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  1. I have one .... LoPresti made of plastic .... in good condition although the plastic has yellowed a bit .... but that can be expected from a 77'J as well I can send a picture this weekend ..... KLVK based
  2. The GTP 59 is supposed to be a more accurate temperature probe but IMHO, i doubt anyone needs a 1/10 accuracy for OAT. GAD 13 is well worth the install and provides as advertised: OAT Density Altitude (when the plane is on the ground - ie below a certain speed) Wind speed and direction on the G5 when it is in HSI configuration I was also pleasantly surprised to see that on my GNS 430W, I now also have the wind speed and direction displayed on the moving map. I don't think that feature is described in the G5 documentation. My G5 is connected to the GNS430W via the Arinc 429 airdata ps: no idea why the pictures rotated
  3. Need part number or prop type
  4. Another factor to “explain” .... even though there are a lot less wires (one or two required instead of the ten needed before) , equipments talk to each other a lot more than they used to . Take a 430W for example .... it is connected to a lot more than a KX155 Look at a G5, the wire harness seems simple on paper but in practical, the routing of the can bus is complex with plenty of time , you can do the best you can but it takes time.
  5. One more thing that makes removing the old wires a pain : D-sub connector pins are easy to put in but a pain to remove and try to do that behind a Mooney panel !!. We all bash the Bendix King connectors for being dated but they are easily removed or put in. I considered the Approach Fast Stack concept but i never made the jump. (mixed reviews and worried about changes and being able to upgrade) I am hoping at some point all wires will go and everything will be bluetooth. But i doubt that will happen anytime soon. Something can be done with some sort of "service pigtail"
  6. The time (cost) it takes is the main factor. It takes time to understand what wires to take and what wires not to take out. The cleanest or less cluttered behind the panel aircrafts are aircraft that had no modifications at all with the original avionics . The 90s and 00s were brutal for clutter where original modern avionics required a lot of wires. More recently , one or 2 wires like RS232 or ARINC do the job
  7. i re-read your initial post. You can buy the G5 from Spruce or other The purchase includes the STC and you will need to get an authorization specific to your aircraft Anyone can do the install but an IA will need to sign off - who does the work does not have to be an A&P - but work is under supervision of the IA who will have to fill and sign the 337 and log entry Difficulty is a relative word. Difficulties include: knowing how to read manuals, understand what needs to be done and how to set the configurations. Wiring, soldering, crimping .... and running the wires to the wing or the back of the aircraft (lots of tools needed) the number of ports depends on what you have installed (ports already used), some can be spliced if the protocol is the same, and also depends on the GN530W software version
  8. The install is based on an STC. Therefore, you will need an IA to fill a form 337.
  9. The holding patterns and procedure turns ( or the magenta line) does not seem to be adjusted based on the airspeed i have installed a G5 as an ADI (it actually replaced my Turn Coordinator as per AC91-75) i also installed a GMU 11, a GAD13 and a GAD 29B connected to the GNS430W. which means I have the magnetic heading, OAT and Nav indication on the ADI. The magic of the CAN Bus is such that by adding another G5 (as an HSI), I could remove the DAC31 GPSS, the DG and the GI106. Which would de-clutter behind the panel a lot. The most difficult will be to remove those pins from the P1006 d-sub connector in the back of the GNS 430W. I will wait till the DG dies
  10. How does it track holding patterns and procedure turns ? Did you have to,adjust the gain ?
  11. Anyone installed a G5 connected to a Century IIB ? Wondering how the GPSS function was working I currently have a DAC31 and it works very well
  12. just a basic question here: Is the Hartzell ALX-8251LS alternator approved for the M20J ? I don't think it is in the TCDS And if there is an STC for the ALX, what is the benefit of using this model instead of the ALY-8420 ? I would not like to alter the alternator not would i like to alter the baffling
  13. but then the Feds will be tracking your ADS-B signal
  14. The STC includes the 3 blades Top Prop