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  1. Engine Problem

    Paul is correct. We want to see if the governor is governing too early. At static RPM it really shouldn’t be governing until 2700 and it should get there because the blade are at the low pitch stop. Not sure why it would suddenly do that, but the governor has a lot going on and it may be telling you something. Basically, in this case you don’t want it responding right when you pull the knob. It would be rare for the prop to fail at high pitch, but there is a possibility that it’s not getting to flat pitch.
  2. Engine Problem

    Just to rule the governor out, on the next run up, pull the prop knob and see if and when the RPM reduces more....in other words, when you are "on the governor". At that RPM, it should be far from governing. If the prop responds right away, something is going on and the governor is limiting you. Don't see how this would explain the roughness, but as others have said, may be two problems and this test is free.
  3. Ok who did this?

    Unfortunately there have been some. One can argue it was density altitude or trees or short runway, but we are most in control of weight.
  4. Precise Flight does not use a second pump. When you pull the cable, the engine intake manifold provides the vacuum. Depending on altitude, you may have to reduce power to get more suction.
  5. You can move the knob right under the yoke so that it is between your knees. I have my light dimmers there and it is never an issue. As others suggested, move the light to the panel, where it is obvious....although maybe it will be seeable in the center....
  6. Ski tube additional info request

    Is it really 131lbs? Do you need to remove the step or any equipment from the equipment shelf? It is kinda cool. I would almost take up skiing again...lol.
  7. A little out of my comfort zone, but have you tried leveling off with electric pump on? Does it change with degree of level off? (G load)
  8. How's the step coming? 

    1. takair


      Good.  I am finalizing what I hope is the final version and have another guy who volunteered to put it in a second plane.  It’s really cold here, so probably won’t put it in the plane until next weekend.  If you are interested and have the ability to get it signed off as a minor, I can put together a “owner produced” kit.  If not, I will likely start working with the FAA on getting a PMA kit, but that will take a few months.  My email is flightenhancements@yahoo.com, it’s a little easier to communicate vs the forum.  Also happy to talk on the phone if you have questions.

  9. Ailerons sticking

    Keep in mind that, on the groundwithout vacuum, the bellows pop out of the cavity and won’t behave the same. To check the servo, push the rubber bellows into the cavity and then have someone move the yoke. Watch to see of the chain pulls the bellows straight out or if it tries to force it slightly off center.
  10. Ailerons sticking

    With a little work, the PC is a nice feature. You may just want to get eyes on the servos and lines. Keep in mind that there are two in the tail as well for the rudder.if disabling, you will want to do all 4.
  11. Ailerons sticking

    This should help. I know it cured my issue years ago and as I recall helped solve the OPs issue. The problem is that the geometry is not perfect and the pivot points of the chain are not aligned. This causes the metal drum of the servo tobind just a little with the housing. Getting the right twist seems to clear the issue.
  12. Ailerons sticking

    Is this a PC? It is possible it is not fully disengaged. Even if you have it disengaged, the servo may have some residual vacuum and compress. This may cause a slight breakout force. Also, have seen (and there is a thread with pictures) where the aileron chain does not have the right twist and orientation. This also causes some binding. It is not documented anyplace but on Mooneyspace. If you can’t find it, let me know.
  13. There are, but the ones I have found are very heavy and/or expensive.
  14. Working on a solution for this. You have a good point. Feels like fuse or breaker alone are not optimal.
  15. Not sure which emoji to use, but you are describing what I just disabled.