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  1. I’ve had two of them in my M20E. While easier with the seat down, I’ve put two on the back seat….one I. Front of the other. Best to bag them or at least wrap them. I now use a ratchet strap wrapped around the bike to hold it there. Used to use the rear belts, but it was never satisfactory. Be very careful. They come so close to the rear windows and there is always a risk of dropping them on the wing. I use a small bungee cord to hold the pax seat to the yoke so it doesn’t keep dropping in the way while trying to lift it through the door.
  2. What is the piece that is riveted to the top of the foot well?
  3. My friend Jack is cleaning his hangar of old Mooney reminders. Today’s special are a pair of gear rigging tools. Asking $250 obo plus shipping. Please call Jack directly, I am the middle man and will help Jack ship the parts. Landline….no text….860-274-4647.
  4. I have most of a B5 system that I will be posting as soon as I get my act together. PM me if interested and I can tell you about it.
  5. I selected under $1500. Local company that does business jets in the region did mine. I had major water marks on the white paint. I could never remove them. They got about 80% of it out through cutting and buffing and then “ceramic coated”. I recently had it out in rain, one night. Nice beading, but water marks are back. They swear it was a ceramic product and not a “polymer”. I’m not convinced. It doesn’t seem any better than the various waxes I have tried…..maybe worse. My suggestion is to be very careful on who you pick. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. If the price is high, I’m still not sure how to prevent the unscrupulous from using some watered down potion. Either way, I certainly didn’t get $1500 worth……but I don’t know that a $3000 job would have saved my paint either.
  6. Glad it went well. I have had great luck following Lycoming SI 1427C. While they discuss some initial power settings between 65% and 75%, part of the break in is at max allowable power: “If the engine and aircraft are operating to correct specifications per the Lycoming Operator’s Manual, increase engine power to the maximum airframer recommendations and hold for 30 minutes.”
  7. When did you notice it started? Was it after maintenance or modifications or just one flight tot he next. Could be a stray ground holding the solenoid on….would check the wires that control the solenoid…
  8. Can you tell us more about what you have? Airplane model, alternator or generator, old school strobes or LEDs, which avionics reset? I think Shu is on to it…but more info would help. Do you have a voltmeter? Avionics typically reset when dropping below about 10v. What type of battery and how old. Some Gills have a habit of failing prematurely and once the generator drops out it may not be holding up your voltage.
  9. Now I’m wondering myself. Next time I talk to Jack I will ask, but I think he has a buyer….
  10. Quick google search found another ad for one. That one is listed at 38” and about 20lbs for shipping. So, likely will not fit flat in the baggage and likely weighs about 20lbs.
  11. Oh, interesting….mine has room to spare. They must have changed them along the way. Jack can get a measurement either way if someone needs one, but I think this would fit flat on the luggage floor. Felt like the same reach as my tow bar.
  12. It does not collapse, but it does not seem any longer than the tow bar that came with my plane. Should fit fine in the luggage compartment without collapse. I don’t know how much it weighs. It is fairly robust…. You can call Jack for details or likely search on line.
  13. Posting for a friend! He bought it when he had rotator cuff surgery. He now sold the Mooney and the replacement plane has a wheel pant……and the rotator cuff is healed. Pictures show it on my plane. Seems to work well, high torque, not too fast, but fully functional. Needs a battery and replacements appear to be available on line for less than $40. $500 OBO. Call Jack at 860-274-4647. This is a landline…don’t text or it ends up in outer space. You can ask me questions here, but I probably don’t know the answer…only tried it once to take the pictures. I will flag it sold when it sells.
  14. I have most of a recently removed B5 system available or will break it up and sell most of a working altitude hold system. I purchased it for the spare alt hold servos, which are the only parts I want at this point. So, for those who either have the servos, or are willing to find them, this is available. PM me if interested. I will eventually get a round to posting it with pictures. OTreeLemur knows that half the fun is hunting for the parts. Once pieced together and tuned, these are fantastic systems.
  15. Simplest way is to use a fat rubber-band over the button. Some remove the yoke button (if you have that configuration) but I found it can prematurely cause wear on the oring and leaking. Keep in mind that the CFI can overcome the PC even with it engaged.
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