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  1. Can’t help you with that issue! I took 2 weeks off of the project to work on some other things that I let slide due to the cowling. I’m back on it now getting the upper cowling trimmed to fit my airplane then will finish the camlocs. I finalized the carb air box, I think, and hope no issues come up after installation. Still need to rework the left cowl flap for a better flush fit. Thanks, David
  2. Dang it! Glad all are ok and I have to agree with Andy that it looks quite repairable.
  3. More progress today. Lower cowling has been fit to the airplane and camlocs installed. All is good except for the left cowl flap does not fit as well as it should on the inner flange. I will need to cut it and modify it to make another mold. All in all, that’s not too bad considering the size of the project. I also made a modification to the prototype carb air box and it fits great now. That can be finished and I’ll call it final for this cowling. Tomorrow, it’s time to fit the upper cowling and get it trimmed to fit.
  4. I’m actually thinking of making my new carb air box available with an adapter to the stock C & G model filter. Would like to find a way to not have to do an STC though.
  5. Just a few more photos to document the installation progress. David
  6. Trimming the cowl flap to clear the tail pipe by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch will be included in the installation instructions.
  7. Today the cowl flaps were fit and drilled for the pivot. I’m planning on installing oil lite bushings in both the cowling side and flap side as the wear parts. The right side cowl flap will need to be notched for the tailpipe on my C and potentially others depending on what’s installed.
  8. No turning back now. Final fit to drill for the firewall camlocs under way. Also fit the new prototype carb air box for the C & G models. Minor adjustment to clear the cowling found during initial fit but looks like this will work well. Also fit the plug to the prop hub for the forward bulkhead to make the carbon fiber spinner. Making some progress. David
  9. Looks like Monday I can send this your way. Thanks, David
  10. I got lucky for once. Usually I have to make a couple before it’s just right. David
  11. Ok, Just knocked one out for mine. I’ll finish it up tomorrow and get the holes drilled. Should be able to ship it out to you Thursday. David
  12. Ok, I’ll try to get mine fabricated this week and then let you know that I’ll be ready to send it out. It’s yours if you cover the shipping. Thanks, David
  13. Are you still looking for one of the step trim pieces? I’m going to make a new one for mine and will part with my old one which isn’t in bad shape if you still want or need one. It will be available once I make my new one. This is off of my 66C. Thanks, David
  14. Hi Andy, I was trying to stay with something FAA/PMA as well as another option for my landing light in the cowling issue I had. David
  15. As an A&P/IA, I don’t always agree with Mike Busch and have challenged him on a few of his assertions, his writings would be good for you to learn some maintenance fundamentals. Don’t allow yourself to take his words as the maintenance gospel, but allow it to give you the knowledge to know what questions to ask.