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  1. takair

    New Owner of a M20E

    Couple of thoughts. You could still move the spark plug probe from #3 to #1 and see how it reads. Under those conditions, they should be within a few degrees of each other. You could also have and exhaust gasket leak at #3, blowing on the probe under the plug. You would usually see some white deposits, but it may take a few flights to become visible. On occasion, the exhaust will not line up. Torque will pull it in, but not completely flush. I had an exhaust that turned out to be bad from overhaul causing continuous leaks.
  2. takair

    Oil Change Tool

    Can you add a picture? I might be interested. Have made various tools over the years with mixed results. The V channel shown works well, but occasionally still causes slight mess. Lately I’ve been using this with positive results, but not perfect: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/oilfilterbibs.php?gclid=CjwKCAjw0JfdBRACEiwAiDTALl3WaRp6t9RpRKXOFLejQYjSznWxIqBCUlyQKeXwimt_ERkccjvh1BoC2X8QAvD_BwE
  3. takair

    M20C Cabin air flow

    That is similar to my E. The vents between your legs are both, heat and cool. If you are getting warm air, then your heat valve is leaking. The heat and cool knobs control the flow of air to the mixer box on the copilot side. The big orange tube on the copilot side is cool air. Warm air comes from the firewall side. If flying alone, close the copilot vent. I usually keep the copilot one closed off more so that some air gets to the pilot side. If you need defog capability, close them both off to force air to the windshield.....oh.....and to the back seats. In the winter, I usually mix the air a little, it seems to provide a more controlled flow of warm air....vs very hot air blowing at your legs.
  4. takair

    Trutrack Update

    Beyond testing for precision on approaches, one of the things cert authorities use to set minimum coupled altitude is hard-over recovery. In other words, if the autopilot has a hardcover, and you insert a delay to recognize the issue (I think it is three long seconds) and then attempt to recover, will you still be at a safe altitude? Not saying this is why they have the high minimum altitude on this autopilot, but pilots should be aware that this is one reason for the minimum coupled altitudes.
  5. takair

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    For what it’s worth, I think the trend is the most important thing to look for. As others have said, pump condition, bearing condition, etc contribute to baseline oil pressure. If it starts going down, something is going on. If it is 60 or 70 for hundreds of hours you should be good. If it starts trending down over the course of a few hours...pay attention.
  6. takair

    M20C Cabin Water Leak

    You can try DC4 or even petroleum jelly on the door seal as a temporary seal. The avionics hatches are the usual suspect and there are various ways of sealing them. The cover should help, but RTV is the easiest short term. Check the vent window seal and the windows themselves too.
  7. What speeds are you seeing the vibration? All speeds? Have you checked that the basic baffle integrity is good?
  8. Could still be the SoS. The contacts may be buzzing, but they could be burned or corroded. Having them cleaned and gapped could help....but as others have said, first check what may have been changed at annual.
  9. takair

    rudder pedal vibration

    If the problem was only on the ground, I would look at the nose gear steering linkage. Years ago I had a customer who broke the rudder pedal torque tube from putting too much pressure on the ground. Either way, as Clarence said, you should have it looked at.
  10. takair

    IFR & Mooney Mag Compasses

    Given that, the generally accepted legal limit is 10deg., it would put you in an awkward situation doing compass work. If the correction card shows more than 10...than it technically needs fixing. Really depends on the examiners attention to detail if he will question it. I would get it fixed so you are not stacking the odds against yourself before you even start the exam. @DXB had a recent thread with lots of Tshooting advice. In the end, he was able to correct it by degaussing.
  11. takair

    KLGA. LaGuardia arrival question

    It is easier than it seems....in fact, when you are flying looking into the Skyscrapers, you won’t believe they allow you to do this. One of the last great freedoms in aviation (ok there are a few, but this one has to be at the top of the list). There is a lot of material on line, but if you want to talk through it, feel free to give me a call.
  12. takair

    KLGA. LaGuardia arrival question

    Maybe the Baron owner can move it to a more Ga friendly airport. I did go in there (right seat) in a 182 on an Angel Flight many years ago...but it was on the stressful side....even with two of us. As others said, they don’t really want GA in there...throws off the flow.
  13. takair

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    Hmmm, just happened to take a picture today and it looks like my typical cruise is around 70. 1000 rpm puts it at the top of the yellow. I think cold temp start up is near 80...but can’t quite recall....I know I always wait until the temp is green before TO and the pressure can get near top of the green on those colder days. What are your pressures?