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  1. Old memories….but I think I tried B first but could not get consistent closure…too tight. Also, there are a series of rivets on B, making it more difficult to get the seal to hold and causing a variable gap. I think I ended up with a something more like A, but adjusted to the gap.
  2. There is a relatively recent thread about noise caused by this TC. Moving the ground location almost always solves it. So, after connecting the ground, check your radio and other equipment for electrical noise. If there is noise, relocate the ground connection to a more remote location.
  3. Scott might be on to something (fuel valve). If flow is erratic and the problem occurs in climb, you may be pulling air. Have seen a leak in the gascolator gasket cause similar issue….without staining. It would just draw some air. Do you know if they had the gascolator apart at annual? Does not really sound electronic ignition related.
  4. It just looks darker than I normally see. Wondering if you have something unusual going on with that cylinder. Still doesn’t explain what’s going on, but maybe a clue…. Might check the plugs to see if that cylinder is a stand out.
  5. It sounds like your servo may have an internal problem. That is not normal. I had a temperature related issue years ago and a diaphragm had failed. I now see a slight difference between cold and warm, but mine is slightly rich on start up, but it settles within a minute.
  6. The probe is surprisingly dark, like it is running very rich? Don’t know why that would cause it to fail, but the probes I see usually look grey. What do the plugs in that cylinder look like?
  7. I’ve had a prototype auto throttle on the bench using the same concept as our Auto-Lean II, for which we have started the amended STC process. That said, I don’t know that it would sell as a standalone system, so will likely need to wait until Garmin gets to it for Mooney.
  8. Ahh, your idle mixture is too rich. It is the only field adjustment on these injectors, but could correct your problem.
  9. If it’s rich at idle have you checked the idle mixture? At 1000 rpm, slowly pull the mixture to idle cutoff and note the rpm rise. 0-25 is about right. 50 works, more than 50 and mixture needs to be set.
  10. Do you check the dry clearances? Not sure it’s required, but It might be worth doing in case the old ones had wear or different tolerances.
  11. Does it sound different when approaching from the right side? Does it go away with RPM? Do you hear this in the cockpit too? Exhaust leak would be easy to find....any grey around the gaskets or slip joints?
  12. Here is a link to the FAA interpretation. There are a couple of areas that may touch on this situation. From my own previous discussions with the FAA, one of the questions with regards to “sale” is really “intent to sell to the certified world”. One question with owner produced parts might be....were they manufactured before the order was placed or only subsequent to the order being placed under the conditions within the letter of interpretation? It seems, if they are stocked...it might be pushing the spirit of the law. Link below from a Cardinal group.... http://www.velocolutions.co
  13. @InJuRorecently had a thread where he ordered the kit for a European install. Perhaps he can comment if he was able to sort things out.
  14. Here is a cheat sheet I use for transition training. Got a little corrupted coming to the iPad...but you get the idea.
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