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  1. The new OXC Ts are listing at over $1k per month. Yes, the airport will be closing for the month of July to redo the runway. I need to find a tie down for the month, probably DXR. Sent you an email, could you respond with your contact? Do they have tie downs still?
  2. takair

    M20E sump part needed

    How did it break? Was it broken already, rotted or frozen when trying to remove? In other words, is a flying airplane prone to having this break off in normal operation?
  3. I think I kind of focused on the brakes...gotta read the entire thing. Would probably talk to the local flight school or FSDO, but I don’t have any actual relevant advice, except go for it and don’t let it lapse....too much of a pain to get these things back.
  4. Jen was just posting about getting her CFI and her thread would fill you in on these areas and more. Yes, many of us have done our CFI in a Mooney with no toe brakes on the right, just need to work it out with the examiner.
  5. I just got an email from Atlantic with price sheet. PM me your email and I will forward it. When I say not cheap....I mean NOT cheap! Be sure you are sitting when you look at it.
  6. Also, someone keeps advertising hangar space at DXR on Barnstormers. Think it’s a community hangar, but maybe you can work our a deal.
  7. Oxford is building new T hangars. Call Atlantic Aviation. Not cheap, but new, heated and insulated. Feel free to call me if you want more info.
  8. takair

    Hangar Lifts

    I share a T hangar with a Super Viking that resides on a lift above my plane. It works out well for me, since he never flies it and I get a good price on the hangar. It’s a little tight, but makes it affordable. I am not so sure I would be as happy with the situation if he was flying a lot or if I was on the lift. I often like to fly on short notice and I suspect I would cut back on those flights if I had to move things around. So, if the plane on the lift does not fly much or you do not need to tinker with the plane on the lift it works out well. That said, it is better than being outside.
  9. Does not look right for your vintage. While they are typically not symmetrical and no two seem to look alike, yours seems quite off. As RL suggested, yours may not be closing all the way. Suggest a gear swing.
  10. takair

    Removing Brittain altitude hold

    Are you asking about an entire Britain system with altitude hold or just the altitude hold portion? I keep thinking I would like to add altitude hold on to my system, but the new systems are getting tempting. Also, with Britain out of business, getting a hold of the formal STC would likely not be possible (FAA technically requires you to have approval to use the STC). As a result, I think you would get more by parting it out to support those who already have them.
  11. takair

    Flying from the right

    Correct. She must also be able to demonstrate her ability to fly or recover the aircraft when the student botches things up. If you don’t normally fly from the right seat, it is amazing how much more difficult it is to fly smoothly using your wrong arm. Muscle memory is all messed up. Sight picture also changes, especially for landing. Regarding the gear and the brakes, the candidate is demonstrating their ability to manage the plane and the student. So, if it is a one sided airplane, you are demonstrating that you have instilled enough knowledge into the student that they will reliably manage those parts you entrusted to them. For example, when teaching in a plane without brakes, you need to spend extra time discussing positive handoff of the controls....or in this case it may be partial handoff. I would never do this with a primary student, and even in transition training, you would want a longer runway for those first tries. One additional tool is the mixture control. If all else fails, the instructor can pull the mixture to at least slow things down if the student fails to get on the brakes. If you want some controversy, discuss training with a throw over yoke on a twin brand B.
  12. They are a PITA. The clamps also prevent the lines from chafing on the cowl...so you are squeezed between the heat shield and cowl. Can recall the quantity, but I know mine has some variation of a standard Adel clamp. Next time I change these lines, I am seriously considering fire sleeping them. That heat shield only protects a limited section of the lines. That said, the sleeve will just make installation that much more difficult.
  13. takair

    Marina airport crash / fatality

    I’ve never had it happen in the Mooney, but have had it happen in Piper and Cessna in flight and once to a flight instructor just prior to rotation. What do you do different today? Was there a mechanical issue with the latch? In Cessna, it used to be that the holes were worn and the pins would pop out and slide back...although dirt, cracks and bad seat rigging would contribute.
  14. takair

    Flying from the right

    An alternative is, like the brakes, negotiate in advance that the eximiner will release the button. You could encorporate it into the lesson plan and use it as a “teaching” moment. I have to admit, the gear was one of the hardest parts going for my CFI. Going for you CFII is a little easier in this respect, because you can argue that the student would already be knowledgeable in gear retraction. If they insist on you demonstrating it, you already know you can do it using the two handed cross over... I have had one student get so fixated on the gear that they basically stopped flying the plane. They couldn’t get it unlatched from the left seat. By reaching over, and pushing the button, they were able to do the slide latch. Basically, you break down the gear retraction into discrete steps and the student learns the individual parts to get the feal.