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  1. Random certainly would not work but the install manual may make it looks like it is specific
  2. what wing compartment is the GMU located ? all the wires usually are run at the front of the wing The GMU should be closer to the spar
  3. OR75

    Voltage regulator question

    my J serial number is with a few digits of yours ... it had an OECO 20082 . I just replaced it with a Zef I did not try to adjust the field but here is a picture that should help you: under those two plastic seals ... adjustments for OV on the right , Reg on the left no idea how sensitive the Reg adjustment is and if clockwise will increase or decrease - but the procedure is in the M20J maintenance manual.
  4. OR75

    ADSB... uAvionix

    if it was not password protected, it would be a great way to track thieves
  5. My opinion is that the SB already covers this. However, what the shop should do as part of their job is to get clarification from Garmin. I am assuming they are a Garmin service center
  6. The STC won't change ... The Install manual and maintenance manuals will the STC does not specify the peculiar aspects of an install the shop should refer to the latest install manual and SBs for the installation
  7. Tell your shop to refer to Garmin SB 1762 Rev A it clearly states that dual ARINC 429 inputs to the GNS from the G5 are no longer necessary
  8. you need to check the software version you have in the GNS 430W. An update (i think it was v. 5.4) allowed the use of only one Arinc 429 to drive the A/P and leave the other one for traffic Unfortunately the Garmin install manual has not been updated to make that clear that with that software version you only need 1 Arinc 429 port There is Service Bulletin for the software upgrade that clarifies that but I wish it was included in the updated and made clear in the Install Manual (I have a copy of the SB)
  9. OR75

    Engine hoses

    where is that list ? Also, do you have a fuel flow transducer ?
  10. OR75

    Low voltage

    When do you see the low voltage ? In cruise ?
  11. OR75

    Airpath compass mount

    surprised structural tubing can be drilled ... just like that
  12. OR75

    My new jacks with built in safety stands

    Maybe the gear cycling test was performed in California and took too long ....
  13. No ... i need to replace it with a TSOed antenna .... else a company like RAMI would not make any ELT antenna
  14. looking for a recommendation for a 121.5 / 406 ELT antenna The Artex whip antenna is a piece of shit and I am surprise they are allowed to even sell them. Tow of them broke and I am tired of throwing good money after bad in those Looking for a recommendation on antenna type and mount location. My current antenna is right behind the baggage door (so between the two comm 7 antennas) I do not not want to go the route of under the dorsal fin as it opens a new can of worms with riveting and paint ...
  15. OR75

    Luggage compartment door

    He chose the gold plated version ?