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  1. I'm interested to know which carriers quoted those premiums. There may be one or two options out there yet to be considered.
  2. My M20K ran far better LOP with tempest fine wires. Worth every penny
  3. The market has spoken that a paint job from Hawk is worth $14,500 right now. A lot of forces are at play... - Hawk's increased overhead - Strong economy - pilot training boom has created a thin market for older planes. Flight schools buy and then paint. - paint shop capacity is low right now...charge accordingly. Good for them. The paint job on N252BH was $8800 back in 2012 and I'm sure it still looks as good as new. Keep in mind you won't have to pay sales tax on the paint job in Florida.
  4. Depending on your age, airport, and if any loss history, I'd expect to pay about 2-3% on the hull plus $600-$1000 for $1MM/$100K liability. All those figures somewhat lower if instrument rated.
  5. Late to this topic... The worst part of Mooney’s situation is the swing and miss on the M10...during the one of the biggest pilot training booms in history. The money was/is in the training market and they, sadly, missed. There is still time if they’d pick up the pieces and put a substantial effort into the M10T. Maybe this time with some talent on this board like @KSMooniac heading up that project somewhere other than Chino. You need something more robust than an LSA and cheaper to purchase and operate than a Piper Archer. M10T fit the bill. Total shame it never made it to production. And now the economics make sense for the powerhouse training schools with Piper’s cheaper Pilot 100.
  6. There was one carrier that offered an intentional discount on this several years ago, but they've since gone out of business. When you get to corporate aircraft fleets, you'll see some manual discounting of rates to try to win the business. In light GA you won't see this except in very rare cases. Especially with how cheap rates have been the past several years.
  7. I would consider it depending on a few details. I live in Dallas so would need an airline ticket to ATL. Could do the flight to Dallas and then you continue on to Austin... I have around over 700 hours of Mooney experience of which about 22 is in the M20F. Send me a private message if this interests you.
  8. Rarely will the rate be different in the light GA world. But in the corporate & commercial world it can and often does make a difference. A poorly presented and marketed risk can be detrimental.
  9. The airlines will take the biggest hit. Expect some marginal effect for light GA.
  10. It does, however, give you some money to use in good faith that can go a long way towards mitigating ill-will towards a party that may otherwise consider legal action.
  11. Most medical insurance does. Some medical insurance policies do not.
  12. If he is the owner of the aircraft, he'd have to sue himself to get to the passenger liability limit. It does not cover first party Bodily Injury. Medical Payments covers that...and of course to much lower amounts.
  13. Keep in mind that Avemco's "per person" liability coverage is different than most other carriers' "per passenger" liability coverage. Third parties outside the aircraft are limited to Avemco's sublimit where other carriers would not sublimit bodily injury to people outside the plane.