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  1. Thanks, great info. Is there a way a civilian can find out what came of a report? In other words, can I determine what came of my report?
  2. It’s odd, I was looking to see if I could find the part with the lube plug, but can’t seem to find it. Even in the Acclaim manual, it seems to call out Aeroshell 7.....at 100 hour intervals....which would be unreasonable without some provision for lubing. I wonder if the lube plug was a mod. Someone added? Has anybody seen it on their newer Mooney’s?
  3. Interesting. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a lube plug in one of these threads. I wonder when that’s as introduced? Sure makes things easier...
  4. I spoke to the tower manager the next day and he mentioned the check on the hour. In this case the signal was before the hour and it was going off for at least the 20 or 30 minutes I was in the area. The nearest tower was about 8nm away and they were not receiving it. What was ultimately disappointing is that i don’t think there was any proactive response to it....or none that I will ever be aware of. Even if it was a false alarm, I would think they would want to shut it off. I would certainly hate to think if this were a real accident and nobody came looking.
  5. Thanks Mike. That makes a lot of sense now, but I can certainly appreciate the workload you had. Regarding your second question, I think you would call clearance first, get a code and receive adequate departure instructions and thus it is your clearance into the B. Once talking to tower, you are essentially talking to the controlling agency, with a discrete code.
  6. Mike....first Congratulations to you and your wife! Didn’t pick up that you were expecting and had a new baby before this post! Great family photo! Impressive flight! I admit, I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m curious about the handoffs between airport airspace within the class B. Did they just hand you off between towers? I would be nervous that they wouldn’t accept the handoff...and leave me stranded in the class B or would they switch you to approach control?
  7. It is really a shame. I fly with Jack on occasion for his IPC or flight review and he is very capable and knows his aircraft well. He also knows his limits. I wish insurance companies would offer some options vs simply declining with no basis other than age. Why not give the option of requiring some form of recurrent training. The FAA has basically made that a possibility when they changed a BFR to a flight review to encourage more frequent...reviews. In other words, why not offer the insurance with an annual flight review?
  8. Two currently on Barnstormers! There was a turbo normalized one recently for sale too. I love spending other people’s money....lol.
  9. Had not previously considered this, but it would be beneficial for multiple reasons....and I love the IA currency aspect. How difficult was the process? Any tips on how to do this? I assume your Mooney is part 91?
  10. Think I have it sorted out. Using FlightAware....I was able to track the aircraft I thought it might have been. The reason iTunes 121.5 to begin with was because I was watching potential conflicting traffic who dropped off the screen and never appeared visually. Thought we were going to same airport....we were not....he was doing a procedure turn to another. Coincidentally, there was an off runway excursion by another aircraft the day before. My theory is that the ELT was set off and not discovered and was emitting. I suspect the week signal from battery running down and my top mounted an
  11. I’ve occasionally had ATC ask about ELT signals that were reported as they (I assume) triangulated. Today I was VFR and picked up a very localized ELT.....in other words....very strong in a one square mile area and then weak in all directions outside of that. Could not see anything in the wooded area. I cold called the nearest local airport tower who passed it on to Approach. I assume they call CAP or try to triangulate. Is anybody familiar with the formal process that occurs? Are these reports always followed up by....someone? Is there a way to determine what the outcome is...some kind
  12. These numbers are quite sobering and depressing. Maybe doesn’t change the outcome too much, but do they double dip for heart disease or suicide causing a crash?
  13. I always used classic format too. Thanks for pointing out the change. Will have to play with it to see how I like it. ForeFlight’s latest weather tools start to close the gap, so it makes it less likely I will go to the AOPA app anyway. As a side note, any idea how to change your home airport on AOPA weather? I’ve been trying to figure that out for a long time and still can’t do it.
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