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  1. Last time i saw oil like that was from my boat motor oil change that had a water gasket leak that allowed water into the crankcase.
  2. Since I can’t tell what size the ducting is from the picture, would something like this work? https://www.restomodair.com/shopproducts/rectangular-vent-adaptor-4in-x-2in/
  3. I wouldn’t your cylinder head temperatures will go way too high and the performance hit is greater at cruise speed than climb speed anyway.
  4. Just installed my new sheepskin seat covers and noticed they do not have holes for the headrest bars to go through. What do you use to make the holes? A slit with a sharp knife? A drill bit? A hole punch? Would hate to make a hole and have it continue to open up with strain of people sliding into the seat.
  5. Yes. Mike bush videos talk about too low a cht and the broine chemical reaction doesn’t happen fully and thus you start getting lead deposits IIRC.
  6. What years were you at RHV? I was in santa clara working for applied materials in 1995 to 1998. Was in the RHV flying club and used to rent a 172 once every few months to fly down to SBP to see my brother.
  7. Was looking to see where teflon tape is used and stumbled across this statement in the wing landing light section. Thought it was funny they listed K-Mart as an acceptable part supplier for #49102. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to locate where part 49102 goes but assumed it was an alternate reflective mirror for the landing light.
  8. Is this allen screw the mounting screws to the rack?
  9. Wow almost 5 1/2 months. Did not realized the extent of time that had elapsed since you started this project. Was there any time that could have been cut out or is that what to expect when converting to an encore?
  10. I too got a boom mike replacement no charge but the ear foam pieces for A20 i guess are considered consumables as they charged me to get another set when mine split open at the seam.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll try the headphone jacks cleaning first but have little faith in that as my wife was on the other headphone jack and gave me a worried look when I garbled like did you understand that? And how are you going to fix it? I tuned in the old faithful BK 165 and i as well as ATC was loud and clear. Also intercomm as always been clear, So i would think that rules out headphone connectors as well as the audio switching panel and the PTT switch. Had not thought about until just now if turning off the 530 and back on if it would in essence reboot the com 1 and if that
  12. My com 1 via garmin 530 is usually crystal clear but on 2 different trips now i will be flying along and go to transmit and i sound garbled but ATC says I’m loud and clear. I think something like maybe the grounding wire might be loose if i had to guess. On the last flight i took the radio worked flawlessly so i hate to take it in to get fixed if the problem is intermittent as my luck it will work great when they test it and my wallet will cry. Someone mentioned just taking the 530 out and putting it back in can sometimes solve the problem. Is this only an A/P function or are we allowed to
  13. As this will be my first summer with the 252, what are the normal limits we should see climbing out at 120? I saw yesterday with the surface temp of 82dF at the airport, 389 on #3 cyl as the hottest cyl. Climbing out. i lowered the nose and got up to 130 to climb and it settled down at 382. I noticed a temperature inversion as my outside temp gauge was reading approx 28dC at 5k ft. I leveled off at 7.5k and setup for lop where the temperatures settled at 345 - 310 range. This isn’t even summer temps yet so just wanting to know if this seems high or normal. I only found a thread about temps in
  14. I have a PPC and have about 350 hours flying them. I started when i was in Okinawa slope soaring off the island. Since they have a constant updraft from the ocean winds hitting the cliffs you have a steady dependable ride most days with only strong winds grounding you. I believe at one time the world record of over 24 hours was set at okinawa. Flyers there said some would fall asleep in the 3:30 to 5:30 am time frame when their circadian rhythm was low. Flying in 10-15 mph is the sweet spot. Higher winds makes rise up of the chute too hard and less than 10 you run the risk of not having enough
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