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  1. I’ve done a number of 3 point performance flights after my cowling mod and my 66 C comes in at a solid 154 ktas airplane. I’m going to install my Sabre Cowl Ver 2 on my bird for installation data and more performance flights. It will be interesting to see if I pick up a little more speed or if it’s reached it’s max potential. I have most of the speed mods and a 1900 SMOH engine with 500 hours since bottom inspection so it’s not a new engine. David
  2. A fuel cap is too difficult for an ordinary mechanic? Really? This myth that a Mooney requires a special mechanic is getting very old.
  3. Typical price right now is about 2 million.
  4. I was so going to use that and say that's why my wife let me get it, but I thought I shouldn't stir that up!
  5. Yep, google P-51 Moonbeam McSwine or check it out at
  6. The maintenance isn't really bad for this airplane. We've had the radiator exit air actuator fail a time or two and some misc hydraulic leaks here and there. We had to recently get the radiator overhauled but it had been in service for over 25 years. Engines are pretty good and can run beyond 1000 hours with minimal issues. Parts are not too difficult to find as there are several companies making new parts to support the fleet along with the airplanes being restored. Definitely not clipped wings. The only people who do that are racing at Reno and not operating that as a regular flyer. Yep, It's a big hangar. I think its a 60x80 hangar with doors on both ends. My Mooney is on one end and the P51 on the other end. David
  7. Oh, but the fun factor is maxed out!
  8. I better fess up before this gets out of hand. It’s only mine in terms of maintenance. It is operated by the Warbird Heritage Foundation of which I am a Director. It will be keeping my Mooney company for a couple of weeks. It’s NL51VL for anyone who wants to check it out.
  9. I’ll be selling my C model next year and I wanted a replacement for it before selling it. My replacement is now in the hangar!
  10. Hi Eddie, Yep, I did mine with making a simple access panel in the floor of my baggage compartment. I had spoken with someone, think it was Paul Loewen about it and found that I'd much rather make a simple access panel versus drilling out the baggage floor just to buck a couple of rivets in the bracket. I can give you a call and then we can go over it. My e-mail is sabremech at Thanks, David
  11. I believe some minor modification of the front 2 cylinders baffling may be required. I will be installing one on a J for the FAA/PMA cowling. Yes, absolutely. It will take some time and I’m going to contact Transport Canada while the STC process is in work with the FAA to hopefully make it available to Canadian customers. Thanks, David
  12. Varies with each aircraft. My first cowling mod saw 2 airplanes gain 4-6 knots and 2 with no change in speed noticed. Cooling improved on all 4 when I modified the air inlet openings to a larger round inlet. unknown at this time as I haven’t fit a new lower cowling to a PFS equipped airplane. Also unknown at this time as I don’t have a lower cowling complete to give me my cost. Thanks, David
  13. I’m hoping to make it available in the first quarter of 2020 to anyone who wants to install it with a 337 Field approval with their FSDO. That will depend on my ability to get baffling sets made up along with induction systems. As for the spinner, you’ll need a 201 style spinner, p/n A2295-5(P) for those with a 2 blade Hartzell propeller. Oil cooler relocation can be done using LASAR’s STC as long as it fits your model airplane. I have no intention of including ram air as testing has found it to be not nearly as effective with the air filter inlet moved inside the cowling for pressurized air. The cost to include it outweighed the benefit. No idea on price yet as I don’t know what they will cost me. I will be installing the cowling on Marauders F model hopefully soon but now I’m beyond when I thought I’d be ready once again and into the crappy weather season. I’ve also decided that I need to install it on my C to get the remaining installation data I need for the C & G model airplanes. Thanks, David
  14. Best method and least expensive would be FAA/PMA over an STC. Neither are cheap or quick to get accomplished.