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  1. I’m getting a huge amount of quote requests for people buying planes. Good planes are getting strong prices
  2. I miss my hangar at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland. $150/month plus tax back in 2013 and you get 11/12 of the months you pay for. Just took the plane to Maxwell for the month we had to be out. It's a real consideration here. The closest GA airport to me is Addison which is over $500/mo for a hangar which isn't affordable for me at the present time. 35 minutes away in good traffic I can have a hangar at LNC for a little more than $200/mo but that's a weekend or late evening flying only option as that drive from north Dallas through south Dallas in rush hour would be far too much.
  3. Sadly, yes. We are not set up to insure C-Registered aircraft unless it was based in the US under certain circumstances. However, after I saw how much Puerto Rico wants for insurance licensing, I'm wondering if Canada might be cheaper for us!
  4. And you're probably aware; but just for clarity, that umbrella policy probably excludes aviation.
  5. Any other year this wouldn't be a problem. It's difficult now as things start contracting. If your current agent who has probably started canvassing the market can't find a solution with anyone, let me know.
  6. I should say "flying and insuring turbine aircraft". What I'm saying is if you request a quote for a TBM700 the underwriter might care if you have your Commercial or not.
  7. Pretty much does nothing until you get to flying turbine aircraft. And even then, "it depends."
  8. If yall want some fun nighttime reading, check out Robinson's non-admitted insurance partner's basic policy provisions and special condition acknowledgement:
  9. If something is installed as part of the airplane or temporarily removed for service, it is part of the salvage. Insure accordingly.
  10. If we go by that logic, then we'd have to do what Robinson's partner does and decrease the agreed value for each hour flown. Your policy starts at $X and decreases by $Y per hour to account for airframe and engine overhaul. And it's a lot of money per hour. For Mooney pilots, there's nothing stopping the policyholder from changing the agreed value when you install something new or do an overhaul, or even if the value changes due to market forces. In fact, many policies give a 30 or more day reporting period to increase the agreed value for this reason.
  11. Don, If I remember correctly, you have a 14V electrical system which means your KX-165 is worth a bit more money (even broken). I personally recommend one of the new Garmin Comm radios. These days you can get by with just the Nav radio in your GPS. My train of thought is: - Pull out the KX-165/Replace with Garmin GTR 225 comm for a modern radio. - Pull out the #2 CDI - Reduces weight. The GTR 225 is just a hair above $2000...
  12. It’s not really a project but there is an M20S for sale at GMax American Aircraft with well over 1100 useful
  13. If an owner flies the aircraft they need to be disclosed.
  14. Sad to hear. Do we know if his plane sold? If not, I’m sure we could all keep Nancy in mind when recommending planes to new buyers.