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  1. Parker_Woodruff

    Real world rocket numbers?

    Get Tempest Fine Wires if you don't have them installed yet. They're exceptional at high altitude. Both in getting good spark and controlling temps (my EGT/TIT were lower after installing them on my 252/Encore).
  2. Parker_Woodruff

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Installing Tempest Fine Wires decreased my EGT/TIT...something to consider if your plane seems to be running really hot.
  3. Parker_Woodruff

    G1000 WAAS upgrade parts availability ending

    All C172R and C172S models 2006 and later are all G-1000. The G-1000 was optional in 2005. There was no G-1000 option for C172R and C172S in 2004 and earlier.
  4. Parker_Woodruff

    High FBO fees.

    Absolute shame about Love Field. If this is really an issue they need to build everything into a flowage fee. These inefficiently-collected landing fees are ridiculous.
  5. Parker_Woodruff

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    This looks great, Jesse. Personal preference, I do like a more space-concise listing of aircraft makes like controller has...easier than scanning eyes up and down the page. Also, alphabetical order vertically is easier (for me) than horizontally. But overall this is a great layout and I am glad to see some more competition for sites like this. Great work!
  6. Parker_Woodruff

    231 airspeed

    You need to make sure the ASI is properly marked. I don't know if the colored arcs changed at all through the years. If you're trying to convert from mph to knots, youmay be able to have your existing ASI re-marked in knots. I don't know on the legalities, etc.
  7. Parker_Woodruff


    The people at ECP are nice but I miss the old airport. A lot more convenient, multiple runways, and multiple FBOs. This one's just in the middle of nowhere while the other one was relevant to the city.
  8. Interesting update. My first Mooney was an E-R trainer - 1990 M20J-AT. I was the third owner - purchased it with ~6900 AFTT. I think it was originally sold with 6400 hours. I'm guessing that was probably 15,000-20,000 landings before I took it. Clean airframe though...
  9. Parker_Woodruff

    Commercial and CFI practical test

    have spun the C172S when flying it in the utility category. It's not a very exciting spin, but it'll spin.
  10. Parker_Woodruff

    Insurance renewal

    If there is no Open Pilot Warranty you can still have Named Pilots (each pilot would need to be specifically approved by the Insurance Company)
  11. Parker_Woodruff

    Insurance comparison M vs Ci

    Well I did work as an agent with Falcon, though not in the USAA department... Now I'm on the underwriting side of the business. Honestly, comparable rates for both aircraft can be found across the aviation insurance market. Some companies have their various underwriting preferences, so one might be more expensive on C vs. M or vice versa. Rates are historically low right now. Not an utmost consideration when owning and operating a $150,000 to $750,000 ship.
  12. Parker_Woodruff

    Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    You can fly a twin safely if you... - Fly often. - Get regular instruction for OEI practice, both with and without a view limiting device. - Don't get complacent. Not sure why the bad reviews above on the Seneca II and later models. Those are great airplanes with a useful SE Service Ceiling.
  13. Parker_Woodruff

    Airport FBO recommendation for gulf coast Fla

    I would personally stop at Tallahassee. Million Air has decently priced self-serve and I normally ended up with a Mercedes crew car when I stopped there. Bay Minette has free lunch with a gas crew car necessary. At least that was the case when I used it as a regular stop 4-5 years ago.
  14. Parker_Woodruff

    Mooney crash, pilot walks away

    I evidently missed this incredible story last year. Glad you're still with us, Dan. Will be buying one of these units when I get my next plane.
  15. Parker_Woodruff

    Multi-engine add on

    My normal recommendation is to go somewhere with more than 1 twin of the same make/model that flies regularly. I can't tell you how many times I've seen ME ratings take forever because "the multi is down" While they're a pilot mill, sometimes ATP is the best bet. I used them for my ATP-ME for the reason of aircraft availability.