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  1. For any early M20J owners out there (serial numbers 24-0001 through 24-1037, Garmin this morning approved Installation Bulletin 1954 Rev A which describes how to modify and install the roll servo lower bracket and roll servo plate so it will fit properly in those aircraft as they have internally mounted access panels. This is what I was waiting for to get my GFC-500 install completed. Can't wait to fly it!
  2. It won't be the GAD 43, that is for the TXi to provide analog AP attitude/heading/course interface but it doesn't support CAN bus. Garmin would need to produce something like the GAD-29B that also produces the analog attitude information.
  3. Good point, I forgot I also display FF, that is another useful feature.
  4. Yep, what your shop is telling you sounds correct, the vacuum AI drives the attitude information for the autopilot, the HSI will drive the heading/course information.
  5. I have my JPI EDM-800 interfaced. I really only find it useful when viewing the flight plan page to see fuel needed to destination.
  6. I checked the JPI website and didn't find anything without a display so I believe you'll have to have the JPI display.
  7. The Guardian is just a remote display for another engine monitor. It will display data from: J.P. Instruments (JPI) EDM 730 J.P. Instruments (JPI) EDM 830 J.P. Instruments (JPI) EDM 900 Primary as shown on their website at https://www.guardianavionics.com/smartplane-supported-devices
  8. Mine is 1980 M20J 24-0938. It seems M20Js before 24-1030 are slightly different than those that follow. Garmin was out fitting a new bracket at my plane yesterday and they will be back to install and test the new bracket next week. Expect to have it complete and approved in about another week or so.
  9. So it might be a little longer until I get my plane back as it turns out there is a small serial number range of the M20Js that have slightly different wing and access panel design. It seems mine is one of that range where an access panel is slightly shifted and the nut plates are on the access panel, rather than the ring mounted to the wing. Garmin is going to fit a new roll servo bracket design to my plane and get it added to the STC addendum drawings. Hopefully this won't take too long.
  10. Don, I should have my plane back from my install in two weeks and can let you know then how it handles in pitch.
  11. One option I didn't see listed is replace the GNX 375 and the GTR 225 with a GTN 650 and a remote transponder. That will save about 1" if my math is correct.
  12. Don, the install looks great. Did the G5 fit in the same space as the ESI-500 or did you need a new panel cut?
  13. Don, the install looks great. Did the G5 fit in the same space as the ESI-500 or did you need a new panel cut?
  14. Yeah, I found the avionics shops didn't realize they could just go for the GAD-29, I had one say it was for experimental only. Some of the block diagrams do show just the GAD-29B, some show GAD-29(B). I checked with Steve and he said the GAD-29 would work and was less expensive so that's what I decided to do. Figure B-28 of the TXi STC installation manual does call out GAD-29(B) which I'm told means the B is optional.
  15. Don, is there a reason you went for the GAD-29B rather than the GAD-29? The 29B is a couple of hundred dollars more expensive and provides analog autopilot outputs and isn't needed with the GFC-500. Just wondering if there is something there I missed?