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  1. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/sun-n-fun-2021-fewer-exhibitors-and-attendees-but-ready-with-covid-precautions/
  2. I get your point here, but travel logistics for SnF are so much more affordable and there are just less hassles. That said, we hope to exhibit at OSH in 2022.
  3. 1) I’m sure a lot of big biz vendors have corporate restrictions on travel, but we are most definitely permitted to exhibit, as of this post. 2) See 1 3) The SnF hangars are different from Amazon-related operations. There is nowhere near the capacity for Amazon on SnF hangar grounds 4) See 3 5) I think so
  4. First I have heard of that. The most recent requirement I'd heard was BasicMed was fine but pilots over a certain age had to get an annual physical. That was from someone who was quoted by them.
  5. I’ve been asked a few times what it would be like to start a risk retention group in the face of difficult underwriting. I’ve basically said this: - Even if we got a nice pool together, the rates would be far above what people would want to pay. - If we can’t save the majority of pilots money, why would they switch when there is regulated insurance? - The last time an aviation risk retention group was started because everyone was unhappy with rates, it didn’t last. http://go.sterlingrisk.com/l/34392/2018-08-01/qf5tx6/34392/316657/Important_Info_for_Former_AAIRRG_Insureds.pd
  6. You're allowed to put up money or a bond with the state.
  7. In a previous reply. Who has ultimate ownership over the insurance company's money? It's the shareholders. They submit to authorities on reserves and claims management, but a the end of the day, it's not our money and I don't think we need to be saying we have a right to it. The insurance companies pay for a lot of claims that never even get mentioned to the FAA, so unless we want to report each time someone starts an engine with a towbar attached, has a prop strike on a bounced landing, etc., then there's really no comparison here. The auto insurers are allowed to call drivers in for
  8. Stay with them. Great company and generally committed to their long-term clients.
  9. The FAA isn't involved in almost every prop strike, wingtip rash incident, etc. But the insurance companies sure are. The insurance companies aren't banning anyone...Most US residents can fly uninsured. Just as US residents can self-insure for autos.
  10. I don't think you'll find much difference in underwriting opinion of the Cirrus and Ovation. Ovation to Acclaim is probably doable, but you need to get clearance from your current underwriting company first...and keep that existing policy active. Needs to be an add/delete rather than cancel re-write.
  11. You need to be with the right carrier at the renewal before your 70th birthday. We re-evaluate at 74 and determine if you should stay with me or go to Avemco. Sometimes this means I lose the business, but I'd rather have a bunch of referrals than end up getting someone into a bad situation with underwriting at age 80. There are, of course, no guarantees, but we do the best we can and hope for the best outcome. I have two pilots over 80 years old insured. One with liability only on an M20K and the other on a C172RG with physical damage coverage (he is limited to day VFR only).
  12. An additional insured (or their estate) can sue a named insured and the policy would respond. A third party can sue a named insured and additional insured. The coverage would respond to the Additional Insured if it was due to the operations of the Named Insured. Mooney pros is not being added as a Named Insured. Mooney Pros is being added as Additional Insured. The carrier that has this restriction is not in the business of non-owned policies.
  13. @Hank is correct...but I've expanded. There is a greater likelihood of a Mooney involved in a student pilot claim, but not 5-7 times. The price difference can be attributed to a smaller market who will support that business and also the higher repair costs of a Mooney runway incident than a C172 runway incident...remember a lot more damage is done to a Mooney that has a gear up than a Cessna that has a prop strike. IClaim costs on the Mooney are more. Cessna 172 Impossible to gear up. Fixed pitch prop is much less expensive, even brand new Mooney M20
  14. It's a policy limitation. It's not make and model limitation. I can get companies without this policy limitation to quote a C172 or PA28-181 for a student pilot. I normally can't get the companies with top tier policy forms to quote students in an M20J or BE36.
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