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  1. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the KMD-550 so I don't know for sure but I found the install manual online and it looks like it will take GPS information over RS-232 or ARINC 429 from a GNS-430 so there is probably a compatible output on the GNX. Definitely should check with an installer though.
  2. Interesting but I've had these GTN's and the audio panel for about 6 or 7 years (since the GTNs were first introduced) and this problem never occured until the last 2 months or so.
  3. You can see the support in table 5.1 of the G5 installation manual. You will need a GAD-29B though to connect your G5 to the KAP-140.
  4. Replacing the EHSI with a G5 will work fine with the KAP-140. It's the attitude source that isn't compatible.
  5. In my case, it is a PSE 8000BTi, why, do you know some correlation with the audio panel?
  6. I have two GTN's installed for years without issue and I've just recently had the same comment a couple of times that when I transmit with COM2 on ground that it is bleeding over to tower.
  7. Well I should be able to let you know as PCA should start my install in the new couple of weeks presuming the parts actually can be ordered now.
  8. As of this morning, the J and K models are now listed as supported. I hope my order can now be placed.
  9. It sounds like there will be a new rev 18 of the install manual posted soon that will remove the requirement for the Carlisle wire for most installations.
  10. As I understand it from Trek (in a BT thread), if you started under the old MDL you can finish the install without changes. Rev 16 to rev 17 is the change in the G5 install manual that just loosens the spec on the resistors and has no impact on GFC-500, only on the G5 install. The Rev 16 G5 install manual called out the new wire for G5 installs. If your install started before Rev 16 was issued, it appears you are good to finish it up without any changes.
  11. I was told that since there was no change to the GFC-500 install manual, it can be installed with an existing G5 without the change to the CANBUS wire or the need to add the resistors (the resistors are available given the change to the resistor spec in the latest Rev 17 of the G5 install manual). I sympathize with your issue needing the G5 installed but Trek did post this morning that he is working with the manufacturer to have the wire in stock by the end of April.
  12. You can buy a 55X control head unit on ebay for a few hundred dollarsa and send it back to S-Tec to get it setup for your airplane. When I upgraded my 55 to a 55x I did this for $1600 total. In my case I didn't need a new STC but I think that was about $1200.
  13. From what I understand, only the G5 installation manual has been updated, the GFC-500 manual has not yet been updated and it still allows installation with the original wire. Not sure if that will hold long enough for the GFC-500 to be released and installed in my M20J (I already have an installed G5 which is still legal from the previous install manual).
  14. Happy to provide a pirep when they are done. I've had them do 3 previous large install jobs and have alwaysw been very satisfied. They aren't the cheapest but the work quality has always been high and they deliver on schedule.