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  1. Sabremech

    Looking for Mooney PPI in Chicago

    “Refuse the only in my hangar prepurchase”? Why not? A thorough prebuy can be done anywhere. I traveled to the Atlanta area to do the prebuy on my Mooney. Wasn’t all that difficult. Many shops have forgotten the basic premise of customer service. I don’t think this owner is being all that unreasonable as he knows a good prebuy can be done in his hangar and not in a shop where it can potentially become hostage to someone’s opinion or worse, damaged. The answer to the OP’s question about can a thorough prebuy be done in the sellers hangar is yes, absolutely.
  2. Sabremech

    Brakes dragging

    Another thing to look at is the caliper itself. The piston will gum up after time with old fluid. That could cause it not to release and stick but free up later. Might be worth disassembling the caliper and cleaning the internals then refill with fresh fluid and bleed like others have mentioned here. I found mine quite gummy inside a few years back when I replaced all my flexible hoses in the hydraulic system. David
  3. Sabremech

    High engine oil temps - troubleshooting

    That doesn’t mean that it’s the correct information. Might be, might not be, but could take hours to dig through Lycomings pathetic maintenance manuals and S/B’s to find the information and hope it’s correct.
  4. Sabremech

    High engine oil temps - troubleshooting

    Might be that the documentation from Lycoming absolutely sucks and the technicians couldn’t find the correct information for your engine. When the maintenance manual is updated by service bulletins, this is what happens.
  5. Sabremech

    Vintage Mooney Cowling Mod

    HI TTaylor, I'd probably just need to buy them through Hartzell or get TCB Composites to manufacture composite spinners. I've been fairly focused on the new cowling and will need to get back on the spinner options again. Thanks, David
  6. Sabremech

    Flying to the Summit

  7. Issues have been resolved. Oil temp problem was on the airplane for quite some time before the mod and didn’t change because of my mod. The speed increases have been documented and verified on 2 of the four airplanes I’ve modified with the Gen 1 cowling mod. The new Gen 2 cowling which is a completely new cowling has been finalized and the prototype being built. It will fit from a J model and back. I’m not aware of an STC to remove the doghouse, but you could easily install baffling from a later model E that doesn’t have a doghouse. David
  8. Sabremech

    Doghouse Parts Source

    Hi DXB, I wish my cowling was available right now but it takes an excruciating amount of time to get through certification. I’d be more than willing to fabricate some new pieces for your doghouse if you need them to get by until my cowling is available if that would help, while you wait for my cowling? Thanks, David
  9. Sabremech

    Engine out. 2X in 14 months...

    Really? Little is known and you assume it's a mechanics fault. Care to elaborate?
  10. Sabremech

    Nose gear Rigging Tool

    I make new sets of gear rig tools, but would be willing to sell you just the nose tool if that's all you need. Nose tool $95 plus shipping and have plenty in stock. Thanks, David
  11. Sabremech

    Unserviceable Lycoming engine case needed

    Good morning Andy, phone number is still the same. Will pay for shipping! Thank you!
  12. Sabremech

    Unserviceable Lycoming engine case needed

    That would be great. I have plenty of cylinders! Thank you!
  13. Looking for an unserviceable Lycoming O or IO-360 engine case to build up baffling kits. also need an unserviceable IO-360 oil sump. Thanks, David
  14. Sabremech

    Lord Mount Replacement

    I changed the engine mounts on my 66 C model by myself. My process was to use an engine hoist to support the engine and loosen all four mounts. I then removed the two top mounts and lowered the engine with the hoist enough to get the old top mounts out and the new ones installed loosely. I then reversed the procedure and removed the lower two mounts and lifted the engine up to remove the old mounts and installed the new ones. Torqued all four mounts and reinstalled the cowling. You’re absolutely right that there’s various ways to complete this job.
  15. I’m probably going to get out of airplane ownership and flying in about 3 years or less. The reasons are various but cost is the biggest factor and secondly it’s no longer fun for me. Part of my problem lies in the fact that I’m employed in aviation and have my own little aviation business. It seems that I have too much aviation in my life and I longed for something with less regulation so I recently got back into old muscle car ownership and I love it.