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  1. Yep. When it's running right, it's the best mix of efficiency, speed, and smoothness that anyone can get (when flown up high). Not to tell the OP to spend more money...but while he's at it...maybe consider an Encore conversion.
  2. Thanks for all the referrals, everyone. I am absolutely slammed on flying work and getting this insurance agency software live for 2020. But I sent him a message - maybe we will get something worked out. We all need some more Dallas area CFIs that are Mooney-proficient. It seems we’ve got some of the best MSCs, the factory, and a lot of planes in this state...but desperately need more CFIs. Maybe I need to find a group - M20C, M20J, and M20R that we can get an insurance company to sign off on me putting some CFIs thru a 10 hour short/medium/long body course.
  3. I completely agree. Better to have one shop that does almost everything to your plane than a bunch of random ones. I'll add to the mix... You know how they say "it's always good to get another set of eyes" every now and then? That's true, within reason (Do they know Mooneys, do they know you, does the shop have a consistent workforce, etc.). It's a really good thing when you can alternate years between SWTA and the Maxwells as I plan to do if/when I own a Mooney again.
  4. The BasicMed Advisory Circular is pretty clear that you should be very confident a deviation to higher than 18,000 will not be necessary for the flight intended. I'm stuck to BasicMed as a 3rd class would be costly and there's always the risk of getting denied. A turbocharged airplane is still useful up in the teens, but an M20R may be preferred to an M20K since it still has still decent cruise speed in the teens and will be faster than an M20K down low. It still probably won't be as efficient as the M20K at all altitudes.
  5. You can get a sub-70 year old CFI with no losses in the last 5 years added as a named pilot for no problem. The insurance company would make him get a checkout prior to sole PIC operations.
  6. As a CfI, I'll tell you to rent for training and finish your private certificate in a trainer. Nothing says you can't just buy the plane and put it on not-in-motion coverage until you are a private pilot and ready to go. Also, there shouldn't be a problem getting your CFI checked out in the plane at least enough to deliver it home for you. Maybe even keep it insured for flight and your CFI can keep it exercised. You can get a policy specifically excluding you while at the controls of the aircraft.
  7. There are presently no problems getting private pilots covered on a Mooney. I've written one student this year on an M20R and some newer private pilots on several Mooneys.
  8. The induction system had leaks and I believe the original tubes (Which were starting to crack) could be replaced with more robust parts from Continental. Ishould just say “get your induction cleaned up then chase the spark and fuel balance”
  9. Induction tubes, spark, then GAMIs is the order I got mine fixed up...
  10. Got it. I forgot about the wastegate piece that could be causing your issues. Mine was a 1987 M20K converted to an Encore. Exceptional airplane and now there are many getting the upgrade. I wish there was such an option for the 231s. I sorely miss N252BH.
  11. Are you running Tempest Fine Wire plugs? Switching to those from Champions brought my EGT/TIT down substantially - I guess better spark = cooler/better burn. 30" MP and 11.5 GPH will be no problem for you. Get to 15,000 and I bet you'll see 175 on an M20K (231). My 252/Encore would do 180 KTAS at the fuel flows you describe.
  12. A good agent will pick up the phone, call the underwriter, and get that instructor approved on a Mooney experience basis. I get approved all the time for the M20C/D/E because I probably only have 5-15 hours in each of those and most companies want 25. They hear "Parker has ~750 hours in all Mooneys M20C/D/E/F/J/K/R/TN and they get the idea. Most of that is M20J and M20K. Every now and then they'll have me go fly solo for an hour (like for the Acclaim) before I provide the training.
  13. Awhile back there was an experimental aircraft for sale on eBay. It had the parts of a Piper Comanche and a Mooney put together into one package. Maybe some other airframes were involved as well. I tried finding a pic but could not.
  14. That won't cover the sister's liability or provide primary coverage for her. Renter's (non-owned) insurance is designed to defend the policyholder, not the aircraft owner. This means they most often will not voluntarily pay a claimant unless it's settling in a case where there is clear negligence on the part of the non-owned policyholder.
  15. The market is tightening. It could be a challenge. If obtained, a quote will be expensive. I recently quoted a vintage Mooney to a student pilot and it was over $4000 annually. 214-295-5055