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  1. I'm happy to offer instruction services. I'll send you a PM
  2. Well, the owner won’t have primary coverage as respects physical damage coverage to protect his aircraft. You could buy a non-owned policy to protect yourself for your use of the aircraft. The owner needs to make sure that his liability coverage includes coverage while renting the aircraft to you.
  3. Hope and I will still plan to be there. Wish the WX would improve
  4. XL has offices in the US and has primarily insured pro-flown corporate aircraft, large flight schools, large commercial fleets, and large repair stations. They have some small aviation businesses in there too. Recently they have been quoting piston general aviation for personal pleasure and business use. Who is your present carrier and is the price worth moving over? Is the policy better? Do you ever fly non-owned aircraft and does one policy provide more coverage than another for this flying? Finally, Keep in mind you build a positive bank of premium with one insurer, your loss ratio will look better should you ever have a claim (large or small).
  5. As I understand it, the G-1000 was optional on the M20R certification with the STEC installed, so it can be done. Is the exclusion on the Garmin certification only if the G-1000 is presently installed? Because you could take it out that "option" then there wouldn't be a G-1000 to worry about. You aren't adding a G3X or GFC500 to a G-1000...You are adding it to an M20R.
  6. And the two examples above show why it's a good idea to have physical damage coverage. You can turn the claim into your insurance company to make you whole immediately and they will handle the subrogation instead of you having to hire an attorney to go after the shop (which is then just awkward, especially if you're otherwise on friendly terms with the shop).
  7. Great idea for the post after my next one which will be choosing a liability limit. Will do!
  8. Liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage forms the base of almost every aviation insurance policy. Physical Damage coverage to your aircraft is optional on top of this. It's good to know that in the event of a bodily injury or property damage claim against you, the insurance company will likely be paying the bill. But before a payout on the policy occurs, one of the most valuable benefits of an insurance policy is the legal defense. Aircraft insurance policies afford legal protection in the event of a claim for bodily injury and/or property damage. That is to say that the Insurance Company has the legal obligation to provide a defense for you, the Insured, until the policy limits have been exhausted. Yes, this obligation exists even in the event of a frivolous claim or suit against you. By having liability coverage, you already have attorneys on your side which are provided at no charge by the insurance company. Instead of you forking over $200-500/hour for legal defense for what could be seemingly-endless litigation, aviation specialists have your back. In the next sponsored post, I'm going to provide advice for choosing a liability limit for bodily injury and property damage. Parker Airspeed Insurance Agency 214-295-5055
  9. I'm not a licensed life insurance agent, but PIC life did get me a good quote
  10. Liability coverage and ground not in motion coverage is pretty cheap. Many times the liability coverage on an aircraft will extend to cover the premises where the aircraft is normally stored and sometimes where the aircraft is presently located. In that case, you may not need a premises liability policy for your hangar. Some people carry both.
  11. Maybe but have a couple people that might be going...sounds like a rough trip...
  12. If anyone is flying down from the Dallas area, let me know. Happy to split gas.
  13. Working on hitching a ride...I'll be there one way or another.
  14. I would do 60 wide. typically Gives you more options for a lessee and makes it easier to get the other airplane out of the hangar. As far as hangar insurance, feel free to give me a call. I'm in Dallas. Which airpark are you at?