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  1. takair

    Trim mechanism adjustment?

    Be sure that’s the yoke shaft panel feedthrough bearing is lubed such that your yoke moves freely in and out. I find that this makes a big difference, not just in trim, but also my landings.
  2. takair

    PC not disengaging

    Kinked disconnect button line can do the same. Trace the line through the yoke and to the valve.
  3. takair


    On the bottom of the “pivot” valve (think they meant “pilot”) there is a screen. That screen allows the diaphragm to relive pressure when you push the button. It can get so much dust on it that you may not even notice that there is a screen there. Not sure if that is the filter you are referring to, or the more typical replaceable ones.
  4. takair


    Don’t have the boot, but my electric conversion is PMA’d. PM me if interested.
  5. takair


    Mine did a similar thing when I first bought the plane. If you have the vacuum activated “relay” (aluminum block with tubes, mentioned above) it may be plugged. There is a screen on the bottom that gets coated with dust, clear tha first. If not, it may simply be stuck. They are not too difficult to clean...a typical instrument repairman or avionics bench tech, or watch maker would have no problem. Might also try tapping on it to see if it frees up, but that is short term fix.
  6. Was just looking at their web site and a review. I know you exhausted the hot air out, but I wonder if using an external source of air to cool the condenser may help with efficiency. Right now, you would be taking the cabin air that has been cooled and exhausting it...to be replaced by more warm air. It would take more ducting, but getting external air to flow over the condenser might keep more cool air in the cabin.
  7. takair

    Request Coaching on Mooney Dip

    Might consider electric gear Mooney. Maybe someone will consider a trade. Need to also consider a botched landing or IFR missed approach. I usually do approaches at speeds above Vx/Vy and at those speeds, the gear is harder to put away, even with the dip... I can imagine how frustrating this must be.
  8. I'm glad they emphasized it on mine too. I used to be based at airports that required it, so had automatic reminders....no longer. Not sure how they would catch you unless you had a student go rogue, but it is one more thing to try to remember with my brain at capacity. I keep saying I will get a whiteboard for my home office for all of these things....
  9. There are a couple of other threads with various set-ups for various configurations.
  10. takair

    Backfire on short final

    Check your idle mixture. On shut down, see what the RPM rise is. Something less than 50RPM rise would be optimal. If much more, it might be contributing to rich mixture and popping...
  11. takair

    Doghouse Parts Source

    I thought I recently saw LASAR having a sale on some baffle/doghouse parts. OEM, so even on sale they were $.
  12. Byron, Do you recall the brand of the 2 part spray can? Seems like a good concept when you don’t feel like all the prep And clean up of normal two part painting.
  13. takair

    lawsuit in Philly

    Can an entire thread be deleted?
  14. takair

    LED lighting Poll

    Field approved Aveo pre-TSO’d landing and beacon.
  15. takair


    I recently had my starter fail on the road. Friend flew over with a Sky-Tec 149-12HT. We had it changed in two hours, but the baffles were “adjusted” to fit. Back at the hangar, doing it right took a little more time. Long story short, expect to do baffle work for this particular model....but it was worth it. Engine now cranks and starts noticeably faster. The HT stands for high torque. Can’t speak for the normal version, but this seems like it was worth the extra money. As a side note, this starter is not listed for the E, but it is listed for the engine.