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  1. 80 hours should be more than sufficient
  2. How many hours on the engine ? The counterweights may need a bit of time to sit then dynamic balancing
  3. Two STCs , I don’t see an incompatibility but need to ask the installing shop if it sees one G5 provides AHRS redundancy as well although not automatic . I have seen the thread on 2 GI275 going blank, and prefer to have two truly independent systems
  4. useful to have on long XCountry and altitude They all work well The issue with all these nice to have items (handheld radio, oximeter,... ) is to make sure the battery is not dead when you need it
  5. The prop CG is not 5 in for the CG of the previous prop , you could tell if it was
  6. yellowed with time but free if you are missing one pm me if you want it
  7. Then what is included in the annual inspection base ? each time a screw or bolt has to be removed there need to be a work order ?
  8. why does a G5 battery capacity test, which takes literally 1 (one) mn as per the Garmin ICA manual, is charged 0.5 hours ? the software update is not a mandated/airworthiness item.
  9. I would have refused a lot of the recommended actions … changing a seal should not be $100 ADs just pop up … $100 a pop
  10. They actually did a good job documenting the items requested by the customer , recommended or airworthiness the operator has to keep on check if that’s the case , that he is operating as part 91 and most items are on conditions , including the prop and hoses
  11. 14 CFR 43 Appendix D paragraph (d)(3) I would have thought it would have been a big oversight if it was not there.
  12. It indirectly is …. Unless someone shows me how the oil screen or filter can be inspected without draining the oil. Of course, you can always reuse the oil
  13. What cost $4500 each time ?
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