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  1. Sabremech

    Improved speed documented

    I didn't see any questions in your post. I'm moving on!
  2. Sabremech

    Improved speed documented

    If you're talking about my cowling mod, Matt and I both gained 5kts. We have the data to prove that. Bob and Wayne's, not so much. I don't know why other than every Mooney is different, with different performance when you'd think the same models would be close. No so. The oil temp issue is not a result of my cowling mod. That was going on before my mod and doesn't seem to have gotten worse because of it. Cylinder temp also isn't a problem on one and we just about have it handled on Matt's. Again, makes no sense why two airplanes that have the same engine are quite different with the mod. Call it what you want, $3500+ for a modern look, for me and quite a few others, Yes. If not for you, then move along and don't bash something you really don't know all the details on ( oil and cylinder temps go up a lot). Thanks, David
  3. Single tool is $150 and the set is $245. Thanks, David
  4. If anyone else needs the gear preload rigging tools, I sell them for $245 a set. David
  5. Searching for Mooney nose wheel disc compression tool.

    Understand you might have one available?



    Dave, 985-860-1138

    1. Sabremech


      Hi Dave, I have one that I've borrowed from a friend. I can check to see if I can borrow it again.



    2. DAVIDWH


      Thanks for offer,

      Fellow pilot had one 45 minuets away.

      Discs in and all is well.


      Thanks for your offer.

    3. Sabremech


      Hi David,

      Glad all went well. Wondered if you had received my message.



  6. That’s not going to happen or there won’t be more than 2! I tried to purchase the SWTA cowling and windshield STC’s from Russell but he never returned my calls. I couldn’t wait any longer so moved onto my own design.
  7. They are on the North 40 just West of the Warbirds. Can’t miss the Mooney logo on the tent.
  8. Anywhere from $4-6k depending on whether a new spinner is needed or not. The SabreCowl Gen2 is a complete new cowling. Will fit most models of vintage Mooney’s through the J model. Thanks, David
  9. If you find your handle harder to engage in the down block, inspect it to see if it’s bent. It will bend down near the floor and take both hands to get it in the down lock. Ask me how I know? David
  10. Sabremech

    Carb heat temp rise

    Hi Jim, Absolutely. I don’t have a use for it now. Shoot me an offer and I’ll get it coming your way. Thanks, David
  11. Sabremech

    Carb heat temp rise

    Hi Jim, Here’s a few photos of the carb air box and linkage I removed from my bird after I did my cowling mod. Linkage is pretty simple. Hope these help. David
  12. Sabremech

    "SabreCowl" Update

    Hi Marauder, My inlets are from the James Aircraft Holy Cowl and are interestingly the same size as the LoPresti cowling. I think now that they may be too small to work on all the models of Mooney’s and each engine being different in performance and health. I will be increasing them and try a larger size on Matt’s and mine to see the results. I think that will get Matt’s temps down as well as mine. I might give up a little speed but not much. David
  13. Sabremech

    "SabreCowl" Update

    Good morning Bob, that cowl support rod will cause me some grief as it is right where the cheek vent goes. I’ll work that issue out when I fit the cheek vents on mine. I wasn’t sure if you had the cowl rod or not.
  14. Sabremech

    "SabreCowl" Update

    Good morning Mike, exactly what we’ve been thinking. More thoughts and ideas for SabreCowl Gen2. I would have used flush rivets but the first set of cheek vents didn’t have a thick enough flange to allow for me to countersink the rivets. The vents going forward will be flush riveted and molded in the sides of the cowling on Gen2. Thanks, David
  15. Sabremech

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Ok, disassemble old parts, cut new pieces, debur edges, drill, debur holes, dimple rivet holes if necessary, rivet parts together. 15 minutes? I don’t think so.