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  1. Even temporary work technically requires a log entry. When you remove them, you reverse the entry. If you have a regular IA, I would just discuss it with them. It is usually the first annual after this type of work that things can get complicated. Easier to set expectations. If you are doing one or two benign stripes, it may go in-noticed, however your example photos tell me your aircraft will not be invisible on the ramp and it would be best to have your paperwork in order.
  2. I know the FAA recognizes the use of vinyl and it is used quite often. There may be a question of how much of it is "markings" vs refinishing. In either case you would want a log entry and you may want to coordinate that with your IA. Would hate to see you put it on and then find out that your IA won't buy off your annual. There is some guidance here:. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aircraft/amt_airframe_handbook/media/ama_Ch08.pdf You also want to be aware of the regulations on registration markings. That can also be a gotcha. Ultimately, I don't think it will be an issue for you with proper coordination. Your work looks really nice. How does it hold up in the Arizona sun? Is it comparable to paint? Does it shrink, crack or lift?
  3. No disrespect, but a lot of 360s have and continue to run inside the "red box" day in and day out without meltdowns. It is rare for a 360 to detonate, let alone melt. I get the intent of the red box, but if it were a true limitation, that would be imposed just like our red lines and red bands on the tach. Under most conditions that we operate in, especially with timing at 20'degrees, detonation is highly unlikely when leaning below 75%. Turbocharged is another thing, but our NA 360s are fairly low compression and quite benign. I would argue that if Andrew is able to keep CHTs below 400 while leaning when below 75% then he is not likely to get detonation. With timing at 25, a little more caution is needed, but even then it is rare to hear of the worst occurring. i suppose valve life may be a factor, but that is becoming more detectable.
  4. Can I get the link too?
  5. Do you have impulse coupling or shower of sparks? Shower of sparks provides another circuit to the mag that may be causing noise.
  6. Key off kills the static, but switching to individual mags does not? What if you remove both P leads and run an extension into the cockpit so you can ground them outside of ignition switch? (Use care) . Do you have shower of sparks? Is it possible there is some short in the switch causing this through some other path. Long shot, but you've done most everything else.
  7. Good to meet you too Hank. Flight back was nice, but saw a huge house fire, multi family type. Didn't look good. Lets see if we can coordinate a few more Mooney's for next time. Days are getting longer.
  8. If you are 50ROP I don't think it would drift enough to cause the issue with speed, without obvious drift in EGT as well. To me the red box has many variables that come into play that may take you in or out of it. I only lean below 75%HP, sometimes to 50ROP, but my mag timing is at 20°, so it is near impossible to detonate (one reason to avoid the red box). It runs very cool, near 300° average CHT. If you are timed at 25°, you get a little more power, but your detonation margins are reduced, thus more care in leaning. Do you know where your timing is?? What CHTs are you seeing? I agree with the guys above ref air waves. I see this in smooth air on occasion. You still get up and down drafts, but they are over longer periods, thus the smooth air. If you pop off the altitude hold, see if the aircraft maintains trim speed but floats up and down. As discussed above, the AP may be making subtle adjustments, not enough to trim, but enough to change speed.
  9. Yes, can make KHFD at 6ish. See you then.
  10. Anybody planning on meeting tonight? TFR should be clear by then....
  11. Andrew Where are you running the mixture? For example, if you are near peak, and the mixture shifts due to minor airflow differences....you may go in and out of the zone where you approach best power vs best economy. LOP could be similar, but simply more or less fuel. Is your EGT wandering with this airspeed shift? When it slows down, try enriching the mixture a little, just to see if it is mixture related. If the plane had hydraulic gear, I would say that the gear is drooping and lifting, but I don't see how that can happen on a Mooney...
  12. Ok, no problem. Will try for Wednesday, let us know as things firm up.
  13. Sorry as well. So, this was the stuff for home Windows and is permanent vs the "cling" style?
  14. So, do you guys use the Gila cling tint or the other? I think Richard referenced Lowes tint, which seems to be different than what Browncbr references. Tom, that looks great on your plane. I agree, darker than 35% is probably too much, especially in the front. I'm still kicking myself for going with clear glass. Even in the Northeast it gets really hot in the sun.
  15. Tuesday or Wednesday at around 6pm @ KHFD?