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  1. I searched pn 600029-2 on Controller.com and didn’t get any hits. Loewen Mooney Salvage sold me one a year or so ago so you might try that, or the Reaper. If you end up making one, at least you have one to use as an example.
  2. I have zero knowledge on innner gear doors. But, is there a structures issue on this door?
  3. To get questions answered, Contact Bruce Estes, 650 504-4464.
  4. 1970 E Model. This aircraft is disassembled, wings and tail removed. Some type of damage to one wing skin, but I don’t know the particulars. The fuselage is stripped down to bare metal. Listed on Barnstormers for $3K. https://barnstormers.com/cat_search.php?headline=Mooney&body=&part_num=&mfg=&model=&user__profile__company=&user__last_name=&user__first_name=&user__profile__country=&specialcase__state=&user__profile__city=&user__profile__uzip=&specialcase__phone=&user__email=&my_cats__name=&price__gte=&price__lte=&sear
  5. Can you connect the lead for the SureFly to the battery terminal on your master switch relay? That works great on my C, and doesn't mucky up the battery leads with extraneous terminals. The master switch relay should always be hot, regardless of which battery you have selected for the flight (shouldn't it?).
  6. Was that the movie about the radioactive ants? Sorry, I’ve got The Deadly Mantis blocking my memory.
  7. I’m happy with mine. I replaced the left mag on my ‘63C, which was way past the 500 hr IRAN. Shower of sparks is history. I still need to get the dual-spline drive gear because the closest I could get was about 1.5 degrees ATDC. But, it starts and runs great. I didn’t have any unusual CHT issues before, and don’t have any now. Depending which mag you replace, consider replacing the Bendix mag switch with the STC’d rocker switch panel. There is a lag when switching from R through L to Both during mag checks, and if you’re not quick enough, expect a bang because the SureFly takes a mi
  8. In a previous life I was a crew chief/flight mechanic on a C-135. We were a pax hauler and based at Offutt AFB. I cannot tell you how many times I had to ‘translate’ discrepancies that the pilots had written into the aircraft forms into mx-speak post mission at the debrief table.
  9. I also noticed the prop twitched when letting off the key push. My old Bendix switch wouldn’t engage the starter if the key was turned all the way to the right and then pushed in. I had to sometimes turn the key slightly back to the left, while still pushed in, and then the contacts connected and the starter engaged.
  10. Thank you for making me think about this... if I understand, the theory is that there is enough fluid in the supply line to the flap pump, in excess of the volume required to fully extend the actuator. The upward-turned 45 degree fitting on the reservoir port to the flap system increases the amount of hydraulic fluid available to the flap pump. The supply line acts as its own reservoir to the flap system. Do I (finally) understand? (Picture credit to PilotCoyote...)
  11. And a potential hydraulic leak in the brake system could prevent the flaps from working. Brake master cylinders, parking brake valve, plumbing/hoses, and calipers.
  12. Have you checked the fluid level in the reservoir?
  13. I pasted the letter into a .pdf and put it in the Engines folder in the downloads page. It’s fuzzy, but readable. We should have an airframe mx section in the downloads, along with the engines section.
  14. FastTex.... Is it pn 4085-2C you’re looking for? The Doc must be clairvoyant!
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