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  1. Sabremech

    Trim Jackscrew Binding

    I removed both 1 and 2, left 3 and 4 in place. I disconnected the trim rod from the bottom of the trim wheel below the floor then pulled it forward to disengage (square slip joint) from the jack screw. Two more bolts that hold the jack screw and remove it by working it forward and out one of the access holes. Not too bad of a job! David
  2. Sabremech

    Travel Boards

    Not to mention the potential for changing the boards calibration. If they aren’t an exact copy, then the rigging might not end up correct.
  3. Sabremech

    "SabreCowl" Update (part tres)

    Bob, I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear the results of the inlet rings on your bird. It fits consistently with the three models now that have the larger rings ( E, F, & G) all with similar results. Since the original rings were the identical size as the LoPresti inlet openings, it stands with good reason to believe that anyone experiencing CHT problems with the LoPresti cowling, to enlarge the openings to 5.75 inches. Pricing is estimated at around $6k with new cowling, baffling, induction system and spinner. David
  4. Sabremech

    "SabreCowl" Update (part tres)

    I have a few people who definitely want the new cowling and I’ve kept their info in my file to touch base with once it’s almost ready for prime time. I think that’s the best way for now until the project is much closer to being certified. I’ll post updates on Mooneyspace and will need to rely on someone to post on Facebook as I no longer do social media. Thanks, David
  5. Sabremech

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    I use Exxon Elite in my Lycoming and am a believer in not changing oil brand or viscosites in an engine. Mine is quite happy with this oil so I suppose I should get more while I still can. David
  6. Sabremech

    "SabreCowl" Update (part tres)

    Not sure what model you have, but the Gen2 will be easier than the older Mooney with all the screws. Ram air is deleted as there wasn’t enough gain from it after moving the air filter inside the cowling and the cost to keep it was too high. I have a couple of Gen1 parts sets still on the shelf and they could still be installed. The Gen2 looks much better and fits more airplanes. There’s quite a bit more labor involved on the Gen1 and especially so if there’s been previous nose cowl damage as I found on both Bob’s E and Matt’s F. Lots of hours to make this cowlings right and thankfully I had other cowlings to use for parts. All in, I believe the Gen2 will be more cost effective and the aesthetics are certainly much better. David
  7. Sabremech

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    It’s a major upgrade from the Britain wing leveler.
  8. Sabremech

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    All I require is altitude hold and heading. That will reduce my work load enough on longer cross country flights and I’ll hand fly the approaches. I don’t do enough IFR flight to justify the added expense for more features. David
  9. Sabremech

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    The Trutrak and Trio are perfect for older Mooney’s that don’t have a high end panel but are still very capable airplanes. That would include many of the vintage Mooney’s through G models. Still a good number of those flying and worthy of the lower end autopilot. I’m not going to stick a $10K autopilot in a $35K Mooney. That will not make my Mooney worth another $10K. David
  10. Sabremech

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    I think Trio Avionics should persue their own STC for the Mooney as well as others and leave out the middle man. They would be able to work at it full time. David
  11. Sabremech

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    I’m all in for the TruTrak for my 66 C as soon as it’s approved. It has enough features for me and is priced right. I don’t think I have enough hair left to tackle this type of STC. David
  12. Sabremech

    Throttle Linkage - more advice?

    Quite possibly the A&P thinks like me where I won’t do an engine run on someone else’s aircraft. I get the owner to do the engine runs. I’m not willing to take on that extra liability as I have enough already. David
  13. Sabremech

    Eye bolts

    Huh? Not on any of the jets I work on and maintain. That's what the throttles are for and the idle cutoff position if the engine develops severe problems. I'd like to see some documentation to your point on the engine mounts designed to break away.
  14. Sabremech

    2019 Aviation Goals

    2019- sell my Mooney and leave aircraft ownership. Starting our plan to transition towards retirement in 8-10 years and the airplane isn’t part of that plan. I still have access to another plane or two to continue flying.
  15. Sabremech

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    The air filter and oil cooler are moved with the new cowling. David