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Propeller Control Cable Swivel Joint Replacement?


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Airplane: ‘66 E

Does anyone know if there is a replacement available for this swivel joint at the end of my propeller cable? It popped loose today during my run up. I had an A&P take a quick look and said it looked worn out. I plan to get it pulled off to be sure but am curious is there is a more modern replacement available. There is a ball on the other side of that castle nut that inserts into that hole in the link above. 


p.s. The cotter pin is bent like that because I was in the process of removing it when it took the pic. 




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1 hour ago, M20Doc said:

They can be replaced with a standard Heim style rod end bearing, a bolt, nut and cotter pin.  There is a kit from Mooney for this.

By the way, that looks more like your propeller governor, not your throttle

Awesome thank you. Yeah, meant propeller control cable. 

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Ok, so I contacted LASAR and highly recommend Mooney Mechanic. LASAR sells a kit to replace this old ball joint connection with a Heim fitting (kit 660051-005), and it's $215. The equivalent list of components from Aircraft Spruce are $20 and they are 

- Heim Bushing: MW-3M
- Drilled Bolt: AN3C-11
- Spacer (not needed if you use washers): 550017-005
- Washer: AW960-10
- Nut: AW310-3
- Cotter Pin: AW380-2-2

You should OF COURSE buy the $215 kit. :-) 

Attached is a picture of the Heim fitting for reference. 


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