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  1. It says it is TSO’d, I didn’t read much beyond that.
  2. I think you have a minor exhaust leak, maybe two. Three circles. First the small cooling fin looks reddish, second shows some light streaking on the larger fin and the third circle might be of some blow from the EGT clamp, on the fin , behind the plug wire. Don’t know that it alone would cause the high temp, but may contribute.
  3. Are you referring to nav light bulbs? I think a few folks already have them. Is this what you are referring to? https://aeroleds.com/products/polaris-position-light-bulb-replacement-12/
  4. Try to lube the yoke shafts where they transition through the panel. At least on the old birds they get jerky and make trimming more difficult. Also helps with flare on landing. When you do a control sweep it should be nice and smooth with no jerking or chatter.
  5. In our case, they limited access to all GA tenants vs finding the culprit. The big FBO still has people including non-pilots, driving in and out. I really don’t get airport politics...any politics for that matter.
  6. Thanks. He has been contacted already, but I don’t know that anything will come of it. Things seem to be happening outside of the normal process, including the advisory board. I’ve searched for specific references in the regulations and the funding agreements, but this area seems rather vague. Safety is always emphasized and I think the AOPA rep referred to it as a privilege vs a right. COVID is not helping the matter of communications.
  7. The airport where I base my plane and bought a small T hangar recently imposed restrictions on vehicle access to the hangars and ramps. The situation right now is fluid. The apparent trigger was vehicle damage by unknown persons on the EMAS. Up until that point, we had access through a gate using a card reader. They are now putting up additional fencing and will locate a pedestrian gate near some of the hangars, but a distance from the tie downs and other hangars. They will provide escorted vehicle access. This post is not to speculate as to how the incident happened or who did it, authorities are involved, but I am curious if other airports restrict vehicle access to tie downs or hangars for paid tenants. I’ve not experienced driving restrictions at any previous airport I have been based at, including international airports and airports with airline traffic. Granted, there was training and security involved, but access was still granted to owners or renters who had completed the appropriate training. So, does anybody else experience this type of restriction? It feels like it starts to cut into the utility of having ones own hangar and airplane.
  8. I was embarrassed to post them when I looked. They are small and not apparent until you take pictures.... Plane is a mess too. We don’t have a real wash rack, so need to go to another airport or use the portable rig...but now they fenced us out of the hangar area....which is worthy of another thread.
  9. I think this is the part in question. Taking the pictures made me realize it’s time for a spring cleaning. Need a nice warm day.
  10. Andrew Seems like you have a Piper style connector. Kind of surprised, since my old E has the more standard “Cessna style”. Assuming your aircraft is 12vdc, it could be as simple as you describe, using jumper cables. A jumper cable like that can be helpful should you want a jump start at a remote airport and if they don’t have the cable combination.
  11. Hi Fernando Do you happen to have a link to the Diamond discussion on fuel tanks? I would be interested in reading it. The overbraid is interesting. I know my very old Mooney would be vulnerable in the area where the fuel exists the wing and transfers to the fuselage. Not sure how the Acclaim is. I have also wondered if the bladder StC makes the tank less vulnerable to rupture. Intuitively it should help, but there are no hard numbers. I don’t know if that is an option on an Acclaim. Anthony is right, the front of the tank is a sub spar, but it is not as robust at the main spar. Curious if Diamond has a full up forward spar?
  12. Not clear what you are looking for. Are you looking for the sheet metal on the step or the trim around the skin? Picture would be helpful. There are a few guys who sell parts who can likely help. @Alan Fox or @Jerry Pressley
  13. How many rolls can one move across state lines in a Mooney? Would you run LOP to turn a profit? Do you need flaps to land softly if loaded with Charmin?
  14. I’m no prop expert, but I suspect the OR until the grease comes out is for a bearing that is greased regularly and has not managed to settle, evaporate(?) or leak down. I imagine an aircraft that is hangared and barely flown between annuals might see this condition.
  15. Feels like it’s confession time. Ref prop servicing, I too was taught to pump until it comes from the other removed zero hole, or that’s what I recalled. This goes back about 30 years now. Well, that bad information cost me dearly on an annual where I filled a customers hub with grease. The goal is to grease the bearing, not the entire hub. The owner realized this after He really questioned the amount o grease he witnessed me pumping and called Hartzell who recommended removal. Anyway, off came the prop at my expense. Nobody made out well with that annual. I assume many are flying around like this since this practice seems to continue in spite of our mistakes. Will be curious to hear Cody’s take on this.