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  1. If interested in seat cams, send me an e-mail at to discuss options. Thanks, David
  2. Hi Cliff, "If the elevator has a patch, that is not allowed by Mooney". This might not be allowed by Mooney but can be done using a military structural repair manual ( TM 55) and AC 43.13 as approved data. I've repaired dings in several flight controls over the years using the TM 55 Military structural repair manual and AC 43.13. The elevator patch may be just fine in this case in the eyes of the FAA if the right data was used for the repair. David
  3. I also have a 66 C model and personally would stick to what the 66 maintenance manual calls for. Its entirely possible that later manuals may have some typos as newer models were being produced and the wrong information could have made it into a later revision. Just my .02 as an A&P/IA. David
  4. I have a brand new BA6310 filter assembly that I don’t need. I’ll sell it for $50 plus shipping. David
  5. This is another one of those topics that can cause controversy because there are multiple viewpoints with the two biggest differing opinions between pilots and mechanics. I'm a professional aircraft mechanic and agree with Clarence that if a damaged part is removed and replaced then there is no damage history. I'll take it a few steps further and say that there are multiple levels of repairs. The highest level of repair would be engineering data provided by Mooney for a repair. Second would be DER data, then lastly IA data using the manufacturers maintenance manual and AC 43-13. All of these will lead to at least the paperwork being correct for a repair. I personally feel there's no deduction in value an aircraft for Mooney engineering data or DER data for a repair at least as far as the engineering behind the repair goes. IA data deserves more review as not all of us are the same when it comes to engineering a repair. Any deduction in value would need to be based off of the quality of the workmanship of the repair itself and not solely because there was a repair done. My airplane has had two gear ups in its lifetime with the last one being done in 2005. When I purchased it in 2010, I looked it over including what had been repaired and didn't even think about it again when it came time to negotiate price. It was a non event and added value to the aircraft in my opinion with a relatively new prop, engine teardown and inspection in the last five years and a one piece belly. Not all damage is created equal or really damage at all if the part is replaced. David
  6. I’ll put together some information on 52W. Most gear ups are not that big of a deal. Do you have an e-mail address I can send the info to? Thanks, David
  7. I will have my 66 C model for sale in the near future in your price range. It fits Bob’s description fairly well with a higher time engine. It had a gear up in 2005 where the engine bottom end was inspected and the original cylinders put back on. The prop was new in 2005 with no AD. It’s a very decent airplane mechanically that will have a new interior when the annual is complete. Paint isn’t great and could stand some touch up. It’s a very fast C model that has a 154 KTAS. You can see some of the history of this bird by checking the cowling mod threads here on MS. I’m also willing to provide any data requested if you have an interest. My bird is N2652W. David
  8. Tempest fine wires for me. 66 C model and runs smooth. I still lean on the ground and have not had any issues. David
  9. How many more ways do we have to kill ourselves in airplanes? Are we really learning anything new by reading the accident reports or is it the same things over and over? I don’t think there’s much new information in the reports that we learn but rather remind ourselves of bad decisions or sometimes just bad luck.
  10. The same MS’r is having more issues on FB discussing this accident. The ignore function here works great.
  11. Passed doing something he loved but most likely not how he wanted to.
  12. Since the drawings cost me, I can’t give them away. Thanks,
  13. I may have a set available. Will let you know in the next day or two if ok? Thanks
  14. I think you’re going to find that they really aren’t that pricey. I suspect you’ll find that out if you do make your own sets. David
  15. Finalized the cowling design and finish work going on right now on the prototype. Once the prototype is complete, we’ll make the molds and make the first parts. It’s coming along slowly and steadily now. David