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  1. FoxMike

    “Stall” warning on rollout, very annoying..

    I have TKS and have had a problem with stall warning squaking on every takeoff since I bought the plane. I tried to adjust the switch to no avail. It seems the TKS panel changes the airflow slightly and the switch activates with higher margins before stall. I have had nervous passengers who wonder if the plane is going to stall on takeoff.
  2. FoxMike

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Don, I ordered on Monday after OSH and the prop arrived in Deland in early December. It took another week for MT Deland to get it assembled. I flew down early January to have it installed. My McCauley was serviceable. I have since sold it. What made me aware of the MT STC was a few of my friends owned them on other aircraft and raved about the smoothness. I looked over the STC on the MT website and decided to give it a try. So far no regrets. If you decide to do it you will probably have to rent a prop for a while. Maybe someone starting an engine overhaul might want to rent you one for a while. A prop shop might have one in stock you could use for the months it takes to get one from MT. It probably will be worth the extra hassle. If you come through Denver on your way home I will take you for a ride. I will be in Caribbean from Nov. 7th til the 19th.
  3. FoxMike

    What is your icing strategy?

    Books are written on this subject so a few lines on the internet will always lack sufficient depth. I have a FIKI airplane now but flew for years with just a pitot heater to fight ice. A lot of preflight study is a good idea but knowing where the tops are or a reachable layer is the most helpful. Normally aspirated airplanes can climb thru ice if the tops are low but you need a good climb rate and a good idea where the tops are. To my mind the best piece of equipment you can have is a turbo , others might disagree but my turbo has bailed me out on several occasions. I had a run-in with freezing rain one time. The boots on T210 did not help much but the turbo saved the day. The full story is quite a lengthy and involves a controller/CFI saving a nearby airplane with a panicked pilot. If you fly IFR much you are going to bump into some ice. It is a serious problem but with knowledge of the weather system you are flying in you should be able to manage the situation.
  4. FoxMike

    Bravo checklist

    I do not use checklists for cruise, decent, prelanding. Landing is GUMPS. I would recommend for cruise remembering to trim Stabilizer and Rudder as you set the cruise power. Close cowl flaps as oil temperature drops below 205. I try to plan the decent for 300 to 500fpm using reduced power or speed brakes sometimes both. I try to arrive on downwind (gear down) at 100Kts and set 10d flaps on the downwind. At big airports I may need to go faster, at small airports might want to go 90 or 85 but not much slower. Downwind is the time for GUMPS. Try not to run over the slower airplanes in the pattern. They are going 60kts so you need to space yourself appropriately. It takes a reasonable amount of time to get comfortable in a TLS. It would be nice if all instructors had "heavy " Mooney experience but very few do. A friend tried to move into a 252 from 172s..Tried a hotshot instructor who was maybe a good 737 pilot but totally lost in GA airplanes. He talked a great story but could not teach because he had no knowledge. Result was a 252 getting pranked a couple of times. Their are Mooney experienced CFIs but you might have to bring one in for a few days so you can do some intensive training. Getting some time with a knowledgable instructor is well worth whatever it costs. Good Luck!
  5. FoxMike

    Bravo checklist

    Here is the checklist I use. Fold in half (vertically) put laminate over it. When I had a Mc Cauley prop I set the power to 28/2300. Set the TIT not more than 1600 and the exhaust will not crack. Good Luck! Mooney Checklist Rev.pdf
  6. I understand the whip antenna can be installed under the dorsal.
  7. FoxMike

    Icing conditions climb and descent

    If you have a properly working TKS system and the pitot heater is working you should be able to climb normally through a layer of ice. When you let ice become a distraction you can end up mismanaging the engine or make a navigation error that causes even more distraction. I owned a booted Baron for a while years ago. It would climb better than my turbo Mooney up to about 12K then the Mooney did better. I find my FIKI Bravo to be plenty adequate for most icing conditions. Trying to speed up then pull up through an icing layer will work if the ice is 500' thick but if it is1500' thick you find yourself halfway through it out of airspeed and back to a lower climb rate. Now you have a load of ice which you have to carry through to the tops. Lots of times the most ice is just below the tops. I have tried this technique in unprotected airplanes and found it usually does not help much. What you need to know is where are the tops. If you do not know you may become so concerned that your decision making ability becomes impaired and thats the big trouble starts. To my mind a turbo system and and a lot of experience are the best helpers when you get into ice. Having boots or TKS help a lot when and give a lot of peace of mind. They do not give much help when they are not maintained. Many pilots do not maintain these systems because they are not used much and are costly to maintain. Over the years I have had trouble with both boots and TKS systems. When those things happen having a lot of experience is helpful.
  8. FoxMike

    The new medical

    The basic works OK. My regular doc does not like the FAA so I had to find another doc. The one I found was miles away and he signed the Basic Med form then wanted me to become a regular patient. Given the distance that was not practical so I may need to find another doc next time. Unfortunately I wanted to go to Canada this summer (they do not recognize the Basic med) so I had to go to a regular 3rd Class. Basic Med should work for most so you might give it a try.
  9. FoxMike

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Don, I looked into a Hartzell prop and found they did not have a product for the Bravo. One of their reps at OSH suggested they might design one for the Bravo but they would need me to let them use my airplane for 6 mos. Mc Cauley had a design for an all composite prop (very light weight). I followed that for a while and watched it die a slow death. So the MT or original McCauley are the only games on the planet for the Bravo. After having the MT for 9 months or so I would not go back to the Mc Cauley.
  10. FoxMike

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Don, If you are considering an MT up grade plan about 4 or 5 month wait. I ordered right after OSH and it arrived in Deland in Dec.
  11. FoxMike

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Not sure this will help but I had my Bravo fall off the front jack many years ago. The airplane dropped but the jack caught the engine mount so the prop. did not hit the floor. Mooney makes a standoff that screws into the front jack point. The standoff had a longer threaded area than the jack point had threads. The standoff when screwed in tight would not allow the bottom of the standoff to contact the jack point. Result the standoff broke at the end of the threads. I was about to get under the airplane as I was replacing the nose wheel donuts. My insurance company paid for a new engine mount and labor to install it. I got off pretty easy but it was an agonizing problem. If I had to decide on an engine repair or replacement I guess I would see how much the insurance will allow. Lyc offered me a rebuilt engine at OSH this year for $59,000. Next step up on pricing is $65,000. The insurance company will likely consider this a betterment and offer less. Overhaul by a local shop might be a lot less as it may only take an inspection and a few parts. Good Luck.
  12. FoxMike

    MT Propeller

    One more thing came to mind. A friend put an MT on his T Arrow about the same time I put mine on the Mooney. He got the stainless leading edges. Already the gravel is abrading the stainless, the nickel edges on mine are smooth as a babies butt. Leaf peeping this weekend and chasing down some $2.50 100LL at Rifle, Co. Atlantic Aviation was the FBO.
  13. FoxMike

    MT Propeller

    Here is an update from a little over a 100Hrs of use. After a few oil changes and an annual I have found a way to put the lower cowl on without too much hassle. You have to put the front up in place before putting the rear in place. It is definitely more difficult with the extra blade but doable. In the hot summer weather the takeoff performance is better than with the 3 blade. Initial climb is better but to get improved climb performance you need to climb at 80-85kts or so. The oil temperature quickly rises so I have found that you have to push over and get the airspeed up to 110IAS or so. The result is only a slight gain in climb rate. Overall I really like the prop. The best like is the smoothness. The second the ability to flare near stall and keep the nose wheel off the runway. The third is the quieter ride. I doubt the cruise is any better but to make MT happy I might report a one knot increase. I used to set the power at 28/2300. I have been using 29- 30/2200 with the 4 blade. Passenger comments so far give high marks to the smoothness and lower racket level in the cabin. The only problem so far is the tow bar. I need to bend over a little farther so the bar will not bump one of the blades during turns. This could be a problem when being tugged. So far the tugs have had the tow ball mounted low enough that it has not been problem. One other nit is taxi RPM needs to be kept around 700-800. Not much of a problem as along the mags are in good shape and you have the engine leaned out. Well, That is about as much as comes to mind.
  14. FoxMike

    Poor mic connection

    Could be in bumping the mic jack you have slightly bent the connector. Try the cleaning others have suggested and if it does not work replace the connector. You might look into rudder pedal extensions to move you back a little to prevent your hitting the jack.
  15. FoxMike

    TKS fluid in engine bay

    I was concerned about TKS fluid causing corrosion back in the first years I owned the Bravo. Years ago several well known shops said that they were finding corrosion is some odd places on TKS equiped airplanes. These shops just suggested the fluid might be corrosive. That idea has been pretty well debunked over the years although I have not seen any scientific data on the subject. I remember at a Mooney convention we had a pretty good discussion about it at the Saturday Banquet. I have not noticed any corrosion problems anywhere on the airframe and the plane was built in 99. What I have found from operating TKS for the over 16 years is the heim bearing on the rudder and elevator in the tail of the aircraft need replacement every decade or so because the fluid runs down the rudder and into the tail and washes the lube off the heim bearing. Not a real big problem but something you need to watch.