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  1. Here’s a picture of the cowling being modified in my shop.
  2. Version 2 is a complete new cowling g that’s all carbon with a layer of fiberglass to allow for sanding and painting. It’s incredibly light compared to the original cowling. David
  3. Let’s see! It’s killing me that it’s taking this long but I’m having vendor issues like everyone out here. First it was Covid now it’s not enough people and the shop is swamped. I have the prototype cowling in my shop working the fit issue that I had between the upper and lower cowling. I have the major issue resolved and am now doing the bodywork to ensure the parts fit nicely. My big concern will be how long to get the mold modified or a new one made when I’m done with the bodywork! I will get this done. I’m too far in it financially to back out or give up. Seems to be another typical avi
  4. I’m not going to get sucked into this nonsense.
  5. Kind of hard to eat or drink with a face mask on. The sign makes perfect sense!
  6. Or not! Just people choosing to live instead of waiting for the inevitable.
  7. Really? This again? When I sold my C model, I had no intention of taking it anywhere. Why? Because I do not trust a facility to pay attention to the details such as putting proper length screws back where they belong. I was more than happy to have the airplane opened up and ready for inspection in my hangar which is what happened. I was also the person who put the airplane back together after the pre-buy. I was also not willing to potentially have my airplane held hostage over an opinion of airworthiness. If you follow the advice given above, you might just be passing on a real gem of an a
  8. Why should you have to prove anything? If Virginia thinks you’ve been there more than 90 days, they need to provide proof. I’d be damned if I’d pay and do their job for them.
  9. I don’t think so. Skates97 is working on locating a few people who say they want to order and will have payment instructions soon. Thank you, David
  10. You’ll need to send a message to Raptor05121 and see if he can get you in. I’m ok if he’s ok as the order is being finalized. David
  11. Ok. I’d hate to speculate on a repair without seeing at least a picture or two as it could be relatively simple to like you said a re-skin. Thank you, David
  12. Do you have any pictures you can share? If you’d rather not post them on the internet, would you PM them to look at to offer an opinion on a repair? Condolences to you for your loss. Thanks, David
  13. I messaged Alex and Richard for the late additions. Please confirm with them that you’ve been added. David
  14. The only pricing I’ve found is for LASAR’s PMA down lock block listed at $390 when they have stock. I purchased an uplock block from LASAR several years ago and think it was about the same as the down lock. David
  15. Hi Vorlon1, No where that I know of to purchase in kit form. Aircraft Spruce has a good website and you can easily order the few items online in their hardware section.
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