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  1. The engine overhaul

    I’ll become a believer in Additives when I start hearing it from the engine shops that do overhauls. They’re the ones who’ll see if it works or not and right now, that’s not what they’re seeing.
  2. The engine overhaul

    That’s not represebtative of the engine environment, nor is putting lawn furniture outside with Camguard on some metal and other metal without and proclaiming it will prevent corrosion. No Doh, but prove it to us with 20 + year old engines operating in different environments. Oops, that doesn’t generate any revenue for 20 + years, so can’t do that! We’ll just call it good and proceed to market it as the cam savior!
  3. The engine overhaul

    Hi Byron, I know you didn’t say it, but had to jab Camguard as we see plenty of spalling regardless of whether it’s used or not. I still believe it’s all metallurgy and you either have a good cam or not. No additive is going to save that metal in the operating environment that these engines are in.
  4. The engine overhaul

    I thought with Camguard, this spalling wasn’t possible?
  5. Will do. I think I can work on the doubler next week. Need to check my stock of aluminum. Thanks
  6. It’s raining 337’s here today! I received Matt’s and Marauders 337’s today. The FAA actually beat me to getting the paperwork done before the job. Time to get Matt’s flying for data reports! David
  7. Hi Scott, I’m not sure what part of the mod has helped my temps the most, new baffling, cowling, or cowl flap modification. I still have some more work that we’re experimenting with on the cowl flap exit air. We’ll see how we do on Matt’s. I expect some issue to cause me to scratch my head and then struggle to fix. Thanks, David
  8. Hi Marauder, I’d suggest ordering the kit and I’ll provide you with a new 2 piece doubler. It would be better for me if the relocation was done before I do the cowling mod. Thank you, David
  9. Is this cowl flaps open or closed position? It should be the closed position now.
  10. Hi Hank, Cowl flaps opened up 1 inch more than stock and cowling is my cowl mod. Thanks, David
  11. Hi Marauder, Your cooler will hit the engine mount if you install the STC doubler as it comes in the kit. I installed my doubler on Matt’s airplane last night and we have about 3/4 inch clearance now. I’m thinking of doing my own STC for the cooler relocation now as it should be fairly simple and to correct the problem with the currently available STC.
  12. Interesting and frustrating that there's a known problem with the doubler and the STC hasn't been revised to correct the problem. Thanks.
  13. Hi Marauder, On Matt's we're going to test to see if the ram air makes a difference or not with the air filter moved inside the cowling. If we find that it's ineffective, we'll remove it and I'll put on a new lower skin and possibly a second landing light. The third fixed cowl flap is also removed right now for testing and can easily be added back if we find it's needed for cooling. As for the oil cooler relocation issue, I'm not sure if it's unique to Matt's. I'd be interested in what part number cooler you have and I can compare it to see if you might have the issue. I remade the doublers to what I saw that Bob had on his. Instead of a one piece L shaped doubler, mine is now a two piece with the flange extending outboard which gives another 1/2 inch of clearance. I could make some doublers for yours if needed. Thanks, David
  14. Update on Matt's F model cowling. Much closer to being completed. I made my own version of the oil cooler relocation mounting doublets in order to get at least a half an inch of clearance between the engine mount and the cooler. The STC doubler would not give any clearance with the cooler Matt has. David
  15. Off field landing at KSGH

    Where on Facebook? Haven't found any info on it. Thanks.