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  1. Same experience here as described above... Surefly replaced the left mag and the shower of sparks is history. I too banged my exhaust pretty good doing an inflight mag check. The ElectroAir rocker switch panel solves the problem latency problem of rotating through the positions R-L-B with the Bendix mag switch. I didn’t have the panel space for the ElectroAir option, so I replaced the Bendix mag switch with a of couple of mil-spec DPDT toggle switches. Works great. My Bendix switch was in serious need of overhaul/replacement (after only 50+ years!). You could pull the key out in
  2. Certainly Jose’s STC cannot be used for the ‘approved data.’ But, if your DAR drew up original prints for the mod, certainly there would be differences when compared to the STC. Does that cross the line of a copy of the STC? Perhaps a question to the FSDO that will be approving the modification. I don’t think the writing the flight manual supplement would be that hard. Another thought, Jose owns the STC and built and sold kits. The kits themselves aren’t rocket science (I’m guessing). Some sheet metal, filler necks, gas caps, hardware, etc. Perhaps Jose would sell the STC without t
  3. How accurate are your analog gauges? Lycoming recommends that you calibrate your cockpit gauges once per year. An idea probably initiated in their legal department. More relevant, analog gauges tend to smooth out the momentary spikes. You just don’t see them. With a digital instrument, one parameter momentarily out-of-tolerance will be flagged because of the multiple times-per-second refresh rate.
  4. I’m not going to mention the bladders option (whoops). Perhaps one of the reseal shops that has done a number of long range tank installs could work with a DER and you could do the install with 337? Sounds expensive. More expensive than bladders (whoops)? What about a hybrid system? A bladder in the outboard wing bay tied into the factory integral tank?
  5. If the stab downforce is (relatively) evenly distributed forward and aft of the stabilizer pivot point, then would not light turbulence (or, even engine/propellor harmonics?) maybe be enough to jostle (technical term) the worm gears just enough that it could change the trim setting? I don’t think you’d want a lot of downforce transferred directly to the trim mechanism as it would induce friction making it more difficult to move (without mechanical advantage), and potentially cause more wear in every trim system component from front to back. Obviously, the drag from the vertical stab wil
  6. Found the thread from long ago... Link to SB to add the friction lock (from the last post). https://www.mooney.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/SBM20-33.pdf
  7. This is the old cover, Plane Plastics sold me a new one which is much better quality.
  8. From the ‘65C POH... ‘62, ‘63, ‘64 data included. There was an earlier thread about this, I remember because I stuck my foot in my mouth. My royalite trim wheel tower cover has a hole on the left side to access the friction lock screw.
  9. Here’s another link... https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2021/02/23/livermore-small-plane-misses-runway-hits-car-on-overpass/ No injuries, according to the story.
  10. I’d remove it and verify the length, but otherwise, LASAR has the -21A on their website. The other part numbers were variations applied by Mooney. And whoever safetied that bolt needs some remedial training.
  11. From wiki... The first officer flew the aircraft, while Ferguson handled radio communications. However, by regulation, Ferguson was the pilot in commandas captain of the aircraft. Neither crew member had ever landed at Sheridan, but each thought that the other had done so in the past. At approximately 10:00 p.m. MDT, the crew mistakenly landed the aircraft at Buffalo, Wyoming, thinking it was their destination airport of Sheridan. This wrong airport landing was way back in 1979. I’m not sure what fancy RNAV equipment the airlines were flying at that time then basic VOR/DME. Even so
  12. I got them out of order... and not guaranteeing orientation... (two edits later...)
  13. Knisley repaired the exhaust tube on my C a few years ago when the seam in the tube started to split. By reusing the flange it was classified as a repair, not a new part. Send them your flange and it will be better than new. Any MSC can sell you the hardware, tube clamp, and exhaust hangar springs (or did you have a belt style hangar?). Loewen Mooney Salvage might have what you need, including the exhaust tube, if you want to go that route. https://www.loewensmooneysalvage.com/
  14. John, I have no hands-on experience with the LASAR wheel well liners, but it appears to me that it’s not difficult for the mouse to climb up onto the retraction tube, and follow that down to get through the hole in the wheel well liner that the retraction tube runs through. You can probably evaluate your particular installation better than some pictures I scrounged up off the internet. You have an exceptional aircraft and I’m sure you don’t want some vermin rummaging around in the interior.
  15. Departure obstacles for RW18 mention a tower, 726’ from DER, 31’ high. Could that be a power pole? Only 30’ AGL at 700’ from the RW36 threshold is pretty low. Really glad the outcome wasn’t any worse than it was. Would the proximity of the roads parallel with the runway and crossing on short final (presumably with vehicle lights) add to site picture? Or would it be a distraction/disorientation...
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