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  1. Skip - I'm impressed, sharp research! I would never have expected this rather "rough" adjusting method.
  2. It sounds weird, but maybe they are bent to fit? Clarence, on a different note - did you ever replace one of those? If yes - can you confirm that accessing and mounting the four rivets is possible by inserting a rivet squeezer through the inspection plate? Greets from rainy Munich, Martin
  3. Thanks Clarence! That confirms the pattern I have observed. Though I still wonder how such a large torque can be excerted by the small contact between both parts.
  4. Evening everybody, Prior to buying my bird, I've seen quite some birds with bent rudder stop brackets (e.g. part 1 in the attached foto - this one is not mine). I understand that when the tow bar is excessively inclined during ground operation, the bracket on the push rod (labelled 2 in the foto) might hit the stop bracket (labelled 1 in the foto) and put some torque on it. However, my engineering guts tell me that's not enough torque (especially because the contact point is so small) to bent the bracket as on the image. As explained, I have seen this on multiple aircraft. It somehow seems to be a pattern. Has anybody a guess for the cause? Would be nice to know. Different question - is this bracket only for stopping - or does it only transports aerodynamic down-forces generated by the horizontal stabilizer? Greets from Munich, Martin
  5. Thanks for your comments everybody. I went back to the IPC and it really looks as if I misunderstood something. I'll have to go back to the plane and compare things to the IPC and re-check the whole thing. Will keep you guys in the loop. Greets, Martin
  6. Hello everybody, does anybody know whether I can drive my Century IIb with either the G5 or the GI275 and then dump anything related to the old vacuum system? Background is that I have a leaking vacuum o-ring. Replacing it requires removing the accessory case. That‘s quite a big effort for only one ring. Then rather going G5 directly and dumping it. Thanks, Martin
  7. Thanks a lot - that confirms what I found. Just wanted to be sure
  8. Dear everybody, about to re-fill hydraulic fluid. I bought AS41. Don‘t know exactly which brand or whether AS31 or AS41 is in my system right know. Could mixing harm? Thanks a lot! Martin
  9. Thanks everybody - that makes sense. It's the oil pressure line. I couldn't find the name for that line and thus was not able to order it.
  10. Good morning everybody, Looks like there's a slow oil leakage on my engine - caused by this (see foto) gasket. The white thing in the lower left is the oil filter. Can anybody confirm this is the oil pressure transducer line? I couldn't find any part number for this gasket - anybody an idea where to find it? Many thanks, Greets from Munich, Martin
  11. I must say soda blasting looks pretty appropriate. I might give it a try.
  12. N201MKTurbo - thanks for that comment. Did you cover all small "crevices/edges" with duct tape? What kind of tool did you use? At which point/location in the well exactly did you hit the sealant - do you remember? I thought using a "mask" for not hitting anything but the small spots I want to clean.
  13. I want to clean up corrosion and and loose paint on some gussets/brackets in the whel well. If the rest is properly covered, does it make sense to blast it with glass perls. Plus, will paint hold, if I first apply zinc chromate after cleaning? Which paint would you apply? Thanks for ideas! Greets from Germany, Martin
  14. Yes integration of G5s is possible - even here . It's planned, but not for the super-near future. I don´t have an IFR GPS. I'm still a VFR only pilot - thus not missing it yet. I was hesitating a lot, whether to go for a IFR equipped aircraft or not. Though it might be more expensive in the end - I like having things exatly the way I want them. That extra degree of freedom made me go for a rather non-equipped aircraft. Thanks for the welcome to everybody!
  15. Been almost a year that I joined this community - when starting to look for a plane. Here in Europe, the market is rather small. My journey made me visit at least 5 birds - and I'm greatful people here would always be providing helpful answers. I closed the deal last autumn. Thought it's time to introduce her. It's a 1978 J - with 1400h and in pretty basic condition. Happy to start transforming her into a hopefully safe and faithful IFR companion. Greets from Germany, Martin
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