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  1. Parker_Woodruff

    Flying a J at 2,900 lbs

    The M20J is fine at 2900 lbs, but it's a bit doggy at that weight when 104 degrees outside and taking off from Dallas.
  2. I'm in Dallas - I"ll send you a message.
  3. Always up for a joyride and live right next to KDAL or I'm a pretty easy drive to RBD or ADS.
  4. buy the plane and hire a CFI who meets the Open Pilot Warranty (or name one the insurance company will accept). Fly the required time with the CFI.
  5. Most aircraft owners just cover their aircraft for their personal pleasure and business uses excluding any operation for which a charge is made. A couple/few insurance companies have some limited renter endorsements that will allow a named pilot to rent the aircraft. If you have Non-Owned Hull and Liability insurance, it covers YOU. YOUR insurance company isn't just going to volunteer to fix that owner's aircraft, especially in the case where the incident/accident wasn't your fault. The owner needs to comply with the policy for his hull & liability coverage to apply to him.
  6. Parker_Woodruff

    Insurance woes

    There are some incorrect descriptions in this thread of who is covered and who is not covered when someone is a named pilot or flying under the Open Pilot Warranty (OPW). PLEASE talk to your licensed insurance agent who has specific access to your specific insurance policy before relying on information from this board.
  7. Parker_Woodruff

    In Dallas 9/4 -9/7

    Stephen - if you are in town on Friday, I may be free on that day to help work on an IPC. KDAL is better priced and I don’t think the proposed landing fees have taken effect yet. KRBD is even better priced, but far more out of your way.
  8. If there is anyone that is just fine with everyone enjoying a piece of the Mooney pie (whether it be owner groups, forums, MSCs, or any number of things), it is Don Maxwell. He was nothing but supportive when JD was setting up his acquired shop at SWTA and has been nothing but positive toward VMG, Mooney Summit, MAPA, MooneySpace, etc. In fact, he's been critical about MAPA & stepped up where he sees MAPA has fallen short...
  9. Parker_Woodruff

    Chicago Demo Flight/CFII?

    Don't worry about renting a Mooney to do your transition training. If you like the Mooney after a test flight, buy it and do your transition training in that.
  10. Parker_Woodruff

    M20K Power Settings..?

    Are you still running a 2-blade prop?
  11. Parker_Woodruff

    M20K Power Settings..?

    Steps to LOP in the M20K - Make sure the induction system has no cracks or leaks - Get Tempest Fine Wire spark plugs - Do a GAMI lean test - Get GAMI Injectors - You may need to set up the fuel flows again after all this is done. @don.muncy and I were cruising along at ~65% power in his 1982 M20K over the weekend and still had economical performance despite having to stay low for summer cloud buildups. 6500' MSL 30", 2600 RPM, 10 gph (LOP) - 150 KTAS. Cowl flaps fully closed and all cylinders nice and cool in the Texas summer.
  12. Parker_Woodruff

    Ft Lauderdale trip

    If you go to FXE, use Banyan. It's one of the few times I can say the more expensive FBO is worth it. Many other options. Last time I flew to FLL the landing fee was $10. But it can make more sense geographically. HWO is fine as well.
  13. Parker_Woodruff

    Cylinder head/barrel separation at 14,500ft.

    Good flying.
  14. Parker_Woodruff

    Pilot training

    I have a medical condition I developed and was diagnosed about 3 years ago that would require a lengthy special issuance process (which I'm willing to do). My doctors have *no problem* with me flying - including the one who signed me off for BasicMed who is also a pilot. The medical condition does not require a mandatory denial, but expert opinion from an AME says the FAA would have a strong probability of denying a first class medical. I meet the requirements for BasicMed, so I'm just flying and flight instructing under that until something can happen where I could apply for a first class medical and not lose BasicMed privileges if denied.