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  1. ADF is an advanced mode of navigation. Rather than the cumbersome direct-enter-enter, you have an arrow that automatically finds the waypoint - hence the A in ADF.
  2. @tony that's a navigation system designed for the sole purpose of failing students in their instrument checkride
  3. What did you end up doing @Emmet? Did you replace the annunciator? If so, what did you do with alternate air? I've gone through the G3X manual and saw there's a gear annunciator there, so I'd think only the alternate air would need a dedicated light.
  4. Is that for the oil, or for the cabin?
  5. The air coming out of vents was not warm at all - it was colder than the cabin ambient temperature. So I closed the vents.
  6. Thanks, will try that. Any issues with air quality or condensation with fresh air limited?
  7. I flew my O the other day where OAT was -23C. I tried to pull both the vent and heat on, and only heat on - nothing helped. It was so cold that I was freezing even though I had thermal layers on. I had to descend down to 12K where OAT was -11C and somewhat bearable. Next time you catch me complaining about airline X's economy cabin, remind me of this flight :). Questions: 1. Is this normal, or is something broken with my O? 2. If normal, do you have aftermarket solutions? 3. Up at 16K, I was using oxygen - it was so cold it was hurting my nose. Does your built-in O2 get cold? Do you have a solution?
  8. Why do we have both CAN bus and ARINC? Is it safety redundancy?
  9. The dual GI275 failure comes to mind ... Electrical and AHRS issue aside, why is that configuration legal, but G3X isn't?
  10. Thanks, makes sense. Hopefully Garmin will have a dual AHRS setup in the future because that will clean up panels further.
  11. Hi, question for IFR setup. I understand that G3X dual screen setup works in reversionary mode, and that G3X can drive the GFC500, and that a ship like M20R with dual batteries can drive either display to a landing should the alternator fail. So why is G5 installed as ADI backup?
  12. How about a donation link - say - under the menu? I was looking to donate when I joined, but couldn’t figure how. I just stumbled on this thread. just sent in mine, thank you for keeping this space going!
  13. David, can you share a photo of your panel? I’m considering a twin G3X (10 and 7”). Seems to me to be a better option compared to G3x + dual G5 (one AI backup, and the other HSI for second NAV/COM).
  14. Thank you, will post :). I didn’t save - will do so next. They were black, I suspect organic.
  15. They were resealed last year, however, pre-buy in May this year showed tanks were leaking, so the shop reworked them. I will follow up on the details of what was done.
  16. Hi, this is my first post. I’ve been lurking around here for a while researching which model to buy. Thank you all for your informative posts which swayed the decision to a 1996 O1 that we now enjoy for 3 months. Question: I say sediments yesterday, I had to sump 5 full cups each side to clear them. After the flight, I sumped again and saw more sediments. I’ll ask a mechanic to look tomorrow. Wanted to ask if you have experienced anything similar, whether there’s something bigger to watch out for. The tanks were resealed 3 months go during pre-buy.
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