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  1. the oil screen is overlooked because it is a pain to get to, remove and safety wire
  2. Checking the brake pads requires removing the wheel fairings does it require removing the caliper ? (I have a gauge made by Cleveland for the minimum thickness )
  3. OR75

    Not sure how to proceed

    "approved for VFR only"
  4. emptying the fuel tanks is messy fuel does not fall straight down from the fuel drains
  5. OR75

    Seat rails

    I d just say that I am happy Mooneys did not have the Cessna saga AD for seat rails and a seat belt to ho,d the seat
  6. OR75

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Recorded video of compass on avionics rack in the tail cone The trim servo actuating seems to affect the compass an other location on the same rack seems to be less sensitive but I think the proximity of sevos makes the tail cone not an ideal location furvthe GMU 11 0E00F461-37EB-4461-A952-8A1BDFCC8B30.MOV
  7. I don't see the J model on the STC Can anyone point to a document ?
  8. OR75

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    I deleted it from my phone as I did have my answer. I will take another one ne t time I reopen the side panel
  9. OR75

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    I put an old whiskey compass on the avionics rack and a smart phone in front of it an recorded it. Went into the pilot seat and turned things on an off, activated autopilot and trim servos, etc .... (I have 2 servos behind the avionics rack The answer was: big swings of the compass. Not a good location for the GMU 11 I ready some folks installed it under the dorsal fin but i doubt the interference disappear there. I do believe the best place is in the wing.
  10. OR75

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Thanks. The routing of the wires seems more difficult to get behind the spar but there is a small hole that the wires can go through. I think i know where you have it installed. There are actuall 2 rectangular panels next to each other there. If i may ask another question: how did you make the bracket to hold the GMU 11 ? I made one but with the limited tools I have (sophisticated brake and metal cutting machines), it does not look as nice as the one you have Thanks again
  11. OR75

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Can you clarify which panel you did install the GMU 11 ? i m guessing the acces is one of those rectangular shape inspection panel, behind the spar ?
  12. OR75

    Ident button part number?

    Go to chief aircraft website and search for switch Or sub mini momentary push button or alco 39-1 all the switch does is sink a wire to the ground when you press it the sub mini switch is nice but a pain to solder the larger .... You may have to widen the hole ( the diameter is larger )
  13. OR75

    Voltage reading high

    agree. a two persons job but easy top do. But i don't expect that my 2 V indicators in the cockpit are wrong.
  14. OR75

    Voltage reading high

    I have two Voltage measurements: the stormscope and the engine monitor (Insight G2) The engine monitor read about 0.5V higher than the stormscope. stormscope is around 14.2-14.7 while the EM is in the 14.7-15.2 range Anyway, don't want to overheat my battery so will be looking at a new VR or tuning the OECO