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  1. The holding patterns and procedure turns ( or the magenta line) does not seem to be adjusted based on the airspeed i have installed a G5 as an ADI (it actually replaced my Turn Coordinator as per AC91-75) i also installed a GMU 11, a GAD13 and a GAD 29B connected to the GNS430W. which means I have the magnetic heading, OAT and Nav indication on the ADI. The magic of the CAN Bus is such that by adding another G5 (as an HSI), I could remove the DAC31 GPSS, the DG and the GI106. Which would de-clutter behind the panel a lot. The most difficult will be to remove those pins from the P1006 d-sub connector in the back of the GNS 430W. I will wait till the DG dies
  2. How does it track holding patterns and procedure turns ? Did you have to,adjust the gain ?
  3. Anyone installed a G5 connected to a Century IIB ? Wondering how the GPSS function was working I currently have a DAC31 and it works very well
  4. just a basic question here: Is the Hartzell ALX-8251LS alternator approved for the M20J ? I don't think it is in the TCDS And if there is an STC for the ALX, what is the benefit of using this model instead of the ALY-8420 ? I would not like to alter the alternator not would i like to alter the baffling
  5. but then the Feds will be tracking your ADS-B signal
  6. The STC includes the 3 blades Top Prop
  7. 3 blade prop and an IO-390 of course the MT prop is not in the IO390 STC
  8. Again, dynamic balancing did not help much. But time did help (I know it is not like i got used to the vibrations) and I believe most engines on Mooneys have counterweights (certainly the IO-360-A3B6D does - that's what the 6 stands for) Overall, I am actually happy with the Top Prop and it will allow me to install an IO-390 at next engine overhaul
  9. I also noticed that the top prop has a different “pull patterns on takeoff : it seems less effective below @ 30 knots but more effective after that.
  10. I changed my C212 (squared tip prop) to a top prop , I also changed the starter to a sky tech lightweight starter. That helped reduce the useful load loss. Something to consider if you still have the old bendix starter Reason I asked for time since overhaul: i had a lot of vibrations around 2300 rpm after changing to the top prop . Dynamic balancing helped some but not much. Hartzel was very helpful looking at vibration analysis etc. I lived with it for a while but over time the vibrations went away. My theory is that the engine has counterweights on the shaft but it took time for those to adjust to the new prop. I suppose it takes more time for the counterweights to adjust with a good old engine Curious to see if you experience the same It was good to get rid of the yellow arc on the tach happy with it so far
  11. Got it. No space in the center stack but my right avionics stack is 75% empty (only transponder there). So ... i will reinstall the old ADF tray i took away about 10 years ago. I knew i had a reason not to throw the KRA-85 system away !
  12. How is it attached ? That a convenient place as it minimizes wire runs
  13. This is a nice panel It would bother me how the JPI covers half an instrument hole. It would be easy to cut a rectangular piece of aluminum
  14. looking at everything but you need to start somewhere .... what are the 4 compression numbers like ?