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  1. shawnd


    PS this is on a '89 J but the setup would be similar for the K models.
  2. shawnd


    I had the same setup, left thigh for iPad, right for knee-board. I ended up ordering several individual RAM socket arms and bases from mypilotstore and found a working solution with a couple of pieces. I have my attached to the pilot side window in front of the pilot vent window and easy to read from the pilot seat. With the RAM setup, you can pivot it around each joint so It doesn't block the pilot vent window nor the yoke at full motion. Works really well. I will try to get a pic of it next week - work on-call for the week :-( Maybe someone else has the same set up and can post a photo.
  3. Ah hey - and they are local too. Thanks @PT20J. Once I get my bird up here - we should be meet up at Spruce Goose sometime!
  4. BTW are there other vendors to look at other than Aircraft Spruce for oil/parts/accessories/etc?
  5. I feel like we should create a new thread and make it a sticky for this sub-forum and link the other threads from there. Then we will have one place to point people to for it.
  6. @kortopates yep this incident happened in the PNW Sad story. Thanks for drilling home the point. While the aircraft is in the shop I have been going over the AFM back and forth and also starting to create a custom performance profile based on W&B and performance charts in the POH.
  7. My local school also had this done. Is there a STC for this? Or can any shop swap out the locks? Edit: my instructor also taught me that regardless of whether it locks or not, keep your keys in the lock so you remember to lock it before getting in the aircraft. So when I tow the a/c around, baggage door stays open with keys in it.
  8. Followed "Keep Calm, Carry on" Assessed the situation, determined safe landing field, made the radio call and landed w/ gear down. Perfect airmanship!
  9. Perfect - thanks @pwnel
  10. I ordered my AdLog system yesterday and now I am wondering how to properly transition to the new system. Since this is my first aircraft, this might be just a generic question about switching to new logbooks. Should the first entry in the AdLog logbooks be a reference to the last entry in the previous logbook? To close the previous logbooks, do we just put a "------ CLOSED ------" mark at the last page? Curious what other folks have done. Pictures would be great Thanks.
  11. Yep couldn't have captured this better. Being absolutely new to the turbo Mooneys, was looking for an initial dataset to start with and iterate and tune as I fly it more. The POH #s depend on so many factors that it's impossible to replicate most of the time. And on top, the engine isn't exactly in its prime. 100% agree with @kortopates that the performance profile in FF or Garmin should be tailored to one's specific aircraft. I guess the piece that bothered me the most was not seeing 252 in the list...
  12. Nope it doesn't. I have sent Garmin a few bug reports that they ended up fixing. I will see if I can pull some strings to get the 252 and encore listed ...
  13. Engine as well right? Curious to see, if anyone can share, an invoice, work order, or documentation on what’s actually changed.
  14. Yeah true. Unfortunate to not be able to pick 252