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  1. Sabremech

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Ok, disassemble old parts, cut new pieces, debur edges, drill, debur holes, dimple rivet holes if necessary, rivet parts together. 15 minutes? I don’t think so.
  2. Sabremech

    Doghouse Parts Source

    It’s much longer than 15 minutes to make these parts. Probably would take the better part of a day if there’s multiple parts that require riveting. David
  3. Sabremech

    My second annual

    Probably not much help, but mine are just the cost of parts. I do my own inspections.
  4. Sabremech

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Hi Hector, Apparently I disposed of the old doghouse parts on mine. I can make some new ones for you, but I would need yours as a pattern. Thanks, David
  5. Sabremech

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Hi Hector, I may have some of my baffling that I removed for my cowl mod. I'll check tomorrow. It's not in too bad of shape. What parts do you need? I might be able to make you new ones if mine are in marginal shape. E-mail is sabremech at Thanks, David
  6. Do they have another “right seat ready” going on during the timeframe of the Summitt?
  7. Will plan to be there.
  8. I view to Burlington wi to look you up. Could not find where you were located. I have a m20g that I was looking into some upgrades that maybe you could help me with. Arnold Viliger

    1. Sabremech


      Hi Arnold, I live in Burlington but keep my airplane at UGN. Here’s my cell and e-mail address, 847-227-7008.

      Give me a ring or an e-mail some time and let’s talk about what you’d like to upgrade.



  9. Sabremech

    Trutrack Update

    I’m looking forward to having my TruTrak AP installed and am more than happy with altitude hold, heading and gpss.
  10. Sabremech

    M20F left fuel tank weep

    I should edit “easy”. Nothing seems to be easy anymore.
  11. Sabremech

    M20F left fuel tank weep

    It sounds from your post that you haven’t been inside a Mooney fuel tank or experienced the access to the tanks, which really makes me question why you think A&P’s can’t handle or do this job right? Don Maxwell has put out a great article in regards to finding nuisance leaks which does make it pretty easy to find and fix.
  12. Sabremech

    M20F left fuel tank weep

    Really? I beg to differ that there are A&P's capable of repairing this type of fuel leak. It's not rocket science or that difficult, just time consuming.
  13. Sabremech

    Log Review - Knoxville/Crossville, TN

    You can get Mooney Professional service by sending copies of the logs for initial review to D. Maxwell, AGL Aviation or another MSC.
  14. Sabremech

    Landing Gear Advise M20F Electric

    I make and sell the landing gear rigging tools. For the electric gear, you only need the main gear tool. I sell that for $150 + shipping. For the set of gear tools, I sell them for $245 + shipping. Thanks, David