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  1. OR75

    My new jacks with built in safety stands

    Maybe the gear cycling test was performed in California and took too long ....
  2. No ... i need to replace it with a TSOed antenna .... else a company like RAMI would not make any ELT antenna
  3. looking for a recommendation for a 121.5 / 406 ELT antenna The Artex whip antenna is a piece of shit and I am surprise they are allowed to even sell them. Tow of them broke and I am tired of throwing good money after bad in those Looking for a recommendation on antenna type and mount location. My current antenna is right behind the baggage door (so between the two comm 7 antennas) I do not not want to go the route of under the dorsal fin as it opens a new can of worms with riveting and paint ...
  4. OR75

    Luggage compartment door

    He chose the gold plated version ?
  5. OR75

    Luggage compartment door

    Yup. Years ago. can live with it but a bit bent
  6. Anyone knowing of a J being parted or a luggage compartment door ?
  7. OR75

    Strobe delay

    i have a spare Hoskins power supply i could sell
  8. OR75

    AP and Turns

    There could be 2 settings that may be off : - the bank limit - the gain likely the bank limit from what you describe
  9. the oil screen is overlooked because it is a pain to get to, remove and safety wire
  10. Checking the brake pads requires removing the wheel fairings does it require removing the caliper ? (I have a gauge made by Cleveland for the minimum thickness )
  11. OR75

    Not sure how to proceed

    "approved for VFR only"
  12. emptying the fuel tanks is messy fuel does not fall straight down from the fuel drains
  13. OR75

    Seat rails

    I d just say that I am happy Mooneys did not have the Cessna saga AD for seat rails and a seat belt to ho,d the seat
  14. OR75

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Recorded video of compass on avionics rack in the tail cone The trim servo actuating seems to affect the compass an other location on the same rack seems to be less sensitive but I think the proximity of sevos makes the tail cone not an ideal location furvthe GMU 11 0E00F461-37EB-4461-A952-8A1BDFCC8B30.MOV