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  1. Mooneymite

    Improved speed documented

    If it doesn't make book, Mooney should have to make up the fuel burn difference to you like the big aircraft manufacturers do. It's only fair.
  2. Mooneymite

    Improved speed documented

    I understand your intent. My point is that as unreliable as the older performance numbers may be, the "reported" numbers by Mooneyspacers may be equally wishful/optimistic. Who are you going to trust?
  3. Mooneymite

    Improved speed documented

    My '74 C has no speed mods. It delivers pretty much the performance numbers in the owners' manual....consistently. Whenever I read about "fast" unmodified Mooneys, I'm somewhat suspicious of the data methodology of the reporter.
  4. Mooneymite

    Paint the panel?

    Instrument work should not be done by the uncertified. It is best left to undocumented hangar elves in the middle of the night.
  5. Mooneymite

    Air conditioning options

    Due to all the air conditioning units, apparently humans have brought on "global warming", er, "climate change", or whatever, so it's much hotter than we remember in our youth, so we need more air conditioning. Oh! And those CA fires aren't helping the situation.
  6. Mooneymite


    Welcome! I think you'll find Mooneyspace a great site for comradery and Mooney knowledge.
  7. Mooneymite

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    This is problematical for those ADS-B out solutions which "piggy-back" on the mode C transponder signal. As I understand it, no transponder-no ADS-B. So for operations which call for transponders in stby and ADS-B, I don't know how that could be possible. Maybe an engineer can explain this apparent hole in the regs?
  8. Mooneymite

    LED Beacon- Red or White

    That's a pricey replacement. Have you considered: You still have to make the red/white decision.
  9. Mooneymite

    Air conditioning options

    That's what I use, too. I usually use a different plane because it is a better "evaporative unit" than the Mooney.
  10. Mooneymite

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    I just ordered one for my experimental. Depending on how it works out, I may get one for the Mooney and wait for a better solution when all the smoke clears.
  11. Mooneymite


    During post flight, check the skin for wrinkles.
  12. Mooneymite

    Checklist overload

    I have several friends/acquaintances who have joined the "those that have" club. All are excellent pilots. All are competent and careful. All would have told anyone that they " such and so" before each landing, so they could never forget the gear. What chance do any of us have of "NEVER" forgetting the gear? It happens.
  13. Mooneymite

    Checklist overload

    My all purpose checklist: 1. Landng Gear.......Down. (Everything else is a detail.)
  14. Mooneymite

    Empty Nest....Not Empty Hangar

    @Oldguy you need to come live in our fly-in community! We have an equestrian facility next door. My wife's horse is taken care of whether she's here, or not. Owning a horse costs only slightly more than owning a couple of planes?
  15. Mooneymite

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    While Hendersonville may not be a big city airport, it is definitely an easy airport for a Mooney. I'm not a bush pilot either, but have no problem with arrival, or departure.