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  1. sure ... feel free to use that template. I used it a few times to get to the settings that work for my plane. I still keep it handy although i don't use it as much.
  2. CBT3141 is the serial number if you look at the manual some pictures of the buttons are embedded in the wrong paragraph. Not a big deal but not great either I keep this sheet to understand all the functions. PMA8000BT.pdfPMA8000BT.pdf
  3. .... another constructive criticism if you don't mid ! The PMA 8000BT has a lot of great features that most pilots don't use because they don't understand they exist. It helps reading some of the sections of the INSTALLATION manual to understand those and take full advantage. The Pilot Operating manual is not very good.
  4. Personally, I like the look of both of your choices : 8000BT and 345 i prefer those to the 450 look . Just not a fan of that LCD display. I am sure quality is great. i like that the GMA has a usb charger. That’s how I would go if you don’t have usb chargers somewhere else I do have a PMA 8000BT in my panel . And a mid con clock with USB ports
  5. Makes sense . I had a CI-121 there once Loran .... There are some blogs saying you could use a slightly shortened CI-121 as a com
  6. So you would be using a CI-122 com antenna ?
  7. Those RF waves patterns are a big mystery. Since it is easy to do, you can try to swap the COM antenna coax cables behind the GTNs and see if it makes a difference.
  8. I believe it has to do with the Transmit Interlock Typically, what the transmit interlock does is lower the sensitivity of the transmitter that is not transmitting (so no bleeding) The interlock functions works via the audio panel so you connect all the COMs via the audio panel (obviously) The TX interlock function still exist in the GNS series but probably disappeared in the GTNs I speculated wrongly that it had to do with audio panel but it actually may have disappeared in the Audio and/or at the COM
  9. What kind of Audio panel do you have ? I am betting it is a PS engineering
  10. I believe LED lamps are polarized so you may want to check the +12 vs. ground wire
  11. expected to be TSO C34 ... so yes, with GS
  12. I have a P/N 820308-517 white arc goes to 115 kts
  13. wonder how long it will take for BK to rebrand ?!?!?!?
  14. I have a KT-74. I knew when i purchased it that it was re-branded Trig with a different interface and I like the KT-74 interface although some folks complained it was difficult to read with glare. It has been working great. I like the simplicity and interface of my old KX-155 Nav/Com (even vs. newer Nav/Coms). Hoping it will continue to function. It has actually been more reliable than the Com of the GNS430 (it hot weather) Wish BK could deliver on core technology like it used to
  15. OR75

    GoPro Mounting

    The mount on the vertical stabilizer works great and i never lost a camera. those 3M mounts are very strong. Actually if you need to take them out, you need a heat gun. The Wifi works. Only issue is that with Wifi on, the camera will only stay on for about 45 minutes before running out of power. With no signal, each time i come back i wonder if the camera is still there