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  1. A&P in the east bay. I do my own maintenance on my J. Happy to help you out of you are still looking . PM me.
  2. M20J alternator belt

    A pain in the ... To replace ... Need to remove the prop ...
  3. I understand that this thread is about false advertising or bait and switch or whatever .... however, I am glad that there is an alternative to Garmin for WAAS GPS navigators. What would be paying in a single supplier situation ? Not sure the purchase of UPS by Garmin was good for the average consumer I am
  4. the IO-390 is also an option to increase hp if you have the right prop simple STC as well and the IO-360 is accepted as a core
  5. ElectroAir Update

    for that price, might as well switch from an A3B6D to an A3B6 at overhaul time, no ?
  6. For the price of moving all that hardware , just install an electric AI to replace the TC what I intend to do
  7. any chance you could take a picture of the G11 mount ? thanks
  8. Electric AI backup options

    The life safer is a great unit . However , I like the lightweight and low depth attributes of AHRS based AIs Mooney panels tend to sag and there is not a lot of space between the firewall and the panel. Options are G5, SAI-300 and the L3 ESI-500
  9. J

    It is in my hangar
  10. I went throught that a few years ago and here is some thoughts: my mccauley was not "overhaul able". Ask if it can just be resealed instead. This is like meet new spec vs meet passing specs. Eventually , I resealed it and it worked great for many years. The only thing that bothered me was knowing that I had a prop that was not "overhaul able" . But no leak and again worked great. A few years later , I installed a new 2 blade top prop. To be honest , I did it for 3 small reasons: 1) knowing my prop was not overhaul able 2) ramp appeal of the scimitar prop , 3) get rid of the yellow arc on my tach Cost was much lower than what you are quoting. It is heavier , but I also changed the starter to a lightweight so it was almost a wash from a Weigth standpoint Not happy with the prop initially as it let to a lots of vibrations at certain rpm 23-2400 range. These seem to be going away, either because I am used to it or more likely because the counterweights in the engine re find their equilibrium.my engine is passed TBO. Hope this helps .
  11. thanks. I have a 60-pss alt hold as well this will make the install a lot easier as the G5-GMU11-GAD29B needs to be "daisy chained"
  12. thanks. certainly makes the install a lot easier. I do have a couple of servos in the cone (trim and altitude hold) and wonder if that could cause magnetic disturbance Thanks again
  13. Can you tell us where was the GMU 11 installed ? And where the GAD29B installed ? ( I suppose the GAD is in the avionics rack in the cone and the GMU in a wing) Pictures would awesome but don't open panels just for that )
  14. Sodium in Oil Analysis

    sodium can come can come from grease compound maybe your oil sample was contaminated with grease ?
  15. Sodium in Oil Analysis

    ask for no salt when you get margaritas