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  1. I'd be interested in meeting up with fellow West Coast Mooney drivers. I'm in Watsonville which has a nice assortment of restaurants, one in the terminal and several more right across the street, so stop in sometime. But I'd prefer to fly somewhere to meet up. Name the place and I'll try to attend.
  2. As discussed here in a recent thread, be sure to pull the prop all the way back to extent the glide. A windmilling engine has enough oil pressure to feather the prop as much as possible. A dead stick prop apparently results in an even better glide ratio.
  3. Just a data point here. I installed a Gill 7035-28 sealed battery (12V) in my 201 back in July 2018. So almost 4-1/2 years now without any issues. I fly about ten hours per month. I'm planning to replace it at five years (unless I just finxed it here).
  4. My dipstick tube was always coming loose with the standard Lycoming gasket. This Real Gasket did the trick. Nice seal on the silicone gasket and hasn't come loose at all. Still safety wire it. RealGaskets.com RG-72059 Appears to be the same one from Spruce that Skip mentioned. It works. And their silicone valve covers gaskets too. Haven't had any leaks since installing them. ---Ken
  5. I flew to Stovepipe Wells L09 last year in my J. Runway was okay, probably rate it as fair. Lots of cracking and some mild upheavals of the asphalt along the cracks. But the location is great, right next to the village and a couple mile walk to Mesquite Dunes. My son and I camped near the airport for comet viewing. The Ranger told us we need to camp a mile away from the road and airport. Gee, at night five minutes walking and we called it a mile. The Park is trying to permanently close L09, purportedly to turn it into a dark sky viewing area. Sign the register and voice your opinion. Crazy that they think the airport and star gazing can't coexist. There are no night ops, plus the big campground and village are adjoining. Miles of open desert to make a viewing area. More people need to use the airport to show a need for it. Furnace Creek L06 is another gem. I've landed there dozens of times over the years because there are so many things to do. But I won't land there at this time. (Drove there recently and walked the runway). Really large cracks and upheavals that could damage a Mooney gear, in my opinion. Funny thing is there are no plans to close that airport but it sure needs resurfacing. How is it that Death Valley has hundreds of miles of nice smooth roads but they can't maintain a mile of runway? Then there's Chicken Strip and the Saline Valley Hot Springs. Definitely not for Mooneys, however.
  6. What do you know about the dual mag engines? No more dual mags from Lycoming I would hope. Do you know what kind of mags they supply?
  7. Like Duff beer? https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxBWP4aC22lt3VgzOQ2PcK92thFI7DN-I9
  8. Regarding best glides, the POH glide speed is for calm air and can be optimized for headwinds or tailwinds. For instance, and I think everyone would agree, if at best glide speed of say 90kts while flying into a 90kt headwind there would be zero progress over the ground. Therefore, speed up to minimize time in headwind conditions and slow down for tailwinds. Same as normal flying if trying to optimize fuel. How much to modify glide speed? Suppose that's a good math problem. So to maximize glide, maintain book glide speed +/- for winds, prop control back, throttle at idle and lots of left rudder to keep the ball centered.
  9. Wish I waited six months. I have the lower res version. The button on mine works to take pictures when connected to an Android device but not going through the Wifi box to an iPad.
  10. Conversely, how about a really cold start - like below freezing. I recall from years ago if the engine didn't start on the first try moisture drawn into the engine would frost over the plugs and subsequent attempts were nearly futile. These were carburetor planes. Can't recall issues with fuel injected but then again I rarely fly in those cold climates now.
  11. In the flat pitch glide at 90KIAS (idle cut-off) my engine was windmilling at 1400RPM. In full pitch glide the engine dropped to 700RPM. I was a little concerned, especially getting closer to the ground, that the engine might stop. Lack of oil pressure would then place the prop back into flat pitch. It's my recent understanding, however, that a dead stick is best for glide, even at flat pitch. I wasn't up for trying to collect that data.
  12. Following up on my recent dual mag failure that resulted in an off-field landing just shy of an airport in my M20J. Luck was with me that day to find a smooth field and no damage to the plane. If only there was a way I could have extended the glide to make it just a bit further to the runway. Turns out there is a way but it seems to be a secret. To my knowledge I’ve never received training for it and don’t recall ever seeing it mentioned in a POH. Simply pulling the prop control back to course pitch on a windmilling propeller extends the glide a considerable amount. I set about collecting some data today. Flight test in calm air and light winds. Starting at 7000MSL, idle cut-off, windmilling propeller, 90 KIAS, 10nm glide. First test, prop control full forward in flat pitch. Descent rate of 750fpm, over the airport at 1500MSL. That’s 550ft/nm. Second test, same starting location and parameters except prop control pulled full back to course pitch. Descent rate of 600fpm, over the airport at 2600MSL. That’s 440ft/nm. If my math is correct, that’s a 25 percent better glide. Wish I learned this previously but if there’s ever another engine out pulling the prop should be an automatic reach. Fly safe.
  13. I’ve thought about that so many times after the fact. It was so close. Another half mile after that 20 mile glide would have made the airport. I’ll experiment with the prop settings at altitude in a glide to see how evident it is. Make sense though, like downshifting a car descending a steep grade.
  14. My dual mag was overhauled by QAA. Trade in, I sent them back my core.
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