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  1. Mooneymite

    What is with all the construction??

    If a young man wants job security in aviation, he should specialize in airport construction. Most airports get worked on from time to time, but some airports are constantly under construction. ATL immediately comes to mind.
  2. Mooneymite

    Wrong Way Pattern

    At our airport, it's deer, mowers, golf carts, kids, dogs, and visitors oblivious to the fact the wide expanse of grass is a runway. Added to the mix is a non-standard (north downwind) pattern. Savvy pilots use an incredible device to overcome the hazards: their eyes. So far. 100% effective.
  3. Mooneymite

    Wrong Way Pattern

    The joys of uncontrolled airports! Be careful out there.
  4. Mooneymite

    50-state club

    Wow. All 50. Those who fly commercially, or for the military have an advantage. Doing it on your own nickel makes it a true accomplishment. Well done.
  5. Mooneymite

    Retirement location

    The question often comes down to our preference between "places, or faces". Do we prefer a place, or faces we love? Lucky the man who has both!
  6. Mooneymite

    dynamic balancing and chasing your tail

    Champion, or Tempest plugs?
  7. Most of Mooneyspace is here for love of Mooneys and fellowship. We leave posturing and posing to the other aviation boards. All except little Timmy.
  8. And I'm a student pilot. Still learning...every day, every flight. However I found it humorous that you know the mind of the FAA. Happily, at an uncontrolled airport you may operate as you please. No one will tell you to do anything you don't want to do. Carry on. Be happy.
  9. Careless and reckless? I don't think so. If the FAA permits control towers to use it, it would have a tough time proving "careless and reckless" at an uncontrolled airport. Personally, I use it when appropriate. It isn't always appropriate, but sometimes it is. I'd hate to see some rule-happy bureaucrat make a one-size-fits-all rule. Bottom line: if you don't like the old position and hold, don't use it!
  10. Mooneymite

    uAvionix tailBeacon fitment

    I did the tail beacon on my experimental a couple of months ago. Everything was "as advertised". The one/only check flight came back with everthing in tolerance first time. Install cost: 0. My time to install was a bit longer than it should have been because the beacon fitting on my plane was non-standard. I still haven't decided if I'll use one on the Mooney.
  11. Mooneymite

    Mag Rough on Left -- Shuts off on Idle

    I was taking delivery of a new-to-me aircraft and the mag check was just as you described. Turned out the mag was fine once all four screws on the mag case were properly torqued.
  12. ATC provides service. It is not your boss. None of those faceless voices will die with you in the crash.
  13. Someone needs to bring law and order to these lawless outposts of aviation! Control towers to inflict CONTROL. That's what we need for safety, security and to blot out all traces of the freedom of flight. Humans should not exercise judgement and common sense without the rule of rules. Bring on more FAA.
  14. Wait a minute here.... you mean uncontrolled means uncontrolled? How odd.