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  1. Jim F

    Cracked oil sump?

    What is a pool of oil? Dime size, half dollar size, 20,000 gallons, lol. Seems like higher then normal oil consumption. You might have someone boreiscope the cylinders Check the oil drain back line (3/8 ID) on the cylinder with the oil in the intake. You can see it on the lower left when looking at the rocker cover just inboard from the cover. If plugged the oil will fill the rocker cover up to and over the valve guilds I don’t think I have ever seen a crack oil sump to the intake tubes. Jim
  2. Hi Bennett,

    I would like to put the same lights on my 231. Can you send me a copy of the 337?



  3. Jim F

    Baffling problems?

    Hi NicoN, There are two problems with the TSIO-360-GB/LB, high CHT and driver inputs. Both can be controlled to make the 231 a outstanding value. CHT, that baffle seal should be corrected or replaced. GeeBee sells a kit with pre cut seals. The way I look at this is SEE THE AIR. Any leak is bad for a already warm running engine. Remember that poor baffling will cause CHT to increase and that will cause higher oil temp. Also the poor baffling means less cooling air pushing through the oil cooler. Pilot inputs, just treat her gental and keep the engine in your scan. Good luck, Jim
  4. Jim F

    AD compliance question

    My IA is not current but here is how I would handle it. Review the change to the new Rev of the SL. Sign off the AD with a reference to the SL new Rev and add a note that the AD was privosly complied with on X date and SL Rev old. I don’t think there is an issue signing off an AD twice. Or you could ask the FSDO or whatever it’s call up by you. Lets us know what you do. Jim
  5. Jim F

    M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Hi MooneyMark, Sorry to hear about your dad. It looks like the rocker shaft holddown nut is missing the lock tab. Picture below Also this is clearly the oil problem but you should have had a puddle of oil dripping from the intake drains and that would have helped with a quick diagnoses. I would check the drain check valve above the left cowl flap and make sure the lines are clear to each intake port. Jim
  6. Jim F

    Top Gun; Maverick

    Let’s hope that there is a big increase in new pilot training starts. That would be good for GA.
  7. On lycomings they use servos and in the servo there is a diafram with incoming fuel pressure ( from the fuel pump) and out going fuel pressure( to the flow divider) and if incoming fuel pressure increased like the boost on then the fuel meatering valve will adjust the mixture to keep it from going to rich. On a Continental the fuel system is ground adjusted so the fuel pressure is correct for takeoff power and if you turn on low boost the fuel pressure to the nozzles will increase slightly. If you turn on high boost you will go over rich and the engine will most likely quit. On the 231/252 There is no auto function to high fuel boost. Most lycomings ( that I have seen) have check list to turn on the boost pump for takeoff and if the engine driven pump fails the boost pump should keep everything running. On Continentals we were trained that on takeoff with engine power loss you switch high boost on and lean as needed. Very simple system. Not to beat a dead hours but that is why the guys that know Continental engines keep saying “get your fuel flows adjusted”
  8. Call for Turboplus Intercooler special pricing for MooneySpace contributors.  253-851-1769, ask for Jeff

  9. Jim F

    Clogged injector?

    It could be upstream but not likely. To be clear you checked both mags? its a little work but you could swap #5 and #3 injectors and see if the problem moves. That is what I would do if I was away from home. Also verify you don’t have a big intake leak #5 jim
  10. Hi Paul, What is the gauge on the upper left to the left of the ASI. Looks like a dual amp meter flush in best. Beautiful panel jim
  11. Jim F

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight!!!!
  12. Jim F

    Engine Problem

    For the super CB the spark plug rack is your engine monitor. That is as long as you put them in numbered order. I'm just saying.
  13. Jim F

    Engine Problem

    If you don't have a engine monitor there is another quick way to find a cold or cool cylinder. With the cowl off run on the bad mag for a short bit. Shut down and with the Handel of a screw driver touch the exhaust stack. The Handel will melt on a cylinder that's fireing and will not melt well in a intermittent cylinder. Everyone has a screw driver. Jim
  14. Received my orings today. Great product and great service. It was a pleasure doing business Another big Win for MooneySpace Jim
  15. Jim F

    MT Propeller

    Don and Bob, What are your numbers on takeoff, climb, and cruise? From what I have read sounds like a shorter takeoff run and better climb and a negative in cruise. Is that true? In cruise do you have numbers for 18-20K? Thanks, Jim