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  1. I worried about touch devices in turbulence when I first got my GTNs but quickly found it wasn't a real problem, just took about 10 mins to learn how to work in turbulence. I was worried again when I got my TXi given the screen size, you can't brace you hand as easily but again after just a few minutes, it really isn't a problem for me.
  2. In the Device Information section of the configuration, make sure Diagnostics/Data Log is enabled
  3. It works fine for weather on mine now that I upgraded it.
  4. Seems like you would want something like this: https://www.astronics.com/subsidiary?subsidiaryItem=astronics max-viz. Mounts on the belly or the underside of the wing.
  5. Not sure about the 430W but when I sent my GTN-650 in earlier this year, it came back with what the shop told me is a 1 year warranty. I'd expect the 430W is the same.
  6. Have you tried powering on the unit with the inner knob pressed? If that works it might be a problem with you internal clock. I had that issue and it needed a trip to Garmin to resolve.
  7. For the M20J at least, there is no restriction as to placement that I could find in the installation manual. The drawing showed it in the avionics rack but the text described alternate mounting of the unit to the panel without calling out a limitation on position.
  8. I'm very sorry about your experience but I must say that it differs dramatically from mine. While I understand how disappointing this is, when my J model went in for the GFC-500 install, the shop found that there was a serial number range that had a wing difference and Garmin modified the roll servo bracket and got it certified for me in 2 weeks. I have had excellent service from them. I am sorry to hear you didn''t.
  9. Just be aware that path to the GFC-500 also includes a G5 and a GAD-29.
  10. Well you could start with one G5 to replace the HSI, then do a second G5 with the two servo GFC-500 and then add the other one or two servos afterwards. Probably not what you are looking for but doable.
  11. Don is mostly correct but I already had the G5 as a backup to my TXi. I have the GAD-29, no need for the B.
  12. No, just the AP, it did include all 4 servos including pitch trim and yaw damper.
  13. Mine ended up at around $17.5K but that is still a big bill to pay if you are happy with your existing AP.
  14. Agreed, I'm not sure why Garmin hasn't gone for it, it would be a killer solution for so many aircraft.
  15. True for attitude indicator but it can for the HSI.