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  1. Evening classes / part time would take 3 to 4 years full time : you can pull it in 2 years there is a minimum numbers of hours and you are actually required to clock in and out of classes
  2. actually it is in between - 3 written tests (usually taken separately) - 1 oral with General + either A or P, then another oral that is the P or A - 1 practical for A and 1 practical for P (you can try to combine the practicals but the DME will charge separate fees and will likely require separate time windows)
  3. Honestly, unless you get practical experience in a structured environment (like the military or a maintenance facility), getting an A&P based on experience will be a very very long uphill battle Better off go through an approved AMT school ....
  4. My 1st Com is a GNS430W My 2nd Com is a KX 155 Each time I have bad reception with the GNS430, the KX155 does the job for me the display is the weak point , but BK are still the best COM out there
  5. If you are good with sheet metal, you can built a mount and it will fit perfectly between the yoke ears. Commercial mounts are too bulky
  6. TIS-A will stay where traffic matters most : in and near class B airspace
  7. it flashes when i turn the master and before the engine starts Once the engine starts, even at low rpm, no flashing and the voltage on the bus is 14.0V My question is: is it normal for the Low voltage annunciator to blink as soon as the master is turned on ? or does it indicate my battery is weakening ?
  8. The voltage starts blinking pretty much right after I turn the master switch on. Is it an indication that the battery is getting weak ? Concord 35XC sealed 12V battery on a battery minder. About 4-5 years old . the starter showed a couple of hesitations in the past few starts.
  9. Changed the oil today ... took a few pictures.... hope this helps quadrant controls and still have the Ram air Ah for whatever reason ... the last picture which shows where the cable goes through the firewall is rotated 90degrees
  10. Sounds about right. That’s roughly the cost different between the experimental and the certified version
  11. I am curious if you can get the STC authorization from Garmin when you buy a used unit Garmin gave it for the initial installation
  12. Resurrecting a not too old thread . The manual calls for removing the roll filter before making adjustments. Does it make a difference to adjust with or without ?
  13. a partnership is really a roll of a dice Honestly best option is either full ownership or get a membership in a flying club that has a high performance aircraft for rent (Cirrus or Mooney or ...) and not just trainers. Those are usually available to rent for taking trips.