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  1. Hi Jeff, I think you have a good idea to fix the problem of the induction boot availability, but other issues will pop up that you don't expect. Personally, I think making a new FAA/PMA induction boot out of newer and more robust materials would be the way to go and cost much less for you and your customers in the long run. Thanks, David
  2. I have one that I removed from my 66 C model that’s in ok condition. I no longer need it now that I have my cowling and a different induction system. I’d take $75 plus shipping for it. David
  3. The cowling is made up of one thin layer of fiberglass, three layers of carbon fiber and one thin layer of fiberglass from what I was told. David
  4. Hi Brad, That is just how it comes out of the mold. Still needs to be trimmed but it is smooth and shiny. David
  5. Marauder’s F model will be the first to get the new cowling. He’s been patiently waiting for quite some time!
  6. The first cowling parts have been pulled from the mold. Here’s a picture of the first top cowling and it is a very nice part. I was surprised at how light it is. The lower cowling is coming soon and I now understand the true amount of work to get it to the plug stage for making a mold. David
  7. I’ve got it down to about 30 minutes now. I think I’ve had plenty of experience. David
  8. If I can keep my cowling priced right, I think it’s going to be a successful project. I won’t get them all that’s why I chose any. David
  9. The potential market is any 4 cylinder Mooney. I don’t have any idea of an actual number. David
  10. Hi Clarence, I recently had issues with a Falcon 2000 that had my STC being imported into Canada. I ended up working with an engineering firm in Canada and they did a one time STC so the new owner could import the airplane. That was almost 6 months ago and my validation is still not complete. I think the latest bilateral agreement was done in 2017 and it was not anything near equal for US holders of STC’s. David
  11. None at all. Has all to do with a poor bilateral agreement which favors foreign countries.
  12. I’m currently having one of my STC’s validated by Transport Canada which is about a 6 month process. The current bilateral agreement is that the USA accepts all Canadian STC’s and USA STC’s must be validated. Not much of a bilateral agreement in my opinion. It’s much worse though with EASA as I’ve done two of those last year. David
  13. Thought it was Takair.
  14. Not yet, but very soon. I expect my first sets of cowlings this month. Pictures to be posted as soon as the first set is pulled from the molds. Thanks, David
  15. I do have another air box, albeit a little rougher condition than the other one I had. Its missing the main shaft as pictured in Sherry L’s post.