time prior to July 1, 2020 for a period exceeding 60 non-consecutive days in any given 12-month period, then this aircraft is required to be registered in Virginia regardless if it is registered in another state. If your aircraft was purchased in and/or brought into Virginia for the first time after July 1, 2020 f
  12. Oscar, why do you want to remove your doghouse? My C has the doghouse shroud and I credit it with a cool running engine even on the hottest Atlanta days (once I got it all patched and repaired).
  13. Great location. In a Mooney, everything is close.
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