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  1. There is basically zero actuarial data in aviation insurance other than what's available through Nall or the FAA. There are no aviation actuaries at aviation insurance companies. It's literally a bunch of pilots trying to run an insurance underwriting company. If all flights profiles are the same, 4 equally skilled pilots flying 50 hours each is just as risky, if not more, than 1 pilot flying 200 hours. Also, the risk of a partner-to-partner claim exists when there are severability clauses. In some cases, one partner can sue another partner in a covered loss, as opposed to
  2. Thanks, Chris! Now go hit 500 total time and you'll be looking good for next year.
  3. It's normally about 25-50% surcharge when you hit 4 equally experienced pilots.
  4. I was coming around to getting into a plane again and I have zero desire to chase them at these prices.
  5. Global's system doesn't react well to 0 RG or 0 Make & Model
  6. Need more specifics to see where you fit in the market. Total time & if you're instrument rated would be good indicators on what you should be seeing from last year to this year. I'm free after 3pm central today... Parker@airspeedinsurance.com 214-295-5055
  7. Most/all of the reputable safety organizations have their own insurance already. The insistence on being added to the owner's policy (at generally lower minimums) is a bit out of hand. Same can be said for certain brand name FBOs.
  8. It's possible to get covered, but not guaranteed. I'm happy to give some advice to get you going in the right place. Feel free to message me.
  9. I wish everyone would just get their own insurance and pay whatever their actual exposure is rather than what we've got going on where everyone everywhere wants a Waiver of Subrogation and Additional Insured. There are a few cases where it absolutely makes sense. But many cases where it does not. If someone is going after an organization on the aircraft owner's policy, they're certainly going for the organization's policy as well.
  10. I will be on the full broadcast of Just Plane Radio scheduled for June 26. One of the hosts & Mooney M20J owner, Dennis ( @lotsofgadgets ), was nice enough to invite me onto the show. If you want to spend part of your Saturday listening to some insurance discussion, please tune in or download their podcast! https://justplaneradio.com/
  11. Most companies don't charge for this. I think the one you're with does, as a general rule.
  12. Every insurance company will pay for a teardown on a Continental. They think it's necessary/prudent.
  13. I'm a big fan of getting your private in a rental and then buying the Mooney. The coverage options pre-private in Mooneys are not good.
  14. Tough call - never know if they'll settle within the policy limits or try for higher.
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