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  1. I don’t think that’s the case. If you order a D , you should receive a D from the Lyc distributor they are not fully interchangeable (fluids hoses and governor are different)
  2. looks like an owner's part form (signed by the owner)
  3. anyone used the ones made AV Unlimited ?
  4. I would not fly that plane with fuel spraying out in the engine compartment. Outcome cannot be great and those things typically don’t fix themselves
  5. yup ... two parts to my reply i legitimately never saw a compass on the panel like that and wonder what the deviations are lile lots of the panels we see pictures of are uncompliant from a placards / markings standpoint (it used to be the usual ding "item" for the unlikely ramp check - not sure if that still the case). I usually refrain form pointing to an un-airworthiness item, but IMHO, a good label maker is a great investment for any aircraft owner.
  6. i have the static type and i wish i had the reel type. I wear the harness during take off and landing only and most of the time it is "on the way)
  7. never seen a compass installed there. What does the calibration card looks like ? just curious ....
  8. the extension speed should be in the specific aircraft POH and placarded
  9. nice panel. but for whatever reason, I still like to look out the window while flying
  10. for IFR 2 COMMs and 1GPS and 1 VOR definitely an upgrade from a visible standpoint but lost Navigation capability in case of GPS loss (GPS signal or GPS unit loss)
  11. It depends really on what you are comfortable doing or planning to do ? simple oil change ? Change tires ? Remove panels ? only tool I am still missing … wrench to remove reinstall the oil screen
  12. i believe there is something similar for Alaska.
  13. Indeed probably not feasible for many or even most. i did get mine and was fortunate that I did not have to quit my masters+ job it actually was a fun learning experience despite the long hours needed. Like someone said above « when there is a will, there is a way »
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