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  1. I had negotiated down to about $150 I think it was… then I heard the story and realized this was the son of the owner who’d died in an accident, and he drove it from Long Beach over to Redondo where I was on a layover. I paid his full asking price plus a delivery fee.
  2. So, looping back, in case anyone encounters this issue: the 201 cover on a C model with a 201 windshield works fine. And, it turns out, it’s a Kennon cover, not a Bruce’s. My only antennae on the cabin roof are low profile GPS ones, so the mast antenna sock didn’t have to line up at all. Tried it out for the first time yesterday in Carlsbad NM as we continue our quest to fly to the national parks. Only thing that doesn’t line up is the cutout for the handle. I can live with that as rarely as I’ll be using it. But yeah, it works.
  3. This one hit real close to home. Last year, I brought my buddy's F back from Arizona after he bought it - one digit off from this one's registration number. Also just helped a different friend buy an F model that's based at PUJ - He literally just finished off his insurance requirements and was taking his family for their first Mooney rides this weekend. Staying tuned for developments on this one for sure.
  4. That’s a great point. The only antennae I have in the area, I believe, are two low-profile GPS ones. There’s a comm antenna behind the baggage door that may require a slit cut, but shouldn’t be a big deal. Already met the guy and bought the cover. Turns out it was his dad’s, who died in a mooney crash earlier this summer. It was the last thing they were trying to sell from his hangar collection. Even if it winds up a dud, at least I helped a Mooney family move past that hurdle.
  5. Yep, I’ve got the 201 windshield so the front should fit nicely. this one is pretty much new, the previous owner only used it when he traveled, which is my plan as well. thanks!
  6. I routinely fly with full aft seat. The wing leveler tracks well enough that I don’t need a hand on the yoke often, and I pick up some amount of speed. Not a lot, but every bit helps. Also, with the CG pushed aft like that, I can make minute pitch changes by moving one foot forward or aft. It keeps my knees from getting stiff over the course of a long flight, too.
  7. Hey friends, I’m always checking the classifieds when I travel and at my next layover city, there’s a Bruce’s canopy cover for a 201 for sale. I’ve got a C model with the 201 windshield. Would the thing fit, or is the mid-body fuselage stretch significant enough to kill the deal? Considering it’s about 1/3 the cost of a new one I’m tempted to give it a shot regardless, and if it doesn’t work, I know a guy with an F who could probably use it.
  8. Maybe your setup is different than mine - very possible, considering I bought an airplane with no flap/trim indicator installed and had to kind of build my own. The trim indicator cable did have an odd brazed-soldered connector on the trim jackscrew, but the flap indicator cable was just piano wire with a terminal lug crimped and/or soldered on and run down to the flap fitting and clamped on to it.
  9. When I get home I can shoot you the numbers - I picked up replacement t fasteners at SNF for mine with the same setup. What I can’t help with, and am tuning in to see, is if someone figures out the proper grommet and/or retaining clip part numbers so I can quit having to catch mine as they fall out of the panel more often than not on preflights.
  10. My understanding is the STWA Windshield mod is no longer available - I think several of their STCs are now unavailable as a matter of fact. I'm glad my friend knocked out all the mods back in the 90's when all the mods were readily available, and so I didn't have to deal with the hassle of doing them myself. You might reach out to SWTA directly to confirm this, I understand they're a right friendly crowd.
  11. My C model has the SWTA windshield, so it has the two small access panels. I've had those panels open more times than I can count; they're the perfect size to stick your arms through and then have no idea which wire you're grabbing because your arm pretty much fills the hole. I flew a friend's F with the stock windshield. It felt tighter up front, even though it had all that space in back. The extra real estate you pick up on the glare shield is handy if you've got a Stratus or handheld you want to perch up there, or maybe just a place to warm your sandwich in the sun... I prefer the 201 windshield, but given the chance, I'd make it the last mod after the panel was set for the next generation of avionics upgrades. My chiropractor is reaping the rewards of my labor having recently been under the panel for GPS/Engine Monitor/Fuel Sender install.
  12. I have to look my A&P in the eye each morning as I brush my teeth. He's grumpy and downright mean before the first cup of coffee. He questions my shortcuts and shames me into mostly doing the right thing. He's an expensive influence. Sometimes I hate his guts. Self-loathing, and all, y'know.
  13. I've also heard that one of those long-armed rubber gloves (like you'd wear washing dishes) with the hands cut off work as a boot for the step actuator. Haven't had to try that one - my factory boot is still good for now.
  14. Head on over to the avionics/panel discussion section of the forum. Apparently it's right on the cusp of certification and believe that@Baker Avionics is poised to deliver the news as it breaks.
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