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  1. That is incredible if it includes pulling the suctiin screen!
  2. If you want to make an easy transition to landing a Mooney well, get your tailwheel endorsement sometime during training.
  3. Does the plane actually fly, or are you taxiing it all those hours? Unless you taxi extensively, or there is something wrong with your wheels, annual bearing replacement is crazy. Can you send me your "old bearings"? I bet they're in better shape than the ones I've been running on for 20 years!
  4. Please report for Mooneyspace therapy counselling immediately! (Welcome aboard.)
  5. Anytime I read these threads about "what is reasonable shop time", I think about the many simple jobs I've done (under supervision) which I estimated in minutes, but ended up in hours, or even days. The simple stuff like ordering and obtaining parts, or matching hardware can take forever. If I charged for my time, none of you could afford me. Not because I'm so good, but because I'm so bad. There's a lesson there.
  6. In addition to being able to program "incognito mode", the position light switch (daytime) can be turned off completely disabling ADS-B for those daytime drug runs.
  7. Though the Tailbeacon is passcode protected, an uninformed theif might think it's a great way to get ADS-B compliant. It wouldn't be until he tried to reinstall the unit the passcode would come into play. The small allen screw would, perhaps, deter a walk-by thief, but the unit itself is both easily installed....and removed.
  8. Without further clarification, I'm going to keep mixing the molybdenum like I've always done. Why mess with what works? I'm coming up on doing part A of the AD soon. In the years I've been doing it, I've never found a measureable degradation of the gear lash. Mixing the grease/molybdenum is a messy job, but it is cheaper than the newly approved grease.
  9. So? Do you still have to add molybdenum to the grease to bring it up to the 10% required by the AD for the Dukes gears, or does this new approval supercede the AD specification?
  10. As I mentioned in another thread, I bought Tail Beacon for my experimental back in September. Installed in virtually no time. You use your smart phone to program it. The logbook entry (they tell you what to say) took almost as long as the actual installation. First time I flew it, the report came back all OKay. For my experimental, it was definitely the way to go. For my Mooney, I'm still weighing the options. Obviously, I am not happy about Garmin's suit and that will probably prejudice me against a Garmin solution for the Mooney.
  11. Why does the faa take 2-3 month to process new certificate? Because it can. Who else are you going to go to? It's a monopoly run on your tax dollars and you better like it.
  12. If you set up and file use it, I think it takes care of all that for you. You could see what it comes up with, or just email them at Those folks are pretty savvy.