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  1. Thanks @flyer338. BTW Great Lakes Aero also has these pieces. Don't need them just yet but you can find them here: https://www.glapinc.com/Mooney/m20K.htm
  2. Thanks @GEE-BEE Cowl Savers are now .085 inches. Will PM you.
  3. Haha - re: fuel, One of the things I had done while the cowl flap motor was out was take the belly off for a closer look and found the fuel selector valve leaking. So went ahead and had the fuel selector valve o-rings replaced. Once that was done, I wanted to replace the worn out adel clamps around the cowling and I noticed deep nicks in the ignition harness so swapped that out and, why not, replaced the spark plugs as well. Took the opportunity to get the cylinders boroscoped and compression tested. Glad I got the opportunity to learn a ton while the plane was grounded. Best yet - looks
  4. I am planning on taking the plane down to a MSC soon for a few other things. Will have them take care of this as well. Thanks for the pointer.
  5. @carusoam the baffle seal looks bad in this picture but isn't that bad. Still flexible and engine gets plenty of cooling based on CHT/EGT temps on JPI. However, I do plan on replacing them with McFarlane CowlSavers. @N231BN You are right that the 252 has a flow transducer, see pic. "Fuel flow is represented digitally and indicates volume of fuel being used in GPH". Having said that, its not part of the manifold based on the image, but maybe the image is just supposed to give a high level idea. Would be great to know if there is a part # for this hose. @M20Doc is it possible to replace i
  6. It has the Hoskins FT-101 fuel flow gauge. It’s scary that it’s carrying fuel straight into the cabin! Yeah Aircraft is a M20K 252. No fuel pressure gauge.
  7. Thanks and hmm, I have no idea. I guess I am missing some other areas of knowledge around this area. For ex, when I lean my engine out during runup, once I push the throttle in, the fuel flow also increases. How does this happen when the mixture control is untouched? If it is the manifold pressure line - is it safe to unplug it and replace it with a longer line. Anyone have a part # or specifics what it can replaced with?
  8. Trying to understand what this second line from the fuel manifold for. Of course the one covered in firesleeve is the fuel line but this second one connects on the port side of the manifold, snakes underneath the port side intake manifold and connects to the firewall on the passenger side. TCM IPC shows only one connection - the fuel line. Any ideas? I am trying to see if I can get a longer hose to cleanup how its routed around through the wall behind the engine. Engine TSIO360MB-6B PS. been away - stories to tell, will update in post once the plane is all fixed up.
  9. Good points! The whole exhaust and turbo system was inspected during purchase and was given the green light. Though probably going to keep an eye on it every annual given the age. The turbo transition, where the different exhausts combine and where the TIT probe sits, is likely the most critical of the whole system. It can thin out and swell from chatting with Frank @ Chandler Aviation. Thanks again @M20Doc and @carusoam for the help.
  10. Purchased new thimbles and washers for the EGT probe and its secured to the exhaust. Not sure how it got to the state it was in prior but glad its fixed!
  11. Thank you folks! It was exactly as you described @M20Doc. The seal sits below the flair and you push the flair end up into the head with the seal behind it. Tighten the nut up and everything stays firmly in place. @carusoam got all 6 replaced and nuts torqued to spec. While mucking with the cyl #1 drain, discovered my EGT1 clamp was loose and looks like I am missing the stainless steel clamp thimble piece; so a call to JPI is next. From their picture, you can see the washer and thimble (?) so should be easy to acquire. My A&P reviewed all of this btw.
  12. Not hangared doesn't just mean dropping the purchase price by 5-10K. I am sure others will chime in here, but you need a really thorough pre-buy inspection. Corrosion can result in repair bills far higher than 10K. Sometimes, there no option but to junk the airplane. For hard landings, there's gear rigging, parts etc. But there's also the issue of stress those landings cause on the rest of the frame. Were the tanks sealed recently? If so, who did it? Are they reputable? Did the plane encounter prop strike b/c a student though they could force the plane down? If so, who did the repair
  13. Schools typically leave their planes outside - so question for the trainer a/c would be what kind of weather did have to sit in, if it was sitting outside.
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