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  1. 4 hours sounds about right if everything is in good condition. More if you find corrosion etc on the gear parts and they need to be cleaned up. Just did the donuts on a J a few weeks ago in about 4 hours.
  2. Mooney Wake

  3. Moving the data plate

    If you want to make your life difficult, go ahead and educate the FAA about your data tag location. As others suggested, I'd make another one and rivet it back by the tail cone under the left horizontal stab, notify the FAA that you complied with their request and go back to enjoying flying. David
  4. Mooney Wake

    Another reminder for Alan that I'd like the firewall and maybe the engine mount from this bird! David
  5. Some photos from today's work on the F model cowling.
  6. Hi wcb, There's only two out there that I've completed so far, my C and a G model. My temps went down a bit and the G's up a bit. Nothing drastic but working on some changes in my baffling. Speed went up on my C and no flight test data for the G. Working in an F model right now and Matt took great data before the mod and we'll do the same after. Thanks, David
  7. As soon as I can get you in, will strive to make it happen. I have to have my meeting with my FAA inspectors to see if they'll continue the field approvals when I'm done colliecting data. Maybe I'll just need a little more data! There will be as long as I have one available to make a mold from. Thanks, David
  8. Hi Igor, Here's some answers to your questions. Yes you will be able to buy some of the parts and you and your IA can install them. I'm going to keep the actual cowling parts installation in my shop. That's the only way I can control fit and finish of those parts. A 201 style spinner is necessary in order to get the room in front of the #2 cylinder that allows me to mount the air filter in the pressurized area of the cowling. The carbon fiber spinner saves quite a bit of money to the cost of my kit over the Hartzell spinners. We'll have good data soon when we finish Matt's F model that we're doing now. I hope for all good results, but we'll see with test flight data. Thanks, Hi Paul, Do you know what part number spinner you have? Thanks, David
  9. Not yet! Will send you one when I do!
  10. Not sure why the iPhone does this and no time to log into the computer to fix it. I do know if you tap on the photo it is oriented correctly. Thanks!
  11. Carbon fiber spinner installed on my C.
  12. Did anyone record the CO poisoning story ar the Summit?

    Dan's talk was amazing. I told my wife as much as I could and she too wants us to buy a CO detector. Would like to show her Dan's story via video! The Summitt did not disappoint at all for my second time. See you all again next year! David
  13. Here's a few more pictures of Matt's cowling pieces going together. The fit seems to be pretty good with just a little body work to make it nicer. David
  14. I don't know why it wouldn't be. I'm pricing it so it's relative to the value of our airplanes. It won't break your bank account like another cowling will. Thanks, David