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  1. Check the maintenance manual - there’s a PDF here on Mooneyspace downloads section, and it’ll tell you how to level the aircraft on jacks. If it tells you to place a level on the seat rails for and aft for pitch leveling, there’s the place to lay your phone to zero the app for your project. Too many variables with the straight and level flight zeroing.
  2. Got a screw missing in a belly panel? That can do it.
  3. Just got mine going after discovering a torn boot. Gotta love a system we can basically fix with bubblegum and popsicle sticks (slight exaggeration but only barely).
  4. So, back home after taking the old gal (and my wife) to Utah, word gets to me that someone wants an airplane ride. Someone who drove me to the airport countless times as a kid. Someone who flat-out refused to get into an airplane his entire life despite being listed on my airline travel benefits the last 12 years. Maybe he decided that if it hadn’t killed me yet, he’d probably make it through one little flight. Yesterday, my Dad went for his first Airplane ride. He says he’ll go again, which I’m calling a win as bumpy as yesterday’s flight was. After the last 30 hours of “Mooney Zooming” straight-ish lines between distant points, flying circles for a sightseeing trip over the home turf was a great change of pace, though.
  5. That word that you’re using - it does not mean what you think it means.
  6. Quick and dirty writeup of the trip out west:
  7. The wrench is well worth the money. Charge your friends a few beers to rent it out when it’s their turn for a pump change.
  8. I don't know that we'll ever get to all 400 but we're trending that way! Last night after dinner we rode out to the airport to enjoy the night sky... and to take pictures. Quote of the day from Amy: "If I ever have second thoughts about us deciding to not have children, I'll just recall the time you spent an hour taking pictures of the airplane."
  9. Yep! Good to meet you @ragedracer1977! Made it to Utah. Time to let the old girl rest her heels a few days while we do some hiking. We’ll be wheels-up for a few more destinations soon! Stay tuned . Oh, and my latest Mooney tale, in print.
  10. A few days after purchasing the bird, Amy asked “can we go places in it?” Today: West Georgia to Georgetown Tx. Mooney-Ed up an already Mooniful ramp. Tomorrow: On to Santa Fe. Kanab, UT after. Gonna go check a couple national parks off our bucket list.
  11. I got some fancy brass screws to go into threaded shock mounts.
  12. Continuing to do things here. When it comes to instrument panel stock mounts, I suppose there are those who have and those who should. I moved from one group to the other today. As you can see, these were well past their prime. To my bottom row of instruments that’d been riding on the support tube for ... decades? I’m sorry. Won’t let that happen again. And with that, she’s ready to travel. Which is good because I’ve got some vacation time coming up next week, as does Amy. Might as well make a spectacular trip out of it. Stay tuned.
  13. I'd always heard it was Standard Category All Temperature. Either way, I think we're all mostly correct! It's useful for a number of applications when you need air routed about. SCET Was Extreme Temperature, I think.
  14. I'd give a kidney for your "before" panel. Awesome "after" panel!