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  1. Used to be a service called Ship Sticks. You sent your clubs via FedEx or UPS. I have not heard any advertising about them for several years. You might check them out.
  2. I had a problem with a slipping starter on a TSIO 520. To make a very long story short slipping traced to Aero Shell 15-50. Walt
  3. CFO hangar's are pretty full but you might keep an eye out for hangar on that airport. Walt
  4. I been in and out of Glenwood Springs in my Bravo several times. Not the best place for learning mountain flying. The Bravo uses most of the runway as Don says so you need to have everything going right as their is almost no margin for error. Many years ago the FBO in Glenwood had a Mooney M20F. He landed a little short of the runway and rode the airplane down the cliff to the rivers edge. He lived but I do not think we was not able to fly again. Demanding airport for Mooney Drivers.
  5. Let me add a couple of thoughts. Someone mentioned a flying school near Johnson Creek, Id. Do not waste your time there. They are teaching techniques to allow the pilot to use back country airstrips (grass, gravel and rough). Mooneys generally and especially Bravos are not suited for those airstrips. I heard of a guy who showed up in a J model and they refused to train him. The Bravo is a good weather airplane and works well over the Rockies. I have flown mine IFR over the rocks on more than one occasion.
  6. You might look at the webpage for Colorado Pilots Association. They have an excellent Mountain Flying Course. Unfortunately the last class was taught this weekend. You might be able to contact one of their instructors and work out some instruction. Their is a lot to know about flying in the mountains so plan for at least one full day of instruction. A "quickie" mountain checkout is really not sufficient.
  7. I just read a thread on BT that was asking about FBOs and customs at Provo. Only information provided by others was they had good treatment from Provo Air Center and Blue Heron. No pricing was indicated but discussion was among jet owners. Foreflight says Provo Air is 1 649 3394101 and Blue 1 649 941 8000. If you check it out please report back. I just checked both FBOs have websites. Provo Air has lots of information.
  8. I have always stayed out of the T&C. I admit it looks beautiful from 10K gazing down on it. I have researched it several times and have concluded the cost to fly a piston airplane there is far too high to make it practical. I have been to the Dominican Republic on several occasions and found it to be a better value. I met a guy who owned a motel in the T&C and could not stand the business climate so he moved to St. Thomas. You might contact the Caribbean Flying Adventures (they show up at OSH) and get some recent information.
  9. Someone asked how I thought I damaged my shoulder. In my case I got drafted right out of college. My draft notice arrived at home before I got there. Lots of pushups had to be done before I got shipped off to Southeast Asia. I should sue the government for the abuse. If you have shoulder surgery pending I would recommend you buy a cheap sling so you can practice day to day tasks with the use of one arm. Was helpful for me. One thing that has been emphasized to me is the need for physical therapy. Find a therapist who has experience and plan two or three sessions per week for months. I have heard of folks who have not taken PT seriously and do not get a good outcome. A few need another trip to the operating room.
  10. I just had my old shoulder ripped out and replaced with metal. I am about 5 weeks out and was sitting the airplane yesterday and found I could operate all the controls. Replacement was right shoulder. I cannot reach battery select switch comfortably or overhead switches. Repair surgery may require more time. I am not quite ready to fly and will take an observer who can help out when I am ready.
  11. Have ben OSH many times. Camping is OK depending on weather but you might try to snag a dorm room. Reason is airfield may fill up so you will have to go to Fond du Lac or elsewhere. You can camp at KFLD but then you will be riding the bus to the show. If you leave from Houston on Friday you will be late getting to OSH which means the field may be closed for the airshow. If you get into OSH getting out after the Saturday Airshow can be a real traffic jam. Much better to plan a Sunday departure. Weather can be a factor which can cause more delays either or both ways. I normally plan Monday departure, Tuesday/Wednesday at show and Thursday home. I do not go into OSH anymore as departures are so unpredictable. You might want to leave on Thursday to give yourself a little more time at the show. It really is a great show and for a first timer 3 or even 4 days would be worthwhile. Have a good time if you go and plan as best you can for the unpredictable.
  12. I flew into Wilmer rented a car and drove to MSP. Rental plus drop charges made it expensive but I am not big on others flying my airplane.
  13. My Bravo lives at CFO. A couple of items you did not ask about but may help you out. Lately we have been having a lot of windy days so you might find the approach and landing challenging. If you are VFR approaching Denver Class B we have a 1995' tower just east of the Class B. If your IFR controller will keep you clear. CFO has become a favorite for training. You may be mixing it up for 4 or 5 Skyhawks. Highest activity is 7AM till 2PM. Often the tower is training controllers so the traffic pattern gets really large. The tower chief wants his trainees to be comfortable so he allows them to put miles between aircraft. This is less of a problem now than it was a month ago. If you can get hangar space it is usually a good idea. It is a little early for hail season but a late snowstorm could delay your departure if you are outside.
  14. Models B and C have Battery in the front. E models and later have rear mounted.
  15. I use Foreflight and often call the FBO or airport manager if I need additional information.
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