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  1. Parker_Woodruff

    A Christmas Miracle

    Cool. I'll have to keep it in mind.
  2. Parker_Woodruff

    A Christmas Miracle

    Is there any way for non-doctors to help?
  3. Parker_Woodruff

    M20 PPI - All American Aviation is the Dealer

    Don Maxwell Aviation - GGG SWTA - 84R AAA would certainly deliver to either one.
  4. When you need your transition training and HP&Complex endorsements, feel free to give me a call.
  5. Parker_Woodruff

    Grounded... Repair Advice?

    Dmax & Co fixed my M20K when I C172 jumped its chocks and rolled into the leading edge, making a similar dent. Want to say the bill to insurance company was $8-$10K...That included their getting a ferry permit and logistics/temp repairs for making the ferry flight. used that whole sheet of aluminum wrapped over the top and bottom of the wing. Was just as good as new when they were done with it. With Don Maxwell Aviation or SWTA (JD Casteel) you can't go wrong.
  6. Parker_Woodruff

    High Performance Endorsement

    In today's aviation insurance market, some policies from some carriers commonly include it.
  7. Parker_Woodruff

    High Performance Endorsement

    and many aircraft owner policies will have a non-owned aircraft endorsement. However, there are generally limitations on seats, horsepower, engines, and/or gear. So as always, read your policy and ask your agent if you have any questions.
  8. Parker_Woodruff

    High Performance Endorsement

  9. Parker_Woodruff

    High Performance Endorsement

    Your insurance policies each likely has an open pilot warranty that will require a specific amount of make and model time, among other things. Check to be sure so that your policy protects you when someone else is flying your plane. And if any questions, be sure to ask your agent.
  10. A lot of factors at play. It might not be the loss alone. The loss combined with low pilot experience, pilot age, or several other factors could be causing his issue.
  11. Parker_Woodruff


    Here's one report on the current state of the aviation insurance market:
  12. Parker_Woodruff

    Hangar insurance

    A Hangar policy may cover a certain amount of personal property. But that probably has exclusions. One of those exclusions will probably be an aircraft.
  13. Parker_Woodruff

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Paul, I've done them all in an M20J, but not an M20K. In any case, it won't be that much different.
  14. I have an extra Lightspeed Sierra - it's new in unopened box and purchased this year. $600 shipped via FedEx. PayPal, Chase QuickPay, or Venmo are acceptable. Regular check works if we're friends in real life.
  15. Parker_Woodruff

    Paint recommendations

    Just go to Hawk (why did I sell this plane?)