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  1. Parker_Woodruff

    Airspeed Insurance Agency - MooneySpace Sponsor

    7200+ when I sold it
  2. Parker_Woodruff

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    Tempest Fine Wires only.
  3. Parker_Woodruff

    Insurance up 20%

    Also depends on the nature of the claim...
  4. Parker_Woodruff

    Insurance up 20%

    "It depends". But it should certainly help. Especially if 2-3 years have elapsed since the loss...and once the loss is >5 years in the rearview mirror basically no company asks...
  5. Parker_Woodruff

    Airspeed Insurance Agency - MooneySpace Sponsor

    Yeah, it was an Embry Riddle M20J-AT. Very good value in an airplane.
  6. Parker_Woodruff

    Insurance up 20%

    AOPA doesn't have the pen to guarantee a match. They can request it from the carrier. They may get it, they may not. If they reach out to all the carriers and report all of the carriers then you'll have a full picture. There are certain cases where I would recommend staying with your current carrier, and certain ones where it makes sense to move for price.
  7. Parker_Woodruff

    N187CT - Building Our Dream 201

    beautiful airplane!
  8. Parker_Woodruff

    Airspeed Insurance Agency - MooneySpace Sponsor

    It was a 252 with an awful useful load that Don Maxwell did the Encore conversion. Hopefully a third Mooney in my future...
  9. Parker_Woodruff

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    I strongly doubt the CFI signed off on a flight in these conditions. - Solo flights at night require a night endorsement - The student is PIC and responsible for acquiring all relevant information for the flight, including weather. - The CFI may have very well signed off an endorsement, even though the student is PIC, that each flight is to be approved by him/her. - Student solo weather minimums are higher than what's legal for rated pilots.
  10. Hello all! I'm excited to announce that we've become a sponsor of MooneySpace! After working in aviation insurance both as an agent and an underwriter for the greater part of the last decade, I started an agency that services all aviation insurance segments- personal, business, and commercial. While aviation is experiencing a general hardening of the insurance market (capacity going down, rates going up for some policyholders and new customers), we will professionally represent all clients in such a way that ensures they receive the best prices and most broad coverage available from each respective carrier. Clients can rest easy knowing that they are being represented by true aviation professionals. Feel free to reach out here, thru the web form at, or by phone at 214-295-5055. My email is As always, if you have any insurance questions or would like a quote, feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you all! I'll also be making a few more posts over the next month addressing common insurance questions and concerns. Parker Woodruff
  11. Parker_Woodruff

    CFI rate per hour

    My 2019 rate is $60/hr ground and flight - just increased from $50 in 2018. Daily rate (max 8 hours) is still $400 plus expenses. I get requests all the time with the pilot/instructor shortage.
  12. Parker_Woodruff

    Insurance up 20%

    The aviation insurance market is hardening after about 15 years of decreasing rates. Underwriting is becoming less flexible and rates are gradually increasing. Several aviation carriers have experienced underwriting losses in recent years.
  13. Parker_Woodruff

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Ok so you own an M20F and an M20K. Here’s an example. You have the M20F insured with Company X and the M20K with Company Y. Company Y has an ancillary coverage that says “we will provide physical damage and liability coverage when you are flying an aircraft that you don’t own or lease and is in available for your use for a period less than 30 days.” The M20F and M20K are both in annual at the same time. You’ve got an important meeting in Fort Lauderdale so you rent a C172 from TPF and fly to FLL. While landing at FLL a coyote jumps in front of the plane and you swerve and hit a runway light with the main gear causing $1200 in property damage to the airport lighting system and $500 to the brake system on the C172. Company Y has non-owned liability coverage on your policy to defend you in case FLL wants compensation for their light. They also have non-owned hull coverage to defend you if the insurance company that insures the C172 thinks your actions were unreasonable in swerving from the coyote and comes after you for damages to the plane. Within that non-owned provision, Company’s Y may afford that non-owned coverage with the prerequisite that they must already insure all airplanes that you own. The non-owned coverage would not apply to you because one plane you own is not insured on their policy. As a note: Non-owned hull and liability coverage is also commonly referred to as “Renter’s Insurance”.
  14. Parker_Woodruff

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Just remember if you fly non-owned aircraft, some carriers only provide hull & liab coverage for non-owned aircraft if they insure *all* aircraft you own.
  15. Parker_Woodruff

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Thanks for the tag, Scott. We are up and running at Airspeed Insurance Agency. We should be licensed in all 50 states and DC by the end of the month (currently fully functional in about 30 as of 1/9/2019). Kmac - most every company using automated raters has different hour amounts where their rates step down. 46.9 may be no different than 50 at many carriers. There are a few where that might hit a step in the automated rating systems at 50 make/model. An agent that properly markets your risk to the carriers it represents would really like to have updates 30 days or more before renewal so that each company can respond. At the last minute you may not have as many answers, especially for a lower-time pilot where the risks are underwritten manually as opposed to coming from an automated rater.