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  1. Hangar space in Denver Metro is expensive. Nobody wants to keep an airplane outside in Denver (Wind, Hail). Those hangars you speak of at FTG are not out of the ground yet. They have been trying to get them built since last fall. If you try for a county hangar at either BJC or FTG the waiting lines are years long. You might find a private hangar for rent usually in a community hangar. I base at KFTG now called Colorado Air and Spaceport. In the future you will have to share the spaceport with rocket ships. This might be more than a minor inconvenience. I was basing at BJC when they built the Port-a Ports. They collect water so anything you keep in the hangar has to off the floor (cabinets, etc). Parts for the doors are a problem.
  2. Having been a Bravo owner for more than 15 years let me offer a little advice. Since I fly the Rockies sometimes IFR, the airplane works for me. If you do not need to fly over 8K you are going to find the cost of ownership mostly maintenance to be excessive. The Bravo makes sense when flying in the teens but if that is not required for your flying I would keep looking for an Ovation. The Ovation, Acclaim and Bravo are comfortable airframes especially for long trips. They all drink more than the 4 cylinder models but you get slightly more speed. If you have no experience with turbocharged airplanes the Bravo can get really expensive. No matter what you buy be sure to find a competent instructor.
  3. I upgraded my Quartto to a 340A a month or so ago. Like the features of the 340A but found during a trip to AZ. that the 340 failed in some moderate turbulence over the mountains. I t did it twice. I stopped in ABQ on the way home and got another. The second seems to work better but I only have a few hours on it and only a little time in the bumps. If you are using this as your only artificial horizon better be careful until Sandia finds the problem and gets all of them fixed. The failure I experienced twice was the AH rolled into a 30d bank and sat there for about 15 minutes. It did erect itself after the 15 minutes. It might be I got the unit that had a bad component but maybe not. This happen in VFR conditions but a failure in the clouds when its bumpy could be lethal.
  4. Keep in mind that I 70 is going to be rebuilt from the mousetrap to I 225. Construction will continue till 2022. Travel east /west across Denver is going to be problematic for quite a while. BJC can be a tough place to find a hangar (I based there for 25 years). Also traffic on the Boulder turnpike can be tough. If you can figure a good answer to the I70 construction FTG could be a good answer. Generally, traffic in Denver is a bitch 20 hours a day.
  5. I just got my Halos and am still in the trial stage. In the bag of foam tips are some black, domed ear plugs. I tried one on my right ear and could not get any audio. There are no straws inserted in the earplug so I attached them directly to the soft plastic tube. Has anyone figured out how to make the black tips work. these are a little different from earlier black tips that used to be sold on Halo's site. Let me now if you have figured these out.
  6. I put VGs on a 78 T210 i owned years ago. I liked them in the low speed regime but they did cost 5Kts in cruise. I think on a Mooney it would give a very pleasant low speed performance but you would lose cruise. You might also find you lose value on your aircraft because most buyers salivate about the speed and are willing to live with resulting takeoff and landing performance.
  7. I looked at a Bravo that was equipped with one when I was shopping for a Bravo. I asked several shops about them. None thought they were all that reliable and said repairs would be at KingAir pricing. You could find a replacement unit for your KI 525A as many pilots have traded for Aspens or Garmins. You might also get your unit overhauled. Also the KI 825 has an awful small screen.
  8. Blower match is a big deal. A turbo used in an unpressurized should not have the capacity of a blower designed for a pressurized one. Turbos run efficiently in a narrow rpm range usually above 90% rpm. A big blower would be running at low rpm and cause lots of back pressure. I have no idea what was used on a Rocket but that TSIO 520 was used on lots of aircraft so different blowers are probably available.
  9. Thanks for the information, I ordered a set last night. I have been waiting months for availability. Hope they work satisfactorily.
  10. If the mags were properly rebuilt 320 hours ago I would not touch them I fly my vac pumps till they break. I normally get 1200hrs out of them.
  11. Someone might had a problem getting two parts of the exhaust to fit and decided to use some brute force with a hammer. Watch that for leaks.
  12. After looking at the Savvy data I would think water could have been the problem. It looks to me that you need to have the red EGT cylinder looked at. Injector nozzle may need to be cleaned or upper deck pressure might be leaking. It could also be a valve. On the water issue you may need to change O rings on the gas caps and you need to determine if the holes in the ribs are open. I do not think you need to open the tanks but you need an A&P with Mooney experience to look this over throughly.
  13. Any chance you got a load of water when you bought gas? A lot of Mooney tanks have been repaired over the years and sometimes the holes in the rib that are to let the water move to the low point get blocked during the repair. Water does not get to the quick drain until some of the fuel is burned as it trapped behind the rib.
  14. A couple of comments, maybe ideas. Airspeed changes of that magnitude could only be caused by fuel starvation if the engine lost significant power, like going from 70% to 20%. You certainly would have noticed a trim change. It could be you were experiencing up and down drafts that could cause a the fuel in a low tank to unport (flow away from the pickup). If this is the problem more fuel is the fix. If you have had this problem on other occasions when the tank was fuller you might have a mechanic drain all the fuel and remove the quick drain and see if a large piece of junk in in the tank that could cover the fuel pickup.
  15. Looks like a piston would have been faster. Maybe we are starting to see saturation of Class A. I was going to Kerrville IFR during the time Reagan fired all the controllers. I needed to make a quick stop in KAMA for fuel. Once I landed I had to get back in line for another clearance. I had to wait till the next afternoon to get one (about 24 hours). I had to hang around the FBO and wait for the ground controller to call the FBO.