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  1. 201Mooniac

    GTN 650 install cost

    I don't really remember exactly but I think when I check the Connext page in Garmin Pilot I see the setting and can change it from there.
  2. 201Mooniac

    Six Pack Gauges For Sale

    Not looking to step on the sale but if these are gone, I have a recently removed ASI and ALT from my M20J if someone would like to make an offer.
  3. 201Mooniac

    GTN 650 install cost

    I've had 4 BT devices connected to my FS210 at the same time. There is a setting for compatibility mode which only allows 2 but without it set, my Aera 660, iPad Mini, and 2 iPhones all connected.
  4. 201Mooniac

    GFC500 Update

    They must be getting close as the flight manual supplement for the M20M/M20R/M20S is now available on Garmin's site: https://support.garmin.com/support/manuals/manuals.htm?partNo=GFC-500AP-00&language=en&country=US
  5. 201Mooniac

    JPI Fuel Flow Accuracy

    After adjusting the k-factor, I'm typically within about half a gallon when I refuel to full tanks.
  6. 201Mooniac

    AeroVonics AV-20, clocks and minor mods

    Well since we are talking about clocks, what is the opinion of the legality of the clock on the G500/G500 TXi display, should that count as a legal clock? No seconds display on that one.
  7. 201Mooniac

    $600 gets it all

    Sorry, already sold
  8. 201Mooniac

    $600 gets it all

    Not trying to butt in here, but if you don't want it all, I have a SigmaTek AI with vacuum flag that was removed from my standby position to install a G5. It does not have any AP pickups. Worked perfectly when removed. Let me know if you are interested.
  9. Sounds like BS to me as well since I didn't lose ground mode after the update.
  10. Just heard from my shop this is only valid for aircraft with an approved STC by 12/28 so likely not an option for us Mooney guys unless they move quickly on it.
  11. 201Mooniac

    Shaw 531-001 Fuel Caps

    How much are you asking for the pair?
  12. 201Mooniac

    Shaw 531-001 Fuel Caps

    How much are you asking for them now?
  13. 201Mooniac

    GDL-82 Install Time

    You may be correct but my ADS-B solution doesn't sniff the transponder output to derive the code, it gets it from the serial port of the transponder so I don't see it as a blocker.
  14. 201Mooniac

    GDL-82 Install Time

    The thing is that patent does stop other ADS-B transmitters, just ones that want to reduce install costs by sniffing the xponder code. To me that is exactly the kind of thing a patent should be for as it doesn't block the market, just makes your product more attractive.
  15. Hate to disagree but according to Trek Lawler from Garmin: It is a warranty update for any GTN that is interfaced with a GTX 345 or GDL 88. if not this is purely optional and will have to pay for the labor to have it installed. the dealer will need to provide the serial number of the GTX or GDL to have the 1 hour labor claim paid. let me know if there are any other questions, _________________ Trek A. Lawler Supervisor, Garmin Aviation Field Service Engineering Aviation Product Support