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  1. takair

    Strange Stratux Phenomenon

    I was going to mention one of Jerry’s theories, that either the Stratux or the power supply is exciting the reply light circuit. If I had to guess, you have an old Narco or KT series transponder? I used a Stratux “mounted” next to a Garmin transponder for some time, without issue. That said, i don’t disagree with the need for caution when using portables. I’ve even had Garmin handhelds cause issues. I would try a couple of different configurations, starting with location of the Stratux and also looking at the power adaptor.
  2. takair

    Basing a J on Grass

    Just practice some short and soft field takeoffs and landings at a longer paved strip to get comfortable prior to going. Are you comfortable with those?
  3. takair

    Basing a J on Grass

    It certainly looks nice on Google maps. If it is convenient, why not ask to drive the field in a car or another aircraft? If it is not too bumpy, take the Mooney in for a visit. Here in the states, some grass strips can be smoother than pavement, others are only for bush planes.... I suspect this one may be Mooney friendly, but you need to get eyes on it. Ask the owner what other types operate there....
  4. takair

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been using Exxon for better than 20 years. It’s gotten expensive, but I liked the idea of not adding anything. Phillips was always appealing for its price. Are you using any additives since switching? I’m sure this topic will be worth popping some corn over. It’s got to be up there with LoP ops as to the number of opinions.
  5. Anthony is right. Sniffle valve. If you flooded your engine, it is doing its job of draining excess fuel out of the manifold, just aft of your fuel servo...right above the muffler. The third tube might be the fuel pump drip line. If fuel is coming from that, your fuel pump needs work. This is located on the aft side of the engine. Sounds like you simply flooded it. I know you are not looking for start advice, but I have found that my preheated engine can behave more like a warm start engine and tends to like similar start treatment.
  6. takair

    Must read Weather

    Maybe they need the book...lol. I’m curious, what kind of machine do you fly at work that you can’t fly in a tornado?
  7. Is the discoloring powdered? Be sure you don’t have a pinhole leak there. Alternately, do you have cool air blowing on that spot through the cowl? Variation in local temperature will tend to change the color of the exhaust.
  8. The governor includes a high pressure gear driven pump that does boost oil pressure even higher for prop operation. I forget the amount, but it is definitely there. The condition of this pump can affect your prop governing ability as much as the fly weights can.
  9. I’ve never seen these colors. I’m curious, where did you get the pictures? It’s interesting, my ‘64E, which has rounded windows, is N7125U. This looks like a C, with earlier registration, but is a ‘65. Maybe the early square window models, were simply mods that took longer in production? I never quite figured out the original colors on mine, but suspect it was similar to the earlier photos with red.
  10. takair

    Guidance for draining tanks

    I’ve also added a jumper from the container to the aircraft. If using smaller container vs barrel, you will get some fumes down low, so best to vent the hangar. You could fly one tank down to sputtering , as recommended in the older operating manual, but I know that is a contraversial subject....then do one tank at a time.
  11. takair

    Translation help for M20J MEL

    They are listed at the bottom of each model within the TCDS.
  12. takair

    25 RPM fluctuations

    Almost looks like a problem with the tach. Would check the harness and connectors first. What’s going on with fuel pressure at the end of the clip?
  13. Fill it up and park it in a hangar over night....same spot.....don’t move it. If it leaks, there should be obvious stains or cabin smell, as others have said. Filling our planes to the top can be a slow process. If filled quickly and then capped without settling, you can easily miss a few inches. The last couple of gallons may need to be added at a trickle. As Rags said, you would need a notable leak to drop that much in a couple of weeks.
  14. takair

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Thought I saw the matching light on the web site, with pricing....that was a couple of weeks ago.
  15. takair

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Looks good. I’m curious, is there a way to tell if it is on and working? As I understood, for high wings, there is a light on the inboard side of the antenna. That obviously won’t be obvious in a low wing...