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  1. I’d still rather have the best of Mooney knowledge look my airplane over than a self proclaimed expert.
  2. I did not sell the rights. I’ll bet that they can’t come close to my price. Time will tell. Thanks, David
  3. I don’t think you know Don Maxwell very well if you think he’d only be worried about his reputation. He’s top notch along with a few other Mooney shops out there. I’d much rather have top notch than an impartial shop that doesn’t know what to look for.
  4. I’d go with the shop that has worked on lots of Mooney’s like Maxwells. You’ll get a much better prebuy.
  5. On Don’s, I installed a T-fitting at the back of the # 1 cylinder at the existing manifold pressure fittings. David
  6. I used Baker for my IA a long time ago when they traveled to areas of the country for classes. I highly recommend it especially if you work a full time job or have a family at home. It allows you the time to focus without the normal distractions everyday working and family life has. David
  7. I was planning on using LASARs oil cooler relocation STC for my new cowling on E’s and F’s so I don’t have to complicate my STC. I could do a relocation like the C and G but I’d have to make a larger duct as the IO’s have a larger cooler. David
  8. The C’s and G’s don’t appear to have oil temp problems like some of the IO equipped Mooney’s I’ve heard. A friend of mine has this oil relocation on his C and temps are fine. This is the only place I can move the cooler on the C and G models with the battery up front. This has to be done for my new cowling. David
  9. Hi John, I can take a picture of mine as it’s modified Vans RV baffling. They use a small stainless steel rod that is bent into shape and then threaded on both ends. Works well. I have the drawing that calls out the dimensions I can get you if you’d like? Thanks, David
  10. You were doing well until you went off on the mask rant. Sorry, but you sound just like the rest of the experts now and we’re all dummy’s. You need to work harder on your message delivery and not come off as I’m right and you’re wrong. I’ll leave it at this. Like it or not, it is how we feel and no amount of chastising is going to change our minds. We too have had family impacted by the virus, so that angle is covered in case you move on to the guilt and shaming next. David
  11. I was trying to just listen by reading these posts and yours made me want to comment. We’ve been listening to the health professionals for months now telling us something different every day. When we do our research and read what the health experts are saying and voice that, we get shouted down that you don’t know what you’re taking about because you’re not in the health field. This is not the way for us to Listen as you put it. Many of us have tuned out the so called experts and are moving on with living over worrying about dying which we all will do some day. The latest the experts a
  12. My Concorde battery lasted a little more than 10 years. Capacity check fail is what caused me to condemn it. I plan on replacing it with another Concorde. I’ve heard that Gill is getting better but I’m not willing to take that chance as I’ve been burned by their batteries in the past. Takes a long time to rebuild customer confidence in a product when you’ve had a run of garbage products especially at aviation price levels. David
  13. Hi cctsurf, Its coming along slowly. I had a little set back on the upper cowling fitting correctly at the very front. It’s back at the composite shop being reworked along with the mold when we get the fit just right. I’d like to post more often but I feel I run the risk of the typical aviation product promises syndrome and don’t want that. Thanks, David
  14. I installed one of the LASAR oil cooler relocation kits on an F and was disappointed in its fit. Mounting the plates per the instructions actually had the cooler hitting the engine mount. I ended up modifying the plates to clear the engine mount. David
  15. I’m thankful that I live in an area that’s not overly populated and I don’t wear a mask. I’m also able to bypass the store that have mandated them now. Looking forward to this craziness going away.
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