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  1. ARI Cowl Mod or Not

    I seem to take big pieces of aluminum and turn them into just the right size to recycle! David
  2. ARI Cowl Mod or Not

    Hi Igor U, the $4-6K does include the labor to install it. The largest part cost is the spinner. Not sure about sending kits out at this time. Thanks, David
  3. ARI Cowl Mod or Not

    I posted that at least a year ago in my own thread. Since you missed it, price range is $4-6K depending on what airplane and what equipment up front it has or does not have. Thanks, David
  4. ARI Cowl Mod or Not

    Well, I decided to go the route of field approvals for this mod. Much easier and less costly. I have 4 airplanes now flying the modified cowling and considering I have a full time job and a part time business, don’t consider that too bad. If you only knew how much time it takes to do these, considering each airframe is just different enough to not be able to make all the parts identical, then you might understand and have a different opinion. I am working on a way to speed it up if able. Thanks, David
  5. Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    I’d be willing to sell them in pairs, enough for one seat. David
  6. Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    Mine has a roll pin that’s driven through the seat cam and bar.
  7. Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    Hi Kpaul, I only have the one order for Ned. I did place an order for 2 sets for now. Not something that I’m going to keep too many sets in stock as there doesn’t seem to be a big demand. Thanks, David
  8. Imron paint job cost?

    Bob Belville just dropped his airplane off at Hawk in Tampa for a full strip and paint. You might PM him for details. Thanks, David
  9. I don't know as Dassault won't tell us the real cause. They had to strip and repaint quite a number of the airplanes that were painted with the early system. They are also now getting bit with using environmentally friendly primer and sealer in the fuel tanks. Microbes and corrosion on relatively new airplanes. This stuff is not there yet. It will be someday but isn't yet. I'm not willing to be the experiment and pay for a job twice. I'll stick with tried and true for as long as I can.
  10. Water based paints aren't there yet in reliability and durability. Just a couple of years ago, we had to have a Falcon 2000 stripped and light corrosion cleaned from the tops of the wings and the fuselage caused by water base pre-coat. The airplane was repainted the old fashion and reliable method of etch, alodined, prime and Jet Glo paint. I for one refuse to use any water base product on my cars or airplanes until it's finally proven to not cause corrosion from trapped moisture and it's reliable. Too much labor or me to do a paint job twice. David
  11. ARI Cowl Mod or Not

    Flight go well? Safe travels home. We’re planning a visit to AGL Aviation the first week of May. Will your bird be done by then?
  12. ARI Cowl Mod or Not

    Think I need a sneak peak of the paint scheme!!
  13. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Good morning Bob, What I found from an article by Kent Paser is a little more than an inch gap at the barrel portion of the cylinder and 2.25 inches of gap at the cylinder head fins. This is the gap between the wrapped baffling around the bottom of the cylinders and the inter cylinder baffle. Will be checking Matt’s airplane today. David
  14. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Hope you’re still liking it? Still trying to figure out what was different from Matt’s to cause a fit issue on the baffling. I expected a little, but sounds like you had more. David
  15. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    We don't have the Van's air dams installed in front of his cylinders. We've decided to do a little at a time to see what makes a difference. We trimmed 1/2 an inch off of the #1 cylinder air dam today. We also worked on the baffle seals a bit. After Matt completes his annual, he'll fly it and see what progress we made. After that we'll remove the # 1 and 2 barrel air dams and test again. I'm glad Matt is as patient as he is about testing. I'm making small changes so we can see what really has an effect. Thanks, David