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  1. What manifold pressure are you seeing here at WOT? As Hank suggested, you may also have the auto enrichment in the carb active. Back off throttle a little and see if you get a jump down in fuel flow without significant reduction in MAP and then run Auto-Lean to adjust mixture to try the same 75ROP. Since that is likely your richest cylinder, the others are likely running closer to 100 ROP. If you are under 75%....some would argue less than 65%.... you might try adjusting number 3 to 50 ROP....which will likely put the others closer to 75 ROP. It is best with an analyzer to you can watch C
  2. Yes, those are the updated ones that were required for PC retrofit on 64 models.
  3. The older the Mooney the more difficult the access. At least your list starts with a 65 where the cowl was easier to access than my 64, but you are still talking a lot of access panels every 100 hours. I think a bigger question would be if you have a mechanic willing to work to your schedule and familiar with Mooneys. Booking is often the bigger issue these days. You will also be looking at oil changes, plug cleaning and swapping, and ancillary findings. I can’t seem to go 100 hours without finding something else that needs work, and that is after many years of clean up. Cracked baffles, exh
  4. I would fail too. TCS might be touch control steering in a jet, but I don’t recall a Mooney having that unless you consider the PC button as TCS.
  5. Closer than ever. 99% likely. If all goes according to plan, I will mark it sold on Tuesday....
  6. Reports are that she is still answering the phone. Would try to call the number. She was really helpful to me last year, but I know a couple of emails slipped by.
  7. Cecilia has been wiling to share STC paperwork including permissions. I installed and signed mine off last year. After much tinkering it works fantastic.
  8. I took an old vacuum pump and used a RAPCO rebuild kit so I could test on aircraft. The gyro requires quite a bit of flow, but can’t recall the numbers. The rest of the system.....the servos and alt hold, rely purely on vacuum and a little flow to overcome the tiny calibrated leaks. Here is a picture of my pump assembly built up in an old snap on tool box. Would offer to ship, but it is really heavy. Probably could source someone’s bad pump here on Mooneyspace.
  9. I recently installed an altitude hold system and picked up some spare modules to help reverse engineer the set up. It was worth the investment. I have pictures of the internals and general feel for how they interact. I started to write a white paper on the theory so I could refer to it in the future, but not quite done.....need to add the pictures. The hard part of the system is that it relies on calibrated leaks to work, so it is difficult to test and know what one is seeing. The mechanism is quite intricate as well. Until I finish the paper, I am more than happy to speak to anybody about m
  10. Kind of what Oscar said. The compass swing should be performed with essentially the same configuration you will fly. Things like landing lights and pitot heat are major contributors. Basically look at the loads. Portable equipment on the glare shield also make a difference.
  11. It’s under contract...but not quite sold. I know he would not do a 150. His heart is set on a Cherokee 180 at this point.
  12. I’ve replaced the entire exhaust with it in place...it’s a “pick your poison” scenario.
  13. I may know a person who has reused a crush washer once or twice. You are not supposed to, but sometimes there is a little crush left in them. I rarely remove the bottom cowl...you can get to almost everything without removing it. I’ve even done the exhaust a few times without removing it. Keeps the accordion to the fuel servo in good shape. Remove the heater scat to gain best access to the oil screen.
  14. There should not be an interconnect. As Anthony said, it connects to the fuel selector valve.
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