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  1. Call for Turboplus Intercooler special pricing for MooneySpace contributors.  253-851-1769, ask for Jeff

  2. Clogged injector?

    It could be upstream but not likely. To be clear you checked both mags? its a little work but you could swap #5 and #3 injectors and see if the problem moves. That is what I would do if I was away from home. Also verify you don’t have a big intake leak #5 jim
  3. Hi Paul, What is the gauge on the upper left to the left of the ASI. Looks like a dual amp meter flush in best. Beautiful panel jim
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight!!!!
  5. Engine Problem

    For the super CB the spark plug rack is your engine monitor. That is as long as you put them in numbered order. I'm just saying.
  6. Engine Problem

    If you don't have a engine monitor there is another quick way to find a cold or cool cylinder. With the cowl off run on the bad mag for a short bit. Shut down and with the Handel of a screw driver touch the exhaust stack. The Handel will melt on a cylinder that's fireing and will not melt well in a intermittent cylinder. Everyone has a screw driver. Jim
  7. Received my orings today. Great product and great service. It was a pleasure doing business Another big Win for MooneySpace Jim
  8. MT Propeller

    Don and Bob, What are your numbers on takeoff, climb, and cruise? From what I have read sounds like a shorter takeoff run and better climb and a negative in cruise. Is that true? In cruise do you have numbers for 18-20K? Thanks, Jim
  9. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    Did Savvy give you any recommendations? i would bet you have a piece of scaled off varnish in the orfice that is bouncing around and this causes very quick changes to the fuel spray pattern out of the injector nozzle. You might be able to see on the babe jar fuel test where the fuel stream will jump back and forth from the piece floating in the nozzle. Ultrasonic clean and test the spray pattern. Jim
  10. IO-360 Fuel Servo

    Hi Cody, the oil must be from a little oil leak on the engine or how funny is this? A leak in the prop. Lol the oil is getting in through the cracks and when the dust and dirt are sucked in the oils catching the dirt. I would replace the intake bellows. Lycoming says something like a teaspoon of dirt is enough to cause wear that will need an overhaul. Make sure your ram air closes all the way with no leaks. The problem with EGTs wondering could be the servo but check the cheap stuff first. Do all EGTs rise at the same time? Only one cyl? Do you have engine monitor data? Lean mag check data? Jim
  11. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Mark, if the scavenge pump is good I would put new check valves in its way cheaper then the turbo. There is one more thing to check. The hose from the turbo drain to the return check valve up to the scavange pump. You can have a internal flap of the rubber restrict flow in one direction. Long shot but worth checking. Good luck
  12. 231 - AOG - Oil out the breather

    Hi Vance, The hose that's off is the crankcase breather. Good news if you were blowing oil out of the breather the rear baffel would be soaked. The belly oil is not much oil. One quart of oil on the belly will look like the engine came apart. I would look for a oil leak just above the left cowl flap. Your mechanic will pop the cowls and find the problem. The smell was probubly the blow by out of the breather. The 231 firewall is not really sealed very well so most likely that is what you smelled. Jim
  13. Mooney 231 intercoolers

    Av-mech, Do you have any date to show Airflow CDT delta T over TurboPlus? I am planing on adding the TurboPlus intercooler when I overhaul based on availability and customer support. I still have sometime to make a decision so I am open to your input Jim
  14. Alternator failure

    Jet driven, thanks for get correction jim
  15. Fuel oil mix dripping

    Hi Bob, What is your oil consumption? Bad mag check? Does the the engine shutoff when you go to ICO? The oil could be coming from a intake guide. I would clean the tray each time and take pictures of the puddle. You might call the shop that did the OH and ask them to look at it. Jim F