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  1. Parker_Woodruff

    Ft Lauderdale trip

    If you go to FXE, use Banyan. It's one of the few times I can say the more expensive FBO is worth it. Many other options. Last time I flew to FLL the landing fee was $10. But it can make more sense geographically. HWO is fine as well.
  2. Parker_Woodruff

    Cylinder head/barrel separation at 14,500ft.

    Good flying.
  3. Parker_Woodruff

    Pilot training

    I have a medical condition I developed and was diagnosed about 3 years ago that would require a lengthy special issuance process (which I'm willing to do). My doctors have *no problem* with me flying - including the one who signed me off for BasicMed who is also a pilot. The medical condition does not require a mandatory denial, but expert opinion from an AME says the FAA would have a strong probability of denying a first class medical. I meet the requirements for BasicMed, so I'm just flying and flight instructing under that until something can happen where I could apply for a first class medical and not lose BasicMed privileges if denied.
  4. Parker_Woodruff

    Pilot training

    Personal preference - learn through a Part 61 school at the local airport. it's a lot cheaper than the university flight programs. Since he's in college keep him on another degree path outside aviation. Graduate ASAP with as little college debt as possible. That way, if he ends up like me at age 29 (ATP MEL but at the moment it would be risking denial to go for a first class medical certificate - so I'm stuck flying under BasicMed) he will have other options. I'm fortunate that I work for an aviation insurance company (underwriter) and have a business degree. But I'd be at the airlines in a heartbeat if I could be assured of that first class medical. I got all my ratings at a few different part 61 schools. Wouldn't change a thing. There are some advantages to going to ATP, Baylor Aviation Science - Sic 'Em , E-R, UND, etc...looking back, I'm glad I didn't.
  5. Parker_Woodruff

    Mooney + Porsche

    They need to figure out how to achieve a target of a lot more than 50 airplanes per year.
  6. Parker_Woodruff

    AMES = easiest checkride?

    I enjoyed my time in this Widgeon - previously located at 7FL6. Now appears to be in Alabama
  7. Parker_Woodruff

    AMES = easiest checkride?

  8. Parker_Woodruff

    AMES = easiest checkride?

    My commercial MES checkride was definitely longer than an hour and included several takeoffs and landings. And, importantly, some flying on one engine...
  9. Parker_Woodruff

    Best paint shop in the South?

    Hawk at VDF
  10. Parker_Woodruff

    Mooney Pre Buy Recommendation in the San Antonio area

    Southwest Texas Aviation at 84R
  11. Parker_Woodruff

    Bose and Lightspeed Zulu head pad swap?

    Thanks. Anyone have the Oregon Aero Soft Top for their A20?
  12. I have a Bose A20 headset and like it except the top head pad is uncomfortable. I got used to it, but pax not so much. Has anyone tried outfitting the Lightspeed Zulu pad on their Bose. Does anyone here have both headsets and would be willing to let me know if a Lightspeed Zulu head pad will work with the Bose A20. Would buy this to put on my headset... A483
  13. Parker_Woodruff

    Flight video: Garmin G500 TXi with EIS

    beautiful airplane and panel.
  14. Parker_Woodruff

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    glad you got it handled and thanks for reporting back.
  15. Parker_Woodruff

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    electric pump should be off for takeoff.