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  1. Thanks Kpaul, I have plenty of new sets in stock, David
  2. This S/B is recommended to be complied with at each annual. I wonder how many people actually do it versus those who think it’s a one time only S/B?
  3. Might be and I don’t think I’ve had any article written about my cowling project in MAPA. Thanks, David
  4. I’m a little over 3 years in the project. Thanks David
  5. Huh? Don’t think it’s my cowling if it’s from a decade ago. David
  6. Hi Igor_U, I do plan to be at Oshkosh and will bring a cowling with me. I’ll plan to bring it to the Mooneyspace gathering that is typically held one night at Osh. My little company is called GDS Aero and I don’t currently have the new cowling on my website until it’s further along. Thank you, David
  7. Once my STC is complete I will submit it for Transport Canada STC validation. David
  8. I plan to do a straight FAA/PMA cowl for the J models and then will submit a package that covers the C, E, F & G models at the same time so as to not have to do 2 seperate STC’s. It’s a little more work but worth it to be one and done. David
  9. Hi Clarence, I thought about having another door, but decided it would be easier to certify with fewer changes. It’s pretty much a J cowl with round inlets. Thanks, David
  10. Mines not connected to the fuel pump housing and it’s never been an issue. David
  11. The little one out front went to the generator or alternator if you upgraded ( at least it did on my 66C ).
  12. Hi Ned, Yes, I’m planning on it. Thanks, David
  13. I think that should have a scat hose connected to the mechanical fuel pump shroud.
  14. Progress is finally being made. After numerous delays at my composite shop, I decided to move the project to a different shop. In hindsight, I should have done this quite a while ago. All my fault for the delay. With that, here’s some updated photos of the prototype cowling we’ll be making the molds from. Thanks, David
  15. I wasn’t directing my post at you, but others on this forum who are proud to call themselves CB’s whether it’s taking about parts or looking for a cheap mechanic. Looking at that exhaust hangar, I can see $419 worth especially if you want to make a profit and in order to stay in business a profit must be made. Now if I made that part by hand just using sheetmetal snips and a hand drill, cob weld it, I could do it for less, but then it might not fit and will look like crap. I appreciate that you purchased my preload tools, regardless of calling me an a-hole.