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  1. I been to Smiley Creek in the Bravo. You need to be very careful. I would not go into very many of the Idaho grass strips in a long body. Be sure to check on current conditions of the runway just before you go. When I was younger I flew to many of the back country airstrips but not in a Mooney.
  2. I have lived in Denver for 50 years or so and have always owned an airplane. I have found a turbo to be worth the expense. If you are operating from SBS the runway is long enough for the Ovation but there is no extra. You might find someone on the field with a turbo Mooney who would give you a ride. Many years ago I owned a Baron which I flew up there on business on a warm summer day. I found the takeoff roll to be exceedingly long and soon sold the Baron and bought a T210. Turbos do not cost a lot more if properly operated. The Bravo is a costly airplane to operate but you might consi
  3. From memory. To get winds aloft displayed you have to turn off nexrad from the display. You can then select the altitude of the winds you want.
  4. I would love to dump the donuts on my Bravo. If you look at the pictures of the M22 that is for sale you see that Mooney modified the landing gear so the 3680lb. Mustang could stand on oleo struts. How did they do it? Mooney modified the wing to move a rib that is installed immediately outboard of the landing gear on all the metal Mooneys. By moving the rib they moved the gear further outboard so the land gear well has more room. When the M22 takes off the oleo a extend so you need more room in the well for the gear to retract. Bill Wheat suggested many times to Mooney Management that t
  5. I had lunch with old fellow and he said to call Falcon Insurance in Kerrville. They have an underwriter who will place your dad. I would read carefully a sample policy before committing. I doubt it will look like the policies you have looked at for our own airplane.
  6. I have a friend who just turned 97 and has liability insurance on his 210. He also has a 3rd class medical.
  7. I fly that area east/west and really do not know how ATC would handle you. An altitude of 12k seems reasonable but on the low side and radar coverage is good near the restricted areas but you may find areas of no radar along that route so should plan nav on your own. ATC may want you higher than 12k so having O2 on board would be a good idea. Another thing is contact with ATC may be spotty unless you are higher. If the weather is good and I were doing this leg I would go VFR with flight following. You will most likely need some flexibility in your routing as 12k will get you close to t
  8. Super job and I really like the seats.
  9. Attended a drive by shooting in Denver at Coors Field parking lot. Got an invitation from UC health to set an appointment for getting shot this weekend. Around 8:45 I showed up and joined a line of cars that drove through the parking lot. I stopped twice, once to verify identify and again to get shot with Covid vaccine. From there you park in the lot for 10 minutes ( check for adverse reactions) then head home. The whole process took 30 minutes. It was very well run. My hat is off to those that organized this operation. It was so much fun I am going to do it again late in February.
  10. The wiring diagrams that I have seen from Mooney go as far as the circuit beakers. I guess Mooney figured that avionics would change over time so the information would be of limited value.
  11. You need have the fuel pump referenced to the deck pressure. I would not install a new fuel pump unless it had provision for a pressure line. I bet your mechanic has already told you this. If he has not it would be best to find a new mechanic.
  12. When I bought my Bravo (250hrs TT) the engine burned 1qt every 12 hours. by the time the cylinders hit 2000hrs the consumption hit 1qt every 4 hours. To get a good trend check the oil in the morning before a flight. Checking it after a flight will not allow enough time for most of the oil to flow back to the sump. I have been told by engine shops that a properly broken in TIO 540 should do about 1qt in 16 hours while new.
  13. Installing an MT prop on a Bravo does not require any mods to the cowling. Putting the lower cowl on with the 4 blade prop takes a little extra care. The original prop I owned has been sold.
  14. If you really want the airplane have the current owner straighten out the registration. When he gets done make sure it has been done correctly. Hire someone who knows about these things to help. Changing an N number is not done casually, you need to know the reason(s).
  15. I had a problem once while flying my Bravo. I started hearing "low fuel" loudly over the headphones. The warning would not silence. I had just added fuel so I was not concerned about the fuel but trying to communicate with the tower while the warning was blasting was a hassle. Turns out Mooney had PS Engineering provide audio panels with voice alerts. No one could assure me that would happen again so I removed the input wiring from the audio panel. The original audio panel was a 7000. I have since replaced it so I only had the problem once. Mooney had the sound cards installed in the P
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