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  1. That is interesting. I wonder why the plate would help? Perhaps there is some known deformation that occurs and the plate allows for doubling the gasket to take it up?
  2. Anthony makes some good points above. I mentioned a previous experience where the engine was sucking air. Admittedly, that was on a 540. Attached is the image of the location on a 360 that can cause a similar issue. In your situation, because it is only doing it pitched down, it may be that the oil in the sump prevents cavitation until it is not over the void. That leads me to believe it may be on the inside of this area. In the situation I mentioned, the oil pressure would drop at high power, where the pump was working harder and it would suck the cut gasket in (as I recall, someone damaged it removing the accessory section and tried to use RTV to seal it rather than dropping the sump to replace it). I hope you are able to sort this out. I would start by looking for leaks....governor and in the area shown. Then perhaps pull the governor to see if the gasket and machined surface is in good shape. There is also a test to check the crank and prop oil path...it is a pressure test. A little more involved and I can’t quite correlate it to pitch attitude. Be sure the suction screen crush washer is not leaking or missing. Last is the sump/accessory case gasket I mentioned. Not the easiest to change on a Mooney.
  3. Might as well watch oil temp in relationship to pressure. Usually is inverse...but my guess is it won’t be in this case. If you have cowl off, look for oil leaks off the governor. It sometimes puddles in the cove in the firewall before working it’s way down.
  4. The line would be the pressure side, but the gasket or mounting face of the governor or case may have a flaw and draw air. I’ve also seen the sump/accessory gasket bad and allowing the oil pump to draw air....that one may actually be sensitive to aircraft pitch. You mentioned pressure indication was toward yellow, is this only when pitched down?
  5. If you are a Mooneyspace Supporter (small donation to the site) I offer a discount that more than offsets the donation. PM me for details or look us up in the vendor forum.
  6. Hi Jim It is slower than we would have liked (not quite 5 minutes.....about 45 seconds....it is a little like watching paint dry though), but in an effort to keep weight down, we ended up with a higher ratio gearbox to pull the step up. It is usually down by the time I’m out of the plane. The geometry of the step will also support a person if not fully down....we tested this for the FAA. The default wiring is tied to the beacon, but we include alternate ways to wire it in an addendum. If it is a serious concern, it could easily be tied to an airspeed switch and I have even thought of tying it to the gear up and down lights. Can work with you or your mechanic on these options.
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it sounds kind of smart, if you stick to it you might create a movement. Put it on you tube and it may even go viral.
  8. Is it regional? Where do you originate from and do other locals say it the same way? For what it’s worth, I use the long a and had never heard it the other way.
  9. I have wondered what I would do if the plane became disabled (flat tire), at night, at an uncontrolled field. Surprisingly hard to taxi with a flat. Perhaps leave the lights on and call flight services, but I don’t know that they can get anything on the AWOS in a timely manner. I keep a can of fix a flat in the tool bag, but no guarantees.
  10. The original 430s were all 28 volt units. I installed mine when they first came out and still have the converter. I think by 2009 they had dual voltage units, so it is possible that there was confusion at the time of install or a wrong replacement ended up in your plane. Technically not a legal install without boosting to 28 volts....
  11. What’s your serial number? I’m 364....our planes must have shared time on the production line based on registration. Click my web site on my signature to see one option to keep your step working, save some weight and make it automatic.
  12. Really two pivot bolts and the jack screw for trim. The tail is quite robust.
  13. What kind of temperatures are we talking? Are you breaking 400?
  14. I think Anthony nailed it (gin or tonic of choice) I this is one of the biggest “discussions” my wife and I have regarding flying. She likes to go when we planned on going but also has an influence on the weather gods (did I mention she’s not a fan of flying to begin with).