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  1. Don, If this is the one in Colorado, you might check with Colorado Northwestern Community College. I'll send you an email.
  2. Hi Karen, Feel free to call or email for a quote: Parker@airspeedinsurance.com 214-295-5055 (office)
  3. - Anecdotally, I've seen more maintenance-induced gear failures lately. - Possibly - It seems this is an "it depends" answer. Probably a bit.
  4. This is going to be really difficult in Florida to get the truck owner's insurance to pay. Florida or otherwise, the best bet is to file a claim with the aircraft insurance company and let them subrogate, if possible. Of course, get the driver's insurance info and furnish to your insurance co. You don't want to be going back and forth with an auto insurance company for aircraft damages. Wings can appear really thin. Even on an airport ramp this stuff happens all the time.
  5. We can certainly help. Parker@airspeedinsurance.com 214-295-5055
  6. The market is very thin right now. A lot of insurance prospects: "Here's a new tail number, the one I was chasing got snatched up immediately".
  7. I get it. I like the flexibility. I just urge anyone (especially lower time pilots) to go fly with a CFI at max weight on a warm day before they do these flights on their own. And especially do the performance calculations and give a pessimistic fudge factor to the data used in the calculations. When I was an insurance underwriter it wasn't unheard of to have transition pilots flying a PA32-260 go get checked out with a CFI at MTOW prior to releasing them for solo. We weren't worried *as* worried about the 300 hp version, but the 260 fully loaded is a dog.
  8. I had the M20J with the 160 lb increase. 2900 pounds was fine until about 95 degrees (taking off at 600' MSL). Any warmer and it was an uncomfortably slow climb. One could certainly get into trouble at higher DAs with terrain.
  9. I was surprised it was doable, thanks for the opportunity!
  10. I never do touch and goes in Mooneys with clients. Most of the reasoning has to do with the significant trim changes, but also with dialing in the intermediate flap setting. Add in a pilot who I may have not flown with before and the risk goes up more and more.
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