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  1. Well if your travels take you to SJC, let me know and I can take you flying in an M20J.
  2. Your data is an almost exact match to mine which I took about 21 years ago with the first Lopresti cowl. I'm curious what KTAS you are seeing when you say yours is nicely faster. I went from 151 KTAS to 159 KTAS after the Lopresti cowl.
  3. Garmin provides a certificate in with the unit that can be redeemed for that first months worth of data. The shop should load that data for you.
  4. Yes, I did think about that but it is panel space more than cost that stopped me. If the TXi goes south, the single G5 already provides backup of attitude and navigation. The second G5 would only get me a backup of the AP. Now if the G5 or GI-275 could provide a backup to the AP while also providing EIS, that would be a winner for me. I checked with Garmin and the GI-275 if used as EIS can not drive the GFC-500 so it can't provide the backup.
  5. Yes, and thanks to Don, now mine does as well. Only issue is if the backup G5 fails, you lose your AP even though you still have your TXi. Oh well, guess I need a second G5 :-)
  6. I don't know if it is a true story or apocryphal but Dr. Bob Achtel once told me that he had to put out a small fire when his wife Rikki's lipstick (which he didn't know was petroleum based) ignited while using O2. Scary stuff to think about.
  7. I stopped by to see the damage yesterday. The hangars took a beating but the one plane that was still there was terribly crushed. It was so sad to see.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll have to head out there and take a look.
  9. @larryb Very glad to hear your plane wasn't damaged. Do you know which hangar row this was?
  10. Still under attack. Currently the county seems to be planning a 2031 or so shutdown.
  11. Welcome, it is always nice to have another Mooney in the Bay Area. I fly an M20J out of KRHV and there are several other bay area Mooneys represented here.
  12. I would expect https://www.truebluepowerusa.com/products/aviation/usb-charging-ports/md93/ to comply, thoughts?
  13. I agree and I got a response once from Garmin (I think it was from Trek) that their devices (I asked about GTNs and G500 TXi) don't meet the IFR requirement for a clock.
  14. I also fly out of KRHV (we should meet up :-) ) and don't really find it a problem. If it is VFR anyway and I'm coming from the north, I usually cancel around ALTAM and just go in VFR. If from the south, then flying the approach isn't a big deal. While during push time from SJC it can take 10-15 mins to get a release, again if VFR anyway I can depart and pick up my clearance when over Calavaras heading north or once I'm past the class C heading south.
  15. In my J I use WOT until at cruise altitude and just wind the prop back to 2600 after I'm 1000' AGL. I rarely have trouble with CHTs being too high except occasionally in the summer months when it is 95+ degrees and then I still leave the engine setup the same but just lower the nose a little bit to increase airflow.
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