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  1. I wonder if the GPS position information is transmitted between 2 G5s connected by a can bus ( in case only 1 G5 is connected to an antenna and rs232 signal is lost )
  2. Honestly, it sounds complicated for what you get the G5 has a backup battery . You can have an external antenna to have GPS position an iPad or iPhone is a cheap gps navigation backup … the only times I would want to get a clearance before starting an engine would be at major airports (class B ) where you may have to wait on the ground between clearance and clearance to taxi. I like getting the engine warm before taking off anyway. And if I lost the alternator , I would want to land . That’s what light signals are for. just my 2 cents , recognizing every operates dif
  3. Why wouldn’t it be if you get the paper TSOed signal ?
  4. Ok ... no one brought that up .... I want to know what that “go around” switch does
  5. No it is not. You need at least 1 GI275. and if you want to get rid of the vacuum system , you need to add: a 2nd GI275 or a TC and a G5 (HSI) or 2 G5s (AI / HSI)
  6. I think I understand what goes on: the GI275 requires a backup AI or a TC ( see the install limitations part) a second GI275 plays that role because it is reversionary. A G5 is not. But if a G5 is installed as an AI (and not an HSI) then you have your backup .
  7. It is attached with bolts and nuts , not screws ( at least the original OECO )
  8. For a J, it is inside the cockpit
  9. Had the same issue and replaced the OECO with a zeftronics. Issue gone . not easy to replace but not that difficult either. Need to remove copilot seat and whatever is on the right avionics stack if any. A wrench with a long extension on the cabin side and another person on the engine side of the firewall.
  10. The GTP 59 would add $300 but honestly the other OAT probe works just fine
  11. the 2 G5 stack is 5500+tax (the second does not require the GMU and the GAD. Add $250 if you want the OAT (which is great for winds aloft and density altitude) The vacuum AI is still primary. Why couldn't you have: GI275 (AI) and 2 G5s (HSI/TC) ? or a GI275 (AI), a G5 (HSI) and the electric TC (not talking aesthetic)
  12. Ok ... i guess I need to elaborate ... i replaced my TC with a G5 and my DG/GI106 with a second G5 ... they back each other I am waiting for the Vacuum AI to go belly up to look at the option of replacing it with. GI275. I chose not to install the AI G5 on top of the HSI G5 because I did not want to oval the top 3 1/8 hole I am surprised by the cost you have for 2 G5s installed
  13. My preferred option would be to have a G5 to replace the DG/Indictor ( so effectively a G5 used as an HSI) and provide GPSS and a GI275 to provide attitude information
  14. G5 as an HSI and GI275 to provide attitude ? the GI275 can do both I believe but that’s too much in one indicator imho
  15. @TCUDustoff I don’t think the W version of the GNS requires the altitude information.
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